Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 3, 1941 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1941
Page 4
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j«St,> ! ,t A «v .-' •' ' ,„ > ' , * " " ' ' - ; ; • ' Hope Star " '• "*"',.•* ",'." •> ' s ,'< ; -. • ' - MORE V6U TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" You can folk to only one man Wont Ads folk to Thousands SILL, HINT, BUY OR SWAP Ads cosh.fri advance. Not taken over the Phone for eontlnuous Hv*r*ton, only Of Hop«, 1899: t-ross 1927 ctotad January le, 1929.' For Sola J$SA,VE By BtmNo USED 1**r Ktre from ml r^a^ Tables, other paid for 9-lmc. , OORN, 7Sc PER BUSHEL -H«*. How tools, all kinds. Plow ' See A - N - Stroud - Washington RANGE ."• —-«•*•••«.-**v condition. ^—* ? 1°' Terms i£ desired. Mrs E. Schooler. 38-F-ll. Old north 3-3tc For Sole Miscl. PUPS Jake Deeding. IS^," a n , ^ setter PUPS. Bostons g*»«>4tCodcen. Padgitts Kennels. 5 ' t 20-lm SEVERAL MEN WITH CARS FREE •• *O tit,** LIIU City Star. Steady If interested write i.'General Delivery, Pres- ilJEWEIi HAMILTON, SIZE 16 W.Perkins; r£'Lf dV !i S °. r - Giv< * definite and reliable advise on all affairs of I&SE^MY _._.. „ Nf^S*'^* 1 ". Stage ^acTe ! 4« t^ d R °y Crafts, Prices from S200 up v^Easy terms. See Thelma Stevei , . Trailer Camp, Hishwav f } 1'north, Hope, Phone 22^2 ™3Q ''SOW ON DISPLAY _ FULL LINE :* fevers' Bros. 'Trailer Coaches. Cal «•> *V"": we hava several models to .'- .select from. Lack's Tourist Court 21-tfc IDEAL FURNITURE STORE' HAS ^ moved next door to Saenger Theater lor better prices on furniture see . *"• 21-30tc w— ~ ^REFRIGERATION SERVICE -„„ >, v' . r ? p ^ r anything Electrical, Wiring motors. Kelly Refrigeration Service! J12 Main. Phone 144. 10-lm-c £F Help Wanted TWO MEN WANTED AT QNCE Large, well known feed company must appoint two men for good pay^.mg work where this newspaper is • .circulated Render service and do ,_, other work. Farm experience 6 "' 5*V Vl of sales ex Penence help c ful. Must have car. Pleasant, per '" m ^ ni ^° rkl Send only ™me hn ; address. Write Box 98, Hope, Ark. 3-ltp ' n , , and changes. Tells you .|J you, will marry the one you love Give names, dates, facts and figures. £T%n "? A <0day ' Spedal ruling daily. SQc.- 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. Studio located in Trailer at COURT on H NEW OR RENEWAL OF SUBSCRIPT rj° ns to any magazine published Uiarles Reynerson at City Hall =——_ 2 -» tc Governor Who Cuts Taxes Moves by Maryland Leader Proves Very Popular barked on a spending spree when it appeared they wouldL end the fiscal year with a surplus. to pass a bill empowering the board of public works, of which he is a member, to impound up to 25 per of a department's appropriation, board since makes periodic checks *- 'Apartment's. In three years .,-„,-._ has reverted to the state treasury in imponded funds. McGiTkiiT popular By DAVE NOPPER AP Feature Service ANNAPOLIS, Md.-Mect erf Rg °ot 100kinj y ' 00) G ert R. O Conor of Maryland You might as well get acquainted ift i n °\ be ° ause you ar « wore an likely to hear a lot about him in he future-from W| as hington. -Hta dm, re rs believe he's headed that y ' Mattress. Men only. 601 West Main ^BEDROOM TO MEN ONLY. APPLY - <*• 9 fter 2 p. m. at 210 N. Main. 2-3tc #THREE ROOMS - UNFURNISHEI) f private entrances. 604 South Hamilton. Wanted to Buy PRICES PAID F OR MEN'S suits - H- M. Patterson. l-15tc Wonted PAY STRAJGHT SALARY -J per week^nlan or woman with > sell Eureka Poultry Mixture to ners. Eureka Mfg. Co. East St. iV 1 r?-o 6ra Of risin S taxes, 44-year^0-Conor. has accomplished what Se a ta™ n ° r W ° UW ^ t0 d °^ Recently he reduced the state's rea estate levy f rom 23.35-cents per ?10l of ^assessed value to. 14-cents in 194; rateMaryianrha^hadS'lle/when the levy was 10-cents. The slash wil save taxpayers ?4,000,000 in the nex two years. l B ? e i S( - COnsidering calIi "S a special legislate session to slash the state income tax, second only to the gaso line levy as a revenue producer Hes not only the youngest but the Marvla'nd "t 8 ', CWef executive Maryland ever had. He doesn't find .ime for hobbies; In addition to his •egular duties, he'makes an average ,.