Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on July 31, 1951 · Page 12
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 12

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1951
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

Speaking Of Dogs, Here's One Worth $50,OOP By E. V. DXJBLIXG Every time I meet the highly efficient tailor who makes; my suits he looks to me and sadly shakes his head. "Why do you have to carry so many things in 'your pockets?" he demands. "It is cruelty to tailors to make a fine-fitting garment look that way--all bulges^ This crack is beginning to get- under my skin. But what can I do? [with the mechanical bunny was Where am I going to carry my staged at Emeryville, Calif., 32 cigar case, wallet, copy paper, years ago. Second such meeting scratch sheet, pencil and memoran-|\vas held in Tulsa a year later. country's oldest war veteran. That honor goes to James A. Hard, -Rochester, N. Y., a member of the GAR who is 110 years old. Other extremely elderly members of the GAR are Douglas Story, West Los Angeles, Calif., 107; dum book? I can't cai-ry a brief case. I promised -my Uncle Al I never would play a three-horse par- That was tne first night dog racing. Smith was one investor who did all right with his patent. He quick- lay, carry a unefcase or ask any-jj became a millionaire. bodv, "Is it hot enough for you? i R1? . r i RK -,,TST,F TVPAVT Maybe I'll get a sporran. You REMARKABLE KSFA.NT know, what a Scotsman in highland Have you by any chance a one- uTttrsntt Sallg '(Sltizta J " Tuesday Evening, July 31, 1951 Joseph Cloves, Pontiac, Mich., 107; William A. Magee, Van Nuys, Calif., 105; Lansing Wilcox, Cadott, | Mich., 105; Israel Broadsward, j Samuels, Idaho, 104; and Albert Woolson, Duluth, Minn., 104. (© 1951, King Features) dress uses for a purse. NAMES AGAIN In New York there -is ACROSS ;·_ Plaster 5. State of mind 9. Goddess of harvest 12. By sight 14. Expose to moisture year-old male child in your family? i 15 Ancient Greek How is he doing? ·· · a man Are you familiar with the life | named Szyman Szwarc. Ask the j story of Anthony Kinch of County nearest page boy how he wouldjwicklow, Ireland, who is known as pronounce it if handed to him on j "the world's biggest baby?" Ana slip. Speaking of names, a Cali-jthony is now one year old and foi-nia numerologist named Miswaldj weighs 51 pounds. He is in the Wrandovakist t h o u gh t his name|pink. milestone 16. River in England 17. Wrath IS. At home 19. Serious 21. Close forcibly 24. Insect 25. High mountain 2C. Head covering 28. Well: prefix was unlucky_so he had _it changed) At birth he weighed 17 pounds j so! Has being 33. Steeplo to "Lincoln "Disgrowles Wrandvan-| 3 "ounces?" when e^months old he 32 - ? aper . fgrlmotkets. weighed 34 pounds and had 11 teeth. At nine months Anthony 36. Tvo: prefix 37. As far ai , 33. Ons who carries 10. Mineral spring 43. Short for a man's nam« 45. Take on cargo 46. Attaches with metal cement 4S. Exist 4fl. Palm leaf in\ Encouatered 51. Big 55. Device for stirring