Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 2, 1936 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1936
Page 5
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TAR. BOfft. ARKANSAS ' I f REVIEWING MAJOR WORLD EVENTS,OF f-Alobama beats Stanford, 29-13, In game, '•Biuno Hftuptmnnr. Roes on trial Ift Lindbergh baby slaying. 3—Lindberghs toll story of kidnap- ing nt Hauptmnnn trlnl—Congross ffle*ts to hear president's messmjc- Houtfc elects Joseph W. Byrns speak- W-MBthioplir Invokes League covenant to appease Italy, ^Roosevelt delivers annual mes< sage to congress. 5—Four sent to prison in Kansas City Union Station massacre case. 6-Llner Havana hits Bahama all saved. 7-*Bctty Gow, Lindbergh bnby nurse tells Story In Hauptmnnn ca.se- Ropsevelt presents 1936 budget for $8. 520,413,609—U.S. Supreme Court rules oil-control clause Invalid. 9—"Jafsle" Condon Identifies Hattpt mnnn as ransom taker — Liberty ocord—PrwHdenl loses In senate on prevailing wages" In relief bill, 26-Bnhf! null) Signs with Braves nd ends Yankee- career. 27-JudRe Nleldn upholds Welrlon tol in NRA labor milt. ?8--Saar returns to Reich. March 2—Greek planes bomb rebel warships; Vonizelos joins insurgent*—17 Nazis sentenced to death for Austrian putsch-King of Siam abdicates. 4—Roowvelt asks congress to end ocean mall contracts. fi—Cuban treasury bombed in revo- utionary strike move—Former Justice . Oliver Wendell Holmes dies. Jloovov famine—3,005 die In Formosa quake that wrecks 21,095 homes. 23-F. C. Walker named clearing « , r, •• * i , „« ,n<»« chief for works program-Strike closes 7-Mrs. "Baby Doe Tabor, penniless, heVRjl|>l plant ln To i e(lo . Mussolini Selassie platform opposing livorec' League adopts Roosevelt policies. 10—Mary Pickford given from Douglas Fairbanks. 12—Amelia Earhart completes Hawaii-California flight. 13—Nazis win Saar plebiscite. 15—Jimmy Doolittle hops across U. S. In 11 hours. 59 minutes-Hannibal, Mo., begins year's celebration of Mark Twain centenary. dies in Colorado shack—10 killed, 12 Injured by dynamite blast at Utah oil well—11-year-old prince named King O f Sj !im .-Sir Malcolm Campbell sets nuto speed mark of 276.816 m. p. h. 11—ifou.sc votes lo repeal "pink slip" income lux publicity loW~Jc«n Hnr- low wins divorce from third husband. 12-Dr. Michael 1. Pupin. famed scientist. dies-Greek revolt ended. Vcnl/elos flees Crete—Mendlcta government breaks strike in Cuba. 13--Senate votes inquiry into utilities "propaganda." 14-Richard B. Harrison, 70, "Do Lawd," dies-France indicts 19 In ttavisky scandal; nine exonerated. 15-Roosevelt wins In senate vote on relief wamts-2000 arrests made in nation-wide drive on criminal*—Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gordon Switz, Americans indicted in Paris spy case. If,—Germany formally creates arm> of 500,000 men. 19-Sonatc- rejects proposals to cu •clk-f bill fund—Belgian cabinet quiU in crisis over franc—Ethiopia nsk~ League to defend her against Italy. 20--France asks League to take u German conscription—AAA lifts i<-' strictbns on spring wheat planting- Black dust .storm chokes and paralyze 24—Roosevelt raises price of silver > 77.57 cents an ounce—Senate con- ..rnia Marriner Eccles as governor o Federal Reserve Board. 2C-Roosevelt makes Harry Hopkin elief chief, completing setup. 27—World price of silver drops Mexico shuts banks. 29—Ncw Haven's streamline "Cornel hits 110-mlles top speed—Nazis jal hiefs of church press. 16_\Varden dies in thwarted Sun Quentin prison break—"Ma" and Fred Barker, Brcmer kidnapers, slain. 