Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 29, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1939
Page 3
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'.Tuesday, August 29, T939 HOPE, XMANSA8 PAGE SOCIETY tvi'rs. Sid I-Tonry Telephone 321 til a (lart't'll My Harden i': it i-h.iprl. lien- Strikes thru iitained windows. has IlL'^tlll. A bundled preacheis ; l.-uul of liiihl And lertlll i* to :in :iin i u ' K-i' in robes of 'IMC And her*.-, as clos. 1 woiship, and my --pirit iiain repose; I find tin- essence of the law of life Williin the fragrant pi-lnls uf tbe ro.-.c. Who knows but that the rose may suffer pain'.' ller day. like mint and rain. f'i,nl.l I lint ..ffcr b IVihaps. lild- hei, in vain. nixed of sun 1 .-I - for .illd in how. r o! live .SVIe<-lrd Mrs. Schneiker who will imikn a vinit wilh relatives in and near Highland. Mrs 1 . .1. S. Wilson. HI: of Columbus is the finest of her daughter. Mrs. H. K. .fnck.sini ;md Mr. Jackson and other relatives and friends. In celeliralion of his birthday an- niv-er-ay. Maslnr Clifton Vinoynrd en- teriained a group of his young friends at !)H> home of his parents, on West •lib Street. There was n beautiful birthday ufike with nine burning lnji- i'1-.s which was cut and .served with Diincli to Ihe following: C'liii.s. Ilytitt, Kffie Hyatt. Chas. Failweathor, Betty .In Collins. I'efifty Cook, Jojo O'Brien, Bobby Bcarden, Jack Bundy, Hobby GiiiTi'lt ,-4nd Ht.-rljfr.v Griffin jr. Miss Clnudi.-i Whitworlh hns ro- ttirnod fl'om (i visit to the World's Fair in Now York. -O- Mr. and Mrs. Karllo Archer and son E.'irlie jr. iind dniiRhter, Nnrma .fean and Miss Mary Evelyn Whitworlh wore Tuesday visitors in Pnyelte- ville. Tokio WL> note from Tuesday's Arkansas Gfi/etto that Miss Melvn IBullingtnn hiis been appointed homo demonstration agent for Jefferson County, wilh headquarters ,-it Pine Bluff. Mis;; Bul- llin;ton has boon agent in Hempstead county for the past three yours. Aflor :\ summer vacation the Cemetery Association will resume activities for the new year rit four o'clock, Friday afternoon at the First Methodist church. Mr.'i. W. H, Pre.'icott, onlertainod her fiintlsfiii. Master Jiimes Heni-y f'res- otl. with ii birthday party Monday NEW I.AS't' 'I'IMKS Tl.'KSDAY liene Duiuir Chnrles linver in -i.ovi-: Arr.Aiii" And Sii;rlil (inrie In "TI!K I'OIUiO'ri'l'.N \VDi\IAN" Mr-.-. Jack Williams and son. Jackie 1 of .Sliciidan were week end Ktieslsj af( P rnonn at his home cm . ortli Eltn of Mr : :. Williams' mother. Mrs. Ida Street. Interesting Alines were play- Mai -hndale and olher relatives. ,,,|. I L . O CTC!im |n , 1U jh and cookies —O— (were served In the following quests Mis-; Opal Cheek. Hemps-lead counlyi —O— lleidlh NIIIM- was a Sunday visitor! Carolyn Howe, Allie Mae Marlar in Lillle lioek. ! Valmer Dean B(jyd. Ronnie Sue Sut- Ducket, Jessie Monrot < .M;V <; I:\NT JI-'AN AltTliril III "Only Angels Have Wings" Mr Vnj'.in York. -O- I-.'Mie.vt Wifi/ifieNI has returned delightful motor trip with rein WashiiiKloii City. C'dloiiial a and the World's Fair in Now j Valmer Dea I ton. Thomas Ducki-l, James Edward Bearden Jr. Ji Ann Shields, l,ida Oliver. Charle. 1 - KayPrescoH, William Hillings, Sue NeU son, and Uelhert Weeee Nelson Ji —O- wiih Mr. and Mrs. Mr. John Nunnesscr lia 1 - returned to his home in riighkind. Schwchkc. .son of Mr . .Schwebke of Mr. and Mrs. Ii. II. Martindale announce the marriage of their daughtci Jennie Sue, on Auiiusl 23 to Wesle.s Mrs. 11 The revival meeting which IB in progress at Sweet Hofc is hnving good crowds. The Pnslor Rev. McFeo of Bingcn is being nfimtrd by Wnlliu'O Calloway jr. of Murfreesboro. Mr. imd Mrs. ,1, T. Wnrron find children returned Wednesday from Oklahoma where they visited relat- ! ives. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Springs and children of Doyle attended church it Swnet Homo Fiiday night, Luther Doyle Warren left Friday or McC'askill where lie will visit •datives. Mrs. Henry Edmiostan loft Sunday 'or her home at Sulphnr Springs. Texas aflor an extended visit bore with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Gns Holt. Mr. and Mrs. Olin Holt of Mom- phis, Tenn. visited relatives here Saturday Mr. and Mrs. ,1. B. Hutson are the proud parents of a now boy. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Brown of Furl Worth, Texas are visiting relatives here. Cloud Sponhonks hits sold bis Blacksmith and Grist mill lo Vermin Mc- Lautthlm. Mr. and Mrs. Cloud Sponhonks and children are leaving for points in Texas lo pick cotton and for M Spanhank.s health. Miss Kalhryn Moll left Suiulu for Sulphur Springs, Texas to visil Mr. and Mrs, Henry dminston. Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Cooley and baby of Arkadelpbia visiled relatives here Sunday. K Earl Hill, 56, Dies Monday Afternoon Funeral' For Hope Man To P.o Held At 10 A. M. Wednesday STANDINGS Southern Association ITnrol I Pec Wed Koliorts of Hope rai Le heard regularly over radio sta- luiii K'I'lIS of Mnl Springs from IMIO lu ll:-ir> si. in, -O— Mam ice Clniss mid Fate Dee Spain i.f Oillun. Texas, (Rio Grande Valleyi anived in Hope Sunday night on a vncaliiin I rip they will spend in Hope anil at Hot Sprint's, They will IK: j here iiliout a weel< before i;oinK lo I Ilnl Sin-ings. They expect ID return hiinic about September .1. I Mrs. Miiry Pofah! iind Oonald Krand- MJII of Mrs. Pofabl uf Little Hock are visilim; Mr. and Mrs. Max J. Kues- perl Mrs. Pofahl is Mr. Kue.spert Mini. KOBISON'S PAYMENT PLAN (JITt-i's you i h iViAi)f-:'surr VV't'cks to easiest \vuy tu buy KOIt I-'ALll Only your new TAILOR id'- Down and ]() 1NP1ANAPVL3S Mrs. Kdilh K little Max are pert brother H lumm. Texas. -O- Miss Elsie Weisenboryer has rived horn from Fayetteville attending the State University the summer terms, -O- Mrs. John Wall and Miss lha Mae Tollett cjf Pine Bluff are visitinK their parents Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Tul- lell of Nashville Route :i. ia'spel, Francis and vi.silim; Mr.s. Kues- OIIIIM- I,(ill).; at YOH- ar- ftcr for Last Times Tonight! DON'T MISS TT FOLKS! "Bachelor^ Mother" —WEDNESDAY— A Timely Subject!. Will The Sun Soon Set On The British Empire? (ji- c- If Enjoy the personal attention of an expert in the selection of color, pattern, and styling best suited to your appearance. Choose from hundreds of fine new custom quality woolens — in yard-length samples to give a better idea of their beauty. Fine tailoring at popular prices! Tin; i.i;.u>iN'<; DKiwin'MENT STOKK UK <;1VIC KACJUi STAMPS Geo.W. Robison £r Co. _t 3 ?i VIHC'.INIA l-'IKI.n I 1C) NIC I. AT W 11.1. HAKBAHA O'NKll. ( ' AIIKHKV SMITH HI I VII II COOFI H \<\^ 5H>. ^ —Starts Thursday- WINTER CARNIVAL RICHARD CARLSON HELEN PARRISH • ROBERT ARMSTRONG VIRGINIA GILMORE by CHARLES RIESNER o,.d Ihiu UNITED ARllSIi iermany Receives (Continued from Page One) use from Berlin by that lime, tho irime inini.sler was expected ti> desil •autiously with tbe exchange of com- minicalions. Tbe reason for this was i desire to avoid any provocation it Ibis rrilicul ,st:igc and lo make il is easy as possible for Hitler lo choose jeaceful negotiation. l!:ick Dou-n on PARIS. France —(/Pi— Diplimatic circles said Monday that Britain's new lote to Germany may have