Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 5, 1941 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1941
Page 4
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1185 Mark W"*' Collections of 1260.75 Are leported Friday ed reports of the Hempstead Red Cross funds Friday total donations of $3,585.63 f chairmen reported collections .75. L Callahan Construction Co» liens follow: 'eously reported ...._.....$3 t 324.88 Sweeney .... N. Miller _ rAlfcert - Sumlin :....„.. lyelbiM Chimps ......... Mfoi'H. Smith .—, _ Greathouse —„ , fBfenry Walker ,<£&' D. Boatner Jr Shaw Watson .. loyd Washington ' H. Webb Moss ..„& . Wlie'Smedley ........ . larder W. Allen tCarl O. Watson _.,___ C. Jones — flames A. Winters |Carl L. Lewis .._ (Clarence Noble JHeriry Collins plbert Sumlin Jr __..... lobert A. Fulce evelt Williams |M»ry T. E. Brown lAddle Y. Smith pjtieen H. Hughey _. Jfidissa M. Mack ,-.-,„........... jkOehle Wesson ...... |Sxrilla H. Savage ..... 1.00 .50 .50 .25 35 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 35 35 .25 25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .50 1.00 35 35 .50 .25 Miscellaneous Donations ... _____ 11.02 lo Gamble _________________________ ..„ .10 .10 .10 10 .10 .10 .10 .10 .25 .25 50 .25 .25 25 .25 25 .25 .25 .25 .38 20 ________ ..... ________ . .15 1 John ' Everett ______________________ ..... 35 £jbhn Fuller _____________________ .10 i"R. 'Robinson _______ . ... 10 ^H. Reynolds _______ . 10 .^B'. Kennedy ___________________ . ..... 10 EYBrown ____________________________ .10 . Cheathem ________ ............... ... .10 Colley ..... _____________ ; .......... .10 sfJT D. Anderson ___________ ... ______ .50 iC.oJ. Coffeet ___________ __ _____ . ,50 .50.50 .50 .50 .50 .50 .50 .50 .50 |T. To. Nannin C.-,-R.- Jones Davis .._ tlE. Dixon ' Johnson. Robins eVWilliaminson . Johnson J?.C. Sullivan Anderson fill F. Logan W."F. Proctor Boushor IS. Terry L. Huffman |O:-'McGUl fNoea Stuart |H.-'R. May 1H.5A. Mays ____________ p Clyde I'C,'<E. Spellman E bn'Seff J.*7P. Stone Legal Notice NOTICE Commissioners of the South Street Districts (that is, Pave rt and Curb & Gutter) have de to forego any collection for the 1942. We may have to collect in 1943; but for 1942, we are ring a holiday. l£his is to favor those people who i made their payments promptly, ,!„,-.- to give the commissioners time to ^collect all delinquencies from those have not paid promptly. , v ,ery property-holder who is de- rjipquent should see the collector of fUJe'districts (Syd McMath at the First .jNational Bank) and pay up immedi- irgtely. Any delinquencies not paid up %,foy the first day of January, 1942, will '^be'reduced to suit. Every delinquent piece of property must be paid up. L. C. HELMS DR. G. E. CANNON R. D. FRANKLIN Commissioners r t 28, Dec. 5, 12 WANTED CAST IRON SCRAP 79 Cents per Hundred ':•, Pounds Paid -ARKANSAS MACHINE f| SPECIALTY CO, \' : - Hope, Arkansas flftON WORKERS LOCAU UNION 591 jjl Shreveport, La., holds its official meeting at 7:30 o'clock every T/hursday night in banquet room gf Hotel Barlow, Hope, Ark. '" H. H. PHILLIPS, BA. & F.S.T. WHO WANTS A SUQHTtY » USED SPINIT PIANO? Us % Card 'This Piano is available at a J| 'sacrifice price. Cash or 18 terms arranged. f . O. Sox Ji2 — OUT OUR WAY By J, R. Williamt WOT tH' HECK t>0 THEV WAKTT WltH THAT OUTf=iT IN A SHOP TOD/W ? DOC- tOfeS, fOLiRSES, AW AL* MOST A CL1MIC/ WE NJEED6P THX^CT VEAPiS . AGO VS;HEM YOU PAREKJT WEAR. A GOATEE FEE, FEAR, o 1 GITTIN^ PULLED IWTO A 'MACHIKJE -MOW, WITH ALL TH' SAFETV (SADGETS AM* <3EAR,S CASED, WOT DO THEY WEED WITH TH-ecr WOW? WELL, LUKE, THEY CAWT LET WOTHIM* ^STAMD STILL" IF OMETHIM GOES AHEAD YOU CAKVT LET OTHER. TH \NlGS STAV BEHIMO THAT'S RIGHT/ THIS MObER-W PROGRESS JJUST COMES FROM TH' OLD, OLD HABIT OF WHEW VOL) GOT A MEW PAIR, OF SHOES THEV t DIDN'T L00t<. RIGHT WITHOUT A ME\M SU\T AM 1 HAT/ m 4W cbHi^ COPR. W1 BY KE« SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. Off. THE ACCESSORY I3.