Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 8, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, August 8, 1952
Page 7
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HOM ITAR, MOM* AKKANIAS ^ported profrftnn In » <J**I wlH> »n <n- m*ty bleedln« <tf«» nitwit' may bn n *»• i-mori* mibntBnee, report NEW 4 Iff five'cn»Ml of o dbvnuc Mi n*w renponrtwl Ut other ifrV «r> .Whow fnwun usunlly m, ; , I'.'ydlitai* produce* *mnll "JtfloU of blood vp»«f.l< muenUft mom *(Vi>« to tho dig. horn- H In not Ilia and It I* nut t li, «JdnU<tt wure Dm, Hnnry at!.£ti. J**-^... „ ft «W^_.»*. f|»*/| l»f"'C«mfl«r JU'nearcrt Cimtcr of Cnn» i 3}!»e«»e«, Thnlr rotten M\\ Jn rm>* noi, U.comfliimd no wH^Hi*' * j;prflrtted out: "No ' wn* n wommi to HIP Mftmorlul nflor a ' mtieous " mdrn- Bfld there WHS lonn r»lntl0n«hjp hnmorrhatt- lit tills vindflr control, nut wen* tn, for frth»(iuUno fay ail uf. the thai'- of the muicovn vujqulur wrote, Bundny, Auffuit 10 Tho Young People of thp Add foly of Owl CK«irfh will meet,' day at 0:45 p,m, A young ppopln »wvle> will to* held Stmrtny nt 7i(W p.m. H thi« Church of' No*nK*flO. ' The Y«mth Fcllowolilp «f the Plrsi Mothortlut CHtirrh will meet Sunday #t 0:90 p.m, Dr. nnd Mr*, J?, H, N«t»on «iw Mr, «nrt Mm, WflHrtrn (Torrton «r« The Piolfccr Fcllownhlp of iha yimt PflMbyUtrlnn Church will !»«•. Bin Hundny at •) M p.m. Ml«x Jon- nit' Lew)* and MM, Mnrlg« Bur- KC«» nro ffpnriNor* of th« group. for yoimg People of tho of Clicim will flundny nt fl^n ft ,m, hold on Trnlnlng BerVlce nt the Flrnt Th* mhiulw afth* July ttieetirif w»r* rood by th«- atctrtitly. Mm. Jim Nolftofl ond^pprov»d an read. Mr*. Mary Montgomery, treasurer «*v» n financial report. Report* of the general officer* and com m II- ittv chairmen were aluo heard. The circle bu*ln*** WB» ronduct- ,, * Allen «d by the chftlrmnn, o««. The conv«r««tlon ptrtod oft "ChH allan rsmlly Llf«" wn» pf««#nt«d by Mm, Nelnon. Aft«»r thi» Mi*nh twnedkJtlon the rmiUi>«* trf n delicious de»««rt sixteen member* and . two Kiieiu, Mr*. John Hou«« of Hernnndo, Ml**, a former Pretby- Usrlnl t>re«ld«nt of Northern Minn- J»»lpj)l, and Mr«. Uallnn, Tatn*. Moore of Chticeh will 8«ndny nt 0;,10 p.m. held on MM. Vtrnen Buohinan Hait««« to Pr*tbyt«rlan Wflm»n The AuKUdi moetlng of the Woman of th« Prc*byterl»n Church wn« held on Monday uftornaon in tho home of Mm. Vornon Bucti- Mm, Tom f}aml«, prculdont, pro«ld«id and opened the ino«lln« with pflyor, The Bible «tudy on "What Doo* Ch^Ut Mean to Voti?" wan led by Mr*. N, 0, Logan find followed with denleneo prnyi-m by the Markets Mornlnu Fnrm Prloftm SullInK wan iit-livn and flroini ' lower In «nrly tradinit today. WtioioHiilo mrtiitM w«r« mostly jiten- «ly, HUKII wsri« uteady to 60 o«nU hlghur nnd ulniiKhtirr cattle worn WMU HM Monthly Meeting Th« WMU of the Flral BaptUt Church met Monday afternoon ot ihe church for a combined bu»|. rnoellnj and royal nervlo« Bfogram with tho president, Mm, L, L. Buchanan, pre»ldlri«. Tho meeting WM opened with, Iho norm "Tho Light of the World I* J«»us." Pra/er wan offered by Mm, Wi'»itiy Lindjoy, The mlnutoi wairo r«ad by the •ecretary, Mr«, Wllburn WIlllB. Hoporln of commltloflii were heard, Clrclu 1, with Mm. J, T, McKao in chorgo, i)r«ientod tho program on tho the»ne "MlMlonnry Com- mnnd of Jc»u»" after the «on«, "Jc»un Shall n«l«n," Mrs, Roy Stulnlon a«vp the devotiorml talk nnd l»d In prayer, DUcuuslons wcrn «lven by.Mr*. ,Frnnk Ctrlfford Mr», t,, L, Uuchanun, Mm. Harrnll Mr». llody Butler, nnd Mrs. Collun fttliiroB oponod 40 to <WiU (i buk hluher. Nww York Noon October Cotton 38.00, lion? J« todny's Commodity ri< port, furnlMhed Uy tho U8DA: Ho|{H nrt! limiting ntcudy to 50 ticnlH hlnliiir at inujor uontarn corn bolt markiHn thin rnumlnu with the bulk of the tnndo on butohwra «• round 2li e«nts up, ' Most 100 to U40 pound buieh«,_ oftt nelUnu from W3,6() to »tt4 i»x- ceiit nl ChlcnHo, wtu*r<* Hlnillnr Wi.'l«lits n ru bulKliiK from 122,76 to »aa,i(5, Knrly topii wore $23;28 nt Ohlcn go, $!M tit l»:u«l St. Louis arid $34,20 nt Indlfmttpoilg, Shipment* from Chicago «ri> Htill under cmbsrijo but tho ban Is oxpeotart to bf lift od Monday. Sown «!'