Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1941 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1941
Page 3
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' r " <»' 1 ^.*- j-1,. ' -,„ '• ," >' »'"• ' '•„ »• ""i' *' * . (r) Daisy Dorothy Heard, Editor Telephone 768 Sdcia? Calendar , Hope chapter 328, Order of the Eaatorn Slnr, 7i30' o'tlriek hi the Masonic hall. ' Tlic United Daughter of the Con* federacy will meet at the home nf Miss Zenobia Rend with Mrs. C. S. Richards, Mrs. Pnt Casey, nnd Miss Moggie Bell co-hostesses, 2:30 o'clock. The response to the roll call will lie Christmas cjuolntions nnd the daughters hro asked to bring gifts for the Confederate home. Mrs George Newborn, Jr., Mrs. R. L. Broach, and Mrs. Kotlcy Briant will be hostesses to the members of the Cosmopqlilinn club at the home of the former at 3 o'clock. The ITompstcad county P. T. A. council will meet at the high school "VVorkshop" at 7:30 o'clock. Fridny, December 5th A benefit dniico will he given by the members of the Girls' Cotillion club at the Barlow, 9 to 1 o'clock. The public is invited. Rose Club members will meet at Ihe home of Mrs. Tom Brcwsler for _ the annual Christmas party, 3 o'clock. Each member is asked to bring a gift. . -Members of the Cemetery association are urged to attend an important meeting at, Iho clity hall, 3 o'clock. The Friday music club chorus will practice nt the First Molho- Relieve Misery of HEAD COLDS Put 3-purpoBB Vicks Va-tro-nol up each nostril. It (1) shrinks swollen membranes, (2} soothes irritation, (3) helps clear cold- mm mmmfm clogged nose. Follow VICKS VA TRO WOl ALLIED BATTERIES As low As ?3.4D Ex. (Batteries Recharged 50c) Oklahoma Tire £ Supply Co. Associate Store Bob Elmore, Owner — Hope clist church, 0:30 o'clock. Tiiesiiny, Wcecmlior fltli .Mrs. L. W. Young and Miss Mainio Brnnt will bo hostesses to the G'ardenin Garden Club members at the homo of the former, 3 o'clock. Niiflonnl Affairs Ifayc Important rlncc on Bay View Club Prog'tims Questions of vital interest to nil Americans are discussed at the moel- ings of Die Bay yiew Reading club. The .programs, occuring bi-monthly, arc taken from articles prepared by nationally known writers. Wednesday's meeting was held at the home of Dr. Etta E. Champlin and Miss Miimmic Twilcholl on South Elm street. The sun room where the members gathered at 3 o'clock was unusually atlractivo with numerous Christmas potted plants. The business session was presided over by the president, Mrs. Gus Hoynes, Mrs. W. W. Johnson presented the program on "Citizenship in a Crisis." In the national field, Mrs. James G. Martindalo based her remarks on an article by Wendell Willkio, "Lot's Keep the Ball." She gave interesting slntislics on the preparations for National Defense being made in the United Slates. A presentation of an article, "Kansas City Takes a Scrubbing" was made by Mrs. Edwin Ward. She told of the work done by Missouri citizens in riding Kansas City of the Pendergast rule. In conclusion, Mrs. Johnson discussed the .status of the alien population and the harm of such a group. Sixteen members responded to the roll call. Mrs. William Schmidt was a guest. During the social hour the hostess served a delightful desert course which carried out the Christmas motiff. P. T. A.-Book Review Attended-by One Hundred Thirty People Wednesday afternoon the Junior- Senior high school P. T. A. presented Mrs. C. A. Evans of Arkridelphia in a book review of Robert Sherwood's distinguished play, "There Shall Be No Night." The summary, as delightfully, told by Mrs. Evans, was an unusual treat for the many people attending. Critics have been highly enthusiastic about the play both during its Broadway run and the coast to coast road show. Miss Beryl Henry introduced the speaker following group singing of Christmas carrols led by Mrs. M. Brooks. Personal Mention Miss Mary Shull of Lonoke and Washington D. C. arrives Thursday night to be the guest of Miss Ruth Kay's Credit Jewelry Opens Next Door ft/a/t NOW "LADY BE GOOD' Coming Friday and Saturday GENE AUTRY America's No. 1 Cowboy in With SMILEY BURNETTE Hit No. 2 RISKING DISASTER AND DEATH.., THAT MILLIONS MAY LIVE! CHARLES BICKFORD EVELYN ANKERS FRANK ALBERTSON AISO Chapter "Cap*MARVEL" Lady, ft Ain't That Easy Taylor for the remainder of the week. —O- Mv. and Mrs, T. G. Rivers departed Thursday morning for Houston. They will return Saturday. —O- Mrs. J. Whepple has returned to her home mi Lansing, Michigan after being a guest in the home of her sister, Mrs. J. O. Milam, and Mr. Milam for the past several weeks. Thomas Cannon will be accompanied by several band members this weekend when he goes to Camdcn for the annual band clinic. —O— Mr. and Mrs. Albert Graves have returned from Washington D. C. and other Eastern points. In Washington they were guests o£ Miss Harriet Ann Pritchard. -O- Mr. and Mrs. Rcmmel Young were visitors in Prcscott Wednesday. .