Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 31, 1939 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1939
Page 1
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BACK TO SCHOOL EDITION Bruce Catton Says: I'iii'inore Team With CIO In New York Milk Strike Continuing his Amciicmi tour. Cut ton brings the inside story of the New York milk -strike. UTiCA, N. Y. — Tlie significant Iliing about tlic rcccntly-entlccl milk, strike WIIM neither the violence tluint accompanied it nor lh« success whichMhe cm- battld fiidmcr.s .won. Those werc the things thata made the headlines; but the dcally important development was u little farther under the surface—the fact that this srike saw the American fanner work- inn hand in hand with the C. I. O. For a long time, lenders of the C. I. O. have realized that one of the biggest obstacles in their path wns the almost universal fear and distrust which the average farmer had for their organization. It hns been a reflection of this motion, as much as anything, which was responsible for the C. I. O.'s deverses this Hitler Crisis Is Conflict Between Diplomat, Zealot World Is Confused By The Swiftly Changing Moods Of Nazi Dictator HE IS A BROODER Fanatical At Times, But He Deals Calmly With Foreign Powers BY MILTON RKONNKIl NKA Service Staff Correspondent LONDON—"Two" men hold the key tii any inlernaliina! crisis in which Germany is involved. One i.s Adolph Hitler the .shrewd mid judicial diplomat. The other is Adolph Hitler the irrational and fiery /cnlot. By which personality dominates Ihe other, the issue of war or peace in Europe may be decided. Hitler's calm and measured audacity in his dealings with foreign nations, his brilliant flashes of improvisation in doplomacy, his warlike ways without getting inti war, all contrast .strongly with the erratic, willful manner he displays at other SESp^r^isss:"»: SrrSSrs^ ie wl nnrd ^ " ^'"^ '° I F " rmcrs ' Ulli °"' ;incl aflcr that P«U- II!«„, TII , r ,, cular bit t)f business was settled he IHUci I hirsts for Revenge madc Kcvc ,. al morc tri t this Ahcn.s.s h.,, f . , name for it, but m g io n, speaking befor a number ot _..„...„, m; is a brooder. The L farm meetings i^^'i^ss jys ^r-ss^ e^nJ It s n7 ,"" , T" 1 Bood llarl of thc suctcis ° f ^e strike people, u is not. merely soap box stuff. In the war he was a good soldier. Like many another young Teuton, be set forth for this "fresh and joyous war." as their phrase had it. For nearly four years they were winning the war. They had visions that Germany was going to he on lop uf '.he win-ill. iiotuy unbounded was going to come to thc Fatherland. Hated England and despised France were going to he crushed. America was going to pay Germany's war bill. Then, towards the end, Hitler was gassed and, for a lime, blinded. Thc war was lost overwhelmingly. Hitlci . . . last .session of congress, and nothing has seemed much more imporlanl to the C. I, O. high command than the eftort to find some way, somewhere, somehow, to make some sort of tie- up with a bona fide farm group. Thata finally happened in the New York milk strike. Part if lliant was due to Archie Wright, leader of the Dairy Farmer's Unios. Born on a farm and now a farmer himself, Wright roved far and wide in his younger clays, and for a long time carried a card in the Maritime Union. He was one farm leader who did not need to be "sold" in the C. I. O. T. W. U. "Loiuis" Strike Expert Another factor wns the appearance on the scene of capable William Gandall, hard-bitten representative of the Transport Worker's Union in New York City who was loaned to the Farmers' Union by the slate C. I. 0. authorities. Gandall, as it happens, got ac- qainled with the farmers some time before the -strike, when he came upstate to try to rally sentiment against a bill pending at Abany which would room, eyes bandaged, chest heaving—and brooded. Hate corroded his heart. Desire for revenge filled his mind. lie dreamed of a revived and potent Germany. (Continued on Pnge Six) England, Chairman Racing Body, Dies Scion of Family for Whom Town of England, Ark., Was Named ENGLAND, Ark—I/I'/—Ralph Englan<l, 57, chairman of the Stale Racing Commission, died suddenly of a heart attack at his home here Thursday. Member of a pioneer family for whom the town of England was nam- i'd, he also wa.s prc.sidcnt of the Cit- ixens Bank of England. His widow .survives him. Revenue Agent Is Slain At Helena Truck Driver Fires, Thinking Officers Are Hijackers HELKNA Ark.—M')—Herman Carvill, 41-year-ok| slate revenue agent, Wci.s- shot and killed in West Helena early Thursday aflei' he and other sliiie ngcnls hud forcibly stopped a truck described ;,s loaded with liquor lor dry Mixsiimippi. • The truck driver, who .said he was from CrccnwDix), Miss., wan lukcn into custody. He said he resisted officers in Ihe bfJiff Dial limy were- hijackers. CRANIUM CRACKERS True-False Qui/. Some of the staleniLMit.s follow- in ade true, some false. Indicate which each i.s, and tell why. 1. Barbirolli is u volcanic mountain in Italy. 