Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 6, 1941 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1941
Page 2
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jl MORE Y&U TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" You con talk to only one man Wont Ads talk to Thousands SELL, HINT, BUY OR SWAP /dnt Ads cash in advance. Not taken over the Phone ^thM->*St *«4 ( Bilnimum fctt Thr«»Hm«»—3 W word, minimum 50* ««M, iMnliMM Hi DIM month—lie word, minimum $2.70 Rafts art tot ebrttlnuous lns»r*iorw only lope Star SW* of Hop«, 1899; r*rt» 1927, fttttoll- onggi^ 1», 1929. evsry we«lRioy afw noon by Star Publishing Co. Inc. (C. E. Palmer ond Alex H. V/dshbum) ji (he Star building, 2I2-2U South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. I. PALMIK, Prtilcfon* Al*X. H. WASHBURN, tdllef ant Entered as second class matter at the Postoffke at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. For Safe BY ^BUYING USED FURNI- j§,trota us! Chairs, Tables, Stoves, * "s, and many other Items all in \ condition . with reasonable .'Also highest prices paid for r-"*furniture. FRANKLIN FURCO.,-South Elm Street ,9-lmc. CORN, 75c PER BUSHEL Plow tools, all kinds. Plow ,"See A. N. Sfroud, Washington, l ' !'• ' 13-lmp 3RENCE OIL COOK RANGE one year. Excellent condition Sfiefl '570. Terms if desired. Mrs |£. x Schooley. 38-F-ll. Old north 3-3tc L CHEVROLET MASTER DELUXE wipe—New brakes, battery. Gooc Edition. Douglas Frew, Cost Accts ej Proving Grounds. 5-3tp Salesman Wonted WILL PAY STRAIGHT SALARY $35.00 per week, man or woman with auto, sell Eureka Poultry Mixture to farmers. Eureka Mfg. Co. East St. Louis, 111. (API—Means Associated Press (NEA)—Means Newspaper finterprlss Ass'n WASH w ^^ 9* *• *• Vi _* t \ _*ir t ^£__ ,,JLn-fiM itwT-tifi infiii-fvi 4r, *TI **if Tirlia^iaijii_nci±Jt~" ^^^^^^ J ^^'*^ jj '" : *-' ti:ah '"— fcjt-l fii'iai'iii^li^" j "* - ^iHWtfuftir'riirrtftir^ *i' jpst G Deeoy' , By Roy Cran« Subscription Rat* {Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c; Hempsteod, Nevada, Howard, Miller and Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. SEVERAL MEN WITH CARS FREE to travel with a crew to sell the weekly Kansas City Star. Steady pleasant work. K interested write Ira C. Pace. General Delivery, Pres- Member of The A»soelot«d Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for reptiblicatlon of all news dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein, Notional Advertising feepresentatlvi Arkantos Dollies. Inc.; Memphis, Tenn,, Srerlck Building; Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avnue: New York City. 507 Fifth Avenue; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 414 Tetmina Bldg. colt, Ark. 3-4tp Lost 21 JEWELL HAMILTON, SIZE 16. Reward for return to J. W. Perkins, 228 N. Hervey. l-3tp Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cards of ttjanks resolutions, or memorials, concerning .: thf departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to pro tect their readers from a deluge of space takinb memorials. The Star disclaims res ponsibility for the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. ONE .RED MARE MULE, WEIGHT around 900 Ibs. Notify Byron Eubanks. Hope'Rt. 2. 3-3tp STMAS. TREES have arrived 6 your choice early — Trees are Amounted.' Mont's Seed Store. 5-6tp BLACK COCKER SPANIEL PUPPY. Three months old. Reward; for 'return to Mrs. C. R. Eatchil, 313 South Spruce. 5-3tc For Sole Miscl. EfATXJlTTS PEDIGREED PUPPIES ^£ Presents. Will hold for Christ- |mas delivery if desired. Cockers, Chows and Pointers. Padgitts Kennels. 20-lmp I&ERMAN POLICE PUPPIES. 1201 S. lEIm* Street. ,4-3tp Trailers For Sale ISEE MY NEW & USED HOUSE railers. American Stage Coaches and Roy Crafts. Prices from 5200 up, ^Eas^ terms. See Thehna Stevens, ||Barwin's Trailer Camp, Highway fnorth, Hope, Phone 22F-2: 6-30tp ON DISPLAY — FULL LINE wers' Bros. Trailer Coaches. Cal we have several models to select from. Luck's Tourist Court. 