Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 31, 1935 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 31, 1935
Page 2
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,l"» >.~ • J V* , ,1'rti/l • ;\'":*M±^< V &,, 'j*-. Star J^jl Oi IPeHver 1% From Report f viwie-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. x-H. Washburnl, at The ^building. 212-214 Soittfc t, Hop*. Arkansas^ C. t. PALMRft, President AtEX. H. WASHBtfRX. K«ttfc* Mid Publisher " "The newspaper is an institution developed by modern civil- lres ent the news of the day. to foster commerce and industry My circulated advertisements, and to furnish that check upon wWchiw constitution has ever been able to provide."-Col. R Member of atcef'to the otherwise cr IB (Always Payable in Advance); By city carrier, per th tic', one year $6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada i LaFayette counties. $3.50 per year; elsewhere S<i.50. 'ress: The Associated Pre is exclsuivelj for rcptiblication of all news dispatches el itect in this paper and also the local news published herein Arkansas Dnilies. Inc.. Memphis Safe and Happy New Yett w« •">•;,-»«' ^>:'J.M .','K' & '&&£ «g£ MS2f ^ IC - .//' f* <& &* we & &«** -& &+%«* fA*l x>' &#* 00& *Ml Jl-j "V< lA t° <*>* it**' f**L*&' **' ****** n; Chicago. 111.. 75 E. Wack- miich!733S"Woodward Ave.; St. Louis. Mo.. Star Bldg. P« Pte • Charges will be mnde for all tributes, enrds or memor^ concerning the departed. Commercial to thta policy in the news columns to protect their readers of space-teJdng memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility safe-Win* or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. j Agree with her or not, you will find ! that her book makes a deep impres- slots. Harpers is pxtblishing it at $3.50. " By DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN E&lor, Journal of the American Mea- led Aassodatioti, and of Hygeio, the Health Jbrgazine By Oliv6 Roberts Barton o^>< * +!&' <&* *' ••#& 5£ Children love the dramatic. The Land-of-Lefs-Pretend is a perfect Utopia for them, and as far as that «oes for all the rest of us too. About Diet '"The week "between Christmas and that use of ( New Years Day. after the excitement water causes sterility and • of new toys wears off. can be filled , In the birth- rate. Others with good times if mother lays out a to blame the incidence of j few odds and ends of clothes to dress i chlorination of water, up in. ,. , your (t\ l<Mt_k.T'.i. M tap«pfcta£ asserted that cancer! These must/have as little resem- HaTrSd from using it. I blance to everyday clothes as possible. Tfcereis not the slightest reason to , Otherwise children ere not particular Believe that any of these assertions is j about their trappings, An old fedora looks yellow.sh stead of creamy white or if fine lines begin to show across your throat and j around your eyes. The holidays undoubtedly have tired frue. Chlorination protects- water against j comes a cavaliers chapeau: add sis™ For that reason it ter's rain cape and you have a whole ease wnen a suiiaoie supply -water is not otherwise available. '•' There are fanatics who flood then- bodies with fluids'and in their places ot employment wear paths front their i desks to the drinking fountain; ' • Overemphasis on water is just as - bad as- overemphasis on anything else. in excess of the body's require„„.„... in its chemistry is eliminated ,!• from the body by the kidneys, if they ,7are functioning well. > . < M the neart or kidneys do not f unc- ', an excess of water may be i with a curtain-cord and tassels be- j ou more than you realize right now '- • ' " ' if you possibly can manage, it would be a good idea to take one entire week-end to rest up and get back to normal. During this two or two and ge;il . uu .»*.