Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 6, 1941 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1941
Page 3
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fSWf ^t*£< ? W,f^W^7 ' ' ' ' 0 Daisy Dorothy Heard, Editor Telephone 768 0 Social Calendar Monday, December 8th Circle No. 1 of (ho Ladies Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church, luncheon meeting ot the ,;;> home of Mrs. Ched Hall, 12:30 o'clock. Circle No. 2 of the Ladies' Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church, Mrs. S. H. Brinnt and • Mrs. Nick Jewell hostesses, 3 o'clock. 0 0 '0 o Circle No. 3 of the Ladies' Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church, home of Mrs. Lee Foster. 3 o'clock. Circl No. 4 of the Ladies' Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church, luncheon meeting at the home of Mrs. Tom Brewstcr, 12 o'clock. A class party for the mmebers Of the Euzelinn class of the First Baptist Sunday School will be given at the church at 7 o'clock. All members are urged to attend. New officers of the Women's Society ot Christian Service will be installed at the regular, meeting of- the group at' the First Baptist Sunday School will be given nt the church nt 7 o'clock. All members nre urged to attend . Group 1 ot the Women's Council of the First Christian church will meet'ot the home of Mrs. W, W. Duckett, 3 o'clock. . Group 2 of the Women's Council of the First Christian church will meet at the home of Mrs. W. L. Carter, 3 o'clock. Tuesday, December 9th Mrs. Aubrey Green and Mrs. Barney Chambers will be hostesses' to the members of the Winsome class of the First Baptist church at the home of Mrs. C. D. Dickinson, 1116 South Main street, 7:30 o'clock. new to Hope dancers. For tiie even Ing the club secured the Henderson college orchestra from Arkadolphin. ;At intermission fpvorilc converse lion spots were the alcoves arranged m the main dining room of the hote and the hospitable lobby.. Another event of Friday was UK party for the members of the Emanon club nt the home of Mr. and Mrs Roy Anderson, South Main 'street Difiner was served the guests at 1 o'clock, and spirited games of contract were played during the evening. F.|>wqr(h League Members Have Treasure Hunt Friday The monthly social meeting of the Epworth League of the First Methodist church was gvien in the recreational rooms of the church Friday evening with the leaders, Mrs M. M. McCloughan and Linus Walker and their assistants, Misses Marjory O'Neal and Jane'Dodds, in charge of arrangements. ' Following o lengthy treasure hunt sandwiches and "cokes" were served the following members and theii guests: Dorothy O'Neal, Sophia Williams, Kalherine Rising, Eva Jean Milam, Alice Lorraine Heard, Matilda McFaddin, Jessie Clarice Brown, Betty Ann Benson, Betty Jane Allen, Hazel Spillers, Pat Williams, Bob Elmore, Billy Duckett, Ralph Sanders, Harold Stephenson, C. R.' Gordon, H. O. Kyler, Jr., William Barrett, Buddy Franklin, Jimmy Walters, Forest Walker, Bobby Franklin, and Elsworth Bailey. Various Groups Entertain With Dunce on Friday Evening High school juniors 'and seniors journeyed out familiar Main street Friday evening to the High school 0to their dance being given in honor of the Bobcat football squad. Of course the Barlow, favorite dance spot of the older crowd was not lonesome for the evening. Reserving the ballroom for the night were the Girl -.Cotillion club members and their w guests. Two hundred people were there to hear an orchestra which was quite O RIALTO Sunday-Monday Introducing JIMMY LYDON HENRY ALDRICH //I 'HENRY ALDRICH FOR PRESIDENT Mary Dale Hollls Weds '. J. Brcslscr At. 6 o'clock Friday evening in the parsonage of the First Baptist church of La Salle, 111., Miss Mary Dole Hoi- is, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. lollis, of