Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1941 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1941
Page 5
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1 .ook Favorable Large Volume of Products Needed I for Exportation , The outlook for prices of dairy pro- tlucts Is fnvoroblc for 1942, nccording to word received by Oliver L. Adams, P>unty nficnl, from Paul Cm-ruth of the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. ; With the lnrgn volume of dairy products needed for export under the Lend-Loose Act, us well ns the in- jrcased amount Hint will be used in' ^fle United Slates, it is felt Hint such P demand will keep the prices up. Prices, however, will not advance as much os in 1911, the Extension dairyman reported. ; With increased prices there Will be 0 tendency for some fnrin families to sell too much milk off the farm, the county agent said, and cautioned farm people to meet nil of their dietary requirements for milk and dairy products before any is sold. « -Carefully planning on abundant |»cd supply, Mr. Adams said, is Ihe best method fanners can follow to be pure of making the highest profit from |rnilk cows, and pointed out that feed ' uices will rise'along with milk prices, he production of more pastures, hay, md silage on the farm will help to gffset the increased f9cd prices. Along with production and prices, tnother serious problem is thai of Oualily ot dairy products, especially Cream tor Ihe manufacture of butter, he duality of cream sold in Hcmp- nd county will have to be improv- ; fakes Up Where Turkey 'lift Of f CANT KEEP , RANDMA IN HER CHAIR eer ° r Backnc he is better -miicklv y on™";." "'i-™ n " KKin e backncho ?il i S« of i? i° /'"T, d '»™vcr Unit tlio real Thn JlV r K ° nmy bo II ™1 kWnny. n/*?n y " " ro .N' ll " r °'s chief Wll y of tnk- i" 0 "' 8 " nd wn " tn °"t of "'0 '° lp m ° 3t P ° opl ° ' JaM about * When diaordor of kidney function Dermita Wr °" 8 cs of Kidney tii£c™nu»h o'nUwlioii- frorn your blood. Got Dean's Pills. Now that the turkey hash has been'consumed', all good trenchermen aro looking lorward to .the;Christmas bout with'brc'r goose. wnL 40 ; nP °il nd< £ ° f ^ A frlc ^'. variety, is being groobed by Betty ?7 bui ihl hM< < ^ t WeS ^ n },, Li , Ve l t0ck Show in Los 'Angeles, Dec. 2-7. but the bird's fata will likely be a sad one a few weeks later ''-iho 15 mi oua waal IRON WORKERS LOCAL . UNION 591 of Shrevcporl, La., holds its official I meeting til 7:30 o'clock every [, I Thursday night in banquel room '] I of Hotel Barlow, Hope, Ark. H. H. PHILLIPS, B.A. & F.S.T. eel if fair prices are lo be received, Ihe counly agenl declared. The difference^ in price of No. 1 and No. 2'grades of cream will be greater, and if farmers are to receive a fair pricefo r cream, it must be No. 1 cream. With Ihe nicrease in prices of dairy products, there will be a tendency lo keep loo many poor producers on the farm. If cows will not produce profitably, the county agenl suggcsls they be sold while the price is high, and thus keep from feeding too much high- priced feed. CARD OF THANKS «- We wish to