The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1940 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1940
Page 11
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APiUL 2'5, BLYTHEVILLE (AKKJ COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line lor consecutive insertions: One time per line lOc Two limes per line [)cr dny (We Three limes per line per d(iy..00c Sl.N limes per line per day 05c Month rate per line 60c Card of Thank's 50c A; 75e MJntnmnr diarL'c 50c Ads ordered for- three.or. six times and stopped before expiration will be charged for the mniioc'r of .times tiie ad nppcRi'cd and adjust nii ol bill inane. , All Classified Advertising copy submitted by iwrsons residing outside of the euy, must be accompanied by cash. Rates liiay be easily computed Iroin Uic above table. Arkiinsns Yellow Pine Lumber. Mill to you, 'fi'uck lots. Craig Lvimhci Co. at Craig's CG'ato, Leaehville S room house 13. Davis. 15 roon house W. Ash. 4 lioiiscs and store for investment. house 521 Uimentte', St., $600, Grocery nut market. Mariy other homes .tun investments. Ill N. 2nd St. .Holli ton & Co. .Plioiie 1123, 23-pk-2C One tliorauBlibred registered Hnmp sl)lre Sow. Bred to registers male; Price $15.00. inciuirc Jac Hainford, 3 mites NOfihwest.ot Hoi land. 23-pk-3 £ tons D-PL.-11A pottoii Seed. Fil'S year from originator. Stanle Fradcnb'u'fg, Manila, Ark., IU, l. 22-pk-5-2 for sal 19-ck-2 PiiVctically new piano cheap. Phone 2(i. I!afgnfi)'S' in Used oil stoves, Cole man ga.'; stoves, 'oil water licnt crs a'ud used ice uml electric re frlgcrn'lb'rs. Call 22 day, 9M-W aftc 5 p.n). SEE W. M. BURNS About choice biiiidmg lot-s in fast cst growing section of the Git; price Sl'15 each. Phone 243-212. 10-pk- I'OR SALR: Fertilizer,, black dir cinders. Kcasonablc. Phone 819Y 75 Tons Hay ALFALFA & SOY BEAN EARL MAGEtiS Dell, A'rk.,. rtion'c 11152 For-Kent room furnished apartment. Private bath.. Frifildiilre. 110 W. Ash', osh'a Mick. 25-ck-29 rooms nnd balh. 207 W. Vine. Phone 816. C. Abraham. 24-ek-l furnished a'unrlmejit, Frt idairc. Private bath. Garage. 1 '. Ash', Phone 294. 25-c'k-U rob'm' unfurnished 'UK balii and hot Jlilclcasawba. apartment waleV. 412 ' Bedroom, and furnished apartmcjH, ,ig)iu>, hot and ,co!d water, Plionc 57, Mrs. C. U Freeman. 23-ck-26 . 'Pfiivs. 5i)i<J,,ap'artm6Yils.. fiy- nerspriiig niattresses o» all beds 10 VV. Kentucky, plioiie 1129. robin tmtiiml'shfrd.apftrliHcnl. 122 E. Davis. Apply 313 No. 6tii. Call fl-j. 22-ck-tt 'or Rent—2 rdo'in fiirnislieci ripart- mcril near bath', close fti, .Phone a 19-pk-2ti 'ivc room' newly decorated furnish- v cd apartment. 621 Chickasawba, \5rs. Joe Waddy. 10'-)' "" Nice bedroom adjoining bath. 818 W. Chickasawba, phone GM. -dli ;oinforlf>blc liedrobin. Twin beds. Adjoining,, bath,. 1017 'Walnut, 'lio'ne 102. Mrs; E. E. Hardin. 