Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 31, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1939
Page 4
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HOPE STAH, BOPE, ABKANSAS le Takes Loop Leadership Whip Rocks Twice Aa Memphis Drops Doubleheader J5 SOCK, Ark -(flV- Perwer- ttietr way into first place Southern Association stand- the Nasvills Vols Wednesday 'f *- defeated the Little Rock Ttav- ' io 4 and 3 to 1, game IW 000 4<»-7 11 1 ... MB ooo «n—» a 2 Swi&dt and iScVovgO, B<MH tad CraunssuDt. Second g»Et& Knwtvitle «^OWJ-4 Si Mraiphla W llff 0-2 IB 1 MaUory and Kies, MtDo«al_ Oad- dy, Hemy and Epps. LookonU «-3, Peb l-» NEW ORLEANS -W- Chattanooga moved into a tie with Atlanta for third place in the Southern Association Wednesday night by defeating New Orleans in bothe ends of a doubteheader, 6 to 1 and 3 to 0. First Game: orts MSorts Chatunooga ' _ 012 MO 201-5 11 1 '«« »' Fenway Park to give * • Not Be Moved CLEVELAND — Ted Williams was the first player in major league base* ball this year to drive in 100 runs, but it isn't true that the Boston Red Sox intend moving in the right field the "nvn. and Blac- ! New Orleans COO COO 010— 1 9 1 Bass and Caraeli; Center, Maltt- bcrger, Klumpp and Redmond, Second game: Chat! few :.. •.:. .•-•> -i i '•f. . ::..: j* o—i 5 i a-*i BUeisire, Prendsrgast, Bolyard and Ferraioli. „, Chicks Lo*e Two ft^lttMPHIS, Term.— <&. — Tha Knor'""" Smokies blazed into town Wsd- and mowed dmun the Chicks enda of a double-header, gams: 250 020 003—5 II 2 001 030 000—4 10 0 000 000 0—3 3 I Fo'.li and Camelli, Anderson, Maltz..„•.. i:.d Klainpp. Crax 1, Barons 3 i BIRMINGHAM. Ala.—'^',— Atlanta 1 Crackers put 10 hits and three Birmingham errosr together hade Wednesday night to tiro the Barons. 7-3. in the opening game of their final series at Rickwood. Atlanta . _ , C<)1 OM WO—7 10 2 Birmioghajn 200 COO C01—3 12 3 Smotl and Richards; Tubb, Bratcher and Eastwood. get for his left-handed wallops. Williams is doing well enough with a deep right field -white all of his heavy-hit- lyjg Q j •j Q ting teammates, James Emory Toxx, . . . i T™,«^X Edward Cronin, '"•>">> v~m. Vos- • SERIAL STORY Murder on the Boardwalk Dr. J. D. Johmon the opening of cfSces]« First National Bank Bonding Practice Limited to Eye, Ear Nose and Throat Guests Finally Paid Their Bill LYNCHBtTRG, Va.—C^-SUurice D. Uinghorne watched a swarm of bees s«'tlc in a column on his front porch three years ago. and decided to let the visitors slay. The other day he smoked out the bees and found 70 pounds of honey. mik and James Tabor. batters, pull their blows in the opposite direction. CoIIecU Bofs CLEVELAND, — Che-t Adams, Ck- %-elar.d Ram's rcokie tacWe from Ohio University, is an amateur entomilo- gist with an insect collection of nearly 1(XO. His Favorite Park CLEVELAaVD — Babe Dahlgj«n. Yankee ' ir st baseman, has hit more' than haif ha home runs this year in; Shibe Park, Philadephia. T**t«*4*rt CkMfr* M*kc* (be g •«•<<•«•! th«t Mr*. Bwkew, Earl, bell«v«<l 1J rent* nico, mKl klM»clf, In "tin «1U of rceclvlnir R letter Iron Mrs. Talbert. Inflpeetor Fur•SM auk* Mm to Identify the o«e !«••« Im U* Ttettn'i futft, CHAPTER XVI "MRS. TALBERT did not write • •"• this, sir," Jaspar declared as •con as he glanced over the letter which the inspector had handed him. "Someone forged It, apparently to throw suspicion on Miss Christine." "But you are sure that Mrs. Talbert did write the note delivered to you the night of her disappearance?" "Yes, sir. . .' . I told you that for some time Mrs. Talbert had been anticipating an — emergency. If I may say so, sir, she seemed pleasantly excited by the idea. In preparation for it she had worked up a — a kind of code; and rehearsed me in it It — " J.ad The earth's atmosphere is 78 per cent nitrogen, 21 per cent