The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1940 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1940
Page 9
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'THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 1040 Nevy Fortifications Menace Greece As Well As Yugoslavia Nelo nrlzarl, native Albanian nutfiprlty on the Ualkan.s, author, teacher ami editor of (lie newspaper niella, published In New York, tells here the story of what Italy has done to make Albania u springboard into |||i> Balkans. • . + + • By NEI.O DRIZAHI • tfKA Service SIMM Correspondent Wllli Die pouring of many thousand new "laborers" Into Albania, the allies look w jd, increasing apprehension on Italy, believed to lie muter extreme pressure from dcr- iriany to enter the war •Italy has held the tlu'y Albanian kingdom just omi year tail In that time, has bum i, series ol Impregnable fortifications and -war-plane Imes that make the • Balkan* shudder. Italy has also made Albania, her NO. i colony economically. When-Mussolini's slai- performer Marshal Plelro Badogllo. made a Ihorotigh survey or Albania last, summer he left behind him a well- charteci program for making Albania a ^veritable springboard into the Balkans. It, has become just that. t)n the Yugoslav bonier, in northern Albania, Italy now holds a dominant military advantage along the Mioti mountains, overlooking the Mali river. Her giiiK have the range of vulnerable southeast Yugoslavia. Farther south along the. Mount- Llbrazlul section' Italy has constructed a line of lor-' ••mentions aimed at both Yugoslavia and Greece. In addition, Italy has a series of vital bases stretching from Korce to- Argyrofcastra. literally covering the Oreek border. These bases are built' underground at the foot or moumuins which shelter them from air attack. One thousand planes can lake off from these points at a . moment's notice. The reserve strength, ax reported by Albanians recently reaching the United States, is two and a half times thai number. WHY BALKANS WORRY Aiid along with the strategic military position Italy won in Al- D . al >!a,..she,also inherited a potential Albanian army of uol fewer }han 150,000 .men. -The'..Albanians- Duce's Springboard BLYTHEVrLLE (ARK.y COURIER NEWS Fortifications plane bases aimed oslovioand G bo trie straits, send . troops to Albania in complete safety. Map shoivs how Mussolini is priming Albania as a snriugboard Into the Balkans. are traditionally good fighters. Tlie -strength of tlie Italian army in Albania'is-believed to be not less than 200,000, conniiiif; lhe "la- loi-crs" Italy continues to ship into the country. Thus the Italian strength in lhe Balkans may be placed between 350,000" and 400000 men. •' With an experienced air-arm a highly motorized and well-equipped army, with her impregnable new system of fortifications, nol lo mention the natural mountain barters along northern and southern Albania, Italy is at. once both prac- Ically invulnerable and wholly dangerous in the Bnlkans.. By bottling'up the mouth of the Straits of otranto, Haly can make lhe Adriatic sea truly a "Mare Nostrum." transporting iier legions onto the shores of (Albania with perfect safely. , . '•' " • - :- •-' ' ' ' * wbhdefr-Britain aii'd France have informed Italy they will not tolerate the .slightest change in '• • Mediterranean status quo. and thai Prance has fell out Italy' looking toward an amicable settlement ot the age-old "Mediterranean problem." Economically, as well ns strategically, Italy has made Albania a prize plum. She. has spent J108.