Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 23, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1939
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS New Records Made by Baseball Teams Teams This Season Show No Mercy on Big League Records By The AP Feature Service NEW YORK—Those New York Yankees have made a record year for the big league record-making. The've pounded the ball around in a manner showing no respect nt all for marks of old and venerable standing, and their mogt recent display of audacious powerhousing tied a record that had been good for 38 years. That was the 21-0 massacre of the Philadelphia Atheletics. the most merciless beating administered a major league club since the Detroit 7'igers did the same thing to the Cleveland Indains in 1901. The Yankees havn't been alone in the assualt upon records. A few other ciubs have figured in it collectively and individually, but McCarthy's crew leads the way. Philadelphia Victim Again A few examples: They pouncled hapless Philadelphia hurlers June 28 for eight homers in one game to break a seve-homer record they had shared with four other clubs. The old mark was first made .V.V.V.V.W.V.V.V, Dr. J. D. Johnson I; Announces the opening of offices 1 ! 1 First National Bank Building J Practice Limited to J. Wednesday, August 23,1938J Eye, Ear Nose and Throat. in 1SS6, Their five homers in the other half of a doubleheader that day added up to a new record of 13 circuit blows in a double feature. They tied a major league record by scoring in every inning against St. Louis July 26, Individually, Lou Gehrig's 2,130- game consecutive playing streak—established when he retired this summer—stands as the greatest mark, but Rookie Richard Alley Donald broke an old first-year pitching record by winning his first 12 games. Harry Krause of the Philadelphia Athletics won 10 in 1909. Di Maggio, Sclkrk and Dahlgrcn teamed up to tie a major league record June 2S by hitting home runs in succession in the same inning. Ben Chapman. Trosky. and Heath of Cleveland had done the same thing three days before. The Yanks tied one record on the unusual side, playing an entire game July 14 against Detroit in which they scored only one assist, that by Gordon. Crossetti had the only assist in a game in 1934. Outside Contributions Record accomplishments from other clubs included: New York Giants, with five home runs in one inning against Cincinnati, broke a four-home record set by Pittsburgh in 189-1. Cincinnati tied a record with four consecutive doubleheader triumphs, the last coming on July 30. Jim Tabor. Boston Red Sox rookie, tied two major league records by hitting four home runs in a double header and hitting two home runs with the bases filled during a single game. Ben Chapman of Cleveland rapped out three triples in a game to tie a major league record, and Marvin Owen of the Chicago While Sox tied one with four doubles in one gome. Brooklyn entered the record lists in typical daffy fashion—Ihe Dodger oul- field went through a game with Ihe Pirates July 15 without making a single putout or assist. NASH'S SAVING THOUSANDS FROM MALARIA Science's Great Remedy Promises Cure In Nash's C & L Tonic is science's great remedy that KILLS malaria and BESIDES that, Nash's C. & L. Tonic iB jnedicines without help, Mr. Nash, clears the system, attacking constipation and attendant biliousness, thus preparing you to get back your pep and energy far quicker. ..As every one knows, 9 out of 10 Southern people have malaria, constipation or biliousness and they feel terribly tired, sleepless, nervous, dizzy. have nagging aches and pains can hardly get up in the morning. And, right back to feeling healthy. America's Great Guaranteed Medicine For you who have tried many Lightweight Title Regained by Amber Armstrong Loses Because of Five Rounds of Low Punching NEW YORK-(.'?)