Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 4, 1936 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1936
Page 11
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wo enter them no more ter tenrs Boat hard against them, and we hear the chime though bit- At memory's opening. The mantle that fell from the mist ' year. ; Embroidered with joys and tears. "Which 'iir friends when you re m a jom-pltv or faith? H< ' ' ' ' ' the dc John P. Cox lender, will meet Monday afternoon nt ihe home of Mrs. Ernest O'Neill, on South Hervcy street. Little Miss Mnry Ann Atchinson of Mabel, Okln., underwent mi operation at the Julia Saturday morning. Chester hospital Circle Number 4 of the Ladies Missionary society of Ihe Kirs! Melh- Baseball Doesn't Want Ruth, So He 6oes to Camp "on Own" RonaldToIman in Tale of 2 Cities' How very kind it would be to let "<"*t church with Mrs. D. B. Thornp- hi Lindberghs enjoy the privacy they sen n<; lender will meet at 2:.'!0 Mon- isirc. Let's | n lk about the war, the dn.Y afternoon at the home of Miss the wi'iither, the beginning ; "i me 74th congress, ami all of Its | tangles to untangle, prohibition and »>ul *« ' ' ° "" Yanks Quit Him, He Didn't Quit Yanks—Rut the Babe!^ lizabeth A11 a"-His Leading Lady in Charles Dickens' Famous Story Truly magnificent in its spectacular Mamie Briant. Associate hostesses are Mrs. A. M. Sanders and Mrs. T R. Billlnfzslcy. Is Well Off, WorthJ^ Million Dollars This If Ihe ffrsi of four articles oti Rnhc Ruth, the man imsrlialf forirot. By HARRY ORAYSON Spirts Editor, NEA Sen-Ice NEW YORK.—Baseball no longer wants George Herman Ruth, but cilv. every With Which bftnlshcd doubts nnd fears. 'Twrw woven with youthful ambition wool, And the harp of Hope's golden hue; 'Tw,v bound by life's powerful friendship ties, And lined with thoughts—kind and— true. W<« smoothed from its folds wrinkled crease Of worry nnd dull despair, And mowed It with those of the yes- j Mti«oliui tcr year In memory's chest so fair. And at; there was born a New Year to visits coming We gladly hailed Anil will weave it a mantle of texture rare Worthwhile in it.s each detail. --Sclel-U-d. moving pictures ! mid now hopes of perfecting tele- to ex- Who says the movies arc not marcb- rapidly to a higher Ko»l? Just think ol set-inn Charles Dickens, "Tale of Two Cities.'' In one s own small Like Ranquo'.s Ghost that would not he downed, my deepest impression of the week keeps bobbing up-I would not wish the nettle rash on even- Jack McCiibc who spent the Christmas vacation with his mother. Mrs. E. J. McCabi- left Saturday for Fayetteville where he will resume hi.s studios at the University of Arkansas, Miss Rhnina Fontaine has returned KE35/ CHURCHES OUR LADY OF GOOD HOPE Fi-asl of Hie IMosI Holy Nome, Jesus. 8:00— Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Discourse: "Power of the Holy Name" 9:004:00- -Catcchctical Instruct inns. •Study "Our Sunday Visitor." Yes, the above poem may smack of lesolutions- why not? We bold that /each human impulse fm tin- gond. no Afcrmitter how .short-lived it niay be. SE-hns It.s influence. Make resolutions while you an- young, and whon you get older, you will suddenly dlsc-iver thai ihey have become part of you. and HIT not .«.» hiird to keep, but just little measuring rods to live by day by day—and fin- nlly drift into what we call habit mid on as a part of one's characteristics. As far back as 1 can remember there were such things as New Year resolutions. It seems to me that I have been hammering on one; it didn't make Irrmi a holiday visit with relatives and Iriinds in Little Rock mid Clarksvllle Ark. Mum Nancy Woodford has relumed to her homo in Little Rock after n holiday visit with her aunties, Misses Marie ml Nannie Purkins. o—— Mr. and Mrs. Earl Harrison and daughter. Mary Elizabeth, are spending (he week end with relatives and friends in Becbe. Mr. ,-mil Mrs. Joe Yocom of Texar- luma were recent guests of Mrs. Yocom's sister. Mrs. M. M. McClougli- and Mr. McCloughan. 