the ah' 56. Irridescence 55. Noah's vessel 5!t. Beginner 60. Food: slang Solution of Yesterday's Puzzle DOWN 1. Dowry 2. Likely 3. American Indian 4. East Indian acid fruit What is the world's most valuable I we ighed 44 pounds 6 ounces and dogr How about the racing grey-j^a j4 teeth, hound named Real Huntsman, GLAM OROUS GRANDMA scheduled. · Greyhound racing has gone a long way since Owen P. Smith pat- one grandchild. Faith is 5 feet 2 inches in height, weight 112 pounds, has a 25-inch ented'his mechanical rabbit idea in waist, 35-inch hips and never has IQIQ Thp first- crevhound racinelto worry about how she looks in] 1919. The first greyhound racing MONEY, TALKS! "More people than ever are applying for "loans ty phono" from Federal Finance Corporation." L O A N S $25 to $250 OR MORE QUICKLY -- ON YOC/K SIGNATURE, AUTO or FURNITURE TUCSONIA HOTEL BUILDING 225 W. CQNGRESS PHONE 3-8693 i vw n v- ry a bathing suit. | Faith has already written 70 i novels and is still going strong. Isj very popular, though many busi-j ness girls .have never forgiven heri for referring to secretaries as] "office wives." ! OLD SOLDIERS The revival of the song, "Old Soldiers Never Die," has brought up the question as to who is the 3x 3(, 18 33 OS 3i 6Z 53 5* 6. Mother 6. Ancient 7. Salt of olelo acid !. Stainer 9. Bay window 10. Exuded . moistura from the skin 11. Let it stana 13. Has the ability 20. Symbol lor sodium 21. Wound .wltt » pointed weapon 22. Resulting from the united action ot th« sun and , moon 23. Skill 24. Article 27. Part of ti play 29. Employ 31. Dry 31. Hand-shaped 35. Masculine name SS. Planetarium. 39. Past 41. Heavy board 42. Present era: abbr. 44. In motion 45. Couch 47. Send forth 4S. Wing 52. Long narr.oir Inlet 53. Secured 54. Abstract existence 67. Consequently AP Newileaturet They'll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hado F rIE HAP TO PAY A TAX, ON THBM DUCATS, THE SWINPLE SHEET IS TAKE X\UICKlN', TOO THAT SHOW .VOU GAVE ME TVIEM PASSES MOST KNOCKJNS HE W3RKS IM THE HE SETS EVERVTn'INlG FOR FREE--HE PROBABLY EXPBSTEP A PIECE OF THE SHOW I EVER -SAW-ANC? THE SEATS-FIRST ROW-WE HAP TO KEEP LCOKlNl' UP COULDNl'T SEE ANYBODY'S FEET ON ST/ASE-I GOT A SORE NlECK UX£S FEET~J KMOW HE'D MAKE A BETTER SHOE SALESMAN THAN A NEWSPAPER euy--. LISTENING TO THE FREELOADER MOAN HE WAS BITTEIsl BY A GIFT MORSE- ID PETE. SNUFF* SMITH By Lissuaell WHflTS ALL-FlRcD LflFFflBLE, INVENTIN WINTON I WUZ SHOWIN' GRflNNY CSflL HOW (V\V MRGNETIC (VNETflL FINDER WORKED, PIN' IT GRflBBEO HOLT OF HER COSSET .STflVES!! I SWITCHED OM TH' BODACIOUS MflGNET LIKE THIS POGO By YOU CAKSEtl RT.,1 PONT suppose. ^1 my hands vou -- ~~~ 'CAUSE GONNA A FAMILY MAN ANP Wilt I?geT OF HIS M5QUT IT. -- K£U BUZ SAWYER By Roy Crxts TU 15 UEMCHEL. rVI COMR-ITEP TUB DIAL AND AM READY TO MAXB IMMEPIATJ DELIVERX. HMM! CAN THAT THE BLACK SEDAN THAT WAS FOLLOWING ME; YES, 1 BELIEVE IT IS . AN5 HE'S TAIL\NG MiC -£ AGAIN! HE'S TAKN3 'cs-Sv^ EVERY TURN I TAKE' 'IT WILL 6£ NEXT WEEK-SHERMV. ANP I'D LIKE TO HAVE YOU COME.TOO I HATE TO