The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1940 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1940
Page 10
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PAGE-TEN BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.? COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24, 1040 .' Grab--ill.Diitcb Indies Feared as Japan Nears Naval Parity With U. S. , Tokyo Japan, threatening to "protect" East Indies, would probably sciic them ir Germany Invaded Holland; Nippon h tempted by Indies' potential oil output of CO,000,000 barrels yearly, ot winch Japan gels only one-sixth. 23 Pacific Ocean Dulch Indies, with small orri'y of 40,000 and navy one-tenth the sire of Japan's, coulJ offer /distance to invasion unless allied by U. S. or British. Export! »o U. S. lubbor, tin, «ugor, quinine, t«a,~ ipicoj DUTCH EAST INDIES 20,000 islands ?35,000 s<). miles tf5,240,000 pop. UNITED STATES JAPAN BATTLESHIPS 13 76.4,300 tons 604,000 tons 43 CRUISERS 45 368,975 tons 329,685 ton* AIRCRAFT CARRIERS 154,600 tons 171,5.20 toni 265 / DESTROYERS . 120 •^^|^^t^^^^ <^^^U£^^ ^^^^^i^^^m^n^^^i^^^^ vin^^^^i^^^iw^^r 347,870 tons 156,648 tont 114 SUBMARINES 62 118,425 tons 82,863 tont 452 ships 1,754,1700ns TOTALS 258 ships 1,344,716 tons Figures for J)0(h countries Include alt vessels built, building or appropriated for to 1940. Japanese battleship figure Includes (our 40,000-ton warships reported under construction. book Include: "I got,drunk an<l fell on the floor. ', sugar babe. ' ' i ' • 1 got drunk niici fell on the'floor; Good cow liquor and 1 want some more, sugar babe." Another: "Monkey married the baboon's sister. Smacked h'ls lips nnd llicn he kissed her; Kls.scu lier so hard she "raised a blister. Monkey was very much pleased." Prom Die moumains comes this one: "One morning, ttie weather lieing Hue, The mother and Ihe daughter walked out to lake the air; Anil as they were it-walking this maid began io vow, 'I must and will get married. I'm in the notion now'." Inc., a corporatlln organized under the liuvs ot the commonwealth of Pennsylvania', hereby gives notice Dial on the 2nd day of April, 1940, it filed with the Interstate Commerce Commission, Washington, D. c., Hs application under ParaGraph (c), Section 3, of tin; Inland Waterways Corporation Act of .June :i, 1S24, as amended May 59, 1928, June 10, 1034', and August £9, 1935, for a certificate that Hie present, and future public convenience and necessity require the operation by it as :i common carrier the • Monongtiliela, K.umvlia, Ohio and Allegheny, Mississippi Rivers between Fairmont, W. Vn.. oil the .Mpnongnhelft River, Tom- (ileton, Pa., on Hie .Allegheny Hlv- ; cr, nnd Ohnrlcslon, W. Va.. on the! Kanawha Diver, on the one hand, and Memphis, Tenn., on the Mississippi River, on the oilier Iwiuf; and to and Irani Intermediate .ports on said portions of said Monon- Bahela, Allegheny and Kanawha Rivers and'on ilial portion of the Ohio River between Pittsburgh. Pa,, and Cincinnati. Ohio, both inclusive. prrrsnuRou BARGE IJNE. Inc. '• n-24-30 NOTICK PITTSBURGH BAUCK LINK, /t's comfncf /<»/», •^'NATIONAL HARDWARE Dutch East. Indies, island entity south of Asia, may become a wnr center. A German invasion of Holland would jTrobauly bring seizure of the Indies by Japan unless the Islands were promptly }i»t umie, •British-American protectorate. I'orelgn Heels and forces in Asiatic waters are email, however, compared With the growing Japanese navy. As shown on cl.nrl. Japan lias far exceeded 5-3 tonnage ratio agreed to with U. S. under now defunct Washington naval treaty of 1922, mul is said to have im.uv more worships noiv wc-reHy under construction. Mental Arithmetic Calms Nervous Fathers-To-Be BY LEO SOROKA SCHENECTADY, N. Y. (UP) — You'd never guess how men pass away the hours In this hospital's maternity waiting room tor husbands. Usually the tarjjct- of jokcsters, the fnthcis-to-be find a haven nt Ellis hospital's maternity wailing room; where they sit for hours counting the .perforations in the acoustical ceiling which wns designed to deaden sound. The waiting room was constructed especially to keep them from pacing hospital corridors pestering nurses for Ihe information of their wives' progress. Now the tnthers-to-be have their ' own waiting room in which was were a little nervous." I'erlmiis They're Ni'rvnus Still another man terminated lie count argument thus: You are both nervous. It's 19,05." But not nil bothered lo count he* perforations. One man wrote: "Listen, fellows, this waiting Is cally not as bad as you hear. I've Jeen waiting for 22 hours nnd I'm ool as n cucumber. Not n hit ncr- ! ous." Yet directly underneath the