Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 8, 1952 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 8, 1952
Page 11
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t I * t f < -CLASSIFIED I ttutt B« to 0«le* DW Btfat. Rfi.l*r£, r ..., , _. , -,...-,....} , ._,-..^_i. Wd AD BATES THrlil __•• ^BWpWw To A'tWWBff* I WIHI ffit 1W 0.00 10,90 1100 13.IW 10,00 iv/ft^W* .... wt or Mth 01 » numtart «wmt m to our ottwitlon •ftJi od otW ht ONI Inewrtet StAR 1M») *MM IMT !•» '»*» -afltmoon by -Ml«» •TFwtllihw tfltlM gVUrvm* lut*4M :fipilon Rot»i (poyebU In oil- In HOI* «nd Howard, onu MUl«r tmmiimtM1*U****M*titHI »i*M „.„.„„.„. 4.50 rl.-..,, no hi ,„..,„„..,'.,.,„ 3.39 J»Ul«i, irww 1601 MtilcH- nphli tt T«nn,, $U> T«NM E^^Tfjf •T .•iwi« wetrolt 2< Mlih,; lfJT^v«OW«Jwmo Cl<v - 1 t^.^ ' l . ,w U •r.tllW i ut» tar r*publleotloo ' rices Off«r«d worn contact CJw . rhono 7-atJH or For R«rtt TlfRBB room iptrlm*nt, Nlctly /urnlihed. Kleeirl* b«x. BHIi p»|d, 204 Boftncr, Mr*. A, B, W?UnNJSHBD 3 room apartment Private buth. l'riw«i« »nlrflnce». Aim ten. Pecan Orovo Apurt- 7-8471. J*Wt «p«rtm«nt*' Froom* nnrt b»lh. PrlvBic front nnd back ontrnnce, 404 Nurth Main Slroet, Will m«k(> nUrnctlvf prlcw for tt-nnnnt. . D. P'flANKMN CO, A P. Ui'lrmry. 0-31 __ MAUL'und ipr«ad »*nd >l. Ornvol available, Foy Hammoni Phono 7-2050, J8-1M For Solt BEAUf IFUL quality HoUteln Holten, 171) up. Mulntlon Mink, $,1fl Up. Vnlght Fnrmi, Umlrn, Win —Atlanta, To»ai. D-lSt lit (t, Nortfn fluupfri'^/o, Rtudlo couch, dink, nocond hand brleki. l»hone 7-2820. B02 S, Elm. 31-Ot For Sale or Rent 2 13KOHOOM nlr condltUmed, £lro proof tiotiBo. F1IA »|)t'clflcn- lion*, n«nxnniih)n prlco, Snm 10011 W. Avo, n, 2-U H«lp Wonted ^ QIIll. to worlt nt Drive-in Thitatroi Mu«t be pcrmoncnl tintl nbnvo school iiKu. Dint 7.5020. B-,1t Bible Proves to Bo 'Book of Numbers n I bit' lunuiil out to be n book nl mintiHM'!!, n police officer found wlu-n ho went to Olnlr'H homo with n urnirch nnd m'luurc wnrrant., 4. JORi'pb Ilyrnc mild jonturdny found mimberK Nll|>* In the 41 Ncitro'd pnckol nnrt n Inn 1 ." pnckot of ull|)H hidden In a Th« «taf U lutlioriMd to •nnmJnc* th*t th« foUowiflf Mr* eindfdtU* tor public office •ubjeot to tht letlm of the Democratic primary *UcUotu: far Tux AaatfMr CRIT 8TUART . (8p<edy) For RoprOMntitlvo TALBOT FEILD JH. for County Judo* CLAUD H, 8UTTON u, a. oAnrtErr For «h«rlff C. COOK For Alderman Ward 1 K. C, (Bob) DANIELS JOB JOKES For Aldormtn Ward I FRKD JOHNS DWIOHT Rf Cor Alderman Ward I D. L. UETTIQ •tate 8«nata TOM J. 8ILVEV DH. F. C. CROW Chancellor (PIPit DlvlHon, flth Olttrlot) WK.SLKV HOWARD A. I>, 8TKEL For Oongrma 0«KN IIAHUIS Hope Seeks First Win Over Nashville Don*. Slsvcnsi will take the mound for Hope tonight when the U>C»l! Merdlan •c.» entertain Koshvllh M "" > * >& ' In their InM meeting Nanhvlll"; lw»t Hope by o 4-3 tally In the flnnlj mnmK. The loctil lads haven't besi ed Niuhvillc nil *an«on. Hlnco Jolnlnw ihf Lcfdonnnlrr^ 8t»«voiis tin* won three whlln los- ln« only one. "Toke my .