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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 7

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 7

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, TUESDAY, JULY 18, 1933 8 -r I Ml mo SLEW NEWBERRY STORE SPECIAL PAGE0 C. D. A. Head Lauds Influence Of Youths' Clubs I NEW STORE IN FIELD HERE MELLON LOST Stores Add Choice Articles to Stocks When the J. J.

Newberry Company was inaugurated back in 1912, .1. J. Newberry, the president, initiated in his establishments the policy of "Five, Ten and Twenty-five Cent'' prices. Girls Will Wear Colorful Costumes Girls employed at the J. J.

Newberry Company store, which opens Wednesday at 1921-29 Broadway, will wear colorful costumes. Those serving the trays and counters will be clad in pea green 1 SAN FRANCISCO, July 18 "The influence of youth organizations on the younger generation of today is helping the boys and girls of America to become useful and self-reliant citizens of tomorrow," according to Miss Mazie Scanlon, director of Junior circles in the Catholic Daughters of America. Miss Scanlon addressed (he guests Court Rules the Case Fails To State Good 'Present But in 1917, the firm, feeling that Brother of Victim Swears To Murder Complaint, Charging Premeditation dresses, trimmed in beige, while Cause' for Tax Action floor ladies and cashiers will wear many choice articles were excluded bciKc dressstrimmed in pea green. because of this price restriction. Fountain employees will wear added Items which range in price costumes of yellow and black.

I up to $1. as a banquet Saturday at the Hotel Fairmont, on the place of youth WASHINGTON, July SAN FRANCISCO, July organizations in the development of ,0" children. She was entertained Sun- ay dav at a receotion and tea given I time pugilist, for the fatal shooting A $220,000,000 tax suit against Andrew W. Mellon and other former Treasury officials was dismissed today by Justice James M. Proctor in the District of Columbia Su- H.

C. CAPWELL'S his former for her bv the Junior Circles of of Stanley Thompson, brother-in-law. Murray was freed the Bay region. She will leave to -fKOABWAr TUIGAPH PHONt TiMMIA MM morrow for the Northwest, where she is to continue her tour of Courts of the Order throughout the United In" i i.ui" i in mi in mi ir' n.ii wrr- 1 1 1 1 1 iVaj-MfeBagyjJ-" imwMiwi ftm um mm um iwiiii in a 1 1 in ML'" States and Canada BUDGET PARLEY Cilt i 2 JnVjr'. SLATEDTON preme Court The suit was filed by David A.

Olson, former investigator for a special Senate Committee, and charged Mellon, former Secretary Ogden Mills and several others with conspiring to defraud the Government in the settlement of Foreign Steamship Company taxes. Justice Proctor, in his opinion sustaining a demurrer raised by the defendants, said the suit did not state a "good present" cause of action. Unless Olson files the suit In an amended form, the dismissal today means the end of the case. Olson charged Mellon, Mills, Arthur A. Ballantine, former Treasury Undersecretary, David H.

Blair, lormer Internal Revenue Commissioner, and Alexander W. Gregg, former Treasury Solicitor, with fraudulently permitting the steamship companies, never named, to Oakland's Finer Store is glad to welcome J. J. Newberry Co yesterday on a manslauehter charge when Municipal Judge S. J.

Lazarus said he considered the shooting "unavoidable." But Lionel R. Thompson, 448 Athens Street, brother of the victim, appeared before Judge Lazarus today and insisted that the slaying was "cold blooded murder." "There was bad blood between my brother and Murray," he told the court. "Murray threatened to kill him on several occasions. the hospital, before my brqther died, he said, Bud finally got Thompson charged that the burglar alarm which Murray installed in his cellar, after reporting the place had been entered by prowlers, was put there as a ruse to "make it appear that the shooting was justified." Murray said his far age had been robbed four times in a month and he rigged up a burglar alarm system. When (he alarm sounded at Here is the home of the first Oakland store of the J.

J. Newberry Company, nation-wide merchandise chain store organization. It is located on the west side of Broadway, near Twentieth Street, and extends through to 'Telegraph Avenue. The company spent more than $100,000 remodeling the store. Inset are, left to right: O.

Ronning, store manager; J. E. Nelson, district superintendent, and L. F. Meyers, district superintendent for the Southern division of the store company.

ALAMEDA, July 18. The Alameda board of education will hold a public hearing on the new school department budget o'clock tonight, according to William H. Hitchings. president. The 1933-34 budget, tentatively approved a month ago, carries a reduction of eight per cent in the STORE MS 11 salaries of teachers and school de Cafeteria Will Be Featured in 1 Establishment partment employees.

