Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 30, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO HOPS STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, Angus!. Sb,__ Hope S Star Star of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. Con»lU»»« January 18. «• 0 Justice, Deliver Tfty HeraW From f ote« Report! Published every week-day afternoon uy Star PabHshlng Co., toe. C, B. Palmer & Alex, H. Washburn, at The Star building, Z12-Z14 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Pntrllshei (AP) —Means .Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Eneterprise Aas'n. Snlwcitption Bate (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per w««k ISc: per mouth 65c; one year $6.50. By mail, in Hempstead. Nevada. Howard, M1H«* and LaFayette counties. $3.50 per year; elsewhere |6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated rress is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of alt news dispatches credited to It dr not Otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be made tor an tributes, cards ol thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy In the news columns to protect.their readers from a ieluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the lafe-keeping or return of any Vinselicited manuscripts. _ _ "Why Kill Each Oth British Labor Asks The shame of Hit- world is comuressetl within the appenl made recently by the British National Council of Labor to the German people tinder the poignant heading "Why Kill Each Other?" ' "Neither you nor we." ran part of the appeal, "must submit to the belief that war is inevitable. The mind and will of man must assert themselves. You "Germans, we British, and all other peoples must determine to be the masters and not the slaves of our fate. We must not suffer the indignity and sorrow of drifting into a catastrophic war." There follows a long indictment or the German leadership tor ils war- thieatenlng policies, and an assurance that alliances being undertaken are made necessary by defense, not contrived to encircle Germany. "We are your friends," resumes the appeal. "Wat-, in fact, threatens vou not from outside but from inside your own country, and the responsibility for that threat belongs to Herr Hitler and his government. Herr TWler is encircling himself—and you. And it is all so foolish, so wicked, ^0 futile:" The appea' continued with an invitation to Germany, instead of being rneireled. to join the circle itself with a world-wide combination of nations. It closed: "Let the governments of all lands know that the peoples have no wish' to slaughter each other but to live together in peace and friendship." This appeal, of course, was not published in the German papers. The only reference to it was sneering comments to the effect that such efforts to wean the German people away from their leader would not succeed. The British labor council is on the right track, though its 'message may not be immediately effective. For the root of the evils of international affairs is not yet touched. Even i£ some temporary compromise averts the menace j of Danzig, we must dig deeper. When Germany began its revolt against Versailles, it had grievances. many of them welt-founded. The League of Nations existed then, but what chance was there for a real redress of vital economic grievances before a \ League dominated wholly by "have" powers interested not in a better balanced world, but in the status quo? Very little. So it is now as it was in 1914. The major blame for a war will rest on httK who first draws a sword. But not all blame. The blame for failure to establish a civilized world order must fall in varying degree* on ail countries and on all peoples. • THE FAMILY