Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 8, 1941 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 8, 1941
Page 4
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,w>:!Cl k h ' aLfcE^'v••»*»•*'**"*»<- NBA Service ifle, ...... Richard thorj»*. -. n ...W TMf|M arid Adtla or« * '>?«»/ $««* h*, Mi hunt, i b«»«vln$ Adela !i there, ^fiii* thorn together, Ij . b«»IW«r*d ev*ri though his W OterTa ts fempefory and contracted -— ——._„_,,.„ the esli trying so hard to maintain fl tf this hadn't c6me Up, things would have gone oh smoothly. The divorce would have gone forward Without a hitch. I hale to ask it of you—" She turned to face him. "1 am glad . . e f RIe .'« ord ' »"<»" Dtono 5' e P | i*'« l°»«- "B«m some- - f f hen> a f long as you need "w- o he 'P you in any way I can, P ^PPy "» d comfortable here." "Are you, Diana?" " Yes ' of course. When you come back wU1 **> quife s 0011 enough to PARTUBE CHAPTER XV1I1 ' three days later that Ste--— —-«•» he must gu had been appointed: by 1 States government as _.-_. capable man to investi- [™ejjperation of airways to **""" for the Commerce think of the—the divorce." [HE said U quite' stiffly 8na primly, because her heart was behaving so tumultuously. she did not want to leave at all. She wanted to stay on forever with i « u 6 "; Curt> surrounded by his ffi^.:?^^ ?*> ite o? Adela.' *at I was there in that night—" t>iana? " !t w « a cry what mlgh{ " t She stopped suddenly. Would * to artment. fplan, he told Diana in that _, .- —„,» .fcrfVMJij'i.io ncsrt? Inner voice told her "no." * * * <*J PREFER not to talk about it» „!«. s £. e said stiffly » knowing that with those words she had ruined •whatever-chance of reconciliation there had been before he went way* •-— .. ^ see, he said, drawing him- 'P ?F ou ,f J y» though he did not t all. 'I shall, however, ex- you to do as I say about g charge of my household!" «e was going to give her $10,-• He wanted her to she had no right to refuse. . o ea i m, v, She'd endure anything to be ne S°^ cs . heahadhno r ig»t to refuse. him. Even in spite of his beHef do«m O t 2- * e , momen t he sat that S heh • ' 6 * that S hehad gone m g • t Richard Thorpe, whom she do- »* Jf' . P • " m her h and. She ^.ised with 4 'the fo? ce of h« rial g at " 3S " " Were not ' he had was to fl y '-, erican clipper serv- -Cristpbal, there changing aarge Sikorsky amphibian to e 'the journey along the 'of Ecuador and Colombia. *ed it all in detail, using I 111\>— *•** *** XA^Ml.U» UiJtlg tg.detached icy voice that had a«annaw>nt in all his. relations , - » with 'the fo ce of h« ral being. Even if he considered her ' a Judas in her relations with lyn Thorpe! Yes, in spite 5l Slie „ »~«wi^*. .juvic HJcUJ. IltJ'Cl I ever guess^ to stay right here. Somehow she'd make him believe m her again; Life couldn't be T think ,•* u, cruel enough to deny her that! moSfbe ore Hnr RtAnV,o^. v«-i j . t . _, , . . «. 7 / , , ^ pea , k -1° Adela '" he her ^derstand that had -~-*- <«*<= 'iigui. sue o, Richard Thorpe's lodge, 't there he "danger?" her eyes wide with «i>w"*>'' ifsSSPOfP'Jaushed shortly. "No ««•*+»,,_ on any air " ' r-'-. ? . he went on > forgetting WP 1051 ^ for a moment in the *«nplation of his adventure, iways meant'to travel that vv* * s P ells 'romance, excite- ifc and adventure to me. The !n-*...