The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1940
Page 7
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THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 1940 -"T RLVTREViLLE ( AJIK.V COUKIKR . NEWS PRIZE mm OF U. H, G, ! Dam Closed, Lake Begins Forming PAGE SHVKR. Mrs. L. L. ilubener Lists Group's Prizes For Year Of 1940 Mrs. L. I,. Hubencr of Oils city, who as Uilrd vice president of the Arkansas Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Is the director of Children of the Confederacy for Arkansas, announces Ihc following Natlonnl U,D.C, prizes for Children of the Confederacy work for the year 1940: The Robert H. Hicks Banner fertile C. of C. chapter sending In the best all-round report. The Grace Clare Taylor Loving Cup to the chapter registering the largest number of new members during the year. The Ann Plagg Harvey Loving Cup to the division director registering the largest number of new members during the yenr. Mrs. W. S, Colemai)'Loving cup 16 the chapter director who plticcs In school libraries the largest number of books on Confederate history with U. D. c. book plates in them, to be u«d ns supplemental reading. The Katie Jordan Dennla Loving Cup offered by the Dixie chapter, U. L>. c., of Etitonton. Ga.. to the. division director who makes the best annual report. Mrs. Thomas Lee Craig Medal to be awarded annually to the chapter leader transferring to membership in (he U. D. c. (he largest number of C. of c. members who have reached the age limit.- The Lindsley Trophy offered for the division giving the greatest amount of money to (he "Mrs. Norman V. Randolph Relief Fund." An award offered to the chapter president sending In the best report. The Molly Day DarTan Loving Cup offered to the member of the C. of C. who performs the most unselfish Individual .service io a Confederate veteran or widow of a Confederate soldier. A prize offered for the Division tending in the most money to the C. of C. Scholarship fund. A prize offered to the chapter fending in the greatest amount of money to the C. of C. Scholarship. A set of the "Rise and Pall of Uie Confederate Government" by Jefferson Davis offered the C. of C. chapter sending the largest number of orders for the two volumes 'ofijthls work to Garrelt French Missile In War of Words Wllh the Inst gate closed, writer began bucking up In the annul Htver dnm, Ulsncy, Oklu., to form » lake dial will tmmdale three ronds ana Iwo bridges. Workmen closed tho )»sl BeeUoji of Ihe dnm w)|l>- ont Inlerferrnce from Oklahoma National guardnncn who were forhliUlen 16 slop the project by frilrVni injunction: noney prizes become th if tlie winners. Essay Topics Tlie topics for 1040 national cs-. 5ays are announced by Mrs. Hub- :ner as follows: Jefferson Davis medal for the '>esl essay submitted by a high ichool student on "Jefferson Dnvis the Martyr." 'Hie Etkhardl Medal for the best essay on "Sidney Lnnler, Confederate Soldier, Poet, Musician.' Tlie Longstreet Medal given annually on "General Longstrecl at Oettysbiirg." The Anne Sevier Cup Tor the best essay on the "Right of SEUSS, ion." A S5 prize for the best essay on "Why I Honor Virginia as the Mother State." All c. of C. members are eligible lo try for this urine. Age of the contestant is to ue stated on the ens-elope. A S3 prize is offered for (.he best essay on "Reconstruction Dais properly I~\ • I 17 • 171 • t Unecl rruit Economical, Yet Rich In Nutrition nnswer. Servo It iiflci- n light spring vipivr to complete tho nutrition IIMIIT NOVKI.'l'Y IMUWINO (Servifi *M '. Two cups cooked prunes, 4 slices smnll \vlnio tend cubes Inpurox* Imnlpiy » slices), 1 cup shredded coconut. 