Patinos, Ark., and L. James Brcsslcr, of Menomonio, Wis., were united in marriage by the pastor of the church, Rev. Robert Cook. Miss Hollis' only attendant was her cousin, Mrs. E. B. Corbin, La Salic, and Robert Formoe, of Fort Madison, *a., served as the bride-groom's best man, For her wedding the bride chose a street-length dress of black crepe and white satin with a black crepe and white satin with a black velvet jacket and black accessories. Her shoulder corsage was of white rose buds. Mrs. Corbin wore a black velveteen dress with black and red accessories and a shoulder corsage of red carnations. Immediately after the ceremony, supper was served to the wedding party at Starved Rock Lodge. Mrs. Bresslcr is a graduate of Patmos high school, of Patmos, Ark., and since September has been in nurses training at St. Mary's School of Nursing, La Salle. Mr. Bressler is a graduate of the. Stout Institute and is now an Industrial arts teacher at La Salle- Peru Township high school. Other guests at the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Peterson, E, B. Corbin, La Sallo; and Miss Luclla Brenner, Menomonie, Wis. Personal Mention Miss Jano McGraw of Nashville is the week-end guest of her grandmother, Mrs. Delia McClanahan, and other relatives and friends -0- Mrs. lona Hutson of Beaumont, Texas, George Hutson, Paul Hutson, and F. V. Cabiness of For Arthur, Texas arc spending the re. mainder of the week witli relatives and friends here, -O- Mr. and Mrs. Paul Roberts announce the arrival of n son on December 5lh at the Julia Chester hospital. He has been named James Phillip Roberts. LADY BY REQUEST By H£LEN R. WOODWARD Copyright, 1941. NBA Service Inc. "THE STOKV, Fnmou* Write* H2 i.". 01 ""!?""!!."* Slfphcn Can ""I" wife, tllnnn, "Cc BfntfJnff tonA of cnoh o«he£ r liinrrli.c,. IN one of , 3 - which Dlntin l» in • m'mln n ,? >rlll « '•»' »'* month* im<l » 1 0,000, tlniH Nnvlnif flip .Hlrnhpii n J2.0JIO.OOO ihhi>rllnn<!<! he iviYul'l Jnve l<mf hnil ho not ninrrlril lic- for* hr ! win aft. HI* M<e»nin<hi>r. Kllen Curt, ntiil I)lmin'» fnrmer nifhrr, nrc IioplliK, hotrevpr, (lint ' OI ""P <« euro for nidi - •-"• - «•«•«.- up ^iirtr JI»F «Uipr, ComiillcnjIniiM lire iir< lillnil tvlfe O f lnvr»Vr nichnrd HUII-IIP, fllrlrilloUM former ein|iloj-- ttf. i 'V"""'".' " nd itl * womim NjenhMi IIIIN ninny* loved! Adeln, Slfplicn'M Kiillerul, minllFil Mlnler, who In hnvliiK an iiirnlr wllh •lliurpn at wlileh only IHmiit know*, ninnii winder* l( ln«,-r i hl ' P<? «'"' l»«! n Dinee In l.rr life lor Hill JnrkNon, her ehlUlhoud »M«-e<henr<, or IMill Hriic*. St<1 if, . "*"* trlfna i wonder* If M|IL- will lie ri*l»<!(niit (o Rive up her liixiirlniiH life n K MrM. Cnr(. On« ?i v "i 1*5 " fr " II " l! innM <«•!(» niniiii HI i). '" *l' l> '"llii(i: Ihc iilicht wllh 'J'liorpe lit hlx limitm* lodire. TJInnn. ri'uri'ltiilly forcitolnit n yulet evening nlon« Midi Mtenhen, Mild » " " """ ll K ° °" "" ""' * * * TRAPPED JJY TRICKERY CHAPTER XVII JQIANA closed the door behind her, conscious of a savage desire to tear Adela Curt apart. Anything might have happened between her and Stephen this evening—their whole future settled. She climbed into the coupe and slung it angrily into motion. Essie had said it was 15 miles to Thorpe's lodge. By the time she persuaded Adela to return it would be very late and Stephen would more than likely have gone to bed. The snow was falling thick and heavy over the roadway when Diana left the city streets behind and plunged into the open country. It seemed a long time until she came in sight of the lodge its lights twinkling through the snow. Her headlights picked out the name on the gate. Doubts assailed her. A moment later she was looking into the amazed eyes of Richard Thorpe. "Well, this is a surprise!" He stepped back as she came into the warmly lighted room, and closed the door behind her. "I'm sure I've no idea to what I owe the honor of this visit," Thorpe said, his eyes lighting at sight of her clear, fresh beauty. 