The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1940 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1940
Page 2
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PAGE 7 TWO BLYTHEVILiLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW8 . THURSDAY,. APRIL .26, 194.0- IT'S A BUGGA! OUR BIG lOc SALE • SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Isaiah Comforts an Afflicted People, Gives Them Words of Hope, Gomforl KROGER PIGGLY WIGGLY item ins cimmc' BUY 'lay Kiccrr ll'i". LIKE It tl wttl or twtt", OR rrtucl Mnu«d portion In ottiln*) cont»tiwr ind w« will [ij>ii« ll FREE wilh my elhir be*ni w« nil »f iki Um<i li«m, i<|«idlt« el prltt. Text: Isaiah 40:1-1) KV WIl.I-lAM !•:. Gil,ROY, I), r». Kdltor of AJvanc* It Is Uie widely held view of Hlblicnl scholars Dial chapters 40 lo 00 of the Book of isalali were What the Jews In Babylon suffered during the 50 years of Ihclr «xlle Is vividly portrayed to us In the 137lh Psalm, beginning, "By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we rc- imt wrlllen by Isaiah but are from | memtered 7Aon." There they <!is a prophet, or prophets, who lived ovcrcd whnt, they had lost In Sliced Bacon K. C. Rindless pound pkg. lOc Hcme Killed Full Dressed Ib. 22c FREE 1 Loaf Rye Bread with 1 Pound Braunschweiger for 27c Choice Baby BEEF Rib Roast 17'/je Shoulder Roast . ,lb. 25c Brisket ib.l2'/jc Round Steak . Ib. 25c Rib Chops Ib. I9c Vca! Pat: ties . . 1 PIG DRAINS lb.10e 25c PQRK LIVER Ib.lOc CUBE STEAKS ea. lOc COTTAGE CHEESE Ib. lOc WHITIKG or Jack Salmon IblOc SMELTS, last shipment Ib. 10c Spring Lamb Leg o'Lamb II) 2 Fore Quarter Konsl . Ib. 15c Chops . . Ib. 25c Stew . . lit. lOc Lamb Patties . . Ib. 25t toward the close of Die Babylonian Exile, and shared the affliction of his )>coi))e. " : We are nut concerned here with he question of authorship, Tile one thing that Is clear Is ih»t whoever wrote, or spoke, the words of tills chapter was Bpenklng to a suffering and troubled people, nilii- isteriiiif to them In words of comfort and hope, Lei us look back a moment oh the political history of the Jewish people up lo this time. The kingdom of an undivided Israel as we might think of II as existing under David and Solomon was broken up after Solomon's death by revolt of Jeroboam, whom 10 tribes followed lo establish the Northern Kingdom, or the Kingdom of Israel. Two trlbei remained loyal to Rehohoam to continue the Southern Kingdom or the Kingdom of Judah. The Northern Kingdom was swep away In 122 B, 0. when Sargou, th Assyrian conqueror, overthrew 1 and carried Us people Into exile never to return. It is to this lha we refer today when we speak o 'the 10 lost, tribes." The Kingdoir of Judah continued until 586 B, O when It was coriqiiered by Nebucli lulncuzar. The people were carried in exile to Babylon, but the overthrow of Babylon by Cyrus In 538 B. C. was followed by a decree! for the return of the Jewish exiles to their homeland. jjurnlhg divine counsels and in I liming from the ways of God. The onus of Zlon had a new meaning or them when they could no longer Ing them either In their homeland r In a strange land. ' * - * « Tha comfort that the prophet wings lo this afflicted people Is Jio word of shallow optimism He com- 'orts them through reviving their nope, faith, and vision. He assures ,hem that God has