The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 12, 1962 · Page 15
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 15

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 12, 1962
Page 15
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TV Saturday (AH Prcgrims Listed on Eastern Standard Tune) iv vnwu U :8 J 13 C 10 4 8 :1 j : 3 S!oc;m Stsegei 3 Stoogti 3 Stooges hi. Firmer hi. Firmer Public ScIim'i Public Schoo l Dews; r. Almanac A'mieic 9 :00 3 StMjes :I5 JStotgrt :30 Oeputj DaJ :1 BeputjOa Cjjt. Kangaroi Capf. (engine C apt. (angiree Capt. (arcane life line Ugbt Tint Mi the Hater Han the Maker 11 :M tcl Shin lewis Vide Village :U Id Shiri lenii Vide Village :3fl Ic) ling Leonarda Might Hiuse :4 (c) (ire, lesiarde Might Mouse M Cibe Theater . l Tl 1.. Manic Land :i ceM) meaier wigic Lam :30 Coboj Theater ' Rcj Rogers :45 Cibej Theater Rot lagers Talk lack Tilk lick Charchmoust Charchnwist liokirg kmi lookine. Ariiiel" Firti Fnnt Fin Front ifternou WFBM (i) WISH (I) VIW-I (13) tm 14) 12 :00 life if Jesus :15 life ( Jesus :30 life if Jesus :45 life f Jesus Ihjthn Ciriiiil Ihjtha Carnival Ihythn Carniial Rbyttm Carnival lugs Banftf lugs Iumj Fret. Geo Fnf. Goaf 1 :00 :1S :30 :45 lisebill lisebill lisebill lasebaH Rhtthn Carnival lisebill laseball lisebill leekini imi looking knmi ill-Star Ge! All Star Golf 2 :00 :15 :30 :45 lisebill lisebill lisebill lisebill laseball lisebill lasebaH laseball All Star Golf All-Stir folf Actio Actio 3 :00 :15 :30 :45 lisebill Baseball Showcase Showcase lisebill lisebill laseball laseball Actio Actio Actio Actio Food for lift Foot1 for lite lessons lessons 4 :00 :15 :30 :45 Corned; Capers Comed) Capers Time Trials Time Trials Aquanauts Aguanauts Aqymiuts Aguamuts Actio Actio Time Trills Time Trills Sociil Security See. Hepurt Time Trills Time Trills 5 :00 :15 :30 :45 Time Trills Time Trials Frinces Firmer Frances Firmer Wrestlinj Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling Five Fingers Five Fingers Five Fingers Five Fingers Time Trills Time Trills lamir linar Evening WftM li) WISH m WLW-I 113) WTTV (0 5 :00 :15 :30 :4S 7 :00 :1S :30 :45 Frinces Firmer Frinces Firmer Frinces Firmer Hews Keyhole Keyhole (c) Wells Firg (c) Wells Faroe Sports Week News; Wthr. Time Trials Time Trials Death Valley Death Valley Perry Miso Perry Miso (ipeditioa Eipedltio Ic) Hajrlde Ic) Hayrlde Ciutry Show CiMtry Skea Wrestling Wrestling Id Hayrlde (d Niyride Cilvla I Col. Calvin t Ctl. Wrestling Wrestlin liverboat Xiverboat 8 :00 :15 :30 :45 Ic) Wells Fargo (c) Wells Firgt Tall Mm Till Mm Perry Miso Perry Misoi Defenders Defenders Room for Mori Room for Hon leaver leaver Rlverboil liverbeit The Challenge The Challenge 9 :00 :15 :30 :45 Sat. Movie Sit. Movli Sit. Movie Sat. Movie Defenders Defenders Hive Gun Have Gun I. Welk I. Welk I. Welk I. Welk Freedom's Voice Freedom's Voice Freedom's Volt Freedom's Voice :00 :15 :30 :45 Sat. Movli Sat. Movli Sat. Movie Sit. Movie Gunsmoko Gunsmoke Gunsmoki Gunsmoke Fight if Week Fight if Week Fight if Week Make Spire Ope End Ope hi Ope (no) Ope M 11 :Oll :H :30 .15 Hews Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood News lite Show lite Show lite Show Hews: thi. Trick Todiy ly George ty George Ope end Ope End Ope End Ope End 12:00 Hollywood lite Show Midnight Movie Hollywood lite Show Midnight Movie .,.,.. ' (c) Denotet ehowi In compatible eertr. Radio Saturday