4 tablespoons mulled milk 'dry), I tablespoon dnhamon, 1 cup lirnnulntcd sugnr, (J cup chopped nut meats, whipped cronm or «oll ciistard. I'll the prunes and cut Ihlo very smnll pieces. Combine wllli bread cute, coconut, limited milk, splcc. nnd SIIBIU-. and stir until well blended. Konn Inlo « roll about 10 lui'lies long nnd a Inches thick, Holl in chopped mil*. Wrnp li\ »'«x pnper and chill thoroughly. Cut. Into metllimi-lliln Rices with n shni-|> knife. Serve with whipped I'rcnm or soft ciislnrd. May be k«pt for M-veral diiys. ' . To give fresh fruit, either Mlced or Nli>\vcd. n more festive note, serve lltenc delicate cookie*, loo. COCONUT DKOI'S lAI'niil 1, dou'll imcl him Oiy<-Uilril cup butter, (4 siiimr. 1 egg, i e ei; yolk, V.- tea- Bpoii vanilla cxtrnct, Us cups ( Dour. l!j Icnspoons taklilR powder, I 4 H teaspoon salt, K- cup milk, 1 1 i cup shredded cocomll. ! ) Crcinii hiitlor until liRlti. Add mis (lied In clrciifl. courl hen: Sat- •Miniii and cnnllime crcnmlin{ until imlny, living been brought to Pctrtl- white and ihiffy. neat In egg, egn ^rnt county on n ctmngO of venue, yolk, ami vnnllla. allt tOEClliei 1 The plendlnijR, 00 page. 1 :, comprise 1 Hour, baking powder nnil Mill; add one of Hie largest civil court docu- iillfi'iiiitply with milk to butter monts Illed here In many yenrs. mixture. hcntlnR well after niich Robert K. Kleln.scinnldt of Hills- addition. Mix in coconut nnd drop boro, unsiieccssfiil Itcpubllcnu eiill- from spoon onlo u wcll-grcnscil dlilale for clrenlt Jnrigi! In (he baking sheet. Unke In moderate IIB8 race, nsks diiiiuirjes of Wilson Hell niul ,/olui Kversolc, who' nl- lerjedly published and distributed 10 MontKi Old Dell Boy Diet At Hospital Ernest Wayne Slgnuh, ten months old Bon of- Mr, »nd Mrs. Ernest Slgman ot • D*JJ, died jes- tfrdny n I Walls Hospital »here he tiiirtcrivenl nn cjicrntlon hi nn effort to correct mi nllmdit wlilch assailed him fiohie time ago. Fuiwrnl fcm|ce« Wfcro 'held tills allcrnoon at Hojl Funeral Home by the Rev. Mi-, Stcwnrt, pastor of the f>U Uaptbit church, and Ilin Rtv. jf. I..,Newsom, paslor of the Cornell Bnptjst chtircll, wllh biiilal In Khnwootl' Cemotei )'. of Krohch nuinui nl (leiinan proR'slutlons "piinccful" Iniuntions in 'Ills cni-- loon from the Failslnii pupcr, Le Lumlerc, On« Cici'iunli soldier iisks: "And why would we do Io Bwedcn?" "In order to ili'l th* Nobel Poacu IVizs for ttio Feulirer," hla conmulc rupliw. valuable, member of the C. of C., the one who has done the most to build up the organization In bringing in new members, attendance, and general interest. Contest Rules Mrs. Hubener announces tlie following rules as set out by tlie general organization for students writing general essays lo be submitted for national prizes: •• Essays must not contain over 2,000 words and numbers of words must be stated at top left-hand corner of the first page. Essays arc to be typed on good finality paper and signed with fictitious name, real name and address of writer bring ' sealed in an envelope clipped to an essay on the outside of which is the fictitious name and the subject of the essay. Essays arc to be lent to the divi- | sion director by October 1, and '; she will forward these to Ihc third ! vice (irt'sidcnl general. Essays on all subjects may be submitted but. only two on eacli subject may be for- ivartlcd by division directors. Winners are requested not to try for wiiiic prize HgHin. if the