<» munUy stuwtly bytt nro lofttty to W oetttn hinder t^l Qhlo _^_.,. Hulk nale» Imvo bvon fr<ui $17,00 to 121,88 tit Chlua«o and f 17,00 (o WO nt Euitt St. UuU niul mechBtvlsm The Ural CHfetodn wa* in Chleujto in 1UB3, by ISrnent Kim bfill. ,Uo vnovini from hU Ait am s Strcot legation four yunrtt lutar but ronmlfifld in thu bu««ment of an oKleo building thui'ft until '192s. Tho mooilnu ndjourned with pray Mm, Kddlc Unnner, U? wt-ro nlxtfcun mombors Girl's Slayer Is a Mental Patient '• CHICAGO <Ui»> — A man whol klllfld n prntly Chlcnjjft gfrl in; downtown Grant Park wn* n mental pntlont In two ho«pltal« In I«MV than n year and l*ft on«» only' lbif« work* o«o, u wng If-nrncrli tatey,-' '• - ; Bertiflrd Richardson, Jr., 8,1, nh'i! MlM Pntrlcln Kahlsr and her v*•''< owl, MrrbcH' Hoffman. 17, wliilr' the pair wore on « noontime vi.iit| to Iho pork yesterday. • Aflor killing the #h-l ond wound Ing Hoffman, Rlchimlmm kiik-1 h|m*ttlf, Po.tr* 1 Po-nH fnd no em.; noction between Richardson awl! HI* victim* and beUtivnd It wnt a ! truffle ea*o of mistaken idontuy! At the time of Uw »lnyln« Rich• i o^Mon wnn on n 00-dny tclnl l.-.iv from n veteran* hospital In fiuir ; port, Ml«». ( where ho wn* tranv! fcrrod from thfi Wnrren PVA. stnii.-' HonpHnl for tho ln«i>np Inst March 22, ! A county court order in Krii',: P«.. dent RIchnrdKfln to the Pnnn-j »y)vnnlu Inxtltotlon nftcr he was! orr<jste><l for an alleged attempt l»j otlBCk a lfl-yoar-d!d girl In »i storo nntranco In downtown Erie*, Dr. E, K. Freemnn, manager of the Oulfport VA hoBpltol, mid' Kich- nrdHon'n rolonsa on leiiv to his homo In M«m>ro, I,a., wits hnstd on hi* "KnUlni< along vory well." And the wish of his fttthcr, Bornnrdl A. Rlehnrdgon, Sr. ! In the files of iho FBI, wliirrij Identified him t!iroui;h fingerprint!!, | younK Richardson h;id n record;. for iissuull, carrying •' Cfmcoalod woiipon rind contributing to the (If- limiuoncy of n minor. Tho dljttrniiRht eldi'i 1 TUchnrdsnn Bald nt his home In Mnrrero that he "llko» islrls, sure" but thnt hu Committee Going Aftt r Commits SACRAMENTO. CAHf *.*- , Kvnaif Un-American ActlvlUe Com inllU'c announced today It U Caitiff niter cbmmuntorp rtn California campus* with new deUfmlnotlod. It* chairman, Ren. Hugh M. Burn* (D-Fri-*no), laid all major crllcgeB and universities have aflrcwl to co-operate "to create a sold academic front against Communist Infiltration." Burn* nad, in a preit itatoment: "No Inference should b* drawn that there Is a mdden epidemic of Infiltration , . , "The plan I .limply a cooperative effort to nxsist the colleges nnrl universities In their continuing fight ngnlnst the highly deVcl- •oped techniques by the Commuhlst party to insinuate its member*.into key positions on our college crunpiisos," •' MVP Bnjoy* Skating Party Thirty members of thn Metrfodlal Youth Fellowship enjoyed n skating party ut Gurdon on Monday evening. '1'ln-y were nccompnnUuI by Dr. find Mrti. N. H. Nelson nnd H<»v. W. I). OoUli-n. Mr. mill Mr». George Ilnynlo hnvi< ruturtnul to Iholr homo In North LHtli« Hock nftcr u visit with Mrs. lluwtml Ilnynlc. Mrs, Rnlph HaynU< of Smockovor wn» thu «ut>*;t uf rtilutlvoH liint Dolores .K»c«nn hns returned from HlvthcvllU- whom Hho visited r«li»tlv«a. Payroll StoUn But Soldiers Get Paid SYDNEY, Australia («—Soldlera of the Australian southern command are Retting paid today'de- spite the theft in Melbourne yes- lordny of their 33,593 - pound cash payroll. U was the bi«- lit-.st cash steal In Australia's history. The-thieves have not been caught and tho money has not been recovered. But'^another payroll was provided. Police said the stolen money, in siniill notes and in on ammunition box, dioappeared