2. The Uxbek i.s a Russian Soviet Republic. j. Selenium is a period of (iU years. 4. Cyprus is a tree found in Eurasian regions. 5. Jews have been driven out of Spain. 6. Enlenl Cordiale i.s ;i now cuck- tail drink. Answers on I'ajjL- T\vi> (Continued on Page Six) Johnson Winner For Mississippi - *?» Gets Democratic Nomination For Governor Over Mike Conner JACKSON, Miss.—(/T) — Assured of the governorship at last, after years of unsuccessful campaigning, Paul B. Johnson, 59, watched his Democratic primary 'majority pass thc 26,000 mark Wednesday to break a Mississippi record. Thc govcrnor-lo-be achieved his goal after two failures with a majority over Martin Sennctt (Mike) Conner that promised to rest at approximately 2G.500 votes, well above his plurity in the seven-man race in the first 'primary. With only 27 small precincts missing of l.GGO, thc unofficial vote Wednesday night was: Johnson 158,982 Conner .... 132,617 The final official vote was not expected to change these figures morc than a fraction. Mississippi's other nominees, who will be elected in November at the general election are: Wood, re-elected secretary Causey, elected state Walker of state. James M. auditor. Guy MeCullcn, re-elected land commissioner. The two district officials mmicd in yesterday's primary were: T. J. Lowry, state highway commissioner, Northern district. C. M. Morgan, public service commissioner, Southern district. The remainder of , Mississippi's 194044 state and district officials won their races in the first primary on August. 8. Budget Paint Plan Is Announced Here No Down-Payment Is Required By South Arkansas Implement Co. A budget plan for painting the lu,'nie, requiring no. down-payment, and with monthly payments as low as $5.75, is announced by South Arkansas Implement company. The Hope concern is featuring Pee Gee house paint, two coats of which, it is claimed, arc equal to three coats of average paint. Cheap paint blisters and cracks, requiring a house to be painted at an early date, but Pee Gee Mastic House Paint consists of two entirely different coats, according to South Arkansas Implement company. The first is an undercoat to seal the wood or old paint surface. The second is the topcoat, designed to give a brilliant finish and resist action of the sun. A Thought The seeds of our punishment are sown at hte same time we commit the fin.—Hesiod. Hope Star VOLUME 40—NUMBER 276 ARKANSAS—Mostly cloudy, (scattered thundershowers Thursday nif/htand Friday. HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 1939 WAR PARLEY •£ & •£ & •& •£ & •£ & -i PRICE Be COPY London Cuts Communication With Continent British Censor To Tap Wires Of AP LeadingTo U.S.A. Notice Given Associated Press By Government At Noon Thursday ITALIANS PREPARE Divide Army Into Two Commands—The Poles Claim Border Crossed LONDON-f/I')—All telegraphic and telephonic communications between London arid the European continent werc interrupted Thursday night. At the same time many normal lines of communications between London and the United Stales werc balled. The London office of the Associated Press was informed at 12:09 p.m (Hope time) that British censorship would begin within a few minutes to cut in on the wires carrying ils dispatches. What was happening to communications between various European countries was not known immediately (at least one channel, between Paris ajid New York, was open). Italians Organize ROME.Ilaly—</P)—Division of the Ilalian army into two parts, respectively commanded by Crown Prince Umbcrlo and Marshal Rodolt Graziana, was announced Thursday. No explanalion was given for the brief order. Foreign observers saw no reason for this unusual division of fortes unless U was in obodietjcc to some war plan known only to the high command. Border Is Crossed WARSAW, Poland —(/P> — Polish sodrres asserted Thursday night German patrols crossed the border into Polish territory at several points. They also asserted a German bomber flew over Polish Silesia and had been pdrsucd by Polish planes. Reports from Danzig said all rorn- inunications between the Free City and the Polish port of Gdynia had been cut. Formal Opening Of New Station Here A. M. Rettig To Operate New Station At Third And Walnut Formal opening of the Reltig 242 Service Station, Third and Walnut streets, will be held Friday, September 1. Workman have just completed remodeling and installing new equipment at an approximate cost of $3,600. The station will be managed by A. M. Retlig, who recently came here from Henderson, Texas, where he had been connected with the hardware and sporting goods business the past five years. He is a brother of B. L. Rettig of Hope. Part of the new equipment includes two Wayne electric computing gasoline pumps, one Tthel visible pump. The greasing department is also newly equipped. Mr. Rettig announced that the por- soncl of the station includes: Jimmy Cook, manager of the service