Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 13, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 13, 1896
Page 6
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Tow Bites at a Shark nook noil Aftcc a Ter• rlble StruBKlo Is Cuptured by tbo I'lacUy Captain— Nearly Fifty feet In Length. i On the wharf in Cnrrnbelle, Fla., is u great sea serpent, which was killed in the gulf, after it had lowed the steamer Crescent City for over an hour at a (terrific pace. The monster is a horri-_ fblc-lookinff object. 1 1. measures 40 feet ind 2 inches in lesg-th, nnd is 72 inches 'around its body in thd largest part. It [is eel-shaped, with the exception of its lead and tail. It has a spoon-bill-shaped csejiiWin n ea, with a niouth rcsejiiWinff n Shark's, except that it is a great deal 'larger. Its teeth are set at an angle ol <nbout 45 degrees backwards in the ,'mouth, and it has aiong% forked tongue. •The tail is armed with formidable fins : kbc to eight inches long. Tho color is forown, with a greenish back, making it appear black in- the water. The under side ia yellow. The Crescent City left here m the morning for the snapper banks off Dog island, with. aboiA 100 excursionists on (ftdard. Shortly after tho boat left a BBC, to which was attached a shark ihook baited with mullet was thrown overboard near the bow. Tlie hook was 'almost immediately seized by some- jibing, -which darted ahead at a tre- Wndous gait. The line attached to the Ihook was nearly GOO yards long, but It .-became tangled after 100 yards had been •paid out, and tie boat was then at tho jnercy of the monster, which made seaward," pull ing the steamer; which is only a six-knot boat,. at fully 12 knots nn- hour • Tho passengers became panic-' stricken, and urged- the captain., to. cut '.the line, but he refused, saying he was '•resolved to capture the monster. Three times the monster sank down, and it looked, as if the. Crescent City would bo submerged. So deep was it pulled into the water that great waves Tolled- over its decks. Tho woman on board screamed, and several fainted. Some* of the male passengers attempted to cut the line, but the captain prevented them, swearing he woujd overpower the "thing"'towing the boat. After the boat had been towed lo miles the monster tired, and the crew hauled ia the lino. \Vhcn 'the monster was within 20 yards cf the Crescent City passengers and crew poured '.in shot after shot, and finally killed it. It was then hauled -on board and the steamer brought it here. It is the first sea. serpent ever captured in the gulf, thongh several hnvo been sighted. The strain on the.Cres- 1 ' cant City was BO great that its timbers 'were sprung nnd if was leaking when It reached here. Hotel HOIT.J-. Old Orchard' 'pwich, -Me., Sept. 12.— The' Imperial, the second largest hotel here,- was hurried Saturday morning, r i'he~ only occupants of the house were the proprietor, D. H. Swan, his family nnd three lady S*iest«. A. small quantity of furniture wns saved. Mr. Swan has no insurance on hisi personal effects or furniture. . The total loss 'is 1 estimated at $.10,000. The fire wns undoubtedly of .incendiary origin.. . . ,A|iprov«»-tln>-L»i"l LUti. Washington, Sept. 12,— The secretary of the interior hus approved the follow-; 'in" lists of lands selected by railroads: Northern Pacific. 1 railroad,' 15,339 acres •in Helena, Montu'na,district; 5,851 acres, in the Cocur d'Alcne, Montana, district and 892 Acres in the Scuttle; Spokane 1 and Wali'ii Vi'ulla 1 , Wushington, district; Chic«'< ' Jl i'l wa ul<ee <S 1 St l .