«. e Conquistadores!" be gone a whole Stephen's face sobered. "Yes, it »*•"»-•, helped. I know what linking—about the di- wouldn't be fan: to hold i longer. And—and I had to judge you the other ur life is your own af- , could you, as a special whang on and look after Inhere until I return?" ma'turned to'the window and '4 out, and Stephen came to (dose behind her. His voice " a.bit husky, gal _ But Stephen had drawn back imperceptibly at her tone, thinking her disappointed, but resigned to the delay. " Than , k you" he said stiffly, then spoke utterly amazing words: You will consider yourself the head of this household, then, while I am away." Diana could scarcely believe her ears, knowing how furidus Adela would be at any such arrangement. "Oh, > but I couldn't—I'd rather not!" He smiled a little bleakly. "As another special favor, then. Adela is irresponsible—needs a guiding hand badly. I wouldn't trust things to her alone. She's spoiled always has had hep own way so much that now she's lacking in judgment. You must promise me to look after her, Diana." • She stood silent for a moment, absorbing the irony of his request! At last she spoke slowly, "And you'd ask this of me, believing thaf 41*n4 Tf i • _ .° *• ——— vuj,o uj. mC| uciicving that—that I'm having an affair With Richard Thorpe, the husband,of my dearest friend?" He flushed hotly. "I have only the evidence of my own eyes," he reminded her. "You have never troubled to make any ex"'—"- 'you know! 1 ' the servants, a little sternly, you know. And you have your ,. . go. If anything should happen—" But Diana would not let herself think of that. Her hand holding « T P, heck for $ 10 '°°0 trembled. 111 show you where I keep my column material," he went on. I have sent in enough for several weeks and I'll mail more back. You 11 see that the editors get it. Diana, this means a great deal to me. Promise me that no matter what happens you'll carry on for me until I get back." Diana was silent for a long moment. She wondered if Stephen had any idea of what he was letting her in for. She was sure to find Adela hard to handle. She would undoubtedly do her best to make Diana miserable n'^1 neTe ! n 'i ™^' s t e Phen. T,, Ill stay. I promise." closed hard ove r hers. She could see that her .^ J Good! — ~.. w wuwAv*. occ uicit ner promise lifted him from worry, filled his eyes again with that seeking look of adventure. "When do you go?" "Tomorrow morning, early. There's a lot to be done. Will you help me?" "In any way I can." By this time tomorrow he'd be gone! (To Be Continued) •¥•* * *-. ' + More than* 75,000* DODGE JOLIAHO TRUCKS anin th» Amy ± \* NOW . * * .*,> ^ nfh y all DEPEND ON Our DailyBread „ (Continued From Page One) TRUCKS Jtli right w» tit your H* t 6 Qrtat Truclc ingineil f 18 WheelbateUngfhil t 113 Standard Chas»is and lady Models! MORE POWER ,.:- 115 HORSEPOWER U PODGE VA-m TRUCK POWfR, TOO, it's Jok-Rated! Podge JofrtoM trwk will be engineered, built to fit WWU«*i It will be powerfi, yet , mth exactly the right one of slat great truck *« PgU. y™* tlo *£ most satisfactorily, JSyery other Witt fee "swed" lor the work at hand, StiH priced with Jftwegt * f « easy budget terms! Come |p today} . R, HAMM MOTOR CO. 3rd and Walnut Streets Hope, Ark. railroad men, both those on the trains and in the shops, and in the general offices, than in any other field possibly excepting the needle and clothing trades, printing, and others where collective bargaining has long been an accepted manner of industrial procedure, not a bugaboo. There is the additional fact that the leaders of railway labor are not personally ambitious, are not aggressively trying to add meat-cutters, lathers and. insurance clerks to their ranksi or dabbling in international politics They represent railway labor, and they are content to do that and do it well. No doubt there will be some disappointment among rail workers at the raise obtained, 9^ and 10 cents an hour. No doubt there will be some disappointment among rail executives at the additional wage bill implied, possibly $325,000,000 a year. Yet both are probably convinced that this settlement is in the main fair, and infinitely preferable to a strike, with its bitterness and loss to both sides and its never-to-be-regained setback to national defense. The railroads, employes and employers, are