17—Roosevelt offers .security plan for unemployment and old nge. 19—Japanese troops advance attains! Cbine.se west of Jchol. 21-Ton dead, 59 gassed in Pennsyl- , vania mine explosion—Paul E. Win,' fountain pen inventor, dies—Ethiopian raiders massacre 107 in French Somali- land. 23—Expert links wood in kidnapers ladder to Hauptmann—Mail robbers seize $129,000, escape, in Fall River. 'Mass.—Senator Huey Long seizes control of Baton Rouge. 24—New York snowstorm takes 32 lives—Ward' liner Mohawk beached after crash off Ncw Jersey const- House passes relief bill-15 die in Mississippi flood-22 indicted in Bremer kidnaping—Mussolini forms ncw cabinet, keep* Zjjnits. 27—Jay 'GoiitH, noted court tennis player, dies. f "-Hauptmann, cross-examined, ad- many lies-Pennsylvania elecirii i hits 102 miles an hour. 30—Senators reject World Court b> vote of 30 to 53-Seven thousand birthday balls over nation honor Roosevel -Poison Ifquor kills 33 at Gloversvillc N Y 31—Richard Washburn Child, diplomat and publicist, clifs. , midwest. 22 —Inflation May one ianapolis MO-milc auto race; river killed. •Jl-Flfteen dead, 20 missing as floods avage wesl-30,000 killed by earth- unite at Quetta, India. June 12 - Captains Stevens. Anderson I Bomllx Trophy Race; Cecil Allen kill- liked as stralo-bag bursls-MclvIn! «l-Henri Darbusw, noted author, 1—Oeorgn Weyefhaeuscr, Jr., frond for $200,000 ransom, 2—Nebraska flood disaster claim? 19 live*—President Terra of Uruguay Shot—Babe Ruth released by Braves 3- Supreme Court holds last in old home—Normandle arrives New York after record Atlantic ng of 4 days 11 hours—Ethiopians attack two Italian outposts; 30 natives slain—British rulers acclaimed on Uinp's 70th birthday—Roosevelt signs fnrm credit act. 4-Code chiefs draft new NIRA plan —Secretary Henry A. Wallace allots 5400,000.000 for roads and crossing rc- a s ~ G man head In | dies. Alfred Dreyfus, French plot victim, dies. 13—United States and Soviet sign trade reciprocity accord. 35—Millions watch eclipse of moon. 1C—Federal Appeals Court holds AAA processing tax Invalid. 17—Senate votes price-fixing out of AAA bill—Federal Court of Appeals signs neu- u __ __ ___ Ickcs dies in aulo crash near Sanla Fe, N. M. September 2—Britain asks France to join in report lo League on Ethiopia—Woman 22 shot in Polzer, S. C., mill 1 riots. moval—3SO drowned as flood Mexican church. engulfs 5—Power strike in Toledo closes big industries—Royalists riot in Paris— The Aga Khan's Bahrain Wins English Derby. G—Pierre Laval forms coalition cabinet in France—Stanley Baldwin win is prime minister in British cabinet shift—Lord Byng of Vimy, World war hero. dies. 7—House votes NIRA extension, cut- ng Roosevelt's power. 8—"Grass Roots" Republicans draf latform for 1936—Streamline train „ bonus approved by house by vole of 318 lo 90-The Rev Dr Jnhn Cavamiugh, former head of Notre Dame, dies-Soviet hands over Chinese Eastern Railway to Man- chukuo. 23—Britain. France, and Italy agree united front to Germany—Senate February lluluirs Uuchiiu passes $4.880,000,000 work relief 25-Ethiopians again clash with Hal inns-Quintuplets ordered guardec against kidnap plot. 26 -John Buchanan named govcrno neni-ral of Canada. 28—"Pink slip" repeal voted by Sen ate 53-15. —Quarter million see Reynolds — .•»»,•__.- 1 2—Filipino uprising crushed; 52 kil cd—France and Russia sign pact c mutual assistance. 4—Oscar H. Robson indicated fo extortion in June Robles kidnapin cnse _400 die in floods at Babia—Ncw quakes raise toll in Turkey to 2000— Omaha wins Kentucky Derby. 