not, cast them away. They have paid the penalU for their etna. There Is one passage In Uu lesson that, if "the Interpretation of n friend of mine is correct, is almost universally misunderstood, It Is the reference lo the people as having "received of the Lord's hand double for all their sins." The usual Interpretation Is that it Is n slrong way of saying tliiit the exiles have paid the full penalty. My friend, who has traveled extensively In Ihe cast, says lhat the reference Is really lo the "double," nn ancient practice followed everywhere In the cast. If, and when, you take your laundry to a Chinaman, he tears a slip in two. giving you one half, while Sic keeps the other himself. This Is the "double," and It Is your receipt. The mca.rhi 1 ' of the passage, under this interpretation, is that God has given the exiles the discharge of a (till forgiveness. LIBERTY CASH GROCERS SAVE MONEY- Our Prices Are Always Cheaper-Hot Just a Few Specials. Smoked Bacon lOc Roast Ib. 28c APPLES, Wincsap .., '.2 doz. 29c GELERY, Crisp .stalk 5e - ~. f • •• ENGLISH PEAS, tcridcr -'*.\ .. .\>bj JOc 'SPINACH, Fresh'':';".. :7. : "..!'.... .ib. &> CARROTS SbchslOc NEW POTATOES 'f , Texas Triumphs lOc Demonstration Club News Notes Smith . dismissed the group with prayer. Refreshments were Gerral following the, program. The ing will be al the home of Mrs. P. H. Gill, Monday, May B. GREEN BEANS Fla. Stringless Ib. Strawberries pt 122C Pound Cake , Old Fashioned Kroner's Clock Fresh 0 oz. size, each lOc Salted Peanuts, Fresh Ib...:. Mother's Favorite Cookies Ib. Dutch Cookies, Ib lOc Sal»d Drnslnf, c. 0. » ot jar ech. TUNA FISH.^AKES, Can Sliced Pwchte, C. C., No. 1 can.. Dele Pineapple Gems, «n Pie Chtrrtw, C. Club, No. t can.. Caliup, C. C., It*- 14 M. bodle.. lOc White House Rice, 2 11). ha« F'cy Blue Rose Rice, 3 His. Marahmallows, Cello. Bag..., Cut Bc<(», N'o. 2Ji can Cut Okra, No. Z niv Blackb«rri«, No. 2 can Uifhl ilouj* Ci«m«r, 1 cans Arondale Kr«ut, N». 2(4 ca« Apple Juice, No. 2 can lOc Miracle Whip Flat Lake Club Meets Mrs. J. J. Burns was liofitess to members of the Flnl Lake Home Demonstration club Tuesday when 13 members and one visitor, Mrs. B, <\. BUBJ;, county yard Improvement chairman, attended. The meeting was opened with •>roup singing followed by the creed liven in : unison. The devotional was conducted by Mrs. ?. b; Thompson. Roll call .was .answered with 'each member telling her favorite kind of home work. ' .- .-., Mrs. Fred Wahl gave a report of' the North Mississippi .County Houip Demonstration Play •'tounia"mettt> x held in 1 Burdctte Friday. Proper carving, planting aha culture of dahlias was discussed by Mrs. Biigg. In a contest- held during the social hour, Mrs. Essie Davis was given a dahlia bulb for the prize Refreshments of sandwiches, spice cake and coflee were served by the hostess. After adjournment, of Ihe meeting, shrubs and flowers given by the club members' were planted on the school ground. Mrs. Bugg supervised l lhe planting. Rus Ticket \5 Feel Long EWtetON, Me. (UP) — Prof. Grosven_br Robinson of Bates college has begun nn 8,000-mile bu.' tour of trie United Stales. It took nn entire 'afternoon to make oirl the 15-foot long bus ticket that will take him on his vacation, a substitute for a 'European tour. Dell News Sign the New Register at the Ritz '• Salad Dressing !