from .» stronjf- roorn where it was awaiting ar iiiOi-(.'J cur delivery to the Army. > Quebec, Cunn'da, Is believed to be the only waited city in North Judge Frees Accused/Raps Offidd federal judft Thursday dismissed nar- Lift* Threats to Hospital) * LITTLE ROCK UH-A Paragould hdjpltfll administrator nays lack at sufficient fund*, personnel and public understanding arc Iho biggest threats to the existence of small community hospitals. Eugene Lopez, administrator of cotlcs charges against 2 Chinese the Paragould Methodist "commun- and said a former government! ity Hospital, said inflation agent who trapped them should have been Indfcted. "But t find myself alone," Judge Michael J. Roche asserted. "I can't act as judge 'and prosecutor both." jjhe strange case began nearly two years agd. Vee Sing, 34, and Yee Pong, 42, hU bodyguard, were arrested on narcotics charges. William J. Harmon, former supervising customs agent at El Paso, Tex., testified he delivered 60 cans of opium to the Yees for $17,000. He said it was a trap; that he frequently bought opium In Mexico and posed as a salesman to ensnare violators. Thais "the most outrageous case I've ever seen," Roche protested when It originally was taken before him. He halted proceedings against the Chinese and ordered an investigation of Harmon. Assistant U. S. Attorney Joseph Karesch told Roche Thursday the government has no case against Harmon, who Is living in New Orleans In retirement. ;*The FBI has Conducted an exhaustive investigation and Harmon appears to have made no profit," 'Karesch said.' forced up hospital costs and personnel demands were hard to fill because of the shortage of skilled workers. Lope?, told the opening session of the second annual Rural Health Conference yesterday that "many peopte wonder why small hospitals don't make money. But because of Charity coses, the people who can't pay and the people who can but won't pay most of them operate at a deficit." Of 1B4. hospitals in Arkansas, Lopez said, only 43 arc members of the American Hospital Associa- tion and only M «r« meet requirement* of the can College of Surgeons. Other speakers Included] Hayden Nicholson, dean ot University of Arkansas Sch Medicine and Mrs. Catherine aday of Pine Bluff, presldefij the Arkansas State Nurses V lion. . m,i Dr. Nicholson told the group | the new multi-million dollar cal school at Little Rock w| rural health by training doctors for Arkansas, traij pharmacists and aiding in met; research. 197 Casualties Are Identified WASHINTON — The Def< Department today identified 197 ditional casualties of the Kbi War. The list (No. 623) include dead, 100 wounded, 13 injured five missing. A Sears SILVERTONE RADIO-PHONOGRAPH CONSOLE No Obligation ^Register for Drawing THUR. FRI. or SAT. AUG. 7-8-9 s. Sears Catalog Sales Office - Hope, Ark. v.'n.<i hnrmlcss. "Ho nover In his life carried pockctknife," Richurdaon sold. . D ,K, Hi-nils roturnml Tuos- doy front Toxurkuna whnru nho visited hur purciilii, Mr. nnri Mro. Urllwy. Mrs. Richard Juhngon nnd little sun, JahJmy' Joe, of Onund'JPrairc, 'J'l-xOH, nre ' thu KUi'.its of Mr, '.and Mr*. Vt'U /Cliun>berUtin nnd Mr*. Lora Johnnon.. "ennnot b« (wplulnud at tho B<it time," TlH'y're now louKlu« for tht« ttnswor. Qvit thoy numto^Uid!' "it U ponslblc thnl e*troMt<ii, by mUtt'lnn tho normdl texture uf Hut rvusnl muvouR mombrnnoH, pro- toot* tho tulunnlnotase* from trau- mn (becomlnii a wound! ottd Hvtb< bloodu\K." Mm. OrvlUo Kelly und son, John ny, hove r«turn«d to th«lr homi' In Wuldron uftur a» weeks visit with her pitrontB, Mr. nnd Mrw. Johnny Hooka. ' Mr. and Mm. Albert Hcdfenv hovt) hud as tholr (juonts Mr, and Mt'R, J. N. Crawford ot MemuhlH. Mr. nnd Mr*. J. V. McMnhcn and llltlo daughter, Betsy Jane, ure th« KU«4t8 of relntiven in Tuscon, ArU, PAUL FOR DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEMAN Paul Chambers and I are associated together in business in Hope. I will appreciate ycfur vote for Paul. John Keck Subject to action of Democratic Primary August 12th. Pol. Adv. paid lor by John K?ck, Hope. He let .W ^:> ' ***, '•; ; -. -• k •.'