The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1940
Page 5
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THURSDAY, APRIL 2o, 1940 During November, 1939, Ihc number of mechanically propelled ro;id vehicles In Ktiglnnd was 10,070 as compared lo : M,Wi in November, 1038. The drop was said to have been caused by tlic ration- Ing of gasoline, blackout, restrictions, nnd and Income taxes, SPECIAL PURCHASE SALE OF 50 PHILCO FARM RADIOS BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PHILCO FMtMMDIO No wet batteries lo imy •nd recharge . . . no wind cJmrKcrs! Self, contained Pliilco littt- Icry Hlock jives nlmost double the c.ijmcity at one-third Ihe cost. New tubes cul current drain lo onc-diird. Slill you enjoy llic finest tone and performance at lliu price. Handsome Wai. iiul cumolu i-abincl. . Only 50 at This Price Regular $64.95 Philco [';ty only one-halt' (1 o «• n and (lie balance' next fall. Small c a r r y i n g charge. Complete With Hattcries FURNITURE COMPANY Seeks "Congressional Seat PAGE rsvi (Continued from Pnge I) ialc jusllcc of the Arktmsns supremo court, al Joucsboro. Mr. Ivy's friends say thai he is a forceful and convincing: speaker and lias tlic ability lo jiropwly present any cause which he repre- it'lllS. In asking the vole and support of electors ot the first cone'es- slonal district Mr, Ivy made the following statement: "In announcing mv vnmlidiici' for congress from the First District of Arkansas, I am conscious of the responsibilities resting upon the holder ol this office, aurt tne grcnt Interests to bo ioj»i'sonlcd. It Is my conviction that this District racks first In llic Slate In every respect. U is first In population;' first In wealth nnd investments; first In agricultural production; first In ng- rlciilUiral problems, and first In Nationnl problems. "There has never. In the history ; of our country, Irecn n greater need I for men of courage and ability in Congress. Our representatives should be men of wide experience, nud familiar with the problems of Ihe people. I am asking for (he consideration of Ihe voters solely upon my record nnd qualifications to serve the people of this District. "As the campaign progresses, 1 shall discuss ihc Issues and problems coi'.fvonling the people of this District, and when Hie campaign has closed, no one will be hi doubt as lo my stand on public questions. 1 will do everything possible to keep this Nation out ol war, and to preserve our National Integrity. 1 will support every measure for the benefit of agriculture nnd Its affiliated Intern!.-,. 1 ivln support the extension ol Hood control legis- Istion. nnd will work for Ihe conservation ol our soil and nil of our natural resources. I favor the extension of benefits to disabled vct- ciiins and to the dependents of all veterans. 1 will support all measures lo improve the security of the blind, tiie aged and the unfortunate who arc entitled to same. I will vise every effort to relieve tlic uncm- '• ployed. I will work diligently to mni::tain the security of our National and Imlwilriiil wealth. "I am asking the support of my fellow citizens with the pledge to one and nil to do my utmost to preserve inviolate our Democratic form of Government mid Ihe principles , lor which It stands, u i am elected, i the problems of this .District, and (he interests of its citizens shall be given my entire thought and action. 