'But now that you're here you must let me take your wraps and give you a drink to warm you!" "Thank you," she said curtly. I shan't stay. I've come for Adela." .He raised his brows. "Adela? But surely you know she isn't lere!" some- "I "I don't believe yetl! 1 haVe Information- Ho laughed aloud, mockingly "So you're being a Girl Scout arid rescuing her from the crue clutches of a worthless scoundrel eli? Well, my advice to yout my dear, Is to let Adela go her own merry way to hell! She's eminently capable of taking care of herself—and also of getting yoi into lots of trouble!" Diann was stunned. If Richard Thorpe was speaking the truth— "You have her hidden where!" she accused. He laughed again. "You have the privilege of searching the place." "Thank you. I will!" He followed her from room to room, throwing open doors, chuckling softly, enjoying hot chagrin. At last they were before the living room fire again. "Convinced?" Diana ran a weary hand over her face. "Yes, but I don't understand—!" How could Essie have been so mistaken? He shrugged. "Just some sort of a misunderstanding. But you mustn't go! Now that you've found out I'm not nearly so bad as I've been painted—!' : » * * HAVE no further business hero," Diana said coldly, but his hand on her arm stayed her. "Wait! Why can't we be friends, Diana? I know we got started off on the wrong foot. But I happen to know that before many months you may need friends." "If I need friends, I'll probably be able to find them! And you won't be among them!" she re- '.orted. . "Neither will Stephen Curt, nor Phil Bruce, nor my angelic wife— f they should'find out you visited me here tonight!" Her face was hot with shame. He was drawing her roughly into lis arms. His face was dark above lers. "You've always maddened me— Jefied me—you beautiful, desirable icicle! Do you think I'd bother with Adela or Evalyn—or iny of them—if I could have you? Now you've come here of your own free will. What a delight to conquer you—possess you—" A shaft of cold air pierced the •oom and Richard Thorpe re- eased her so abruptly that she almost fell. They turned to see "tephen Curt standing in the doorway, his face a white mask, his eyes hard, his mouth grim. Diana's breath caught, her heart urning over within her, and right hen and there all hope vanished. Vo one—not even Stephen Curt with his understanding—could be expected to forgive OP forget the scene just witnessed. It was Richard Thorpe who recovered and spoke first. "Well, Slevo, I wasn't expecting you tonight!" not. Stephen's lip curled. "Evidently "I suppose it's useless to say I wasn't expecting Diana', either!" "Quite!" Stephen turned to Diana sharply. "You'll come with me nt once!" * # * "TJIANA sat stunned. Who hnd told him she'd be at Richard's lodge? Who, but Adela? It had all been a plot to discredit her in Stephen's eyes! They drove silently through the night until they reached the portico of the house in Green street. Then Stephen said wearily, "I must remind you again, Diana, that you are still my wife and that I have a certain position to maintain. Also, you've made a bargain which you must live up to. And nothing must appear any different to the outside world- even after tonight. I demand it! Do you understand?" "Yes, Stephen," she said softly, heart-brokenly, and climbed out of the car and went into the big, quiet house. Wearily she climbed the stairs to her room, and in the upper hallway met a sleepy-eyed Adela. "Been somewhere, Diana?" Adela asked, smiling maddeningly. "You do choose the nicest nights to