-l';ralTailroad; 1 ' ' ' THE BICYCLE IN THE ARMY. .EITorH BfilllE ^tt.lo to Introduce It by 1 ITovloff Ita Fraction! Utility. I Some time ago the manufacturer of a well-known bicycle wrote to Lieut. i James A. Moss, TJ. S. A., in relation to 1 putting a company of soldiers on bi- 7c-vclos. As a result ten men wer* ' equipl> cd at Fort Missonla anil some severe experiments arc to be-made. In speaking of the subject to a Hartford reporter, Lieut. Moss said: During the last "four or five years the bicycle as n practical machine for military purposes has been attracting the attention of military m en botl1 in this country and "ab'rcxuV In foreign armies, however, tho matter has been brought to a more practical stngc than in this country. As early as 18,0 the bicvcle'wns used "in the-Italian army. In "France, Austria, Switzerland and other European countrics'tlier&arerow in the armies regularly organized bicycle corps. Decently there have been numerous experiments made in this country, both by officers of the regular army and by the national guard. The interest In the subject has so increased that there is no cloabt that m the course of tho'next few years every regiment in the regular army will have its regula/'bicycle. corps. Gen. Miles «s on enthusiast -on. the subject, and in his last report recommended the organization of a. regiment of bicycle infantry I have just completed the organization of a bicycle corps of ten" men at the posVwhJch will make ex-. tensive experiments- during the summer. The work that has been laid out includes the xapid .conveying of messages from Fort Missoula to other.posta several hundred miles distant, the rapid i establishing of signal stations, route sketching, scouting,«oad patrolling and rcconnoissance, and practice rides over long distnnccs-with blankets,-rifles, rations and shelter tents. __'_ the.'Des Koines , •district.. Ivr ,u,.c, .. • • . theria is-epiclcmic'in Cumberland, Sul.li- van and jronroe counties, and.is spreading. at an alarniing 'extent. There have been over 100 deaths,- most o£ them' in THE MARKETS. Grain, Provisions, Etc. Chicago, Sept. 1?. WHEAT—Stronp and higher. December, CO11X—Hicher. No. 2, 20%S?2l)"4c; No. 2 Yellow, Sl%@21Ho: September, 20%@20T s c; October, 20%@21«4c: December, !l!*S>-'c; May, 34!4@24%o. . - - OVTS—Act'ivo and steady. No. 2 cnah, J3=lc- September, 15%c; ' May, ]0<5>10'/tC, Samples steady. No Grade, 7®l3Vjo; No. 3 J0'/.@ny-o; No. 3 White. l-I@19'/-c; No. 2, 10?.',«<'W^c:"No. 2 White, 191i@2C' / io. MESS" PORK - Market fairly active. W^'riS^SS^^ °hnS "-"Pricef IK'""atlona ranKcd at $3.22',i(g)3.25 for cash: ?3.22 1 /; ! @3.25 tor September; 53.25O3.27W for October, and J3.CO@3.li2te for January. Bt T TTER—Market firm at ,S@15o for creameries, and 10@l3c for dairies. LIVE POULTRY- Quiet. Turkeys; 30 lie: Chickens. .7V4©3o; .Ducks. 80S'/io P« pound; Geese, per dozen, 53.00@ii.50. WHISICY-Steady on tlic basis of $1.13 for hlghwlncs. ' ' New York, Sept. 12. FLOUR—Quiet and steady. •WHEAT-No.' 2 Red fairly active, firm, September. C3^®C4%c; October, WJGto*Si°i CORN—No-'" 2 diill,' nrmer. ' October, 2G 7-lGc: December, 27%c; No. 2, 2o?i@27c. " OATS—No. 2 dull, steady. Western, 'A® tsy,c; October, 20M,c. ' - - - - ' . PORK—Steady. Ne%y mcas, $7.Dp@8.25 LARD-Qulet and : steady/ Steam-ron- dorcd, $3.C5. ... BUTTER — Qulot; fancy about steady. Western dairy, S@12c; do. creamery, 11%O ISVio: do. factory 7%@llUc; Elglna, MUrc; Imitation creamery, 10@12%c. CHEESE—Firm. Part skims, 2@5«.c; full 'do., lV4c. •EGGS—Quiet and steady. Western, IIHIJ ice. - . ;-- - • ; Livestock. . Chicago, Sept. I!.. CATTLE—Steady. Fair to best Beeves, 13'OOSKUO; stockcra and feeders, »2.40@3.75; mixed Cows and Bulls, »1.25@3,CO; Texas, ''t2.30S3.13: • :••••••• --.--•• •• -.' HOGS — Market steady to ,5c higher. Llgh't, 53.1003.45; rough packing,'J2.50@2.70; mixed and butcher.s', . J2.80O3.40;. heavy Backing and shipping, $2.75@3.30; Pigs. $1.75 iT3.31i. . . Kansas City,.Mo., Sept. 12.