Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 24, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1939
Page 3
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Thin-sftay, Anguat 24, 1939 HOPE STAR, HOPE, At&ANSAS. ''AST TIMES THURShtW "TlMU-oushhretls Don't .Cry" —Ami— "BIG TOWN CZAR" FRIDAY & SATURDAY John Wnylip. Cliiii-t- Trevor Ahily I)pvhit>—in "S T A G E C O A C H" —Ami— Warren Hull—niovlln In—"WOKP CALL" Also llnwli of (ho \Vllile.riH-ss No. 10 Last Times Tonite ' DODOE CITY Friday—Saturday Rita Johnson Tom Neal THEY ALL "MAN FROM DEATH VALLEY" SOCIETY ivrrs. Sid Henry Telephone 321 I have seen Beauty when the dny 1 was young. Where roses bloom, and watched her as .she hung Small silver lamps against a purple sky, And h»:inl her call in night winds drifting by. 1 have seen her on a city street, Wilh pity inexpressible and sweet, Guide one with gentle bunds, through mlely crowds, Whose sightleiss eyes had soon no I lame-touched clouds. I see her smile from some child's tender face, Or tearfully fling rainbows into space; Wilh scarlet lips .she brushed the r.ndinal':, wings; Her presence lingers in ctilm holy things. Wilh understanding heart imd feet unshod, She walks the ways uf men. to show them God. —Selected I Announcement is made of the niar- M.nie of Mi.s.\ Christine Smith to Mr. I'aul Argoud uf Odessa, Texas. The wedding was solemni/ed on Saturday | Aur.uM 20 at Ihe home of the officiating minister, Rev J. D. Baldwind in Dallas. Texas. After a short honeymoon trip Mr. and Mrs. Argoud will lie at home in Oddessa, Texas. when- Mr. Argoud is connected with a Heal Kslale and Oil firm. Mi.vi Mary Delia Carriugan had as Wednesday over-night guests. Misses Mildred 'ami Wilnii HaU'hcoat «f Harrison. Ark. ave the Bard's Works the Works Tonight — Friday BERNARD SHAW'S Mr. Keoige W. Hintun sr. and Mrs. Cecil I'aiker uf Phoenix. Ari/. are quests uf Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Davis .•inj oilier relatives and old friend;;. Mi. and Mrs. F. S. lliggs of Lefis- ville were Wedne.sday gue.sl* of Mr.s. rii|.;n's siMer Mrs. Flossie Hamm. A:; a iperial compliment to Mi's, i"'. 'C. Lewis, who is leaving souti for residence in Prescott. Mrs. L. W. Young and Mr.s. E. P. Stewart Were hostesses at a very delightful hiidgi.* party on Wednesday afternoon at the Young home on South Her vi.v Street. The guests were mem- bi'is uf the hunuree's different clubs. Bridge was played from four tables. The mum.-, were beautifully detorut- i.'il with summer flowers emphusi/- in^ a colur scheme of yellow and orchid. Attractive priy.es Went to Mrs. Tom Mcljitrly and Mrs. M. M. Mc- Clougben. The honoreo w;is present ed with n silver tray. Following the gume, a tempting xalud and sandwich plale. in the chosen color scheme, was served with fruit punch. Circle No. 1 of the W. M. S. .First Christian Church held its August meeting ul the home of Mrs! Alva Reyncr- KOII, with Mrs. H. C. Whilworlh as joint hostess. The meeting was opened by the charman. Mrs. C. D. Dickenson and following the regular routine of business, Mrs. Earnest Graham reviewed the life of the colored missionary, Mario Fearing who went t the Congo district. The hostesses nerved a delightful ice course with cake. Mrs. J. M. Britt announces the marriage of her daughter, Pauline U> Mr. Gentry A. Bailey of Gurdon. The marriage was solemni/.cd in the home of the officiating minister, Rev. Caraway, Methodist on Tuesday, August Ifilh. Attendants wore Mrs. M. S. Bailey and Floyd Bailey, of Gurdon. mother and brother of the bridegroom. The bride is cashier and saleslady 'or the George W. Kobison Cif, depart- nent store, and Mrs. Bailey is a druggist, having interest in the Bailey Rexill Store of Gurdon. Mr. an Mrs. Wade Warren announce the arrival -of a little daughter Kay Janelle on Monday. August 21 at the Josephine Hospital. Curd of Thanks. We l;t)<e (his method of expressing our thanks to our many friends who were so sweet and kind to us in our hours of sorrow because of Die death of our dear beloved mother and wife. Especially do we thank you for the beautiful floral offerings. M«y God's •idlest blessings be with you. Mr. and Mrs. I. O. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Beavers Mr. and Mrs. II. S. Beavers Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Beavers Mr. and Mrs. William Kitchens Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Bollon Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Livingston. Warren, El Dorado Teams Score Wins Intel'-District Softball Tournament to Be Resumed at Warren Six weeks, 40 pencils, rniles of adding machine tape — that's what 20-year-old Helen Brown used to count 945,843 words in complete -works of William Shakespeare. It was just one detail in job ot getting copy ready for contestants in nonstop typewriting marathon at Toronto, Ont., Aug. Uo-Sept. 9. Prime Minister (Continued from Paps One» IIP acceptance by Poland of a pro-' eelore over the area remaining in her. The British government was snid ii have considered the message de- ivcrecl to Hitler by Sir Nevile Hpn- lerson, British ambassador to Berlin, is its ace curd. It hud heen hoped a . .•lour statement thai Britain would Whi " 1S bcliev ed to he the longest •ighl by Poland's side might cause lTom Wnlson variety watermelon ever filler to give serious thought before I K r °wn in Hempstead county .was 36-Inch Melon Is Brought to Hope Believed . Record for Its Length—Purchased by E.-F. McFadclin •isking war. nictiitorinl Powers Piirliment will meet in special ses- brougbt to Hope Wenesdny by E H. Hubbard, living four miles south of Hope on the John W. Ridgdill farm'. sion Friday to vote the government! The melon measured 3G inches in virtually dictatorial powers to deal with any emergency. ( All officers and key men in antiaircraft batteries of the Territorial irmy. were called up along with on undertermined number of reservists in flic (irmy, navy and air forces. The Home Office ordered air raid precaution forces to be ready beginning tonight, for a nationwide 'blackout at i moment's notice.Britons were warned to keep their gas masks ready. length and weighed 106 pounds. It was perfectly shaped. . The melon was purchased by Attorney E. F. McFaddin of Hope, and was stint to J. E. Corelte. Jr., attorney for Anaconda Copper Co.. Butte, Montana. •In a letter to Mr. Corelle, Attorney McFadclin said in part: "Now about this particular watermelon. It is a watermelon of the Tom , I Phone 84 '""^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^••••^•••••••^P n P. Cox Drug Co. We Give Eaule Stunpl 500 Sheets CLEANSING TISSUE 19c RUBBING ALCOHOL FULL PINT ., , An Admiralty offirial .said rein- Watson variety, and this particular; foremcnts were being sent to the >™-'lon is the largest Tom Watson water- \ Mediterranean fleet to bring it up to melon that I have ever seen. FREE! 5x7 Enlargement with each roll film Developed Only When Films Boughl Here full strength. Tynside .sliipowning firms also can- celJed all sailings to Baltic arid German ports. One vessel en route to Hamburg was called back by raido. The Board of Trade issued an order prohibiting export of. essential war The Bradley Lumber Co., team of Warren defeated East Funeral Home ul Texarkana, 7 to •). and the Lion oilers of ElDoradu whipi>ed Murry Auto Service of Prescott, 4 to 2. in the first round of the inter-district Softball tournament here Wednesday night. Batteries for Warren: E. Carey and Davis; for Texarkana. Hare and Robken. Warren Texarkana The one-hit pitching H II of R . 7 •t n r> •Windmill" Moore featured the Lion Oilers victory over Murry. Batteries for Lion. Moore and Sanders; for Prcscott, Ferguson and Crews. R H E Lion Oilers 4 fi 1 Murry Auto Service 212 The teams will move to Warren to resume hostilities Saturday night. If oilier games are necessary lu determine the winner and runner-up they will he playc-d ul Warren next week, this inter-district tournament will be eligible to participate in the state lournumenl at Little Rock beginning August 110. H. O. Hart Leaves for Insurance Agent Meet H. 0. Marl, insurance agent of Hope, left Thursday for Jacksonville. Flu., where he will attend u convention of the Inter-Stale Life. & Accident Insurance agents. Mr. JJnrt u'ill return home next week. He won the free trip to Jacksonville in n selling campaign. Cultivation of coffee was introduced to the western hemisphere by the governor of Jamacia in 1718. .