Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 26, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1939
Page 2
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wwwn^MBlsMiWBiisswwwaasWf^^ •grffgTg^^ HOPE Hope 2© Star Star of Hoce. 1899: nets. fisH, Cuu«uill**i itJHMtry 19, MV O Justice, Deliver Thy tterald From Fat* Report! Published every week-day afternoon ny Sfcr rvnHStaag Co., «•«• C. B. Pataer & Alex. H. WashbBrn, at The Star bulldir* 212-2M South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, FrtsHenl ALEX. H WASHBtdW, fidttof (AP> —Means Associated Press. (NBA)—Means Newspaper Eneterorise Ass'n. StAscripHon Bate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week He per nwnfc «Se; one year $6.59. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, MSfcr and Lafayrtte counties, $3,50 per year; elsewhere 16.50. Menher of The Associated Press: The Associated Press M exclusively «*titled to the use for republication df all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in fhis paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes* Etc.: Charae wul be made tor afl tributes, cards <rt thanks, resolutions, or mentorials, concerning the deipafted. Comnwroial newspapers hold t» this poBcy itt tke news columns to protect their readers troma Selttge of space-takfns memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or t» tafe-fceeping or return of any tinsslicited manuscripts. THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. ftto. it *. *AT, err By DR. MORRIS FISHBE1N CdltOT, Journal of t&e American Medical AssocUtlo*. t»4 Uyirela, the Health Magazine Teeth, Nerve Disorders Responsible Fo Sensation in Tongue. Among the most common of the peculiar nervous sensations which disturb a great many people is burning feeling in the tongue. The tongue, like all of the other tissues of the human body, is connected with the nervous system. On each side, the large nerves, which arise in the spinal column, send brandies into the tongue is reflected throui'h these nerves. Because of the frequency of this symptom, many investigations have been made. Several possible causes have been determined. Usually j the condition arises in older women who have been nervous and who are, therefore, especially sensitive to pain. Ii\ some cases inflammations may be found such as those caused by rough teeth or by the wearing of false teeth. In other instances there are deficiency diseases like pHhigra or pernicious anemia, with difficulties reflected in the tongue. The condition is also associated with ttyspepsiiu it is necessary to make n complete examination of the petsun in whom this condition persists; in order to determine if any of these onuses may be associated with the burning in rfttr tongue. Recently medical literature has described two other possible causes. About 10 per cent of. n group of patients who had inflnmmntionfl In the joint which contralto the jaw bone had a burning sensation in the tongue. Proper treatment of the joint, sometimes involving actual reposition- inn of the lower jaw. brought relief of the symptoms. Another cause recently discovered ha.s been lhe prcsenee of fillings in the teeth with metals of different electrical potentials on either side. In such cases there hns been the compliant of a metallic tnste in the mouth ami (i burning sensation in the tongue. Treatment of this condition depends on a determination of the cause. If (here is anemia or pelngrn, the treatment would include liver extract and nicotinic acid respectively. If there is a lack of any other vitamin in the diet, that vitamin must be