paved the way for lon/j negotiations for sellle- ncnt (jf the Kuropan crisis. After reading the text, of the ropy which the British rushed to Berlin. French officials .said that, only a 'lightning stroke" by Hitler against Poland would keep the crisij: from Iragging out perhaps for weeks. The British note, they indicated, was designed to maneuver Hitler into a technical and legal argument over hi.s position as outlined to Premier Da- hidier and Prime Minister Chamberlain personal messages. The note was described by a French diplomat who saw it as being so "technical" that-a lengthy and detailed German reply would be necessary. Nevertheless, Paris put ilself in fighting trim to resist attack from the air. Hundreds of tliotinsntids of persons joined those who bad gone t the country. Railroad stations were crowded with families sitting forlornly on .suitcases and boxes containin cherished possessions. Burned His Bridges? There was no change in the French position. Aflor Hitler's rcjoclion ol Daladic.r''s suggestion that GermaiO negotiiile directly wilh Poland if he wanted peace, officials said: "Hitlei must back down now or fight." Earl Hill. 5d, a resident of Hope for a number, of ynnrs, died at his home here Monday afternoon. Funeral services will be held at ID a. in. Wednesday at First Pentecostal church with Miss Onntin Bur? mm of Shrevcport in charge of the services. Burial will ho in the Cantley ccmetary near Prescolt. Mr. Hill is survived by his widow, two sons. Ralph Hill of Hope, and Buddy Hill of Electra .Texas; four daughter. 1 ;. Mrs. Guy Greene of Stamps Mrs Pauline Hudson of Hope. Miss Louise and Jane Hill of Hope. Underground War (Continued from Pnge One) cards. • ' The Oerman Siefried line is newer, built with in the past three years. But Killer lias already said that "no power on earth can got through, this wall " Wilh the Rhine as a border as far north as SIra.sboui-gh. then veering eiislwiird behind Luxembourg and Belgium, i! runs from Switzerland to a point on the Netherlands border. From wind is known of it, the presumption is thivt;\ it consists more "I .surface fortifications than the French. Though hurriedly built, no expense or Inbor has been spared, and in general it is regarded as probably equivalent In the French system. On both sides of the lino, specially-trained troops have mannd both lines, for the operation of the machin- ry of .such extensive underground works is almost as complicated as •ie navigation of a great, battleship. Jnlraitiec! officers and men sent in> them would be helpless. 11 i.s the existence of these shields L I ween France and Germany which :.',-i(l military experts to predict that lie first, blows of a new war would e struck elsewhere until one side r the other had devised a way lo ieree the shields. Memphis .. Nnshville Chat'noogii Atlanta Kjioxville Little Rock . Birm'gham ... Ney/ Orleans 77 74 7.'i 74 (i!) 58 57 no (10 (ii (14 75 78 .575 .552 .549 .548 .519 .436 .435 ..'188 Monday's Results Throe night games. Games Tuesday Chattanooga at Little Rock Knoxville at Birmham. Nushville at New Orleans. Atlanta at Memphis. National League CLUB NOTES Oh! Liberty The Old Liberty Home Demonstration club mot at the grove in front, of Mrs. Chester Hosenboun. August 17, for a picnim. 'Ten members wets children. Gumes and amusements of all kinds were enjoyed by the crowd. Theit at noon a nice lunch was spread. 'Hie afternoon was spent, in contest and freezing cream. Our agent was out of town and could not be with us. The president gave out some literature and Fair books. Then the members open the cream and-passef It' 1 round to the- crowd WhfttH vWtr «h- , oyed by 'all, ' • "• The cluB adjourned lo" meei wilh VIrs.