6—Great Britain hails King George in great pageant opening King's Jubilee—Supreme Court,. 5 to 4, voids railroad pensions net—Senator Bron- Kon Cutting, N. M., among four killed in crash of airliner. 7—Senate passes Patman $2,000,000,000 soldier bonus bill—Roosevelt allots 52,000,000,000 for eight types of work relief. 8—Amelia Earhart lands at Newark after record 2100-mile flight from Mexico in 14 hours, 20 minutes. 9—Forty-six navy seaplanes star from Honolulu for Midway Island. 10—Admiral Byrd arrives home from Antarctic expedition—Hauptmann files uppeal. 11—Dennis Shavez named to succeet senator Culling of New Mexico— .Ihiopia threatens to mobilize un- e«s Italy withdraws troops—Pioneers each Matanuska Valley, Alaska— )maha wins Prcakness. 12—Two killed in U. S. navy nimic war—Mnrshil Pilsudski, dictate f Poland, dies in Warsaw, 13—Strike in Camden ties up ?oO, 500,000 of shipbuilding—Farmers i rek t« back AAA flock into Washing on—Supreme Court reaffirms jur .•ighls of negroes—Barbara Hutlon d vorced from Prince Alexis Mdivani— Lawrence, of Arabia injured fatal! wrecking cycle lo save child—Ita calls 200,000 to colors—Stock Exchanf, elects Charles R. Gay president. 14—Senate votes 10 months' exten- j sets up ncw siun of NRA—Former Princess Mdiva- i 19—Wagner labor 29 towr .•n win Grand National. April 2—North Dakota Supreme Court removes Moodie as governor. 3—Partial eclipse of sun-Prof. HURO Junkers, famous plane designer, dies. 4—Roosevelt signs act raising Treasury securities limit—Many hurt as French strikers clash with police. 0—Byrd Antarctic expedition loaves Bay of Whales for home. 8—Frederick B. Wardc, noted actor, dies at 83—Admiral Gary Grayson named to head Red Cross. 9—Mrs. Dwight Morrow testifies at Hauptmann tria)-12 dead, 70 injured in Texas tornado. U—Italy mobilizes army of Ai.OOO in Ethiopian crisis. 12—Dirigible Macon wrecked in Pacific—Labor demands "pervading wage" for relief workers. 13— Hnuptmnnn found guilty, given 1- -Supreme Court sets aside deal Scoltsboro case, order .sentences m 2 -Mayor Edward Kelly rc-elcctc in Chicago landslide. 5-Gov Bibb Graves orders negroc ,,ui on Alabama jury '•f'-p^''" Havmond Hamilton captured by To sheriff-Cardinal Localelh, noted Va diplomat, dies. Vat UPS. 18—Capt. Albert F. i Malcolm Campbell sets world unto Hcgenborgcr, } mal . k] m< m m . p . h . rill-! 4—Rescuers take 164 from Dixie- Arlington Classic. 21—Anne Sedgwick, novelist, dies—Lenorc inark to keep U. S. swim title. 23—Dr. Paul M. Pearson quits as Virgin Islands governor; Lawrence W. Cramer gets posl—~ general strike called off. 24—Roosevelt asks legislation defining U.S. neutrality—Britain pledges aid to U. S. in avcrling war in Africa. 5—Italian envoy walks out of League council as Ethiopia argues case—10 die as French planes collide in army maneuvers. League names Ethiopia arbiters fornia-Hawaii flight, 17 hours, 5 mm» utes. 7—League of Nations council holds laly guilty erf aggression—U. S. Supreme Court holds first meeting in new $10,000,000 quarters—12 killed in airliner crash in Wyoming—« killed, 38 hurt in Chicago factory explosion- Detroit Tigers win, 4-3, from Cubs, capturing wot Id series. 9—Austria and Hungary balk at sanctions against Italy, Italy and Ethiopia recall envoys—HftUptmahn conviction upheld by New Jersey Appeals Court—Dolores Costello divorces John Barrymorc—Son born to Dukd and Duchess of Kent. 10—Fifty-one nations in League assembly condemn Italy. 