Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 8, 1941 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 8, 1941
Page 3
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? Milan Creighton Would Replace Thomsen as University Coach .Former students of the University of Arkansas Monday we >H on record as backers of Milan S. Creighton for I the position of head coach of the Rnzorbacks, replacing Fred Thomsen who th > board of trustees will probably oust in the near future. Lociil backers released the following memorandum oti Crclghtoii: at tJi^lf' Creighton wns a student ' through 1931, where he exported ed o brilliant scholastic and athletic career. A native of Gothenburg, Ne- ornska, his accomplishments .at the University are even more remarkable 0 When it is remembered that Creigh^ ,,r,T' 01 ' kecl his way lhro "gh College Milan .played guard for the Razor- bncks during his Sophomore year, receiving honorable mention for all conference honors at that post, Durf ing his junior and senior seasons, Creighton wos stationed nt the left i ^ hc yeor Wear Schoonover made All American selection, Milan played, his (Schoonover's). end defensively through-out the year. As Captain of the Ruzorbacks in 1930 Creigh$ ton wns awarded all Conference r honors nt left end. Milan's versatility was not restricted to football alone. He was a three year letterman in basketball, being named as All-Conference guard in 1929 and 1930. Milan wns Captain of V the track team during 1929-'30 season f - In 1930 Creighton tied for top honors as having done the most for the University of Arkansas, as a result of which he received a half interest in little Oscar 11, Oscar I hav- ',% ing been awarded to Wear Sehoon- r- over in 1929 for the same honor. In his social life on the Campus he was equally outstanding. Milun was a member of the Sigma Nu social fraternity and the Blue Key national honorary fraternity. » It is appropriate that we mention * a few of Milan's out-standing team mates. Jack Dale, nine years coach at Paragould, now retired to business at Paragould.. Hollis Buckalew, now a promising physician' of the State. f Clyde Von Sickle, present Freshman Coach nt the University. Clarence Geis, present Coach at Little Rock High School. Jo Chambers, formerly of Stuttgart and now a representative for a nationally known sporting goods house. Bull Irwin, of McGehee, a where he is a practicing attorney f' and member of the State Legislature. Dandy Dick Miller, physician at Fay- etleville. Wear Schoonover of Ail- American fame. There are many others. « Continuing further with Creighton's )T football experience, we find that in: 1931-Mllan played end for the Chicago Cardinals in the National Professional football league. The Cardinals were Coached by one of the All- American greats, Ernie Nevers, a H* former student of Pop Warner and *• employed the double wing back formation. 1832-Milan played end for the Cardinals under Jack Chcvigney, one of Knute Rockne's prize pupils, employ/% • ing, quite naturally, the Rockne or T Notre Dame System. 1933 and '34 Milan again played end for the Cardinals but under Paul Schisslar, formerly seven years at Oregon State. Schisslar used the «"» SMort P unt - and box formation. M In 1935 Creighton was called back from the Pacific Coast to find that he had been named the Coach of the Chicago Cardinals himself. The rise of Milan S. Creighton in football ranks is probably better illustrated by 9 an article entitled "Miracle Man of Football" appearing in the Chicago Herald-Examiner in November, 1935, and written by Edgar Munzel. There in may be found the story that Milan Creighton at the ripe old age of twenty-seven became the youngest . i Coach in professional football ranks " and perhaps in College circles, Milan continued as head Coach of the Cardinals until he rectired from ^^^^^^*^^^"™**^**''""^^"*^*?