—The world lightweight championship passed back lo Lou Ambers Tuseday night, but only because Henry Armstrong was penalized five rounds by referee Arthur Donovan for low punching. If it hadn't been for those five heats, which provoked a howl of protest from Armstrong's corner, Henry would have won—and retained the title in a waltz. The litlle negro, who came out of St. Louis three years ago lo win the lightweight, welterweight, and featherweight champions, and hold them simultaneously, forced the fighting all the way. He never stopped coming forward, despite the storm of left uppercuts and hooks showered on him by the Herkimer Hurricane from up- stale New York. There was nothing conclusive about the fight, except that everything is all set now for a third meeting between the pair. They tangled the firsl lime 1 year ago. and Ihe negro dethroned the square-jawed little Italian. First to Regain Title Lou, became the first fighter in ring history to win back the 135-pound crown. The battle, for which Henry scaled 135 and Lou 133 1-2. was regarded in advance as the fistic 'nalural" of the year, and it was, when Donovan wasn't warning Armstrong for lossing punches below the belt line. Third Fight Arranged Contracts of the third fight already have been signed, This one puts Henrys' welterweight title on the line .some time this fall, and was contingent on Amber's winning tonight. Thus, by Lou's taking the victory and the title lonight, another good-sized gate and turnout is virtually assured. A crowd of 29,1)88 contributed to a gross gate of S137.925.77. The nel was $116,396.85. Although referee Donovan and one of Ihe judges, Frankie Pullman, who is ordinarily a referee, were agreed in their voting, with seven heats for Armstrong and eight for Ambers, the other judge. 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FULL PINT MI 31 SOLUTION' and your choice of any of Ihe following items: 35c Milk of Magnesia 50c Mi 31 Shaving Cream 35c Tooth Powder 50c Rubbing Alcohol 49c Puretest Aspirin 50c Rexall Orderlies Both for 59c MODERN CHARM FACIAL PADS The new way everyone is using to remove make-up or fur a quick cleansing. CAUZETS 39c SANITARY NAPKINS The dependable sanitary napkins with the inner layer that is moisture proof. One Do/.. 19c DEFENDER WATER BOTTLE Full 2 ijuart si/c. Choice of red, jade (if blue. 69c Klenzo Cocoanut OH SHAMPOO If your hair gets dry and brittle when you shampoo it use Klenzo. It contains oils that replenish the oils you wash oul of your hair. G Fl. Oz. u rviuii£u. 33c PRESCRIPTION SERVICE IS YOUR PROTECTION. All prescriptions filled by graduate Pharmacists from pure fresh chemicals. Accuracy always guaranteed. Calorex Vacuum Bottle II e a v y, corrougaletl case. Aluminum cup. Pint. 69c Klenzo Facial Tissues Sofl and absorbent. Big 500 sheet package. 500 Sheets. 19c JOHNS. GIBSON DRUG COMPANY Phone 63--Free Delivery South Elm Street Hope, Arkansas Southern Association Memphis 73 54 .575 Nashville 70 55 .560 Chattanoga 71 56 .55'J Atlanta 70 58 .547 Knoxville 67 63 .515 Birmingham 56 74 .431 Little Rock 54 73 .425 New Orleans 51 79 .393 Tuesday's Results Knoxville 4-3, Chattanooga 3-5. Atlanta 6, Nishville 5. Me'm'phis 6, New Orleans 5. Birmingham 9, Little Rock 6. Games Wednesday Birmingham at Little Rock. Memphis at New Orleans. Atlanta at Nashville. Chattanoga at Knoxville. National League Clubs. Cincinnati St. Louis Chicago Brooklyn New York Pittsburgh Boston Philadelphia W. 70 65 63 56 56 51 47 35 L. 42 46 53 54 55 58 62 73 Pet .625 .586 .543 .509 .505 .468 .431 .324 Tuesday's Results New York 4, Chicago 2. Brooklyn 8, St. Louis 5. Philadeplhia 4, Cincinnati 0. Pittsburgh 8, Boston 2. Games Wednesday Pittsburgh at Boston. St. Loui.s at Brooklyn. Chicago at New York. Cincinnati at Philadelphia. American League Clubs. New York Boston Chicago .. .. Cleveland . Del re-it Washington Philadelphia . St. Louis W, 79 .... 71 .... 63 59 .... 59 50 . 39 .. 33 34 41 51 54 55 67 74 77 Pet. .699 .634 .553 .522 .518 .427 .345 .300 Tuesday's Results Detroit 9, Philadelphia 4. Boston 10. St. Louis 3. New York 14. Chicago 5. Cleveland 6, Washington 4. G/IJJJDS Wednesday New York at Chicago. Washington at Cleveland. Philadelphia at Detroit. Boston at St. Louis. Dress of 1950? U. S. to Negotiate Argentine Treaty First -Commercial Pact Planned Since Signature of 1855 WASHINGTON ~(/T)~- The Department of Stale announced Wednesday its intention of negotiating H trade agreement with Argentina, the first comprehensive commercial arrangement between the two nations since the signing of their present commerce treaty in 