run around in!" Diana felt herself writhe with cold, helpless fury. Adela' would not feel so complacently triumphant if she knew how her precious Richard had made love o Diana. "You wouldn't know where I've been, I suppose?" Adela shrugged. "Should I?" , "Your brother is satisfied that I am a liar and a cheat. That's what you wanted, wasn't it?" "I don't know what you're talk- ng about!" "Don't you?" Flashes of fury darted along Diana's spine. "Then perhaps you'll understand this! I ove Stephen Curt and I'm going o fight for him! What do you think of that?" A sneer crossed Adela's face. 'Do you really think you'll win?" Diana drooped suddenly, her eyes filled tears, all defiance as gone. "Perhaps not," she ad- iiitted, "for you won't hesitate to ie and steal and perjure yourself o get what you want. But," with a fierce intensity, "even you can't ' eep me from loving him with all ny heart!" (To Be Continued) December Schedule for the Home Demo Clubs Announced' Salt Cellars When poisoning was an art, many nobles in medieval times kept theii salt cellars locked as a precautionary measure as they were u populai receptacle for the lethal dose. SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY Schedule for December. ©Home Demonstration Agent — Mary Claude Fletcher. Assistant Home Demonstration Agent — Phoebe T. Harris. December 1, 8:30 a. m.—Fulton 4-H club. 10:30 a. m—Columbus 4-H club. 2 p. m.—Sardis II Home Demonstra- ion club. 2 p. m.—Snrdis I Home Dcmonstra- ion club. December 2 10:30 a. m.—Guernsey 4-H club. 2 p. m,—Liberty Hill Home Domo- onstration club. 2 p. m.—Melrose Home Demonstration club. December 3 10 a. m.—McCaskill 4-H club. 2 p. m.—Bruce Chapel Home Demonstration club. December 4 9 a. m. - 4 p. m.—Cooking school and handicraft demonstration at Mrs. Tom Collins home at Spring Hill. The following homo demonstration clubs are invited: Spring Hill, Battlefield, Liberty Hill, Evening Shade, Doolcy's Hill, Melrose. 10:30 a, m. 4-H club—Spring Hill. December 5 10 a. m. Patmos 4-H club. 1 p. m.—Cooking school and handicraft demonstration at Mrs. Bell Harpers of Friendship club. The following clubs are invited: Friendship, McCaskill, Bruce Chapel, Bingen, Mt. Pleasant, Doyle, Bethel, Belton, Avery's Chapel. Mrs. Harper lives two miles east of McCaskill. 2 p, m.—Yellow Creek Home Demonstration club. December C Office—The cotton baazar has been called off until a future date. December 9 9 a. m.—Cooking school and handicraft demonstration at school house of DeAnn. The following clubs are invited: DeAnn, Boyd's Chapel, Maird's Chapel, Hickory Shade, Union Grove, Hopewell, Piney Grove. December 10 Plans of work for 1942—District Agents, J. O. Fullerton and Miss Ella "osey, will meet with county and home Jernonstration agents and agriculture committee composed of leading farm nen and women. December 11 1U:15 a. m.—Bingen 4-H club. 2 p. m—Mt. Pleasant Home Demonstration club. December 12 10 u. m.-3 p. m. Christmas party at emerviUe church (10 miles east of Hope on Highway No. 4). All home demonstration clubs are invited. Each nember is to bring a cotton apron to exchange on the Christmas tree. Clubs that have not brought in their canned ^products for the crippled chal- dron's home may do so. December 13 Office. December 15 Morning office. Ip. m.—Cooking school and handicraft demonstration at Mrs. Fred "amps' home at Oakgrove. The fol- owing clubs are invited: Oakgrove, ent,ei ville, Shover Springs, Harmony, Rocky Mound, Providence. December 10 1 p. m.—Cooking school and handicraft demonstration at Mrs. Lynn Jones home at Hinton. The following clubs arc invited: Hinton, Patmos, Mt. Nebo, Centerpoint, Sardis I. December 17 Office. December 38 10 a, m.—Blevins 4-H club. 2 p. m—Hopewell club. December IS Morning—Office. 2 p. in.