5:00-Benediction with the Most Blessed Sacrament mid Litany of the Most Holy Name. Monday. Feast, of the Three Wise Men, called Epiphany Day. Holy Mass at 6:30. FIRST BAPTIST The fullowinp correction is herein called to tin: attention of the congre- Ralioii and friends of the First. Baptist church. Instead of the pastor preaching at the evening service this church is to hnve the privilege of hearing the Rev. Daniel Rosoff. distinguished Baptist evangelist, us he and hi.s father bring u message in sermon and SOUP. The pastor is anxious that (he greatest possible number «,f the membership and friends of the First Baptist chnrch hear this remarkable preacher and to hear the music of the father in thi.s service. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Guy D. licit, Pastor As tomorrow will be the first Sunday of the New Year, we are very anxious to have everyone .start it off right religiously by making this year a church going year. George Herman Ruth wants baseball, so suit-line;, for the first time in 23 years. . The more you think of it, the slrane-<2 cr It seems lhat baseball denies a place to Ruth, the man who did more for it than any other individual. Hulh's proudest, posse.sison is nn original of a cartoon drawn while his | mighty bat was making Ihe public i forget the Dlack Sox unpleasantness i of 1919 and 1920. It depicts the .sunshine nf the Babe brilliance and honesty dispelling the bl.-iclt cloud that enshrouded the game following the Chicago scandal. It hangs with many other mementos of the old home- run king';; remarkable career in (he d onof his magnificent 14-room npiirlment overlooking Grant's Tomb and the Hudson. Ruth points to it, and says: "Baseball owners are a forgetful lot." There is no real bitterness in Ruth's heart. Babe was keenly disappointed at. being unable to land a managerial appointment. The Bam rightfully felt thnl he was entitled to the opportunity. Col. Jacob Rupert placed Bob Shnwkey at the hclf of the Yankees, yd refused the man who made possible the erection of the tremendous Yakee Stadium the same chance. •'s headin' south to sit on Ihe Jews Hold Service Here By Rodney Dutcher 'Continued from page one) sweep, yet absorbing in its delightful ! P rwhl c[ion and assembly-line work- intimacy. "A Tale of Two Cities," star- er ,?, rat) ' or .'ban skilled craftsmen. vi >MT n,.« n i.i n.. i.... ^ .. C*3rt'v_ f i rtv» (« 4 u*. «.-.,ui^ „ n _ Ruth Says Yanks Quit Him Ruth asserts that the Yankees quit him. and that it was not a case of his quilting the Yankees when he made the mistake of going to the Boston Braves last, spring. Colonel Ruppcrt paid Ruth $35.000 in ID.'M. after which the daddy of all long distance hitters agreed that his .spindly legs could no longer carry his huge body through regular assignments. During the world series thai fall. Babe announced that it was a pilot's position or nothing in 1935. but practically everybody suspected that would remain with the outfit he its moment of deep anguish, einbar- r.i&ving complications, unhnppincss to a degree, I .still think my yearly resolution ban helped a lot. and I have learned that pity cither from ones self or one's friends doesn't take one away ( from his troubles, but drives him deeper into it, and we still cling to our sorrows nnd unhappiness but by remembering our resolution, even momentarily, we turn about face, and learn that the main thing to do with sorrow or misfortune, is to get over it, and that we will never do by indulging in .self-pity, or expecting it from our friends. Stop being sorry, For All Kinds of INSURANCE See Roy Anderson nnd Company COMMON OLD ITCH Is Still With Us Prescription No 200,000 will cure it. It kills the parasites in the skin. 50c JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The, REXALL Store" Phone B.1 Hope, Ark. Established 1885 - — home cf Mrs. Kennolh Hamilton 119 South Washington street, with Mrs. Byron Andres as joint hostess. All the young met hers of the church are cordially in vitcd (o meet with this circle. Miss Jewell Mae Harrison has returned to Arkansas State Teachers College in Conway after a Christmas vacation with her parents, Mr. and 1 Mrs. Earl Harrison. The Woman's Missionary Society of the First Christian Church will meet. Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. E. G. Coop, with Mrs. Forest Cox as joint hostess and Mrs. Harry Phipps as leader. o Friends will be glad to know lhat the- condition of Mrs. Checl Hall who underwent a major operation at the Julia Chester hospital on Friday is reported as being satisfactory to the attending physician. Mrs. Brents McPherson and little daughter have returned to their home in Little Rock after a holiday visit with Mrs. McPherson's parents, Dr. and Mrs. Don Smith. The condition of Miss Evelyn Bell, one of the nurses at the Julia Chester sermon subject. "A. D." Christian Endeavor at 6:45 p. m. in the church bungalow. Official Board meeting at 2 p. m. Sunday. Mid-week prayer service Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.. and W. M. S. meeting Monday afternoon nt the home of Mrs. E. G. Coop. We extend a hearty invitation of welcome to one and all to come and be with us in our services. Victims' Amazing (Continued from page one) » major op- reported as hospital who underwent oration on Wednesday is being improved. o Circle No. 3 of the W. M. S.. Firsl commission basi.", going around to farm communities and holding meetings (o drum up interest. The stories told at such meetings and by some of the solicitors would curl your hair. Wide-eyed Wisconsin prospects'wore told that debts owed Ihe Drake estate in GG countries in the world, with 300 year.';' compound interest, were really the cause of the depression whon the Drake estate began to call in the debts! That all the gold and silver in the world really belongs to the estate, which is why the United States began calling in both, and why England left the gold standard! That President Roosevelt, when falsely represented by the newspr Methodist church meet at i.'('lock Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. G. Allison, West avenue Mrs. L. W. Young as joint B with hostess. No. 1 of the W. M. S. Mrs. Notice 3 Shows Only Across tin.' motion picture firmament flames a mighty screen drama—an epic of tremendous sweep and emotional appeal— (•limaxotl by one of the most thrilling love stories of all time! Penned by the master, Charles Dickens, out of the heart of humanity ... it conies to life on Ihe screen a I the— SHORTS IMlihlcal and News SUNDAY 2 & 9 p. m. MONDAY at 8 p.m papers as being on a fishing trip, had really gone to England to settle the estate! Link Hoover In Case They were told, loo, that if Hoover had been re-elected the estate would alreadyhave been distributed, but that long procedure had to be gone through with to explain it all to the new Roosevelt administration! That Hart/.ell is not really in jail, but is simply waiting to release a so- j erel understanding with the Bank of j England which will start the golden flood pouring across the prairies! No tale is loo wild to he believed in j the communities where the Drake estate has become practically a cult. One minister testified of the estate story that the people of his community "ale- il. slept it. and drank it." j One inmate of an Iowa poorlinuse j secured HO-cent contributions from hi.s j fellows. n i An Illinois woman wrote 1 that she j had a teapot of Drake's great-grand[ father, and when cuulcl she get her money'.' Another went so far as to query the[ Bank of England. On getting a reply that the Drake estate had long ago been settled, he simply rcpe-ali-il his : plaintive query, "What steps do I take j to get my money?" Hope Hcyoncl Belief One Nebraska farmer was so sm-e I made a vice president. "The fact that I accepted $10.000 less* from Judge Emil Fuchs is evidence of my willingness to stand a cut by the Yankees," explains the Bam. "I had good reason to believe that I would not be offered a contract." Ruth left one of the wealthiest or- gani/.auons in the business for a broken outfit, and again was disapointed. But he is the type that gets over disappointments. "Baseball's all right." he laughs. "It's the owners in it." Yankees Still Babe's Club Ruth still regards the Yankees as hi.s ball club. And he's going to St. 1 Petersburg, where he oiled up the most potent swing in the annals of" r0 f Little Rock the sport each spring since he joined the Yankees 17 years ago. ,.