statement the man added: "Pardon Uic slinky handwriting:-" Father Enters Happy Noli! One man, informed that he was the father ot n baby girl, happily entered the following note: placed iv .loose-leaf notebook used 1>\ the husbands to record theii thoughts or the results of theii perforation counting. None Agrees on Count The men can't seem lo agree or Ihe count, however, recording between 34,350 and 151,492 perforations in the celing. The first mathematically inclined husband wrote: "For the .informalion of all con corned there arc 151,492 holes li the outer hall ceiling leading t labor and delivery room. Aivyon in doubt, please check. This smnl job was part of what t did In 3 hours of waiting." The same man added that them are 1,262 holes in the ceiling over the desk and 8,(H8 over the dumbwaiter, "All these totals exclude space covered by lighting fixtures and make a grand total of 1(10,802," he wrote. The recording following the first entry doubted'the first count. "There are 34.350 little holes in the ceiling. Including those covered by the fixtures." The third entry said: "Try gain. There' .ire 79,080 holes in the celing. 7u:\ybc you "My loving wife lias a baby giv and I believe she Is.the finest litlli girl in the world.-1 iiope lhat, SOUK day In flic near future she will b nbtc to help me'as a secretary ii my ollice," The next, slnlemcnl. replied lo I Ihe previous writing thus: "P. S. Why don't you hire your help?" And another "heckler" added: "P. P. S. You said something, brother S'OTJCK OP SKTTLKMKNT <)!•" AnMINlSTKATOKS, EXIXJU- TOKS, OUAIWIANS AND (,'imATOEtS Notice is hereby given IhiiL sct- leinenl.s have been filed nnd will e subject lo confirmation at the \pril 19th, 1940 term ol the CJlmn- ery Court, Probate Division, for lie' Chickasawba District of Mls- .issippi County, Arkansas, in the 'ollowing matters to-wit: Final settlement of Mercer 15. West, Guardian, Daniel Edwards. Annual Settlement, J. W. Gordon, Guardian, Harry Islnneal Gordon Annual Settlement, C. ftf. Ilitck Aclm. ,1. C. demons., Estate. Annual Report, Luna Huynes Sisk Guardian Eugene S. Sisk. Annual Account, Mrs. Lena Hill Guardian W. Arthur Houston. Annual Settlement, Z. 13. Harrison Executor Mollie P. Bradley, Estate Final report, Mamie Klrkemlnll Executor Fred Kirkendall, Estate. All [rallies Interested in the abort matters will hereby take notice lha settlements are on file in the Coun ty and Probate Clerk's olllce and arc subject to inspection by any interested parlies. LJ. S. Records Its Songs, From Hymns To Ballads Dated this the 15lh dny of April, 1940. T. W. POTTER. County and Probate Clerk. !>y Bryant Stewart, Deputy Clerk. Iti fiend Courier i> T cws w.vtn. ads. Uy FUEI) UAII.KY Unilcil Press MaJt Correspondent WASHINGTON—A vibrant Amerca in SOUK—from ."Casey Jones" A Tiskcl, a Titskcl"— is being •ccoi'ded for future generations in lie arcliives of the Library of Congress. The collection ot songs and music •tins the gamut from John Wesley's religious hymns to "Frankie and. Johnnie," and its many variations. The "Frankie and Johnnie" collection Is one of the most remarkable. Frankie has been Josie, Sadie, Lillie, Annie, and in the Buhumas, Delia. Her mnn always "done her wrong' 'and she always bumped hitn off in Ihe end. Her Fate Is Varied But her fate has been varied. She went lo the electric chnir swung from the gallows, and even donned a ball and chain and joineil a chain sang. She lias paid u hundred- penalties for her scorned love The songs reflect n vigorous, lus- ly, growing America. Cowboys, soldiers, sailors, lumberjacks, miners; railroad men, laborers, preachers,' negroes ami others all have contributed to the rich store of national folk songs. Mosl popular of the cowboy songs that still are -sung include "Gel Along, Little Dogics" and "O Bury Me Not On the Lone Priiiric." "Casey Jones" is the favorite railroad song and "John Henry" the No. 1 work song. The quick popularity among sol- APR1L 25th THIU MAY 4th, 1940 dlers of "Mademoiselle From Ar neiitieres" that swept through the VE.F. has not died out. One in-, lusti'ious collector has 500 stanzas >f the soldier's delight. The negro spiritual lias contributed a vital factor in American iolk music. Negro slaves from Africa took the hymns of their masters ind adapted them lo their own use In "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," 'Let My People Go" and other great spirituals. Child's Games Represented Another type folk song, (lie child's games, lias supplied many of the jwpular tunes. "A Tiskel, a Tasket" goes back to "Drop the Waich our Windows and Newspaper a elver 1 is in a..: HUBBflRD HARDWARE CO. Phone 32 "Quality, Variety and