OH THE DIAl-WXIW, 950; WIBC, 1 070; WFBM, 1240; WISH. 1310; WIRE. 1430; WGEC. 1590. MORNING A.M. WIRE-Best Muste WISH-Tom Mathii WFBM-800 Gross WIBC-Form tolr OVXLW-Greg Smith MGEE-Bot Todd :1S A.M. WXLW-Greg Smith 1:30 A.M. WlBC-ToostCoftee vXLW-News; Smith MGEE-Boo Todd I A.M. WIRE-Best Musle WISH-Tom Mathi WFBM-Bob Gross wiRC-ToastCottee WXLW-News; Smith, MGEE-Spts; Todd ;:)S A.M. WXLW-Greg Smith WGEE-Bob Todd 7.4S A.M. WXLW-Greg Smith WGEE-ABC News 1:00 AM. WIRE-Best Music WISH-Tom Malhlt WFBM-Bob Gro. MBC-ToastCoft WXLW-News! Smith WGEE-Bob Todd I IS A.M. eVXLW-GreQ Smith l:M A.M. WXLW-News; Smith 00 A.M. 'WXLW-Greg Smith WISH-New; Mathls WFBM-Town TalK WIBC-Toast-COttee WGEE-Bob Todd 1:15 A.M. WXLW-Grea Smith WISH-Tom Malhis WFBM-Hol -rvar WIBC-HK Parod 10:00 A M. WIRE-Best Musle WISH-Tom Mathis WFBM-Hol Fryor wiBC-Hit Porod WXLW-Art Roberto WGEE-Bo'j Todd 11:00 A M. WISH-Tom Mothli WXLW-News; Roberto WFBM-Hol Fryor Good 11:15 A M. WXLW-Art Roberto 11:30 A.M. WIBC-Hit Parod WGEE-Dlck Good WXLW-News; Kooeni 7:41 P.M. WPRM-Grose WGEE-Slgn Off WXLW-Sljn on I P.M. WIRE-Monltor WFBM-Toplc: indionapoiii WISH-Dick Summer :00 P.M. WIRE-Monltor WFBM-Jim Gerard WIBC-Tem Doyle 10:00 P.M. WIBC-Weekend WISH-News WIRE-Footllt WFBM-Jim Gerard P.M. AFTERNOON U 00 P.M. WIRE-N4WS WISH-News WFBM-Newl WIBC-News WXLW-NewJ WGEE-ABC News 11:1$ P.M. WIRE-Best Musle WISH-Don Abbott WFBM-John Totten WIBC-Weekend WXLW-Parade WGEE-Dlck Good 11:30 P.M. WISH-Don Abbott WIRE-Best Music WXLW-Greg Smith WFBM-John Totten 1:00 P.M. WIRE-Best Music WISH-Don Abbott WFBM-John Totten WIBC-Weekend WGEE-Dick Good WXLW-Greg Smith 1:11 P.M. WXLW-Greg Smith 1:30 P.M. WXLW-News; Smith WFBM-John Totten 1 P.M. WIRE-Best Music WISH-Don Abbott WFBM-News; Totlen WXLW-News; Roberts WiBC-Weekend WGEE-Dick Good 1:30 P.M. JVGFE-Jiv WFBM-John Totten WXuw-News; Roberto 1:00 P.M. WIRE-Best Musle WIBC-Weekend WFBM-John Totten WXLW-News; Roberto WGEE-S'd Woods 1:30 P.M. WIBC-Weekend WXLW-News; Roberto 4:00 P.M. WIRE-Best Musle WISH-Don Abbott WFBM-Jim Gerord WIBC-Weekend WXLW-News; Roberto WGEE-Sid Woods 4:lS P.M. WIRE-Best Musle WISH-Don Abbott WXLW-Art Robert! 4:30 P.M. WIRE-Monltor 5:00 P.M. WIRE-Newt WISH-News, Groven WIBC-Weekend WFBM-Jim Gerord WXLW-News; Sports WGEE-Sid Wood S:1J PM. WXLW-Art Roberto NIGHT :M P.M. WISH-News; Groven WFBM-Newi WIBC-Newi WGEE-Sign Off WXLW-Slgn Oft 4:15 PM. W'BC-Fox'i Den WFBM-Freedom Foundotion :30 P.M. WIRE-Monltor WIBC-Viewoomt 7:00 P.M. WISH-News; CBS Orch. WFBM-Freedom Foundotion WGEE-Sid Wood MS P.M. WIRE-Monitor 10 39 WIBC-Tom Doyl WIRE-Footllght WFBM-Jim Gerord WtSH-DIcK Summer MBC-Tom Dovi 11.45 P.M. WFBM-Frank Forest 11 P.M. WIRE-Viewpoint WFBM-Music 11 Midnight WFBM-Frank Forest WISH-Newi '.VIRE-Footllght FM TODAY (Eastern SlondorO Tim) WAIV-FM 105.7 Mg. P.M. l:5S-Slgn On 2.00-Childrtn'l Corner 1:rjn-Swing Session 1 OO-Week End 2:0Swmg Session 4 00-Meet Neighbor 4:15-Swing Session S O0-Mosterwork 7:0O-D.R.O. Club l?:0O-Sp. Feoture I2 0S-D.R O. Club 1:00-Slgn OH WFBMFM 94.7 Mg. A.M. '0O-Music,' Newo O:00-Motine 1:00-Muslr P.M. 12 00-Pop Concert 1:0O-Biack-Whit Classics 1:30-Orchestro 2:0O-Desiqn tor Llstenmo 4 OO-Road Show 4:30-Deslgn for Listening i:15-Dlnner In HI-FI 5:3tt-Dinner Music :4VNews in Depth 7:00-HI-FI Adventure 9:rjo-Soimd Stooe 2 10 DO-Jaii Session I0:30-News; Wlhr. I0:4S-FI-FI 11. OO-Sound of Music 1!:00-Lover' Hour l:00-Serenod 