—li»v. J. A. Dearborn, ex-state presi-lont of tbo A. •P • \., was found lying i" .1 y"'d in th-s rear of J. S. Stone's .confectionery, •store, 1621-Eiist-Xinth'street, '.at -avu o'clock Saturday morning. Mr. Dearborn had been struck ovur the right eye with a In-ivy blunt instrument :iml had been stabbed, but only slightly, thre,' times in the leftside just <.veran;l abov,- the iieiirt The nssuult occurred nbout 11 o'clock Friday rig-Kt, but the Injured mnu wns r.ot found until five o'clock Saturday morning. Althr.ugh DPDO of the wounrts nre serious the attending physician fears Jhat possibly tho exposure may make the ens- :i serious one. The news of the assault spread lil<o wildfire through the city. Members of the A. P. A. passed it from lip to lip. with startling rapidity, nnd soon intense excitcment.liad been arousorl. Not only were members of the order highly excited, but politicians goivjni.Ily, and especially republicans, -)i: account of Saturday's primaries, Ca-.M-ly sought reliable information. Tlw exuilcmen. was largely caused and pi-eatly added t.i by the claims of the A. 1>. A., made-even before any o£ the details were known, that it was iiu "nss:issination" or an attempted -"assassination." - . GEN. MORGAN DEAD. W»»c» Away lit (MnT,Vy, Jll.,'at thu A«e of ElRlity-Slx. Quincy, III., Sept. 12.—Cien. James D. Mor"-an"died here this morning at the a-'t; of SO. Deceased was Dorn in i!os- ton, Mass. He ici-ved in Ihe Moxicau war. Early i" H"-' wur o£ tho rebellion •hu was appointed liuutenaat colonel of the Tenth Illinois in-fantry. In 1S02 hu v.-as made a brigadier general and for -allant conduct'iu the war ut.Benton- ville, X. C., he was jii-omoled to brevet major geiu.-nil of volunteers. lie serv.eu under Ceus. l'»\n.\ TJosecrans, Thomas and Sherman, and was wilh Sherman ori his march to the sea. rinor< the Mayor nud Aldormeu, . Louisville, Ky., Sept. l2.-Judgi;' Toney Saturday morning fined.Mayoi Todd '$30, and the' 12 members of the board of akltM-mcTi $15 each, for di-= obeying his injunction, stopping^ the nn- pcachinenr proceedings :'gainst tho board .of public safety. The judge ad- niinistcrad n severe lecture to the mayo.' and aldermen for their disobedience. They would have gone to jail, but fo/ the fact that they hud expunged from' the records all the proceedings in the impeachment case. Judge Toney afterward remitted the fine against Alderman Leathercn as he did not vote to impeach the board of safety. T,h? others replevine'l their fines and gave bond. Athlet«»,Meet, JIanhattnn Field/N. Y.,Sept. 12—National championships of the amateur athletic vnioii, : the most important event on the athletic schedule of thfl year, commenced Saturday afternoon at Manhattan JTield. Of the 163 entries which have been received, only '•> small percentage have failed to achiave previous national honors, while of the new 'brigade'most of the men have shown themselves quite up to tht standard ol championship form.. Entries have been received from nearly every section of the union. Sept. li.—plaf Laudsen, tha No-rwcgian novelist, was drowned .Fri« day at Scarborough while bathing. TryiiiB to Save Bit Uie. New Orleans, Sept! 12.—Louis Colomb, one of the individual bookkeepers of the 'Union national bank/took poison Friday: 'He is- kept secluded 'and two physicians are in constant attendance endeavoring to save his life. • He remained in a comatose state throughout the night. If his life is saved it is hoped 'he may enable the officers to unravel some of tfie mystery surrounding the affairs of the bank. There are no new developments and the panic lids som'c- what moderated. ' Jail illrd Nabbed lo Michigan. Moitroe, Mich., Sept. 13.—George Ad arns, given 30 days in jail for burglary at'Newport, aiicb., , is- a.ft. JlfrWH 8 oflendei'.'.His rfeal natift Is Joe Faber and his home is in BufCalo. In 1893 ho served 14 months in Ohio'i pcnitpntiary for cutting a mail's throat in Toledo Bearrcsted for burglary hu esciped by jumping from a window.' A. year ngo ha was caught committing- a burglary ii Buflalo, shot the officer .dca'J. ant 1 escaped., He. will.be turned over to To ledo officers. ' • Killed Hli-Wtfo. Davenport, la.,. Sept. 13.