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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, January 2, 1936
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&* 1 ,'1 ppsw ,w j;5*w A > ?,W^. ' ' « Man li tinjtui, hut God I* fltuttiy Jurtlc« t»|. i Star Arkansas » ......,, Friday partly Moudyi NUMBER 70 (ST4A)~ Moans Kutwrli"; .Ns-M'n HOPE, ARKANSAS, 1 -f HflSSDAY, JANUARY 2, 1936 i.;^^. „= '^—. •• -. - . . '.-._;—.'.''•-. . :•..,...!. :k-^~&.-'^— t..j.... fc ,. „. ; . • C'WiNOli'Jiit'-d .January IS, It29. Blur of Hopo ISJtn: .Prciw.' Wi; PRICE 6c dOPt oust BEGIN Here and There •Editorial By ALB*. H. 100TH Robinson A RKANSAS this y.oar observes its Centennial— for 100 /»ypars it hna been an American stnte. That seems like a long time, but if you want to know how really brief it is, if yoil want to know how little people have changed in that; time, I advise you to look back into the works of Ralph | Waldo Emerson and reatl what this greatest of American! «•« thinkers had to say upon certain public questions nearly 100 i • 4-/\ Xltftl NpW Kill years ago that for truth and freshness might be an editorial j W ^*&"- ^-'^" «**» ill today's nCWSpaptM'. ft ft » j. ASSCrtS The lecture 1 am thiiu^ing about is! .Ethiopians Failing * in Their Drive on Northern Sector Addis Ababa Admits Serious Setbacks for War Minister's Army ISSUE IN~SUSPENSE Man the Reformer," which Emerson I Believes Payment Will Be Meanwhile, League Is Stirred by Rumored Red Cross Violations ADDIS ABABA, ElhiopiH-<Copy- right Associated Press')—Authoritative sources disclosed Thursday thnt the Ethiopian , war minister, Ras Mulu#- hclflj whose forces launched a drive iijjnlnst the northern Itnlian lines, was meeting with serious setbacks. The enthusiasm of the populace was aroused by government descriptions of victories'for HasScyoum's forces'In the Tcmblcn sector and Ras Ayclc's followers in the Scirc aren, but nothing waS' made public concerning' the activities of Ras MulugheW. "Red Cross GENEVA. Switzerland — (/P) — Thc ihte«i^ll^j|^liit)J*wnii1trc' foi" the Red Crosir''voiced!'consternation Thursdny over Italian aerial bombardments of f ed Cross contingents in Ethiopia. A spokesman said the commltUx; was DCg'mning to wonder whether the Red Cror's flag was not developing into Q .symbol of death rather than mercy. Ittltnn Statement ROME, Italy ~ (A') — Informed sources said Thurttljiy that the Italian government doesn't consider explanations to Sweden concerning the bomb- int' of a Swedish Ethiopian hospital unit lo be necessary. Tlie government is informed that no Swedes were killed in Monday's bombardment on thc southern Ethiopian front, and only one was wounded. Travelers in the war /.one must necessarily take risks, the Farcists said. A communique from Marshal Badoglio stated here thai "nolhing of note occurred on cither front" Thursday. Italy Uodllnfi Hark HOME, Italy.-l/F 1 )—Reliable sources, speculating on thu possibility of an Italian campaign of "punisliment" from thc air, said Thursday that the Fascist army had vast quantities "of scientic weapons" which it is reluct- i iint lo use against Ethiopia. : The weapons have been withheld until such a time as Ethiopian was practices might arouse a national demand in Italy to fight, fire with fire. delivered before Die Mechanics Ap- prenlJcwi' Library association In Bos- j ton January 25, 1841—96 years agoj this month. • j Times must have been as troubled then as they are now, for Emerson said: •"It'Will afford no security from th.e new ideas that the old nations, the laws of centuries, the property and institutions of a hundred cities, arc built on other foundations. Thc demon -of reform has a secret door into the heart of every lawmaker, of every inhabitant of every city There Is not the most bronwrd and sharpened money-catcher who docs not to your consternation, almost quail nnd shake tho moment he hears a question prompted by thc new ideas. We thought he had some semblance of ground to stand upon,, that such as he at least would die hard; but he trembles and flei.-s. .... "Hence it happens thnt thc whole interest of history lies in the fortunes of the poor. Knowledge, virtue, power, are the victories of man over his necessities, his march lo thc dominion of Ihe world. Every man ought to have this opportunity to conquer the world for himself. Only such persons interest us—Spartans, Romans, Saracens, • English, • Americana— who have stood in ;thq jaws of need, and have by their own wit and might extricated themselves and made mafe-victorlous. . .'