^ M "^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^S^B3aB33SBSSB^ByS^^SBS5B3SSSii£SiS Scenes Where the Japanese Struck Without Warning in Pacific Sunday NEA Service t*l«photo ,, JL KM Y AIB FIELD IIEAVILY DAMAGED'BY JAP fcOMftERS - This Is Hickman Fleltl near Pearl Harbor with rows of U. S. Anny bombers poised for takeoff. This picture made two years ago anil now It is reported flint heavy smoke rises from this spot nrid'thnt 350 men were killed when a bomb made a direct hit • on. it •barracks building. ffW^rtg; •*»-••»';• '^-j !._;*„ ...a.— ^**^.***^;. „.j,._it's?*. ^ **£* ».v»v /*L ,.MJ PART OF U. S. PACIFIC FLEET AT ANCHOR NEAR HONOLULU — A small pnrt of the U. S. Pacific fleet rides nt anchor in Lnhnlna Roads ncnr Honolulu, T. II. during recent maneuvers. • JAP BOMBERS STRIKE AT PHILIPPINES' CAP ITAL — Early reports from official sources indicate 'Dial among the objectives of the Japanese bombers attack ing U. S. possessions in the Pacific was the city and navy yard at Manila. The above photo is of the main section o f Manila with the Pasig River in the foreground. OTHES CHAFED SKIN , , «HITC PtlBOLCUM JL__. r WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT 5C g 'D SAENGER "RISE AND SHINE' Plus Latest News RIALTO NOW "HENRY AtORICH FOR PRESIDENT" Double Feature TUES - WED - THURS Bette George DAVIS BRENT — in — "The Letter" ALSO — "Wagons Roll at Night" — With — Humphrey Sylviq BOGART SIDNEY the professional game in 1938, after a successful eight year career. Basically, lie employed a single-wing back formation with an unbalanced line, featuring good running and passing game in conjunction with man in motion variations, at times working in a wide open spread formation, which is highly effective and thrilling to watch. A sound fundamentalist, Creighton is a great believer in sahrp tackling and hard and vicious blocking. Creightoai's Cardinals rung up a string of three straight triumphs over the Greenbay Packers in 1935, making a total of five consecutive victories for the Cardinals over the Packers, the first and only time this feat has been accomplished by any professional football team. In January 1936, Milan was named Coach of the professional all-star team which engaged the Greenbay Packers at Kezar Stadium on the Pacimic Coast for .Charity. The following constitute a partial list of dutstanding football players who soared to even greater fame under Milan's leadership: Ral Pangle—Oregon State, outstanding blocker on the Coast. Gaynell Tinsley—La. State All- American end, Frank Patrick—Halfback from Pitt. Dwight Sloan—Arkansas great. Dougal Russel—Kansas State, leading ground gainer, known as Kansas Jack Rabbit. Present assistant at Hot Springs. Mule Dowell—Texas Tech halfback. Al Nichelini—right half from St. Mary's. Jim. Mooney—Georgetown. Dave Cook—Big ten fullback from Illinois. . . . Bill Volok—Tulsa guard, one of the all lime greats. Howard Tipton — Great running guard fronvS. Calf. Lou Goxdon—Tackle from Illinois. Inon Mike Mukulak—All-American Fullback from Uni. of Oregon. Probably greatest defensive fullback of all time. Paul Pardonner—Last of the great drop kickers from Purdue. Pete Peterson—Halfback from Gonzaga. Gil Berry—Halfback from Illinois, now in Hollywood. Jack Bobbins—Great back from Arkansas. Bill Smith—Ail-American end from University of Washington. 1940 saw Milan Creighton return to Arkansas as Coach of the Hot Springs Trojans. Confronted with a lagging spirit and u shortage of material, the Trojans have returned to Coherence prominence and must be reckoned with. A devoted family roan with o fine young daughter and two promising halfbacks in his own ranks,. Milan is a fine personal character and will measure up as a gentleman under any body's definition of the term. As to his fitness for the job 'of head Coach at the University of Arkansas, you are invited to contact any one or more of the following for future reference: Clark Shaughnessy, present Coach of Stanford. Lynn Waldorf, present Coach of Northwestern, Lou Little, present Coach of Colombia. Matty Bell, present Coach of S. M. U. Dutch Meyer, present Coach of T. C. U. D. X. Bible, present Coach of Texas University. Frank Leahy, present Coach of Notre Dame. Fat