-George F Stickelberger, a well-to-do farmer, CO years old, and a resident of this county for 40 years, shot and killed his wife Application.; was made a short time ago for the appointment of a. guardian for him.on account of his excessive drink ing and incapacity to.manage his farm rear No Mor« Va.uk Failure* Washington, Sept. IS,—Hon. James H Eckels,..comptroller. of the currency, has received a telegram from Bank Ex amiuer Johnson, at New Orleans,.say ing that at a.'meeting of the Clearing House association the opinion was ex pressed that no further bank failures are likely to occur, there. :. : : .carried Oot HI* Vow; . Far Hills, N: J., Sept. Isi-Silas Huff man, the obstinate eccentric who re mained in bed over 15 years, true to a strange vow he took, in the old .Huff •man homestead on theBedminster road near this village, .is dead of senile de gieneracy, earned by his self-infiicted cbnflnemeiit.. .... • . .. Murtlwred by Innune Clerk. . Boston,'Sept. iS.-Bernardo Ambro soli, .theproprietcrof the famous Italian restaurant, here, 1 was assassinated b; his clerki Charles' C. Baclgnlupo, Satur .day. BaeigalupO;i» Insane.; ;.:';'.',:-..!. : ',; '.(. Gladness Comes .(/itha better understanding of the '' V.transient nuturc of the many phys- M.iills, which.vanish before proper ef- inns-ffentlc cff»/i-ts-pl«asnn1 eftorts r ,,.-ritly. directed. There is comfort in ^- knowledge. th:it. so many iurrr.scf ,..««ness nrc not due to an.y actual dis- ^ie but'simply to a constipiiUidtOTitf- .-.no of tho system, which the plc^at..; ..wily laxative, Syrup of !• ig;s. ]Toinpt- . removes. That i.s why it is tin- cii,.y wcacdy with millionsof families, ur.d is j.srywhere esteemed so'hifrh'-.V by all «w, value pood bRJiH 1 .. Its bonqi-ciul :**ets are due to tho i:ict. tiv.t itis l.he «,/, remedy which pi-omotos ii-.turnal -HinHness without ik'bilii;it ng HH- n-t-ans on which it acl >. ! t is theruioro , i'iuicortant, in ordorM };•«:• it.-i beni'- a-.-f.al effects, to note whi'ii .von pi:r- ...vase, that you have tho w-t.uhio arti- :,:,, which is manufactured by tnc Ca-h- wnia Fig Syrup. Co. only and s"!- 1 »,v -.U reputable druggists. 'it in the enjoyment of good ho::Mi. .,ad the system is veguhir, liixsitivos or i«Jser remedies arc then nut needed. ^ -iSJlicted with any p.ctnal ,1 isoo.se, ono -, 4 jiy be eommeridcd lo the most skillnil *jsicians, but if in need of :i laxn.tive. «aa should have the best, and with the rail-informed everywhere, Syrup of \«6 stands highest- ;i.nd is most liirjre.j aJksndgivesmoKttfeni'ral.satisfaction. HARMON IS HEARD. lUornoy Ocimrnl Diifciidn Klcht of Fed- anil Jnterfcrmn;*. Wasbiiigtou. Sept. 12.—.A ttorncy- iL-nernl Harmon in response to nuraer- us requests has given out for publi- ntion an pUioial opinion on the ciauM >f the Chicago platform opposing fed- nil interfei-.-nce in local labor troubles. \sy7iopsisfollcws: He-assumes that the ^c-rlnratlor. c.r the Chicago platform, Irequont'yreltera.-Ml by Mr Bryan, allude to the (.hieago sir ke and he hos thoroughly annlvzed the rlsht of the president to '.ntcrf.-r- In that dls'urb- °nce over the hcaJs of the Illinois stale au- liorltlcs. The af-urney-gi-nfral poirts tn ho fact tiint the f -Jcral Int-rferen^ p!anl: ,f the Chicago platform war not Inserted n the platform »' tho populist or silver parties, both of which a!sn nominated Mr. Brvnn for president. Ho declares th.it the aultude of Mr Brvan in this, m.