*llp» bnt H,-"'I tnku my, nible," nyrno- rjtlotcrt Sharp Note Wins Stake at Hambleton By JOHN CHANDLER fiOSMRN. N. Y. t/l">~ Shnrp notn plnyod n HWupt $47.2:10 turn? in the 27th Hnmbl"Uinlmi Stoke, nnd hl<t ctnddy ~~ I'hniumi'npl) -~ inn't n ftilhiro «i» n Hire nftcr nil. The buy Ihri'f-ycnr old son of r*)iom>(!rii|)h cupped the $117,0:17 troUiuH derby ill ("iuod Time Pnr!< yt'titol'iluy, doing the Jub In two, Mi-nliiht hoiUs after Mil Sonu won tho first davit. Sharp Note U owned by C. W. C.'lnrk, DonrtKirn. Mich., tool nn<l dip innkcr. wh» got the coll ox a >t'nrlltiR fioni lh<> Walnut Mull Fiirin, Lexington, Ky,. for $1,000. A yciii- n«o thin month, Phuti- graph wiif) rtlscnrdi-d un a failure. In the stud. Ho wiix boiiffht for n. i< ported $10,000 by Chnrle* Cor- \ rtinn of tlie Hivcrvlcw Fnnr, Mfii--i cy. N. Y. ; HI Shivuly, 74, n veteran of thcj Sp»nW Amoi'leiiii Wnr who served i In The Pl'tllllppinp*, drove the; winner ~ hix flr»t Mnmblctnnlnn victory In tlin-o trloii. In doing no. i he became tho oldest driver to winj one. Shnrp Note, whofte dnni i« Roue- iniiry Iliinover by Guy McKlnnoy. brrik«: Mtrldc nt tho start of the opi'iilru: heat, itnd finished 10th ii« Illl Snnt! won In 2:03 on n truck! sti'('?k>' by rnlns of Wednendny. trij fact, tin- diiy's niL'IriK program wasj tin hour and n hnlf late in setlliijj | underiviiy UK workers with trucks! »nd itcrnper* got itmd off tho track, j It W;I.M well after nupper llrnu bc-| fnrc Shnrp Note finished hln job. lie stnrted to do It in the second! hi id, when In: took command In! the Hlreteh and bounced home n| IciiKlh winner over the disappoint-; Inn Duke of Lullwiiter. The Duke, i |«i (••race; favorlti; owned by Walter j T. Canf.ller of Di.'cntur, Gn., hud' bien second in the first heut, too.! Time of this mile was 2:02 3-5 excellent, fiiiislderlnx the track was not tit UK br.it. Then came the deciding hcnt. The crowd of some 15.01)0 had made the Duke favorite In the first two heat,-;, but they switched In Sharp Note's liandwajjon for the finiili' Sharp Note didn't disappoint them, lie permitted I.u Peek, one of two fillies in the field of It), to pet the pnee for a time. Then as Ihi field rounded the bend for COTTON STATES LEAGUE W L Pet 0!) S3 .045 Notches W 44 .593 Greenwood 58 49 .542 Monroe 53 52 .505 Pine Bluff 5,1 53 .500 F.ADorado ' 53 53 .500 Orefnvlilc 39 fi9 .383 Hot Spring* 37 46 .352,) l La at Night'* Results Pine Bluff 7 Hot Springs 5 Monroe 3, El Dorndo 2 Nntchez 5 Merdlan 0 ilK-enwood 10, Greenville 0 Tonight's Games Kl Dorado nt Monroe (Ireenvillc lit Greenwood Natchez at Meridian Hot Sprlnfin nt Pine Bluff SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Country Club Plans Tourney lor Women There will be a women's 9«hrtle open golf touYnafnent on Wednesday. August 13, starting nt 9 a. m. at