.'.'•" We complain that the politics of mn-sses of the people arc controlled by designing men, and led in opposition to manifest justice and the common weal, and to their own interest. But the people do not wish to be represented or ruled by the ignorant and base. They only vote for these, because they were afked with the voice and semblance of kindness. They will not vole for thorn long. They inevitably prefer wit and probity Let. our affection flow ovit to our fellows; it would operate in a day ihe greatest of all revolutions. It is bettor to work on institutions » 1 T :« Along LltlCS 0 * Plftil PAYMENT IN 1938 j Democratic Party, Liberty j League File Financial j Statements i WASHINGTON.-!;}')—Senator Rob| inson. the Democratic leader, prcdict- ! ed Thursday the passage of a cash j bonus bill which will "receive cxecu- I live approval." j Robinson indicated that such a bonus bill will probably be drafted along ' the lines of the Byrnes-Stciwer pro- j posal advanced at (he last session. ] Under that bill adjusted service cer- i tificates would mature in 1938 instead I of 10-15 as provided at present. 1 $22,710 In Party Chest j WASHINGTON.— W) -The Demoi cratic National Committee reported i Thursday a balance of S22.710.7G in its war chest as the 1936 campaign year ' opened. Erosion Service Post Is Taken by Hempstead Agent Frank Stanley Resigns to Become Hope Office Consei'vationist FAULK IS~ENGINEER Ruff in .White Reported Resigned From Cotton Administration •^ - r ^ Associated Press norms Enactment writer G^S ite History in Brief Where Russia Speeds New Railroads Eastward i The Liberty I/cafruc WASHINGTON.- (/P) -the American Liberty League reported Thurs- j day expenditures totaling 5389,973.92 I and a balance on hand for the now j year of'$93,201.54, in a statement filed with the house 'clerk. : The largest contributors were the DuPont family. > The league has becii'ft loading New Deal critic. jBearden Files on i First Delinquent i Gives Old Landes Supply ! Company Until Friday \ to Pay Up Frank R. Stanley, Hcmpscad county agent for Die past two and a half years, announced his resignation Thursday to accept a position with the Soil Conservation Service of thc Federal government. His resignation is effective as of January 1. Mr. Stanley's resignation leaves tho county at least temporarily without the service;, of a county agent. The appointment of a new county agent is expected to be announced within two or three days, by the University of) Arkansas Agricultural Extension Ser-rj vice. • | Mr. Stanley came to Hope in June. 1933, from Miller county whore he was employed as a school teacher and vocational agriculture instructor at Foukc. White Reported Resigned It was rumored Thursday lhat Rut- fin White, for thc past two .-years connected with the administration of the Bmikhcad cotton.control law in Hcmp- ste;(d county, had resigned his post. Mr. White could not be reached for a statement Thursday. ,!-^.,,,.-, Thc rumor had it that Mr. White was leaving the government's employ in order to become a candidate for a ( county office. j In his new position Mr. Stanley will | act as soil conscrvationisl under the supervision of Craig Rosborough, project manager in charge of the Hope office. Mr. Rosborough is the M O N G O LAI A Sheriff Jim Bcardoti took his first real step toward collection of the bv the sun Ihan'by Ihe "wind. "The j Hempslc-ad county personal delinquent st'alc must consider Ihe poor man, ; tax U!it Thursday when he formally and all voices must speak for him. [ scrvc{ ' ""<'" "" Landes Supply com• pany that the tax must be paid fir the property would be subject to .seizure. The Landes company was given until Friday to make settlement. Thc property, including a cash register, a counter and .some office fixtures is being used by tho Clements Grocery store, East Second street, Mr. Clements said that the sheriff appeared in his store nnd asked that tho tax be paid. Mr. Clements referred tho matter to tho Landes company, which has headquarters in Tcx- Every child that is born must have a just chance for his bread. Let the amelioration in our lasVs of properly proceed from the concession nf the rich, iv>t from the grasping of the poor. State Licenses Go on Sale Thursday Outlines the