- 000.000 developing Hie .country, for which In return she l s getting ii'oi —1.500,000 Ions annually, equal Ho Italy's bnrily needed iron Imports— cual. (ar, chrome, gold, silver, cd|>- IXT and asbestos. -. In Addition.' (lie highly covct'ci : oil .supply jiou' has mi iicceleniti'd annual production of 500,000 loiis exclusive- of some 5,000.000 tons llinl have been stored in sealkl wells since 1927, when Ilaly outbid several companies, l.'ir|iitlln'g- Sinn dard Oil and Sinclair, for lhe con cession. : 1TAI.V MAKKS I'llOI'Tl* i 'J'he oil .supply |il|io-llm- extends for hundreds of miles from lhe gliuil refineries lit Kuchova,' ncir llcral, to lhe shores of Vidomi, Just icross I he Ilidinn boot. This qli could lie mndii easily iivallnbU' bolh for the highly uiotorlnid ii'iny In Albiinln und other points of military h>i[>oi'tnnfe l» llaly. -, Since Albania is potenllally rich iSilcullmally, llaly has lost no hue developing the land, Italian •laborers" have reclaimed marshes, broken new sod, intensified cultt- 'a(li)i) of the ferine luiuls'.stretch^ na from ,'riratie lo sonllioriiniosi Albaiiln. It Li esllmnlrd (hut this' agrl ullurul program will net Italy ill-plus or producis, Inclmllti 50,000 loiis of nui/j>, 100,080 Ion I wheat, und lur(;e cjiutntilfe.'i-o arley, outs,- rye. und u lre . -f a \i,|l I'diUli must be added large! mounts of dried inill. daii-v' products, fish, incuts, ami skhu. woll. us well as silk mid' ollie! 1 Imporlnnl products. i Finally, lliere Is the Unlliin yubt lie worbi program in Albania, t.lia't Includes 'n stale highway -'f'ronV Durnzzo lo a polul beyond Korce, This lies In the direction' 'of Greece's , Salonlki and follows closely the route of the great Via Ejimtlu road Ihnl mude Ihc Ro mans of Augustus and Caesar lhe rulers-of the Hulknns and Ihc Near East. There are countless military roads and motor roads leading lo the Yiigaslnv nml areek borders 1'hese hiivo been bulll In grcn lu 'sle slnto iMnr.sluil Diulogllo Ihcm u year ago. ' Albania Im.s become anothei another Tripoli, lbiinliin reslsluneo Is being kepi rli'lly under control. Hnly, Jenrln.? plcblscilf after the wur, Ls send- is 500,000 Itiillims to .wlllc In AlUunla, may sen<| ,in additional it Is mow Ihiiijjs which worry the Kalkuns—and rightly. BRUCE CATTON IN WASHINGTON VORTEX PETROLEUM CO. BLYTHKV1LLE CITY LIMITS' HIGHWAY 61 NORTH Any 20n Cigaradts far IGc With 1'iirchasc ot 5 Gal. or More of AKK. GAS AT MO. TRICES REFINERY TO YOUR CAS os.,, Dealer NOW YOU CAN HAVE BUTANE GAS SERVICE Without Iniyinc a HUTANK .CAS l'I,ANT. Enjoy this pleasure for Cook- In?, Healing, Hot Water and ; Gas llcfrieernlioii. For lull informaliou write us nr make Inquiry at our office. WEIS BUTANE GAS COMPANY ..Wheallfy—H'esl Memphis ..' i • / Bl.vlhevllle IIV HRIJCi: CATTON I'niii-ter News . \Vaxtilnj{<oii l'iirres|nm<l('iil, WASHINGTON. Anrll «,-Cfll. hllip MenUni!, wate-hour ndmln- siraiur. j^ca his bluest tost In he weeks Just nhpnit, Ho far he has been popular wllli mill frlnid.s mid foes of the wagc- lour Inw—wllli Its frli'mls because is nil able lulnilnlstnilor unit ildni>s clicking, and wllli iLs ccs tiTOiiisi' ho listens' to reason ml doesn'l talk blj; uiimit cruckliic own on people. The honeymoon is over now "muh, iiml two sets of public wines will presently show Iiow iicli reason the colonel is willing to llsli'ii to-and wlmi, hnvliiB listened. hi> is (jnme-lo ( | 0 ,ii jollt (1 'I'lli! wane-hour Inw gives Ihc ud- nimlstrnior lots 'or power. K, exempts executives inul professionals l then lel.s tlie 'lulinlnlslmlor who Is Included In those categories; a also exempts puckers and nmnera of fruits mid ' vegetables wlio work "in Hie urea or proiliic- tlim," and lei» t]i c ndmliiLslraloi' vvlint Ilinll pxpi-csslon sllnn dellnitlons lire very lu"Kh; (ho public hcarlinjs hnvo to <lo with deiiiands that llic'y )» lib- cin|(/ed. Now yolni; on are hearings about oxwiiivi-s nml professionals. Dim lo sliirl early in niny « ro (|, ( , ri'u of iiroductlon" honrlnus. TJieir linjKirtniice Is shown liy J IB fact Ihnl, .simply |>y dimming I hose definitions, Ihu