Hanley, present Coach of Boston University, Biff Jones, present Coach of Nebraska. Bernie Moore, present coach of L. S.U. Buch Shaw, present Coach of Santa Clara. Doc Spears, present Coach of Toledo University. Dick Hanley, ex-Coach of Wyoming. Tiny Thornhill, ex-Coach of Stanford. Tim. Mara, of the New York Giants professionals. Dan Topping of the Brooklyn Dodgers professionals. George Marshall, of the Washington Redskins professionals. Art Rooney of the Pittsburg Steel- ers professionals. Milan S. Creighton at the age of thirty-three offers us the many advantages we are looking for in a new Coach, including a splendid personality, a big naine, football knowledge, and leadership. Benefit Program at Guernsey School There will be a pie supper at the Guernsey hi,gb school auditorium Monday night at 7:30 o'clock, The public is invited. Five Grass Fires in City Monday Morning The Hope Fire Department reported extinguishing five grass 'fires inside the city Monday morning. None of the fires resulted in aiiy damage, it was Nazis Stopped at Moscow Germany Now Doesn't Expect to Take Capital Soon By the Associated Press Adolf Hitler's invasion armies do not expect to capture Moscow this year, a German military spokesman said Monday, as the Russians were reported to be continuing counter offensives by Red army troops north of Hie USSR capital. The spokesman comment—in fact an acknowledgment that Hitler had failec in his boast that Moscow offensive would be the last great decisive campaign of this year—followed the high command's communique declaring: "The continuation of operations ant the manner of the war's conduct in the east will be dictated by winter." The spokesman said the cold was so intense that "even oil freezes -in motorized vehicles." "Our soldiers and officers are trying to take cover," it was said. Previously the Germans had asserted that neither "General Wintei nor General Mud" would hinder Germany's military machine in its onslaught against the Russians. Washburn to Speak at Kiwanis Tuesday Alex. H. Washburn, publisher of The Star, will be the speaker at the Kiwanis club's weekly luncheon Tuesday noon in Hotel Henry, the program committee announced Monday Mr. Washburn will discuss recen' Japanese history leading up to the empire's declaration of war upon the United States Sunday. •»»*•«»• : — Five thousand silk woims must ea' 125 pounds of mulberry leaves to make enough silk for one kimona. NO ASPIRIN FASTER SURER SAFER St. Joseph Aspirin is as pure as money can buy. You simply can't buy aspirin that can do more for you. Demand St. Joseph Aspirin, world's largest seller at lOc. Sold everywhere. Even bigger savings in the big sizes, too 36 tablets lor 20c. 100 tablets, 35c Daisy Dorothy Heard, Editor Telephone Social Calendar Monday, December 8th Circle No. 1 of the Ladies Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church, luncheon meeting nt the home of Mrs. Ched Hall, 12:30 o'clock. Circle No. 2 of the Ladies' Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church, Mrs. S. H. Brlant and Mrs. Nick Jewell hostesses, 3 o'clock. Circle No. 3 of the. Ladies' Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian' church, home of Mrs. Lee Foster, 3 o'clock. Circl No. 4 of the Ladies' Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church, luncheon meeting at the home of Mrs. Tom Brewster, 12 o'clock. A class party for the mmehers of the Euzelian class of the First Baptist Sunday School will be given at the church at 7 o'clock. All members are urged to attend. New officers of the Women's Society of Christian Service will be installed at the regular meeting of the group at the First Baptist Sunday School will be given at the church at 7 o'clock. All members are urged to attend . ' Group 1 of the Women's Council of the First Christian church will meet at the home of Mrs. W. W. Duckett, 3 o'clock. Group 2 of. the Women's Council of the First Christian church will meet at the home of Mrs. W, L. Carter, 3. o'clock. Tuesday, December Dili Mrs. Aubrey Green and Mrs. Barney' Chambers