-mer la fir more serious ban the money question or-ony other question now before the people. Mr. Bryan has nslsted that tho nAlU of the federal B ov- -rnment to 3upnr?:ii rlot>) doc-f not operate until tho state au:horltl=< have demanded federal assistance. The flttorney-Bencra declares that this Is an absurd v ew of the question, and he quotes the constitution of ?he United States to prove his P—inn la says that the president In qu__ _ Chicago riots acted by tho ^thorlty 01 the samo stcuuteg under which the rebellion was suppressed. H. pays Mr. Bry- an19 doctrine tha: this biw U unconstltu-. tlonal Is more dangerous than the doctrine "•The""™ doctrine, ho d*cUre9.would reduce the government's power to mere m m- „. He says'It was no more Intended to make the general government dependent upon the states with respect to .matters- committed to'-It than It was to make the stows subject to Ihe general government with respect to the rights reserved to then- This he adds, is wtll known to lawyers and students of oonstltatlonal law, but may not be clear to the people.' It was evidently not clear to the framers ot the Chlcaso platform and has not been discovered by the c'anS dates who stand on that Platform. Attorney-General Harmon In this connection quotes from the Consresslonal Rec- Srd a resolution offered In the senate dur- Inc the Chicago strike by Senator Daniel, of Virginia, and adopted, without apparent dissent In which the' president wis indorsed and praised for the prompt measures that he adopted to put down the Chi- cogo riots. • Senator Daniel, who -wrote this'resolution, was one of the men who wrote the Chicago platform. . Mr: Harmon says ho believes Mr..Bryan has .been inadvertently led-to error In Ma- statements about federal authority. He has'too. much respect, he says for Mr Bryan's- ability as a lawyer to believe that he questions the right of President.Cleve- land to Interfere in the Chicago riots. Ho has too much-respect for Mr. Bryan B honor and patriotism, to believe that .If elected president hft-would not do a? Mr. Cleveland did If tho situation should arise. RAISE IT TO 3 PER CENT. JSnftlnnil Will Increase Kate of Discount; to Keep Gold »t Home. London, Sept. 12.—£ representative of the press, as-a result of inquiries among leading London bankers anil financiers, ..learns . that, the bankers. generally are in expectation that a fu/- ther draft for gold will be made upon Great Britain by the United States, but none of- them will venture to estimate the extent, of the draft.- As to/a further increase, of the Bank of England a rate of discount, there is no doubt that the b'ank will raise its rate to three per cent, in'the event of any large drain of gold from England, and it certainly would not require a drain'as'large as £6,000,000 sterling, the sum which it vyas reported Friday.might be .reached, to cause a-rise in discount rates. Th'e Stati'sf, in an article on the situation, says: "Nobody can foresee how large tho American drain of gold wiil be,-but prudent bank directors will lose no time in making their discount rate effective." " , ' , Negro Riddled with Bullet*. .. Dublin, Ga... Sept. 12.—Last Tuesday Mrs. Monroe Johnson, a y^oung married white''woman', living near here/was criminally assaulted in her home by a negro named Shep Kinsey. Since then a posse has been after the negro and Friday aftcmoon he was captured near Lovett, ten miles.from the scene of his crime. The posse riddled Kinsey with bullets and : left his body lying'where IfJteH.;' ' '_ Ligonier,;Ind,, .Sept.. 12—During;a quarrel ..at. Cromwell a ..young .man ' named Gable was .shot and wounded three times by two colored men who were attending the colored camp ineet- ihg-at that place/ For a time it looked as If they'would be lynched, but Sheriff THE CHURCHES. Dr. Allen will nd<Jivs.s 'the railroad nic'ii .at the E. R.' Y. M. C. A. rooms tills .afternoon ,-ut 3 o'clock. Ministers plwi.se'announce. First Church of Christ (Sftienlsts)— At Ihe Uuiv|:-salist church today at H .-i. in. Subject ""ho Rock of. Salvation." A welcome to nil. Services nit the Evanpel-Ic.