Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1941 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1941
Page 6
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|fft! Mdfcf YOU ItLL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" ' You cart talk to only one man Wont Ads talk to Thousands J ¥ SILL, RENT, BUY OR SWA* f, 1 " , \Want Ads cash in advance. Not taken over the Phone P** H**^-Je ward, minimum 10* »(»»»—id ««rd, minimum 7St Thrae tlm«*— jyi* word, minimum M« One month— He word, minimum >2.70 Rates an for continuous nnty Subierlptlori Ror« {Always Payable In Advance): BV city carrier, per week 15c; Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. For Sole ,VB BY BUYING USED FUHNI- orrt Us! Chairs, Tables, Stoves, and many other items all in », condition with reasonable Abo highest prices paid for furniture. FRANKLIN FURCO., South Elm Street 9-lmc. iytJW5,,^UKD, 7Sc PER BUSHEL ftfjtrm. Plow tools, all kinds. Plow n ear. See A. N. Stroud, Washington, ik. ' ,. 13-lmp MSENCE OIL COOK RANGE > oh'e. year. Excellent condition. Seed -$70. Terms if desired. Mrs. KB.' Schooley. 38-F-ll. Old north feii •' 3 . 3tc 'For Sole Miscl. SISTERET>, POINTER PUPS from luscle" Shoals Jake breeding. Also "TO half grown setter pups. Bostons fCociers.' Padgitts Kennels. »5,;.V f.,' ^ " 20-lmp Salesman Wonted WILL PAY STRAIGHT SALARY 535.00 per week, man or woman with auto sell Eureka Poultry Mixture to Farmers. Eureka Mfg. Co. East St. louis, 111. SEVERAL MEN.WITH CARS FREE to travel with a crew'to sell the weekly Kansas City Star. Steady pleasant work. If interested write Ira C. Pace,' General Deli very J Prescott, Ark. 3-4tp Lost 21 JEWELL HAMILTON, SIZE 16. Reward 'for return to J. W. Perkins, 228 N. Hervey. ' ' l-3tp ONE RED MARE MULE, WEIGHT around 900 Ibs. Notify Byr'on Eir- banks. Hope Rt. 2. 3-3tp ' Personal IGERMAN POLICE PUPPIES. Streei ' 1201 S. 4-3tp Trailers For Sale S4JMY', NEW & USED HOUSE ilers.. American Stage Coaches |and Roy Crafts. Prices from $200 up, """' ^terras., See Thelma -Stevens, jDarwin's Trailer Camp, Highway 4 ' north, Hope, Phone 22F-2. G-30tp MADAM VERA — NOTED MEDIUM and Advisdr. Gives definite and reliable advise on'all affairs of life, love, marriage, busniess, investments, wills, deeds, and changes. Tells you if you will marry the one you love. Give names, dates, facts and figures. Consult me today. Special reading daily 50c. 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. Studio located in Trailer at LUCK'S TOURIST COURT on Highway. 67 DISPLAY — FULL LINE Bros. Trailer Coaches. Call we hass several models to Iselect from. Luck's Tourist Court. - 1 """ 21-tfc Furniture For Sale FURNITURE STORE HAS ed next-door to Saenger Theater better prices on furniture sec . 21-30tc IJjWp-ROOM APARTMENT, AD- jofiung bath. 8 miles East on High'" Vr4. See'W. A. Sanford or phone 3-3tp For Rent DNT BEDROOM, INNER-SPRING sa Men only. 601 West Main, ott, Arkansas, Phone 451 l-2tp 3ROOM TO MEN ONLY. APPLY e'r 2 p. m. at 210 N. Main. 2-3tc West. l-6tp Hope Star *» j& ,'111: Cornoll- Publlsfcsd »v«y wtfeKtSov af«r ftoon by Staf Publishing Co. ln«. (C. E. Palm« 6ftd Awx.H. WdShburn) dt th« Star bulldlna,'812-2(4 South Wolnut *tre«f, Mope, Ark. . — .. - • , ALtX. M. WASHBURN, tdHot and Entered QJ second class matfer at th« Postofflce of Hope, Arkonsos, undef the Act of Morch 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press (NEAH-Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n Member of The Associated Press: The Associated press Is exclusively entitled to the use for republlcatlon of all news dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local hews published herein. Notional Advertising Representative— Arkansas Daltlei. Inc.,- Memphis, Tenn, Sterlck Building; Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avnue- New York City. S07 Fifth Avenue: Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 414 Terminal BldQ. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge'will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed, Commercial newspapers hold to this policy In the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space- taklrtb memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility for th» safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Wanted NEW OR RENEWAL OF SUBSCRIP- tions to any magazine published. Charles Reynerson at City Hall. ; •'-' 2-14tc Male Help Wanted TWO • MEN WANTED AT. ONCE Large, well known feed company must appoint two men for good paying work where thfs newspaper is circulated. Render service and do other work. Farm experience or any kind of sales experience helpful. Must have car. Pleasant, permanent work. Send only name and address. Write Box 98, Hope, Ark. i,,....,. .,. ,,.-...,„ .. 3 _ Up Refrigeration ROOMS — UNFURNISHED, Ippvate entrances. 604 South Hamil' 3-3tp , FURNISHED FOR LGHT pusekeepinR. Utility bills paid. Old P7,no"rji of Hope. Mrs. J. E. Schooley 3-3tc BEDROOM. INSIDE CITY lits on' old Fulton Highway. See " 'Phillips, 4-ltp J>OM FURNISHED APARTMENT, lust'outside city limits. Mrs. R. M. ley. Phone 38 F12 4-3tc /LARGE BEDROOM, CON- 'Menient to bath. For gentlemen or fJBPu'ple. No children. 322 S. Shover. hlme 825. - 4-3tc 3NT BEDROOM. WILL SHARE Close in. 518 West Division. 4-3tp JSHED ONE ROOM APART- erit See C. E, Whitten, Old Fulton inside city, - 4-3tp 'i Wonted to Buy PRICES PAID FOR MEN'! suits, R, M. Patterson. l-15tc REFRIGERATION . SERVICE? — WE repair anything ^ElectHcal,^Wiring, motors. Kelly Refrigeration"Service. 112 Main. Phone 144. 10-lm-c. Answer to Cranium Crackers Questions on Page One 1. Jefferson 'City is named for President. Thomas Jefefrson; Cleveland is named for Moses Cleaveland, 18th /century Connecticut surveyor, founder of the city, and ancestor of President Cleveland. 2. Custer. is named for Gen. George A. 'Custer, Indian, fighter who died in battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876; Astoria for John Jacob Astor, fur trader who founded it in 181. 3. Houston is named for Gen. Sam Houston, who helped free Texas; Austin for Stephen F. Austin, pioneer 'founder of Texas.' 4. Shreveport is named for Henry Shreve, pioneer steamboat operator on the Mississippi; Dodge City for Col. Richard I. Dodge, midwest railroad pioneer. 5. Baltimore is named for the Lords Baltimore, Englishmen 'who developed the colony of Maryland; Pittsfield for William Pitt, the English statesman. We, theWomen Vital Part of Any Education Is Daily Nett's>1pcr' Reading By RUTH MILLETT The excuse of many women for knowing less than men'about what is going on in the world is that Ihey'are so busy with homemaking that they just haven't time to keep xip. But a survey just made by the campus newspaper of a large mid- western college would indicate that it is just an excuse—and not a reason. For the survey showed that in the men's dormitories there was one news paper covering world events for every . 23 men living there—but only one news paper for every 65 co-eds hi the wo- ' men's dormitories. That is a pretty good sign that women lag behind men in their interest n world affairs even before they lave any homemaking responsibilities :o take,up their time. It indicates al:o, that given the same chance at an education as men, women are still less interested than men.in what is happening outside their 'own small social group. And even though those college men are far ahead of the women when it comes to apparent interest in world affairs, their record is disgraceful. Education Should