21-tfc For Rent !' BOOMS — UNFURNISHED fivate entrances. 604 South Hamil 3-3tp 3NE ROOM FURNISHED FOR LGHT ^housekeeping. Utility bills paid. Ol W north of Hope. Mrs. J. E. Schooley fSS-F-Jl. 3-3tc A STRAWBERRY -ROAN, BLAZE- face horse, weight 1150. Strayed three weeks ago. Last heard of between Blevins and Prescott. Reward. See R. W. McCormack, Blevins, Ark., Rt. 1. 5-Gtp British admiral, is atop Trafalgar. Square monument. 5. Lincoln's right .foot is forward in Lincoln Memorial statue. Don't stick your neck out whil strutting. Look what recently happen ed to- a lot of turkeys. ' Lego! Notice Personal WARNING ORDER IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT CARL JACKSON Plaint! v. EMMA JACKSON Defendant The defendant, Emma Jackson is hereby warned to appear in the Chan- MADAM VERA — NOTED AIEDIUM ' cer y Court of Hempstead County, Arand Advisor. Gives definite and I kansas, within Thirty (30) days here- reliable advise _on all affairs of life, | a ft e r ond answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Carl Jackson. Witness my hand of said Court and love, marriage, busniess, investments, wills, deeds, and changes. Tells you if you will marry the one you love. Give names, dates, facts and figures. Consult me today. Special' reading daily 50c. 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. Studio located " in Trailer at LUCK'S TOURIST COURT on Highway 67 West. 1-Gtp Wanted NEW OR RENEWAL OF SUBSCRIP- tions to any magazine published. Charles Reynerson at City Hall. ' 2-14tc Mole Help Wanted M FURNISHED APARTMENT outside city limits. Mrs. R. M. Phone 38 F12 4-3tc LARGE BEDROOM. CON- |j»enient "to bath. For gentlemen or Icouple. No children. 322 S. Shover. ~ ne 825. 4-3tc TWO MEN WANTED AT ONCE .Large, well known feed company must appoint two men for good pay, ing work where this newspaper i: circulated. Render service and do •other work. Farm experience any kind o£ sales experience helpful. Must have carT Pleasant, permanent work. Send only name and address. Write Box 98, Hope, Ark. 3-ltp )NT BEDROOM. WILL SHARE Close in. 518 West Division. 4-3tp ONE ROOM APART- See C. E. WJjitten, Old Fulton inside city. 4-3tp 3ROOM WITH PRIVATE BATH, vo blocks from business district. For one or two gentlemen. Phone |696 after 6 p. m. 5-3tc Wonted to Buy HHIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR MEN'S f-fapd boy« suits. R, M. Patterson. l-15tc SH PAIEI FOR HOME MADE «}uilts gnd slightly used 6 ft. Gas or refrigerator. Mrs. Tom Phone 164. - 6-3tc Furniture For Sale FURNITURE STORE HAS door to Saenger Theate better prices op furniture se :he seal thereof on tjiis Gth day of December, 1941. J. P. BYERS (SEAL) Clerk. December 6, 13, 20, 27 COMMISSIONER'S SALE Refrigeration REFRIGERATION SERVICE — WE repair anything Electrical, Wiring, motors. Kelly Refrigeration Service. 112 Main. Phone 144". ' 10-im-c Notice HAVE OPENED PLUMBING SHOP in town. All business appreciated. All work guaranteed. C. L. Roberts Phone 343. • • 6-6tp Answer to Cranium Crackers Questions on Page One 1. Statue of Liberty holds stone tablet in her left hand, torch in her right. 2. Minuteman holds a long rifle in h>s right hand. Statue by D, C- French is at Concord, Mass. 3. Liberty Bell was first cast in England, was recast in Philadelphia in 1753. It. wasn't cracked until 1835. 