Hope Country' Club. Participants are asked to register with Garland Bradshaw. Midgat Teams Advance will meet Pine Bhiff nnd Hot Springs will play the winner of the Ft. Smith - Clarksville game here today in ^he semi-finals of the State Boys|club Midget Base- ball Tournament. Results yesterday: Pin* Bluff 13, Little Rock dependents 3 El Dorado 11 Little Rock BoJ Club 5. Hot Springs 13 Camden 1 Giraffes, natives of Africa, ml grow as tall as in feet. Pet Atlanta 67 52 .503 Chiittanootfn 03 52 .548j N«'W Orleans 03 54 .531)1 Mobile 111 57 .517 Memphis 51! 01 .487 Nashville 52 03 .452 Uirmlnxrtnrn, 53 05 .449 Little Hock 53 00 .445J Lust Nlcht's Results Atlanta 2-H, Little Hock 1-2 Mobile 7-2, Birmingham 4-1 Chattanooga 0, Nnsiwille 4 (second giune, ppd rain i. (only K'lfne scheduled) Tonight's Games New Orleans at Chattanooga Atlanta at Little Hock Birmingham at Memphis (2) Mobile at Nashville AMERICAN New York 04 Cleveland (io Boston SO Washington 5(1 Philadelphia 52 Chicago r>l St. Louis -Hi Detroit ;«i NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn 07 ,v York (>2 it. Louis (12 hlladelphin fill hicnc" f>2 loston 42 incinriati •!.') illsburuh 3D LEE WELLS BLA1SI9 WAD not qvilto mire how U happened, tout aoon ttftor tho ugroomont with Thatcher he •trolled with Ronnlo along tho ettga of tho rltlgo before th* House, Tho moon roda high, lighting' tho pcajta and throwing • MlVory puthway ftofoca tho dark oxpwwo of the dla- t«ni ocoan, lite attra wcro full and brlfiht, ^numot'ou* boyouU oountlhg, and. th* i\lght wind \VM gontta wlUi ju«t u toiioh of eihUl. "It'« lovely.., all Uvl»," Rcnnlo the ftnnit girli ,a«««i we woro, f'ttilBrleg in Uw h and furnish moala too. ..,Mr«, Can-oil, Ptamond .S8.U i»«ady dlihwasheii and Mra, 23U OAKS "Vc«," ho mUd,«mt In UlH voice brought her around, They itoo<l close, look; UiK at ono another. Tho world htul become tenutttul Mid wonderful onoo ugajni K»rly Uio next ntornluK, Dlalio wwl Ilia rode *\v»y (from CM M<m« twma. They cut oft the ronln trail «ntl toote * direct iS?uto to tbt ntneito. It led through tho heart ot the b\irncil, UnU ami bl«ok rolled up In cholunK cloud*. U pulled tila neckerchief up over hla mouth m* none* M* h»t brim low. It W«M with * lotlinff ot rtllof that Blaiso topped tho fMt r*dfo and looked down Uto bl«,ok«nt«J •lope to hit nuiolu Ho ln»tWVUy »4w Ut« •»ddled hone, ground hitched by tha buiUUioun door. "Visitor,* Ho «Ma,,JwWnt 4ow\ U*i roll in behind HtikUt* M they worked down the HOB*. Th«y pwwed tho chirred r«nmui ot the lioufl* *»d h»d lu«t wrtneA In whw» th» bunW»o\iw door opened and SlUtt Stwtini Btepp*^ out. Hla Jaw dropptd wh«n ft«.«»w and Hal "\VU»t'« happened T" •n'Ua nr« you WRW »oroa> the V*Uty aurt#d herV* "Dellb»r»t«T" EUm (Ulttd, Blatw nodded. "8cx>rplo "W* think ao, H Slim tootttd »ro*a«-*t the tl«. •tmctiou and hi* Jtw U»Jfd*ned by d»gi»«a, **rb.