Figures Each Auto Owner Must Obtain arakana. For the 'Double-tracking of tin- Trans-Siberian railroad has boon completed by Russian convict labor between Irkutsk anil Khnharov, affording hotter transport for soldiers in case of war with Japan. Plans nlso RO forward Vor a northern branch from west of I>akp Baikal to the Amur river, becausc-Uin present line has many vulnerable tunnels near the border around Lake. Baikal. Eastern terminal of Hie new line might lie Nlkolaevsk or Konisomolsk, doom cities being pushed lo replace abandoned Vladivostok. A connect' ing line would rim up the Amur. Meanwhile the Japancse-Manchukuoan advance into Chahar farrow) aima lo cut overland communication between China, .und Outer Mongolia, which is under Sovlei influence, and into which Soviet railway lines are alsn projected. Nevada County's &focriters H?H Be Bruno to Display i Vote Is Contested Local Option Contest to Be Heard at Prescott Next Monday Tlie Nevada county local option liquor election held December 10 and resulting in a victory for prohibition permanent) forces by -18 votes, will be contested, head of the local conservation office, ; it was revealed here Thursday by At- which was installed during thc fall by! torney- Curtis Cannon, representing Temporary Manager H. K. Thatcher, j A. T. Bratton, Prcscotl .liquor dealer. Under Mr. Rosborough's administra- jand others. lion W. H. Thalmun has been serving I as assistant agricultural engineer, but this week was transferred to a regional office in Texas. Thc new engineer here is Nathan M. Faulk. Local Personnel Complete appointive personnel of the Hope Soil Conservation Service office follows: Craig Rosborough, project Manager. Frank H. Stanley, Associate Conservationist. Luther H. Roberts, Junior Conservationist. Nathan M. Faulk. Assistant Agri- A hearing on a sui: filed in Nevada county court December 19, has been sot for next Monday afternoon before E. H. Weaver, Nevada county judge, and the election commissioners of Nevada county. The- hearing will be held in tho court house at Prescott. The suit, filed jointly by Attorney Cannon and George Steele, Nashville lawyer, contains thc following allegations: That 180 persons voting dry in thc election had no poll tox receipts. That the dry forces failed to deposit with thc county court or the county ExpectingThis News Carrier to Sing Out . Under a dark and dreary sky 14 small boys were lined up in front of The Star building on Walnut street Friday afternoon, swinging leather j belts and looking with anticipation at the 15th small lad who was preparing to run the gauntlet. The Star's city carrier staff was initiating a new member. The name, sir. is Bing Crosby. Bing's new job will be selling newspapers. He is 14 years old and is the I son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Crosby. His real name is John, but he has already been dubbed as Bing by the 14 other newsies. Crosby will take over the route on South Walnut street, vacated by Newton Secrest, Secrest has been transferred to South Main street. Cl H±irf&. Junior Engine., | J-d* any money with which to defray J. A. Pmili. Engineering Aide. j expenses of the election as prov.ded Burl Thompson, Assistant Agrono- by j aw ', , ~ .. ., . mist i That the voting in tho Prescott East past .several months ihe Collects Old Firearms LEBANON, Mo.—(/|'i—Robert Losv- i;.. who makes gun collection a hobby, firearms dating back lo the sev- 'nlcenth century. (iraudmoUicr Cuts Toolli 1.ABETHA, Kans.—(/[')—Mrs. R, W. Moorchad, grandmother, recently cut ii tooth- FLAPPER FANNY SAYS: ma. u.». FAT, off. T j LITTLE ROCK — Stata Revenue I Comivif.sicnor Earl R. Wiseman issued i an appeal Wednesday for motor ve- i hide owners to observe a few im-. ! portant requirements in making application for 1938 automobile licenses ; which wt-nt on sale Thursday. His instructions briefly were: Write out the motor number and present it to the representative of this department to whom you apply for a license. I Bo prepared to pay for Ihc license in properly of Ihe Landes company has boon used by Mr. Clements in the op- I cration of his grocery store. I Silver Countries i Forced Into Pact U. S. and Mexico Open Conference Looking Toward Stabilization Buford J. Poc, Junior Agricultural Bodcaw and Willisvillc WASHINGTON •-(#)- Secretary Morgciilluiu of the Treasury expressed . tin- belief Thursday that the current certified check or money order. ( . S( .