„ «« •>- -- , one-half day period, eat as little as and some pins. And move a bed, or ; poss ible, drink plenty of water, taKe clear out the dining room. Otherwise ; a moderate amount of exercise but she won't have to spend much time a bout twice as much rest as you think For that reason it I ter's rain cape is commoniy adopted by all health de- | cavalier. It's' as easy as that ^nZte to prevent epidemics of dfs- Possibly mother will have to SUR- ^TwSrn a suitable supply of fresh ge£t an idea as well as furnish a sheet won a the drama itself, for here ingen- you na \\ y need. Keep smiling while ' -" serious detriment to the uity begins and her responsibility i ends. Because children like to invent, and they like to do their own' dressing. Otherwise it is not their show, but hers. Fall Back on "Mother Goose" K she cannot think of any small story for them to act, she can always ;l" The human body-also-requires a cer- amount of salt for its health,; and human ' j^iy" on "Mother Goose." This presents still further possibility for pantomime. Here an audience is necessary to guess "the answers. So, if the' house you do it! Holly Grove Mr A. P. Clark and family have moved to DeAnn where Mr. Sam Breeding formerly lived. Mr and Mrs. Johnnie Willis and Mr and Mrs. Monroe Willis and daughter Mildred of Oklahoma spent the Christmas holidays with Mr. J. F. Willis and other relatives. Mr and Mrs. R. T. Hembroe and Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Atkins spent Christmas day with Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wilson of Battlefield. Friends are sorry to know the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tollic Mil- ness has been ill for some time. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Roberts and little daughter. Mr. and Mrs Car Evans and two children. Mr. and Mrs, Johnnie Willis and Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Willis, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Worthy and two children, and Mrs. Maudie Elliott were Christmas dinner guests of Mr. J. F. Willis .and family. Wall Street Men Advance in 19B5 Odium Looms Large as Boss of Investments, Movies, Aviation By RADElf WING8T Associated Press Correspondent NEW YORK-(/T')-Wnll Street's men ,nd machines Inborccl mightily hrough the third year of recovery nnd the financial nerve center of American commerce mnde 1935 news. Among those whose deeds will be written Inrge in "the Street's" history jf 1935 were mnny oUMifners on the •eomo-bnck' trnil nnd more than n few newcomers. Joseph Patrick Kennedy during the year retired «s Wall Street's policeman, turning the chairmanship of tho securities nnd exchange commission over to James McCauley Landis. Kennedy, imp-jse discipline by raising nine children (whom he lough- inizlv calls "the nine starving Kennedys") learned about Wall Strict by working i» Wall Street, nnd his old friends'were high in their prn.se of his administrative uhllity in guiding the most important "new dent" nfiency in the financial field. L-uulis a Harvard man, stems from n professorship in his alrnn maters low school. Hnrolil Stanley, long a securities ex- iport entered the underwriting field with auspicious backing as president 1 of Mori-im Stanley & Company, composed for the most part of former partners in J. P. Morgan & Company. Once president of the Guaranty com- nanv securities affiliate of the Guaranty Trust company, Stanley spccihzcd in utilities with Morgan's, nnd in his new company he participated in or lied many outstanding 1953 corporate i financing operations. • BlK Steel Merger Tom Mercer Girdler. a hardhitting Uteelman. won a battle against long ' odds in merging Republic Steel. Corigan, McKinncy Steel nnd Truscon Steel in the fnce of anti-trust impediments, and he tniided Republic into a net profit of $3.264,295 in the first nine months of 1935 compared with n net deficit of $2.193,157 in the same period of 193.1. Floyd Boslwick Odium, head of Alia* corporation, was established as cne of depression's smartest traders He bought low, swapped wisely, and sole, high until Atlas by 1935 had amassed assets of more than $100,444,- t!^ f%\ *>& :>k* (fl r\ 84-5H- ft v 7 m? ®m ''NY' m m 1 & .§2 3 softly shirred yoke arc unusually In- DU * - •• •• Make T'-==;"r^svre^; S, "?