2:0O-Melodiei 3:0O-SieepyTlm 4:0O-Dreomln Tim S:0O-MlodlM WIBC-TM 93.1 Mg. P.M. 12 (10-Music in Air 2:00-Broodwoy t Best I:0O-Twillght Sere-node l:00-Concert Stog U.OO-Jaa in Nil WAJC-FM 104.5 Mg Sutler University P.M. 1:00-Saturday Showcase 5:30-lndois. Report S:4S-Sporti ij.OO-Dinner Musle 7: OS-Concert Hall :30-Word 10:3O-Music ll:15-News; Wthr. ll:30-Joa W1SH-FM 107.9 Mg. Mimic Gorshin Shines In Role Ttvil'jf top Ifik'n thou rj p"- "i nvi flrct'i TV A.!'J ftn't vhn attend rrhrtrsal, ir'itr xrrf nntq and ni-oly:'' rript in Srtr York and Hollywood : 7:30P.M. O Perry Mason. "The Case of the Startled Stallion." (Repeat) Good Show. Mason tackles a weird puzzle involving a racehorse and blackmail. A rich old man takes a girl's horse away from her and is almost immediately murdered. Mason, of course, comes to the girl's rescue. 8:30 P.M. O The Defenders. "The Hundred Lives of Harry Simms." (Repeat) Thanks to mimic- actor Frank Gorshin's fine performance portraying all the lives involved in the title, this is an absorbing entry- The plot is so obvious, mystery fans will probably guess not only the finale, but the imitation Gorshin will use in the big scene of the play. As a tour de force for a talented performer, however, this one is worth your while. 8:30 P.M. CD Leave It to Beaver. "Yard Birds." A funny show about kids cleaning up backyard trash and hauling it off to the dump. Wise guys Eddie and Lumpy carry off the trash in Lumpy's car and make the Cleaver boys pay for it. Their dialogue rings true to the ear and should tickle even grownups. 9:00 P.M. O Saturday Night at the Movies. "Titanic." (1953) The performances of Clifton Webb and Brian Aherne, particularly, keep this Hollywood version of the sinking of the sink-proof Titanic from becoming too maudlin. Personal dramas are unfolded before the inevitable climax of the ship ramming into the iceberg arrives, and the cast as a whole including Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Wagner and Thelma Ritter handle them well. :30 P.M. O Have Gun, : - m i is i & JENA ENGSTROM befriends a runaway Indian on Gunsmoke at 10 tonight over WISH-TV, 8. Will Travel. Entertainment for the ladies. Paladin, forced to tame a wild cat lady bandit with an Eastern accent, does it by using both the tough and gentle touch. There's a lively opening shot of the girl tumbling down a mountain side that could only been dm; by ace stunt man Ha! Need-ham. 10:00 P.M. O Gunsmoke . Required viewing for series regulars. Bumbling deputy Chester finds himself taking care of an Indian and. as usual, makes a mess of things. Most fans take a special delight in Chester's attempts at being serious, but the show isn't a comedy however. There's more than a touch of sadness in it. Movies 11:00 A.M. O Cowboy Theater. "Wells Fargo Gun-master" (1951), with Allan Lane. 2:30 P.M. 0 Action Theater. "China Seas" (1935). with Clark Gable and Jean Harlow. Pirates in the China seas try to defeat Captain Gable in a rousing sea adventure. 