The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Project. In Study Stage May Be Ready In Two Years __ WASHINGTON, April '25. (UP) — Federal Crop Insurance officials have worked onl a tentative nhn for extending crop insurance to citrus growers, probably witliln Hie next two years. The plan is based on a study au- IhorlMd by..congress. Tlint study ha.s not been completed, but stifli- clenl data has been gutlicred to indicate Dial ,1 pracfbii] prpgnmi can be developed, officials said. Cecil 'A. Johnson, assistant 1 : <C'I manager, said there is "every indication" dial the tentative plun "will continue toward development of a sound and workable foundation" for ."nil-risk Insurance fur citrus fruit." Uke Wheat Insurance 'Hie proposed citrus plan is .similar to tlic all-risk wheat insur-1 ance put into effect last year for wheat farmers. Approximately onc- .third of all wlient growers will be protected against .crop losses tins year by federal Insurance. Tlie• citrus 1 insurance plnn would Include not only tlie yield, as hi ''the case of wheat, but also damage lo tlie trees, The latter \vas< added because of the danger thai cold weather or a hurricane might destroy the trees. Under the tentative plum growers, would insure 15 per cent of their average production of oranges, grapefruit and lemons In (eVnis of boxes of fruit. Unlike wheat, where premium payments are In kind, citrus growers would pay cnsh premiums. It would be Impossible to store the citrus fruit for a year for the settlement of claims, as is done In wheat, officials said. Insurance rates would be based on cnch War Drama Written In Swirling;Foam' BJ<VTHRVTT,T;E (ARK.)' COTJRIER NEWS Fresh Asparagus With Butter is Delicious Dish Klan Unmask itself '[lie sharp. wliIU! foutn of wake tells Oils sloi-y . . • Scene: bomber spots armed German auxiliary Moot ship. .Snip spots avoid clo.slnictlon . . . Climax? British-censored North Sen . . . Story: llillish bomber, desperately starts Ui .. caption omits further details. .Blenheim grower's record of losses avi-r n do.siunntod "base" period. ROK KasK tri Hi- llsi-il liolh the premium :ind the M<v- ernifi' would be computed, however. in terms of boxes to which a fixed prim would apply so that the premium payment nnd the indemnification would be In dollars. j Hecause citrus trees do not be| gin to bear until their seventh ear nnd continue to increase in productivity until their 20th year. >rcmlum payments would follow a similar pattern. Also, because after i year of heavy production irecs cud to rest for a .season, insurance probably would be written for two consecutive years. '•There are still some pu/./.les In the cllrtis fruil insurance picture." Johnson said, "and the plans thai we have made llnis far arc tentative and may have lo undergo considerable cutting nnd filling as we move into the problem. However. the obstacles are not Insurmountable." Don't Neglect Slipping ., FALSE TEETH Do false teeth drop, slip or wobble when you talk. eat. laugh or sneeze? Don't be annoyed and em- barrnised by such handicaps. FAS- .TEETH, an alkaline (non-acid) powder to sprinkle on your plates keeps false teeth more firmly set Gives confident feeling of security and added comfort. No .gummy gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Gel PASTEETTH today at any dm Unfavorable Spring Weather Delays Farming Operations store. School Declares War On Foreign Propaganda BINGIIAMTON, N,- s Y. (UP)— School, Daniel J. Kelly has enllstert the aid of school principals In a drive against foreign propaganda disguised as newsletters. Kelly instructed principals, particularly high school heads, to seize "any foreign communlcn- Artv. C. tions" and semi them to him. WASHINGTON, A|)ril 25. (UPJ —Tlie most unfavorable spring weather iti recent yeurs lias tlclay- ccl fanning operations amV caused millions of dollars damage to early crops, the Agriculture Department reported today. Early crops have been damaged by dry \veather and dust storms in tlie southern great plains. Unsea- sotiauly cold weather and excessive rains have delayed plnntiivg from two to three weeks in eastern and southeastern stales. Tlie April freeze Wiled or damaged fruit in many sections. Hail ruul wind storms have caused damage In some sections and floods in others. Only In the northern great plains and the^Great Lukes regions have crops made normal progress. Continued dry weather and luck of sub-soil moisture over most of. the winter \vhcat tell was reported by the weather bureau. A winter wlicnt crop one-third below normal is now In prospect. Growing conditions were reported more favorable In the spring wheat belt. Reflecting, in part, the unfavorable wcniher, cash farm income from marketings declined contra- sensonally in March, the Bureau of Agricultural Economics reported Tlic March total was $534,000,000 compared with $545,000.1100 in February. For the First quarter of IfllO cash farm income, including government benefit payments, was $1,587,000,000. an increase of 12 per cent over the same period of J939. Government payments comprised $291,000.