« jMper who did It ought to (W burned hln»«ltl" , "Wt'U get »rouivd to li," )M«lM WUd, "But ttnt w»*v* >|«t UU« piic« to •trtlffhi " noon. livable and &M »ad aAIO*oTttTvSu«?.5wo* „.,-" - ** ttny «» *»»t< t * - w»y |»fy picketed ttuv* •t«rt«d lo work. By ^l«n tetUdink WM •>»" ' ClMHU BUm !* «JU It to I have tried to stand up t.conls, even before you ontno to San Fernando, Blnlno. Homo of 'out ain't been foiuul yet. i'ou b» oareful." atretchcil out hla long ege. "I've got two Jobs—juat two, I'm going to ranch and I'm going 0 nml out,who killed Chavo«," Slim itpoko without'looking up, 'One'* hard enough with Uconls agalnttt you. Whyn't you forgot ho other? U'U be u cold, cold trail." 1 can't, 1 ' Blulso anld simply. Slim looked down toward tho Valley. "Right but -there's whoro my land lined to be, up ogtUnHt Uio Oat Htlla thin atdo ot the Snnta Su- •anna." "U WAI good land, Slim, Paul CUM WM next to you, hla section going up Into the rockfl." "Good land," Slim nodded. "BoiHcUmca I wonder It 1 could get It back again. Not alone. But now you're back and there's some 1 know over ui Gone jo who'd have Uto nerve to uuck Lt-onls. It we worked together, maybe wo could •wing It thin time," Btalao oonatderud, hla face slow ly lighting, but lie held hla voice loveL "8uro of Uioao over In Con«jor M "They've talked, and aome I know real well" Maybe it could bo done." Blalse addod ft warning. "l}ut cattle's mostly done for." "Sure, but It could bo (armed, or aold at a good prtc« onco It WM proved up. It never mattered much to me what I did... cattle, freighting..." OlBlse atlrned, "We'w done what \v« can hero, Slim, until I g«t lumber and material lo robulld. Why don't yo uride over to 81ml and ,Con»Jo and MO what your think About ItT" •cratchod hl» »«r. "Ne*d help agaUuit toonUf" ho Mked. ttlftUo laughed. "Plenty ot it, and 1 need food neighbor*." "I btlltvevl wUil Won't hurt nothing, I'll rldo out como morn,, r hurry," BIH»* aald. After a moment's *IlBttC», be a«k«u, "What do you k$\ow »J»ut Mark P*v suwr 9JUm looked h«,rd at {liaise, then «»«ruil*(J »Jid atudlftd the distant Valley u ag»Jl.B, "you knew aim, What about "Oh, about th» aame. He'd 'MA 4o»»ra tomorrow a. elow *wM U«w » mm 4ay whero he stood an block you." . . ^ SUm considered and nodded. \Vnlch for us In tho Valley." Me lifted hla hand and let the mpatlent horae move oft down ho canyon. Blalao turned back 0 the hoimo where Hal leaned In ,ho doorway. He watched SUm, •Ide down the slope and nmvlly Irop from sight beyond the canyon. "Shin's boys." ho said. "Las Montana*, yfcu and me. It'a atack- "K up agalniit Scorpion." "It's time," Blniao iald grimly. 