oxygen, and V.W.VW.V.V.V.V.V,? J P« cent mer Bases ALWAYS REMEMBER Blue Ribbon Bread At Your Grocer and "We'll go into the code later. Tell me what that note said." "It said—on the face of it of course, sir—'Am called away on sudden business. Close house tonight; send servants on month's vacation with pay; have all services discontinued; and deliver keys Red Birds' recent 8-4 loss to Brooklyn. \ to bank. Wait in Surf City for Shortstops Set Record ST. LOUIS — Ray Blades manager if i the Cardinals, cussed some sort of record to be written injo the books; he used four shortstops in the! Lyn Lary started, lasted until the seventh. To inject more power into! the lineup Blades shifted Jimmy j Brown from second to short, while ;' Pinch-Hitter Stu Martin, who had ' just hit a homer, went to second, further instructions.' You see, sir, the trick was in the way she formed her letters. For instance, if she looped her 't's,' it meant, *What I expected has happened'; and if—" When Brown was injured in a col-! "Let's have the note," the in!;«:<.._ .„.:*!. T_I »»• » »• i ' .-.». specter interrupted, "or what you understood from it." lision with Johnny Mize, Lynn Myers became the short fielder.' Don Gutteridge batted for Myers became the short filder. Don Gutteridge batted for Myers in the eight and also took his place in the field. tea fishing trip, enclosing a check, The voice of Chandra, who until c<rw bad maaioed though '.- raof ou% sharpi? in- signed by her, in partial payment, and instructing htm to caB nt the Twenty-seventh street docJt early this morning. . . . Bat fcttg i "Cenfesami."" to* tasswctoc wsnt before that, Mrs. Taliert wasi.en smeutfiiy.. "t&uiS til* cigft'i &«dead." j; tare th* auadsr» &« 2tiid tett iua j For a moment Jasper s««a*d | ; diair tu .join a «&» jacse^ ouoii 1. too stunned for •wcrds. jiUiai wt<?c. bus "But, sir," he faltered at ia3J»!,piao8 wli^r* a "Mrs. Talbert dcesn't Safe. Sh«; : i:*, w^a KC&. isav» never wrote that Wstar c' her 1 , own accord." had irii ti -, >-•-* * vi • i 5 k*i»v^ lys^jj. t> iixj'« •'.!—*- i-r^' '«ji4i«» it*, v* . "I don't thin.%^0 either. Yeifcrc-wd. K csijjfeS ba-»» ?»88«jOL t'tf ' -' some hours after th« tnurdsr, Mrs. any prrn's diuit.'" Talbert's car was Iccatcd, empty and locked, at the Street deck. Nov, about the time when Mrs. Talberi's dead body was found, you were picksd up on the beach wish a key- holder in your hand. "The key-holder turned out to belong to Mr. Yardiey, who two hours before, had been seen hiding in a car parked exactly where Mrs. Talbert's was found, waiting — so he said — for Miss Thorenson. Among the keys was the key to Mrs. Talbert's car. And early last evening you rowed out to Captain King's launch and spent some time Snooping around." "Yes, sir—because I gathered from Mrs. Talbert's note that she either was detained on a boat off the Boardwalk, or expected to be." "But Captain King woke up in time," Inspector Parsons said, "to follow you to shore in his dinghy. . . . You are right about one thing, however: Mrs. Talbert never was on that boat." » * * ATR. WILMET jpoke for the first •**••• *;»-« a V*«ff T-m»»^^ r\tr^tr /"»r*A m , time, his round pink "Well, what she wanted me toj puc kered in bewilderment: face "Bui I jfcculii fflinjl.'" BiJJj wwi, "thai t&» n«x* Ssiitf 'vr.nilcL ^u-« carried tfa-s iiiJiJr Srvrn. ijemnifir, Sl>* walk and ctrf to jeu*.' 1 ' "Thai was wtiur. hih? murltfr-fr thought wti«B tif 'ii.-iur,wi ih cr«w the Lightning-Quick War Only Dream Nazis. Italy Might Strike —But England, France Would Hold On Br AI.EXANDKR R. (JEORC5K ;.P Feature Scrico Writer WASHING TON.— Nine out of Icn ^iiiar-r experts l«lieve thnt if n m«ro' war breaks out in Europe, •;! try to deliver n quuik oi.i'; 7U~ch to Great Britain. •.;••>•« J«me exix^rtf strongly !;.-.)