1 shall do my best to serve the people of the District, the Stale and Nation faithfully, honestly and energetically." Miracle Whip, Kraft's, Quarts Pints 30 C SOAP, P and G Giant White Bars 6 for 22c PINEAPPLE JUICE, Delmonte, Large 47 oz. Can ." Ea. 26c PEACHES, Argo Halves in Syrup, No. l\ Can Ea 13^c MACARONI OR SPAGHETTI, Long Cut, Snow White 2 boxes for 5c lc SALE Full Size Cake for Ic withPui-elwsc of -'i Cukes, all for SALT, Jefferson Island \\ Lb. Box 2 boxes 5c SARDINES, American in Oil, 1-4 Lb. Fiat Can 2 cans 8c SPINACH, Baby Stuart, Extra Fancy, No. 2 Can Ea lie MILK, Pet, 3 Large 22c; 6 Small ' 22c Regular Package for Only Ic flic With Purchase of 2 Packages, :i for* I PINEAPPLE, Palm Island, 10 Slices, No. 2 Can Ea. 15c MATCHES, Searchlight, None Better 6 boxes 19c SALMON, Tall Alaska Chum , Can 13k NEW POTATOES, Nice Size JIIIIIII"II~... Pound 3c SUGAR Cure Cane Granulated H) lb. Paper Sack , POTATOES, Old, U. S. No. 1 Red 10 Lbs Z5c OLIVES, Rosedale Spanish, 22 oz., 130 To 160 to the Jar Ea'. 27c COFFEE, Chase and Sanborn, Dated, Regular or Drip Lb. 24c SALJJLawry's Original Seasoned, For Table Use 4 oz. can l I ft MILK. BEST m -OUR HEALTH CRACKERS, Fresh and Crispy 2 Lb box 15c CORN, Pride of Illinois, Full No. 2 Can Fa 10r HOMINY, Standard No. 2 Can . Ea 7c CHERRIES, Red Pitted, Sour, No. 2 Can"""."I""..'".'."".""."''"""'I':"7'""F. a . lOJc UMS, Wilson or Swift 5 i sr Whole . 21c LARD, Pure, Loose Lh 8 C PORK ROAST Shoulder Lb. 15c BUTTER, Best Creamery . Lb. 33 C LAMB, Shoulder Roast ... Lb. 23c SAUSAGE, Mixed Lb 5c BEEF ROAST, Chuck Lb. 20c BEEFBRfSKET Lb. 12ic BALOGNA SAUSAGE Lb. IZic OLEO, Gem Lb. 12c MINCE MEAT, Loose Lb. 15c lb. 19c We Deliver 10-1 S. Division Street Phone C. L. NABERS GROCERY & MARKET Ftulay, Halurday, Monday, April 20, 27, 2i» Mrs. Sum Uowcu,. Mr. nnd Mrs. Jpsse l)i own, mid Mr. and Mrs. lUisscll Dowoti nttcndctt the meeting of (heir Osceola-uixon-Blythe- vlllc bridge club (it tlio IIOIIIB of Mr. nnd Mrs. R. 0. Bryan Tuesday night, MIS. Jilrcs rtcelvcrt lilgl) score tisvnril, a potted Rtal«» «nd Snni Dowen, Ilio men's iiljh icorc club prize, u shaving «t. Mr*. John Thwealt, Mrs. R. W. llnller mid Mrs. Tom CallU wlll'at- knit the nnnunl HlmniWo luncheon of willing Wood? collc«e, Salurday ul Cnrutlicvsvlllc, Mo, Mi's. K. B. u uearden received word f'rldny of llio denth of her SinmlmollKT, Mrs. Urph. of Rvu- solh'lllc. Mrs. Larch 'wa» burled Sunday nftornoon, blie WHS the inolhpr of Mis. Be«rd«l'i niollier, Mrs. o. s. Nelson, ol ruisscllvllle. Memphis visitors Monday were; Mrs. Joe Hires, Miss Carrie Mno Hires, Mrs. 0. llowton; they wero nccoinimulNl by Ihclr 'mint, Mrs. Eninm Drlckej-o of Osccoln. Mr. and Mr*. K. ft. flognn nnd Mi: nnd Mrs. Bowen. Kail l,«l. Boy firm (Jruss NARKACUNSETT. R. 1. (Ul') — riio flro cIviMirtmciit wns e«llctl out when a Nnrrngnnscll boy lost his baseball—but the force didn't heln him find It, The boy had jet flro lo tall RI-BSS In n field so he could .sec If llic ball was Ihera. He didn't rind U. Bruce Ivy, above, nroscculiris attorney lor Ihe second judicial district and prominent Osceola lawyer, today