'We'll rldo to Calahaaaa tomorrow; we've got to got more supplies." brows ahot up. "Looking tor trouble T" "Not exactly, but wo won't run oft It it cornea, Calabasaa Is the oloseot town to get lumber and materials and other supplies. I also want Lconls to know wc'ro still around." They entered tho store. Tha aproned owner stood by as a customer inspected a rifle. Both men looked up, surprise blanking their faces, nialse looked closely at the man with tho rtllc, his right hand ig lightly on his hip above his holstrr. Tho man hastily shoved the weapon at the store,-keeper. "1—un, I'll—maybe buy It later." He moved swiftly down the aisle and hastened outside. The storekeeper gingerly placed the rifle in the ra^k. "Bullets." Blaise aald. "Forty; five caliber." "You're Kandell?" •That's right. The bullets T" The man licked hla lips and looked toward the door. He shook his head "1 can't sell 'em to you. 1 can't sell nothing to you, Kandell. Loonls would drive me out of town." iUalso stepped cloae. "I'm buy- Ing, no matter what Leonls said, Do I get them 7" The man hastily placed the boxes on the counter. Blalee broke one open and placed a ilngle cartridge by the man's hand. "Give that to Leonla. Tell him there's more waiting for hla ranch*, burning scum." ' You—you won't get away with it. Randell." Ha lifted his hand, palm out "Look. I'm peaceful, but this town la run by Scorpion," "I *u*e teel eorry for you," Blatee aatd, mocking. "It any ot you had stood up ten-fifteen years ago, Lftonis would leave Uxe towa atone. 4 * Blaise turaad m his heel and strod* out U»« door. Ha) renaatoed by the tree, perfectly a* COM. Twee men stood on tha poroh, afraid to wove. Blfti#e looked them over, contemptuously. "Scorpion rider* t" he asked. All throe •hpfllt their heads. Pltig^ grunted, "&MUO breed at rajt Qiefv" Ho stepped oft the pore* aftd Joined HaJ, Pfttnlng him apm* ot 9£S38S&** K * '" ««' « FopjRadio Programs NEW YORK 1*1 -—Listening toIjilH: NBC — 0 C,uy r.oinbnrdo Sere- iido; 7:30 Bob nnd Hay; 8 Mario itinza Show. CBS — B Robert Q's Wnxworks; Bit? Time Variety; 8::tO Steve Mien Show. ABC — 0:30 The Lone Ranger; Tho Top Guy; H Newstancl heater. 'MBS — 7 Concerto Festival; 7:30 Groclc Fields Show; * 8:05 Magazine Theater. votoa, 70 32 .r>oi .5-m .52U .515 .SOfi A'i'i .3-1U .077 .020 .. r )S. r ) .54-1 .505 7!) '•*»,,. __—-,-„ lome Shlvcly let his horse KO, and Shsrp Noto flew to the wire a con >li! of gooil lengths ahead ot Hit Song, with Duke of Lullwuter third, rime for the Cinal ht-ut was 2:03 2-5 Buy on Sears Easy What You Can Buy FOR LESS O.UIM FASHIONS FOR ALU THE FAMILY. Tel'evlilon Set». AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS. jiwelryi Toyi. Candy. , FA RM EQUIPMENT. 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[17 Short beards " sheltered side 28 Matted fiir, ' Mae 19Plnuant Ml Russian news • together , McKinney > r" appetizers i f agency 29 Greek love j .42 Throw back 21 Cramps, .<,' ,16 Habitat plant ' god \ 43Love (Latin) „ 22Nostrils. i« f form ' "~~^30Specks ^44Back of neck 24 Born IfV p8 Rows \ 'MM*- 32 Political drive 45 Girl's name '25 Imitated S |2Q Staid f ;4fjR 35 Paper 47 Nested boxes. 