*. ''..ihtr.sns;" war by Ger- -v.-cxi iT'-r.-; Britnin to hci ;; ) 'v.-rrj. T;-.c lightniitg game •.-)'..'. > •.".•' toth ways. VI :•-...•>. VrfiH-h and British '>« •.••;'.'- ."S .>v;<. n>inmmr». >ic JH i£ *w : te,i;;» \t\: e -i ?«w understand first, sir, was that that note had been dictated by sorne- "But how can you be sure that Mrs. Talbart wasn't taken to that War'Comes First LONDON, Eng. — Military train- in gactivities caused cancelation of the annual English, Scotch, Irish athletic contests. i Bury Sports Book I OGLETHORPE, Ca., — Oglethorpe' University will include a copy of Frank Menke's "Encyclopoeclia of Sports" in its Crypt of Civilization. > Dean Picks Winner I CHICAGO — Dizzy Dean won SI.- ] GOO on Lou Amebrs' victory over Henry ' Armstrong taking 8-5 for a thousand ] dollars. Powerful Uncle SOUTH BEND — ±s,u Kerr, Notre Dame end of Rutherford, N. J., is a nephew of Martin Sherdian, Olypmic discus champion of 1904-6-8. , Without \MX> of Ball PHILADELPHIA — ' According to one else. I also gathered that she boat and murdered after this man was being detained. But Mrs. was there? I understood from Talbert most have been hurried!the newspaper that one pair of. or confused. For aside from that,: those footprints was hers." I could decode only tv/o words, j "Miss Thorenson is evidently One was 'Boardwalk,' and the' !one w6rnan who doesn't run to other—" * » * A MOTORCYCLE roared to & •"• stop at the door, and an imperative knock sounded cu:s:de Inspector Parsons said, 'TU a'.terid to this," and went out ir<;o the :cr cr.-? .-lightly damaged heel." fcall. i £>-.d he tell me that because I When he returned he was v:c-.:ed it repeated? Christine briskly sorting a sheaf of repcr'-s. "Go on," he prompted withou: looking up. j fossip. You had dinner with her, | didr': you? . . . Those footprints, ' zs I tcld her, did fit Mrs. Talbert's • r.'--^. Xot the ones she was wear- night, but another pair, in measurements except the inspector was going on, ! each word dropping like the tinkle "It was the second word, sir,jo' ice, "Mrs. Talbert, it happens, that was responsible for my hav-' was killed in a wheel chair, her ing spent most of the next two • body wheeled to the booth and hurried at tie the Inspector spect an idsa—"7>i know that exce?c a year, with pfc«n:cwcu*i; r tides, the water ddesa' 1 ; -xmu up- under the walk at Sia*! yort. point" Jvi • » » ' ,,, CHRISTINE said in a vvii:* -*'t «>. ^ hardly recognized a^ i*r c'vr:. '»* "I thought the dccic: «u.L-i it". >« must have been kitUd t^-c; r.-i 11:30.' Up to that time, th-s Bcari- -^ walk was-crowded." v 1 ' "That's just the pctr.5. M-s? ""'; Thorenson—the Boardwalk '-'.u ^ crowded. And who, in a crowi • ,"-' like that, ever looks twice a*. th.~ 'V;' man. pushing a wheel chair—o«r '^' at .the passenger. Besides, Ciis f.' ( was an enclosed chair with surt- ; "' glass windows. The booth ir.ta ; which he wheeled the body to ur.- : _, load it was unlighted, and the T" point at which the chair was finally discarded is the darkest part , of the promenade, where few pec- ; pie walk." Jaspar asked, his lace chalX white, "But how do you know that Mrs. Talbert was murdered in that chair?" "Because," the inspector said, 'in that chair we found fragments of the spectacles she had been wearing, and—various indications of violence. That letter to Captain Kin£ and the one to Miss Thorenson we found in Mrs. Talbert's purse—both probably forged as you have not failed to suggest—and those footprints—" Christine viondered y:<lly strength- numerical su- vw^bing plane. 1 i-"'.s'r. Rive im-.- of Gcrman> <•'•'. ciynamite. tl-tilll Ul'/.ilJ.O W ;v.\.v:-.y to s\vifll> •.vvcvr'ul Maginc j.7':-.> C''. '.he world .'!{,--..v,'-'.'.< force o so centers. Bu XWC £'vMH.£ 8S l(>n, i.i. -f.i; ilurope's !"<' ,V'd :h-c consensu •.