^ e 4^ —. . Some authorities credit Thomas Raw- linsnii, an Englishman, with the origii- nalion of the Scottish kilt in 1728. Kangaroos, lizards, seals and snnlces are hunted primarily for their skins, not fur meat. Seen edge.-n. the galactic system in which our sun is found, is shaped something like the t-dge of a watch. Ait- Dressy Perfection \ In Coal of the Month 44 A kit! ANb The nlleil.v small simiilirity of delail makes this licauti- I'ully lailtnrd i-tial a -..tunning favorite for town, busi- !»•>• HI- hv.vcl. 'J'lie iieiliH-l filling, smailly styled shoulder, iicu ljuill-n|> nccl. line laslened nidi an ornamental clasp are distinctive style details. Silk braid finish, coiitruslliiK \\illi Ihe lieu pi-lit iiiiini weave, Klehiuule. anil I'alirU- belt, romj.lele that well laihm-d lix.-k ait fii.iliiiuiii)i)u this season. YlHI 1)1(11/ cIloOHC Illix DKK/li ill Ill/I'll K lilnclc, <>i )xij>iihu' <ii'(t\>c, leal, <it'('(.'n or lil«cl\ . . l/nn'tl iritli <//uii'iiiil<'<'tl xntin. This i> just ime ol a lar^c M'lciliuii of unusually ul- !iar/h<- dressy styles (tearing the !Uary-J,aue laln-l . . . Slti.75 to $li-l.75 Famed for Style, Fit, Finish TALBOT'S We Outfit the Family Aiit ihese spirited Air Steps give a fashion fillip to any costume. They give a life to your spirits, roo, '.with their light-ori'the-feet ease. Their Magic Sole cushions every step... on air, Ic's a comfort secret that only these high-style c ^'^ <J> f~^ Air Steps can offer you. I J Hrmvii Suede A n d r e side ('.ore I'limp. IS S B I a i- U Suede novelty t; d r e I'ump. UlufU Calf Trim. 14 S lied STiP UP YOUR A/£W fAU AIR STEPS HITT'S Shoe Store "We grow • watermelons here of the Triumph variety that weight as much ns 19C pounds. The Triumph 'melons are orange-shaped melons, and the Triumph seed has been developed here in Hope, Arkansas, for the purpose -of growing jargc watermelons, "I do not think the meat is as sweet and tender, in a triumph melon as it is in a Tom Watson melon. The Torn materials from Britain except by license. . . . . King George VI interrupted his vasalion in Ssotland to return to'Watson is the old Georgia melon that London. back in Georgia would weigh as much Honds Full Off as forty pounds. NEW YORK -</)•)- "War headline selling" sent United States' govern- "Here in Hope. Arkansas (God's gar, ""f 7" ""'"-•" =»""-'».B"vem- , () t , identical Tom Wat- inenl bonds sharply lower again Wee U , , . • ,, . r . nesday. Treasury* issues closed in • son *?** rhal woukl *™*» for y Ihe New York Stock exrhange with P'^mds ,n Georgmgr.ws to 10U pounds !<.««..= ,, u ,,,.„„< ;., ..,,„,„ ,.., .... ce 01 I ami over. The Ti.Vn WuLson melon losses as great in some cases as $5.31 per SI .000 bond, and declines in federal farm mortage loans were as wide as H was recalled that similar sharp sell-offs olcured in government issuse before the Munich tension lust September. loses none of its flavor and tenderness in this large growth. "We have been several years in developing the Tom Watson melon up to the si/,e of 100 pounds, and this year is the first year that we havt> been able to gel a good 100-pound Tom Watson melon. "I hope the one that I am sending you will be a good, juicy, sweet, tender melon. IKW to $2,500,000 of federal issues were! "I'm afranid that this melon will not be large enough to serve the entire Butte Rotary club; hut you can cut the melon after the regular noon meeting Dealings in the exchange were moderate, with the bulk of government bond business entering in the over- Ihe-eounlry market. Blocks, of .S500,- I'reely offered in counter trading, with Ihe $500,001) parcels selling the quickest. Insurance companies were principal buyers. Bond men reported a striking absence of bids, which per-j lo<|-pound Tom Watsoli melon, milted prices to settle easily. .