Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 28, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 28, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO HOPE STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS Monday, August.;28," 1939 Hope 9 Star Star of Hope, 1839; Press, 1927. 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From ffltee Report I Published every week-day afternoon By Star Publishing Co., toe, C. E. Palmer & Alex. H. Woshburn, at The Sta* building, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President ALEX. H. WASHBl'RN, Editor and (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NEA)~Means Newspaper Eneterpriae Ais'n. Subscription Rnte (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per week I5c; per month 6Sc: one year $6.50. By mall, in Hempstend, Nevada, iHoward, and LaFayette counties. $3.50 per year; elsewhere |6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated rress is exclusively «n- Utled to the use for repubUcation of all news dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published hertln. Mexico. and no wonder relations should bt> remainder. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be made tor an tributes, cards ot thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers Worn a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or tHe mfe-keeping Or return of any unselicited manuscripts. When Patience Tunis To Impatience With a patience almost without parallel in modern times, the Unite States government has waited nearly IS months for settlement of the controversy between the American oil companies and the Mexican governmen over expropriation of the former's properties in It is now beginning to apply pressure to both parties. This pen wound on the body of orderly international healed as soon as possible, lest it infect the The U. S. government a such has intervened as little as possible in the controversy, hoping against hope that the two parties to it would be able u> settle it themselves. Longstanding efforts to do this have finally fallen flat, with both sides refusing to consider further a compromise plan now ifvealed as suggested by the State Department itself. Whatever the feelings of the oil companies or of the Mxican administration, the position of the United States government is crystal clear and si thoroughly grounded in international law and all precedents of decent and orderly relations that it cannot be questioned. It is simply thnt Mexico has the right to expropriate for its own social purposes freign-owned oil properties. But such expropriation withut either "prmpt, adequate and effective payments for the properties taken." or at least tangible evidence of the will to "make such effective payment, is simply confiscation and as such without legal validity. Mexico's position has been that she is engaged in a sweeping social reform program for the benefit of her people, and that the taking over of the oil wells was vital to that, program and had to be done whether payment could be made or not. Very well. The United States is also engaged in such a social program and if in pursuing it. it should tra'm'p on southern toes, no just protest could be forthcoming from a neighbor who has been extremely nonchalant about where it stepped in following iU own chosen path. Government pressure should be applied to both parties. Neither is without fault. Neither has given enough thought to the larger aspect of the situation, to the necessity of these two great peoples living peaceably side by side in jusice and amity. The benefits of restoring these normal relations are so great to both parties that neither can afford to remain stiff-necked about a matter which should have been dared up long ago. Quite possible in this oil situation is a practical, workable compromise that will preserve the essential interests of both the American oil companies and the Mexican people. The American people, and we suspect, a growing part of the Mexican people, are beginning to grow hnpatient that this be done. They svant to resume normal; cordial and neighborly relations. THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. W. REG. U. S. PAT. Off By DR. MORRIS FISHBEtN Editor, Journal of the American Mcdlcnl Ass«dltta«, mt ti Hygela, the Health Magazine Water, Wax, Contraction of Muscles May Cause Buzzing In Ears Among the most frequent t>E com- (he <?;irs until the wnter is removed, plaints which disturb great numbers u , hm , is n ,, y innnmntion , in thc cn] . of people is buzzing or nnsiny in the ,, u< solmtls a V e increased because of ears. For instance, one woman lui.