^'. N.vu ore lilt-Rely ic(«. They've n scnlc mot Itnllnni he Ilnlinivi Krnpovlno vnllny miinemc siiid, were (lit* Kraiicn's Kiipc iotal>ly to fit'l> Spnin. Hut. tin ji fur MI tanks on both In \viir H'M r from tlic grniii milker. -World W*«r prod- '' been ui/cd in '»' conflict. led Tlictn cd them, so llv their recent P The results, it i Milling. r air forces fnilc , r|iiick victory i .Hlioimlisl's cnvnli jnr showing to II Ics. difficult to swi IIIH! (k'Uvcr a ha TAKE F01 MALARI) Get Relief From Chills a ,-,J f.;.-, •/j •.<;.< - •' i days about the waterfront." "And that word, of course, j left there. The Coast Guard found '••aslthe chair this morning under the c,nerry bell or Big Four FLOUR, 48 Lb. Sack rure v^ane bUGAK, 10 Lb* Pure LARD, 8 Lt>. Pail Ralston Corn FLAKES, 3 for... v-orn MEAL, 24 Lbs. Macaroni and 'boat'," the inspector anticipated. | edge of the Boardwalk. "But that launch wasn't ataan-j After a silence through which doned as the newspaper story said, Jaspar. The owner, Captain Parks, was aboard. He showed us a letter from Mrs. Talbert,. engaging his boat lor a deep- his words seemed to echo and reecho, he went on, "The man who had been pushing that chair has confessed." "Confessed?" glanced toward Bill why he Yardiey— ..>/. v-b»cn - cr says 3r.-.;s.h or French i "v . ; .«j'.ro>«l from to '.o "anchor them iwvsrai days and to v.".".:-j p .rv:raft gvmners." A TlKHir> b.A7ii'.r.fnt could do .ilso to French in- '.rav.itvrtiHion centers '.:', '.'. couldn't knock d'csic highways and '.ior impvitent France's .'."(i large, wcll-train- :h Itjiy'j: air force aug- -:r:r.ar. squadrons, military •.' the CHJC.I still would run •j'. spcec.y smashing of the ::o:i combination, i.ir. '.hey sal. still is a x';;^ will tell you it still \'.:y t*> sci/o ;UK! h«>Ul ;t i ;;; the Spanish and Sino- .ar>. its well as the World cent of the riisunltic.s were ,y ;ho artillery. Infantry ry dun't move like lightn- j Don't put up with I Don't endure the and fever. At first slRn of the clrrnd tnke Grove's Tasteless Clull ' A real Mnlariii medicine. M especially fur the purpose. Conti tasteless quinidiuo nnd iron. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic tually t 'iiliats Malaria infectio the blocui Relievos the awful cl nnd fever. Helps you feel be fast. Thousands take Grove's Taste Chill Tonic-for Malaria and K\\ by it. Pleasant to take, loo. E children take it without a whim not des-! Don't suflor and suiter. At lavia's llrst simi, take Gro Tasteless Chill Tonic. At all (1 stores. Buy the lar^o size as it g you much more for your monej "were deliberate attempts to frustrate justice." "If I'd been doing it," Bill put in, "I'd have looked to make sure the 'tide ordinarily came in tha* far, before I heaved the chair over." . Chandra said very softly, 'T find it impossible to believe thai he • did not at least — try to sea (To B« Continued) Hu = c squadrons of mechanized for- him in (lint important department. "Can you imagine." asks Stengel, 'how many runs he'd have driven in if he were with the Red Sox, with two or three waiting to be sent home almost every time he cam to bat?" Max West couldn't be purchased now. REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PERFECT PRESCRIPTION ACCURACY--Wo dike extre care to ensure ;icciiriiey. KELIABIMTV-Our chemicals purchased from the c:irefully_cc trolled stocks of reputable nmi facturers. VALUE—In acklilion to quality greilient;; and spcciiil .slock, prof sional trainiiif; and dopcndnble I parutus cimlribulc to the rli.sclur iif our I'e.^ponsibilily for cv< proscription \vr; fill. SEKVICK — Courteous service £ prompt delivery to your home. Wlieit Sicli See V«ur Doclor— U'l; Prescriptiiins Are Needed Ciill- The Lending "We've Got It" 1'IIONK (i2 Alotorryclt! Delivery C. V/. SOAP, 3 Bars.... Peanut BUTTER, Qt 20c Potted MEAT, 2 for Early June PEAS, No. 2 can.. IQc No. 1 ^IDE MEAT, Lb.. 9c . » FeeHeirg Special COFFEE, 2 Lbs. 29c P MACKEREL, m j2*5 Si cans 25c |*K. C. Baking |*rOWPER. 