- Now> this molon was not gro Financial circles explained that war my farm . u wus .grown by a young tens.on tends to hit government issues w)lilo mun named E . H . Hubbard, who and each fellow will get a taste of along with other securities because investors reason that a mar woulld lift interest rates. Troashry loans des- poite net losses of $10 to $15 per ?1,000 bond over the past two or three weeks ago in some banks on the premimums over par. Traders expressed no alarm over price declines, holding any revesal of the current "war fear" psychology would probably bring a quick unturii in values. Thus far the Federal Reserve Board, which has powers and resources to step into the open markt and buy up government issues to support values, has not expanded open market operations. The selling which brought latest declines was reported to have started three weeks agi in some banks on the West coast, but more recently offerings became general. MIND YOUR MANNERS lives a few miles south of Hope, and who is a general farmer, but raises watermelons as a part of his crop. "I am going to send Bill Rae a Hope Triumph melon in a few days. I wish I could send you enough watermelons for the whole Butte Rotary club; but you know there is such a thing as transportation costs. "When I was there in Butte at the district conference and talked about 100 pound watermelons, soVn'e of those fellows looked at me like they thought I was the world's biggest liar. Now, tell them that I'm sending them a small watermelon, but if they will come I down here to see me some time, I will show them some real watermelons. "Re'mind all the Rotarians and Rotary Anns in Butte that this watermelon is small compared to the hospitality and the cordiality that you fine people sohwed yours truly, Ed and Tillie McFaddin. T. M. U. •. IMT. Oft, Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: Mind Your Mbnners l.lf you are very late in sending u wedding gift, should you write u note when the gift is sent saying why it late? 2. In giving a wedding gift, should you suit the cost of the gift to your own. circumstances or to those of the bride'.' 'J. Should a bride make "cracks" about her wedding gifts to her friends? •). Is it incorrect for a bride lo leave the cards with the gifts when she puts them out for her freinds to see? S. Is it good manners to say to a ^respective bride. "Have you received lots of wedding preset ns What would you do if'.'— Your sister is lo be married and you should like to entertain ofr her. tu> Give a shower for her? (b) Give any other kind of party? Answers 1. Yes. 'i. Your own. 3. No. It sounds very ungracious. 4. No. 5. No. Best "What Would You Do" solution—(b). JERGENS LOTION MILK of MAGNESIA HEAVY GRADE MINERAL OIL OF HYDROGEN PEROXIDE FULL PINT WALGREEN'S MALTED MILK SAVE TODAY ON CAST BOTTLE . < 1 "«*r HAIR TONE 6-OZ. Fountain SYRINGE Z ot. 39c SEE YOUH DOCTOR When illness comes call your doctor, it pays. Then bring us your Prescription. TINCTURE IODINE Over 261,000 Prescriptions Filled & Always A Winner When You Call For And Demand GENUINE FORD PARTS CHILLS AND FEVER Here's Relief From Malaria! Don't let Malaria torture you! Don't shiver w?th chills and burn with fever. At first sign of Malaria, take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. A real Malaria medicine. Made especially for the purpose. Contains tasteless quinidine and iron. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic actually combats Malaria infection in the blood. H relieves the freezing chills, the burning fever. Helps you feel better last. Thousands take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic for Malaria and swear by it. Pleasant to take, too. Even children take it without a whimper. Don't shiver and burn. At Ma. laria's first si^n take Grove's Taste, less Chill Tonic.. At all drugstores. Buy the large size as it gives you much more for your money. —Photo by Hope Star. Owen Nix The Ford Motor Company today announced that Mr. Owen Nix, Our Parts Pannel Operator was the winner in the Sixth Annual Merit Club Contest. Mr. Nix was the high ranking salesman on Genuine Ford Parts in the six states area comprising the Memphis District. The award was based entirely on Sales. Mr. Nix will receive a free trip to the New York World's Fair. Both Mr. Nix and the Hope Auto Company thank their many users of Genuine Ford Parts for this honor. Hope;Auto Company has the largest and mosl complete Parts Department in South Arkansas. Over 8,000 different parts carried in stock. Fast distribution to every part of the seven counties that we serve. DISTRIBUTOR U. S. ROYAL TIRES, TUBES, ACCESSORIES Genuine Ford Parts Distributor HOPE AUTO CO. Phone - Long Distance 7 - Local 654 Hope, , Arkansas

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