The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 25, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOHTKKA6T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M1SSOU1U VOMJMK XXXVII—.NO. 33. Blythevllle Dally New* Blytheville Courier Mlssslsslppt Valley Leader Blythevllle Herald AHKANSAS, TIIUHSUAV, APIJII, 25, Roosevelt Opposes Exemptions From Wage Hour Measure WASHINGTON, April 25. (UP)~Prexidcnl Roosevelt declared to<lny Unit it would be "a grout mistake" to adopt the proposed B;mteu nmcndnients to the conlrovar.siiil wiige-huii)- la\v. .Mr. Roosevelt's views were communicated to Representative Mary T. Norton (Dem., N. ,).), cliairman of tlie house labor committee, who mude them public. The Burden amendments are tlip» J : —— most drastic of three sets or pro- iwsed changes which the house began considering today. Mr. Roosevelt did not mention Uic other proposed changes sponsored by Mrs. Norton lime)f and liep. Robert Ramspcck (Dem., On.) but jie did declare Hint "by another year, we shall know a great deal morn about the subject." SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Picking Contest "Sponsor" Buttons To Be Go On Sale A snle of "Sponsor Buttons" nl (it MnBhiK this rontcst," Mr, -ferry *' <'" cl1 '. '" "" "'tempt to eilljst co:i(uined. "We hopi> Unit every- Wage-Hom- Administrator Philip B. Fleming hn.s estimated that Warden's bill would exempt from (lie act approximately 928.000 workers in plants processing farm products in addition to regular farm workers already exempt. Barden's amendment, supported by the American Federation a n d Farm Bureau tlie National Orange, would provide wage exemptions in 17 different types of work, Including processing of dairy products, cotton, vegetables, fruits, livestock and poultry. They would give hours exemptions up to 65 hours a week with 14 weeks in which there would be no maximum work week for cer- (ain handlers of grain, perishable or .seasonal fresh fritit-s or vegetables, trees and any seasonal or perishable agricultural or horticultural commodity. The wage-hour law now provides for a basic work week of 42 hours and a minimum wage of 30 cents an hour. In Relatives And Funeral Directors Try To Distinguish Fire's Victims NATCHEZ. Miss., April 25, (UP) —Health authorities begun tho task j today of turning the bodies of at least 198 negroes who perished In ! lhe south's greatest flrn disaster lover to tholi- fnmlllps. Meanwhile, five negroes held by the Nntchc?, police department for questioning on the holocaust at the Rhythm Club-swank negro dance hnll—were free iodiiy. 1'ollee Chief J. p. serlo hnd ordered Ihelr arrest when police heard t ,1 , . , • '" * '"- *>->.ivn,iin.iuii JIL tillt WKllllllllg hat a negro had touched a match picked there would be no nppoil to the Spanish nws thni fivsinnnmi i« .>.„ ,.,„..„!,„.,... __..,..,_ •'. T Beeu. Heavy ntK Hnup to tl!c Spanish nws that festooned b mL |thc wall? and celling of the dance hall because "he wns drunk." H was generally conceded today Hint B negro line) touched off the By KALl'II HEINKEN United Press Stan" Correspondent' file wll!l ft lighted cigarette-, but PARIS, April 25. (UP) — The " 1C tnsk of finding htm was almost newspaper Petit, Parisien claimed hopeless. Tho man they want, po- today that Germnny had lost n,- lice said, could have died In ihc 000 men so far in Us Norwegian fire, campaign, of whom 14,000 were 1 The exact number of lives lost drowned when transport ships sunk. ' when lh& club became a roaring mass of flames remained Indefinite. These losses do not Include the Or. Andrew Hcdnicg, head of the Brews of the lost ships, the news-' Adams County health department paper said. It said (il.OOO tons of I set the toll at 198 after comparing transport shins were sunk nnd 3G.