4. Statue of Lord Nelson, great NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That in pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the decretal order of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, made and entered on the 2nd day of December, A. D. 1941 in a certain cause (No. 5595) then pending therein between Loyce Burns,) et al. complainants, and Bennie Jean ( Burns, et al. defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public vendue to the highest bidder, at the front door or entrance of the County Courthouse, in which said Court is held, in the County of Hempstead, in the City of Hope, Arkansas, within the hours rescribed by law for judicial sales, n Saturday the 3rd day of January ^. D. 1942, the following described eal estate, to-wit: The South Half of the Northeast Quarter (S% NE'/i)'of Section Seven- een (17), Township Fourteen (14) South, Range Twenty-four (24) West, ontaining 80 acres, more or less, in iempstead County, Arkansas. The property will first be offered or sale offering only the surface rights and timber. Then the property l be offered for sale selling the surface rights, timber, and one-half pf the mineral rights, and both sales will be reported to the Court for decision ond approval. At all events, one-half of the mineral rights will bo reserved. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months, the purchaser being required to execute a bond as required by law and the order and decree of said Court in said cause, with approved security, bearing interest at the rate of six per cent per annum from date of sale until paid, and a lien being retained on the premises sold to secure the payment of the purchase money. Given under my hand this 5th day of December, A. D. 1941. J. H. BYERS Commissioner in Chancery. Dec. C, 13, 20. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with ... Major Hoople 9* THE WAttf LOWERS $& OLD 61TT\NG BULU IS AROUND T=L^$H^e A TVW CWM INTO rr^»M wii'^M^i'r r * »*!»»•' 68 SECONDS HM/fc RVSSEb, VBtTrte T6L6PH6NE THEM TRACER BUULETS TO SET It THE WAREHOUSE W£ra»BUtT\N6 BOMBS RTMB gEA i&St ftUCTIOM • POPEYE Pull Your Munches, Popeye! Thimble Theater t-, v MOV OM "SHIP-1 4AM 'ER. B'GIW DIM. 1 *»'. I? /AHO/, ASHORE, THE FALLING : r^s^ . P'RAPS I HAD BETTER,; > EAT A LITTLE OF IT, I v NEEDS MORE «r,TG>EK!trrH t IMME ATE TOO MUCH <=>Pl DONALD DUCK After Dinner Speech! By Walt Disney ^ALLOWING YOU 111 II WHY YOU CHISELED! $25 FOR A BEAUTIFUL CREATURE #25! TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT! (LISTEN PUPPY, THATC NOW, WISE GUY I'M SONNA SET 6lD CF YOU AND WAKE A LITTLE COUGH/ ILL NOT TAKE ISSS THAN #40! Copr. 1941, WJtDinqr Production 'id Rich.. Rrervcj BLONDIE ( ... Situation Wanted: By Chic Young i BROU6WT HERBERT ) fwwvAPOLOGIZE? HE PIPNT IT WAS )> SMOKE rr/ HE A TRICK 1 SAVEPITTO GWE C\GARI<<-. TO MIS BOSS TOPAV/ QUICK/ OFFICE, BEFORE HE GIVES IT TO OV/SR TO APOLOGIZE f PAGWOOl? < FOR THATCI6AR r^~~\ ITMOUSMT IT WAS WE GAVE v__x/I'K D-AGWOOR )' (SOfi BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES The Skeptic By Edgar Martin THIM*. SEE ••• fAOR£'N HE VETW OH \ y^ r RED RYDER Now What? 1 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. PEO. U. 8.PCT. OF^ _^ By Fred Harmon ——^^^^^^^^^^»—••! L>l I I —.1 I "'••••-111- W .' ? VOU •SCROOGES NE.HO MOT I CATCH/ Y ADOPT A <£TW3B VJWSPER, CAN BE TWO BLOCKS HIM BEFORE ^ X'LU GLAOLV REPAV TKB UP V^fV GUMS VOU <5Q A CPvSE OP I'VE BEEN HUH/501HE CslRL IS N CAHOOTS \-OITH RYCe.R.-' WARMING HWA WltriA\^IUTJ SHOT BtfORE 1 COULD W- HllA •' LET HER THINK SHE'S 8*MOO /MUSTN'T KNO\N) 1 FlREt) ALLEY OOP The Strategy's Working ByV.T, Hamlin Y VEH,THAn"S WHAT I'D \ HOPED... NOW 1 C3>OT \ AKJOTHER. HOPE-THAT 1 MAC3 IM R.1C31KJ' y CAM HOUP OUT.' S LOOK. BAROM, ALL ( YES,COUKJT, BUT /AVE...H1S APPAREKST f ILL G^T YOU IF I IF YOU'LL RECALL WELL WITHOUR? HIS WOBD^lHlS/^LSIGMAL TO FALL BACK. HAMPIOM... HE BIG APE PLUMB OUT A SIGHT / FRiCKLES AND HIS-FRIENDS Me and My Shadow By Merrill Blosser I'Lt. see vou TOMORROW, i yoo'D BETTER so HOME BEFORE PADDY i-EARMS THAT YOU HAD A HAND IM Love Bes»Ns To DREAM AM D Gers A 6/No WEM/ START

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