|-i c .s nf conferences with American ' activity takes place thines 6«v§ to be Uoc- W»«ct up. .. ! as Art 11 of lfl.'M forbids the depart- j O ffici;il.s woiil<l prove beneficial to CO imtni'. s using silver currency. "]i i s )„ th c . interest of the silver- producing countries to work clowly |,>gi>lhi'r in this matter," Morgenlhau addud. j s j n ( | 1( , i,,ti- r ,.. s t uf || u , s il v cr- ; incut n accept iiers-jnnl checks in pay- uA-nt of licenses. . IVo. prepared to obtain a drivers' li- j censc at. OK; tame time you apply for ; tl ear license. ' Give your correct name and address on your application. Thc records will ! producing countries to work closely be checked later to detect fictitious j together in llii.s mutter." Morgi-nthau addresses. i added. Don't waste lime of department em- , ploycjs and keep others waiting by ar- . giiing that you are entitled to half i rato on your four-cylinder car. i ( i All four-cylinder ears purchased • ! and operated before January 1, 1930, 1 are entitled to half the rate .shown in ' tin- 1936 fee book. The date of sale ; tmd first operation will be checked from factory motor number records, ij there is doubt ubeul the age of your , car. Thc principal models that will be , entitled to tho hull rate. Wiseman said, are T-model Fords, discontinued in 1927; A model Fords up lo motor i number 4.000.000; Overland. Plymouth | The current American-Mexican silver conversations were described Wednesday night by Senator Thomas. Democrat, Oklahoma, as "possibly the beginning of a world conference on .-fiver." He- spoke before attending a dinner al tho homo of Secretary Morgenthau. w'th Eclwaro S'aurcy., Moxieo's finance minister, the guest of honor. Mor- gc-nlhau and Saurey. have been in fre- a lent conferences en the silver situation and it was assumed that the inota! provided the after dinner topic) of fonversjilion. Other silver stale j senators and high ranking diplomatic) Aide (Agronomy) Robert J. Barnctt, Agricultural Aide' (Forestry*. William C. Page. Assistant Soil Surveyor. John Joo Russell, Senior Engineering Draftsman. James R. Henry, Principal Clerk. Charles F. Routon, Junior Clerk. Evelyn Lewis, Junior Stenographer. Eli/alx-th Bridewell, Junior Typist. Tom B. Colcman, Senior Automobile Mechanic. Traffic Deaths in 1935 Show Decline Death Rate in Cities Falls! From 24.2 Per 100,000 to 23.4 Kidnaper's Photo? " -' ' " '"* •*-*-— ' ' •*-• --.'J--T*. ;;-?'r^; Prisoner Asserts New Suspect Must Have Been Friend of Fisch Actual Birthday of Avkam sas Is Fourth-of July , This Year ' . IT FLEW THREE FLAGS* js.pain Was First, Then 1 France—American .TeK -4 ritory in Year 1803' ,' By WICK TEMPLE , Associated Press Staff Writer ' LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-^-tfeiyh- <4 „£ ing 1936 heralds a century of statefiopQ**' for America's Wonder State AVfcaife&. ' f s A misshapen square carved tfoifl a k wilderness under three, ijags and '„ named Arkansas for its first Indian w- "••' habitants became the Uritdn'fc '25th state on July 4, 1836. Its 51,890 cltiiens j on that date celebrated 'a, new era under statehood. ' Fittingly will Arkansas' nearly two i million citizens observe the 100th anniversary of that statehood this ' year—paying tribute to the pioneer men and women who cradled the state from infoncy through a century of . progress to a sovereign commonwealth , in its own right. . , Arkansas on birthday parade -will * present the harvest of a hundred years of-labors by a people'who gave freely * i of native sons to every walk of *«i world's life. Bright ar6 accounts of i accomplishments, promising the out- j look for a future. ' l ' '• The entire state will toe its fcen-' J j tennial Exposition as Arkansas steps i out in birthday's best attire "to wel- ! come the President" of the United State's and an expected million visitors for a gala century "of statehood fete. • ' , r . •Arkansas Will have a real centennial'. TRENTON, N. J.