-1 rcportq of the Red Cross COO tons damaged. Additionally, the; Some estimates riniEcil ns high newspaper said. Germany 1ms ad- as 258, but. authorities said (his . - nutted the loss of nine transport! .lupori planes, which have been hauling troops to Norway, 25 in a load. The announcement that France's high estimate could have been caused by the transfer of bodies from various undertaking parlors. i Walter Barnes' orchestra from r ^rr™'™- ai«K r ^ig,n, 'out its ,:"; number before intermission Tuesday night when the fire started. An estimated 400 dusky pntrons—ill- elite of the negro sec- for service ahead of schedule lent new prestige to tlie Allied sea force, now enjoying almost a three-lo-one advantage! over tho German and Italian nav-[ ies. The Richelieu has eloht l=i" tion of this ° 1U cltv on lhe bluffs me Kicneueu has eight 1= , overlmkiMf} tllc Nfl! , s | s , il| , |)i R|vc ,._ Inch guns and 15,000 tons of nr- mor plate making it immune to !," acle a mrld rush fw " lc °'«v exit, air bombs and heavv coastal artil-1 ,' " ose w "° 60l In lhe way were lery. It lias a speed of 30 knots, '™mptcd lo death. Bars over 15 of the n windows- four knots more than the German pocket battleship types which it was esiiecially designed lo combat. Germany had Ihrce pocket baltteships originally. The Admiral Graf Spee was scuttled at Montevideo, Uruguay; the. .British admiralty claimed that the Admiral Scheer/ was hit "by more than one torpedo," • and on -that basis only the Luelzow (Duetschland), is left. Seek Exemptions ROCK, April 25. (UP)— Charging that small canneries and processing plants for agricultural products in the truck-growing sections of Arkansas are unable to comply with the wnges and hours act and continue to operate, farmers in several parts of the state are holding protest meetings and assembling data to be presented to their representatives in Congress iri' 4 *)! effort to obtain exemptions fiom v provlsions of the law. "The most recent of these conferences, w'as held;-al-,;Fayelleville Ijjr "a' group off 'so farmers, can^ ners, Farm Bureau officials, and representatives of civic organizations who were urged to project themselves into the movement. They conferred with Wilbur M. Evans, regional director of the wages and hours act, who, as a representative of the united States Department, of Labor, is attempting to determine whether small agricultural processing plants operating in the center of regions growing perishable commodities should be exempt from the act's regulatibs. Similar meetings have been held at Little Rock and other, points with representatives of farm organizations and the canning Industry offering testimony. According to'Waldo Frnzier, executive secretary of the Arkansas Pann Bureau Federation, who Is one of the leaders in the movement to hnve the present act amended to provide exemptions, the principal point of contention is the definition of the term "area of production." .. Under terms of the act. the processing plants located in the "area of production" -of a commodity presumably were exempt. Frailer said. He charged, however, Ihat when admlnlslrators of lhe act defined the production area they "disregarded geographic location" nnd ruled that any plant of this nature employing seven or more persons was considered outside of the area and, therefore, was subject to provisions of the act. The result. Frazier snld. has been n financial handicap to the)!"""""••" '" •"» "UUH-M,, n we in • ;—•• • operators of canneries which ultl- Arkansas can sell our own cotton ls s! ™- niately has penalized the growers, to ourselves and set nn example for the 130 million people In the United States to follow, we won't have lo worry so much about losing j our foreign markets" he said in A T & T put up to keep out the gate, crashers—were believed responsible for the many deaths. Those \vlio managed to escape got out through the front door, a smaller front entrance and two small windows. Charlie Hall, bartender at the night club since it was founded, battered his way la safety tlirough a sniiilt window behind the bar, "dragging a'woman-with-him. •• •"They screamed nnd U ay yelled." Hall said. "They fought with their fists, pop bottles, with anything they could get their hands on. could hear them afler I got oul. some of them were praying to God by then and some were still ! cussing and shouting. The firemen • t could hear them. The building ' seemed to shake with the stomping and the fire." 5,000 clllMns as .sponsors