••. ' ALL SUMMER DRESSES GROUP! in shtftf cottons, • "* <>" cloths ond gold prints. Regular nd sunback styles. Sizes 9-15. VALUES TO $!Q.f§ $5.95 GROUP 2 » x Kay Dunhill dresses in r women's sizes —Puckered and printed nylons, wash silks, s 'jr. butcher linens ond summer sheers — Regular and half sizes. VALUES TO $16.50 BY VOTING THIS WAY McMATH..... CHERRY...,. Mrs. Howard Garner W. S. McDowell Mrs. W, -S. McDowell Mrs. Mary Turner Mrs. Mike Foley, Sr. Mr$. tucy KockoJbe« Mrs. M. D. Foley Mrs. Jo* Foley Joe Potey Mrs. Ecbert Collins Erbert Collins M. D. Foley Ben W. Gfotiat Bryon Reese Mory Re^se M, J- St«wort W. g. Coson M. J. Stewart J. Martin Hazel Clark Mrs. J. W. Martin Leo Martin Nell Marcum Cornelia Marcym Roland Marcum Mr. Joe Porterfield Mrs. Joe Porterfield Mrs. O. A. McKnight 0. A. McKnipht L. A. Boyce Mrs. L. A. Boyce W. C. Foster J. H. Womble Bessie Womble . K. P. Bachman Mrs. t. C. Yocom Sr. Mrs. Winnie Yocom Maggie Yoeom Mrs. Hugh Garner Hugh Gcirner Annie Rasdike -Mrs. George Anderson Mrs. Flos5Je,.Steve.nson Mrs; S. M. 'Stevenson Mrs. Brice Anderson Mrs. Arch Turner Erie Cupp John Wright Estelle Wright Jessie Mae Porterfield Vance Mai-cym Lewis C Yocom, Jr. Mrs. Lewis C. Yoeom W.T.Hawten AArs. W. T. Harden Frank Turner Turner A MESSAGE FROM SPRINGHILL TO THE MERCHANTS OF HOPE For many, many years'we had a problem in which you were vitally interested because it affected your welfare as well as ours. FARM-TO-MARKET ROADS. When the glitter of the TALKATHON is cast aside and you weigh the facts you will see why we refuse to be carried away by thfe campaign criticisms of a strange man operating from an air-conditioned radio station. WHAT IS CHERRY'S ROAD PROGRAM? Here is what he tells us. He will allot the money on the basis of traffic count. That means the money ' wiill go to trunk-line highways. Now here is the "chip j under the woodpile'' — Eastern Ark. has more ,mi:le- ! age of trunk line highways and more traffic count ' than we have. Catch on? Eastern Arkansas wi,ll get j the bulk of trunk-line highway money. Your trunk?' I line highway will come second and OUR" farm-to- ; market roads will be step-children. Of course it may j he.mere co-incidence that Eastern Ark. is Mr. Cherry's ' home. ' i WHAT IS McMATH'S ROAD PROGRAM> j We in Southwest Ark. KNOW what.it is: You, the ! merchants of Hope, know that for years dnd years we | listened with prayerful interest at governor after j governor PROMISE farm-to-market roads. Sid \ McMath was the FIRST to do anything about it. His < program is to divide the money EQUALLY between ! • • vi, tr,unk-line highways andfarm-to market roads. Sure, \ ' , we know we are beat when it comes to traffic count because the tourists, busses, heavy freight lines and i put of-state trucks outnumber us. But are these more ; important to YOUR economy, and the economy of the State of Arkansas, than the farmers and people i n outlying communities who are the bulwark of your j trade ' .1 t Call It Self-Preservation if you will —We Call It FAIR PLAY We are Depending on You to help us to maintain the Form-ro-Market Road Program — < ! i»A * i ; ' frirf«y, Autfrtt t, ml SOCIETY 74411 ••twftfi I A. M. M« 4 I*. M. Calendar Monday, August 11 Circles No. 1 and 2 of the Christ- Ian Women's Fellowship will have joint business meeting and social hour in the church parlor Monday August 11 at br o'clock. Mrs, J. B. Easter and Mrs. Carl Smith will be co-hostesses. Tuesday, August 12 'The Hope Country Club will en tcrtain with an flection party and dance for its members Tuesday night at 8 o'clock. Hosts and hostesses will be the entertainment committee. corsage ot bachelor button and snow-on j the-mountnin tied with fuschia streamers. An arrangement