-^-Bruno Richard Hauptmann's lawyers injected an unidentified man into the Lindbergh kidnap killing Thursday, disclosing that they were checking a story that a man and the late Isador Fisch were associated in the crime. will pay dividends in growth for years to come," saJnTCen-r tennial Chairman Harvey C,,iCojlch. "We 'are going* to itiake the day Pres-, iderit - Roosevelt visits Arkansas* .the- biggest day in the state's history." Financing, the celebration is. £he Centennial commission's major probr lem while Director Albert R, Rogers is completing his plans calling for every community in the state to take, an .active part in observing the historic occasion. No Legislative Help Governor J. Marion Futrell offered to call a special legislative 1 session to appropriate $300,000 if lawmakers Counsel for the convicted slayer of Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr., declined to disclose the identity or whereabouts of tho new figure until the lead is i fully developed. Tlie attorney indi-',-..- . • • , cated that the details will not be made i a 8 reed previously on a plan to raise Lindy Looks for House j boxes, were held in crowded rooms where persons other than those voting or in charge of the election, congregated. That persons living outside the township acted as election officials in thc Bcxlcaw box. 1 That J. K. Preseott, an election com! miasioncr, served as a judge in the ! Emmet box. ; Attorneys contesting tin; election are j also challenging 405 signers of the petition asking for an election. This [ challenge was based on various ( grounds. Tlie petition asking for an election contained 911 signatures. The suit names A. T. Bralton, o.t al. a.s contestants, vs. Dr. J. L. Cannon, Preseolt minister, and others, as con- tes-'toos. Attorneys expected to appear in behalf of the dry forces are Bush & i Bu>'h an Touhy Gang Chief Taken in Chicago Gangster Wanted for Questioning in Numerous Postal Robberies CHICAGO — (/P) — Tommy Touhy. lone sought as the leader of Ihe "Terrible Touhy" gang, was seized Thursday in a West Side apartment, Lieu- lenanl Thomas Kelly of tho state's attorney police, disclosed. Touhy is wanted for questioning j about a long list of postal robberies, including the S130,000 holdup in Char- j *" c 11. :!!„ M C* i InlS the revenue. They failed to agree. J Couch then called for an received 100 i centennial volunteers to pledge ?100 ! each for financing preliminary activ- "•- -hile add,tional revenue was for a home to bring fulfillment of his self-expressed desire for "quiet and rest in this country." and ^ responsc to the volunteer campaign ' assures . on __ adequate statewide celebration," Bruno to Give Photo ' Couch said. Meantime, Governor Fu- TRENTON. N. J.-The ace card in j *rell reiterated he- does not expect a Bruno Richard Hauptmann's dwih- i dling deck of alibis will be displayed next week to the eight men who hold i his fate in their hands. j The Court of Pardons, meeting lo -stay or affirm his execution set for January 13, will receive an actual pho- \ tograph of the living man whom Bru-> no suspects as a member of the Lind- ' bergh kidnap gang. ! Attorneys for Bruno, it was learned i decided to name a real kidnaper.' will (Continued on page two) Lessons in Law-Making B-y thc Associated Press lottesvillc, N. C. [A. P. Market Here Leased by Wray WASHINGTON —(/Pi- Thc traffic fatality record of 8G major American eilies was reported by the Commerce Department Wednesday to have improved tliglilly in Ift.'if). — Although many of the cities inch- ! pl'allk dish, Foi'llier vidually displayed worse records than ; in lil.'M. total deaths from traffic ac- , ciiiiwls for the 52 weeks rndorj December 21 were al a rate of 23.4 per 100.0011 ; population, compared with 2-1.2 per j Evan Wray, veil known Hope man. 100 000 in HKM. - luu- tcaii-cl tin; A. & P. meat market. Thi- tctal kilk-d in these cities ill ; effective Wednesday, January 1. Frank Ihe 1!):).") period was 8.751. against 9,0-12 j Cash, former operator, will leave Hope in Ihe 52 weeks of 1934. fcr DalU-s. , T p ., vpl , Cl tUOl , ijCcU eh foi' DalhlS and Whippet four-cylinder cars which were discontinued in 1930 or earlier.,] } lh Slate.- licenses are on at the Stale Revenue Dcpa ficc- in the Stale Highw merit quarters cm South Elm and Treasury officials ulso were pres- shuuld lino up Mexico, Canada Smilh American silver countries! The lowest mortality rale in the 193') ivriod was 9.5 in San Francisco. The highest rate in 1935 was 7-1.7 in Camdcn. N. J. 'Ilie highest 1934 rato also was in Camden. 