Include News When there is' only one newspaper for 23 men, the amount of time any of them can spend reading it is far | loo limited for a person who is spending four years and several thousand dollars getting an "education." For no matter how much he learns from text books^no student could hope fo : emerge'" r^m'j'Co'lle'gd' a'" well-informed person if 'for four years his knowledge of world afafirs had come from "headline skimming." / .That is something that Dad—who is footing .the bills for his''sons or daughters education—ought to think about. If he can scrape up the cash to send bis boy'to college, he ought to scrape a little harder and subscribe to a newspaper for him. And it might give an interested aunt an idea. What better Christmas gift for a college student than a subscription to this newspaper? One that a student won't have to wait to read unil 22 or 64 other students have finished glancing a the headlines, "Well," said the golfer, Vhat do you think of my game?" "I suppose it's all right," replied the caddie, "but I still prefer golf," DRS, CHAS. A. & ETTA E. GHAMPLIN Osteopathic Physicians HOPE, ARKANSAS 404 South Elm St. Telephone 459 Bring us your Sick WATCH Speedy recovery guaranteed. Repair sefvic* very reasonable. PERKISON'S JEWELRY STORE 218 South Walnut OUR BOARDING HOUSE with ,.. Major Hoople p WAKE UP, MR, VAN WINKLE/ WANT NOD TO EMPTV THIS IHTO IK THE AROUND . A UTTWE YOU'LL GRONN $o MUCH -AWK/f EGATD^ i«»nt»»i ri/-\j HSLJ nlsOW X b\ ALtERSlC TP HOD<=e DUST/ A DENIAL CHORE AS. €»|IWPLB A.S LIFTING A FINGER, BUT \TMAV PLUNGE ME, 1KTO ALU RIGHT/ IS IK TKB WASH TUBBS And Wash Weht to a Movie BV R&v Crone '! THEVRE LIKEL LARM, WH\LE t TRV TO STOP TRUCK' AND Hjs \& HERMAN <SS T«RU6Ut THE PV.AMT, LO«KT5 ME KNOWS WHERE TO 6EUIEOE THAT ABE VI6IL...WOW IS THE TIME TO 6TRIKE ; COPR. 1W1 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. HEP. U. 9. PAT. OFF, Thimble Theafer LISTEW, SOU OWE-EMED > ME-S, IMDEED, ALL ASHORE THAT6 ADMIRAL V} 0)6 SHALL UUIT'OUTA UJHAT DO VOU WE-MER'LLMAPtA diET ORF At LEAST WAW I HAVE A SHIP ALL ASHORE\ THAT'S 6OIN6 A-SMOREJ FIND OUT.MV . FRIEND DONALC • First Love By Walt Disney YEP, PENNY'S ^ ONE-MNN J/OH, ISN'T PENGUIN..." yH THACT KNIMMS INSTINCTIVELY RECOGNIZE MOBILITY OF CHAJ3A.CTER, PENNY '.{.;..ME LIKE . , WON'T HAVE >A PKRLING! '^ NNYTHING TO DO) SO LOYM.,;SO WITH ANYONE A AFFECTIONATE ' BUT ME!, BLONDIE A Man's Gotta Have Some Private Life! IT" By Chic Young ALEXANPER'S ) . TALKING TO SOME.LJTTL GIRL OU THE -. 'PHONE JUST A MINJUTE, ESMERELPA--WE HAVE COMPAMV OKAV, ESMEI?f=LPA, WE CAM TALK, NOW NEVER SO EMBARRASSEP IN ALL MV LIFE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Not So Smooth By Edqar Martin w, PIWTTV C 1 There's a Limit T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. « J COPR. 1941 BV NEA SERVICE, INCTjg. Fred Harmon ALLEY OOP The Fight's On OUTLAV) IAURDER HI/A/ ByV.T. Hamlin YOU MEAN VOU'RE / NOPB! NARY A ALU FflSHT, VOU DUW\e AW, BALONEY.' THA'S TOO MUCH TROUBLE... HOW'S THIS FOR__ A. STARTER.-? ATTA EJO' NOW YOU OT TERRIFIED SHIVER,..SO LET'S VA/E'LL TAKE POSITIONS BETING ME IN V GET ON WITH THIS OPPOSITE ENDS OF THIS SINGLE COMBAT ?y> FIGHT... HOW DO FISLP-.THENj ATA ,WOPPQ THE f I WE START? SIGNAL., Wi CHARC3E.' COPR. 1941 iY NEA BER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS No Wedding Bells ITS A GOOD THING N\Y FATHER LEARNED THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR [ WHY . YOU . CHARACTER BEFORF IT WAS J LITTLE SNIP/ TOO LATE / YES , MILLIE ----YOU MAY CONSIDER EYERYTHINC5 COUNT YOURSELF, BIS ENDED BETWEEN US / BOY----VOU AIN'T SP MANY / By Merrill Blossei ---AN IF IT'S WMAT^" 1 THINK IT IS. I'LL BE BACK // ' YOU 'TO LEAVF, MISS Wi£COy/ J:

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