5:30 P.M. O Frances Farmer. "Disbarred" (1939). with Robert Preston and Gail Patrick. Disbarred criminal lawyer sets up new racket in another city. 11:15 P.M. O Late Show. "Adventures of Capt. Fabian" (1951), with Errol Flynn and Vincent Price. Witchcraft in New Orleans involves a judge and his son and a woman and her daughter, who vows to become first ladv of New Orleans Channel CJiurklc By BIL KEANE 01 j "That little oP wine drinker me!" TP? UNCLE RAY: Antarctica Is Too Cold To Attract Settlers By RAMON COFFMAN 1J:1VOon Abbott 5:0u-Lorrv Waller I2:00-News 7:W-Muslc In Night 10:0O-music tor Every Mood WFM5 -FM 95.5 Mg A.M. aOO-Hymns 4 15-Pep Club 4.30-Serenod 7:0O-Vorletie 7.30-Rhythm I 00-Morn. Music :00-HI-FI Festival 10:0O-Fov. Tun ll:3O-Serena0e P.M. 1:0fl-Variety Tim l:lS-Vorltv 1:30-Sat. Serenode I 0O-HI Fl Melodies 2 30-Fov. Classic 3:0O-Dixlelond 3:30-Mutlcol 4:0O-Mmory Lone S:30-Muile 7:0O-Hi-FI Musle I Ofl-Concrt Hour 9:00-Vorieties lO OO-Danc Time) I0:30-Muslc WISHING WELL By WILLIAM J. MILLER Registered U.S. Patent Office Courthouse Statues On Block Today Eight stone women and the ornamental relics which they watched over from the top of the old Marion County Courthouse since 1875 will be auctioned off today in the Courthouse yard, beginning at 10 a.m. Scheduled for the auction block are ornamental lamps, the Courthouse clock, etched glass, antique copper stair landings, marble and granite and a large amount of building materials. THE MATERLALS Include oak and walnut panels, terminal stones, steel mesh window screens, exhaust fans, angle irons, I beams, and plumbing and lighting fixtures. Harry J. Goldberg, auctioneer for the sale to be conducted by Liquidators of Indiana, said the eight limestone statues will be auctioned first at a bulk price for all eight and then one by one. A plea for a benefactor to purchase the 6tatuary In order to save it for public display in a Holliday Park statuary lay out still was m effect last night. Robert C. Braun, president of the Marion County Citizens' Group to Preserve Courthouse Relics, said that no one had come forward as of last night to save the project, but a deluge of persons were willing to contribute small amounts toward the purchase of the statues. BRAUN SAID he was confident that if his hastily organized group had started its drive to save the statuary earlier, it could have been purchased with voluntary contributions. Elmer E. Taflinger, Indianapolis artist who conceived the Holliday Park project, gaid he had been assured that a philanthropist would acquire the Courthouse statues, but the would-be-benefactor died recently. A thousand questions were prepared by members of history classes in a high school of Hawaii. A student, Henry Tom, writes me that two hundred boys and girls took part in the project. ONE QUESTION sifted from the thousand, was this: "At a future time, will families go to Antarctica to live?" Some scientists and explorers have spent a year or a bit more in Antarctica, but the present climate is too cold to attract families for settlement. Firm Named For Surveys The Marion County Commissioners yesterday named the engineering firm of Moore and Heger to conduct the first of several planned studies on county drainage problems. Commissioners' p r e s i dent Christian J. Litscher said the firm will survey surface water problems in the Grassy Creek watershed, bounded roughly by East 38th Street, U.S. 52, Post Road and the east county line. The County Council has ap propriated $12,500 for the study, which is expected to provide a plan for future sur face water drainage and serve as a guide for zoning and surveying officials who pass on location of develop ment projects. Choir Festival On Air Sunday WFBM-AM and FM wil carry an hour's program Sun day of recorded highlights of the annual High School Choir Festival. The Festival, at Manua High School Wednesday, fea tured the choirs of nine loca high schools. WFBM-FM will carry the program at 7 p.m. and the AM station at 10 p.m. Pet lost? Place a want ad now. AWNINGS PATIOS CARPORTS LOW PRICES-HIGH QUALITY DISPLAY 451 W Wothinoten Aluma Kraft CH 1-0481 42625? 