71.3. All these figures include deaths from accidents occurring both inside the oily limits, and in the- suburbs. For deaths within city limits, thc 1935 rau. wos 5.8 in Lynn, ., - r cne , , sale in Hop'| all(J 1h ,, n ,|, OS( . in t | lc , Far East lal aht lowwt l8lW , nlk ' wus 7 ' 7 '" faan -•partinent at-l • Cljnlb at Great Britain's managed cur. j * ^ncisco. Ti)e _hush_est 1D34 rale fur iway Depart 1 -; • - deaths within city limits was ^.16 ;n (Continued or. ptigg three) I Miami. Mr. Wray announced that he would handle both native and U. S. inspected ' nu-Hli. Mr. Wray was formerly 1-011- J m-cled with M-Juve's market, and has! been encaged ill the meat market bus- I ines.s at various times fur 15 years. She Has 115 Descendants CHARLOTTE. N C. — i.-l'l - Mrs. '• -Vnanda Baker Beik. 88. lias 17 children. Io5 grandchildren, 222 yrait- Sj-andt-hildrcn and 22 great great •jrandchiKlrcu. Churchmen Urged to Oppose 'Wets' Opposition Candidates Are Denounced at South- | ern Baptist Meet j BIRMINGHAM, Ala.— (/I 1 ) -A series j of resolution.'-, one of which urged ev- j ei-.y Soiillicrn Baptist to "vote against any individual who is wet" was adopted Wednesday by a sectional meeting of tile Fourth Southwide IlaptiM Training Union. j Thc vote on the resolution which • a|.i)-.eiilert to all Baptists lo "vole against any individual in city, county. tlislru't. state or nation who is an avowed wet." followed an address by Dr. T. C. Gardner of Dallas. Texas. general leader of the Texas Baplisl Training Uni'.m. Dr. Gamer described liquor as ''pub- i lie enemy No. 1." and declared that i while repeal promised to eliminate the ] booth-liner and the saloon, bootlegging had increased and the saloon not only- had been restored but had been made attractive to women. Dr. John W. Inzer, of Montgomery. snoke hi- fore a general session un "What About Liquor Now?' 1 Another resolution recommended a temperance program in every Southern state. June 21-28. Di. Garner said. "Liquor is the greatest single cut-iny of mankind. (Continued on patfe three) S. 'Aye' and 'No' Many bills in congress arc passed clucc him ot swear that his dead j by unanimous consent. On the more friend, Isitlor Fisch, must have known i controversial subjects the house em- llim | ploys four methods of voting and the Gov. Harold G. Hoffman, who is fa- i sc "?'° usually two. milior with this evidence, is expected! There are only "96 -senators,, so a.s a to name the dntc for Bruno's clemency hearing Thursday. The star chamber rule voles arc taken-either viva voce or by roll call. With a membership of 435 in the house, a roll call is cm- only when absolutely nece.s- Ordinarily the Speaker puts the question and hose in favor say "Aye," then those opposed any "No." If there is doubt as to the result, any member may nsk for a division. Those voting in thu affirmative stand up and are counted, then those opposed do Ihc .-i.-ime. Tho Speaker does the counting and announces thu result. If there is still doubt, or if demand is made by one-fifth of a quorum, tellers are ordered. Tlie Speaker appoints one member on each side of the quest ion to make thc count. The Howard Stuart, employed ;is a sales tollci-s take their places at thc head of the center aisle and count the members favoring the proposition as they walk throueh. Then those opposed do likewise. This vole settles most questions. A roll call may be demanded., however, by anyone on any qusetiou in the house, and if supported by one- fifth o fiho.se present, it is ordered. This privilege is gmiranleed by the constitution. The clerk culls the mimes of the entire membership, and us his or her names is called the n-embers answers "Aye" or "No." The names of thosu KL DOHADO. Kans.—(/Pi—Friends; 110 ( voting the first time are called .-ays Ralph G feller's last name means: ; again, ihus insuring U\at all members in corridors, cloakrooms, committee rooms, ar offices who have been notified of a roll call by sigiwl bolls may have tho opportunity to vo.te. (Tomorrow— The IMvUUng Howard Stuart to Tuscaloosa, Ala; Hope Boy Transferred From Local J. C. Penney Company Store clerk at thc J. C. Pi-nney store hero for tho past six years, has been trans- ' lenvd to Ihe Penney store at Tusca- ; loosa, Ala., il was announced Thursday. Mr. Stuart will be employed at the Alabama in.->titulion a.s a window di-c- •iKitor and show card writer. He will leave Hope Thursday night. Young Stuart is the sen of Mr. and Mr.-, H. C. illuart. "Goodfellow." Ralph won a contest giving him $30 for a trip to <i farm i mecting in Chicuyo. He asked five i moi'o farmers to uccompany him in i his car.

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