BE THE ONE WHO ALWAYS ' ARRANGES THE PARTIES... BUT I'M APRA1D THAT IF I DIDN'T, I WOULDN'T BE INVITED/ 7/31 RIP KIRBTf By Alex Raymond WHEN HIS WIFE KILLED HERSELF.. WHEN HE WENT TO PRISON..THE LEAST I COULD CO WAS TO TAKE CARE ... EUT IF JERRI EVER KNEW SHE WAS TWE CHILD OF SCANDAL ANC TRAGEDY... THATHERS WAS WHAT THcY CALL"BAD BLOOD".. *RS. STAFFORD, SPARE ME THESE HYSTERICAL RAVINGS AND PfV ME iW P5ICE...JIOO,000,' v r' JOE PALOOKA By Ham Fithcr MMMM...NOPE..ITS A LITTLE TOO GCILISH,. LET'S TRY THAT NUMBER TMOITY AGAIN, ITS GOT JUST TH' RIGHT SMELL, I THINK--LILAC AN' SORTA MINT... A HERE YA ARE, MISTER. /YESSIR.^ HMM. I SEE GRIBSLE. THIS HERE'S - - - - YOU'RE TRVIN' TH' TH' SMELL WE WANTA PUT INTA TH' FOIST BATCH HOPALONG CASSIDH By Dan Spiegt* / I NEVER 5AWANYSAPE COMBINATION LCOKIM" LI WATS SOMETHlNKa ^ TELLS ME WE'VE. FOUND THE KEXTH\T WILL LEAD US THROUGH THOSE PASSASES^OIJT AT THE B2CK MAZE, , STRAIGHT TO WILEY/ BLONDIE By Chick Young JUST WOLD THESE A MOMENT FOR ME WHILE I GET OUT MV KEV -*""'" CIVE M E FOUR 1 ICE CPEAM CONES *-^^ ' - x ^ STEVE CANYON By Milton CanifJ SORRY, COMMANDER. M NOT VERY (5RACIOU5 OF ME! I AM AIR FCECS A1AJOR STEVENSON B.CANYOM, NUMB CREDENTIALSJW AO-O4IO44 I'LL VVK1TE OUT THE CONTACT 1NFORMATIOM 50 YOU CAN EAPIO MY ^ CO/V\W\ANPIN3 OFFICEE. TO VSR.IFV ALL THIS... z HE'LL WANT TO SET My EEP 5U5MAEINE KEFOPT A5 SOON S POSSIBLE... I KNOW YOU AIE R2E.CE PEOPLE ) (HAVE THINI6S ALLTAPEP UP, BUT ' WOULP YCU CARE TO T=LLTHE POKE -OLP NAVY IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT R£P 5UE5? WE MIGHT MEET ONE IN OUR TRAVELS ! T GASOLINE ALLEJ By King You're as restless as a pollywog.Walt.^ Sir down and relax. really can't, Phyllis. Wicker wants7 But arerft me to take a Jthirgs busy -T vacation.. (at the office? IG^,t^wfc- · ^- ^^-y^^ i OomS'nSrvc, I'm no good as isj I'd say! But I · might just ^think he's right Oh,fbr the gopd old-days when things crept along under?.. their own. DICK TRACY By Chester Gould UTTLE ORPHAN ANNlh By Harold Gray CM W ORPHOM-ANNIE^ flU. \ TH' NfiME I'VE QtJT--AMD 1 \ HQ?E, EXACTLY- \ I JUST WALKED IN; LOOKIN' FOR / A J06 AN' SCMETHM' TO EffT- j DOMT TRY TO BE SMPRV! WH«TS YOUR LfiST NftMEC WHO ARE YOU? WHERE' DO YOU COME FROM? WHY EHO YOU SNEAK IN HB?E? ANSWB? MEk GOME-COME 'ANNIE'? ' Bfwr? JUST ANNIE- THAT'S ALL- SO CREWY LOU SHOT THE KING? THAT MUST HAVE BEEN PRETTY-HUMILIATING RDF? HIM.' LISTEN. THAT WOMAN'S LIFE IS'NT WORTH A DIME NOW? THE KING WON'T SEST TILL. SAM "C4TCHEM CALLING TRACY.' , AS I WAS ABOUT TO LEAVE THE HOSPITAL, A NEW CHARACTER WENT INTO THE KING'S ROOM.T'M BIT. **»' DO YOU KNOW WHERE SHE'S STAVING? YEAH. I FOUND HER AND THE MUTE, BOTH. LVL ABNER By Al Capp I MUST LEAVE DOQPATCH-- TELLS THET SWEET DOCTOR THET HE DONE WHUT NO HOOMIN BEAN MAS CVAH DONE-NAMELY, WON MAH THEV COJT NEED ME HEPIE. NO ONE EVER GETS SICK-, - HENESDS/S AH-GOTA DOULV FO' EVERY DOGPATCHER. WHUTEVE.R , AH DOES TO ONE O'THttM, HAPPENS TO ITS HOOMIM COONTCRPART.'T'-- ^ -'- DOQPATCH 2 WRITHES

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