DOCTOR? T. M. neo. u. 9, PAT. OP* ' By DR. MORRIS FISHBEES Cdltor, Journal of the American Medical Aswdi Hrgels, the Health Magnzin* Rlack Widow's Bit iVot~pTtal; Treat U With Hoat, Antiseptics This is the lime of the ypar when we hear occasionally that .someone has been bitten by the "Black Widow," iy to come in contact with th insects. A nuui bitten by a spider of this variety had almost immediately severe abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. with muscular cramps in both arms. and legs. Numbemess. tingling, ami transient pains in the muscles per- sistt-d in tho legs and arms for some months thereafter. Of all uf the hundreds of species o| spiders found in tin- United .States. ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER •he Black Widow is tho only one thota is apt to produce a severe reaction of this type. The fe-miile is usually uuirUtHl red or yellow, or both colors. the insible I fur biting liuinnn beings. Tills spider '''• t'ti'ii uno-hnlf inch in length, and the spider which most frequently nips, . , , . human bein*. in the United States, i ; Vs "' ""' ''""P. of " "»«-•*. Persons in'rural areas are most like-I r "" 1ll <'. ls V" Ul '" y ^ °" e I? s .' )onsi Daviil ions mi C.i Ko«. All f One when it stretches its glossy black le(?S it nmy measure ns long ns two inch- (?S, Usually the spot nt which the person i.s bitten is not seriously inflammed, u (though in some instances there is secondary infection with inflammation. Apparently 'he spicier tioes not eject its posion every time that it biles, since many instances are recorded in which people bitten by the Black Widow have not suffered. While people generally have severe reaction mul pnln associated with a bite by a spUler, there ure us yet no deaths reported from an uncomplicated bile by a spider of the Black Widow variety. Very rarely in the United States are people bitten by the dangerous spiders which lire found in South America, such as the tarnntuln, Ihe trap-door spicier, or other large hniry spiders. When a person has been bitten by n spider, it is well to use hot applications immediately. H may be necessary for H doctor to inject sedatives of various kinds to <|uirt the patient, since thp nervous apprehension is frequently as much responsible for the patient's trouble as the bile itself. Sometimes it is desirable to apply simple antiseptics. Nothing seems to be giimed by cutting into the place where the bita occurred, by cauterizing it with heat, or trying tu suck out the poision which the spider has injected. President Roosevelt's moving up of Tliatih.stiiviiiK fjive.s you just one week more to delay doing your Christmas •shoppint! early. BARBS "If winter comes, far behind?" Well, can spring b miiyhe unless President Roosevelt decides to movr it ahead. The Australian who landed a 11)01)- pouiul shark with n rod and line didn't bother to mention the citif lliiil got away. Agriculture, moans a fnnn maKa/iiu 1 . cminot continue to he tile nation'.-, shock absorber. We alwnys thought I he taxpayer was. Europe worries because she has 8.500,0001) men under arms. We csm be thankful the worst we have under arms over here i.s perspiration. 're trying to curb Kansas jill- with a 0:30 curfew. Amcrii-an I..r;iRHP pilcln'iv; havo br'cn trying to "lop Joe DiM:i|',Ri». Ion. Here Goes Another United Slate:? Market A1KKS. ;m<l ;i na--r<"H I (tai'iti. ni;ni'il,i( 11 illl.', "Ut ''Urrr <- f:ii:('S loi - .tin" river ;ii;d origin u- iin; (hiM 1 10:1 in" Arnriitine cam- ( iri-i-. Ill-re lire tnrn- ini ibilc.s. aeropliines, craft inid factories, •ills iiranU'd by the ch is itself | Argentine y.ovri niiiciil • ;i buviT of 'I" 1 miii.'hinrs. Plans me lirinit ;.ti|.li'->l f"f llic manufacture <>(' atMi.'iniil.