11—League of Nations puts arms embargo on Italy—First of hundreds rgm "imifls governor; «,w™,« - acquiescence-Roosevelt . Cramer gets posl-Tcire Haute J '.„.. lolls , brcalhing speir |s here. 7—Mrs. Wilson Woodrow, novelist, Edward L. Doheny, oil magnate, and William Abbott, noted historian, die. 9-Huey Long shot by Carl Weiss, League members applying sanctions** Joseph Bulova, founder of watch Dr. Tawnsi'iid KI ills of earthquakes rocks western -Mon- 27—Italy reports 50 dead in muni- Baton R'ouge doctor—Italy refuses lions blast. 28—Dr. B. L. Robinson, noted botanist, dies—Italy's conciliation plan rejected by Ethiopian emperor. 29—British win doubles, clinch Davis Cup series with U. S. 30—John G .Robinson III. former circus owner, dies. 31—Senate passes bill raising Spanish War pensions—Death loll reaches 100 as a new heal wave sweeps mid- west—Societ submarine sinks: 55 die. pledge not to act while League seeks peace—Soviet gives peasants of cooperatives deeds to their farms. 10—Huey Long dies. 11—British demands that League act against aggression. 12—Huey Long buried—Laura Ingalls spans continent in record time of 13 hours, 34 minutes—Wilmer Allison routs Sidney Wood to win U. S. tennis title. 14-Senator William Gibbs McAdoo, August Mao- cuts 19 hours in Portland-Chicago run —Sam Parks, Pittsburgh pro, wins U. S. Open golf crown with 299—Omaha wins Belmont Stakes. 9—Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Waley confess Weyerhaeuser kidnaping—Para- guay and Bolivia agree to 12-day truce, 13—Jim Braddock wins world heavyweight title from Max Baer—Scores are killed in war plant blast near Willenberg, Germany. 14—Skeleton NRA extended as House accepts Senate amendment— Roosevelt wins coal strike truce until June 30—Social Security Bill passed by Senate—Samuel Insull is acquitted in final trial. 2—Prince Alexis Mdivani killed in auto accident. 5—Frank H. Hitchcock, former post- nastcr general, dies—Typhoon kills undreds in Kukien province, China— rench stratosphere plane crashes •om 32,800 feet; pilot killed. C—Republicans win in Rhode Island lection—Marquess of Linlilhgow lamed viceroy of India. 7_Five-million-dollar flood ravages Ohio, kills three. B—Boy Scout world jamboree, canceled because of paralysis epidemic lear Washington—Gen. Benjamin i"oulois, army air corps chief, retired 15—Texas flood kills 13. 16—Roosevelt, in executive order iii weds Count Huugwitz-Reventlow— Toledo Chevrolet strike ends—Dr. Edwin B. Frost, noted blind astronomer, dies—Mussolini warns powers to keep clear in Ethiopian dispute—Commonwealth indorsed by Filipinos. 16-Rooseveil approves new seven- point NRA plan-Wagner labor bill passed by Senate, G3 to 12-Bolivia and bill passed by Oukc death sentence—Doris Duke, riches U. S. girl, weds J. H. R. Cromwell. 17—More thun 30 convicts shoot way out of Oklahoma reformatory. 18—Supreme Court upholds govern ment in gold clause decision. 19_N,)zis behead two women fo "betrayal of military secrets"—Haupt munn wins appeal move and executioi stay. 21—Pilot Lfland S. Andrews' trans continental hop in 11 hours, 34 minutes, 10 seconds cuts 25 minutes off iin poma, . 7-Nazi.s f»H to P«» two-thirds vote DanzlB-Warren Delano Bobbins. to Canada, dies-.)4 minister tilled', 100 injured, as tornado ravages outh. H-Orolph S. Ochs, New York Times nibli-shcr. dies. fl-House.passes war profits hill. 10-Roosevelt raises price of silver world price—Herbert 7 cunts over Honvcr'.s cross-country swing spurs didacy rumor—Hundreds flee dust storms con- hangs over half of Katherinc 1930 can Oklahoma farms tinue. 