—Sweet Homo Demonstration club. December 20 Office. December 22 Morning—Office. 2 p. m.—Oakgrove Homo Demonstration club. December 23 Morning—Office. 2 p. m. Marlbrook.. Red Cross Hazel Johnson George Hunter Joel Gauff , (Continued From Page One) H, C. Carbon 25 Surah Bradfort _ i.oo Roxio Yeager _ I.QQ Emmer Williams i.o John Jimmerson 100 Ellen Royal ...._ _ i^oo Alice Tuggles „ i oo Kate Betfort ' '35 Bertha Powels 25 Lou Daniels .._ .35 Jessie Roberts _ 25 Cora Bell Muedrow _ 25 Sarah Phillips _. '.... jo Ora Lee Knox _. .05 Daisy Glasgow _ i.oo Rev. L. R. Johnson i.oo Lee Lacefield _ i'oo Watson Bearden i.oo Hazel Earrigans _ i 00 Pleasant View School ......"...I 1.00 Antioch School _ i oo Antioch home dem. club 2.00 Thurmon Dixon ........ jo Chester Woodberry _.."'."' '.25 Agnas Hartman ~_ i]oo Lizzie Turner __ "" l.QQ E. L. Edwards _.""_ 1.00 J. T. Moore _ i oo J. W. Williams i M R. B. Robinson _ i.oo H. Harrison i.oo Lillian P. Pruitt i'oo Mary Jones i 00 Clifford C. Pruitt ....""...""""" ^25 Charleis Brewer i.oo Jolm Turner .25 Ellen Pearson i.oo W. Matthen McFadden ... l 00 Ethel Bizzell i.oo Thelma Taylor 05 Luese Perry .05 Johnie Mac Simpson 05 Vera Mae Simpson .05 Alfranzo Maxvyell 05 Union Chapel School l flfl C. J. Walker i.'oo Annie Harris _ i.oo Taulese Pierce _.. I.QO Reatha Johnson _ 1.00 Fredonia C. Huntley 1.00 Henry Daniels .,*... I.QO Arthur Huntley _ _..'. 1,00 i nn ::ZilIII 100 Hick's Funeral Home l'.oo Amon McKinley _ i oo Frank Booth . _ _ i'oo Pike Wilson ~".Z l!oO Negro Chamber of Commerce i QO L. R. McGill ~ jo Mr. Crinor .'. I'QQ M. K, Jones i oo Jim Jones j Q Exie Young _25 Sallie Speck _ ,20 Maisc Brantley _ _.. '05 Jewel Nelson _ ]o5 Sallie Gilmore ...J jo E. C. Stewart _ ™ ^50 Oaklawn addition school i.Q Lula Benlon _ 1^0 Macadonii) Community Washington, Arkansas R. H. Trotter _ 1,00 Moses Gauf : _ i o Cornelius Cole 1,00 James Gauf I.'QO Sim Davis „ i_o Jassie Porter _ v _ i.flo D. D. Chearham .!.... 1,00 Eddie Fau'celte i'oo Ford Johnson i oo Fair Star School Washington, Arkansas W. S. Williams & Class 185 Argusta Trotter & Class 1/75 Argusta Trotter & Class 1.75 Coudia I. Atkins & Class 1 j(j Leona McGeo & Class' 1.35 Ozan Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Barrow .... 1.00 J. T. Nelson i.oo Reuben Wilson i.oo Wilbur D. Jones l 00 Dr. W. F. Robins i.'oo Mrs. John Robins [50 J. O. Baber 50 Mrs. Bud Thornton [25 • L. J. Robins i oo J. D. Webb- 1Z lioo Mrs. C. M. Irvin i'oo Mrs. W. T. Baber i.oo Ozan School 2^03 H. C. Murphy i.oo Temple Colored School District, Ozan Odessa White 1,00 Isabell Calvin .25 Odell Johnson i.oo Isam White i'oo Redder Hopson 25 Jeff White too Temple School i.flfl Clow Training School, Ozan George C. Edwards 1.00 Sylvia G. Goodwin 1,00 I. W, Harris i.oo Virginia Stuart 1.00 Third Grade 1.00 Fourth Grade 100 Fifth Grade ilflfl 'Rebels Seek (Continued From Page One) Docs the proposed State of Jefferson have deposits of much •- needed defense materials? Jeffcrsonlans declare they have. Above, County Clerk Waldo Smith, of Siskiyou County, Cal., and O. G. Stcclc, manager of the California-Oregon Power Co., look over specimens from a GOfl-ton pile of chrome ore. -(Jlniile route, the trucks of Dorothea Maroney, the Siskiyou "Chrome Queen," haule dout 600 tons of choice ore from one of her chrome claims to prove the deposits were well worth developing. One of six trucks wa? wrecked by a slide on the narrow, treacherous Klamath river road. "Jefferson" Would Be Taxless State .Every Thursday, bearded, armed, costumed sponsors of the 49th state .campaign, stop-traffic on U. S. High. way, 99 t<? .^tribute copies of their secession manifesto to passing motorists in an effort to enlist public' support. Oh, yes, the state of Jefferson has Sixth Grade 1.00 Seventh and Eighth Grades.... 