-Ll church «day. Oi.'iO a. m. Sunday school: 10:30 a. in. |>re;u-uLug; Y. P. A. at 0:40 p. m. 7:45 sermon by the pas-tor, 1 W. E. Snyd- w. All arc welcome. Trinity Church—Rov. K. C. Cool: baujrli. Holy communion at 7 a. in. Sunday school a.t f):4ri. Morning service at 11 o'clock. Subject of sermon •'Christ on t'lic Mount," Evening prayer. (i:30. Regular proachlDK sen-ices'at the N.inth street'Christian church today at 11 a. in. and 7:30 i>. in. Sunday school at 0:30 a. m., 0. X .Berry Supr. Y. P. S. C. E, at0:30 p. m. Welcome for nil. —T. S. Freeman, pastor. First Presbyterian Cliurcli—Thfl pastor. D, P. Putnam will preach ;it 11 oVlock upon "Deli-t'ln 1 I" God's Ivaw." lii t.he evening the pastor and people an-e invited to join Pas)or Percival and people ill services «.t the Broadway church. •St. I>ikt>'« Kngl-ish Luthei-n.n chnrch un-iiM of First and Markels srreoifs-.l. C. KJuiffm;i.u. pastor. Sunday school ii.t 0:30 a. m. and church services at, 11 a? in. Eastern! mission 1 Suiiilay school at li:4'i p. m. Christian Endeavor at (i;:;0 and church services, at 7:30 p. m. All avo invited. Wheatlaml M. E. church. Rev. M. A. I-Iarl'im,' pas-ror. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. At 10:-!." reception'of new members, aiiul a class of pvoba.f.ioneis into full connection. 12 m.. class. '.', p. m.. Junior League.' (tftt) p. m.. E] worth' League devotio-nal sin-vices. Revival services at 7:30. A welcome to all. At t'lio CtimberlaJid Presbyterian chuivh; "\Vewfoide. tliere will be services both • morning and evening by iflio pastor, Chus. B. Wellborn. Sun- diiy school at 0:45 a. m. Preaching at 1.1 a. m. awl 7:30 p. in. Endeavor meeting at fi::X> p. m. Subject for evening sermion: "Jesus the Messiah." All welcome. Market: street M. B. church—Preaching, by the pastor. W. R. Woncs at. 10:45 'a. 'in. and 7:30 p. in. Sabbath school at 0:30 n. m. Class meeting at 11:45 a. m. i*iid 0:30 p. m. Junior rxNigue at 3 p. m. Epworth League at 0:30 p. m. Topic "Enemies Through Greed of Game." Trader, Armell Bowye-r." All are invited. • The Broadway Methodist church—E. L. Semans. pastor. Class at 0 a. m. Sunday school'a.t 0:4o n. m. M. Swad- euer, Supt. Preach'inp: at 11 a. m. Subject "How to win an the 1 race." Junior League.at 3 p: ; m. Bpworth League a.t 0:30 p. in. Miss Hailnwn, loader. The Ladies of the W. F. M S. have charge of the eve-uinK service nt 7:30. All arc if "aTnan knew h« was going to be hanged, he would certainly make every effort to prevent it. He would do everything he could and strain ever)' nerve to the last minute to get himself out of his predicament. Men have been saved from hanging after the rope was around their necks. There are waysof dying that are not so quick that are even more certain. The man who neglects his health, and who in sickness refuses to take medicine, really has th« rope of disease around his neck. He will die if he doesn't throw it off. A man •who would struggle sgainst hanging may yet be careless about his health. He may be -v traveling straight to- >y\vard consumption and i pay no attention to it, """" and yet death by con- nunption is much more terrible than dea& by hanging. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery will cure 98 per cent. of all cases of consumption. Consumption is likely to be caused by weakness and m its tarn, it increases the weakness. The "Golden Medical Discovery " is an invigorating, strength-giving and flesh- making medicine. It increases the appe- -the, puts the digestive organs in perfect order, purifies and enriches the blood, and builds up firm, healthy flesh. In one chapter of Dr. Piercc's great thonwna MRC foinilv doctor book-"Thc People's Common Sense 'Medical. Adviser," ore scores of let- Ur"from people who have be«n cured of con- lumpUon, ffcgW coughs, throat ""r«ch£ diseases bv the use of "Golden Medical iJis- cotS?" Their full Barnes and addresses art p 9 vc,?and thrfr esses were generally Pronounced toneless by the local doctors. Twenty-one (a.) smmps. to pay for m*M*s <> v of th,« Rrcat book, . •ecure a free cop World's Dispcn.