Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1941 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1941
Page 4
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urma aenger ford Tops last in ripping Melo- rama of Burma liell-Drivers to Here Two Day: irig .melodrama of the hell- if the Butrna Road, the twist- iVtting. Hfe-Hne of munitions and s||fot th'e embattled army o£ 4x'*£jiirma Convoy" starts Fri- day at the Saengef theater. Charles Bickford tops the east in one of the most dating, virile roles since he first scored on the screen several years ago in smashes like "Dynamite" and "Anna Christie" opposite Greta Garbo. Evelyn Ankers, the Nordic blonde beauty recently signed by Universal for a stellar buildup, plays the feminine lead. Cast Is Competent And in the supporting cast are Frank Albertson, Keye Luke, Cecile Kellaway, Truman Bradley, Fung and Vyola Venn. Willy Ripped from the lurid headlines on the newspaper front pages, it tells the story of the dare-devil truck drivers who roar across the hand-hewn route which stretches through the teeming eart of Asia, in the face of screaming dive bombers and enemy snipers. Bickford plays the leader of the suicide truck squadron who resolves From Your OKLAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY CO. ASSOCIATE STORE Instead of giving them something they don't need or want, give them something for the car. They'll appreciate any one of the many items you select at our store. Make your selection early from our complete stock. ARVIN DE LUXE CAR HEATERS Models for all cars $ 995 7. 7 *J up FOG LAMPS For safe winter driving $ 2.96u P Harrison in Hollywood •f PAUL HAKfclSON, NEA S«rvic« Correspondent Easterner Reports From the Mild West By JOE COTTErf ( Actor for Mercury Productions, nnd today's guest columnist for Paul Harrison.. HOLLYWOOD - For my first- and probably last—attempt at public writing, I've decided to lead with the Gotten chin. So my topic for today is "What's Wrong With Hollywood." This is not to be confused with the other subject that everyone picks: What's Wrong With the Movies". About that 1 know nothing. Hollywood is not what it appears from the magazines. This is a blow from which few actors ever recover, Gotten included. For one thing, when I came to Hollywood, I had a good part safely snagged. Hunderds of others, I found, have had an equally easy time. That wrecked notion No. 1: that to be successful in the land of the movie, you had to cadge beans for months. Then came the glamour business. Glamor must be here, because all the gossip columns say so, but it's .elusive. Sadly I write that glamor as a possitive quantity can be discovered just as easily in eKokuk or New Bed- Extra Special Philco CAR RADIO ./ A regular $3.95,. three section radio aerial given FREE with any PHILCO CAR RADIO sold. For a limited time only. Priced from . . . $ 26.95 t and up Junior SIDE WALK CYCLE A good selection $Q.95 up 8 Brilliant Fire Bath Heaters $ 3 25 Husky Red Wagon All sizes. Priced from .19 up Chrome Trimmed Heaters .95 SUPER PYRO ANTI FREEZE n.oo a gallon ford. Front Yard' Frnnicr My introduction lo this tinseled land startled me half to death. I drove in from New York and started out to find tlie house which had been rented for me. To reach same, I must cruise down Sunset boulevard. On reaching that part of Los Angeles which is Hollywood, my supposedly sophisticated eye met nothing but a succession of enormous—and I do meah enormous — photo portraits, framed. These feposed, and still do, ofi what seems to be every front lawh of) every other house for about two miles along the boulevard. It occurred to me that this was certainly "Citizen Kane." 1 i"was cast getting here, I rushed to jthe studio full of fire, ambition, and most of all, curiosity. Aisludio! Oh boy! Lush, plush settings, thousands of beautiful girls parading around, a sort of Arabian a hovel way of nttactirtg attenlion to Nights in modern dress. And what your potential worth as an actor or happened? Collapse. They started actress. It was a 'Week before I learned they were professional portrait studios. Arriving at the house picked for me, il was lime for bed. So consider the shattering discovery of the morning: NO swimming pool! I thought everyone in tlic movie business had a swimming pool. My only solace is that I don't particularly want one. This all happened when Orsen Welles was producing a number called plastering me with rubber cement and two weeks later .1 managed lo get myself In front of a camera playing a mnn of 80. Sounds Like Fun 1 in the evening and then you go home and eat, Now I'm in "The Magnificent Am- bersons," produced and directed by Welles. He happens to be the most unHollywoodon young man I've met Vff all of Hollywood's traditloris. He' would have the-wild, harum-scarum night liifc, the swimming pools, the jillions of gorgeous gals,, the fan', tasllc parlies I read about. Unfdr- my mind, quick, just like that. Hollywood? Boy, do I love it! Borbs "Turkeys Up for Thanksgiving" — snid the mnrket news. But they went tasted After "Citizen Kane." I played op- Innately, Orson nlso is disillusioned posite Merle Oberon in "Lydla" and Hc 8° cs to bctl nl "'P- m., and is at by that time 1 was Betting wise. I work in lho sUldio !lt 7 a. m. had learned the sad fnct that thcy| But my spells of disappointment in make movies in exactly the same fashion they make anything else. You go to work at 8 and you quit at 6 or the movie village don't last long. I always remember the lime when I WHS n paint salesman. And 1 change 1 Sonny will give you an argument if you tell him n salln slipper isn't felt. Why docs a mnn lie to his wife so 0 he con get out nnd ploy poker, when if he'd tell tho truth—he wouldn't lose any money? Bighorn sheep prefer sweet mountain grasses and flowers nnd eat coarse food only when grasses are not available. W otter son and Admiral GIFT FOR THE •NTIRE FAMILY RADIOS |prJ the Kiddies ~ i^amlined, Dee Models, from ;"*IFL(S of Air Rifles arid 22 Cal. rifles PORTABLE Operates on AC or DC or on battery. Light, good tone. , CONSOLES Handsome 5 and 7 tube floor models, push button tuning. -.