supplied. If the condition is largely based on nervous instability, treatment must be directed toward the nervous system. Finally, if there are local conditions like roughened teeth and dissimilar dentures, HIP treatment will involve' control. • SO THEY SAY H is not for Roosevelt to tell us he wrtnts it (bird term. It's rather for us to tell Roosevelt that we want a third term. —Senator Josh Lee, Okla. i Dem.) The world has always been ruled by meat eaters, animals as well us men. — Raymond M. Gifford. at National Association of Meat Dealers convention, We have absolute faith in our in- ."Iriminuls and a Wonderful ship. We can't lose. ••-• Flyers L(»>h and Decker, luipinrf fur Ireland. If the American people want blind conservatism, they can always find 11 mflclo to order In the Republican'* pnrty. — Young Democrats, in convention nsscmblcil. Thnnk Oocl mill Jesse Jones, we liiivo $4.000.000 and tuive boon nlile lo pay off fidr bnnk loans. —President .F. \V. Fruwr of reorRiinwr-il Wlllys- OwHiind. A gnrilln \v<*iRhinR 30 pounds nt its capture firew to r>2-! pounds in the Berlin /.<»>. READ AND WANT* ADS That's Where the Money Goes Even the most curstory stdy of the spending authorized by lhe past "economy" congress shows certain saileut truths: I. Despite the "economy" name, and despite the (act that the Congress ffefiaitery checked the President on his "spending" progra'm', the 513,000,000,000 appropriated, is a greater sum than ever before appropriated in a year o£ peace time. 2 Many of the big increases are in fields wliere it will be extrcmly luim to re'duce tfwnt without eliminating whole services and activities which are today a part of government, but which were not 10 years ago. • 1 Interest on the public debt is now far higher than it was in 19.TO- St,000,OOT,MQ as against 1660,000000. It can no longer be said that carrying a larger debt is no more costly tlian carrying the former smaller one because •interest rates ate so much lower. 4. Without a definite and large increase in the national income, so that more taxes can be collected without taking a larger percentage of that national income, it is very hard to see any path out of the woods. Let's have a look at some of the expenditures for 1939-40 which did not occur at all in, 1930. First, there is S1.755,000.(H» for relief. There is nearly a billion for social security. There is nearly S300.000.000 for the CCC. Many will argue that the expenditures for these things ought to be reduced, but voices demanding that they be abolished are simply not heard at all in 1939. This means that white the amounts may be reduced somewhat, they will remain as substantial, item? on the annual budget which did not appear at. all in 1930. no matter who is running the government. Defense carried appropriations of 51,523,000.000. as compared with $698,000,000 in 1&30-. Nobody objects But until something is done about world conditions, it is hard to see how this cost will ever be reduced any—it is much more likely to double again in the next 10 years, as it has in the past 10. The farmer dragged down SU72.000.000—incidentally the "economy" congress granted them 5338.000,000 more than President Roosevelt asked—as compared to S453,OOC,000 in 1930. In 10 years the expenditures of the Agriculture Department are up a billion dollars. So it goes. Everything hinges today, just as it always has. on business recovery. Only business recovery will provide the jobs that will lower that relief cost, increase consumption of those farm products, provide the added taxes that will enable the government to start whittling away the billion- dollar debt charge. On that everyone. Republican and Democrat. Communist and Townsendite, can agree. It is only when you ask "How shall we do it?" that disagreement begins. ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER • 'Tfc* Afore You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • • You Can Talk to Only One Man • Wdnt Ads Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWA? All Want Ads cask in advance Not taken over the Phone One time—2e word, minimum 30c Three times—3%c word, minimum 9k Six tones— tc word, minimum 90c One month—ISc word, minimum 12.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only. Fev Rent FOR KENT — Nicely furnished 3-room apartment to couple only. Bills paid. Call 435 or 43-R. Zi-3tp FOR RENT — Three room modern apartment, south exposure. Call Mrs. /. H. Bennett, 110 North Washington. Phone 669-J. For Sale FOR cheap, J. W. SALE — .Nice at my home in Rockett. large pears Sutton. Mrs. 25-3tp FOR SALE: Cling Peaches 75c per bushel. Call Riley Lewallen 30—.7-2. 24-3t-pd. STEAMBOAT BUILDER HORIZONTAL 1, 7 Inventor of the steamboat. 11 Uncooked. 12 Appearances. 15 To sin. ISLazy person. 18 To be indebted. 1» Apart. 21 Closest. 23 To sparkle. 23 Duct 28 Surmiser. 28 Unit of work. 29 Measure. 30 Ventilating machine. 31 Lair. 33 Musical note. 34 To be indisposed. 35 Spider's home. 37 Duet. Answer to Previous Puzzle 49 Night before, 50 Right. 51 Yellow bird. 52 Russian, village. 54 Connecting word. 55 Polynesian chestnut. 57 Coral island. 39 Any wrongful 59 Kind of meter. act. 60 He was a 41 Furnace tool. American. 43 Qro, 62 John 45 Wood sorrel. 47 Unit in electricity. was the first steamboat inventor. 63 Arranged cloth. VERTICAL 2 Trying experience. 3 Ruby spinel. 4 Pitcher. 5 Palm lily. B Opposed to high. 7 Fourth note. 8 Fewer. 9 Hackneyed. 10 Commands. 13 To love"" excessively. 14 Chair base. 1819. 17 Royal. 1& Ventilated. 20 He was an by profession. 22 Solar orb. 24 Commanded. 27 To search for 30 To qualify. 32 Almond. 34 Constellation. 35 Sorrow. - 3G To exist. 38 Native .metal. 40 Commercial privilege. 42 To send btck 44 To deduce. 46 To trespass. 48 Oriental guitar. Til Auditory. 53 Instrument. 58 Social insect. 58 Part of mouth 59 Provided. 01 Verb termination. Questions on Page Oim 1. Henry W. Lonnt'ollow. poetry. 2. Jaques Offenb.ick. mu.s'ic. 3. Nathaniel Hawthorne, pm.se. 4'. Geofry Chaucer, prose. n. Johann Strauss, music, ti. Hiulyard Kipling, poetry. For Sale FOR SALE: New and used Furniture, big stock. Stoves, beds, tablou, suits. See us for lowest prices. Franklin Furniture Store. South Elrn. 24-lU FOR SALE: Building lots. Piano, typewriter, dining table. See Mrs. W. W. Duckett. 522 South Elm. 24-31 FOR SALE—1931 Model A Ford Coupe, cleanest job in town. Ed Percell, one and half miles on Washington highway. 22-3t-p. Notice Advertising in the Hope Star has sold over 48 pans, but we still have some left. If you are still raising cane call Halliburton Sheet Metal Works. We have 'em any si/e. Also gin parts made to your deminsions. 23-lit We will continue our 8x10 One dollar special through August . The! Shipley Studio. 22-3t NOTICE—The Pines swimming pool will remain open until September 1. NOTICE: See New World book Encyclopedia. Special now on. Call phone 169-J for apponitment. Mrs. Edwin Dossett. 19-Gt-c I Wanted Wanted to buy: Wardrobe See Jim Cook. A and P Store. trunk. 