-s thl> t cllsei , ess of , hp tissiu , u is n , so just written that she is disturbed be-I possible to produce ringing in the by ;i smart blow on the on cause of buzzing in the ears or hencl. j rnl . s especially bad when she lies[ ningin g in , he ra ,. s is j nte ,,,, mc . d that is down. There are mimy different causes that could be responsible for this condition. Doctors have rlassfied ringing in the ears as due to mcrhmiictil causes resulting in actual sound, and to nervous causes in which (he phenomenon is largely ii mvnt;!l reaction For instance, a contraction uf the muscles may produce, movements within the car that can be heard by the person himself. One expert, poin out that everybody ha.s nii.'jiiis i" th ears at one time or another, but most people are nol aware of it until it gets so lound as to interfere with weaker sounds. All sorts of facts have been ascertained as a result of the sluilv various cases seen by experts. It has been found thai the Muuuls are uf i many varieties. Sometims the soun is like the noise that is heard when a sashell is belli to the ear: In other eases it is a rint'.imi. v.n.-'.inf,. bny/.ink or whistinij sound. Anybody who swims :iiul v.e's water in the M;U- wilt hay a riiit'.nu; in ANSWER TO •CRANIUM CRACKER Questions nil 1'iw One 1. Count Ciano, Italian foreii;n minister. 2. Sophie Tueker the American tors. U. Gdynia. being fortified. 4. Carlin, Nevada, .streamline]' train much wax has accumnlatd in the external ear cannl. ThP first step to be taken in determining the cause of any ringing of the -cnt's is to examine the external ear cnnal to see if it .is clear. The patient's description of the noises and the degree of his reactions to them lire always studied by the doctor. He will want to find out if (here is high blood pressure, because this obviously tends to intensfy noises. He will want to text the hearing, because persons who are hard of hearing hnve deafness for certain tones. There may be ringing in the ears in relationship to the htvrinf; of othe tones. Much can he accomplished by low- erins! the threshold of the percept- on of symptoms in the pot-son concerned by the use of sedatives wh'i'h nid sleep at night, nucl by proper psy- chologic study of the pntionl. It is known that certain drugs, particularly quinine, definitely affect the ears. Sometimes the ringing in the ears may be associated with the taking of some special remedy. The hearing of voices and of old songs and of special noises of machinery is probably chiefly psychologic and mast be ared for with thnt point of view in mind. A Quebec pris"M, complete with nir conditioning, private baths, indlrecl lights and a sun |x>rch, buuata It no bars. A jail like that doesn't need bar.s. • SO THEY SAY It's lieitii! nimisly Ilifll veil would c:\lnmity. Hiilinn admitted almost unnni- a third term for Ronse- constitute a sort of public editorial. newspaper 1 deplore (he fad (hat the Uniled States has not an ambassador in Berlin in lli<> midst of this world crisis. -..Representative Hamilton Fish iDem. NO. Y.). on tour. Our men try to put the people to the maximum of inconvenience with nut taking lives. — Sean Russell, Irish Republican Army commander, defend- ng bombings. The actors ran not and will not strike. You can characterr/i 1 H Ktrilte tallil us "hunk". fiv-'eph M. Si-hecirk, motion picture produce !'. There' i.s nolhinp wi'nw. \vtli the Fair, but tin- people df New York fail to appreciate if. value. -Hufu-i (.'. Pawes. |n evident of ('Incur." ffur in l<r,l;:-:M. Thnl New mil the phi hail iHilhin!! t* o il; chef who ( timed Paris pancakes brides we know, OUR BOARDING HOUSE . JIIED OPPORTUNITIE! • "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sett" • • You Can Talk to Only One Man • Want Ads Talk'to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP AU Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One time—2c word, minimum 30c Three times—3%c word, minimum Me Six times—EC w/ord, minimum 90c One month—18c word, minimum $2.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only. Male Help Wanted GOOD \Valkins route oin. x n now in Hope. No car or - expt.-rienct 1 necessary. Watkins Company largest and best known and Products easiest sold; usual earnings S20 to SIS5 a week. Write 'J. R. WATKINS CO., 7U-8B W. Iowa Ave.. Memphis, Tenn. 1S.H Wanted WANTED — Used Fuller & Johnson farm pump engine. T. O. B'.'ight, Hope Route Two 2a-3!p For Sale FOR cheap, J. W. SALE — Nice at my home in Rockett. QUEEN OF SCOTS HORIZONTAL Answer to Previous Puzzle im <j Queen of scots. ; 11 State of chill. j 12 Stable keeper , 13 Camel's hair cloth. ,14 Wrinkle f 15 Passage. 