-S Vice, which beihiS at 7;§d p. Jft. "To Him That Overcometh" is the subject to be discussed in the Sunday morning service, beginning at il:00 a. m. Sunday School starts at 9:45 n. hi., meeting departmentally. If you are hot a regular attendant elsewhere this is your invitation to visit the Tabernacle Sunday. You will find a large friendly congregation anxious to have you join them in worship. The Christ's Ambassadors Union mfeets at 6:30 p. m., % with the four groups meeting in their respectivve chapels. At the Tabernacle you are a stranger only oncel J. L. Duke „ _ _ .50 A. Auterbury _ _ 50 T. F. Lewis 50 S. T. Robinson 25 M. Spain 25 L. P. Riddleboover .25 J. J. Taylor 25 D. E. Chester _. 25 Roosevelt Jaminson . . .25 C. H. Yerger '. 25 L. M. Ricketson 1.00 G. W. Collins 1.00 Cecil Gilmore 1.00 W. F. Johnson 1.00 R. J. Cteele 1.00 D. Watkins 1,00 C. C. Tompkins _ 1.00 Eli Alexander 1.00 Norman Corbin _ 1.00 Larkin Bohannon 1.00 Clay Baker „ 1.00 E. N. Erwin 1.00 William Walker I'.OO Tony Conway 1.00 Ed. Young 1.00 Henry Yyatt 1.00 Gus White 1.00 King Rankin 1.00 E. V. Juris , 1.00 Wallace McElroy 1.00 Sarlie Cheatham 1.00 Plas Gulley 1.00 Charlie J. Armstrong 1.00 Sim Walker 1.00 U. S. Poide 1.00 Eugene Poindexter 1.00 Glen Scoggins .... 1.00 Nobie H. Johnson ,..:.. I'.OO Paul Johnson Jr 1.00 R. C. Stuart 1.00 Eddie D. 'Samuels 1.00 Billie McGough „ 1.00 John Davis .: 1.00 Jewel Boozer 1.00 Aaron White Jr. 1.00 Clyde D. Pullen 1.00 William M. Kennedy ..._ 1.00 Ernest Walters 1,00 W. C. Vinson 1.00 James E, Trexler 1,00 Leonard West „ 1.00 Charles W. Hobbs „ 1.00 Garland Anderson 1.00 Russell McVay „ I'.OO Lucious Lane „ 1.00 Byron Andres 1.00 Chester Bramlett 1.00 W. F, Jackson _ 1.00 A. S. Fairchilds 1.00 Earlie Johnson 1,00 Ely Slay 1.00 Norman Gorham ._ „ 1.00 Samuel P. Revis 1.00 Charlie Myers 1.00 J. W. Tyree .'. _.. l.QO Fred Scoggins 1.00 J, Johnson , 1.00 Otis West _ „. 1.00 Dildy Porterfield _ 1.00 Calvin Wilkerson 1.00 H. F. Dominick 1.00 Vermon Arnold 1.00 Lucious White . 1.00 Thomas Taylor 1.00 Reese Kervin 1.00 Floyd Smithson 1.00 J. W. Orr „ 1.00 Eugene Ives 1.00 Raymond Cantrall :.. 1.00 T. A. demons 1.00 C. M. Dillard 1.00 W. E. Chamberlain 1.00 W, K. Payne 1.00 Jack Bigg I'.OO E. M. Dennis _ _ 1.00 Eugene Fields 1.00 Fred Hamilton 1.00 Lida Hanley „ 1.00 Forest Sater 1.00 Blevin Brown 1.00 T. E. Hillman - 1.00 George C. Caston 1.00 Ernest Quinn 1.00 E. A. Scuddeir 1.00 Frank Isbon .-. : 1.00 Walter Kafer 1.00 Alonzo Smith 1.00 Ross Addison 1.00 Sam Learny 1.00 C. J. Barnes 1.00 W. E. Larmore 1.00 L. C. Bass 1.00 J. H. Gilbert 1.00 J. L. Anderson 1.00 Joe Norton Jr 1.00 Thomas A. Parker 1.00 Walter Coleman 1.00 Neal Langston 1.00 O. G. Gammill 1.00 H. K. Hammer „ 1.00 J. E. Tutt 1.00 J. D. Samuels 1.00 D. P. 'Scoggins 1.00 Gerl Gilbert 1.00 Jack Atkins 1.00 A. T. Gray 1.00 C. E. McDowell 1.00 P. H. Keith 1.00 Henry Yocom 1.00 Frank Vines 1.00 H. G. Carter 1.00 A. M. Chanjbless 1.00 B. A. Quillan 1.00 R. O. Moon 1.00 J.'E. Broderiek 1.00 J. H. Martin 1.00 B. S. Honea 1.00 C. Harthane l.QO H. (?. W&tg 1,00 NEWS Of The CHURCHES FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Pine at Second Kenneth L. Spore, Pastor Organ Meditation, 9:45 a. m. Church School at 10:00 a. m. Morning Worship at 10:50 a. m. Special Music) Selections from 'andel's Oratorio, "The Messiah". Recitative for Tenor: "Comfort Ye ty People"—Dolphus Whitten, Jr. Chorus: "And the Glory of the ord"—the choir. Air for Alto: "O Thou That Tellest (gGood Tidings to Zion"—Mrs. B. W. J. Duncan 1.00 J. McFaddin 1.00 J. W. Raglan ,' 1.00 J. White .50 V. Thompson 25 25 0. Brown JFellows 25 1. Harris 25 C. G. Nicholos 1.00 R. J. Reynerson 1.00 W. G. Sellers 100 T. H. McKibben 1.00 Cliff Maldwin 1.00 R. J. Fuller 1,00 C. M. Davenport 1.00 I. A. Smith ; 1.00 A. W. Stokes 1.00 J. R. Chasler '. 