authorized formal nimoimacmciil of his candidacy lor congressman from Ihe first Arkansas district. Luxora Society—Personal [Vlotlicr-Daughlcr Ituufiuci A Mother-Daughter bm«iuct was given at tlio lloine Economic* tnl- ngc Thvir.stlay evening by the Home Kjoaomics ciub. Despite the inclement, weather, twenty wove present, to enjoy, this occasion. The cottage WHS prettily dec;ovated will) vnncd.cblomi (uitps and coxlnes.s wa.s In evidence us the guests were welcomed Into the living room where a fire was glowing brightly in the fireplace^ The guests nnd club members ere served in Hie large dining room at 1 a U-shaped table which . liad a leader, completed Ihe course ol "How to Study the uiblu", a scries of lessons over a period of several \veeks. nl Mils ineetlng. Durluy the social hour, wallles nnd strawberries were nerved. Uiilhilay Tarty for DallRhlcr Twenty children were tho giiesls ol little chrlsllnc Johnston when she was given a purly lij' her mother In honor of her seventh hiithday Tlnnsdny afternoon. Children's B»mc.s were played uud cueh child was given n \vlilrl-l-Btg favor, ami nl Ihe close of the aftcnioon's tun, Ice cream and cakes and candles were -served. A high light feature of the afternoon's gathering was the mnkliig of a (jrouj) picture of all present. Will Assist In Seliool The Most Worshipful Grand Mns- t«r. R. E. Shcllon, of Cnmdcn, lias ,. ... , ordered 'a school of In.slrucllon to centerpiece of Mips, and llic „ ace, b( , hcl(| „,. w u ,„,„„„,, oj ^ cards were nitiHature umbvelln.s, Fridn _ Vi A])V|| w _ (m Uu , -^ * M for the April shower, and the menu cards were attached, Hivyburn Stanlleld ;Cccil was mistress of ceremonies, nnd gave the welcome address, '• response Jiy vernen ujrd EuoaiiKs..A poem v/ns read by Jesse Olenu Tomlin. The club girls wore niid motlclcd dresses made In class. Special guests were the Rev. H. B. L. aeuruen and Mrs. Ucnrdcn. Mrs. Bearden gave several readings. Slahel George Honored Wltli Bridge Varly Mabel George, whose wedding lo DeMntrl Abfleinour Of New York City, will tnke place In May wns complimented Tuesday nlurnoon with another in a series of parties for her, by Mrs. A. 13. Eo/.cll and Mrs. John 1-Wd nl Ihc' home of Mrs. Hozell on Highway 120. Tulips, iris, nnd gold California rosc.s were used In Ihc card playing rooms. ' " ' • For the bridge games, '.allies in tlu: orinai motif were featured. Miss ueor^e was presented with I an exfiuWlc large while linen linnd- Kcrcmel In embroidery. Tlic salad piatc served nt the end of the game:; -carried congealed chicken salad, cracker wafers, heart shaped open faced sandwiches lop- licd wllh cream cheese and iced lea. The brlde-clccl's plate had as the I favor, a miniature llircc-brnnched lighted car.dcliibra atop:a basket 01 assorted mints, while IJic quests' plates carried n single 'miniaUlrc lighted eanrlle In n basket ol mints, cellophane wrapped, lied with pink titjtjon. The individual ca'r'.r.': iced in white, dccoraled in pmV. with tlic names "Mnbcl-'Milri" iced . In pink were served by the hostesses uom u large crystal tray, centered tvilli a conventional bride and groom. Mis. rt. W. milter held hlijli score, and waa given a birakfnst set in green for lour; Mrs. William Elias held second