-. :—OT-. •• :.. Mr. and Mrs. Max Cox spent Wednesday in Litlle Rock. -O— Captain and Mrs, Harry J. Lcmley and little daughter, Margaret, returned to their home in Fort Sill, Okla., after aimonths visit with Captain Lemley's parents, Judge and Mrs. Harry J. L'cmlcy. n HRST U Ml OF CE [LIONS World's largest seller at lOc. Other saving sizes, 36 tablets, 20c; 100, 35c. ST.JOSEPH GEN UIME PURE ASRIRIN , •,,.^s..+-,,*£--. RIALTO Double Feature — NOW * "HONEYMOON FOR THREE" * "Knute Rockne All American" U. S, Housewife Tells of Italy Asserts Spending Fever Is Worse Than 1928 (One of the few remaining American women in Italy —or on the cojitme?^ of Europe—has just returned home. Here she gives an i?Ui?7iate wartime picture of Italy from a housewife's viewpoint. As wife of AP Foreign Correspondent Ricliard Massock, now chief of bureau-at Rome, she .has been in Paris, Moscow and Rome since • J933) - . . . -.C By IVIKS. RICHARD MASSOCK AP Feature Service NEW YORK—I suppose I have gotten out of Europe about the right time, as running a home is becoming quite difficult. In fact, so is life in general. There was a fever of buying going on in Italy just before I left and the new rationing cards came in. These new cards cover clothing and all household goods. Everyone had the idea ho must buy, buy, buy and buy; hoso, gloves, shoes, suits, silks, coats, It was in the air, and everyone was struck by it, even we Americans. Now I come home and hear everyone excited and anxious to buy a plot of land, or spending like mad in the night spots; buying jewelry, buying furs. The spending fever seems even worse than it was in 1028. It's startling to see the elegance of the women in New . York. One has only to walk down Fifth or Park avenue to realize how untouched we seem to be by this war, and how far away it all must seem to most people. Social life in Italy is almost at a •SbfVdft or high Fascists. We had a special permit to use our car, but when our ration of gasoline reached 30 liters a month, we felt it was necessary to SAENGER MIDNIGHT SHOW Saturday 11:15 Friday & Saturday Double Feature THE KIP TAKES OVER! A hard-hitting hombre steps south of the border! with DICK FQRAN UO CARRIUO ANDY DEVINE TIM McCOY in "ROARING GUNS" ...for (fi ...for it* tfances.' lhe grandest cast ever packed into one big, mad, merry musical! JACK OAKIE GEORGE MURPHY ALTER BRENNAN LINDA DARNELL MILTQN^ERLE BELLINGER'S Outcome of Libyan War Fate of Churchill Seen Hinging on British Offensive By THOMAS M. JOHNSON NBA Service Military Writer WASHINGTON-Upon the outcome of the British offensive in North Africa depend evenls that are momentous in ways clear only lo a relative few in Washington. Behind Ihe obvious military objectives of the British Libya move, some well-informed observers here see a political objective: 'The Churchill) government hopes to draw German troops lo Africa from Russia not only to save Russia bul, by saving Russia, to save the Churchill government. The Churchill regime has been under a hot fire which will become a veritable barrage if Russia falls. In that event the Government would be blamed for not having "opened a western front," notwithstanding information here .lhat Brilish military strength is not yet sufficient to al- lempl a continental invasion. Another attack on Churchill's position might be a charge that, to silence clamor, British and American spokesmen had col- luslvely given out over-optimistic reports of Russia's chances, English Left Wing Becomes Bolder The final explosion might come from English left-wingers. They have been so slrenglhened and emboldened by Ihe Russian. alliance that some Conservatives have revived fears of some sort of revolulion. This would be more lhan the usual Parliamentary change in government. It might aim toward making permanent Brilain's about half ready to dispute any effort he might make to extend it, especially PUEBLO, Cofo.