to be congratulated on having, equitably settled what might ftave been a nasty problem, and on furnishing to the country and to the world a renewed example of the fact that, given good-will, intelligence, and a sense of responsibility, IT CAN BE DONE. Many Planes (Continued Prom Page One) fie. Imperial headquarters in an announcement broadcast by Domei said that two battleships and a mine sweeper had ben sunk, four heavy cruisers damaged, many merchant- ships seized and a score of planes destroyed aground in air attacks on Hawaii and the Philippines. The communique said also that a JJ. S. aircraft carrier had been sunk by submarines off Honolulu "although this is not confirmed." So far as naval losses went the Japanese said they escaped unscathed and acknowledged the loss of only two planes in Philippines actions. The Japanese said that a mine sweeper, the 840-ton Penquin, was sunk in an air attack early Monday on Guam, a U. S. naval station. (An Italian broadcast quoted Domei as listing the 33,000-ton Pennsylvania and the 29,000-ton Oklahoma as lost. Domei also reported to have said that two U. S. destroyers and two oil tankers had been destroyed.)' The Japanese reported little of their first air assault Sunday on Pearl Harbor and other objectives but said 50 to 60 American planes had been shot down m combat over Clark field and 40 over Iba in the Philippines. The Japanese seemed also to have won a military-diplomatic victory by gaining Thailand's consent to passage it Japanese troops to meet British Malayan forces. (Continued from Page One? Mrs.'W. M. Rnmseyy. Lt. Commander Dwlght Wilsbtt, U.S.S. Chicago, Philippines, n brother of Postmaster Robert M. Wilson. Lt* Commander Wilson left Mope about 10 days ngo after visiting his mother, Mrs. Mae Wilson, and his brother, to take a new assignment on the cruiser Chicago. Cnpt. Norris O'Neal, Fort William cKinteyi Manila, Philippines, son of Mr. and Mrs. N. P. O'Neal. W. T. Harden, Jr., Scholfield Barracks, Philippines, son of Mr, and Mrs. W. T. Harden, Sr. Lt. Kenny West, cruiser Pittsburgh, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, whose wife, with him in Hawaii, is the former eanett Vesey, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bridewell and Mrs Vesey-Crutchficld. William C. Grace, Scholfield Baracks, Philippines, a brother of Mrs Dennie Bell of Hope. Fred Formby, Jr., Honolulu, son f Mr. and Mrs. Fred Formby, Sr.. Hope. Jack J. Stewart, U. S. S. Aylwin. 'earl Harbor, Hawaii, son of Mrs. dith Batcma, Hope Route Two. Thomas Eunice Bowdcn, mine tech- ician, Pearl Harbor, son of Mr. and Mrs. James F. Bowden, Hope. Dale Franklin McKinney, water tender 2nd class, Honolulu, Hawaii, son of Mr. and Mrs. Avery McKinney Oliver F. Gilliam, bakery'watch captain aboard U. S. S. Procyon, last reported in San Francisco but now believed in the. Pacific, a brother of Jess W. Gilliam. .Paul Stoffcy. U. S. S. Saratoga, air- jav"^ B. Steffey of ^^ .. i -"'««ifdJeanrie'S, V t S. SL vanoptis Manila*; Philip-pines,' SSH of'Mr. arid Mrs. R. W. Jeannes, Washington. Luther Clifton Spears, seaman 1st class aboard U. S. S. St. Louts, Pearl Harbov, son of Mr. and Mrs. W, F, Spears, Prescott Route Five. Harold E. Poole, petty officer 3rd class aboard U. S. S. Whitney, Pearl Harbor, son of Mr .and Mrs, W. A. Poole, Hope Route Three. In addition to those in the American service there is Willard Pollard, son of Mrs. W. Max Cox, Hope, who enlisted in the Canadian armed forces and was last reported stationed at Singapore, great British naval base in the Orient, which the Japanese attacked simultaneously with Hawaii and the Philippines Sunday. Civilian Planes Ordered Grounded WASHINGTON - (/P) - The Civil Aeronautics Authority issued orders Sunday night grounding all private airplanes in the United States and its possessions, except