1S55. Brooks Hays Is to Quit One of Jobs Hatch Law Conflicts With Committeeman and FSA Attorney Jobs LITTLE ROCK -(..'Pi-Brooks Hays. Arkansas Democratic national coln- miltccmnn and regional FSA attorney, announced formally Wednesday lie would resign from one of his'posts "because it would be against the spirit of the Hatch act" to hold both offices. He didn't specify which post would vacat. Anti-Jewish Plan Disclosed in II. S. California!! Toslj fit's to Visiting Gorman, Italian Envoys Dress of Tomorrow appears as World's Fair influence reaches Hollywood. Actress Jane Wyman wears revealing evening gown and hair-do of 1950 in current Warners' film, "Kiel Nightingale." Transparent log covering's resemble badly wrapped set of leggings worn by army rookie. he The U.S.S. Lexington and U.S.S. Saratoga, aircraft carricre, have the most powerful engines ever installed in warships. The disease bcri bed. which is common throughout the Orient, is caused by deficiencies in the a/nvmon diet of polished rice. ploror told the Dies Cninmitleo Tvu-s, day of a IOIIR biittlo nmdnsl "JowtMi Communi.sm," then roni-eiled ||,nl iio was against all .lews nml loemmuondcd Hull Ihr-y br drpoilrd !» MII<|<I«IIMW. Henry D. Allen of I'asudonn. Ciilf teslified thiil thoro vv.is abundant n>- operatum between Kmups dcvolrd In a fight ngmnst "Jewish-Communism." iilDiaiiKli it never dad |,oon possible (,, unite them. Among tho Rimips, ho -,,n,l wa.-j the (lOrman-Atnorinin Hiiml. Tho enmmillco was inleroslod in a trip which Allen mmle to Wnshinulnn in Jniuinry. Cm, with many missions to perform—iimoni; them visits to tho Italian nnd Gorm.in mnli.'i.vijos, nml In , he or.unni/ation „( un Arnbinii piclu-t ' ino fit tho Mayflower hotel, whore n fuli'stinu relief convention was in pro-i jvess. Committee members' questions! Jroiisht statements (Ii;it Allen %v:is not ^piin.st all Jews, just those who were "ninmunists. niul that a majority of Jewish leaders were Communist. Clinirman Dies.(Dem.. Tex.) asked: 'Mr. Allen, aren't you just plain mUi- Jcwish'.'" "Porsonally. am. yes." Representative Vuorhto <Dem., Calf.) observing that the I witness was in favor of driving the Jews out of Gcl-- niiiny. Italy and the United States, askod where ho would have them go. "There is a large island off the African coast, called Madagascar," was the reply. Baby Born Within Another, in Twins OH'.snroiin Operation Performed Upon G-Weeks- Old Child LONDON, Kn«.~..(.1V-A .successful riH'Miiriin operation upon n .six-wcck.'i- olil i;ii I WH.S fiiiii'Miiiccd Tuesday by (he I'ovriilr.v mill Warwickshire linspilal. British modk'nl records showed only Hvn similinr case, I hi: mosl recent in INI I, Hospital milhorilics wild the i;ir| wn.s iliselnit'ced in H«IM\ licallli. The second baby. Incapable of life, Weighed two pounds. Scientific sources said Die. baby removed by the operation was » twin who had failed to develop properly. Twins of this sort one growing inside/ Ihe body of the other, are uncommon but well known in medical literature, they said . These buried twins not us a rule reach full development, If you should die tonight will your family be mlcqunUMy protected. TAUJOT nt;n,n, sr. District Malinger Itcliailre IMv Insimmre Co. Life, Health nml Arriilcnl j Box -I/, Hope, Arkansas. AGAIN! England's population increased very slowly during the 700 years preceding 1800, then started a rapid rise which still continues. If »ll the 4-H club members in the United States wore to march single file, all in one long line, that line would be more than 700 miles long. Grover Suggests Monday Holidays Advocates Moving Every Holiday to the Nearest Monday By PRESTON GROVER WASHINGTON.