#r TABLE MODEL These will make Ideal Gift; for Christmas, ?# HOMI OF BITTER VALUIS f Oklahoma U.S.Se)sa 'Bear Trap/ Accounting Group' Works to Catch Debtors By JACK STINNETT WASHINGTON — Capital Tolk: Uncle Sam may forgive his debtors iut he doesn't forget them. Over in he General Accounting Office are en clerks who do nothing but be sure that the people who owe Uncle Sam money aren't forgotten. His little division of GAO' was started only a few years ago and in its )eginnings had only one clerk. Since hen, the division has grown to such jroportions that in government em- jloye circles it has acquired the nickname of "the beartrap." Caught in he trap when it was last run were more than 300,000 persons who owe lie government the staggering sum of more than $1,650,000,000. (These are .ndividual and company debts and lave-nothing whatever to do with unpaid foreign loans.) : Probably the reason that Uncle's nephews and nieces gave the "bear- trap" its nickname is that thousands of them have had their fingers nipped in ..it. Whenever a government em- ploye quits, owing the government for extra time off, overpayment for extra time off, overpayment for expenses, etc., his card goes into the file. And if he ever steps into government service again (as thousands have since national defense started), he pays his debt or else.' Uncle Sam's debtor list is growing by leaps and 'bounds. The average monthly additions now have crawled up to around 5,000, while settlements are being made at the rate of only 600 a monlh. At that, the United States is no slouch at cblecting its bad debts from individuals and corporations. From a half million to a millio^ dolr. lars a year rolls into the federal co£<- fers as result of GAO's new :cpllec- tion policy, There's a curious reason behind the government's establishment of TWO internment camps and ;why the Italian sailors (interned when their shops were seized in American harbors) are held at Fort Mizzoula, Mont., and the German sailors at Fort Lincoln, N. D. That reason—and the only one—is that the government doesn't dare keep these sons of the Axis powers together because they constantly fight. Even in transporting them, although many seamen from both Germany and Italy were arrested in the same harbors, they were kept far enough apart so that they couldn'i even threaten each other. When I asked a government officia who has been connected with internment of the sailors what' made them fight, he shrugged his shoulders anc said: "All I can get out of them is that they hate each other like poison.' Paul V. McNutl, Federal Securily administrator, has started a campaign to coia common or "popular" names tp replace scientific terms which some times scare the daylights out of persons buying foods and drugs. As an example of what he is driving at, Mr. McNutt cites the importan vitamin, "nicptinic acid." This vitamin, so essential to health, Mr. McNutt explains, is found in lean meat certain vegetables, milk, and in some other common articles of diet—ye when processors label ' their wares "This contains so many units of nicotinic acid," the customers shy from it as if it were unadulterated poison "Words, to the scientist," says Mr McNutt, "may be purely descriptive but to ordinary people they often have the power to arouse loyalty or hate, belief pr unbelief, confidence or skepticism." *v °z ,yf pLMQRE, Owner to gp back to Kansas City and open up a nice little garage. But his kit brother, Albertson, is murdered by a Eurasian in the thick of a plot to betray the trucking schedule to the enemy forces, and Bickford remains to avenge his death, Noted Cameraman John W. Boyle, celebrated Hollywood cameraman who has photographed movies from Alaska to India did the lens work on "Burma Convoy." Many of his scenes and effects are said to be lavishly spectacular as well as highly authentic. The gasp-filled screenplay is an original from the typewriters of Stanley Rubin and Roy Chanslor. Noe Smith was the director and Marshal Grant the associate producer. Formal Opening-- : . *".; Tar *s New Esso SERVICENTER Fri December 5 ,t; . East Third and Laurel Streets Clean Inviting Rest Rooms with Sanitized Steril Seats Colored Rest Room 0 O C Atlas Tires Atlas Batteries 30 Minute Battery Recharging with Latest Safe Equipment BALLOONS One Esso Glass Savings Bank with the Purchase of 5 or More Gallons of Gasoline or One Esso Cigarette Lighter with Can of Lighter Fluid. FOR THE KIDDIES — CANDY We invite you to visit us on this day and inspect Hope's Finest Service Station. We believe you .will approve the many modern conveniences we have installed for our customers, including Fluorescent Lighting, Large Lubrication Pit equipped for night work, with plenty of parking space around station. ESSO C. W. TARPLEY, Prop. Tel. 777 Tel. 777

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