1.00 J. R. McClure 1.00 E. D. Dobbs „ 1.00 V. B. May .-. 1,00 William E. Parkes 1.00 J. A. Wright I'.OO B. J. Clift 1,00 J. W. Harper Jr 1.00 W. A. Pace 1.00 C. G. Howard 1.00 Frank Suneman 1.00 J. C. E. Messer 1.00 D. B. Waddle 1.00 C. A. Fuller 1.00 G. L. Kincaid 1,00 J. B. Messey 1.00 J. B. Fairchild 1.00 M. M. Mitchell 1.00 W. W. Garner 1.00 D. P. Webb 1.00 E. Gamble 1.00 C. H. Bush 1.00 T. G. Rivers 5.00 G. L. Merritt 1.00 H. H. 'Shelton 1.00 John Turner 1.00 C. G. Brotherton 1.00 C. B. Crinish 1.00 L. C. Scott 1.00 Paul Burnett 1.00 O. B. Lester 1.00 George Northcott 1.00 A. Webb 1.00 J. Thornton 25 Roy H. Bruce 1.00 Tilmon Stark 1.00 Willie Dixon 1.00 E. A, Chesney 1.00 E. C. Robertson 1.00 A. G. Stuart 1.00 H. E. Blackwell 1.00 C. Murphy 50 L. Trusty 1.00 D. Woodson 1.00 E. Barnes 1.00 P. O. Lovelis Jr 1.00 L. E. Hardcastle 1.00 T. B. Sheffield 1.00 R. Smith 1.00 Rex Bobs 1.00 R. D. Rushton 1.00 E. G. Griffin 1.00 M. Lester : 1.00 O. A. Mathin 1.00 H. A. Dickinson 1.00 Tom Brather 1.00 Luel Willis 1.00 Jessie Durban 1.00 Wayne Walters 1.00 E. Fitzgerald 1.00 J. J. Leason 1.00 Troy Greenlee 1.00 R. B. Brown 1.00 N. 'S. Easley 1.00 M. Bily 1.00 Max Vickers 50 W. R. Dougan 50 Don Williams 1.00 Jack Woods 1.00 Carlton Ditrick 1.00 A. I. Taylor 1.00 Jack Van Boorhes 1.00 James W. Divis 1.00 W. K. McDyar 5.00 Donation 10 J, B. Alpuente 1.00 W. L. Burley 1.00 R. O. Robins 1.00 Roy Taylor 1.00 W. G. Nolen 1.00 J. H. Morton 1.00 H. C. Wilson 1.00 J. E. Wilson 1,00 C. N. Dillahunty 1.00 W. A. Scoggins 1.00 R. C. Ellen 1.00 J. M. Atkins 1.00 J Edwards. Sermon by the pastor: "The Prayer of Thanksgiving." This is another in the series of sermons on hte Ritual for the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Board of Stewards at the church at 2:00 p. m. Vesper Service at 5:30 p .m. Sermon: "The Star of Bethlehem". Youth Fellowship Groups at 6:30 p. m. Monday, December 8 Installation of Officers of the W. S: C. S. at the church at 3:00 p. m. Workers' Council of the Children's Division with Mrs. J. B. Koonce at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday, December 10 Educational-Missionary Institute for the Prescott District at Prescott, 10:00 a. m. to 4:00 p. m. Thu r sday, December 11 Choir rehearsal at the church at 7:30 p FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH' William R. Hamilton, Pustor Next Sunday is Loyalty Day in most of tho Baptist Churches in the South. This day will be observed .by First Baptist Church as the occasion for climaxing the "Every Member Enlistment Program" under the direction of the finance committee. This effort is directed at securing the participation of 'every church member in promoting the work of the Kingdom of God through the local church and the denominational agencies. 9:30, Sunday School assembles by departments. The classes and departments will assemble in the church auditorium fivev minutes earlier than usual for the "Loyalty Pledging Service." 10:45, as they have done for the last two years, all Sunday School pupils and church members will participate in the beautiful service of pledging their loyalty to the Lord by depositing their Covenant Cards by departments in the miniature church building at the front of the auditorium. The Pastor will bring a brief message on "Receiving, Giving, and Receiving." 