„ Albert and Daniel Rosoff at First Baptist Church Sunday Night Albert and Daniel Mosoff, Jewish father and son, recognierl by lenders of the Southern Baptist Convention »K the greatest Jewish Evangelists in America will be heard in a short series of .services in Hope for the fir.st time. These men have appeared in over 400 churches of their own denomination, and among til indorsees of their work can bo found the names of .such men as Dr. George W. Truetl, of Dallas. Texas. Dr. Lee Scarborough. Pres. :if Southwestern Seminary at Fort Worth. Texas; Dr. M. E. Dodd, former president of the Sotuhern Baptist convention, and Dr. E. Y. Mullins, former president of (he Baptist World Alliance, Rev. Wallace R. Rogers announces that the Rosoffs will preach at First Baptist. Church Sunday night, and will brim; a special musical program. The Rev. B. Webb has invited these men t:> preach for him at the Hope Gospel Tabernacle Sunday morning. Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at 7:30 the Rosoffs | will continue in special services at the city hall auditorium. World problems a.s seen through the eyes of a Christian Jew will be discussed at the auditorium, and the church going public of Hope and vicinity regardless of denominational affiliation will be given the opportun- cf hearing these men, who have broken attendance records in prac- ically every church in which hey have appeared. Alber Rosoff the father. G6 years of nqc, has appeared on the concert ma J cst >'- '•ing Ronald Colrnan comes to Ihe Saenger for 3 shows only, Sunday at 2 and 9 p. m. and Monday night at 8 p. m. It takes its place among the immortal works of the screen, entertainment which cannot be praised too highly. and Mrs. C. T. Dotr,on. ,,. Miss Maggfe Leslie of Magnolia 1**. spending this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Leslie. , Mr. and Mrs Harvey Coffman Mu|children of Smackover were the gUesta of relatives here this week. Othel Dotson of Longview wen* the ._ t guests of his parent?, Mr. and Mrs. any larger percentage of ra-; C. T. Dotson Christmas day. clio and refrigerator employes. The infant son of Mr. and Mis" these are now pretty much mass- Luther Jackson was buried Monday at the Murlc cemetery. We wigtt to express r-ur deepest sympathy to the bereaved family. . c ... . - - *- U u, u ,ij Mr. and Mrs. James T. Dolsoti and in Pittsburgh, wails for action. He children of Nashville were guests of "I*",./?! :? Kl ,"~ <* els ? ! " Bu * it's Mi. and Mrs. C. T. Dotson Christmas day. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Moses Carey, firm in the saddle after recent convention of his organization! always in the background. Which is ' ' ' Fed . eratlons ox- CB*il] were guests of relatives ctivcm.! • T . - ecutiye council in Miami next month Wednesday. is goinfi to be one of the hottest that £?* heltl for manv a ton* year The whole Lewis move for industrialization must be considered, with the booming voice of Lewis conspicuously absent. Belton "I'm going to fish, golf, park myself on those green benches with the rest of the old folks, and watch the Yankees and Braves," declares Babe, Everybody is more excited about what Ruth is going to do than the Bam himself. Ruth is the least-worried unemployed man in America, anc) why shouldn't he be? Ruth, with hi.s happy family around him. is worth $500,000. practically all of which is tied up in annuities. Babe earned a million in baseball salaries alone, not to mention the by-products. The annuities make it possible for him (o live like an imperial potentate, which he does. Royalties on wearing pparel and whatnot, broadcasts, and writings bring in handsome returns. The English want him to teach base- jail over there, and he has a similar offcl% from Japan. He can open a cafe It is a photoplay that no plan, woman or child can afford to miss. Ronald Colman's fans will find him at his best. He never has had a role which gave him such opportunity for he quiet humor, the high drama and he poignancy he expresses so well. As Sydney Carton, whimiscal. sar- lonic. brilliant wastrel, he reaches the peak of his artistic career. The story of "A Tale of Two Cities" is intimately known to millions of readers. It tells of the joys and sorrows, the