of molding fire in a low green boWl with a green bird placed in the center of the arrangement was on the table with the gifts around it. After playing several games and opening the gifts, the hostess serv H 0 r • i f A1, M e M. A » K A N t AI DOROTHY DIX Health Is Important to Students This is the third of a scries of seven articles thnt will run dally entitled "Is My Child Heady for School?" It is our desire thnt they oy being wthhim. but don't will be of some help To parents! i iko so nuic h activity. If I toll him who have children thnt will enter | to go l( head without me, he won'l Restless Youth Dear Dorothy Dix: The boy 1 like is in the army, and Is now home on n thirty-day leave. He is never content to stay in one place any length of time, hut is always anxious to be off somewhere else. school in Spelembei*. JAMES H. JONES Superintendent of Schools go. He comes 1 to my house/ for about an hour, then suggests that we go someplace where the teen' cd iced drinks and thirteen members. cookies The « m , to lay the foundation to for good fore tlit- ls My Child Ready for School?" I B R prs K«'hcr. These plncos arc all 1 perfectly nllright. so there is no question of impropriety involved. ... . ls . "I" I He always seems to want to be child starts to school. I . ilh a crowd yot hc won - t go ony . i V" •"•" rp '"nesses may be prc-| whcre wt , houl mc . i hate to hnve vented during these early years if|, 1im mlss his futli nnd vot : don 't Many future illnesses may be prc-| whcre wltholll mc . vented during these early years; if i , lim U)lss his ,„„_ nntl vt , v nttention has been given to the de-l llkl , lhjs constanl activity. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Jess Crews of Texarkana, Mr. and Mrs.. Seth'tablishment" of routine health habits velopment of a sturdy straight I LOt Miss Shirley White Honored with Shower |!"The Mary Sue Evans' Sunday , ISchool Class of, the First Melho- •TPSist Church honored Miss Shirley White, bride-elect of Curtis IIP. Moore, With a miscellaneous Jlshowcr at the home of Miss Anita Copeland, 512 South Main, Thursday night at 8 o'clock. MJss White was presented a corsage of kitchen utensils and Crews, and Mrs. Ben Rateliftj such as c'itting the right kind of qf Hope motored to Little Rock I foods, getting sufficient sleep, ha v- Tucsday to visit their son and| j n g regular habits of elimination I" 5 .^*' 1 . a hapl '; v frnme of mind. es-| Answer: First of all. you mus try to understand why the boy brother who is a patient at the Veterans hospital. Lt. and Mrs. Walter Baber and son motored to Hot Springs today to visit Lt. Baber's mother. nnd getting exercise nnd fresh air through play out-of-doors. A resistance of illness ctm be built up and behaves as he docs. Remember he has gotten used to army life where every minute of the dn: is given over to some form of sup ervised activity. Naturally, aftc ' adjustmonts to changes in tempera I a several months of such living, it' Drunktn Mem Loopi to Death Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Luck have left v for Tampa ,and other points in Florida where thcy^ will visit their son, T. Luck, and was the recipient of many useful i other relatives. They will be gone gifts. Aftyxr playing several games,, 'Iced drinks and cookies were ser- cd to the thirteen guests present. Miss Clara Allen Honored Tuesday Mrs. Verdon Kennedy honored Miss Clara Allen, bride-elect ot Joe 'Barrentine, with a. surprise miscellaneous shower at her nome on South Main Tuesday night, Au gust 5. The honorCe was presented a about 30 days. Donald Tunstall is visiting friends in Kansas City, Missouri. Personal Mention Homer Jeter is in a Texarkana hospital minor surgery. Thurman Ridling is undergoing treatment in the V. A. Hospital in Little Rock, and will be there for about 2 weeks. ture mndo if children are dressed for different kinds of weather when they play out of doors. As