-ili-• al j in'.' which would I ,_, le.-s a thud .4 ib'^e of imported HAiA>~UAF)S.' OVERWHELMED/ PBALLY 1 AM A BIT RUSTY" AT POKER, AMD X TRUST VOU WILL. B iMDULG&MT IF VOU FIMD ME A CRUDE: PTO MY EARS Lwrew OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE "A\ft3OR HOOPLA MR. ' MR. STETSOU AUD /VSR. PlSK—-A GROUP OF FINANCIERS "FROM FUGITIVES PROAA-THS HEAT OP THE CITY, 1 WOPE VOU RASCALS WOUT FORGET THAT "THE MAJOR PLAVS A^CPE TPCR AMUSEMSUT THAW MOWEV, EH, MA3OR 1 ? AM £3 SHALt- W£ MAKE IT , COLLAR LIMIT :.! e>; i. '1 rm.';is:seru>, a tuiarrrl words refer to books. 1!. Vernuuit. H is nut oi'iginu) 13 .sunt'.s. •I. CIO. Othfi-s ar,. ageni'ie.s. &. Revivification i-fft'is uthor term;; to dfatb. OUT OUR WAY BY J. R- WILLIAMS Dili Wanted WANTED — Used ViiUin- & son farm piinin engini*. T O. I Hope Route Tv/u '.»•',}', N<Ltice • "Ths More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • • You Can Talk to Only One Man • Wtoit Ads Talk to Thousands SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP, •All Want Acts cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One time—2c word, minimum 30c Three times—3V4c word, minimum KG Six tiroes—€c word, minimum 90c One month—18c word, minimum |2.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only. GOOD ROUTK AVAILABLE of Sou' Rawleigh Consumers. No experience needed. Sales way up this year. Large sales mean big piofits. Ponnanuiit. I Full time. Write Rawleigh's, Dept j AKH-U8-104. Memphis, Tenn. i VOU KMOVJF 1 HAP A MOT TIP OW A UA(3 TODAY, BROTHER, AKJ' TLL "TRADE IT 7O VUH RIGHT WOW PER? OME EMPTV CAXJ OF BUMIOKl SALVE f THOSE FURRIUERS IS PRETTY 01LV GUVS To DEAL, WIT', AWT THEV, DOC? MA3OR /MEAMS HE SWAPS STUFF WITH SURDPEEKIS, LIKE HORSBS FOR, ' THAT'S HlS IDEA OF SOME.THIM' FUMMV, USlMG UP MY LIPSTICK TO PAIUT IMSULTIWG PICTURED ON) THIS AMRROa—ANYTHIW& TO /VVAK.E A SAP OUT OF ME/ TELL. ME, ARE ^U <30MMA LE.T TH/CT UTTLE 5MIP GET AWAY WtTH THIS STUFF TH' REST OF _ HIS LIFE? J DOMT TP.V TO KINK!. ME. IsJ OM THIS--RBMEA1BEC. LA'jT MIGHT WHPM YOU PUT THE WM.MUT SHELLS IM HIS S-HOE.-~-> v WELL, TH I '3 .•3KOL.ILD JUST ABOUT :-five. VOLI TWO A.KI i. \ I'M :J!:oRt r , *-.&•• Advertising in the Hope Star has sold i over 48 pans, but we still have some j left. If you are still raising cane call j Halliburton Sheet Metal Works, We! have 'em any size. Also gin parts j made to your deminiiions. 23-tir i Fov Rent BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES .::.- i A \" - -r—J li Much Excitement FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. I close in. See T. S. Cornelius at Hope ; Furniture Co., store. 30-3t-c j FOR RENT —5 room unfumished duplex apartment. 2 bed rooms. Call 6T. Mrs. Rettig. 3(K3t-p FOR RENT — 'J rotrtrt furnished apartment with private bath. 203 East Ave. C. 29-3tc HISS PUG, By EDGAR MARTIN ,-r^! ,'AO •..\WI-Y, '.U: ! -.-. f r-- ' I • .-i ViV^O^j \'\ fWCH't " Rl\'0 . ..' ^W;-;*^ •'-••5i^ ALLEY OOP Oop Throws a Curve By V. T. I JAM LIN FOR 3-room RENT — Nicely furnished apartment to couple only For Sale FOR SALE—200 Purina fed broilers 2 pounds and up. Call or see R. E. Griffin, 817 W. Ave. C. Tel. 25 or 69. 30-3t-D E'OR SALE — Four-door Chevrolet deluxe automobile, new rubber, A-i condition, bargain for S2GO. Riley Lewallen, Hope Route Two. 30-31-c Announcement NOTICE - Mrs. R. A. Boyett's Studio opens September 1. Piano, voice, drawing, painting. 608 South Main street, telephone 318-W. 25-6tp. THE SHIPLEY STUDIO will continue making 8x10 size pictures for Sl.no this week only. 28-3t-c AUSTRALIAN ANIMAL HOBIZONTAI, 1 Leaping , Austrazian " mammal. 3 It feeds on ' 12 Heart. 13 To present itself. 