same subject is continued from year to year. Prize-winning essays become Uic property of the U. D. C. cups are held for one year by the winners whose names are engraved on them and must be sent C. O. D. to new winner on being noliliert uy third vice president .general. Mc'ln!i and For Best Results In Baking — Use Shibley's Best Henry Clark, Former Local Resident, Dies Hei!ry Clark, formerly of this cltv | and lat.b of Marmadnke, died Tues day morning In a Little Rock hospital following a - lengthy illness rfe'was OS years of afe. Funeral services'were held 'nies- day afternoon nl the Marmnduke Baptist church. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Clark. Mrs. Burlcy Freeman, M's. John Durham and daughter, Miss Virginia Durham, all of this city, went over for the services'. Mr. Clark was engaged in the lumber business when he made his home here. He moved away about 15 years ago. He is survived by his wife, and several children, three sisters and two brothers. . wvrn (376 degrees K) for about ia mlnnlos or until a golden color, lii'move immcdlnlely with a spat-j the rnnnnhlci.. ulii and cool before serving, They VVtliti >Vll1n)ul 1'fnnlcs hACKAWANNA, N. Y, (Ul'i - Resldonlii p[ |hi» Buffalo wiijiirl Try On* of Our lx>M,mt PIG SANDWICHES Ole Hickory Inn Arrow Fran Hlrb School like to welKli themselves but »«ra«. '' times ore n little adverse to jtfyini* for It. When the owner of a/ptnn» wclglil machine' opened the^coirt ' box, 214 Washers, slugs, Egyptian colM, vcltgloui medals and plim I)lece6 of ;netal were found — but no pennies " • Flush Poisoiis Froiii Kidneys and Stop GettingUp Nights 5 Belleallliier, Ha [iplcr— Slejp Sound '; .„ } VI !'l?i \ m . c " UI i , Bct ti>r & cenis « •"'«• efficient nucl Imrn.lcsH mimularit ;s, ( , ii r otl -° l i" 1 iiiicuki » u * h "•<"> J? „ » kl "' c> !1 tho """<> ninlter.'pol-iv «ons (inil ucM llmlnvo now doing you • harin, wliy contliiuo to break your'-' KtMnf up thru th*^ fton'l he an EASY MARK will a subslllul«-fiel Gold Haarlem Oil Capsules— (lie orlifiua li ii*5'! u l ne j'! ht from Haarlem fn Ilollalid. Ixwk (or the Gold MM«1 »ni tho lux— 35 cents. ^ ; - Olhw nyinnlomi of weak kliln«yii,, •ml lrH(a(cil bloildcf nmy bo h«ck--' fclie, pu fry eyes, itbirtlng pains, bnrn-^ Ing oc Hcnmy jiansin-c. TO ALL COTTON GROWERS 530.00 PBft TON R)R VOJJR V..1 I IK . n.) iu.,-,1 r..r wiiriy .ni I,, i, -'•II ftrkl. yfnr .,•,-,!. lld.v'T IX 'flH.AV AND WH Wll.l, Hi.' |iiirf(iiiM. |,f i.'l«.»ilmt iJ >-,,ii |,b i" " ...... "'I. .. |,f »,i>- i,| tmt dt(l" )•!•«> ,(-,.,! or 111,- lull,,,,,. ,',t ,\,,,|| 'I »nr H'lUVf,'.-! I'M (Nil : V(itlH, : Jill j-uilr Kfrtt .'.' RED TOP GIN Big Libel Suit Is On Pemiscol Docket CrtRUTHEKSVILU;, Mo., Apr. 25 —A $50,000 damage suit, based on Ihe publication of an Alleged "false, defamatory nnd lluclou.i" pamphlet dealing with tho gambling Insun In the race for circuit judge of the '21st Judicial district In 1038 The slide fastener was invented by Whilcomb Judson in 1893 but Gideon Sundback later improved and patented it. Fruit novelly jimldi"E can be packet! nutritious valun BY MRS. GAYNOR .'MADDUX NBA Service SUIT Writer Dried fruits are often more economical than fresh fruits. Yet they tvre rich in food value.mid can be sei'ved deliclotnlj-. For the woman who wants n dessert that Is iiiL'k- 1 Iiciislye ycl packed with nutrition, Ihis .novelty pudding is a perfect LOSTYpUR KP? ntnliiul Harmful Try GARLfC acteria in accumuiatcrt mailer in your colon may be ptihoniiw roii. »nd ,uusiiit j IOM or ccp. Medical fc i mc , tm thai Girlie