• Clarace Gilbert' on Sejrtdtobe*' 1. Those prosent; were: . ... Mra. 3. E. Mosien. and. familjv Mrs. Chester Rosenboum and family.,. Mrft 3rvie Rosenboum and family, Mrs Claraence Gilbert and : family,. ^ r ?- loyd Pardue and. family. Mr«.,C$>n- lie Harrison and Mms Evlyn, tfar- ison and Mrs. Guy HickSi ; •- - ' Clubs. Cincinnuti . St. Louis ... Chicago Brooklyn New York Pittsburgh Boston Philadelphia W. 73 08 GH CO 5!) 53 51 38 L. 45 50 fin 56 58 fil! (ill 77 Pet .019 .57B .553 .517, .504 .457 .HHi .,",30 Ciood For Her! OCF.ANS1DE. Calif.—f/P)—Although inly five weeks old. a culf on a local dairy ranch gives milk. Monday's Results New York If? Cincinnuti 1. BoKton 10, St. Louis 5 Chicago 5. Philudelphia '.!. Only games played. Gtiincs. Tuesday St.. Louis at oBslon. Pillsburgh at Brooklyn. Cincinnuti at New York. Chicago, lit Philadelphia. American League Clubs. New York Boston Chicago Cleveland .... Detroit Washington Philadelphia St. Louis .... W. 87 7,'! (id (in 02 52 . 41 34 L. 3446 54 55. 5« 71 7H 84 Pet, .719 .613 .550 .542 .617' .423 .345 .288 Monday's UpsnHs New York. 18, Detroit 2. ' Boston 6. Cleveland 5. St. Louis 12. Wiishhington Philadelphia-Chicago, night. Games Tuesday Philadelphia at Chicago. Boston at Cleveland. Now. York at Detroit. Washington at St. Louis. hTe earth's atmosphere is knokn extend upward at least 120 miles. tu The old time calomel was the doctor's favorite remedy for biliousness or so-called "Torpid Liver,", so prevalent in hot weather, but it had borne serious drawbacks from the standpoint of the patient. The nauseating and, sickening aftereffects and the necessity to follow 10 with a close of Epsom, salts made many of us hate to take it. 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So, for- a; boost . hr pepr and energy^ get a Botble of-' Sargon todaV at onr risk; It you: are.-not entU-ely satisfied, after taking: .acoordingf tp directions, the full .purchase price will be returned: without ^question: Ward 1 &. Son- Druggist Dr. J. D. Johnson Aimouuces the opening at < First National Bank BUildta* Practice bimited: to. Eye, EarNoBe*nd ; Throat ine Watchful ROME. Italy —i./f'i— Premier Mussolini slood by Monday ready to mediate I the diplomatic conflict between Berlin I and hondlon over Germany's demands on Poland. Italian newspapers re- porled thai "a government," which Ihey did not name, had appealed to Mussolini to intervene hut they reported an "increased dcmbt of a ne,t;iiti- Fascists said some change in posi- lions iniHiil result from the British reply to Adolf Hitler's peace proposals ID London. Kurope. Ihey said, was await in;; an "act bright hope" shuuUl bi> drawn from tho present wa period. Vireinio Gayda, who often speaks the mind of Mussolini, wrote in II Gior- nal d'llalia Ihiit J! Diice could not perform the "miracle" of averting war. alone. He said any appeal for medial- ion must entail "undursUinding and re- .specl" of Ihe needs and right of all. Hitler has demanded Danv.ig and the Polish Corridor. Italy has been demanding, as a need and ngn!. advantages in Timisifi, ihe Sue/: canal and Jubuti. HERE'S THE OPPORTUNITY YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! YOUR CHOICE OF MAKES AND MODELS! MMAL RATIO*WIU Double Feature Mary Boland Charles Ruggles "NIGHT WORK" —and— "TARZAN AND fiREEN GODDESS" Many cars offered for sale carry the Ford Dealer's R&G written guarantee which means Reiieived where necessary to certain specifications and Guaranteed under a money- back plan. 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