11—Dust pall lation; damage huge—Anna Grei-ii. noted writer, dies •hool -students die when tram «choul bus in Maryland. " 12-Nation's students stage peace dies—14 high hit strike—Senate- passes bill authorizing to — League $1 750,000,000 for IIOLC ic-Giiml clipper plane- starts on hop Orient, piloted by Capt. E. C. Mu- •(umcil unanimously votes censure of Germany-Clippei .hip i,et.s mark on hop from California to Hawnii-Swif/es set free by French court trying spy ring. 18-PWA grants to Georgia am Louisiana revoked by Ickcs. 19-Sociul Security bill is voted b> the house, 372 to 33-U. S. protests I Germany over debU 20- Germany rejects rebuke by the League on arms-"Send A Dime chain lc-llcrs flood nation. 21—New York Easier parade largest in history- house—Senate passes Social Security bill With Clark amendment. 21—"Uncle Dan" Beard, Boy Scou chief, is 85-Senatc, by 62-17 vole grants seat to Rush Holt—Harmoi Waiey sentenced to 45 years in Wey crhacuser kidnaping. 23—Pan American Clipper com pletes Hawaii-California flighl. 25—Mrs. Owen D. Voting dies—Joi Louis defeats Primo Camera. 26—Roosevelt creates $50,000,000 pro ject for aid of youth. 27—Danno O'Mahoney wins mi: title from Jim Londos. 28—Alfred Perry wins British Ope golf title. it own request. 13—Roosevelt signs bill restoring Spanish War pensions—600 Italians as dam bursts. 14—C. Stanley MitcheJ, chairman, of Bonk of U. S., dies—Roosevelt signs Social Security bill—Potato control voted into AAA bill by House—AAA increases wheat plantings 5,200,000 acres—Greyhound takes $33.321 Ham- bletonian Stake. 15—Senate passes AAA and tax bills. 16—Will Rogers and Wiley Post die in/ plane crash in Alaska. 17—U. S. women win Wightman Cup for fifth straight year. 19—British cabinet summoned in Italo-Elhiopian crisis—New rail pcn- UtU"/.ou J.OM1I. tana. 13—Moscow protests to Japan on Manchuria "border violations." 14—Askum, Ethiopia's holy city, surrenders—Liberals make sweep in Canadian election—Memel vote for Diet 81.17 per cent German. 17—T. V. O'Connor, former Shipping Board chairman, dies—Starhem- berg ousts rival, Fey, in Austrian coup. 18—Sanctions deadline of October 29 voted at Geneva—William Green re-elected A. F. of L. head. 19—Fifty members of League vote boycott of Italian exports. 20—Ben. A. W. Greely, Arctic explorer; Arthur Henderson, head of disarmament conference, and Mrs. Perry Gelmont, former society leader, die—Sidney Smith, comic strip artist, tilled in aulo crash. 21—Ruth Nichols seriously injured' in air crash. 22—Controller John R. McCarl releases $1,500,000,000 for WPA projects —Hurricane in Cuba kills four, injures 29. 23—Los Angeles zone swept by devastating brush fires-Mackenzie King named Canadian prime minister for third, time—Revolta beats Armour in pro golf final. flyers kilt 2000 Ethiopians in battle with 20,000 of *«-'Emperor Halle Selassie leaves by plane for front. 20— Ethiopians repulse Italians at Sasa Baneh, Inflicting heavy loss- Earl Jollicoe, British World War herd, 21— Bernard Deutsch, president at ^ American Jewish congress, dies. 22— U. S. vessels warned against trade with Italy— China talks Wat If north secedes; Japan sends nine War- . S 23— John L. Lewis resigns vice prei* idency in A P. of L-MaUno Loa erupts, , 24— Lincoln Ellsworth and pilot miss- ng in flight over Antarctica. 25-King George 11 returns tc Greece. . w .. 26— Yasu, deposed emperor of Etn- • iopia, dies. „ ^, 27-Japanese troops enter North China, seize important rail deiiter-' Japanese empress gives birth to a son, her second. . 