of the National Cotton Pkiilng Contest jto be held here Sept. 23-24, will \>e launched In nlylhevlllc! and throng))out Mississippi coimly next Moll- day by the Natlonnl Cotton Picking Association, it wns nimonticed this morning by ,;nmes Terry, aiwkejs- man for the Association. ! "Sponsor Buttons" are largo blue and white badges, three Inches In diameter, carrying tho words "National Cotton Picking Conti-st, Bly- thevllle, Arkansas, 1940." Under this Is a blank space where the wearer writes his nnme, and umtpr this the word ".Sponsor." : "Sponsor Buttons" me to bo sold to everyone, each purchaser of-a button becoming a sponsor of tfii! contest, If wns pointed out by MY' Terry. ' "The Association In Hie, bcgl edged there would be no n.. to the merchants, residents or busj- ness people for contributions to finance tlie contest, nnd we are hewing closely lo our word In that respect," said Mr. Terry! "However, In order to give as ninny people ns possible n i-hniice lo feel that this Is really their party, and not something controlled by a chosen few, we nre offering for sale 'sponsor buttons' that will designate everyone wearing (hem as beliS sponsors of this grout event." f "These buttons will sell for $1 each, nnd the proceeds from their sale will go lo help pay lhe cost one who can possibly do so will buy one of these buttons nnd wear It from now until the time of thn contest, An Investment of tills nmoiiiit in an event of this kind Is vwy small, conslilerlng tho baneflts It'.s uipttblo of bringing to everyone throughout Hits whole section oi the country," he ndded. On bpliio loM nboul II by members of Iho Association, stores of pi'oplt- In Blytlievllle and outlying ninil sections have given their entliuslnstli: eiidorsomenl to the button snk>, It was brought out, "I've had several folks ask me lo bo allowed lo be Ihf first purchaser of « '.Sponsor Ilntloii' when they go on sale," declni'ed Don Kdwurds, vice president oi thi> National Cot•un I'U'klng Association, "These gentlemen can rest assured they'll hnvi> n chiiiico lo purchase one, bill 1 can't guarantee them It will be Ihc first button bought," he snld. An active ctimpiilgu will be cnr- rieil on throughout the county to sell buttons In all other towns mid communities, Mr. rcdwnrcls staled. Joncsboro Woman Pinned Benealh Vehicle On HigliWiiy No. 18 Mis. Polly Cleveland, a2, nf Joni'sljoro, wns crlllcnlly Injured In a lllghwny ill motor iicclilenl near Dlyllihvllle inst night in which Monroe Chrlsc", U-l, (if Mini* Onk, Ark., wns seriously Injured nnd of Jonesuoio, .')•« cut ou her leu and Olio, X!, ill Blnck Oak, es- cnpcd Injury. Tint ear rolled over • on Mrs, Cleveland nficr stm hnd been 1 In-own from Uic ninulilne when It turnci! over. The driver lost control of the car when a wheel wns cnuiilit In llio rut between the pavement nnd shoulder, Thn machine, driven by Mrs. Cleveland, careened down the slioul- Mrs. ,i. n. utloy, ac "The .success of our. contest de- der until It struck n ltirno dmnk pcuds lo n t'rent extent on the response lilythevllle gives this movement," he udded, "nnd I'm sure Unit everyone will cooperate with us lo the limit in our effort to put It over with u bang." Further announcement on where, when and how residents may buy their "Sponsor Muttons" will be imule tomorrow, Mr, lidwnrds said. 10 pniTE Friday, May 3, Will Be Eventful Day For Students, Citizens Roosevelt Formally Applies Act To Norwegian- German Conflict Wilson schools this year, will lie culminated with n May Day celebration in which the entlre^towii P> tion, today found that n artici II niiiwuticeil stale of wnr exists bctwen Norway and Germany nnd proclaimed the neutrality of Uic United Slnlcs In j Ihc conflict. Issued at the May 3.... on Nor There will be no school' m,d tl.e'- At tlmc Mr . Roosevelt Extension Department Official Addresses Farm M , . . „ Bureau Members Here ! Man l . nju . re £ C f r n And truck Damaged ments in each faintly of the United i • A man who gave his name 10 States were doubled, It would mean \ hospital attaches and police ns the consumption of 1.150,000 bales' Frank Adams was Injured and n of cotton