23-Stii WANTED — Used Fuller & Johnson farm pump engine. T. O. K-ight, Hope Route Two 2fi-3!p j Clean-cut man with car can make 5300 to $500 monthly, be at home every night, selling line special greases to county officials, auto deal| ers, road contractors, motor lines, 3eet owners and farmers; company rated half million; many years in Business. Dept. A Box '.18. [Tope, Ark. 26-Hp Services Offered SERVICES OFFERED—See Hemp- steed Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, for new and !9-built. Phone Paul Cobb 658-J. July26-l in To my many friends and former customers. Every clay except Mondays and Tuesdays, at Sibyl's Beauty Shop Mrs. B. C. Lewis. 23-3tp SERVICES OFFERED — Expert repair service.', ami replacement parl.s. All work guarenteucl. Puidio Service, Phone 806, Ray Allen. 26tf. Announcement NOTICE - Mrs. R. A. Boyetl's Studio opens September 1. Piano, voice, drawing, painting. G08 South Main strt-et, telephone IH8-W. 25-etp. Help Wanted HELP WANTED: Cotton, pickers wanted. Hav& 4 houses for them to live in. Want large families. A. N Stroud, Washington, Ark., 22-Gt-p Want It Printed RIGHT? OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS We'll have a printing expert call on you, and you'U have an economical, high, quality job. Whatever your needs, we tun serve them. Star Publishing „ COMPANY "Printing Tliat Makes on LVSTEM,LEPTYV DON'T TORuET THAT RALPH THE RAT'S MAME IS NOT RALPH THE KAT, BUT MR. ST6TSOM.'-~~AUD WHEM X IMTRO- "DUC.E /V\R. MEMORIZE THAT, CHUMP.'~-HEV, vv PlVE ACES'/ PITCH THAT RACING rCRM FCR. A. MINUTE TILL- X WISE YOU UPv~~ EVERY TIME VVE HAVE A (3A/VSEVDU FORGET YOUR MAMS IS PISK, A GREAT-GRAND NEPHEW OP 3UBILEE OlM PlSK, GET \-\2~~~*. NOW USTSM- THIS QUV HOOPLt WILL. BE HP.RE EARLY TOMORROW KJIcSHT A"PR)5NDLY (3ANAE." HIAATOO CLEAMv^—LEAVE A PEW PIM FEATHERS' WHEN VOU TOLD ME VOL) WERE OrOlN' OUT TCLJT A CHRISTMAS TREE I THOUGHT you WERE RUSH 110' TK SEASON).,.. 1VECHAMGED MV MIND - - VOU BETTER •iEEP CHQPPIN' C YOU'LL BE LATE HEY, CH1EP, RALPH THE RAT IS WEARIM' OUT VOUR MEW PHOWY DECK PUAYIM' SOLITARY ' ABERCROMBlE WO CARES WHO GECO.UD, DOPE' SOIUS TO EMTERTAIhJTHE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN No Two Ways About It POP \Ai/\K>\tO 6O AWSAO, <?O<i> 1 OS WAS TOVXJ'.eASV T'Bt A ( VVE. TAOGWC -TOO YVV. OO /TOO/ ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN AW MUD IN THEIR EVES, TOO, )F THIS GUY DON'T EJJNJOUTOWME.' -SAY.'AR&>DL>TH MIGHTIEST OF TH' AYE...AMP I AWAIT THE COMING OF SOME GREAT TROJAM WARRIOR,' HAVE YOU \ CvPX SEEM AU&MT Of- O WITH VICTORY, MIoHT /• FEAR. WOT-- EVEMNOWTHE MIGHTIEST OF THE GREEKS AWAITS YOU.' WILL DM THEIR THIS DAY/ TROJAN MimiClPAV. B/XTTLC FIELD WASH TUBES Ruby Wants No Alibis ME'.HBS TRVIM6 TO FORCE THE SECRET FKOM I HANDS OFF My " VOU! I BE& VOUR POPDON,SUH,BUT I'M NOT INTERFERING IN VOUR POMESTlC QUARRiLS IN THE LEAST AH! THE SECRET.' PLEASE UMPERSTA.NO MR VfvM SCAMP, THAT T ALWA.VS TEND TO (VW OWN BUSINESS i TOO BAP : CUD MAM. IT j I.EAVE5 VOU ' yVURPCSt POS1TWE i JU5T TWELVE MINUTL-S TO &ET ME THAT BEAU'IY SECRET SHE'S Gt.'I TING AWAY Tried and True Method By MERRILL BLOSSER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS T. CANT TMINK O\A &E r rr-n. TIME: 10 BF: |'-p!OM SuOM AN AF ••! -LICIIOI-I / Bur HOW WILL we GET HOME? ? LARD SOLD THE CARBURETOR MAYBE CAM SOMEBODY 10 Tow FAT" CHANCE ALWAYS po ' evew.Yr.MiNS.' ~l'OU S!' Cf-A lO 1--I AI.U THUMBS / HURRY TERRIBLE' SIGNED : WHAC'S SOMETHIN HAPPe WOMOPR. IS c3OINc NUTTY. IIP ? C'-iE-.T IIOWF AND RMD Slipping the Net By FRED HARMAN RED RYDER TME OFFICE,REDUIDE5 BACKTRWU ALTHOUGH ME JOE,HE SAYS .. . \i ARMY WAIT IM AMQUSH To . .SOLE v \ •? — f - OUR. SOLT3IE.RS VJHO GUATO MlSHT COMES, tiTTL I — CAPTWN EXHAUSTE FALL ASLEEP VJHILE EDGES HIS INTO THE

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