15 To discern. ,16 Tiny skin I opening. itfA hair. •18 Skillets. j20 Measures?. •22 Organ of sight 123 Hidden. ,24 Marine mammal. i26 Ketch. •11 Anesthetics. '30 To drive in. 33 Eggs of fishes, 3-j Distinctive theory. 3; Dove's call. ; 2G Wild. 28 Trappings. 39 Botch. 41 Jumps. Answer to Previous Puzzle 44 Loiters. 47 River. 48 To make an' oration. 52 Pasture. 53 Terminations. 54 Relating to man, 55 Helmet decoration. 57 Molars. 53 u is , of carries its young m a pouch. VERTICAL 2 Acidity. 3 Giantess of fate. 4 To lubricate. 5 Knock. 6 Bay window. 7 Unctuous. S Footlike part 9 Appearance. 10 Adjacent. 11 To care for. 14 Brings legal proceedings. 16 Its hind leg* are oc i strong, .j ,£• 19 u or ' props itself on its tail. 21 Crystalline substances. 23 Jumbled typal 25 Onagers. 28 Pedal digit.' ' 29 Pronoun. 31 Expert flyer. 32Ratite bird. 37 Tribute 38 Horses' gait. 40 To thrum. . 42 Eagle. ,"-: 43 Officer's ' ^ helper. ''t' 45 Pertaining .*! to air. j'. 46 Festival. f.;. 48 Sound of 4j(' pleasure, y' 49 Wine cup. ', 50 Paying liquid) 51 Being. 53 And. 56 Ell. Bills paid. Call 435 or 43-R. 25-3tp| FOR RENT — Three room modern apartment, south exposure. Call Mrs. J. H. Bennett, 110 North Washington, Phone 669-J. 28-3c AJAX DISLIKES OOP'S SPEAR HAMPLIMG, AMD OOP WOW'T FIGHT UMLES5. HIDES BEH1MD HIS SHIELD.' FOH RENT—Apartment, 1802 Soutii Main Street, near High School. 28-3t-Pd Service* Offered SERVICES OFFERED—See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, for new and re-built. Phone Paul Cobb 658-J. July2G-l m WHY DID STOP PIGHTIM&? ALL RIGHT, CLOVS/WiYW -' ' (3'WAJO AMD THROW ) ^V_ IT, SO'S WE CAW GIT \ N, WITH OUR. SWORDS.'j ••——-. -- "^ aiiAY, PAL, . HEUE rr I COMES/ V <r" V, SPECIAL—UrUil September IClh— I0'-c off on all Permanent Waves. Vanity Beauty Salon. Phone 39. SO-tit-p f f I'D LIKE T'SEE YOU THY ) \ T'DODGE THIS.' _, —^ WASH TUBES His Suspicions Were Correct i n \ By ROY CRANE SERVICES OFFERED-Experl Radio fiep;,i/- Service ;,ntl ri-jjlacemeiil parts. All \vork guaranteed. Hndio .Service. Pli,,iu- HOU. Ray Alli-n. BEAUTV Ciri/rUHK-.-Tln- Kasun Ci tiers this ;.[>0tiiil pi'il'l.' for limitt'lli lime. A nuw location with now equip-j rntnl. Con'ipleli' totu.^ 1 with privntc.'! lessons 5;i;i.l)il ua.-.li. Positions si-cured. | Free liliMOtun 1 . Terms. Ko!:.'tti Suliool I ul Cosmelolo^y. Olfi Main, Fine Bluff. Any. L"J-Hcpt. fj-i:; If you should die tonight will your family he adequately protected. TALBOT FEHLO, Sr. District Manager K*liunce Lift- Insoiamv Co. Life, Health und Accident Box 41, Hope, Arkansas. HOORA.VJTHE H1PP*-HUU* BEMJTV SECRET- IT'S OURS! WE'RE RICH! I SOT THE » FORMULA ANP A QUART OF STUPF.' HMMIFORMUI.A FROPRfETOR-iCAUS FOR. OIL OF ORCHID. 6. RARE CLAVS, AND 11 TROPICAL HERBS. OKAV.TELL TO MIX US -$1,000 WORTH MORE THE X PA1P $1O,OOO, FOR IT HOT DOG! EASY MONEY IWY KLIM, TURNIP >. GREENS, AND MUD. HA! I KNEW HE 1 WAO A PI;ONEy' / FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Girl He Left Behind! By MERRILL BLOSSER FUZZ.T. is YOUP. IMASIMATIOW RUNNING AWAY WITH TtlU •? WELL SHE'S GOING To ! FUZZY DAVIS HEARD THEM MAKING THEIR PLANS / JCF IT S, JUNG AND SPEtD ARES RUNNING WITH ii / COMB OM, FUZZY OUT WITH IT / WHAT DID US SAY AND WHAT DID SHE SAY? WHAT JUNE SWD- SHE JUST CAN'T MARRY THAT GUY / •> I* SHALL. WE TEU- FATHER? ND SPEED / ( SAID -"NOT ( f UNTIL THE PARSONJ UNITES SHE, LOVED HIM/ Beauty! New Styles and Covers The Ambush By FRJED HARMAN .' 6uT v.:.i'..o >i' : ."t_ Ttuu"^ " X CD.^E '.N G\6^i --- ( EPU -W£.rA CiOTW.' ! i RED RYDER CAM VOU SEE >W Qf (?E/D SIGHT 1 HAVE GOOU BEM3 ON •'-'p-'O RVD&R r^,£M-Oe.-Z GA^VOPS OF -we. VALLEY... CUHK. 1919 BY NFA StHVlCC. INC. I Id HLO U :, I-A I L>l I "i- V F -. j - -» '• • i • 3 li I Hope Hardware Company *

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