1.00 Ninth and Tenth Grades 75 Eleventh Grade „..„ 1.00 Twelfth grade 1.00 N. E. A. Clow Training School i.oo Evergreen School and Community, Ozan C. A. Moore 1.00 Daisy Ware 1.00 Ernest L. 'Belk-...-........:......... 1.00 Student donation ............;.....„.... ;37 Columbus Negro High School Student donation 1.00 Columbus Consolidated School Third and Fourth Grades 1,00 Fifth and Six Grades 75 Seventh and Eighth Grades .. .75 Senior High School 1'.55 Rocky Mound '- t D: O. Silvey i.qo Dale Hunt i.oo J. H. Pickard 100 E. G. Wright l.flfl Mrs. Elbert May l 00 T. O. Bright I.OO Arthur Nipper i.oo Blevins and McCaskill Mrs. S. H. Battle 1.00 Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Steed 1.00 Mr. and Mrs. Lige Stephens.... 1.00 .Mrs. Neely Whitefield 1.00 Mrs. Clark Womack 100 Mrs. J. I. Whitefield 50 Herman Brown 1,00 Mrs. Claude Harrison 1.00 P. C. Stephens 1.00 Charlene Stewart 100 W. U. Wade i.oo Blevins Public School 14.19 Mrs. C. W. Levcrett ; 1.00 Mrs. L. J. Brown 1.00 Charles Geisson 1.00 Mrs. Carl Conway l.flfl Mrs. G. W. More 1.00 Mrs. N. T. Nesbett 1.00 Mrs. Herbert M. Stephens ..... 1.00 Mr*. H. M. Stephens 1.00 H. M. Stephens 100 Will Reed 50 Mrs. Carl Brown 1.00 Carl Brown 1,00 E. R. Alston 1.00 Mrs. E. R. Alston 1.00 P. M. Honea 50 J. J. Foster 1.00 Mrs. A. C. Byers 1.00 Mrs. Annie Bostoc ...:... 1.00 Mrs. Arthur Hild 1.00 Mrs. MerlA Pittinger 1,00 Eugene Stephens 1,00 Chester Stephens 1.00 C, W. Leverett 1,00 L. C. Nunn „... I.QO Fritz Patrick 1,00 A. R. McDaniels 1,00 M. L. Nelson 1,00 Martha Brunson 1,00 Horn Stuart l.OQ Ira Brooks : 1.00 Mrs, S. V- Benson 1.00 Mrs. S. V. Benson 1.00 Ruth Cox i.oo Roy Foster i.oo Mrs. Marian Ward 1.00 Mrs. Clyde Snellgrove 1.00 Victor Hampton i.QO Ola Mae Yokom 1.00 Mrs. Arrington 1.00 Mrs. Pink Honea 50 Herbert M. Stephens 1,00 Miscellaneous ,gg E. B. Cantley 5.00 Bert Carter 1,00 C. L. Sweeney 100 W. F. Smith l.OQ Mrs. J. W. Post'ick •. 1.00 Hix Loe i.oo J. H. Hardy l.flfl W. T. Larberry 1,00 Guy Loe i.flfl J. C, Huskey 1.00 Mrs. W. F. Spears 1,00 R. A, Brown 1,00 Carl A. Brown 1.00 Mrs. Ernest E. Spears 1.00 Mrs. J. R. Huskey 1.00 K. B. Spears 1.00 Paul Clenoweth 1.00 Washington W. I. Stroud 1.00 J. L. Stuart 1.00 G. H. Simmons 1.00 Duggers Cash Store 1.00 Miss Letha Frazier 1.00 Valgene Pinegar 100 Mrs. W. H. Etter too J. M. May i.oo A. D. Monroe I.QQ Mrs. Elizabeth Hartow 1.00 W. H. Parish 1.00 Mrs. T. B. Hawarth 1,00 Sandefer Douney 1.00 Durward Allen 1.00 Mrs. Joe Jackson J.OO W. I. Stroud 1,00 ALLEN ELECTRICAL SERVICE House Wiring, Industrial Motors, Appliances, Repaired Complete Line Fluorescent Light Fixtures Estimates Cheerfully Furnished Day or Night Service Licensed end Bonded Electrician .— Phone 806 — 'R. L. Levins 1.00 Mrs. A. N. Strous 1.00 W. H. Etter 1.00 Evelyn Hubbard 1.00 O. T. Beck :. 1,00 Paul Dudney 1,00 Dr. J, C. Williams I'.OO Mrs. T.' V. Messer's room.... 2.60 Lincoln Negro 'School ..' 8.55 Patinos Mrs. E. R. Brown 1.00 E. R. Brown ; 1.00 Mrs. Owen Atkins - l.OQ Ardis Copeland 1.00 Seventh Grade '. 1.00 Eighth Grade 1.00 Tenth Grade 2.00 Eleventh Grade -1.00 Twelfth Grade _. 1.00 Mrs. R. Richards 1,00 Ninth Grade 1.00 Josephine Crews ...;. .25 Troy Dean Laha : .25 Jean Cox .25 Fifth and Sixth Grades 1.08 Third Grade 1.00 Mrs. Homer Reives 1.00 First and Second Grades .32 Fourth Grade .75 Mildre'd Drake 1.00 Mrs. A. Watson 1.00 Mr. Allison 1.00 Mrs. Guy Martin 1.00 Frances Bearden .25 Willie Mae Aaron .25 Gathen Force 1.00 Dora' Asbery 10 Rose Parker 10 .Mildred.Redding , 25 , Lucy Huckabee' '....: .30 ' Mrs. Maude Coleman 25 , Neelje Coleman 25 Henry Palmer '. 25 Rev. R. B, Wilburn : .'.: ,50 Perry Joshua , ,50 John Coleman 50 Final Total .............. . ..... $3,882.76 A Wild Du"c~k Chose . OKLAHOMA CITY — (/?)