This is the SITE AFTER only official wage cut that the Ala SURVEY Tomorrow, Wednesday, another great organization becomes a part of Oakland's Finer Shopping district. H. C. Capwell's is glad to welcome the J. J.

Newberry Co. as its new neighbor at 1921-29 Broadway. Good food, at fair prices, will be served at the J. J. Newberry Company's new Oakland store when it celebrates its opening Wednesday at escape taxes of $110,000,000.

Under the law the defendants would have -had to pay $220,000,000, if Olson's suit had been upheld. Olson was a former investigator for the Senate Banking Committee which investigated the stock market and banking. Flower Festival Directors To Meet SAN LEANDRO, July 18. Directors of San Leandro's California Flower Festival Association will hold their meeting Wednesday evening, July 26, at the Chamber of Commerce rooms, Chairman J. Allison Bruner, of the board, announced today.

Manager M. A. Vinson will report on plans for the September festival at the meeting, and general discussion of the show program will be considered, Bruner said. 2:35 a. m.

Sunday, he said, he telephoned Paul Consora, 599 Moscow Street, to call police and then ran from the house with a shotgun. He said he saw a man across the street, not knowing it was Thompson, and fired when the latter made a move as though to draw a gun. Consora and Ray Actis, 701 Vienna Street, a friend who witnessed the shooting, corroborated the story. But in a brief period of consciousness before he died Thompson told Dr. T.

F. Conroy, of the Mission Emergency Hospital, that he was walking past Murray's home when the latter stepped out and shot him. BLACK-EYED SUSAN IS TWIN SCITUATE, Mass. A "Siamese Twin" is an oddity in Edwin Do-lan's garden of black-eyed Susans. The flower has stems and heads joined oform a bloom.

meda school employees have received during the entire economic depression, according to Superintendent of Schools William G. Padcn. The teachers hade a voluntary cut of approximately three per cent in their salaries last year and the new budget would reduce their contract salaries another five per cent. The new budget carries appropriations totaling $752,334.80 for the Alameda school department for the school year of 1933-34. The elementary schools would receive $415,718.70 and the high school $338,616.10.

Expenditures of the school department during the year ending last June 30 totaled $808,878.81, of which $430,001.91 was for the elementary schools and $372,875.00 for the high school. When the J. J. Wewberry Company, after a survey of the mercan-tile activity of Oakland, decided to locate one of their largest and best appointed stores in the cify, they determined that one of main features would be attractively dressed windows. When the new store of the company opens Wednesday with an opening day sale, the display windows will be marvels of 1921-29 Broadway.

First of all, the main feature will be a "luncheonette," which is a Newberry store "creation." This "luncheonette" on opening day will present three combinations for the choice of rustomers. One combination consists of fresh vegetable soup, roast young turkey, walnut dressing, cranberry souce, creamed peas and carrots, fruit sal Twenty-seven departments comprise the new J. J. Newberry Company 5, 10 and 25-cent store, which opens its doors Wednesday at 1921-29 Broadway. These departments are stocked with fresh merchandise, brought from all over the United States for the patronage of Eastbay citizens.

Here are the various departments: Confectionery, notions, jewelry, toilet goods, stationery, millinery, ribbons, lace, art goods, yard goods, hosiery, ready-to-wear, infants' wear, general dry goods, yard goods, music, toys, hardware, household, tinware, glassware, crockery, groceries, luncheonette, handkerchiefs, men's department and boys' department. In these 27 sections are stocked the finest, types of merchandise available for the prices. Six window dressers have worked weeks to make the display windows, perfect examples of their art. i You May Take Your Own Photo 4 I i i I I f. BREUMER'5 welcomes the new J.

J. NEWBERRY store to Oakland's shopping center ad, whipped potatoes and gravy. Parkhouse rolls and butter, coffee, tea milk. Or, if that doesn't appeal, here's another: Fresh vegetable soup, baked Virginia ham, applesauce, creamed peas and carrots, fruit salad, whipped potatoes and gravy, Parker house roll and butter, coffee, tea or milk. SKill another, this time a salad combination: fresh vccetable salad, roll and butter, choice of pie and any five-cent drink.

Among the specials, to be served Jrom 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. and from to 6 p.m., on opening day for ten cents is crisp waffles and coffee, butter and syrups. The "luncheonette" will be served for twenty-five cents. Similar bargains are represented on the opening clay's menu and on the menus which will follow.

'Luncheonette' Has I Experienced Head I Promotion after promotion has been handed to M. J. Krecie. who will manage the luncheonette'' de- partment of the new J. J.