-a Ifeia Street. B f th,« Rrca oo, , Medical Association, l,o. 66j fa, N. Y. •cordially invited.. At" the Baptist' church—Sunday school at 0:45 a. in. Preaching service at 11 a- m. Subject, "The Christian Crucified with Christ." Junior Divioni at 3 p. m. Senior Union ait 0:30 p m. Subject "GoUlug ready for Service " Text 1 Tim. iv, 12-10. Preach- m« seniice'at 7:30 p. m. Subject "The \firactibn of the Cross." The .public are .cordially invited to all these ser : vices. Broadway Presbyterian church, corner o£ Ninth and Broadway—Bcv. H. \twooci 'Pcrclval pastor. Re-oncnlug sc.rv.icos. After extensive repairs to the auditorium and lecture room this church will be opened today. Public worship at 11 a. m. Sermon by the p.istor" subject. "Christ In'side His Church." In the evening the congregn- ttion of Uie First. Presbyterian church will unite with us'and the sermon will bo preached by the Rev. D. P. Putnam, D D. Subject, ."Stability .In God. Bible school at 0:30 a. m. Mr. Daniel Elder. Supt, Y. P. S..C. E. at_C:30 p. iii Subject "Our Tongues for Chnst. Miss Mice Nelson, lender. Special programs. Good music. Free scats. AH heartily welcome. The Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of t>he Broadway M. E. church will hold their mitebox gathcrins services this evening at 7:30 in the auditorium of the church. There will be a s'hort, spicy program. All holding mite- boxes are requested to bring them to the church. By-order of the Society. , MRS. A. R. SMITP. Pjos. MRS. J. S. CRAIG, Sec. MINISTERS TAKE NOTICE. The Logansport MJniste'rial Association will meet at the Baptist church Monday, September 14th, 1SOG at 0 O'clock a. n). prompt- It is very desirable that flic .members aJl attend tbis opening session. F. M. HUCKLEBERRY, Sec. . ; CHURCH i The 1 Broadway Presbyterian church w-m be re-opened-with special services .Oils•• morning and evening.. Through August,- the building has been in the hands of the frcscoers and furnishers. The result'is exquisite and the congregation of the Broadway church have good reason to feel proud of -their renewed .bouse of .worship. -, • Simon 'lodged.the men in jail. ' : •„, ™ ••.X\^I S X^->VV-N- w ONE-HALT MZi OF BOX POZZONI'S COMPLEXION POWDER; ha* been tho standard for forty yean a ta more popular to-dar than over before. POZZOXl'S Ii vbe Idoril complexion poTraer-boiutllTlnB.L rcffculilnK, cleanly, hsalthtul nod barmlcM. . A deUaile, Invisible prousctlon to Uie face. With evcrr boxofJPOZZOSiTS a m«r nlUcriil SccvJlT* GOLD FCFF ' BOX t/i ipvcn trco of charge- AT DRUGGISTS *SD FANCY STOSES. For A .ake Trip? You'll fully enjoy ali of Its dellRhi, 1 f y ou take one of the AKE MICHIGAN AND LAKE SOTEWOB TRANSPORTATION CO'S IEGANT STEAMSHIPS. 5alllnes between ChlwJM «nd M«ckln«c I;:ai3d four time* every week. ,r , ' Itorbor ,,;:<iinc Island, etc. • Sprln««, c. . . . , •Write for our readable reading matter, freo, or ask your nearest apcnt. v-Addrosa 'Jos. Bcrolibelm. LAKE MICH. AND LAKE . SCPKBIOBXBAMS.CO. Ruih >nd N. Wtter St.. Chicago A SPECIALTYo'.SIS 'arrTJLOOn POISON peronnenUf .urc<5lnl6to85<Iar». ' ty.lfyooprefftocomoberawBWlllooBi tmcttopaynrilroadfurcandhoteliJlllMad aoohiree, It we foil to euro. If JOB h»ve lakea mer* SnryTloildo nota«h. and .till two mchei mod rt,H ti* Mucous Vatclies in mouth. Sore Tnroati ^lroplc». Copper Colored Spots, Blc«r« on iny part oi thoT>odT, Ilair or jEroljrow^falllnj Sot. It U tbla Socondnry BLOOli POIfeOW 70?unr»ntcetocure. W« BOllcltthoinost obgli lafe cares and cballcniro the world fop • r>«« WB'>annotcuro. This dlsofijo naa alway* 'iaVlJedthtiii hill of the niort eminent pltyifr J 3500,000 capital-, behind our unponai. .,, SSOO.O cma en y.-^t -nnrantT. AhsolutottroofiiFontscaleCOD -"-Son AfldreM COOti KKSIBDY CO, •?•;•!'2l£ion& Temple. CIUCAGO, MX. Manhood Restored maiiiiwu KKV-»- . —"• AGOODiNVISIBfU "*' Stlnc* «* !«»•**•« , For the stings of beei, w.aap» «nd to^ :, neU Tbathe quickly with Brarillan BalnL K kill, the poison »nd .top. the pain «* ; sfantty. . .'• \ • ;.'-'' . . ,.i;-j.fe

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