thank our friends of Arkansas for kindness and the monument offering, all shown in the tragic death of our falher and husband, James Samuel "Pappy" Isaac, employee of the Standard Malerial Corp. of Blovins, Arkansas. Mrs. Anna Isaac and children of Evnnsvilc, Indiana. Farmers need "priority ratings" only for purchases of special classes of machinery not ordinarily used for farming, such as heavy duty electric motors. - More Donations to Red Cross Published Report Boosted to $3,324 Thursday Reports lurncd'in.by"Ihe Red Cross chairman Thursday .'boosted the published total of ; funds , collected , lo ?3,324.88. . Previously Red Cross officials indicated lhal Ihe enlire counly wouk go pasl Ihe ?3,700 which far exceeds Ihe ?2,500 quola. ' Donations follow: | Previously reported :... $3,174.64 McCaskill, Arkansas Mrs. J. E. Gentry 1.00 W. E. Flaherty __ 1.00 Miss Gertrude Brill 1.00 F. J. Burroughs _..„ 1.00 Mrs. Ollis Harris __ 1.00 EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE s. 39c 3pkg. 57c PREMIUM CRACKERS 7% oz. 4 f\ Box 1 UC ANN PAGE Salad Dressing 13c 'r 23c 8 oz. Jar WHITE HOUSE /MILK 3cfns25C 6Cms 25C Firm LETTUCE Head 5c California CELERY Stalk 10c Green BEANS Pound 10c Yellow ONIONS Pound 4c Red POTATOES 10 Lbs. 29c Texas GRAPEFRUIT 3 for IOC Texas ORANGES Dozen 21c Winesap APPLES Dozen 15c BANANAS Pound 6k lona PORK & BEANS 1 Lb. Can 5c Confectioners or " BROWN SUGAR 1 Lb. 1 ^ Boxes I/C Ann Page KETCHUP l4oz. Bottles Armour's Star ROAST BEEF 12 oz. Can 27c lona FLOUR 48 Sack 1.49 Armour's Star PURE LARD 8 c Ltb n 1.09 Sunnyfield CORN FLAKES 1 1 oz. P'<g lona TOMATOES 3 Cans 23C Marvel BREAD H Ltf lOc A&P SUPER RIGHT MEATS STEAKS ROUND or LOIN Super Qualify PORK CHOPS End Cuts Lb 25c CHUCK ROAST ib25c Aged *F "" " Cheese u 39c Tender Picnics u. 25c Wilson's Certified CHILI u 29c SAUSAGE PUR? PORK Lb. 27c HAMS SUGAR Whgle or CURED Half Lb BRISKET POT ROAST Lb. 18c BACON FRiSH SIDE Pork Roast $>.X »> Fresh Fish and Poultry A 6- P FOOD STORE 419 SOUTH MAINST, Otlls .Harris ,._.„.,„.,..._„ Brice fieene . . J. O. Present . . _. D. B. Mcdaskill _ _ Mrs. fieri Sweat P. M. Rhdoes .., Fahhie Doby (ctol.) .. S. H. White (col) __....'l'"."" McCaskillq School Chester McCaskllle Mrs. Chester McCaskill J. S. Moses Mrs J. S. Moses ..._~_ Wallace Rodgers ~ Harvey Buckley _ I Coy Rodgers _ Claude Glenn "".' Boyce Rinehart L.".."' John Gains .; . 1. . Mrs. John Gains ~IT_" Herman Rhodes J. A. Sevedge . Bert Scott Mrs. Bert Scott _™Z™ Miss Lula Wardlow _ '"' Mrs. J. D. Eley ...""_ Dr. J. E, Gentry ... Mrs. H, B. Elcy ;.... Dr. J. E. Gentry : Mrs. H. B. Eley Troy Buckley ........!.!,.....!'"'" Glen Eley _ .....;....'.....'... Mrs. Glen Elcy ... _ '"' R. H. Griffin _...!"!..." W. M. Reaves (Prescott) R. G. Shufficld Miss Vela Mae Sanders Mrs. W. D.' Hood _...! ' Mrs. J. A. Sevedge ..." Morgan Griffith Anthony Lbr. Co. C. ,A. Hamilton _...!_"ZZ" Mary Young ~ Marshall Scott. _ Miss Wanda Scott TL. E, W. Rhodes ~ Mrs, M. O. Gorham ~ Mr. and Mrs. John Rhodes . __ Mrs. Mae Hampton 11" Oznn, Arkansas Mrs. Ada Goodlett .... Mr. and Mrs.' Floyd Matthews ._... .„.