immediately, H. E. i car and a truck badly damaged tn Thompson, assistant director of! a Highway Gl nccidost two° miles extension work in Arkansas, told north of here at 2:20 o'clock (his If the number of cotton gar- farm leaders at a meeting of the morning Mississippi County Farm Bureau here Inst night. Mr. Adams, whose right leg flvc "If folks in Arkansas alone'stitches, was given emergency treat- would have the cotton materials they need in their homes, they mem at Blythevillc Hospital and later made bond for his appearance school to see the cxhibils and attend the various events planned. The program will ot>en with a Pnrnde of Children, at 9:30 o'clock, In which Wilson's school band of 35 members will march and play the tunes they will play In tue. Memphis Cotton Carnival Children's Parade. A Lrack meet between students of the fourth, fifth and sixth grades will be held beginning at 10:30 o'clock. Bicycle races by members of the Blycnevnic ana \Viuim Junior Highway Bicycle Saicij Pntrol Ciuos will lohow tut... Lunch will be served at noon at Ihc school for all Ihosc who wk>n lo have lunch there with the Home Economics classes In cnargc. In the afternoon there will be a baseuaji same, beginning at 2 o'clock, for the first afternoon activity. The crowning of the May Queen, Joimnic \vest»rook, and the May Pole dances at 5 o'clock tn lhe aucrnoon are expected to altrnct iiuiKireus oi visitors at the sunset hour. me night walers. Invocation of Hie neutrality law in Norway's cnse applies Hie "cash nnd carry" provision lo the Scandinavian power. It nlso applies to Norway regulations governing float of dirt causing It (o turn over liciul-on. throwing Mrs. Clim-lnud mil Monroe Chrlseo, also In the 'rcnl seal, from out of the cur. Mrs. Cleveland has a compression frniiiiro with dlsloaillon of n VIT-. tcbm In her buck which linn caused complete paralysis from (he wnlsl down; n fractured wrist nnd Is suffering isrcnlly from shock. Monroe Chrlseo lin.s serious contusions of the head and loll side of his chest, Uic extent of which luul nol bcc-n fully determined pond, lug further X-rny pictures but It Is believed Hint hi! will recover unless complication!! set In. lie nlso tins five fractured ribs. Tlia accident occurred four miles west of Blylhcville nl 11:15 o'clock. Only Cleveland nnd Monroe Chrlseo were thrown from the machine nnd when It rolled buck on Mrs. Cleveland's body, she wns penned there until exlrlcnleil by oilier occupnnts of the car, 'passersby nnd statn iiollce who Invcstl- 'nlcd. | . Mrs. Cleveland nnd Monroe Chrlseo nre al IJlyllievllle liospllal bul Mrs. nilcy was able to be ri>- movcd to her home after receiving emergency treatment,. J. R. Cleveland of Joncsboro, husbiuid of the In.lurcil ypiinif wp- fcian from'whom she WOi.Kounrated mid' Ifer parents, Mr. nnd Mrs! J El, .Snlmons, nlso oi Jonc-sboro, nnd if ulster Ironi Memphis, arc with her. Allied Forces Fall Back Before Strong Nazi Advance Units MOJSUN, April 25. (UP) —The high commnml. said LONDON, Apr, 25. (UP —Gormen "pressure" in cen Nnrvik, Norway, II siiltl the lighting vvns still In i'OKix'ss, anil that Iliitlsii imvnl forces ni!nln had "violently bomb- ndcd" Narvik. U claimed that two allied sub- narlnes luul been destroyed In the mid Oitil Genmm out- loiltty Ihiil Germiin troops trnl Norway has forced Al wore nailing "slronfr cnomy'litul forces to fall hack from I'orco.s" 20 miles norlliciwl, of Dm Lillclimnmer sector, 'a wnr office comnnniicitie sfiic lothiy, after- severe lighting Imrt been reported bctweei llritlsli itiitl Herman force north of Trbwilieim. "In tho soutiv Increased enerny 1 pressure necessitated the withdraw lost ships had nlltickeil a nroup of "1 of Allied forces from position. I-VeiK'h destroyers Hi the western ,'x!t of (he Sknuerrnk but Unit ho I'Vent'li ships hud escaped to he west. "The enemy has begun air war niinlnsl undefended towns without nllltniy Importance," din i:om- tninlquo snld. It charged that a •bnthlni; resort nt Wcnnlnt-stcdt," on the Island of Syli, had been jombed mid that bombs had fallen previously ncld near Liltchammer:, ihc communlquo siilcl. "Them