25 oz. ^MATCHES, |»2 Bores 5c POTATOES, Red, 10 Lbi. 19c LIBBY'S MILK, 6 "small cans.. WHEATIES, Package figures compiled by Spring Valley I Golf Course, the 1939 National Open was played without the loss of a single • ball. A total o'f 8082 holes were played during the tourney. The field carded 4261 pars, 582 birdies and five eagles. Only eight rounds were sub- par with Clayton Heffner's 6R the lowest. Average round "was 76 and highest, score 89. Worst nin-hole score was 47. - • Star of Boston eBos BOSTON — :Joe Bearwakl of the then San Francisco Missions two years ago told Bom Quinn, president of the Boston Nationals, that Max West ought to play the outfield with an uiimbrel- la to protect his head. But Quinn neede help, so agreed to give the Pacific Coast League club $1000 down and 59000 more if the Bees decided the keep West after May 15 of the following season. "It was Casey Stengel who insisted on keeping West, though he could not do anything right last year," says Quinn. . • Right now there aren't many outfielders better than West in the National League. "Next to Joe Medwick, h's the best left-fielder, if we play him there.", asserts the Hub manager, "and if it's' right field, Mel Ott.s about the only one who has an edge on him." West's runs-batter-in record is re-' markable for that of a fellow with a club that doesn't hit much. Only a few in both big leagues arc ahead of I,. • The girl friend told me that. Matter of iact, it's no iun for me to ieel like a damp seal—with my. top-shirt all clammy from perspiration. That'* why 1 wear a HANES Undershirt) Gentlemen, you neqd a blotter when it's hotter. A HANES Undershirt soaks up perspiration .with its soft, absorbent knit. Evaporation is even and rapid. You actually ieel cooler all over ... and your lop-shirt keeps neater and iresherl ', See your HANES Dealer today. P. H. 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Her cocker-spaniel, whose name is ''Scoot," sat on the front porch and whined his canine belief in the folly of education as she waved "goodbye" and started off to the halls of learning. Tonight we talked about school. She told me about the girl who sits in front of her—the girl with yellow curls—and the boy across the aisle who makes funny faces. She told me about her teacher, who has eyes in the back of her head—and about the trees in the school yard—and about the big girl who doesn't believe in Santa Glaus. We talked about u lot of things—tremendously vital, unimportant things; then we studied spelling, reading and arithmetic—and then to bed. She's back here now—back in the nursery—sound asleep, with "Princess Elizabeth" (that's a doll) cuddled in her right arm.' You guys wouldn't*hurt her, would you? You see, I'm her daddy. When her doll is broken or her finger is cut, or her head gets bumped, I can fix it— but when she starts to school, when she walks across the street, then she's in your hands. , \ She's a nice kid. She can run like a deer and darts about like a chip munk. She likes to i-ide horses and swim and hike with me on Sunday afternoons. But I can't be with her all the time—i have to work to pay for her clothes and her education. So please help me look for her. Please drive carefully, please drive slowly past the schools and intersections— and please remember, that children run from behind parked cars. Please, don't hurt my little girl. A CITIZEN SALE Kool Summer DRESSES Values Up to |10.00 $| $4.99 $A.99 LADIES Specialty Shop IF WE FORGET TO MENTION KROGER CLOCK BREAD TO YOU! • SENSATIONAL "GET ACQUAINTED" OFFER! House COKI'KK, 1 Lli. 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