Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1941 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1941
Page 8
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./.jL..:«¥.:-, . V.-._ "J!> *.• * I*A Kjr-HI O F-I) A'l 942 Farm •eau Program ite Organization lad Membership 21,626 Last Of farmers in this county i'to-the 1943 program of rkansas Farm Bureau Federa- week by President T. A. of the Hempstead County _eaU, who explained that it —mlaled at the recent seventh --meeting of the organization. Jlast year had 21,626 members for \allj-time high mark, lentralization of authority in the JStratiott of the agricultural Ad- M&Ll Act and the elimination of * rl °>|n8f' duties of the several ._ which are working with farm ^ /in order that efficiency and may be brought about, was .....lote of the recent state con- "tgand this will be the primary o£ the Farm Bureau in _.J farmers, he said, are ask• , the democratic principles e original AAA law intended I be adhered to and that con,e" administration of the act 1 to'farmers. —rf Bureau's next year's pro- Ir^'Cornelius said, includes: -,-aWj control by farmers in the BStfatibh'of the AAA, includmg 'ablishment of an electoral col- j£fariners .with the authority to giinembers., of the State AAA . ~ Committee members are nted.from Washington. ' lion of the activities of ^serving rural people s- Agricultural Extension ause, it 'is the only unit .~*,...j? t farmers that has local, Sand national autonomy, which •*"£,•"•, in a decentralized set-up. -, ;-=-,- "against inflation and sup- *rprice-fixing legislation on the yjf^the parity prmciple, with ngSiplaced on the prices of agri- ,ilra||5'cpmmodities and industrial ds^and,'the wages of labor without '^'any if"fte three groups. slatiye action which will make —gall, Amendment mandatory scnon-basis crop when increased ARKANSAS*.*,,* Women! Old at 50,60! Get Pep irs Ycungtr, Full of Vim e S£S£;£, WOI 2 -0 '"f ""MSown feeling > with Ostrex trill do. Contains general a needed after 40—by bodlea belong nn,'pboaphoru3. Iodine, Vitamin Bi A —^-l aoct* writes: "I took It myself. Re- '•""•-"v'SDecinUntnxIactwy alls Onrex Tonlo "*• ~^ta a»J» 35c. stop feellnK pcpless.'old.. ipler »nd younger tnU very day. eatslsoodjtaigstoraa.* _ It 50.UU-E.D BECAUSE Of THE DATE ON 6NE Of if6 WAU* IJ SAID To (.QtiJMti T^ASURES WR/E B cJPANIARDJ WHO PEABE.O AN AACK By NOV£M0£« I}, 15 MAMEP C.\V. VAJ UNTIL DAYBREAK T-rl£ "["OWN WA5 65 IH LITTLE 4,1834- LIJTUE Tflft.E£ LITTLE &XK:, ARKopous, production in excess of normal market demand is urged by the Department of Agriculture. 5. A request that the Department of Rural Economics of the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture make a study of Arkansas 'entire tax structure as it is effected by collections and assessments, and especially as to expenditures, to the end that the feasibility of elimination of ad va- lorem taxes may be determined. The Farm Bureau, he said, endorsed the fundamental . principles of the AAA arid expressed its faith in the mechanics of this legislation to serve farmerstif. utilized in the manner in which it was originally intended that it be utilized. A 30-pomt 'program for 1942 was adopted by the delegate body of the organization, he said, and copies of the entire program will be supplied every member. More than a thousand farmers attended the conventiin and participated'm :the formulation of the^next year's program. "Are,'these^your sleeping clothes?" "Not any more. All the nap is worn off them." Editor: "How in the world do you make.up your jokes?" Comedian: "I sit down and laugh •and then think backwards."."-: Wedding Bells at Christmas \ Gear Dinner Party to Menu You Are Sure of By MRS. ALEXANDER GEORGE AP Feature Service Writer Christmas ; time is holiday time and holiday time is party time. 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Some of these headaches -are per versely humorous; some arc almos tragic in their consequences; but near ly all are interesting. For example here are some told by the busines. men themselves or by their represen ta lives: The Army, Navy and what-not 1 great need for linoleum threatonet a shortage hi this flooring commod ity. The government experts went tc work on it and not wishing to°,knocl out linoleum for private homes un less they had to, cast about for othe uses to which it was being put, T( their amazement, they discovered tha thousands of square yards were going into the manufacture o ffurnitur (table and dresser tops, etc.) The priorities orders were drawn up. Linoleum for such frivolous bus iness as furniture was out. As a result, some eastern seaboard warehouses soon will become pilec sky-high with scrap linoleum—abso lutely unusuable for any other known purpose. Linoleum is manufacturec in standard widths and lengths. When sold, scraps invariably result am for some years now, the companies have been making sufficient profit on this scrap that the price of their product could be reduced. Now what hap pens. The government will have to pay for the scrap and the manufacturers of that type of furniture will have to whistle up a new business. A northwestern lumber man is wailing because his yards are glutted with four grades of lumber lower, than absolute top grade. Only by cutting down more trees and sawing them up and swelling' his surplus of lower grades can he get any of that choice unblemished grade that goes into the more than a million chests which the soldiers keep at the foot of their beds. The Army specifies this one'certain grade. It needs millions of feet bi it. But, says the lumber man, nobody needs millions of feet of any of those lower grades. There is, however, in New York a 'little businessman" who turned the tables on priorities. He is the manufacturer of a fountain pen with a felt "brush.'