28— Britain asks Japan to state intentions toward North China-Revolt endtd in Brazil. 29-France and Britain warn Italy of unity in facing attack-Washington controls munitions as new law takes effect-Federal dole ends With total' at $3,694,000,000-China Clipper arrives in Manila 59 hours 47 minutes after leaving Alameda, Calif., on first com.-, mercial trans-Pacific flight, , July Paraguay accept invitations to pence .larloy. 17—Doc Barker and four others convicted as Bremer kidnapers. 18—Stanley Hausner killed as plane crashes in Detroit—48 die in crash of Soviet's huge plane, Maxim Gorki. 20~Roosevelt sots up'$19 to $94 a month as relief wages. 21—Ford restores 56 a day minimum wage scale—Jone Acldams dies—Three auto racers killed in Indianapolis speedway trials. i 22—House overrides Roosevelt s bonus veto. 23—Senale sustains presidents bonus V< 21-£cnate passes 5460.000,000 bill providing bigger navy—Princess Ingrid of Sweden weds Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark. 25— Weyerhaeuser heir is kidnaped from Tacoma home— John Borrymore sued for divorce by Dolores Costello— Reciprocity treaty signed by Hull and Swedish envoy— Lawson Little retain;. British golf title— Jesse Owens dipt. three world marks in Big Ten track games. 27— NRA enforcement ended, as Supreme Court rules codes void— Supreme Court unanimously voids Fraz- ierrLemke bankruptcy act. 28-Se»ate passes amended Copeland tor* *— i— ..... "— Miner slain, nine shot at Food and Drug Bill-Dionne quin 111 in union war-12,- j tuplets murk first anniversary-Crowd - , suffer in drouth of 40,000 sec, Barney Ross beat J.m- China 1—House defeats president, 214-146 ;n holding company bill—Roosevelt extends old labor boards until Aug. .—Key brothers land, selling new air endurance flight record of B73 hours 33 minutes. 2—Hank O'Day, noted baseball umpire, dies—104 Japanese killed as cruise steamer sinks. 3—Andre Citroen, French industrialist, dies. 4—Ethiopia asks U. S. to make Italy observe Kellogg pact—Former Archduke Leopold of Austrio dies. 5—Roosevelt signs Wagner labor bill I'u-l sion bill voted by congress, 71, marries Doris Cross, 26, government nurse—Italy rules out Africai compromise — Dame Madge Kendall noted British actress, dies—Lawson Little wins national amateur golf title 15—France promises Britain nava aid if Italian fleet attacks—Bill Tilden Beats Karl Kozeluh for U. S. pro net tille. , 16—British close harbor at Bibraltar —Reich changes to Nazi swastika flag. 17—British home fleet sails to guard j the empire's "lifeline"-Manuel Que- | /.on elected first president of Philip- nes. 19—Jules Cambon, famous French ambassador, dies—Excavation of Florida ship canal begins. 20—Roosevelt names two coal boards under Guffey Act—Joseph P. Kennedy resigns as SEC chairman—Brig. Gen. W. W. Atterbury, rail leader, dies. 21—Paul Runyan wins U. S. pro golf title. 23—Roosevell lalk opens Human Needs mobilization-Strike of 400,000 shuts coal mines—De Wolf Hopper, noted actor, dies—Frank B. LelloRg resigns as judge of World Court—J. M. Landis elected SEC chairman. 24—Cardinal Hoyes opens Eucharistic Congress in Cleveland, Ohio— Mooney and Billings meet for first time in 19 years—Joe Louis knocks out Max Baer. 25—Ethiopia mobilizes on frontier— Roosevelt issues list of war implements under neutrnlily act. 2G-Italy mobilizes 10,000,000 men- League decides to invoke sanctions if December l-Britata and France draft new offer to Mussolini-China balks _ showdown on northern aU- peace Japan in onomy-King George H of Greece, rested to throne, grants amnesty to' S. Breasted, arena- 758 rebels 2—Dr. James 24—"Dutch Schultz" dies of assassin's bullets-Alfred H. Grebe, radio pioneer, dies—Townsendiles hold firsl convention in Chicago. 