has been no fuither fight Ing In the nre'a just north o Trondhelm .where Iho enemy now appears to be digging In, lust north of Stelnkjer. ''There Is nothing to report fro'iii the Narvik area." The communique was taken to mean thai •British and Norwegian oul.sldc the tovvji or ifeldo, Sohlcs- torcm fighting In central Norway , wl(j-llolftleln,onlln:iilijhtor April 2:1. llll<1 unable to halt tho two iThc Oermiin scii|mine bnsc from tierinnn columns fighting their way which North Sea lights nro made norlhward from the Oslo district is on Hie Hyll. Tho British have '» »•> effort to connect with th'o claimed to have bombed lhr>; Nil/Is at 'I'rondhclin. One derman several limes previously.) column was retried to hove '1'hi! high command communique reached Uoeros ;,eur the 3wuj'»h sntd Ilirc'c Hrltlsli nlnilnncs hud 'JOKlcr while n second column iriov- )cen shot down over the North Sea. '"U northwest ir'om unicumniner another over Aalborg, Denmurk, was reported at Klngobu, only 25 nnd Ihnl two olher lirlllsh planes had been reported missing. Tim communique snld two modern Norwegian destroyers had been miles iroin the town of Olt:i, whore the Allied forces were said to be it I present. Tnc central Norneglnii front Says Colleges Are, Failing In Task Makes.. Eormal'StateiTienr. Of Race For Congressman From This District JJitice ivy of Osccola, prosecuting attorney for Iho second judicial district, today authorised the Courier News to formally announce his ! candidacy for the Democratic iiom- Ing of securities In this country MTTLK POC.K, /lorll K. WP) "lallon for congre.ssinnu from (lie nild other rules which Mr. Roosevelt previously had applied to the ,Tnhn Brown imlvr —Dr. John E. Brnwn. president of rirsl congrcsslonnl district of Ar- can striiBglc. I. Pllnam knnsas. original belligerents In (lie Enrop- Rn.i-in»«. (old Ihc UMln nnr.k ijo- lorv oluli tnilav "n fn"so svst"m of The proclamations followed by n I cclnmllon" wns kc"i>liur few weeks Mr. Roosevelt's extension ' voider rwplc liilp j n n niillon of of "combat nrca" definitions to In- cludo the full Nonvcglnn ntid Pin- nlsh coasts. resources nnd 0|>por- Dr. tl"-!r 11" i\ "r»ii'n" program will be a the cotton situation. j was coming south, struck the right It is imperative that \ve""slTblil(i • rc! " clld of a " Ellis Trucking Coin- start a "Use More Colton Cam- P- 1 "}' '""*. driven by Howard M. palgn" since we have ,(ost foreign D" 1 ' 11 cotton markets. Mr. Thompson cm- Tlle c!>t was damaged about $200 phasized in his address 1 , "If we in ' worth and the truck about $60, it Asks Writ To Force Release Of Husband Stock Prices 172 3-4 More Cotton" movement. LITTLE ROCK, April 2.—A petition for a writ of habeas corpus for the release of C. B. Rod?ers of Leachvllle from the slate hospital will be heard by Judge Fulk in first division circuit court today. Rodgers' wife filed the petition yesterday, charging that he is sane and is wrongfully held at the hospital. A similar petition was filed In Pulaski chancery court for the release of James E. Stewart of Lit- _ r __ . .... tic Rock from the liospllal. A hear-1 °y_ cr W p} m *> es Cpleman of Osce- ing date was not set. urging Mississippi County farm } Alll Tobacco an 14 leaders to cooperate in the "Use • Anaconda Copper '.'.'.'.'.'" 303.4 Xfni-rt r*nttr\it" tvtnttr,*.* i . * r ' " u ** ^ Belli SUM 83 7-8 Each man, woman nnd child in i Chrysler 87 7-8 Mississippi Counly, in Arkansas Cities Service ". 4 3.4 and in all the cotton producing Gcnernl Electric 371-4 slates accepting the responsibility General Motors ' 53 [.4 of using more cotton would solve i fnt Harvester 59 ttic present, cotton consumption Montgomery Ward .'. 