.' It is used for addressing lareg packages and boxes. Except that it is a little larger and has that stubby oblong of felt instead of a point, and an inch-long tubular brass collar to hold the felt, it,re r sembles any.other fountain pen. ".; '.'' It was that brass collar that caught the priority eye and the man'ufactur- :r went to ; work one morning to find limself out;of business. He came to Washington. At OPM, he got a deaf Baked Ham ' Baked ham makes a delicious dinner meat. It's a good buy, too, Cooked, t keeps for some time in the refrigerator and leftovers can be put to many appetizing uses. Place a smoked ham weighing about 0 pounds, rind side up in shallow baking pan. Bake uncovered 4% lours in moderately slow oven (275). ?orty minutes before cooking time s up, lift off rind. Scrape off about k inch of the fat on top. Stud the at on the ham with whole cloves. Mix cups dark brown sugar, 1 teaspoon :innamon, % teaspoon cloves and V* easpoon dry mustard. Pat on top at. Baste every 10 minutes with fruit >lend, made by mixing % cup orange uice, % cup each vinegar, pineapple and lemon juices. x To serve cold or hot with glazed piced apricots, place 12 or 14 apricots n baking pan. Spread with butter, brown sugar, a dash cinnamon and orange juice. Broil or bake until well glazed and garnish the ham. Hot Raisin Sauce If you prefer a hot raisin sauce try this: To serve 7 or 8, mix % cup lark brown sugar, 2 tablespoons flour /4 teaspoon salt, % teaspoon dry mustard, M> cup seeded raisins, % cup rushed pineapple, 1-3 cup vinegar, cup pineapple juice, 1 cup water and tablespoons butter. Simmer, stir- ing constantly, until thick. Horseradish Relish Sauce Horseradish relish sauce is also good vilh ham. Mix % cup horseradish in- 0 'A cup each chopped ripe olives and weet pickles, 2-3 cup whipped cream, k teaspoon salt, V 4 teaspoon each celery salt and paprika. Serve cold. You should serve another main dish with the .. mc«.t— escalloped potatoes, corn or cauliflower, noodle ring with reamed mushrooms, stuffed baked iweet potatoes, spinach mold with :hees sauce or Creole spaghetti. For a' refreshing salad, try tossed green vegetable with Roquefort or plain French dressing, celery and pineapple stuffed acocado, diced jrapefruit an dapple with salad dress- ng, jellied relish or cole slaw. This makes au economical main dish. To serve 4 or so, simmer 5 minutes in % cup chopped bacon, 1-3 cup each diced onions and green peppers and Vz cup diced celery. Add % cup lour and blend. Pour in 3 cup to- natoes. ? cups cleaned cooked shrimps teaspoon salt, V4 teaspoon paprika, Vz teaspoon poultry seasoning or chili lowder and 1 teaspoon minced pars- .ey. Simmer 10 minutes, pour into juttered baking dish, sprinkle with 2-3 cup grated cheese and bake 30 minutes in moderate oven. Date Pudding Lenox Date pudding Lenox can be served cold or warm. Mix 1% cups chopped dates, 1-3 cup nuts, Vn teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon vanilla, % teaspoon cinnamon, 2-3 cup flour, 2-3 • cup dark brown sugar, I 1 teaspoon baking powder, 3 egg yolks and 3 beaten whites. Pour into buttered ring mold and bake an hour in moderate oven (350). Center With dish of whipped crow), sprinkled with chopped candied orange peel. .im^J'"^ —«•'——•*—---.eit-u^.. r '|—L .X.._.,iL .JL^-te^. ij^tfrcilit! f i r Lu JJ tl^;tL u !jj-£-.j'-£i^J,^ J .j—'..^i i^.'-JL.!.!^^.^?/*'^Tr^-^jin^rrr™; * -""^.J* > * j •at find at Artny /mother aria At Nftvy, he WHS nbout to get the Same, when the officer, examining the sample peri, got some of the ink on his fingers. He asked what kind of ink it was. The "little businessman" de- scribed Its Ingredients and qtiallfe, explained that he made It himself. The officer became very excilecf, Hint, it seems, was what he had been searching for high an dlow—to be used in outlining patterns on the floor of navy yard sail Idfts. "from how on," he said, "you are going to manufacture tills Ink." "Wot unless 1 can manufacture my pens, Joo," wfts the answer. And that's the way it was. The man Went back Iff his little business wfth 6n order for Ink in one pocket and clearance on enough, brass tubing for a million pens in the other. There arc S7.000 factories in Australia. snow us THE MAN WHO W0\' I SAY AXDSOAKE EASY r f ERMS AM) CONVENIENTLY LOW PAYMENTS AT KAY'S DIAMONDS YOU'LL ALWAYS ADORE Diamond Engagement Ring Here is a ring at a price you. will not see 'duplicated again! Take advantage of 'this sensationally low-pricq ;tp buy now. This is -tho season for holiday weddings ! / Choice! 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