„ Mrs. Kale Goodlet and boysi" Edna Earle Hanna Ford Hanna Shirley Stuart _ __ Earl Robins :11~I; Mrs. H. O. Stuart _.. „!'.""" A. B. Gamble (col.) .... Clcbe Stuart Miss Ella Fontaine .. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Locke . Mr. and Mrs. D. W. citty ~ Belle White (col.) .. _ Ben Stuart . Mrs. Ben Stuart : Hope, Arkansas Arthur- L. Taylor Polps Milinery. Shop Mr. Roy Johnson ;_ W. B. Williams __~ Gunter Lumber Co. Mrs. Hollis Luck Mr. and Mrs. Mimor Polp Odell Luck W. A. Mudgett !L_I Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gray Mrs. W. H, Brasher ...... _.' Cliff Richardson .„ „' J. Bryan Elam. T. A. Jackson _ G. A. White "'...'. Mack Trotter ..._ A. G. Staggers ...:' R. C. Cook Julius Booker C. Hendrix ^.....k..^^.,^;: Oscar Black lu._.;_.i......._ D. Huntley __J_ ... J. W. Ashley .' T. M. Connell Tom Trotter . Henry Criner _ Willie Walker ':J Will Dixon :.„.._.._ _ Jim Muldrow __.. Willie Whitt ..'. __....__ Woodrow Bland C, P. Staggers .._ _" Linzy Woods :_ j..., Hollis Epps __;._ _ Lemon Scott : , George Brasher • Buck Weatherspoon • Walter Joe .... ^ _.. Walter Holston .'.............I. Perry Jackson _ F. C. Clark , F. C. Clark ._ „_ Dennis iWilliams _. Icalee Thompson _ Elree Oaks Davis Harris _ Joe Ncal _ Dan Carr „ C. L. Jackson _ _ Clarence Cooper Willie Pennington Clem Phillips Jack Green _ Will demons Carl Jackson Walter Watson 1 Jack Smith _ Floyd Leeks __ _ Cotis Ross : Toney Lagrone _ Arthur Jackson c Arthur Pickcns _ John Wiley _ Wesley Martin _ Arthur Nelson E. A. Wood _. Jack White H. W. Hatcher John Muldrow David Muldrow J. W. Camp _ _ Leroy Dunlap *. Willie Bailee Wilchie Pennington _ Fred Hern : C. L. Roberts Willie Henry Brown L. H. Rogers Tom Hopkins Henry Hood J. M. Shaw Warren Holston .. C. W. Taylor Ollie Muldrow _ Ernest Nash Flavious Rowe Ernest Martin Joe C. Partufide ...._ Mrs. High Garner Donation , Columbus, Arkansas f R. C. Stuart M. E. Hicks . Sid Hester Alvin Hamilton Herbert Hicks Columbus ^Jasionic Lodge .... L. H. Hicks __ : Dannie Hamilton _ Jim J. Stuart _ _ David Mitchell Mrs. L. S. Autrey ._ _ A. T. Bishops C. W. Wilson _ T. M. McCorkle Jiin Wilson _ _ 1.00 . 1.60 _ .50 . .so ... .50 ... ,25 - .25 ... 3.05 .. 1.00 ... 1.00 .- 1.00 . 1.00 _i 1.00 - 1.00 ... 1.00 _ 1.00 _ 1.00 ... 1.00 !.. 1.00 ... 1.00 ... i.ob ... 1.00 ... 1.00 ... 1.00 -. 1.00 ... 1.00 _ 1.00 .. 1.00 .. 1.00 .... i.oo .. 1.00 _ 1.00 .. 1.00 .. 1.00 .. 1.00 .. 1.00 .. 1.00 .. I'.OO .. 1.00 .. 5.00 - 1.00 .. 1.00 .. 1.00 ..'• i.oo - 1.00 ,. 1.00 .— 1.00 — 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 .50 l.iM) 1.00 1.00 .50 .25: 1.00 .25 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 ByJ.ft.Wi(llamT OUT OUR WAY TILL VUH COME I'LL / WAIT i - SAVB US A EXTRA BACK-1 DANCED WAIT HEAH, ALLMlcbHTAN'l CAN'T STAND NO MORE &Jfe£v (£V^-=^S-jy =f^-=^- <*££ ? i * '»«> 'j .»* ^ ft foHbldMeet ••'. Plans Christmas $ Party at Centeryille "December 12 The County Council of Home Demonstration clubs will have their, annual Christmas party at Ccnterville, December 12. • The program for the day is as follows: ; 10 a. m.