adventures and the trials of a little group of people. English and French, who arc caught in the maelstrom of the French Revolution of 1789. Specificaly, it tells of the strange love of Carton and Lucie Manette played by Elizabeth Allan—a love that was doomed to frustration in life, yet which transcends death in its sublime platfor maud in Grand Opera with the greatest voice in the world, and for 14 years the elder Rosoff was head of the vocal department of the , Michigan Conservatory of Music in JDetroit, Mich. He will be heard glor- Jfying Christ in song at each service. Daniel Rosoff, the son, brings to the pulpit a dynamic personality, that combines elloqucnce, wit, pathos, and a legally trained mind, together with a cultured Jewish background that holds the congregation from the first to the last word. The Baptist ministers in' a recent meeting and tickets can now be gotten at the Barlow Hotel. All services begin at 7:30 at the auditorium and the public is cordially invited. Mr. and Mrs. Voner Daniel and children of Smnckover visited relatives here this week. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wheeliss of Handford. Calif., arc the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Dotson. Hcmor Harris of Magnolia spent the holidays with his mother, Mrs, H. Harris. Miss Mattic Leslie and three nieces of DeQuecn are the holiday guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Leslie Jess Tinslcy and Miss Avonna Cline. both of McCaskill were united in i marriage by C. T. Dotson at his home ' Saturday night. j Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Bass and little ton, Jimmie. of Sudan, Texas, are the guests of Mrs. Bass' grandparents. Mr. Greetings 1936 May Your New Year Be a HAPPY ONE THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. P. Holland Fried Chicken Roast Goose For Your SUNDAY DINNER Deliriously Prepared and Properly Served DIAMOND CAFE Sii the Hotel Henry Start the New Year RIGHT By getting these Special Sick Room Values at Cox's $|.00 25c $1.00 Sterno Vaporizer for the Croup. Complete with can of Sterno and Stove Albatum—the stainless white salve for colds and sore chests. Large Size Jar B-D—One Minute Clinical Fever Thermometer—Each Electric Heating Pads—large size in assorted colors. Made of soft downv wool.... Taylor Weather Thermometers. AC A Very accurate feOO to $-f.98 59c John P. Cox Drug Co. 84 We Give Eagle Stamps 1 money or store on other people's whenever he cares to. He rejects one proposition after another to go on tour. For the time being he has put everything off until 1937. "Yes. I'd still like to manage a major league- ball club, but base-brill seems to have made up its mind that it can get along without me," says Ruth. "So I {-ness I'll have I gle along without baseball. to strug- NEXT: Babe Ruth's nenicsics. Congress Urged To (Continued from page one) went on record in writing, that young Rosoff is beyond question of doubt one of the greatest Bible cspositors in our land today. No offerings or collections will be- taken. The Rosoffs will close their stay in Hope Thursday evening, at which time they will present their famous "Jewish Feast of the Passover." This ser- ,. ..vice will be illustrated, and a living I 'cast of talent will take part. The con- II feregation will be taken into a typical . j orthodox Jewish home, during the I time that llic-y celebrate their Pass- I over Feast. Albert Rosoff will pre- ' side at the head of the tuble. and will : chant the .services in Hebrew Ian- ' gunge, just as he- used to do in hi.s • own home before his conversion, and ' Daniel Rosoff will explain in the' English language everything that takes place at the table. The New 1 Testament significance of everything at the (able will be pointed out. A new conception of the Lord's Supper is given, and a keener appreciation of the Bible- s always the result of Ihs portrayel. The P.ussover Feast was staged eight times in Little Rock, and people were turned away each time, so great were thij crowds. A small admission charge will be made for the Passover presentation. Notice is hereby given that I will attend in person, or by deputy, at the following time and places, for the purpose of Assessing Taxes in Hempstead County, Arkansas, to-wit: 1936 CAR GLASS CUT AND GROUND TO I'll- ANY CAR BRYAN'S Used Parts •111 South Laurel Street big -dividend c-r.s within the proposed Eudora spill- i ' way area. !'