colonel could lake 720.000 food jirocosslng work- 'ts and sllshlly fewer than l,r>oo,- 100 wile I'ollnr workers out from HIlllT Illli Inw. * » » ll'/.HCIt ,M!NIST|-|( HOLDS l.r.CiATUIN l^oi' jnsl uboul u yrnr now Mlnls- er Vladimir Ihirbnn of C/.echo- slovnlilH hns been n mini without i eoiinlry. lin Is sllll keepltiB lhe k'tuitlon open und stiys he'll in II as loiij. ns (lie U. 9, conllniion " lecognlze his cmmtry-evcn If he wnr Insls 10 years, Tin! Washington legation Is one >f four Czech legations still upon; olhers mv In Pails, London und (here probably won't lie miy new siiRiir legislation nl Dils Ecsslon, A lot of bills hud Ueen Introduced, nml |)racticnlly nl) would have cut Hie Cuban qiiotn heavily; pun « h /inl«l to overt Unit, and wrote House Atji'lcullure Chairman Jones sugKCsUuij (hat Coimress tilmply liass it resolution continuing ihc cxlslliiK quota. 'liiil sec/us to be In tho cards. There'll be a light, tlioiigh, which "my Bh'e PlJR a hot iwtalo lo Hindle, Siiijar refiners want lo add i clause limiting the, quantifies tlie olfshorc rellnprlw may handle, and (hi! I'resldcnt hns Indlcled he'll n?(o nny such fiction. If Ihey succeed In gelling It he'll either have to eat his words or make an awful lot, of sugar grow- m mint. PACT! OTNB ~~~ ' T— Creoles are -, not mulaltow, . r u many people Imagine. They are descendant,, of while families; loci In tropical climes FOR SALE !>0 TONS OF P'EA-GRREN A.U-'ALFA HAY *J5 I»BR TON CHARLES ROSE ROSELAND . As minister with no tangible ounlry lo represent, Tiirbiin's Job now Is unlike ihnt of miy oilier' diplomat In Washington. It's- really n pollllcn) Job; ho keeps In (ouch with loaders of the 1,760,000 Czechs In this commiry, iurnni!<!.i for pnso liort extensioiw, tries lo yet refugees admitted, and so on. 1'raetk'iilly no cnlertalnbii! J 5 done al the legation nowadnysi Wllli lhi> honiii ulilcc lucked up i-nsli Is hard to come hy. Mine' Hiirbnn i;oi>.v out, l u locni society frequenlly; the minister, who )s out of (own n tood deal, somowhni, less so. t » • I'KOHAUM' NO SUfiAK LAWS THIS SKASON Hecnuse of FOR's inlcrvenllon, You'll like its Mild, Mellow Flavor! THIS WHISKEY IS 4 VJEARS OlO Drive this money-savinq lowest price car STUDEBAKER CHAMPION 9 29.19 !V\»LES PER GALLON IN THE GILMORE-YOSEM1TE SWEEPSTAKES I'lIK I s H I <. I N A I Pi '" lld "l'«i« ! w!u" in '!f < ,°" ( .° !1 ' '. lr « ^S'!I?T^-^S CHAMBLIN 123 \V. ARh, Phone 1121 ' ^Ark ATTENTION-HOUSEWIVES BEGINNING FRIDAY, APRIL 26th <W f • ' ' .'!•'••• Your Local Grocer Will Feature N SOY BEANS A New Food Product of the BLYTHEVILLE CANNING COMPANY, Inc. Soy Bean Salad 1 cup canned Soy Beans Drained 1 tablespoon chopped green onion 3 tablespoons mayonnaise 2 tablespoons chopped green pepper 2 hard cooked eggs 2 tablespoons chopped celery 1-4 teaspoon salt Combine ingredients, chill and serve ' Kttl "'- slMna Following are some suffffestions. for preparing and serving Soy Bean Loaf 1 pint canned soy beans I cup bread crumbs 1 egg beaten Salt and Pepper to Taste i tablespoon chopped onion •2 tablespoons tomato catsup Combine ingredieuls am] shape mixture into a roll or loaf. Rake one hour. Soy Beans (Southern Style) 2 cups canned soy beans 2 cups corn 1 cup bread crumbs 2 cups tomatoes 2 teaspoons salt 4 tablespoons grated cheese Allernale layers of beans, corn, cliccsc and drained loma- lots Into greased ilisli. Mix- salt with juice from toma- locs anrf iinur over nilxlurr. Cover w-llh buttered crumbs.' Bike 30 nilnulc.s. Bak&d Soy Beans USE YOUR FAVORITE RECIPE FOR BAKED BEANS Sfailorman Soy Beans may also be' served by just heatlna the contents of the can and season with salt and pepper. Delicious Sailorman Sou Beans will be served al all local cafes and hotels Friday and Saturday. i/MpTOTOM^ tfFmfiwmtf®

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