517-8 worries. It Is believed, Mr. Thomp- N Y Central ' I G i » son said In conclusion. ! North f ' The supper meeting, held at the | Packard Rustic Inn, wns attended by 80! Phillies farm leaders who were presided' Radio All American shipping now Is <""" cnP"""s nixl bnrred from north European ports foil.'"" com"l"trl" by virtue of Mr. Roosevelt's re- '•"Ul'-nin'. vn»n'' i definition of the combat nrcas. '" cnni Tlie president's nclton wns the '»" th«' first formal recognition by this '""• '» ski'lM li«'iisirv. awn" from country Hint tllc European wnr hnd honesty nnd nivny from dad." extended Into Scandlnavin. Mr. Roosevelt did not Invoke the full c ,. _ ,. power of the neutrality law in the oUuiaco LollCgC would use 41,184 bales of cotton ln Municipal court on a charge of at once. In all of the homes of tho ] driving a car while under the in- nation. we should be able to use ' fluence of liquor. The ense, set for 2.800,000 bales of cotton Just pro-: today, was postponed until Monday. viding present clothing and house-! Slale police, who investigated] hold needs" he said in discussing I said that the Adams car, which j community assembly at tho school auauonum wnen c. .5. Dlnckourn oi Little Rock, of lhe state department of education; H. D. Bootll of Little Rock, superintendent of the Trut'Hc baiety Division oi tne siaie, and Unuscy Hatcnctt oi Liuie Rock, Safety Patrolman, will give brief talks and present motion pictures depleting Bnicty work, and school students will present various attractions. The Kiddy Band will perform, the Junior High Glee Club will sing ar.d students of the Home Economics Classes will present a Cotton Style SIlOK'. Throughout the day and night, patrons arc also expected lo visit the art exhibit to be on display at the school which Is a presentation of famous paintings which was secured by the school for this occasion. The other exhibits to be ou display In various rooms will portray work oi the students In the Heiilth- Safely-Physical Education program carried out. wnr between Finland and Russia, since no formal declaration of wnr was made In Hint conflict. Student Drowns Recently placed, on Uic market wns n police special model niilomo- blle which can be convened into an emergency nmbiilancc in a fsw seconds. One half of the divided rear sent lifts up forming space for a stretcher. Aviation Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III., Apr. 25. (UP)—Hogs: 11,500 Top, 6.40 170-230 !bs., 6.25-6.35 140-160 Ibs., 5.S5-6.20 Bulk sows, 5,00-5.50 Cattle: 2,500 Steers, 10.75 Slaughter stem, 7.85-9.90 Mixed yearllnss, heifers. 8.00-10.50 Slaughter heifers, 7.25-10.50 Beef cows, 6.25-6.75 23 1-2 3 3-8 39 6 7-8 . „, (jsrp- Rnnnnilf. KIOM ola, president of the group, ,*,„„.., Mr. Thompson was accompanied j Studebaker in s f to Blytheville by j. O . Fullerton of standard Oil N j7. 42 i'.: Little Rock, district agricultural [Texts Corp ugent and former Mississippi u S Steel County • 48 1-2 Cl 3-4 New Orleans Cotton May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Cutlers and low cutters, 4,00-6.00 Mar. prev. open high low close close . 1085 1087 1083 1084 1033 . 1058 1058 105S 1056 105S . 1023 1023 1019 1019 1023 . 1010 1010 1006 1006 1012 . 1002 1002 1002 1002 1001 Chicaao Wheat open high low. close May 1101-2 1105-8 1091-2 1095-8 July 1081-2 1085-8 1075-8 108 1-8 Chicago Corn PARIS, Ark., Apr. 25. <UI'l — Rudolfo Pereyrn, n student nt Subl- nco College, drowned In Cold Lake this morning when he fell Into the water from n small bout. Pereyrn, son of nn El Paso, Tex., doctor, was quarterback on ihc Sublaco football tenm last season. A resident of Osccoln. since 1022 Mr. Ivy Ims bcnn _ prominent In civic nnd polltlcnl life. He has occupied successfully offices of Incrcnr- Ing puJ-Jlc responsibility. Mr. Ivy served ns deputy prosecutor at Osccoln for several years ar,d nlso ns Oseeoln city attorney. He wns secrclnry of the Mississippi County Democratic Central committee for nboul 10 years nnd nlsOR.fcrvcd ns president of the Osccoln 'civic club. He Is now serving hls&c-coiul term ns prosecuting attorney nnd fo. the past two years Ims been president of the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Arkansas. Renretl on n farm Mr. Ivy achieved his education through his own cfforls. He graduated from Frced-llnrdcmnnn College of Henderson, Tcnn., attended thu University of Tennessee nnd received his law clcjrce from Cumberland Unl- vcrslly In 11)21, shortly thereafter he entered the practice of law In the office of Basil linker, now nn on Pane 5i Belgians Move Giailt Gun Into Place