116 Electrical ' unit. 38 Young sheep. 20 Compass point. ;21Kind of ~. rubber. 23 Southeast. 24 Solemn appropriations. 26 Prepared. 31 Malt drink. 32 To make amends. 34 To bora. ; 35 Inborn characters. .18 Blue grass. 39 Grain. 40 Sack. 41 Devoured. 43 Hoad. 44 Foundations 46 Lees. 48 Decree. -; 50 To frost a cake. 52 Anticipatory terror. 54 Indian. 55 Perfume. 57 Bird of prey. 58 She married the heir to the throne. 59 She was a heir to the English throne. VERTICAL 1 Mama. 2 Glass marble. 3 Awkward person. 4 Longed. 5 Street. 6 Seaman. 7 Howling. 8 Seaweed. 9 Bundles of paper. 10 Transposed. 12 Royal mace. 15 Her life was full of s or plots. MAJOR HOOPLE R. WILLIAMS OUT OUR WAY BY THE WAV; BUSTER COULD 1 HAVE A WORD WITH VOU PRIVATELY HOW PlD I KNOW ? I DIDN'T THEM WHEN I SHOVED TH' BISCUITS IM TO YOU OU&HT TO TBUL P-^P TO STOP DRYIM& OUT Hl5 SHOE 5 IS) THE OVEM/ (2OSH WORSES dOOD I MET A MR. PILCH TODAY" AT THE IM10 IUVITED ME TO SIT IU TOf* A "FRlEIODLY GAME OP "DOLLAR LIMIT TOMORROW MK3HT, AMD! AM TEMPTED 'TO ACCEPT KtOOW WOW ADROIT--- AM,tR,THAT IS^. HOW TOPJUMATE I USUALLY" AW WIYH TME FASTEBCARDS MY GUESS 3 THE IS ABOUT TO PICU. UP AM OPTlOM OM A WAUP- AMLE OF PLUGS f OLD BOY MAS "PALLET OPP A BOBSLED AMD THB WOLVES APE FULL C BUSTER TOR A BITE BOUM THIR.TV SEARS TOO SOON BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES And That's That By EDGAR MARTIN Advertising in the Hope Star has sold over 48 pans, but we still have some left. If you are still raising cane call Halliburton Sheet Metal Works. We have 'em any size. Also gin parts made to your deminsions. FOR RENT — Nicely furnished 3-room apartment to couple only. Bills paid. Call 435 or 43-R. 25-IUp ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAML1N 6LESSIM650F HELEM OF TROV, OOP DOE.S BATTLE WITH AJAX, MI6HTIE5T OF THE '~ ^^l^cRmcirzErbuf GKE AT SNAKES, TROJAN-HOLD FOR REN* — Three room modern apartment, south exposure. Call Mrs. J. H. Bennett, 110 North Washington, Phone 669-J. 28-lic " I WAN TO HANDLE " \ A SPEAR' FOR RENT—Apartment. 1802 South Main Street, near High School. 2S-:il-Pd Ser</ice» Offered OFFERED— See pears s , ead Mattress si, op> 712 West Fourth button. Mrs. t nH ««.., «„,( „„ u,,;u nu^.^^ r>..,. for new and Cobb 658-J. Phone Paul July2G-l m SERVICES OFFERED—Expert Radio Repair Service iind replacement parts. All work guaranteed. Karlio WASH TUBES ! i i GAVE vou 70 MINUTES TO GET ME THE HIPPA-HULA BEA.UTV SECRET. :VM\1 6CKMP. IN & MINUTES VQUR TIME IS UP The Deadlie By ROY CRANE BUT rAV WIFE HAS ISFT ME-I CANT POS5IBW GET IT IN THAT TIME IN THAT CASE, I'M DREADPLILLV SORRY, OLD MAN. ' OH, DREADFULLy.'/ vo5u u ME MORE TIME Announcement NO HARP FEELU-J&S THO, OLI> MAN. IT'S ONLVTHKT BUSINESS MOTICF. .-- Mr:;. R. A. Royclt's Studio opens St.-pteinl.-fr 1. l j iaiio, voice, drawing, paintini 1 ,. (i'lK Soulh Muin street, telpphone IHH-W. THE SHIPLEY STUDIO' will tinue making 8;-:l2 ,-i/e picturf SI. Oil ill is week uiilv. Help Wanted WANTED: f'otton pickers Have 4 hou.se.; fur tlieia to Want largfc fumilies. A. N Washington, Ark., 22-fil-i> HELP wantfd. live in. Sti-oud, By MERRILL BLOSSER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Want It Printed WHAT EVER IT WAS, I DON'T THINK IT'S HAPPENED YET / i. HOPE NO ONE IS StCK OR, ANYTHING . LIKE THAT ' WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSI5 NUTTY MEAf-JT THAT TELB3RAI-A FRECK ? MAYBE rr ABOUT JUNE/ MAYBE SOMETHING'S HAPPENED TO HER ' DRIVER., CAN'T WE GO AMY FASTER ? V.'Hf-P.B YO WE i ' NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT .' ARE We MOVING IM SHADYSIOE MIGHTFALL I HOW WE GOING ? RED RYDER Too Bad, Little Beaver By FRED HARMAN VJEEL MOT CHAMCa [ LI BEAVER 'UL FALL 6S RAOUEIU . ESCAPE IM BLACK .SS IT ALL MY FAULT--- HE ,"' GO -\o f*"^p»8wt --' j r s'u^i^ -^^SIP" ^«,:«^N We'Jl have a printing expert call on you, and you'll have an economical, high quality job. Whatever your needs, we can serve them. OOE, WHILE \\) ' TOR. v :^-,." M#:* Star Publishing COMPANY •$.* '". '•jSStHei.x^' "Printing That Makes an large 17 Capuchin znonkey. 19 She was finally Killed or . 22 Baked. 24 Mail. 25 A ruler. 26 Feline animaL 27 AsirLngeni. 28 Anything ,. steeped. 30 To do wrong 33 Neither. 36 Eon. ' 37 Spike o£ corn. 40 Pork. 42 Heron. 44 Morsel. 45 Courtesy title. 46 Half. 47 Slave. 49 Bumblebee, SI Heart. 53 God of sky. 55 Sound of delight. •; 56 August • (abbr.).

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