The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1940
Page 3
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THURSDAY, APRIL 25/19.10 ' BLYTKEVrLUf. CAB3C.J 1 COURIER NEWS Russell Phillips To Offer Additional Local Awards To Youths iws wns nrmniiuc'pd Ijere l>y nils- 1 sell Phillips of Iho Phillips' Motor j Company. The contest Is both local ami national nix) Is .sponsored by the. j Ford Good Drivers League of Am- | erica, which was orgnniml riWH- ly by Mr. EdsH Ford in u spociul message lo tbo boy.s oj America, The naUunnl pri/ps for llu; best PAGF, THBEB A good drivers prize contest for boy.s wllh rich rewards to the win- driver among lx>y.s will lucliule .1 S5.COO Unlvcrstly Scholarship. ii $'J.(,00 Uniiwslly Scliolnr.shli). three SMC Univw.slty Scholarships, eljjln 5MO Scholarships and lliiriy-lh'i.' ' $100 Scholarships. In addition W trips to (he World's Fnlr will Ms nwiuxled to' winners of thp SUitp contests. Stnlo contest winners will compete in New Yort; for the national Scholarship: prizes. Cash prizes for local ronlostnnus will lie nwnrdnl by the I'iilllips Motor Compnny us follows: $15. llrst prt/.e; $1.50, second print anil S'2.50 third pria'. These awards arc oliered regardless of iniullllcnlion. fur tho stole and nallunul contests. ' Any boy Is eligible for membership ivliq l.s a it'.sKlcJH of iho United Stairs; who is qunlifmt nnd iPeally nutliorl/rd lo dflvc a cur In this stale; who Is at lousl 14 years of age and whoso 19t!i birthday Is not- earlier than Alls. 29th. I'M, l.ocfll boy.s may t'woll In ihe ron- tcsl by oblninlni; nu I'liiollmenl blank from Mr. Plftlllps. When In- lenltnvi'd nt. the I'lillllps Motor Company Mr, Phillips Mild. "1 hope every boy of iitmllfylnt; use enrolls in tho Kord Good Driver* league. 1 would like to seo one of our boys will tin 1 .stnlr' contest which curries n trip to the World's Fair with all expenses paid, nml later win ODD of the University Scholarships hi the llnal contest ill New York. "Th<> F»rd aood Drivers I,ein;iio orgmiiKprt lo holp miike » nnllon o( betlor drivers, The .vomit!'boys Who are jiisl I'l'^itinllii; «> drive nrc (he louleal ones lo lake Ihe lead I" ibis miivriiiMil. We wnnl Iliein lo Join In nil u|!reeiiu v iu to learn expert driving, couple H ivilh care, cimrU'.sy and common sense and Influence others to do tlie siune mid ID this way they will Help save IhijiiMiiids of lives, tt Is the youth of Ibis city llmt lias the physical equipment, eye sight, co-ordlniitloii and (|uii'l:» u[ response lo be- come Ihe Ijpri drivers on tile J'Oftd. Through the Foul Good nrlvers U'ligHe In lime, we hojio to raise (he dilvini; slundinds In Amerlfii lo Ihe. level In history. In order lo inake this pronrnin sue- ceed In lllylnevlllc, ) have enlisted the CMiperalloii of George Connell iwpiiliir tencher HI Ihe lilyllievllli' High School who will assist, me In enrolling conti'.stunts and also Ihe aid of liiigi'iw Dkkerson of Ihe Suite I'olli'i! Department, who Is an unlhorlly on Daotl Dilvlnu anil «-lto will net as luliilt observer for Ihe l«c;d conU'.stimts. III-BO boy« of qualifying ago to enroll Immediately. Rural! men I Wimks nro uvallalile here ni our (Iculmlilp." WAHNINC OIlDKft IN TUB OUANCRUY COURT, CHICK ASA WLIA I) i BT H I OT, Mlfifil.SHU'P! COUNTY, AflK- ANKAFi. W. A. Sislor, Plalntltl, vs. No. TM Kll/abcth U. Slsler, llcfendnnt, The defendant, Kll/nbelh G. SIs- ler, Is warned to appear within IWrly days In the court named In (lie cnpfton hficof nnd nawer t'ne '. complaint of the plaintiff, W, A.'> Slsler. i;' Dnlcd this 24 day of April, 10«,'' IIA|IVEY 'MORRIS, Clerk. By Ellnabtlh Blylhc, D. 0.' Claude P. Cooper, Ally, (orPlif. ' Percy A. Wright, Ally. •Ad Lltcm. • 25-2-9-10 ' Boon to start will be the plan combining passenger train and au- lomoljile rental service.. 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