6:15, Baptist Training Union for training in Church membership. . 7:30, Evening Worship Service with sermon by the Pastor on "The Slavery of Sin." A cordial welcome is extended the public to attend all services of First Baptist Church. FIRST PENTECOSTAL West Fourth and Ferguson W. P. Graves, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Regular service 11 a. m. Evening service 7:15 p. m. Week night services: Wednesday and Friday night 7:30. We invite the public to attend all services. HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE (Assembly of God) N. Main and' Avenue O J. E. Hamill, Pastor "A Dozen Signs of the Imminent Coming of Christ," is the title of the prophetic sermon to be delivered by the pastor in the Sunday night ser- 'Rise and Shine' Opens at Soenger Theoter Here Sunday The All-Amcrlcau chowdcrhciul has his troubles on the field In the new comedy lilt from 20th Century-Fox, Mark Ilclllngcr's "Rise mid Shine." That's Jnck Otiklc carrying the ball, and it looks very much as If Linda Darnell and George Murphy will have to carry him off the field! This is your newspaper. Writf to it. Letters criticizing the editorial policy or commenting upon )acts in the news column*, are equally welcome. Choote a topic everyone will be interested in. Be brief. Avoid personal abuse. The world's greatest critics were painfully polite. Every writer mutt sign his name and addreu. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Thos. Brcwster, Minister Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. with classes for all age groups. Morning Worship at 10:55 o'clock with special message by the pastor relative to the observavnce of Bible Sunday, the loose change offering will go to the American Bible Society. After the Morning Service a congregational meeting will be held for the purpose of electing Deacons in accord with the recent action of this church in adopting the rotary system for those services as deacons. Vesper Service at 5 p. m. ,. Young Peoplee Meeting' at 6:15 p. m. Auxiliary Circle Meetings, Monday at 3 p. m., with the Young Business Womans Circle Meeting Monday at 7:30 p. m. Auxiliary Bible Study, Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. Men's Monthly Supper Meeting Thursday at 7:30 p. m. .You are cordially invited to worship with us. ..' UNITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST Z. IV. Swafford, Pastor Sunday: Junior choir, 9:30; Sunday school, 10; preaching service, 11; B, T, C., 6:45; preaching service 7:45. | Tuesday: Ladiea Auviljiary 2.3Q(. Singing 7:15. ' Wednesday: Prayer service 7:15. . Everyone is invited and urged to attend these services. The Ladies Auxiliary of the church are preparing a box of good eats as a Christmas gift for the Orphan's home. Would you like to add something? Your addition Editor The Star: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the papers we are receiving from you. Although the mail schedule prohibits us from getting them as soon as we would like to, they are really appreciated when we do receive them. Old man winter is gradually closing in on us and we are almost ready for him. The big enemy we are preparing for is the wind, old timers say it blows from 40 to 60 miles an hour. Hoping everything is fine at Hope and again—thanks a million for your kindness. We would like to consider you as a real friend and pal. Yours truly, PETE OLIVER Sgt. Co. "A" 153rd Inf. Nov. 20, 1941 Nome, Alaska. It's easy to laugh at misfortune when you're the one it misses. will be appreciated. This box will be sent December 19. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Sunday school at 9:45. Morning worship 10:50. Sermon, "Grit and Determination" by the Rev. Denmere J. King, guest minister from the Longview chapel. Evening services will be in charge of the women of the church with Mrs. Ted Jones, president of the Woman's Council, presiding. The Rev. Mr. King will deliver a short sermon. Tigers to End Season Friday Will Ploy Hot Springs on the Bobcat Field The Yerger High School Tigers will close the season here Friday night at Hammons stadium against the strong Langston team of Hot Springs. A section of Hammons stadium has been reserved for white fans. ' The lineups: Hope Hot Springs Dunlap, 157 Long, 165 End Noble, 200 Crudep, 165 Tackle : , Harris, 150 .;.„...; Ward./WS Guard Savage, 150 Strictland, 170 Center Stuart, 155 Burroughs, 165 Guard Lowe, 170 Bonner, 180 Tackle Laudermilk, 170 Stepps, 179 End W. Austin, 155 Adams, 165 Halfback Poindexter, 150 Dixon, 170 Fullback Austin, 155 Doris, 168 Halfback Lollis, 150 Ward, 166 Quarterback Elects Officers Chess Pittman to Head 4-H Group for Coming Year The Guernsey 4-H club mot Tuesday morning, December 2. Mr. Chnm- bers mode n talk on poultry. ScVcrnl ^ntcw/:sfllng experiments were per- lormed. The officers for the coming year arc; President. Chess Pittmnn; Vice- president, Buddy Mclvcrj sccretnry mid treasurer, Jean Mclvcr; reporter, Mnvis Cornelius. The house was called to order by tho president. 'Song led by the song captain. Meaning and Review of the 4-H club emblem, gave the motto and pledge. The minutes were read by the secretary, Three new members wore received into the club. The program was turn- cd over to the secretary. The program: Talk: 4-H National Defense by Maxinc Graves; Marketing and Defense, Ethel Mac Ray; a song, "Anchors Aweigh" led by Mildred Manning; a talk "Food for Freedom" by Ruth Daniels; Benefit of 4-H club by Dimple Smith. The president then turned the meeting over to Mr. Chambers who gave us n demonstration on external parasites on poultry. The meoitng then adjourned. College student body at Batcsvillc reelected R. W. Muldrow, Jr., to serve in n quintet of two boys and three girls during the 1941-M2 basketball season. This is Mr. Muldrow's fourth year ns n cheer leader for the crack Punter cage learn. A senior, he takes an active part in all campus affairs. For the past two years he has been an assistant to Mrs, G. C. Ball, head of tho speech department. He is a member of Alpha Psi Omega, a national dramatic fraternity, having been cast in major roles in several productions by Harlequin Little Theater. Recently he had a leading character role ni "Paul Re- vere—Minusc a Horse—Plus Skirts," a three-act comedy in which ho proved his versatility in dramatics by reverting from a slragly tragic role in "Margin for Error" to a satircial characterization of a harrasscd husband. Hope Boy Is Cheer Leader R. W. Muldrow Re- Elected to Post for Cage Season BATESVILLE—In tryouts held this week for cheer leaders, the Arkansas Isn't it funny how people make 9 guests feel at home when, actually, they wish they were. How To Relieve, Bronchitis Creomulslon relieves promptly because It goes right to the seat of the ^ trouble to help loosen and expel ^ germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it _ quickly allays the cough or you are {9 to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis SWAP / WANT-ADS $'3,585.63 -r: "" THRIFT-CARRIERS FOR THE NATION For Farms... For Business... For Total Defense Effort YOUNG CHEVROLET CO. Hope,

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