- COO of'thc total this year and $192.000,000 last year. r, Part of the March decline was attributed to a slackening of demand for farm products, which was reflected in lower prices despite « less than usual increase in market- ings. Farmers received n cash income of SIM.000,000 from all crops; SH35,COO.OOO from the sale of livestock and livestock products and $07,000,000 from government • benefit payments in March. Last.'year crops brought formers a March income of $170,000.000; livestock $341,000.000 and benefit, payments $95,000,000. The department, did not announce n slate break-down of cash income in March. Totals for, the flrsl two months of the year showed Iowa In tlie lead with $136.000,000 from casli marketings ,and $5,501,000 from government payments. Cash from the sale of Iowa crops was $4G,9G2,000 compared with $40,304,000 In the same monjhsj of yea;'. Livestock nnd livesfbfk products brought $89,028,000, com-'; pared with $78,33.7,000 last year.' I(V MRS. (JAVNOR MADUOX N'KA Service StaH WrUtr. Fresh asparagus with melted Iml- r in one of spring's blessings. Belter check up on the method of cooking and a few Interesting recipes. Tu (,'ook Asparagus Break oil lite loiiuli ends of Uie stalks at Hie point, v.'hcre they snap easily. Trim off tlic scales and wash the asparagus carefully. Tie Uie stacks In a loose bunch and stand upright 1 in a kettle of boiling water so that tips arc out of Hie water. Cover the kettle and cook for 15- p or-20 minutes, or until the asparagus Is tender. Drain Immediately. | If the asparagus Is cut In pieces before cooking, keep the tips .separate and add them after tin: resit a! the stalks have cooked for III minutes. Use a small amount of j lightly salted water. | ASI'AKAGUS AND OMVKS All «RAT1N (Serve* Jive nc six) Two clips cooked asparagus, Vs '.•up stoned clmpppd olives, 1 liaitl- cooked egg, chopped; i cup milk, 'i tablespoons flour, 2 tablespoons butter, sail, pepper; ',-. cup buttered crumbs. Cut the asparagus into pieces about an inch long and put it in a buttered baking dish. Sprinkle with the chopped olives and egg. Make & white sauce of the butter, flour and milk and season with salt and pepper. Pour the sauce over the asparagus and cover with buttered crumbs. Bake in a moderate oven <375 degrees P.) for about half an hour. ASPARAGUS SAI.AIt, VINAIGRETTE s (Serves four to six) Cooked asparagus tips, leliuce, 1 teaspoon salt, '/, teaspoon pep per, few grain's cayenne pepper, 3 tablespoons vinegar, G tablespoons salad oil, 1 tablespoon chopped green pepper, l tablespoon chopped pickle, 1 teaspoon minced THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 1940 crevices sustained Ignited matcnef, and at other times (lie ignited match was smothered immediately. Imperial Wizard James A, Cole.wott (right) shows how Die Ku Klux Klan will dress, after his recent order lo unmask. Old ri'giilia, «'ilh sinister, eye-slit hood (left) was abandoned coincWentally with trials of n Georgia Klan members for Hogging. Colescoli denied any connection between trial and new Klan regalia. parsley, 1 .teaspoon chopped chives or a few drops onion juice. Chill (lie asparagus tips and arrange on lettuce. Combine tlic remaining ingredients and pour over the asparagus. Rock Fissures Found To Emit Poison Gases FRESNO, Cal. (UP) — Sequoia National Park rangers reveal Mother Nature's apparent disregard for man-made laws of international warfare. Mother Nature uses poi"' json gas! Naturalists observed the phenomenon during the course of research under the national conservation program project at Shotgun creek in the Sequoia National Park. The naturalists said they ob- Tlie largest artillery reservation In the world is located at Port Bragg, N. C. served thousands of dead insects nnd many dead birds nnd reptiles, all of which apparently were killed by carbon dioxide gas issuing from a large fiunarolc in the rock formation. Similar observations have been reported from Soda Springs in Yellowstone National Park where investigation showed the poison gas had taken a considerable toll of bird life. Naturalists said the birds aparently had sought shelter from the cold near the warm fum- aroles and iwre asphyxiated by the gas. Rangers said the percentage of poison gas issued by the fissure varied considerably. When the gas , £ 21 <- rolumc was low the air abore the Seagram's 5 Crown Jliemled \Vhi?ke.y. ' grain nenlral spirits. 90 Proof. Seajjram-Dislillcrs Corporation, N. Y. — PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate' Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Col £/.. ARE INVITED TO COME TO OUR STORE AND PARTICIPATE IN THESE BARGAINS DURIN* OUR... NATIONAL HARDWARE ™«TFIFUL CHRYSLER! FOUR DOOR HDAH, DEUVtREO IN HITRO)T THE QUALITY CAR THAT GIVES YOU MORE FOR YOUR MONEY. IET A RIDE CONVINCE YOU ... SEE AND DRIVE THE BEAUTIFUL CHRYSLER TODAY! Get behind a new Chrysler S/iceiikhig engine... and you'll know that the Beautiful Chrysler for 19-ft) is also the most thrilling car you ever drove. More power.. . flashing pickup ... effortless touring speeds. . . vast reserves. The amazing quiet and smoothness are made possible by Floating Power and Supcr- fmished bearing surfaces-smooth to as little as a millionth of an inch. Inside and out, the Beautiful Chrysler BE MODERN APRIL 25th TH«U MAY 4th, 1940 Read Courier News want SIMCO SCREEN ENAMEL Value. CURTAIN STRETCHER IRONIN& BOARD $1-29 Crisp, fmh cur- taint in a few minukt uilhihii handy «treicb«r. . 49 Mo pinnincj lucking, lay on boars' &nd lace Sizt 15«55 in. For wirt doth wood or metal frames. Will not cloa mesh ±^f-"^. n( UTIUTy SWAYtt VACUUM BOTTLE POLISH 25 For use with BB 22% tmtn .shows its quality, its modern design, in every detail. You'll marvel that a c|iiiili(y tar, so liiS- so fine, so beautiful, couKl sell for so small a price. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Direct Dealer For Chrysler and Plymouth 121 W. Ash St. Associated Dealers at ]>honc 111 Leachville Motor Service Leachville, Ark. Hayll Slotof Co. Hayti, Mo. Cooking is FAST...CLEAN ECONOMICAL this modern electrical way! Today there's a new, easier and happier way to banish kitchen cares. Switch to automatic electric cooking with a Westinghouse. It costs much less than you think! 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