combats Ihia con,Iitio n - c. Kirhy »,„... ] )n iR c and pioi a KKKB Irial rtf llrnrliKrii llarlir TaliH.tJ Pull the Trigger on Constipation, and Pepsin-izeAcidStomachToo Wtich constipation brings bnnclil Iniii- gcslion, bloating, dl/.zy ciK'lls, ens. CColtil imiuiie. sour trtsle, ami had breath, your sloinach Is probably loaded up with ccr- muuihdigcsicd fond and yourbowclsdon't move. So you need l«)lli I'cwiii to litli) break uji fasl Hint rich nmlif-cstcd frxxl in your stamiiclt, and l-axalivcScnna loinlll (lie trif-gcr on lliose la»y l»\i>d.i. Ho be nirc your laxalivo iilso cuiitains l'c|)«n. I nkc Ur. Ciildwcll s Uixativc, because ils byrii]) rc|iF.iii helps you gain tlial won- (krtulslonuicbcomfort.wliilctlwl.axalivc SKiina moves your towels. Tcsla piovc tlio power of PcpMn to tllssolvc thpso lumps »f uiKiiEcslciuimtcui food willed may liuvci niyourslouiarli, tncaiisc belching; rMstric 'aciitily nnd nausea. This is liow pi-pshv izmrj your stomach helps relieve it of such distress. At the Same lime Ihis medicine wakes up I;i7.y nerves and muscles [u your liowclsto relieve your constipation. So etc how much better you fed by taking tlic .laxative that also puts Pepsin to work on itual stomach discomfort, loo. Even finicky children luvc lo taste Ibis pleasant family laxative, lluy Dr. Ctldwcll's Las- IIII.MJ i >nip cpsmatjoiir N'ow Located fn Glcncoe llolcl KlilK ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor All Makes «f KcbiiiH T.V| N1 »rUers, Arlillng Mncliiiifs jiul Cnlcul.-iloi-s—Kc|iafrliif_Par(s—KUihons FLOUR ASK YOUR GROCER THEY'KE ;II)A1HE ! S MNEST Refrigerator teidaire Electric Range . . . Sec ilicsc Big, Beautiful IJargains complete dis- 'l.vy of die Year's crowning Achievement in Kitchen Appliances.. .Now a: Our Store! • Visit our store ami see for yourself how America's No. 1 /c/Viger.itor tojis tlicm all for new design, ntw convenience features, and ntw low operating cost. Sec the new l-'tigiiljirc Cokl- Wall -it's revolutionary! Then inspect the licautiful new ("n'gidaire Electric Ranges. '' , thrifty, and luiik for extra lory life. We have Prigidairc rcfrig- craiorand range models forcvcry need. Wide range of prices. Ask about our liberal payment plan. HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. 2UG \V, Muin -.). W. ADAJIS, fllgr. I'liouc ,* * Delivers To Your Home The New Deeper GUARANTEED FOR' JO- YEARS' SERVICE The S't'iTcl uf ,. "Luxury Comfm-'t" '11 the li(>,-titlytx's( iUnUruss every spvinu is flo|Hii-(ilu rvoin the next. So tvicli '"gives" in- ilu|)Ciiticiilly! iiciu-icr parts of yotit- body 'i Jiint pull .spniiBs away from ligiiLGr pnils, JJ) (oiiblc Iwds, heiivicr puraoim cnn't form yiillcys", forcing (.he Holier pai-iner lo Hluo down hill. With IJwuilyi-oal O vcry- uody {jets "luxury tomforl" alwiiys! \Vc hiivc ;i spccinl djsplny i)iccc Dial .slion> you in l\vo sccijiitl.s Uie sofrel uf Hciiulyiost .'liixin-y comfort" . . . ;l iitl why tlie \'cu, Doojwr Ls far superior to Uic (mlimiry type of, DC a tire to sec il.'1'HIS WKHK! Beautyrest Sweepstakes Off to Good Start —uilli Newell Hrighjim iiv the lend ami JJUDCK Kehvards, U. 15.'Ciiudlc ;vnd J. \V. Alexander Iviiilinjf.' Select your siilesmnn and help liim lo win otic of the National awards. . . CARLOAD SIMMONS PRODUCTS Just received, including Simmons •Bcaulyi'esl Miilirosscs, Ace Springs .uml'Sim- mons Studio Couches , . . also the new Simmota Hide-away Bed-Couch. Sec this complete showing of Simmons ptoducls. HUBBARD FURNITURE co.

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