New-I berry Company store, which opens "Look pleasant, please." That's an order you ran give yourself when you the new J. J. Newberry Company store at 1921-29 Broadway. One of the most interesting pieces of store equipment is an automatic camera which turns out finished pictures almost within the blink of an eyelash. The patron obtains three "passport size" photos at a nominal price, and, during tl)e photographing process, he has enjoyed the rare pleasure of "posing himself." Wednesday at 1921-29 Broadway.

Kregie's most recent position with the company was at Seattle, where he was in charge of the fountain department of a large Newberry Company store in that city. He was sent to Oakland because the company has faith in his ability to serve the tastiest of dishes in a manner which pleases the patrons. WORLD WAR SURGEON DIF.S ST. LOIJ1S, July Robert Burns 5.1, physician and lieutenant-colonel and commander seventy-eighth base hospital detachment in France dining the World War. died last nicht.

BREUNER'S Broadway at 21st Oakland Values to $30 The New M. Rice Go. Jewelers 1906 Telegraph Ave. Welcomes J. J.

Newberry Go. Oakland Legion Post Wins Member Drive American Legion Post No. 5 has won the annual contest for membership for the third consecutive year, according to announcement from slate headquarters, and holds the lead over the Stockton Tost by one membership. According to Walter N. Fi ickstad and Al Greenwalt, campaign directors, the result is due to the work of twelve four-man teams that have been working in the drive.

Jack Kneeshaw has the outstanding individual record for the drive, and will be given a trip to the state convention in Pasadena with all expenses paid. Other prizes will be given at the next regular meeting. J. J. Newberry Store Uses yffelcomtj WONDER BREAD and ROLLS BLUEBIRD POTATO CHIPS A rp Sprred T'vi'liiwlvrl n1 iht J.

J. NEWBERRY Lunch Counter Credit Terms 75c weekly J.J.NEWBERRY CO. to Oakland's finest and most rapidly growing shopping area. May you enjoy the success that favors those who locate here. NEWBERRY'S, Brings You Hollywood's Latest Fad 4 Photos Ornamental Iron Work by C.

FRAUNEDER Ornamental Iron Works 335 Eighth Street Lakeside 8029 Ventilating Sheet Metal Work Kalmein Doors Constructed and Inslnllrd by the CENTRAL SHEET METAL ROOFING CO. 3246 Ettie Street OLympic 8528 Davidson Licht M8k Company 75 Jewelry mark of if 14 Woman's jeweled Baguette wrist watch Exlrs slender, modern? case. Term. 7t weekly Regular $30-NOW lit I i i t. 4Po ses 20th and Broadway acren rem ll.C.Capu rll'i "PRICES MUST GO UP!" -command iht Adminulration.

Already tbe wholesale price of watches have advanced sharply. So this present clearance sale definitely is a "last call" to buy at the lowest of the low prices. It is a farewell to the bargain values of the past few years. More than hundred of our finest watches are included in this climaxing sale. Wallham.

Elgin, lllinoii. Longinet and other fine makes are (lathed deeply Each witch fully guaranteed, both by the. factory and ourselves. Use your credit if yoo wuh. No interest 01 carrying charges.

Avail your-elf of th last opportunity to buy a fine watch at the "bottom of the market" FREE PARKING ELKS PARKING STATION 20TI1 FRANKLIN Finished in 2 Minutes The Fine Builders' Hardware in the J. J. Newberry Store FURNISHED BY 10 All for tajBHaaHTBHiiw IViiTiiiiinju.o.' I VHi 75 1 lave your children photographed frequently keep a permanent record of their development. These pictures will not fade. 14 Man's jeweled Waltham strap watch Step-shaped ce Gold numerals Termi, 75c weekly.

Regular J27.50-NOW P-Jl Wc arc about to become a NEIGHBOR Hecnming a neighbor is pn experience we've never had hefore. We are looking forward to the event with a lot of pleasure, We'll try Newberry's, to be awfully good neighbors when we move in next door to you on August 1. Anyhow, we can agree on one thing right at the start; it's a perfectly swell neighborhood (or a couple of stores such as ours. Drop in real soon, Newberry's, and we'll sell you a pair of shoes. CHARLES KUSHINS CO.

"Good shoes carefully fitted" On and after August 1st 1915 Broadway Milk and Ice Cream Served in the New J. J. NEWBERRY CO. 5-10-25c Stores Comes from the Willow Brook Creamery, Ltd. ni TAMALES and ENCHILADAS Served by the new J.

J. Newberry Store are made especially by the SOTO TAMALE CO. 1127 86th Ave. SWeetwood 1130 A product from the Willow Brook Creamery, is a guarantee Of highest quality. 1326 Broadway at 14th St.

1 Established 1909 JlWliW WILLOW BROOK CREAMERY, LTD. 2515 San Pablo Ave. TE mplebar 4640.

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