will be hostesses to the members of the Winsome class of the First Baptist church at the home of Mrs. C. D. Dickinson, 1116 South Main street, 7:30 o'clock. Christmas party for the members of the Iris Garden club at the home of Mrs. C. P. Tolleson, 3 o'clock. Associate 'hostesses are Mrs. D. L. Bush, Mrs. Charles Harrell, Mrs. George Waddle, and Mrs. C. Cook. Members of Girl 2 will meet. at the after school. Scout Troop Little House'" Wednesday, December 10th Wednesday Contract bridge club, home of Mrs. E. <j. Wihg- field, 2:30 o'clock. : ." The John Cain chapter of the Danghters of. the Artoerican, ReAro-t. lution will meet »l ihe First Christian church for a final luncheon meeting, 12:45. Hostesses will be-Mrs. R. M. Briant, Mrs. 6. A. Graves, Mrs. R. L. Sear'cy, an'd Mrs. Ralph Burton. 'A program on "A • Tour tit- Our National- Parks" will he presented by Mrs. E. F>. McFaddi'n. •'> •' ' • ' ' ' Thursday, •• December,! Ufa | Girl Scout Trdop No. 7 .-#111 be j entertained by; the new captain, Mrs. Kline Franks at her •, home at 3:30. This will be the Christmas i party for the members. Patq-Mnrrclsbn Betrothal' Revealed at Large, Ten Mrs. V. A. Pate of-Camden and Mrs. Ernest DeLong of Texarkana were hostesses at a lovely tea Sa.tu.r- day afternoon, at the', home of , the former announcing the . engagement and approaching marriage of Miss Jahette Pate and Frederick Gene Harrelson- of Arkadejphia. 1 ' . Miss Pate' is'the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Pate of Camden, formerly of Texarkana'and &ope. Mr. Har- relson.is the son, of Mrs. R. T. .Harrelson of Arkadelphia. For the' occasion the DeLong home was artistically decorated with beautiful yellow ^-arid white chrysanthemums.- In the dining room the lace- draped table was centered with a silver bowl' of yellow chrysanthemums flanked by glowing tapers. Guests were greeted by Mrs. Pate, Mrs. DeLong, Miss Pate, Mrs. Harrelson; Miss Rebecca Harrelson (Marshall, Texas) sister'of the bride-groom elect, -and Mrs'. '.Dana Blocker, who will be her sister's only attendant in the wedding. , Presiding at the-tea urn was Mrs. Robert Clark Banks ,of Horatio, Ark. She was assisted -by Miss Edith Olive James, Mrs. Berthram Hopkins, and Miss Fay - Hamilton of Arkadelphia. Goodbys were'saBd to Mrs. James H. Jones pf Hope and'Camden. The; approaching wedding wil^ be solemnized on December, 27 at the home bf"Mr S . Persona ) Menf ?€Jn ' Mrs. Teddy Jones of Little Rock is a guest in Ihe home of her parents, Mr. Dnd Mrs Dan Godbold. -0- Mr. and Mrs. Jess Davis spent the Week-end with Mrs, Davis' jarents, Di. and Mrs O. J. Wade, at Central college, Conway. -O- Ebb Johnson, U. S. N. R., who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Coop for the past several days, left Sunday night for his naval base at Norfolk, Va. ktflief pM in _a- Mr. and Mrs, d, 8. Little Rock are guests <ot and friends in the city. _Q- Mr. and Mrs. Vincent children, Jane and Vincent, _,. arkana and Mr. and Mrs. Paul<*l brick and son, Carltoni of )Pil spent Sunday with Mr. and E. Coop and other relatives.^ Miss Mary Shull returned , home in Lonoke Saturday visit with Miss Ruth Taylor. Sheil turns to Washington this weehff* don't worry •_ mother! * if your boy or iirl just won't eat. If Te«e- tables and other foods necessary for'health cause daily argument!. Maybe their, appetite needs encouragement. Vitamin BI and .Iron in pleasant-tasting V1NOL helpi promote appetite. A»k your druggist for VINOL, John Pi Cox "Drug Co. v , N0THW0 ' r '. Hits THE SMt CAMELS FOR MORE THEY TASTES* GOOD 'NICOTINE IN THES/VtOf; 'THE SMOKE OF SLOWER-BURNINC CAMELS CONTAIN^ 28% LESS NICOTIN than the, average ,of the 4 other' largest-selling cigarettes tested—,less than nny of them—according-to independent scientific tests of the smoke itself! CAMEL .THE CIGARETTE OF COSTLIER TOBACCOS The 42 Ford is the Best Looking, Best Biding, Best If mining Low Priced Car ever Built Choice of Sixes or Eight* FORD is New far APVIRTOIMENT

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