precautionnry measure an annual health check-up should be made to make sure that any physical defects nre discovered early and 'corrected such 9ts removal of adenoids, tonsils, checking eyes, ears and heart. A visit to the dentist is a matter not to be overlooked. The idea that "since young children will lose all their baby teeth anyway and new ones will appear later, there's no good rca son for having anything done to these first teeth-" is n false and erroneous notion. The healthier the first set of teeth are kept the better chance of a Rood straight set of permanent teeth will be. A child should know the use of klcencx or handkerchief. He should difficult to come back to normal and hnve long stretches of the day to spend in complete Stevenson to Talk With Mr. Truman By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON WV~Gov. SU-ven- sou wiil bj> nblo to try nut the White llouso chairs fur ;u/o \vhci romcs hrri 1 next Tuesday to sit in on ;\ mcotfiiK with Pivsident Truman and tho Cabinet. The meeting will also t;lvc Sto- Vrnson :t ch.uui 1 to try out SOMIO of the C;\biuet mombers for si/.o, .too, bt'Ciiiiso some ot them, in addition ti> Truman, arc; bound to go out nnd campaign for him and tlie parly. Not that he'd koep the President's Cabinet if he won the election. It would be unusual if he did. It took Trumnn time but ,one by one he replaced with his own root! tho Cabinet he inherited from I" resident Roosevelt. PANAMA, Panama UrV— A Colombian laborer, delirious from tptm- ethyl Itftd Intoxication, leaped to his death last night from n second story hospital window. His was the second death among 10 men poi s'oncd In the past week while cleaning U, S, Air Force aviation gasoline" tanks In the Panama Cimal zone. Of tho elfiht survivors, throe hnve become insane and are now in an asylum. A doctor at the asylum snkl the three probably \\ould recover eventually. The victims worked for a private firm which had contract- ail tanks tor the Cavlluan id, A U. S. military spokesman said the contractor was responsible for tho safety of his workers, but nn Air Fxiree board of inquiry has started an Investinn- tion. Meanwhile the cleaning wink | has been suspended. ** 4- * TODAY & SATURDAY JOHNNY SHEFFIELD at 'BOMBA- The Jungle Boy ^' idleness. Some boys respond to military life by carrying the dls- cip.lirtc and orderliness over to their civilian life. Others are only too happy to be relieved of the strain of precise living, and cnn snap back to normal at a moment's notice. Your friend, of course, belongs in the first category. Plan Fun At Home You simply cannot expect him! to be happy with long periods of inactivity. However, by being more enterprising with the amusements you offer at home, you may be able to cut into his desli'c foi constant travel from place to place. Have the gang into your house as often as Mom will permit. Plan games, prepare simple icfreshments and, by providing an coughing and u*c in caring for his interesting home atmosphere, you nose when necessary. If parents ™y make him realize that one have practiced these health habits "'ed not be on the go constantly in order to be entertained. Although he's boon respectful liv ward the President, Stevenson apparently feels it's important to him and his chances for success not to be identified loo closely with Truman. He's taken some ;>ains to say he's his own master, running his The urst nowspnper advertise- n-ent in America appeared in A meriea appeared In May, 1704, in the Uoslon News-Letter and offer oil for sale or rent n "very good KullInK Mill" In the Oyster Hay on Long Island. not be surprising if Stevenson i-nmc out with another statement, direct or implied, thai he's still _£===£ My wife and I are deeply grateful to our friends* for the vote we received in the first primary and we say this with all sincerity. Fred A. Luck • Kf. 1 **/**'I his own master. The President, who offered