commercial airliners. * er of (ContfoUed ffdtft Page One) The CAA suspended temporarily all pilot licenses except those held by pilots on regular air lines. Robert Hincklcy, chairman of the CAA Air Safety Board, sent telegrams to the governors of the 48 states, Alaska and the Canal Zone asking them to assign police immediately to all known landing fields to protect facilities and to hold aircraft on the fields unless they were engaged in scheduled air transportation, were publicly owned or were operated under contract with the federal government. PFC 0. B. Thompson, Jr., Nome, Alaska. PPG Herbert G. Meems, Nome, Alaska. ' Pvt. Letan Anderson, Nome, Alaska «,'• E J, V mtf Ll Bairt ' Nome - Alaska. Pvt. William O. Crane, Nome Pvt. John M. Crow, Nome, Aldskn.' Pvt. Thurston A, Htilsey, Yakutat, Alaska. Pvt. Robert C. Stewart, Yakutat, Alaska. ' Pvt. Bonnie C. Cox, Nome, Alaska tj V ! 1 '£? rt , er «- CurUs ' Nome - AlaskB - Pvt. Edwin P. Dossett, Nome, Alaska Alaska. R0bm T ' HUtS ° n ' Nome ' Pvt. Alaska, Pvt. James M. Kennedy, Nome, Alaska. Pvt. Jewel R. Rinsey, Nome, Alaska. Akska William C. Lovelis, Nome, Pvt. Floyd McCorklc, Nome, Alaska. Pvt. Augustus D. Mitchell, Nome, Alaska. Honeycutt ' N § mc - , , ftet* , Alaska. ' Ota F. Jarvls, Vnltutot, Alaska, «k««b_ __ Babies* Bones The bones of babies born In the fall are stronger, rnofe mature, and have greater mineral content than those of babies born In other months, scientific ' evidence reveals, The varied diet and sunshine enjoyed by the mother in the slimmer mouths Is be< lleved to bo responsible. SffTETTER Try the clearing-up help of Black and white Ointment's antiseptic action. More than twenty-five million packages of this ointment sold in the last 25 years, isr To remove grime, oily film, use mild superfatted Black and White Skih Soap. Relie For Your Cough Cfeotmjlslon relieves promptly be* cause it fcoes fight to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and e*pel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, ln« flamed bronchial mucous mem* branes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Oreomulslon with the understanding you must like the way It quickly allays tho cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Couehs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis ( ALLIED BATTERIES As low As $3.49 Ex. (Batteries Recharged 58c) Oklahoma Tire ft Supply Co. Associate Store Bob Elmoro, Owner — Hope t En-in N. Par.ue, Nome, Pvt. Henry P. Robertson, Jr., Nome, Alaska. Pvt. Billy M. Wise, Nome, Alaska. Pvt. Douglas Wcoms, Nome, Alaska. Pvt. Hubert A. Stewart, Nome, Alaska. • T , Pvt J Tcharlcs !*• Briant, Annette Island Landing Field, Alaska T i Pvt i TCarIton °- Folsom, Annette Island Landing Field, Alaska Thurston Aj. Hulscy, Yakutat, Alaska. ' Camp B, Middlebrooks. Yakutat, ALLEN ELECTRICAL SERVICE House Wiring, Industrial Motors, Appliances, Rcpnircd Complete Line Fluorescent Light Fixtures Estimates Cheerfully Furnished Dny or Night Service Licensed and Bonded Electrician — Phone 806 — Silver City Courts NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS SELECT Natu ra FOR THE 4 BIG JOBS 1. Modern Gas Ranges 2. Silent Gas Refrigerators 3. Circulating Gas Heaters 4. Automatic Gas Water Heaters T Determined to use the most efficient and economical utilities available m making Xr&nsas' finest housing project—the Silver City Courts—satisfactory and complete in every way, the United States Housing Authority has selected Natural Gas for the four big jobs-* Heating, Refrigeration, Hot Water and Cooking. So, each of the 149 apartments is equipped with modern gas appliances... the first requirement in tenant satisfaction, guaranteeing years of low-cost, trouble-free service. ARKANSAS LOUISIANA CAS CO, C)

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