—Song, "Silent Night, Holy 'night; ^Devotional, Mrs. S. B. Skinner, J. O. Johnson, Sr 100 B. D. Mitchell J.OO Mrs. Lee Hipp _.„._ _. 1,00 53,324.88 Cenlerville club. Song, "O Little Town of Bethlehem." • .-'.-'. Welcome address, 'Mrs. Patterson, Centorville. club. Response, Mrs; Roy Burke, DcAnn club. : •.'. ,.:••''•:•- ;•'... . Roll call of-clubs, each club to give a Christmas song, verse, etc. Song, "Jingle Bells." Reading, Mrs. J. C. Collier, Oakgrove, • ••....'...Talk, Christmas Time for Farm Families, Miss Mary Claude Fletcher, home demonstration agent. Installation of new officers, Miss Phoebe T. Harris, assislanl home demonstration agent. 12—Dinner. 1:30 p. m.—Christmas pageant, Oakgrove club Christmas Iree. Song, "Aulde Lang Syne." ' Each club member is to bring a cotton hostess apron to exchange on the Chrislmas tree. Those clubs thai have nol sent in their canned.products lo Ihe crippled children's home may bring Ihem to the Christmas party. The menu for the dinner is: 'Baked chicken, dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce, potalo salad, fruit salad, home made bread, coffee, cocoa, fruit pie. Each person is to bring her'own plate, cup, fork and spoon. The Christmas ' festival" at Madrid New. Mexico, draws some 100,000 visitors annually; it is estimated that the eleclircily' bill alone amoimls to 510,000 for the 30-day pageant, .yet the show, remains strictly n'ori-com- mercial. .' ... Baptist Supper Friday Night Fellowship Dinner to Be Held at Church Here A Fellowship Supper will be glv for Sunday School, Training Un; W. M. U., arid General Church ficers, Deacons and wives and organized class officers at First M» F list Church Friday nighl al 7:60 OcloekV This is lo be in the nalure ofVafV "kick off" for the Every Member fin|) lislmenl Campaign of the church look^n? ing forward to Loyalty Day tie&t$l Sunday. >'»- 1 * It is staled that an interesting gram has been ananged. Dr. C^o™ Warren, Pastor of Immanuel Bapthrt'4 Church, Litlle Rock who is wett&1 known in Hope, will be the principal! " speaker. *1 A | No One Gets Drunk at This Bar GREAT FALLS, Mont.-W- K iff Andy Loberg is Opening a nighl club and "bar" here for ^,,1- dren only and selling only soft drinks'! Ha proposed his projecl because, rhe" 1 ^ said, Ihere were no public dance halisiM in Great Falls that "juveniles mfghtT properly atlend." T^stf? The'sheriff decided young people?,, especially high school students, would? rather have their own place of amuse'-* ment and preferred one 'where- h " liquor was sold. ACNE IS A PAINFUL CURSE! Try the-clearing-up help of "B White Ointment's antiseptic'.adi6ri Help lessen pain's ugly effect on looks; To remove grime, oily film/use mild , superfatted Black and White Skin Soap? ,- ». _,J.L!_itl t; t~asif~j, OXSf BLUE PLATE Mayonnaisel Guaranteed Fresh. .. Buy »he Economical Pint Size * MADE THE WESSON Oil PEOPLE C >*' The 42 Ford is the Best Looking, Best Biding, Best Running Low Priced Car ever Built Choice of Sixes or Eights The FORD h New for FQRD DEALER ADVERTISEMENT • i

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