Value" Handkerchief." strong aroma Others have Ihe of the barroom. Wesley, once complained, "Il's a shame all Ihe good limes belong lo Satan.' ' Scraps from the nation's song NU-WA Laundry Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service Early Bird SPECIAL Complete- 5,000 mile Chassis l.iilirirnliim. Remove, clean nnd rrpaek all Wheel ISrnrines with S|ierinl Lubricant M-5U. Replenish Steering Oenr with jiropcr warm vcallicr lubricant. Relax anil I.nliricalp Springs ttilh Special H-4GJS Lubricant, Clean ami Service C.irhiirelor .Mr Cleaner. Refill'and Adjust Shorts All- sorbcrs. Clean Fuel IHiwp Srrce-n. Service Unltcry and adjust Generator charging rale. Drain, Flush and Refill l)if. fcrential ami Transmission (cosl ot Lubricant 1M:I.U1>- KI».) Motor oil changed lo summer weight IF llKSlKKn. (Cost of Motor Oil not included). ROW DO YOU MOW YOU'RE GETTING THE MOST I OK YOUR MONEY . . . if you keep buying the same car tvithout looking at Chrysler? ALL FOR.. Passenger Cars Only $4.65 r Cars Only PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I How ,viu- YOU to know, without investigating, thai you can buy that handsome Chrysler Royal for only S995, delivered in Detroit? How will you know there is a low-priced Chrysler that big, that roomy, thai powerful? You've got to drive thai L08- horscpower High-Torque engine to know what you're now missing in high-gear, get-up-atul-go performance...and in gas-saving economy, too. You've got lo sit in those broad divans of seals to enjoy Chry- sler's extra comfort and roominess... nnd decide which of many interior color schemes you prefer. Maybe you're missing something important, if you don't know..about Superfinishcd parts . . . scientific weight distribution.. . tin-coated pistons and plastic enamel finish and Easy-Entry doors. So, no matter what car you drive, sec your Chrysler dealer and make sure you get the.most for your money. ' ,',.." ^Delivered in Deiroit,Fcileral tax includttl. Transportation,Stale and Local taxes extra. Dual Horns and Cigar Lighter additional. * * * TUNt IN ON MAJOR IOWES, C. I. $., IVUY 1HUHSOAY, t «• 10 t. M., E.5.T. K M O D K II X - H V V C it RYSLERt T. I. SEAY MOTCJR CO. HI ought to be a law. W ELL, Sir, if yon look fur il, you'll probably fintl there is a law covering whatever state of affairs lias you disturbed. "W«j may lack sonn; things iii tins country, bill most folks agree we're not short on law*. 1.AW5 are necessary and it's gooil llml wo liavu tbem, but then: are some tilings laws can't <lo. For example, Thomas A. Edison did not become a great inventor by act of Congress. Edison was a genius because be made use of the intelligence and perseverance God gave him. His brilliant mind and his lerrific labor produced the, incandescent tamp, one. of the mosl revolutionary inventions in history. We in tlie electric service business like, lo think we are following, in sonic small way, the principles ot this man. .U least this much is true: there is no law responsible' for the fine work of the employees of this company. There is no law thai moves scientists, engineers, linemen, managers, office workers and many others to do mticb more, each day, than is expected of them. Day in ami day out, (hey do tlicir level best to serve you—ami always they are busy, planning how to improve our service anil increase its use- fitln«f,'j lo you. U't believe these people have every rtghl lo lie proud of the great job they have, tionc. Vel they are tlie very ones who realize, bel lor llian anyone, else, that our service lo you is not perfect. Their constant effort underlies everv scrvieo improvement and every rate reduction ibis company has ever been able to «ive you, and every one that will he madis in the future. No'law did this except Ihe, great unwritten law of America—lo make a good product or render a good service, to sell it" itl a reasonable profit and lo depend on (lie public's sense of value anil fair play. We follow this principle. We constantly make a good thing belter, constantly distribute it lo more people at less cost.That is the American way,',lo which every cm- plovee of this company is dedicated. MOKE NIK YOI R MONEY In ifirfn.fl 10 to J3years, tJif engineering improi-riHrtif.f nmf opcrntinf rronnmifS o/ your electric roiir;»fiiiy hai-ctnadttit possible Incut ificnrrr- npe price afhwis*holtlrlrctriciiyju*t nlionl in /nil/- .U«ny rusfoiricM ««n* iMtnje more household appliunrc$i lots o/ lighl, <i ratlin nnd refrigcrnHir pay very Ultlc more tnoperate nil of ihrxr ihnn ihcy ttsetl to pay for light alone. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CORP.

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