—Since the President has started juggling holidays, let's homo he goes all the way and juggles so they all fall on Monday. You might surmise that we are a supporter of the long weekend. That would be a corresl guess. Moreover we have a large following, particularly among city folk who often enough never get daylight off-hours except on week-ends. The latter is exaggeration, no uoubt, but the idea is that given a longer week-end once in a while there would be time for ambitious undertakings, such as visiling the Washington art galleries or going to one of the fairs. This business of making all holidays fall on Monday has been a long time getting under way. Yet it would not present any insurmuntablo difficulties. Take Washington's birthday. The flat means practically nothing at all, from a historical standpoint. Some time after Washington's birth the occidental world began vn'onkeying with the ca'- endar and threw his birthday out of place. The old calendar says he was born on a different day from the one the new calender credits. Columbus Day a Loss Columbus day this year comes on Friday and is a dead loss. Usually it is anyway, because almost no states and fc wbu.sines.ses think the discovery of America is anything to go mad about. They don't observe a holiday for it. But if they did, this year it could be shifted over to the next Monday, and .something could be done about it. With Saturday afternoon, Sunday and Monday off, a fair amount of home work could be rlonc. There might be time for letter to Aunt Rebckah that you put off writing just after the 192!) crash for fear she might make a touch. Republicans already are gleefully claiming that the President will lose the football vote for shifting Thanksgiving from November 30 to November 23. Many small colleges hope to take in enough on the big Thanksgiving day g;nne to even up for all the losses on the bad clays in between. And now at their schedules are all made out and ironbound with contracts, along comes the President and changes the naurc of the contracts. To Supreme Court? .Some irate Republican football tun might get just mad enough to take it. to the Supreme Court. After all, the President has voided the contract that called for Jenkins Teachers college lo play old Kiosha on Thanksgiving day. It's worse than the gold clause. The big game won't be on a roliday at all, but is 'merely another of those postseason games that attract nobody bul the faithful, particularly if it has to come in the middle of the week—on a Thursday that isn't Thanksgiving any! more. I Ami the Supreme Court might get' irate and throw the President for a loss, even after these months of court- New Deal agreement. Thanksgiving day games concern the high court as well a sthc lowly alumni. There nothing to prevent them exercising their "personal academic predilections' just as one of their members, Justice Stone accused thc-iu' years ago of ex ercising their "personal cconomis pro dilcctions." And then where would we bo Thanksgiving would be uncun.stitu tional. They Did Bang-Up Job —But Bang Came Early SOMKRSKT. K.v. -i,r>~ Just before quitting for the day, workmen made preparations for blastim* early the next morning in a rock quarry. Dynamite andl fuses were inserted in I Kilos drilled by workers. Thai night., during a severe electrical stoi'irt, lightning struck tlie quarry touched off the dynamite and demolished a sleam shovel and other equipment. B'Hween the South pole and latitude BO there are no land animals largci than insects and no industries olhci than whaling. 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Many others carry the dealer's "50-50" guarantee which pledges that he will pay 50% of (he cost of all material and labor and mechanical repairs (glass and lircs cxcepted) not caused by accident or neglect, which may be required within 30 days after your purchase. MNUAL XAT/MW.W We have never offered a finer selection of good USED CARS 1936 Ford V8 $325 Tudor, willi trunk, good paint and lircs. 1938 Ford V8 $575 UcLux four door si-dun. K;nl'u>, muster delux U. S. white wall Tires. Same service as u new one. 1937 Ford 60—$325 New motor and p;iinl, most economical car you can liuy. 8ITS EASY TERMS ',•',: Good Used Cars That Give 20 MILES to the Gallon 1938 Ford 60 1 1937 Ford Sedan Jusl like a new one; perfect con-1 dilion, new tires. Low mileage.) See this value $3951 !v(iiiidiird Tudor with trunk. Body in good shape, new lires. An ideal town rar §125 ENCLOSED PICKUPS '38 Chevrolet $350 1937 Ford $350 A cli'iin job, motor, lircs good. I Mo lor good, low mileage. Sec Just Hie job for light hauling. I cur for economical hauling. CM;K Oilier Good Used Cars lo Select From Make First Payment OCTOBER Slh Your Ford Dealer

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