honors, receiving a pyrnx baking dish. Mrs. Milton Hobixs was nivnrdcd a trj'.stal Ice iui> for low r,corc. Sixteen bridge gne-'sts, wllh Ihc I mother of the honoree, Mrs. Phillip Gi'orgc'as ten, nnd Mis'^ UOSR Darldiir, of IliJRhcs, the only out of tov;n yuc-st, were present. * » « Mcllioclist Missiuuary Sorirlj period of Instrudioii followed by similar schools on May 'J nnd 10. This scries of instruction periods nt Lc-imnto will IK under tlic supervision of John Piggolt, who Is a member of Custodian Board, nsslslcd l)y K. H. Bognn of Luxora, a certified slritclor, John M. state of Jpncs- 101:0. a certified lecturers will o.assist in the school. t' ' • • 1 Utlle • Tommlc McHancy nccoiii- |)anled his grandparents. Mr. anil he A business session and sludy ii'.ssoii was iiie Bible c,u- ricd out at -Ihe- meeting -of the \Vonicn.s Society toi cutlet!' 1 '' hi-i- vicc of the Methodist Church Tucs- •>i" n'tr-ntoon nl tlic home «l Mrs. E. It. Boguit. •• 'llic Rev. H. E. L. BeurUcn, bttldy Wert Optometrist "UK MAKES 'KM SHE'' Over Joe Isaacs' hloic f'llOUC 1 5-JO HAPPY RELIEF FROM PAINFUL BACKACHE Inly l>f ll)t»e cnnnfnK, nn^Ine. (nlttlii! tllr f I'l 0 !''? u "Y'fi] ^' l '* t>r htrfl ' ns ni * "'.if."'. 1 , 1 ! 1 "" I'Mtjil 111 llil'tlBlil'wi.y 1 ,"' 1 ' llic Lliliiej'inrc Xnliiio't rlilrl way ol luklnil lilowl. Tlicy he]|! inwi |ico|ila |itu about J ,.iiu, A tiny. II lli<J 15 "iltM 1)1 fchtitt; tulti nml lillcu ilio J))nrHl. TJtwe Mobutu junj. jtdrl nnKldl'rf .infVtu'htA, rli^Hunlin nnlin, liwvi nf iipp nnd "''('"MIIB'I. •"" ]i'> !'' I "' *" V "'" S .' '" 1|K "."' ITOI dr irnnly puwiiRn \vl|h (martinii nnd "mug *niuetlmM ftftott* (li*rc la foniollilni: nine wllli S'nur Vlilrifj-B <ir blml.ler. •lloul *iill! A»lc your linguist (nr niinn'l (Mil. iiM'cl BiiMwtully by niUflitni [ni- nvtr 111 fjar«. lli«r uiv<j linpm- rrlltl f>n,l «lll|, llit 15 mlln.uf kMnw <ulic< lli»!i cnil iiolnuiioii, "MIC troin yout litoD.1. (Ul DMn's P]ll>. The Most S«ns«tlon«f Event of th« SMMH! TOPFLIGHTS NaUon-IV/rfe Shirt •< Penney'sf Just arrivedl Brand n«w it- lectioni of patterns—stripes, figures and checks on light or dark grounds! All in smooth weave broadcloth, Sanforized* lor lasting excellence of fit! Nucraft non- wilt collars I Miss., 'la ParngotiUITor a visit over THE SHIRT EVENT FOR YOU! f x rtfturlng On» ofAmtrlc* Telfour Stcadman. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hires. Mr. and TOWNCRAFT To Kcarby One Way Tolnls S'urcs Oscuola. Ark. Memphis, Tcnii. Kikc.slon, Mo I .ir (,';i|ic fJirardeati, Mo. Krericriclilnvvn, AIo. SI. Louis, Mo. ... To Dislaul I'oinls Chicago, HI 7.05 New V'ork City 15.55! Los Angck-s, Calif :JL25i Miami, Fla 1 l..'!(l New Orleans, !,a 7.!l"i Dfiroil, Mich !).5() GKKYIIOUND 'I'KKMINAL 100 N. 5lh SI. Plionc 600 Exclusive/ Towntraft TIES Rich blends of rayon with wool, cotton or. silkl •ft Off Your NtW fhlrtt " .*?*# For Yourtfllf i/iec* These Va| M e«r % Luxurious' broodcloth, madrcij iand chombroy — all Sanforized (fabric shrinkage will not exceed 1%} I Count-, less new patterns all woven-in) Proportionately sized to fit you perfectly! ' Seven ocean pearl burtons on tha ,fronf! RIGHT clear throu0hl ftitl. U. Sj P»t. Off. i/. C. PfNStYCO.

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