27 Delayed j 23 Calm )•"'*"•-' /• measures J 48 Herb '31 Yugoslavian 25 Actress —— 36 Come in again 30 Negative wor<| ^ -'•-- — ' n»"«n» '38 Restricts * 54 Parent , city J32Pet , «£ ^ , language W- | 34 North _ } '•f- Carolina (ab.) 35 African '"—^ h- badgers) 136 Decay / (STRelief .39 Cape v 40 Light knock' '41 Weird 43 Creature [46 Actor-singer W Day '49 Imposing p* home * . 61 City In India 62 Choose 63 Fumble ,85 Work unit \ ". 56 Legal matters B7Inborn ^ 88 Fish eggs \ ; ' VERTICAL x .1 Part of organ of sight CAKNIVAL Baxter Iz Zb 5b 27 32. re 1b 39 30 MR Sft •v Dick T«r«« OUT OUR WAY 8v J. R. WllflAfM NO SITUATION CAM MAKE A C-.UV LOOK MORE STUPID THAW A BOSS WHO I'J» CROVv/PEP OUT OF A BOSSES' HUPPLE.' WELU.WHAT PO VOU THIMK OF TH' OWE WHO'd ElS-KIM' HIS LIFE TO BE A SOMB- BODy? HE WOM'T HEAR OR SEE W 1 " , ,-,;„,.,.,.,;..., f . v ...... OUR BOARDING HOUSE Major Hoopto T. M. Rtf. U. «. Pit. OH, Can. 1»52 by NEA 5,me.. Inc. .. THAT 6re-»-& 2-™-. '• />•{ INi "fHE RACE- '4 -»--- y'<\vAUS.'VO» / .jL-. A VJF-LL, SURt EMOUGR / IV VM|ri6 ,/i OOT T£LU .J^B^BV PACK THERE CKwJi--) J2,(TMAT'£/ ,,,3 ALONG , , CLOUD OF- DUST/ > " FUNNY BUSINESS By Herahberger ""Another thlngl- It doesn't hurt to flatter -customers'a little now and then by SUGGESTING that they buy a top * sirloin or standing rib roa.st|'J ~ SIDE GLANCES •y GQlbroltli "He refuses to oat alphabet soup during school vacation!' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ly ilofier TueeteTMEr] BUT ITB EMPTY/WHAT iToL&yourr BUS/ J HAPPENepT&TME- J | yyA^Ty_e_KIP5 J WMT_A rwims.** WlWft 1 ^."£7' EM BACH A I THERE OOUARTO DO If' f • y C3OWN AT WAT D» ^4E MAN } i DUMMO- \R QH WS J &UT IT WAS " ^ X SSB6 SWEtL OPHIW1& " ATUS.' rtN ^f.-AMD r \W9TH' HAPPIEST ^ «AWW&«ar. VlCFLINl Vifiy M6ETASK& SOU HSR&^ I OWtlN. I THOUSMTVOU J LET Ae^EBP TO CH6CK OUT lA\VAy WITH IT. •; Cf- 1MI9 LITTLB ' ' ^c fefe^ WASH TUBES VE& WE'UE BC-EM (?UE5TIONINC CLEfXR THI£ TIWB LEtriNS HIW SBB.I T WBktiTHB PROM1SEP TO ~ LOOK AFTER. BUT IT*-JU«T \ Hl\\ WHILE WR. OI«TlWB.. UNLESS TROUBLl V KEGG5 16 IN A 5^^llT^Rlu^^l IM H/WJ01 IIIIP. "IB -vi BOOTS AND HER «-..-• -.:;, •y Hgar \\V VOOVi |; ; i!it ;|!iil|f:|ii:;' 'S^/"'^\. / •/% / /'jf'/ ' f / / T. M. S«jr. U. 8. Cm. Oil iiir Pip HttiMMi •Mlfi^ffill 1 .^llflf -• 'Mil i - v • 0 [**&**,.• ^' Copt. U41 bljNtA ».l.lt«, j *UGS BUNNY A.»M'T VA KiNPA CROWPIN' VER LUCK TRVIN' T' SET INTft TH*T -SMALL .,., 'e.;?lii»>i*»«<1 ; 11''••-.•'•'.•!''< •*.rc,<iw<., int. : 't aBBiJIBH '"."•iJLt'.'K^ \^r2W ALLEY OOP fOK^JFi ., ae'euSBTA HOyy oo. pTcTyp POP/' NEVER MIND HIM, LET'6 P:0APBL.Y ABOARD/ . ( BY GOLLY, OOOLft,VOU FIXED HIM GOOD, BUT HE'6 ONLVGETVIN 1 rt^'W .t WHAT HE 6HOUUD1 I'LL BUV _ THAT, ALL RIGHT/ , I DON'T LIKE BEIN' hM, T.M. ftg.'ti » rtt. Otf. CHRIS WELKIN, Ploncteer THEV ALL WAVE BLACK HAIKAND /MINE PLONPillL HAVE TO GET A HEAP •y Mte^;.^jift||Ew^ ml . *•,-, '.Lit JK Ifa^ms • ' '' . ' if i '"-•« •f.'i^, - • • f f , ^"*VV <<mriU M

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