to After the Tuesday critics own campaign. meeting, him bv sayiiu: Truman has now know cover his mouth when If lie's needled enough it would are rather ill advised. Naturally, if you continue the present system, your own children take off his coat and make tlie now familiar whistle • stop campaign for the governor, is probably still waiting for word from Stevenson on whut ho wants the President to do, nnd how. The White House meeting will give them a chance to talk that one over while at the same time demonstrating friendliness between them. Tho mooting can serve tin the child will usually have observed this and imitate the practice of their adults. Safety regulations as it concerns the child should be made incidental learning. Every child should know to look both ways before crossing the street, thnt the street is not a place to play, and that the red signal means stop and the green j 1L ' 1 . lt .'" *£*' means go. ' By the time a child is five he should have Jcarned to be cautious and steady in those decisions affecting his safety. He should know why he should walk on the sidewalks and cross the streets at corners. Before he starts to school Since his leave is only for one month, you can afford to be patient and understanding for that short a space of time. It the boy doesn't like going without you, you and your parents will permit such heedless peregrinations, tag along Do, however, make an oorncst cf- an antidote for his will become very resentful of the! other purpose also: younger members of the family.! H will help keep the national And rightfully so! The best way i spotlight on Stevenson. While he is to treat all the children as near-!w;,s the choice Of the professional ly alilu. as possible. No partiality: politicians at tho Chicago conven POLIO and CANCER INSURANCE should be shown to the grandchild- ho is certainly under the a few house- jinn well-known to the voting pub- should be on He outside Illinois. ren, or to your own. A 10-year-old .handicap, and knows it, of not lie- is capable of quite hold tasks, and she a par with that of her aunts. An That may be the main reason attempt to make her tin- best-dress- u hy almost every clay since the cd member of the family will turn j convention hu, or someone Conner into a vain little pe.sl, resent- iu:eled with his headquarters in Springfield, has been Mounding off with something thai gels fnlo print. Includes Diseases as follows: Pays expense incurred up to these limits POLIO .... $5000 Small Pox .... $2500 I Diprhoria 2500 Meningitis .... 2500^1[ Leukemia Scarlet Fever 2500 2500 2500 Tetanus CANCER Dcar Mi ss Dix: My son died a s afio and wc took his t raisc Wc try lo lrcat . . . STARTS SUNDAY — and possible children should Hospital Notes . ; Josephine Admitted: Mrs. Jos. Hester, Me Nub, Mrs. Lee Helton, Fultoii. Branch Admitted: Mrs. Jess Lundry, of Hope. !' them' as our own. My trouble is with my 15-year-old girl. She thinks my 10-year-old granddaughter shor uld help with the dishes' and othef some older person should have i, orlt Howcvcri s i ncc she is five taken him several times over thej , s olderi l think snc should dij route lie will go to and from school. t ot lhe younge i- girl's chores, Qerlain .hazardous places are.po- Also i try tftkeep rny granddaughV' lice patrolled or have stop signs, tcf . ' b ^ tter clothed than my own' children, because I am afraid peo-j pie will talk If I don't. PUZZLED GRANDMA Answer: While you are to be commended for an honest try all being impartial lo your children and grandchildren, your methods ed by everyone else. Dear Miss Uix: I married a man from another town several months ago. and recently I found out a- bi'Ut a uii'l he was Koing with before he met me. Whenever we meet this Kirl, she .speaks to my husbar.d and completely ignores me. Both my husband and I are very annoyed about it. MRS. W. M. 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