£?:.S & w'"»»,5?;l,'SSh."' 3W " C " Vflll'dS Of I'lUuOll J lllvIlt-B rt* t~* n T> V QT^li* f* RF\V I NO 1^™ m. _,..„>i lift f\ 1^ tY'PM^ PJ! k W till II O * t-J* ._._.•._».« l.^KfTIf rtlkT THIS The WINTER ltt te drc.H cleBig,is. «ddit onal" a complete selection of cents when purchased it with the pattern above, ser^ with the coupon. L ie5i;» Ul I'll- «' - . .-,. , sjti^-t- Fvrpllp YeaKer and Mr. L.IJCII. U n lu .-u». A_, nl . Ctarkwere Married Saturday, De- 0 00. top investment company of Ame, ccmbcr 21. We wish them much sue- ;~, BEGIN HBUB TOD AT ,^r.Vi,.*'.-«^<»j?5 ,,, 1A «D CAMERON dR D s A» T A tain amount 01 sait iui. iv> I«.«AV*»,. «..« guess tne answtus, >->v, **• v »"- ..««— an excess elimination' of w^ter, after jg big, enough to hold half a dozen Wldue- swcating-ijiiy-brfiW-about se- ext fa;.-|>ut out the bootscraper, set the "' " ' ' '"••'"• "" bird cage and the best lamp on the mantile and have the mimcrs do the Evere headaches, abdominal pains, or -icramps, which are an indication of 4an. unsatisfied, need of the body. % If salt is added-to drinking water ' V for workers exposed to high degrees :" of heat, it should be added in the pro' pdvtion of a teaspoonful to a quart of Today's Health Question Q_What makes the skin around the nails peel continually? Is this the condition known as salt rheum? A.—It is imposible to say what makes the skin around the nails 'peel continually in any particular ease. Perhaps the most common cause would be eczema, for which 'tho term salt rheum is often used. .water. The fluid will then be retain' v ed in the body to a greater extent and rest. One can be Little Jack Horner, sitting in his corner and eating a tender | piece of cardboard on a plate. Anoth- I er Little Boy-Blue. There are Hump- | ty Dumpty, Mary-Mary, King Cole. Jack-Be-Nimble and the other characters that every well-read child should know. The point is that if it is only a newspaper or a curtain, the clothes must not be "regular" clothes. 1 their own, that is—ones, that go with < meals and running errands and school. | i Older children are oft times able ; to make up their own shows. Perhaps they can work out a story they know. If they can be taught words to say and parts to act, then that is .lelan.,. Before ber marrlnse, MOOUE hail her. NANCY. uamv» love* UonnW. but hiaci liic behind n • held In her hand. She waa glad her —oil, so glad! It was strange how you could be glad and yet completely hopeless because ot tho same tvleca ot news. "I heard, too." Nancy went on, never, never have left Scott It he hadn't driven me to Hi never think ot him as I could an old in tne pnvuv, banking firm of _ Lehman Brothers, is Odium's good friend, and thi- ex-police reporter of Chicago in the second year of his second retirement tested his hand at trading. Together. Atlas and Lehmnn with others, interests, reorganized Paramount Pictures, inc.; secured corv- trol of Transcontinental & Western Air (Lindbergh line); obtained con- rol nnd directed the management of » her voice broke. lira. Cameron watched the in love her E beulnu n ui»u-.....-- T ,;. It i.» K* •& c ,rrfo 0 ^'U«w. ^25?,'•»«"*." mnrrfaWwin »„ "lost. TODAY'S PATTERN BUUBAU. H-13 sterling Place, Brooklyn, N. \. Enclosed is If. cents in coin tor , „,,._ pattern Narae City Name -of tbi's newspaper Address State Supreme Court Is (Continued from page one) Construction of n huge, new nil-port cosUiTapproximately 5*000,000. to be built near Fort Kamehameha, Hawaii, will soon get under way. that the 'people who had been It's high Corporation. The Van SvvermBcns Ork Faxton and Mantis James Van Swe inpen redeemed their 23,000-m, e ' system and vast real te living there had almost wrecked the place and he's having it done ' . » tt'a LL O li 1»« **»•••»• . ing of a divorce. Four months and she hasn't had a word from Scott." ad* lot I queer some woman ^arK'boSef^nlessi Mr, Cameron that coming there | possibly the letter she had ,,_v,» thought was HulcidT Then 8 .he «»«„» ^ trs-'srt.ajwa;?f«gj§ SewStoS* P-rdue loans and interest extended by wall bireei banklrs headed by J. P. Morgan & "slake of the Cleveland bachelors Company. getting into real dramatic work. But this takes more time than a mother pln « ss . Scott. •» real ., nnbnp- economlc to go back together.' "No," Dana said. mean that." Mrs Cameron had "It doesn't come from CHAPTER XXXVI. was Nancy who broke the"symptoms' are not likely to appear, i U su a ity"can"spare and may well be I ~ °p WSIt f.