• Governinenl Prompt "As a consequence of the lar^e amount of interest already accrued and still accruing on the principal sum .••ought to he recovered." said Cum "if judgment against the gov- January 22 - January 23 -January 23 January 24 January 25-27 "within GO days" that he didn't even plant any crops in [he spring. Cases are- many in which furiiis were- mortgaged, possessions sold, and sacrifices made to "invest" in the Drake estate. Seldom has such a parade of credulity passed any given point as thai which has filed before Federal Judge Philip L. Sullivnn in this trial. Testimony of Inspector Arthur Bish- coming eminent is obtained, nnd for ot.h< '' of S ™ ll "" d Y; "'<l ' m " England does . rec "t"» /l - > the existence of is nilt likL -'.V to shake • Alt OF CITIES wilh Elixabdh Edna May Reginald ALLAN OLIVER OWEN Baiil Blancho Hanry 6. RATHBONE YURKA WAITHALI faith of those to whom estate" has become a holy an obsession. any the "Drake reasons shown, the Dcpartmen. of Justice has made all reasonable efforts to compel the railroad conrpar,) to proceed with the case by prompth .submitting its evidence. These effort have been consistently resisted by the railroad and the government's motion to expedite the trial of the case wat- overruled. "Owing to the long delay in instituting suit on interest-bearing claim? against the government and the plaintiff's delay in prosecuting such suits after cause and i milted for TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY Dick Powell, Marion Davies, Pat O'Brien —in— "PAGE MISS GLORY" Greatest Jewish Evangelists in America Albert & Daniel Rosoff <Father and Son) ;,( City Hall Auditorium Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday mid Thursday Jan. 6-7-8-9 7:30 p.m. Albert, Ihe father, former operatic star will sing for Christ. DanieJ, Hit,- sou, preacher, lawyer, poet, author, and one of the greatest Bible expositors in the world, will preach. institution, there- is sub- your consideration the '•*! iivisability of submitting the matter to the congress with a vie wof obtaining legislation prohibiting the allowance of I) per cent interest in such cases nr in any case where- the plaintiff delays the trial of :i case, thereby permitting interest at fi per cent to run fur a long period of time- for which under existing law is govern] men! is liable if judgment is re-nder- j e~d in favor of the plaintiff." T O L--E--T E X OIL COMPANY Special—5 Gali Hi-Grade *t gn Lube Oil Phone 370 Day and Night WANTED—HEADING HOLTS While Oak—Whisky and Oil grade, Overcup, Post Oak and Ued Oak. liouncl Sweet Gum Blocks. For prices and specifications, See HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 2-15 Hope. Ark. Resolve — to have its Dry Clean your i , garments thrttoiit the NE.W'PAMP WASH SERVICE- NiUON-HUCKINf LA.UND KY COMPANY Beards Chapel, Wednesday .... Goodlett's Box, morning of Thursday Union, at Ingram's Filling Station, afternoon Cross Roads at Dudney's Store, Friday afternoon Fulton, Saturday and Monday Patmos, Tuesday January 28 Spring Hill, Wednesday January 29 DeAnn, Thursday January 30 Deannyville, Friday afternoon January 31 Blevins, Saturday and Monday .. February 1-3 Belton, Tuesday February 4 McCaskill, Wednesday February 5 Tokio, Thursday morning February 6 Bingen, Friday February 7 Ozan, Monday February 10 Columbus, Tuesday _ February 11 McNab, Wednesday morning February 12 Saratoga, Wednesday afternoon February 12 Landes Store, Thursday February 13 Guernsey, afternoon of Friday February 14 Piney Grove, afternoon of Saturday February 15 Hope, Monday, Feb. 17 to and including Saturday March 21 (At the City Hall) Washington, at the Court House March 23 to April 10 After which the penalty required by law will be added. All taxpayers are requested to bring their land numbers to avoid errors. ISABELLE E. ONSTEAD Tax Assessor of Hempstead County

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