« X u 10 ten addre sses & week Herb, as he is known best to newsmen graduated from college at 20, joined the Baltimore Evening Sun reportonal staff, studying law at night He became assistant state's attorney Baltimore, then people's counsel to he public service commission at 26 Here s how he built up a big surplus and reduced taxes: "-; found, when he took office in that state departments wanted to pread out- into new fields without urtailmg expenditures on programs gradually being outdated. Since no control was exercised over lepartments' expenditures, they em -- Leta Rhodes of Magnolia A ,. college spent Thanksgiving with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D Rhodes. . Miss Lizzie Lou Jones of Pine Bluff spent the week-end with Miss Bonnie Marie Anthony. ^- °- Harr 's made a business trip to Little Rock Tuesday. Miss Jean Shuffield of Magnolia A. & M. college spent Thanksgiving with cf £ , pa , rents ' Mr - and Mrs. R. G Shuffield. Miss Evelyn Rhodes of Cadclo Can ^u 01 ,. facult y. s rent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J D Rhodes; Miss Arlene. Wortham of Prescott visited her mother Mrs. Dora Wortham Monday afternoon. .Mr. and Mrs. Claud Box and children of Smackover visited reatives: here Thanksgiving day. Collie Hampton and family Mrs Jimmie Hampton and Miss Essie Hampton of El Dorado spent Thanksgiving day with Mrs. Sallie Eley , M jf s • R . ub /. Roberts and Norman --or^am bith^of McCaskill were married Saturaay£"eyening-. 'Miss Mary Lou and James Gentry grandparents Dr. and Mrs. J. E Gentry this week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Bradley and little son Billie Claud visited relatives m El Dorado this week-end. When a woman complains to a doctor that she's all tired out, the first thing he does is look at her tongue. Answer to Cranium Crackers Questions on Page One 1. Seven seas are North and South Atlantic, North and South Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Antarctic Oceans. 2. T. E. Lawrence wrote "Seven Pillars of Wisdom," a book about his adventures in Arabia 3. Seven Years' War was fought 1756-63 with Prussia against Austria, France and Russia. 4. The Seven Weeks' War is name given to brief campaign between Prussia and Italy on one side and Austria and her allied German states on the other. It was fought in July-August, 1866 5. Seven Wonders of the World were the Egyptian pyramids, tht hanging gardens of Babylon, temple of Diana at Ephesus, statue of Zeus by Phidias at Olympia, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the nnlossus of Rhodes, the Pharos or lighthouse at Alexandria. BOARDING HOUSE I M\ \ Sifc,9?W S-^S *•*'* H9I 1 SWEEPING NH HIS " e SS^'S$ffK*&$*!^^ '" tN " WASH TUBBS TOWI6HT \i ir*-£ MT Wire tcj'A i MOVlEFORACHA(iJ6Ej The Fleet's in! Thimble Theater Im'AMA J//CAVT ADMIRAL J UJHfrTHAVE *-- _^~ — _~ ^— •*^**>-^ i^ry ^VAIM'.TAMV^ DONALD DUCK |c.ipi. liMI. Kirg fanm, tnHau. I The Poor Fish! By Walt Disney SO .'AFTER THE GOLDFISH AGAIN YOU PEATHEREP FISH FIEND J THATff THE WAY ID HANDLE HIM... PUT TEMPTATION BLONDIE No Soap, Dogwood! ••^———- By Chic Young YOUCARRVIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin Sff*. %fi*0 Vi.<EW\' 0014'T (vkip, vvic tic:V=Kv X^Xf I FraOUT ^olo\§f^^ 9 ^-1 ra?a«^ you RED RYDER Ryder Is [Determined J BY NETSERVICE. INC.'T. M.REO. U. 3. PAT. OFF By Fred Harmon —- — '-' ••-• »- *•*• - , <^MH ALLEY OOP I CAME OUT HEEE TO CHALLEMSE } SUPPOSED -r/VW=M i.i.T; T^ cLt^S 1 -* COMBAT.' SEEIM'S HOW WOP^^E^-ST^WHY IM A, PRETTY GOOD WARRIOR MVSEV-F... /TOUGH THAT AW' HAVIM' Hf=Af£D WHAT A ^ ypAcSlsi=ki£ TOUGH HOMBtek vii?'ee V ,—"( Vt£!.4g ^^17,^ KIMG ByV.T.Homlin 3UR F THA.M SAVE YOU TH —- T ^^.-» ^^i_^>—vi—nr USHTWEK3HTS __ ^ ' ~ " ' ' '" r '"T1T FRECKUSAND HIS FRIENDS Love Has Cooled By MerrUlglosser f MAW .THIS EXCITEMENT AINT GOOD ^Mw, YOUR. WIG is GONNA SHAKE {.OOSe, IF YOU AIN'T CAREFUL/ I DON'T KNOW WHY WE SWrtni r> WORRY ABOUT WATiOl^AL bHOU1 - D v DEFENSE , WHEN we ear T-4 ou WERE / TERRIFIC, JOE FOB. You ; YOU KNOW WHAT ,..„ w^wt.0! DC5cTo^"sAiD I 'MOLTO ABOUT WOMEf^ DID GRUBBLE EVER GIVE A iC ' " A DAME LIKE HANG.N' AROUND , i THINK vou FIXED THAT ROMANCE? PERMANENTLY/

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