department, John W. (Sonny) Pollard, salesman, Billy Joe Rettig, salesman, David Frith, greasing superintendent, Otha Fricrson, washing department. Mr. Rettig invites you t.o drive in and inspect "our new station which lias been planned, equipped and located for your motoring convenience. Here you will find a complete line of nationally known Cities Service products for your car—and friendly, helpful attendants to serve you." Cities Service products, including gasoline, oils, bonded Acme tires, tubes and batteries, and Cities Service specialties will be handled. Souvenir imprinted balloons, book matches, canned oil savings banks, and $10 in merchandise will be given away on opening day, Mr. Rettig announced. He invites the public to call at his new staliin, Third and Walnut. Musical Program At Crank's Schoolhouse The singing school at Crank's Schoolhouse will close Friday night with a musical program consisting of class singing, quartets and ducts. The program will begin at 8:15. The school, In progress the past 18 days, is under the direction of Homer D. Odoin. An Apple for the Teacher From a Late Young Man, as School Bells Ring Out at Spring Hill -O —Photos A. 11. Wusliburn, Miniature Speed Graphic For pictures to illustrate its Uack-tu-School Edition the Star went down to Spring- Hill where they hold school durum August and then recess during- September I 0 r the cotton season. These photos were staged with the help of Principal J. N. Davis and (he Spring- Hill faculty. Top Guy JJobo, 7. plays a story-role that will be all-too-real for a Jot of other small boys when Hempstead county schools open in September. For Guy is hours late getting to school. He brings an apple as a peace- offering to Teacher Natalie Hudson. Did he get away with it? BOTTOM The school bell rings and the young-sters march up the • steps to the school room. The teacher, Miss Lillie Jolmson, and the youngsters, the grade students of Spring Hill Primary School. Mobilization By The British Gives Germany Pause Berlin Insists, However, Negotiations Aren't Broken Off A RUSSIAN TRUMP? Hitler May Resort To Pressure By Russia Against Poland BERLIN, Germany .-^-Authorized Germans said Thursday night a "pause" had come about in the crisis over negotiations with Great Britain but the negotiations "are not broken off." .: Announcement of the full mobilization of the British fleet, coming on top of Poland's extension of mobilization Wednesday, these persons indicated, were at least partly responsible for the "pause." As a result, it was uncertain whether. the British questions, put to Hitler by the British government in a memorandum handed the fuehrer Wednesday night, would be answered. Hitler was reported ready to play his Russian truWp card in an effort to convince the Poles • they should come to Berlin and negotiate. The Russian councillor of the embassy called at the foreign office while hints spread that unless Poland bows to the pressure being put upon her Hitler intends to announce some degree of military co-operation, with, the Soviets. • v - ENGLANb MOBILIZES"'. LONDON, Eng. — (IP) — The British government Thursday ordered a complete mobilization of the navy and called up the remainder of the regular army reserve and the supplemen- (Continued on Page Six) Demand Pensions To War Veterans Ask Pensions Equal To Those Of Spanish-American War Veterans BOSTON—(/TV-Resolutions demanding that World war veterans receive pensions equivalent to those awarded Spanish American war veterans were adopted Thursday at the 40th annual convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. South American Is Reader Of Star Thomas Collins, Stationed At Venezuela, Is To Receive Paper Thomas Collins, former Spring Hill man, now stationed at Venezuela, South America, became a subscriber of The Star Thursday, enabling him to keep in touch with happenings here although he will receive the paper three weeks after publication date. Mr. Collins is employed by Gulf Oil company and has been stationed at Venezuela the past 18 months. He plans to return home next March. Mrs. Collins and their three sons are maintaining their residence- at Spring Hill. They have never been to South America, but once packed to make the trip when Mr. Collirj became ill. That was last February when lie suffered an attack of appendicitis. underwent an operation ;ind 'hen developed .pneumonia. As Mr*. Collins prepared to make the lap, jiew:. came that her husband was on 1ho road to recovery and the trip \va.» postponed. Mr. Collins is the son of -Mrs. K'.l Collins of Spring Hill. His address is as follows: Thomas Collins, Apartado 45. Barcelona via Guanta. ','<• San Tousi: Camp, Venezuela, South America. A letter usually reaches him about three weeks after it is mailed in Hope, Mrs. Collins said. Cotton NW ORLEANS—(/Pi—October cotton opened Thursday at 8.47 and closed at 8.48. Spot cotton closed steady and five points up, middling 8.83.

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