-l Pi. 12'/ 2 c pi. 21c; qt. Puff0ft UUIICC French 11b. 20c Spotlight C. Club can 23c Ib. 15c, 3 Ib. TOMATOES, Standard No. 2 can'Ac JUNE-PEAS, Misco, No. 2 can . 5c TWINKLE GELATINE, .J pkgs I4c JELLO or ROYAL, 3 iikgs 14c WESC.O TEA, 'i/jlb. crt. each :25c KROGO SHORTENING, 3 «,. can....39c Bread W. M. S. Mccls "Stearifast. Purpose" In a cliaug- Ing World" was the subject of the program of (he Woman's Missionary Union of the Dell Baptist church Monday afternoon when they met at the home ot Mrs. J. W. Gordon, Mrs. F. H. GUI was lender of tile program. After Mrs. M. W. Lewis had presented the devotional, the following talks were gtvcri: "God's Standard for the Home." Mrs. Qlll; "God's Standard for (he Nation", Mrs. Frank; "The Chris- 1 flan Sunday", Mrs. C. y\. Smith; "God's Standard for the \V. M. U.", Mrs. Lewis. Sixteen members and four visitors. Mrs. Cora Grcensray and Mrs. riart of Dell, Mrs. Boylcs of Bly- hevllle, and Mrs. U. L. Talc of SL Louis, were present. Mrs. C. AJ. Clock Fresh Lge. Loaves 2 (or Pickles American Home Style 12 oz. jar ech. FREE 1 fcASY I>OUR -0'^ SCOUT WITH EACH 2 GALLON CAN _r_BBfcfc THRIFT LUBE MOTOK Oil, AT • ' ' Also Comedy Si. News Also .Selected Shc SATURDAY BUY re$to STANDARD TIRES Tomato Juice Lippincott 20 vi: Can Onlv 5c SUGAR Pure Cane A7 C 1'apcrUiiK, 10 Ihs... *tl SOY BEANS B'ville Hranil OCc No. 2 can, ;! for.... tw Also Cciiuodv .t Serial ROXY LAST TIiVKS TODAY !'AL NIGHT 2 ailmitlcd for price of 1 iy-f -JOHN KIN6 Ky UMUORIE HIYNOIOS _JY "WJ-'j.^w'ijr Also Comedy & Novelty SOAP I'. & O.-O. K., Ci.vs- tal.While, 7 bavs..,. FH1DAY & SATURDAY At Today's LOW PRICES! As i Low As 50 BUDGET PLAN Ccr M'cck On Our! PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5ih Walnut 810 ^RHIMI 1 -^ •DVmANDj MONOGRAM Also Comcilv & PRICES FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Peaches Argo or Rosedale No. 2 Can 12ic DIME BRAND MILK .10 SUGAR LISTEN TO KLCN — UU5 p.m. — 4; 30 11 ; rhonjRUi 221 Phone Roxy Pure Cane 10 Ib. sack PAUI1Y OR GUM Ifl UHflUI AII 5e i>kg.:(for IV MATCHES Box Peanut Butter ft 19' : c LIBBY'S CO "T,T F 19' Canova or Maxwell House, Ib. SUNSHINE Krispy Crackers ] Ib box 16 SUNSHINE Cocktail Assortment OOe Box 23 Kraft Salad Dressing Quart 32c HEIKZ JUNIOR FOOD can 10 Springtime No. 2 can BANQUET TEA '/. ii (in MUSTARD quart HOX SclRakishes Jumbo Stalk APPLES doz. 15 CALIF. ORANGES «,„, 30 LEMONS G for 46 oz. Can Swift's Premium Shoulder Clod, Ib. Thick Rib |b. HENS Full Dressed . Ib. 20 SWIFT'S J£» OLEO JO Ham ^ > 15c BACON Krey's Rindless 18 PORK BOAST "" Sl t 12 c Bacon HT 25c WIFT'S BROOKFIELD BUTTER Roll ftrtc. In Stick Qflt Ib. 0*. Ib. 00 SUNLIGHT CHEESE 2 145 1 11,. box Jewel Shortening 4c !i 37c JEWEL OIL Gal. 95= PALMOLWE SOAP Bars 17 PARD DOG FOOD , , 25 CHERRIES Red I'ilterl No. 2 can 10" Cereals Pep, All Bran Rice Krispies box lie Baby Week Specials Apfil 29 lo May IiTiulinlcil 1'ET MILK fi small 20c KAKO SVHU1' 3 Ib. c:iu 22c Si rained Vegetables :i cans 25c KAUINA Box Oc Hc»r JIAUV I.KK TAYHIK'X S|.,.n»l H:ili; Work llrc-ml c;^1 WllKr 'riiurs- ,i»v. M:.} :, ll):og A. M. LUZIANNE -COFI-'KB 22 1 C RONCO SPAGHETTI 5 COFFEE Red Pennant 1 »,. V hg. RICE J« Ib. T SOY BEANS No. 2 can CRiSCO .'{ llj. can 48 P. & G. SOAP 7 Giant Hars . SOAP Lsirjfc Ksiv i liars I'k

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