put in service- with Ciermnii crews.! northwest of.Llllehnmmcr wns belt, snld Ocrmnn plnncs hnd sever- lleved here to be ttic most impor- cd "enemy" comiiiunlcallons In the 'ant ecclor at present nnd It ap- j regions north of Llllchnmmcr, pcnrcrt Hint a major clnsh VHM ! Trondhclm nnd licruan nnd hnd l^ely In the neighborhood of otU. nllnckcil "enemy" troop bases, acrmn.ii airplanes were heavily "A henvy Ijomb hit wns scored on bombing the railroad behind the n lirlllsh flagship cruiser otf the British forces, It wns said, but »p- Norweulan const nnd the lirltlsh imrenUy. the Important railway, at ship wns set nllru," tluj coininunl([iic Dombnna remained open ami nad itce.vcd but slight dnmnge. British nnd Norwegian .troops wero gradually closing In on the Qcrmnii troops Islontcd at Narvik In the north. It was assorted weather conditions-at Narvik were reported most difficult for troop operations. 11 wns cxiremeiy u;.u, nnd there hnd been heavy snows., which apparently continued. The Exchange. TelpgiaPfi reported In-..iv./dispatch...from. QolKenberg,,' Sweden;' that'Norwegian troops In' Ihc frontier nrcn were- blo>vi.ij ; up bridges nt Trysll,' W miles' jibrth- nst of LlUehammer, and at Jordcp, Just to tho nortri.liiu !«„ , ., the German : advance along tlie Trysll river valley which roughly parallels the frontier.' Today's Information ,on military operations In Norway was the first" from an authoritative source here In many days. I A movie theater in ucthel, Alaska, charges Eskimo patrons one smoked salmon as an admission fee. New l- Cotton Mny M6 989 991 99'J July May July . Oct. . open high low close Dff. . C41-2 643-4 631-8 643-8 Jan. . 051-4 651-4 64 1-4 64 1-2. Mar. . 1'AHIS, April 24 1 (UP)—French' military sources reported continued Intense German activity ; in the Bnltlo and snld that considerable .iinnbors of Qorman troops were :mbavklng. Apparently ihe troops/ were destined for Norway, Informants snld, but could be easily rerouted to Sweden. Navigation of the Inner Baltic v»s most difficult, Informants said, 1 due to the lateness of the thaw after n cold winter. It seemed likely that the Baltic would not beilcer free until mid-May, It wns said. This morning's war communinue said that there wns nothing to re- , port 1 . , ' ; A military Informant said th^ Germans attacked French advance . posts several times during the nlghl but were repulsed with loss-: es. Witnesses of the attacks, enst of tho Moselle river, were quoted that they heard the screams of wounded from the German side, ami the sound of. ambulances evacuating them. : •-.; Artillery fire wss reported weak: A generally low celling diminish'-, ed airplane activity. French planes made reconnaissance flights deep Into Gcrmnny. Twelve German planes were seen over tho Cliani- pagnc area yesterday, and during the night there was n 45-minute air raid alarm In southwestern' France, One German Domier-17 piano was shot down nt an unspecified point in French territory; It was asserted. 1400 Students Pay State Capitol Visit LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Apr. 25. <OP)—.State officers and their em- ployes today played host to approx- '•.! imntely HOO school children from '•northern Arkansas who spent the |. day here as part of the state educa- , tlcii association "Know Arkansas v 'i Better" program. \ ,. | Approximately 150 students from .*! Batcsvllle, Newport and Sulphur Hock visited the legislative and executive offices during the morning and this afternoon students from Walnut Ridge made a tour of the building. WEATHER prev. open high low close close I 1070 1073 1069 1073 1068 1C47 1047 1044 1048 1047 1015 1018 1014 1016 1013 5 'MS 993 'o93 1002 Unrcst m Emopc has ctiuscd Bcl » hlm lo « d °P l Rational defense measures. A detachment of the army tonl =' 1 .'j lowest (emperature about 988 088 985 985 992 Is pictured above moving n giant "280" gun into position to defend I Its coast . g'jatnst Invnders. - .Arkansas—Cloudy to partly cloudy tonight and Friday. Memphis and vicinity—Increasing cloudiness and somewhat warmer " wrmsr - fo '-

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