° s be' said. Doctors commonly recommend the! j {t to its own fidd-the time, the ". one "•• drinking of large amounts of water j place and tho tea cher. or director. 1 right at ine i when people are sick, particularly with, Here j am sugges ting a way to play .fevers. This is done because fever! at home on empty days _ 'increases greatly the rate of evapora-) j t js wise {or tne mo ther of a grow- the tion of water from the body surface "and water, is necessary in such cases to replace the fluid that is lost. i t ing family not to throw out any gewgaws or ornaments that can be used , . for "dress up." A box of such treas- The- following foods contain more j urcg may liven many a dll u Saturday. than 70 per cent water: beef juice, i Als ^ tne O j d i ace or sat j n or i ame that berries, buttermilk, calf's foot jelly, j , ecms to be fit only for the ragman. cream, eggs, fruit juices, fresh fruits, -high, wide and handsome. 1 Dana's hand went to tier heart Why niun't Nancy go on? Why the dining room, and stood, unobserved by the sisters, in the doorway. . "Let's hear no more of sucn silly chatter about Scott," Mrs Cameron commanded, needn't waste any pity either. Your sister is was aUe "standing there, smiling You on him. who did his own thinking dently be bad made a decision and was sticking to Jt. The let- ( ter. begging him to leave Dana m j throu gh n new added up to about balance sheet value with corporation as the top holding--D ° nv The brothers' come-back was 1 holding company. Mid. peace, might uave helped Dana resented tier grand- uiotUer's words. If Scott wanted to be free, be could tell Uer so. Nevertheless, Mrs. Cameron's suggestions that Dana was acting un- America Corporation formed wu ~- --- £t;0k*wt..' - --the one I ta irly stayed in her mind either xour sister >* who should have your sympathy." mlg ht be waiting I suspect Dana will make OU M rous fashion of southern men. .._ ._„.! .„ »vi» inni- run." hor tn make the first move. tor pretty well in the long run. Nancy's voice had a rough, ugly note. so queerly Nancy hoped Dana would stay she hoped no impression at first, gradually j (he oUIest New ^ork^stock^ nership by Dr. Osborne." Nancy ] that now , when Scott had made "^ ' ' "" Scott's been taken into part- j marr iod. Furthermore. « s\~\,n-^nn *' W.I nf*V • i i. _ *• n « TTT nrVi nn ff POt.t . continued "He'll be doctoring all! a B0tt berth for bimselt. Dana ° richest patients in town. Now 1 would ,,n(l a way to bring about ' as she cream, eggs, fruit juices, fresh fruits, U^^ have given children a pretty I \"_ u , u write that note and a reconciliation as fast gruels, leafy vegetables, milk, shell- i a idea o{ how various characters j *ueBB f „ ( w _ fish, string beans, tomatoes, veal, and dress So> save dad ' s susp enders for | say you itsu , vegtable juices. . , the sheriff and cracked ping-pong balls These foods contain less than 30 per ,; j of the queen ' s pearls. Sorry about cent of water, as they are usually , he Darre ] s hoops for Bo's skirt. But eaten: butter, cakes, candy, ready-to- t ' here eat cereals, cocoanut, crackers and bis- j ' cults, dried fruits, nuts, popcorn, potato chips, pretzels, farmers' sausage, smoked bacon, suit, sirups, and zwieback. Dana did not answer for a moment. So Nancy believed that i could. Perhaps It was tear ot very thing that prompted that Mrs. whr-ni V.d lea Scott an^^meron to talk to Dana that feel3 about the situation, 8 co«. «„» «i,« would bog bim to ! afternoon. Mrs. Cameron's dis- ,„ a difficult posit on. you know. to make the That thought, during the next two months, was like