25—Kansas Republicans endorse Gov. A. M. Landon for president. Hull ' pledges moral support to League of Nation's., on peace—2000:,^,' timated killed in Haiti hurricane. _ • 27—France accepts all League of Na-1 lions sanctions against Italy-Pudge W. I. Grubb, who ruled NRA illegal, Sal-Thomas A. Edison's widow married at Chautauqua, N. Y.-Roosevelt and Hull warn against war trade, aiding League-Huge Boeing bomber crashes in Dayton, Ohio, one dead. 31—Jimmy Walker returns to New lage, killing 50- ter of English king, dies. 4—Franco to Italy. LSIl """B, "»—•• M_-.J ' -Biltish peace plan ofietea ' < * of State Hull warns rights in" fis-\ OU.T Japan to respect treaty China-Governor Hoffman it to Hauptmann in cell—a. , ,5$He« Jersey denies >ar { trade ^ Iialy ' flyers bomb Dessye; wreck „- York. November after 1—Slighl quake rocks easlern U. —China's premier shol by assassin 2_Ualy offers concessions aft sanctions are ordered Nov. 18-Chile and Argentina refuse to boycotl Italian imports. palace and parley «"» ilace ana nospnoi. . . -j 7— Pro-Papanese state is set up in A China with Nanking's help. 8 _Five dead, damage hflavy t in. Houston, TCX.J flood. 9-London naval Hauptmann's plea by supreme court-Walter crusading editor,, assassinated m Mht- "To-World silver market crapes- Red Sox buy Jimmy Foxx; Tigers ma-chase Al Simmons.- ' _ 12-M J. Van Sweringen, younger of railway capitalist brothers, dies 13-Hauptmann sentenced to die during week of January 13-Jose A. Barnet succeeds Col. Carlos Mendiet^ resigned as Cuban president-Joe knocks out Paulino Uzcudun , 22—Roosevelt agrees to bar arms j J(alv goes to wln ._RooseveH starts va- sales to February 29-Italians warn British that sanctions would result in war—House voles "compromise' 1 on ulilily "death sentence"—Cotton loan of 9 cents set by AAA, plus grant, lo farmers—50.000 pay last tribue to Will Rogers. 23—One hundred fifty thousand Ical- ian troops mass on Austrian border- Roosevelt names security and labor cation trip to Far West and Pacific- Coal strike is settled with $37,000,000 wage increase. 27— Col. John R. Kilpatrick wins control of Madison Square Garden- Hundreds killed as typhoon strikes _ . S. pro golfers win Ryder Cup regain control Japan- irom Britain 9-3. 30—Van Sweringens October boards-Guffey coal, bill passed by | () ,' s:i 00 o,000,000 rail system, house and senate—Roosevelt signs new I hanking law. 24—Compromise utilities measure and liquor control bill passed by Congress—Britain .sends warships to Suez Canal. 25—United States sends strong protest lo Soviet on Red activity—Thomas A. Edison, Jr., son o£ inventor, dies. Anderson Slcvcns —Louisiana legislature rushes through Lena's bills—John J. Bernet, railroad president, dies. G—United States advises its citizens to leave Ethiopia—Ex-King George of Greece divorced—Helen Wills Moody j 26—John N. Willys, pioneer auto manufacturer, dies—Utilities holding company bill signed by Roosevelt- Allison and Van Ryn capture national doubles tennis honors—Congress adjourns. 27—Russia firmly rejects U. S. protest against propaganda. 