3862 5 8 A Y A A R H O C O P I E TJ 1 2 5 7 3 S J 5 2 5 5 I X 8C ARliAMTTHREY I Ti 3T-S 52 S 7 4A" 5 ' 1 T A R A t C B R fA.C B 8 P a ' 6 ' 81"' 8 3 "i "7 2' 5 ,A""4T"2' V O B O R C Tj H AB k "L a & " 2 "7 ft 5 "" i " a" 4 J""ft "S 3' R I "ht O A I B T L I O N R "4 a " S 2 "6 ""' 7 "" 5 '" 3 "" "" 2 "" 4 1? V A O f? I AVRCIBT B 15 3 S S 5 5 J S 7 K X PAIEFKLSTEWYN1 Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is six or more, subtract four. If the number is less than six, add three. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right Then read the message the letter! under the checked figure give you. THE TEMPERATURE goes down to more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit below zero, nd at the south magnetic pole an extreme or 15 degrees below zero has been recorded. If Antartica is going to amount to anything as a place for living, the climate will have to become better. VARIOUS FACTS suggest that the earth is warming up a little with passing time. It may take five thousand years for the snow and ice in Antarctica to melt away, but f that happens it will mean an important change in cli mate. Q. What will happen to the ocean level if Antarctica's Ice melts? A. The level will rise, per haps 75 feet, or a hundred feet if the glaciers of Greenland, Alaska and elsewhere also melt. The change will be ex tremely slow. At such a time, and far distant from the present, Antarctica may become a summer resort, along with Greenland, Siberia and now-frozen parts of northern Canada. to avenge her mother's death. 11:20 P.M. O Best of Hollywood. "The Spoilers'' (1942), with John Wayne and Marlene Dietrich. "Patterns" (1956), with Van Heflin. 12:00 M. Midnight Movie. "Boy's Town" (1938). with Spencer Tracy, Mickey Rooney and Henry Hull. Idealistic priest, hoping to give tough young city boys a chance to start life properly, founds Boy's Town, a county school-farm run by the boys themselves. TV Sport 1:P.M. O Baseball. New York vs. Cleveland. 1:13 P.M. O Baseball. Boston vs. Detroit. 4:30 P.M. O. O and Time Trials. Events from Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 5:00 P.M. O Wrestling. Don Leo Jonathan vs. Tiger Jack Moore. Lisowskis vs. Gagne and Snyder. 8:30 P.M. O The Challenge. Film highlights of the last five years of the 500 Mile Race. 10:00 P.M. Fight of the Week. Harold Johnson risks his light-heavyweight crown against Doug Jones in a 15-round bout at Philadelphia. 10:43 P.M. Make That Spare. Sparemaster Jim Schroeder of Detroit meets Eugene "Red" Elkins of San Jose, Cal., for a sweepstakes spare worth $3,000. For SCIENCE your scrapbook. section of JOIN THI SCRAPIOOK CLUi Dtor Unci Hat: I wont to Ism viiiir Scrapbook Club, and I Inclos a slomptd tnvolop carefully addroiitd to mystif. Pltait sond mt a ivitmMrsriip Ctrmicatt, a lotlt tolling how to makt a icrapbaok of my own, and a printed dmgn to pasto on In cover of my scrapbook. Send your requests to Uncle Ray, in tar ef Tho Indian apolis stor. 11 EVES EXAMINED DR.JOSEPH E. KERNEL OPTOMETRIST DR. LEONARD KERNEL DR. BLANCHE KERNEL KEATING ,'DR. PAUL B. KERNEL 'DR. JULES TINDER GLASSES WADC CONTACT LENSES FITTED HOURS I A.M.