20cktf PHK NEARLY BEST AI) ON PAGE THIS — Uecausc— PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Offers for 3 Days Onl.v Notice* Shou$«-H«nry Hardware Company Ca'sti Cutlery Avon lioiiseliold products. Mrs. John Lonk. 113 w. Kentucky. IJliono 657, 3-pk-0-'J TERMITES Work While 1{o» Slcenl Wake up before they damage your properly. For Fre'n 1 .Inspection Cull 692-W. Walker and Archer Stale Licensed Operators USED CAR VALUKS IN OUR HISTORY '35 FORD Welding EXPERT EUXTHIC & ACKTYLKNt WELDING l'r;ig line and, heavy wcldlni a s'p^clalt} 1 . Barksdale Mtg, Co. 19 «r Kri 101» Klfclrlo and WELDING Drnijliiio and heavy wcldlne our D. W. CRflHFORD Garages Vo'ur Au(o Oels Kick Bring It to (he Auto Hospital Next io Camp MoiiHric John Buchanan 1 HUHW 101 Personal Sluggish Llyor, yi'ovk oft (lie, bilo (o rW yourself of cotistt- iwilon, ftas pains, nnd thnl. soiir punk fccllnj. '^iikc ono box of KIKHYS rm.s blioc Rcpariiiig OPEN (or business. Oldr'sl .shoc- mnckr In tlie county. Wiitn others foil,, try SI. Fix 'cm yep. 117 So R; R. St. ' , Simon P. Lee, Mgr. 2i)-|)k-4-26 niirlilK 1033, <m iill-tinio high record, Of 2,849,135 motor \6hicle Dairy _ _ •> > i, Call 455-VM foi orders o< s mU>, cream, or 6hu'ined, Gutter Aiilk. All cows government treaUd. H»l- sell's Dairy, ^ !2-pk-«-12 legislations were made In tyw Yoik ilatc There wa's a total of 3,983,554, licensed drivers, Tlic moon's orbit around , the c.ulli is grow Ins larger. room furnished apartment! Call 764. Simon Apartments", Main and Second. 9-ck-tE Ui'rge comfortable bedroom. Twin beds. 2 closets.. Men preferred. 10th and Chickasawba. Plioiie No. I, 1 Mis. Smlbiiry. 5-ck-tf 4 room furnished apa'rtinciif. 1011 W. Ash. Phone 445-W. - 3-ck-tI 2 room furnished apartment. Also bedrooms. 102 W. Davis. PIVoTie 385. 1-ck-tr 2 room furnished apartmeriU 108 W. Kentucky. Phon*G83. 30pk4-30 Comfortable front, b'edto'qm,. ptlt- '..sicle entrance; Phone 351, 515. W. Walnut. 1-ck-U Nice bedroom convenient .to, bath. Steam heat! Phone 280 l-ck : ti UnfinTiished apartment In Shane Apartment . Building on . West Main' Street,. Call 571 or 197. I-ck-tf Deluxe Ttuior' USED CAR LOT OPEN .EVEKl'NGS '& SllNl)Xl 5th' A Walnut Tlionc 1122 Business .State certified aiso pedigreed Stonc- ville 2B and 4B Cotton Seed, and DHL 11-A. Call treat with Ccrcsan. Stevcns-Coppcdgc Oin Co., phone •198-J, 331. 2-ck'-5-2 .Snih'll electric refrigerator,., good condition. Cheap, phone 114. 26-ck-tf RECOWTIONED TRUCKS & PICKUPS '37 Chev. Long W.B. Truck, Duals, 12 Ft. Stk. Body, Special $325 '37G.M.C. Cab& Chassis, Duals $319 '34 Chevrolet, L.W.B; Truck, Duals .. $149 '39; Chevrolet Pick-up Truck $445 '37 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck $317 FULLER BRUSHES SALES AND SERVICE J. THOS.iRENKRO. PHONE FOR SALE--TRAILER NHbcrs all-olpel lo'j trailer, vacuum to rates', lor' cftsli. ' Dr. A. L. BOYD Veterinarian 1123 Sycamnre^ZS* Feet East of .Division Day, Night Ph'ono itti.. Seeing i'.SHpcoveis', Nlrs. Smith & ..Mrs. Bla'ckvell, A'rniorel. Phone 936.' , ' . ' . 6-ck-5-0 Expert gun re'pairijig, Sen\E. M. Damon, at the Blytheville Armory on Wednrada'ys and Thursdays. HORIZONTAi. 1 ATchduko .pretender to Austrian- ftiuigarilh' throne. 5 Veranda. 10 His mother, former Empress i'l Idi'ptV 15 He has l.ived i ri ; ' mbst ..'of his life. I6Go<l of'love, 17 To p'ercli. 19 To slia'rt. 21 To' implore.. 46 To vex. 47 The Academy 50'Many reports '38 G.M.C. 3-4 Pick-up 23 Garden , ?!'. .— — ••>' 3 -=.--.^.--. Beauty $329 '37 Reo Pick-up Truck New Paint ............... $189 '37 Tcrraplanc Pick-up Truck ........................ $179 '36 G.M;C. Pick-up Truck ... .................... $159' '37 G.M.C. Panel ' Truck ........... ...... $289 '36 G.M.C. Panel Truck $169 Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Wan Op'(=n Nights & Sundays TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. l-'tonc €33 . 2-lTostlfp. lily, 27 Doctrine. 31 Satan-. 3.7 Greedy. . 34 Sudden fright.' 35 To tilt. .. circulated 7 about him. 53 Egg-sliaped. 54 Opposite of day. 55 Tissam silkworm. 36 Ruby spinel. 38 Snapping bcelle. • ^r; family. 40 A wo'rrf lellcr. 58 Salutation. HEJOUtffOIDS Wl<hbiit Surgery, and Guaranteed Faiiii Loaiis A very safe and harmless inctliod, wdlioul coiifliifincnt lo btd, of Hind from «oik uiid nitli vciy little dls- roinfoi (. All types of jiilcs, nv,ure6, fistulas, etc , treated by otir ofilcc Will liHrft. for (,'adlr, Corn, Large , or Small At law Inirmt Ifstn. Wo are eqiilpD«l to\ li or small lofl'n» en iSny lojs, y and I,uiiibCT. : J\Iinuo\vs lor S;ic SlltllCM.V. 1C 111), C'Oh- of farni luid, at low cost; aha it DR& NIF1S & NIBS 08 Room and Board Roo'm and board, low interest rite, TERRY ABSTRACT REALTY COMPANY Wnlnul St. Blvllievlllo, Ark Gotdfish. pay or night. Plionu 80o , O. c. Hawks. 300 B. Mnlri. 10-ck-B-10 Phone 931 lii-ck-5-10 38 CHEVROLET DcLuxc SCUSE ME, MA'AM, BUT UPTON'S GOES 50 MJCH FURTHER, IT SURE SAVES UM-UVi! 1 SURE DO OQ POR we TMTK OF LIPTON'S DAT'S IT, MA'AM. LIPTON'S 15 SO HJU OF FLAVOR, ^U NKO OS'CV A UviL TEA SPOCW FOH EAC CUP.AKJP NONE FOR TVle POT. MOBI FLAVOR ^iOd CAM USE LtMOFlt? VOUR BRlDSt: aiB GOT LIPTON'S TEA. I.SE6. I SET AW OLD 1WD '36 CHEVROtE "OUT OUR WAV— BOOTS ANIi HER BUDDIES RADE YOUR WAY No Hiirrii in Trying Putting 0\tr a Sales 'lalk BY FRED HARMAN BOTHER, Ros [ X' LU GET >T ^_ FDR.- Yob/ BUT.KEO—IIMS1ST QM RIDl^iG OUT QM SKULL. DESERT- RENVARD. William. C. BY Y, T. HAML1N YES, WE'RE IN, But IrlEVVE NVADfe Mo . MOVE TOWARD US,'...jTHI& VEHICLE PERHAPS THEY'RE' > IS'-STRANGE AFRAID.OF THIS CAR>V, SO IF .WE KEEP MOVIS16... LE&EMPARV CAPITAL C OF CLQ5lfto7HEG'iTE5 BEHINP.U5- RECTING TfJAFFIC .. TURN TO RIGHT/ IS, CAN WE GET - OUT AGAIN) z WASH TUBBS BY ROY CRANK FRECKLES AND JUS, 1'IUENDS JiY MERRILL BLOSSEK KNEW: n i faaur THAT IF=, 7 STgUCK YOU, YOUt> Ger cowfsot- OF. YOURSELF , SVl>/lA / WHATEVER HAPPENS Tb YOU WILL HAPPEN TO US---WE'RE IN Full vision glasses ; vi'ltlr, -yellow , gp)d .rinis^ RENVA Ross, 414 'E. Main; RGJYAL PftEf INDER VEJRTICAL 1 Relating to. 2 Lacerated. 3 To honk. 4 Genus of . swans'. 5 Flower leaf. 6 Draft Animal. 7in'acetofn. 8 To applaud, 9 DiSEentcr. 57 He is a . 10 Genus of member, of the ^grasses. once powerful 11 To'.annoy. 12 Pedal digit. its Bclieyci s in , a creed. 20'kiiccnd. 21 His — or forlunc has becfl confiscated :,(t>J.)'-. 22 Pertaining 16 tides. 25Punili/c. 28 Pernicious. 29 Pajm thitcli. 30'Verbal; .,, termination. 32 Front piece of a cap. .34 Upstarl. 36 Pai t-ot a . rosory. 37Dalsam'. 30 Wild ducks. 41 Kncircles. 42 Coupled. 43Forniol"t.". \5 Arabian tide. •i7Kava'. 4$ Heart covering. 19 Ovum. 51 Coin'. ' ft! Long inlet. 53 t'xclairinUon. 56 Common verb;

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