28—Pope pleads against war, ques- 1—Billion dollars shunted from PWA projects to WPA. i—British Labor party votes ,21 to l for League sanctions — Roosevelt pledges that the nation will remain "unentangled" - Gen. Malin Craig named chief of staff of U. S. army- Bulgaria foils conspiracy to overthrow King Boris-War starts in Ethiopia; Italian planes bomb Aduwa; Ethiopia proclaims general mobilization. 4—1 eague of Nations committee re- - - ' cabinet beats Helen Jacobs in Wimbledon ten- Rogers' widow. —James A. Moffctt resigns as FHA head—$2,500,000 insurance paid to Will nis final. 8—John D. Rockefeller is 96—Upper 29—Roosevelt signs farm moratorium and rail pension bills-Astrid, queen moves. 6—Aduwa and Adigrat captured by Italiaivs-Roosevelt warns Americans of risk in war travel—Pan American I tent of $1,000,000. 1L JIUIJVJI UJ. — . 3—Moffat Johnson, actor dies—Uiina abandons silver standard-Greek kingdom restored by plebiscite. 4—Hurricane sweeps Florida; 5 dead —Slavisky trial begins. . 6—Duke of Gloucester married in mple London ceremony—Evangelist ••Billy" Sunday, and Dr, Henry Fairfield Osborn, noted scientist, die. 8-Italians take Makale and Gorahai -Senator George W. Norris of Nebraska says he will retire when his term ends-Sir Charles Kmgsford- Smilh, Australian air ace, disappears with companion in England-Australia flight-Killer dissolves Stahlhelm 9—Japanese troops threaten Shanghai after slaying of marine. 10-Italians' advance of 130 miles reported in southern Ethiopia. 11—Stevens and Anderson reach altitude of 74,187 feet on stratosphere flight-Harry Hopkins ends federal dole in 15 stales. . 13—Two youths killed, 88 hurt, ai anti-British riots in Egypt-President Roosevelt orders half-billion slash in budget—Scottsboro negroes remdicteil with one of race on grand jury- Frank J. Navin, head of Detroit baseball club, dies-Jean Batten first woman to fly South Atlantic alone. 14—Roosevelt signs proclamation freeing Philippines. 15—Mussolini orders counter-boycott against sanctions - U. S. Conodian trade treaty signed—British government wins majority of 244 in House of Commons—Reich decrees enforcement of Nuremberg anti-Jewish laws. 16—Gen. Pietro Badoglio replaces Emilio de Bono as head of Italian forces in Africa. 17—Gale causes wide damage along Atlantic coast, in New Jersey to ex- j n fourth. 14-President Masaryk of Czechoslovakia retires. / > 15-Caleb Milne IV, wealthy young actor, believed kidnaped-Poll shows Clipper II WUI V* tt V Ul^^* **»• .....— -.- IVN,I*» — - T — I ' ' - - . makes new record on Cali-1 18—Economic siege of Italy begins, (ieorge H Landon rated leading Republican presidential aspirant-Detroit Lions rout Giants for pro grid title. 23—Colonel and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh and son Jon sail for England reportedly because of threats against second child following death- sentence of Bruno Richard Hiupt- mann for kidnap-murder of Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. 28-Grilled by "G" men, Caleb J. Milne IV, young actor and scion of a wealthy Philadelphia textile family, broke down and admitted that his "kidnaping" of December 15 was a fake. Milne said he desired publicity to obtain a job on professional stage. 30—From field headquarters at Dessye. northern Ethiopian, Emperor Haile Selassie gave order releasing nearly ] A million Ethiopians for first general attack upon invading Italians, what observers believe will be the crucial battle of the war. Hilly Sunday 1'aN.sril Awuj •Buoy" Walker's Hack iit New York Toll- Dictator J'ilsudski Dii-U Ace KiiiKsforcJ' Smith Missing Jliildwin Wou iu Urilaiu Hit. MacDonnldl J-llin

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