-5 P M. Closed Wed. Afternoons 104 N. ILLINOIS ST. ... ME 5- 3 56! A i. ! j t an. Uitiu.iU . k-Sj I t.. V.I RATIISS-RGIS Cop io of 12!f St. Mt s-jj?; Air rv Wi. w'w-il c.3i tecur , --j PRESCRIPTION CHEMISTS Src 1904 Finest Quol'ty ReoionoOif Priced IIEENE DRUG CO. Meridian ft Ohio 0) Deiowaro ft Ohio Wet Base- Jm You Don't Pay til Basement Is Dry Written Gua-antea. Exclusive Process Nothma Down. FHA Terms. Pre Estimate Anywhere In Ind VATEXPROOFlKfj FL 9-4490 TRIANGLE s office? 116 V. Wnsh-.r.z-tnn St.. Ciayrxvtl Hotel Bids, Phone ME 5-1217. you will become el:s:h for a 2CKr- discount on All Zenith Cold Seal Hpant :i Aids. This offer ai- applies to batteries and accessories'. Expiration Da' May 19. 1962. LORD & WILLIAMS Tetr Oil) tkiri:t4 If ' Itarini li tealrr ii Ulanipilli ClAYPOOL Hotel ldf, MIHIU 116 W. WASHINGTON ST. OFFICt HOl'IS: H.ndiy Htri Fndij 1 A M. t, 5 1J Setirotyi t A.M. t. 1 P.M. liwinj ly ippointneiit it Office er Hone ISO tomston Wr''i.vT'j BEST FAINTS PAINT BEST LAmiusePaint latex ) Here's Blister Resistant beauty for your hem, FOY-JOHNSTON LATEX HOUSE PAINT. Looks better . . . protects bettor. Works quickly and easily. Dries so fast it con bo second coated the tame day. No lop marks, sags, or runs. Covert nearly any exterior surface. Available in ever 100 colore and Super White. Call ME 4-7331, or SfF YOUR N I Alt BY fOY-JOHN$TON PAINT DlAltR LIVELY AltTS STATIO We feel rather Happy about tomorrow's being May 13, 1962, because it will be our tirst whole birthday anniversary. Last Nov. 13 we celebrated our semi-anniversary ... a pleasant event it was, but hardly a full milestone as occasions arc reckoned. So, tomorrow we will really celebrate and fire a whole, one-candle salure on our cake-top at the . . . rrrs 11 waiv lJ 1 fm 105.7 mc il 1 - n or 500 QUALIFICATION COVERAGE WITH . . . CHARLIE BR0CKMAN LIVE REPORTS FROM THE TRACK, EVERY HALF HOUR SAT. AND SUN. TIME TRIALS "LIVE" AT 4:30 P.M. SATURDAY AND SUNDAY QUALIFICATIONS RECAP SATURDAY and SUNDAY 11:15 P.M. -Lug... Be m il rf WLWO STAR and NEWS Quick-Action WANT ADS Get fist Results LOOK ; f raaiiliy FOR 'Borden's "E bmtallspicial wwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmKmmmmmmKmmmmKSSSS ALL NEW 1SS3 n "ADMIBAE all transistor portable radios 1 YOUR SIf595 CHOICE Hill) . nniu fas ii life 'Hi ! il ! kat SHIRT POCKET RADIO t 250 Milliwatts of Power Biggest, most powerful antenna t Plays up to 100 hours The Triumph Series Y2230 Six Super Sensitive transistors plus 2 germanium diodes. No bigger than a pack of cigarettes. Choice of: Starlight Black, Shell Coral and Nassau Green, all with silver color trim. J- COMPACT CARRY-ABOUT PORTABLE Plays up to 250 Hours on one battery Convenient Fingertip Tuning Super Sensitive, Power matched transistors The Little Jewel Series Y2330 - Compact, Slimline styling simplicity. Non-Breakable plastic case. Choice of Ruby Red, Bone White and Nassau Green. I w only ADMIRAL has it... J exclusive TONE GUARD9 circuit cT cP For Rich Full Tone for the entire life of the battery NOW IN CANS AT YOU AND NEEDS NO MVOAfU REFRIGERATION STORf NO DOWN PAYMENT C A 99' WEEK ORDER BY PHONE ADMIRAL TV CENTER 2440 LAFAYETTE ROAD OPEN SUNDAY (LIAS! DIPT.) CALL CARL ME 7-5557 Credit OK'd by PHONE lMieVWMI

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