-(VP)-".rusl erase my marriage off your records; 1 understand it was Illegal." said a letter County Clerk A. G. kochenberger received from an Oklahoma woman. She explained she was a divorcee when she Was married in Pueblo two years ago; she,placed her maiden name on the, marriage license but legally her maiden name hadn't been restored to her; and thus, she said, the marriage must have been illegal. "So since we have been separated for the past seven months please just strike Hie marriage from the records so it will be annulled," she wrote. Kochenberger advised her marriages aren't dissolved that way. Sometimes yourig ejdalt cfi result of the pecking habiu* 6? members of the flock. New Utttter-Amfd Cream Deodorai Stops Perspiratit Transplanting antelopes as n means of restoring this animal to former abundance is now being carried on in Now Mexico, Texas and Colorado. to South America. These things are being pointed out to our government by the British—in the hope, some way, of further bolstering Churchill's, prestige by an immediate American declaration of war. But, say the realists, these possibilities are true anyway. ,., Churchill Snfc4-It;American Campaign Succeeds Hence our not-generally-suspectcd interest in Libya. If the British succeed there, Churchill slays. They may succeed loo—thanks in unsuspected degree to India and'South Africa. Both are playing a bigger part than was expected. India's industries are now supplying her considerable force in Africa with almost all but tanks and planes. South African industry is coming faster lhan nxner-trd, her manpower much faster. Promising 50,000 men, she has nearly, that in Libya, with enough more in Ethiopia and at home to .total over 100,000 desert fighters superior to the well-advertised Australians 'because more disciplined. MVDY Urnie IVI-WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY JARS^ 5< AND 04 1. Does not tot dresses ormtn'ii shirts. Does not irritate skin. 2. No waiting to dry. Can' Mr' Used right after shaving. %|, 3. Instantly stops petspifatiott' for 1 to 3 days. Removes odor from perspiration. , '»* 4. A pure, white, greaseieisr stainless vanishing cream.'K' 5. Arrid has been awarded tin Approval Seal ofthe America*.. Institute of Laundering fofy being harmless to fabrics."; v Arrid is the LARGEST SELLING DEODORANT. Try a jar tddayt «nw i At ll .torMMl 39<«J« / (.1,0(010,! Real Silk Hosic SILK HOSE S Per Pair . . : . NYLON HOSE $ Per Pair .... Slips, Underwear, See or Call HENDRIX A. SPRAGGINS Telephone 633-J HOUSE CLEANING 2 BIG DAYS FRIDAY & SATURDAY We must clean the house to make ._._ room for Christmas Merchandise LADIES Sport and Fur Trim (OATS 9" .o 24" WV '.§?ciajjs,tjc;,war mepsures, ev.mi taki^h^iutfio^the war;'4 v- : ».f* fC* £ v • 4* t- * > -,* / .' . 7> '-• • - ' • i Tf'£r, SH* 10 * s V'^y #°<i ! Wleave the United Stales right behind the famous ball with the unpopular number. We could be the one remaining enemy of a Hitler dominating a realm greater than Napoleon's—and we would be t • Coming Sun * Men - Tues give up driving. Taxicabs run only until 8:30 in the evening, and even then one must be going in the direction of the taxi to get a ride, as each vehicle has a zone and cannot go out of it. Before the war Ihere were as many automobiles in Home in proportion lo Lho population as there are in New York. With cars laid up, Romans now are obliged to take buses or trams. And there are no more of these public conveyances than there were before the war. So people are packed like sardines in a box. It's really dangerous to wear a good fur coat or other garment, since one is pushed and shoved about mercilessly getting in and out of the crowds, Movies, restaurants, bars—in fact, all public places—must be closed by II at night. The food problem is difficult. Rationing is so restricted that entertaining at home is almost impossible. One is allowed 100 grams of butter a month per person (Ihere are 28 grams to the ounce), 300 grams of oil, 100 grams of rice, one and a half kilograms of spaghetti, which is quite gray; 100 grams of meat per person a week, which isn't even the size of a lamb chop, and you can have your choice of veal; 100 grams of bread « day, dark and tastes gritty. The Black Market for food has completely disappeared, so one gets along on his rations. To shop for the day, one must allow two or three hours for rounding up the food, as separate lines are formed for milk, meat, bread, potatoes, fruits, etc. Waiting wound in line long hours puts everybody in a bad humor, the shopkeeper as well as the shoppers. Foreigners are not permitted to go outside Rome or certain specified nearby towns, but until now we have had no unhappy experiences, and Americans are treated the same as before the war. Beautiful DRESSES 1 MEN'S SUITS 1A SO 10 up O'Coats & Topcoats Wash, Wool, Jersey, Crepe, Spun Rayon. All reduced, Hurry 2 Days Only, 79 O 50 to 8 LOOK ? ? ? LADIES HATS 88c tol.98 LADIES BLOUSES . 2.45 •»' J* LADIES SUITS 4.88 to 10.88 LADIES ROBES:? & HOUSECOATSf 1.95 to 6.9511 Men's Furnishings Shirts Shoes Belts Suspenders Hats Sweaters Scarfs Pajamas Robes JACKETS Leather, Wool leather trims, all reduced. 4 DAYS ™ ONIY Friday Saturday SHOP AND SAVE QUALltY FOR LISS . _ ^. TROY'5 109 So, Main

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