— Frank Clark, a flying sportsman, headed north on a long business trip in his private plane, His route took him over a small lake he and his friends leased for th educk and goose hunting season. He spotted eight geese riding the waves, wheeled his plane around to the airport here, got in a car and drove to the lake where he changed clothes, picked up his gun and sneaked out to a blind, The eight plastic decoys he sighted from the air were still there. Good Pog 'A collie dog on the Robert Green farm, Nichols, la., drives the chickens to shelter if rain threatens, even if the family is away from home, Spring Hill h'c Supper on Dec, 10. .There 1 wil Ibe a pie suppef at £j Hill schoolhouse December 10,fp benefit of the hot lunch it was announced Saturday Lucy Huckabee, one highly unusual plank in it ernmental platform 1 . Possession of slot machines be classed with miirder and ci{ rustling. Reason: the frontier . ties regar iron bandits as unfair petition to their favorite indoor time of stud poker. , One feature about the new ,stai that appeals to most of Its citteensj' a proposal to eliminate iajdes-^sa! tax, income tax and liquor tax/S"tfc« finances would be raised instead tlffc a small royalty assessed against her and mineral developments. « "Only" barriers face by the secell sionists are: vote of the people of iffis! respective counties, approval of ; tfi» state legislatures, signatures o£''tHe| governors, acceptance by the eong'resll of the United States and signattJ&a of the President. >,. * Criticism hasn't stopped the sm,*-* sionists from pressing their campaign!:! They wrote off as sour grapes the, i " J mark of Superior Judge Colo neighboring Jackson County, who said: "We must not make the mistake"' laughing off this government 'asv,« A T« P"! 3 !^ stun t- pon't forget thaj Aolf Hitler started in a small-< *bo. ; -.. M WANT A CHRISTMAS PIANO? This Model rf $365 cash or terms:' iX $36.50 Down S19.3i-"r Monthly. /* ^ Drop us a card for Catalogs and|< full information. Quality makes i by STEINWAY, HADDORFF, CABLE, WURLITZER. *'* Used Pianos, $75 up. Terms 200 E. Broad Texarkana, Ark. J, DRS.CHAS.A.&ETTAE.f CHAMPLIN Osteopathic Physician! HOPE, ARKANSAS 404 South Elm St. Telephone 459f Bring us your Sick WATCH Speedy recovery guaranteed, ' Repair service very reasonable. PERKISOH'S JEWELRY STORE 218 South Walnut WANTED CAST IRON SCRAP 75 Cents per Hundred Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO. Hope, Arkansas IRON WORKERS LOCAL UNION 591 of Shreveport, La., holds its official meeting at 7:30 o'clock every Thursday night in banquet room of Hotel Barlow, Hope, Ark, ' T , H. H. PHILLIPS, B.A. & F.S/T "' ALLIED BATTERIES As low As J3.49 Rx, > (Batteries Recharged- 50c) >', (Oklahoma Tire & Supply C§. Associate Store Bob Elmpre, Owner — NOTICE Notice is hereby given that by Ordinance No 578 of the City Council of the City of Hope] Arkansas/ g privilege tax was imposed on each and every slot machine and vending machine and coin' operated amusement machine in the City of Hope Arkansas. License must be applied for and the tax paid to the undersigned for the same between now and December-12, 1941. Any machine found operating in the City of Hope, Arkansas, after December 12 on which such tax and license has not been paid will be confiscated and the owner will be fined. The undersigned as City Treasurer of the City pf Hope, Arkansas, will be at his office in the City Hall during business hours on each business day to and including December 12, 1941, to collect the tax and issue the receipts and stamps therefor. No one will call on you to make a collection. The duty is on you to call at the City Hall and pay the license fee and tax. THIS 6th day of December, 1941 Charles Reyni Trefsurer 0

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