the steady drip of water on stone. It made \\\j imi't w*j"-«—• "began to have an effect. » » • M RS. CAMERON dropped further suggestions in the subtlest fashion. "I saw Scott driving this afternoon, Dana. 1 couldn't help wondering bow he feels about the situation. Scott s to do the bidding rcvitalization of their'properties and fortune. Oris Paxton Van Sweringen now Brother Mantis James S mcr,,,,.,,/ broke into retailing n odd source. A professor and ia nagement counsel. Me- er congresisonnl lines. Investigation, of munition makers' activities, with j P. Moren.. featured as the chief w!l- ncss before a senate committee nnd inquiries into alleged lobbying enterprises by so-called "big business groups are slated for resumption. Among the latter may bo the American Liberty Lenpuc and some business organizations which may be accused by "new deal" congressmen of going beyond their normal scope in engaging in political activities hostile to the Roosevelt administration. An important job will be the drafting of a neutrality act to take the place of the emergency measure which w->s enacted last summer ;uid expires on February 2C. More or less related to the peace problem will be national defense measures with the prospect of a drive in congress for money to obtain 800 new fighting, planes for the Townscndltes May Act Further provisions to care for those on relief, coupled with pressure from various sources to reduce Rovern- mental indebtedness now past the $30,from an (business COMMON OLD .ITCB! is still with Us Prescription No. 200.000 will cure it. It kills the parasites in the skin. 50c JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Phone 03 Hope, Ark. Established 1885 named chairman of Mar& Company, Chicago, h,s ,.c t job with a corporation. Charles R,-Grny. senior partner ,n 000,000,000 mark, arc considered certain firm, w to precipitate stormy debate. Backers of the Townsend pension plnn are expected to go into action in tlie cloakrooms if not on the floor of the house. Labor has been preparing to renew „, , its drive for the 30-hour week and to as elected president of the ex- (lefeml legislative gains us represcnt- ) change as e e after what promised to be the change au^i W.«A* ,--- m r pct hottest election fight in Wall Street any barrels any more. | tnal now she would bog him to ! afternoon A Book a Day By Bruce Catton _ , Katherine Mayo does not sec-m to •, -like the people of India any better than she did when she wrote "Mother India " At any rate, she is out with a j 'new book—"The Face of Mother In- ; a By Alicia Hart nke her back. 'like for Scott was based on some- 'when has all this happened?" | thing more than his iack o! money A Dana, asked. "Just today. It's lust been an They say Dr. Osborne ,We_imngJor Embarrassing. When people ask Jr « vuu*. -.- • - , mo 'What Is Dana going to do? ( A partnership with Dr. i an i can say Is '1 don t know. history had died out. Richard Whitney, who pvcssion He- rtu- I vv I 111,"-,? < . . c and stock market critics for five long years, was backed by friends to "run on his record." Whitney de- dined, sought peace in the fmancia «...„:!.. ,.„,! Ipft. Oav unopposed for Osborne would mean a comforta- • ----- young doclor , But Scott belonged to family that aad caused Mrs. Cameron much unbappiness. His | Ronnie nounced. has had his eyes on Scott long while and Scott cinched SSS.-K. a^rsr s s —sr surgeons well." "Tell heart there was an.J- family, and left Gay unoppo: ho presidency while he polled more votes for a place on the board of «ov- WhaVaTeyuU Wing to dot" j^artin Withington Clement inher- liam Wallace Atteroury s mia Railroad system when 116 ,, IK chief retired. A former rod,, Clement at 53 years of age is one know," Dana faltered. She bad heen staying at home constantly, the short drives with the only breaks in ber And only the day be- she had seen Scott. Dana could have done »jW«d^«£ LI UU1 !,**»« es „_„ _ . ., i .1 ^--.- flintrt fr>T* h fri me about it." Dana i him. Mrs. Cameron bad always i doubtless, had seen them, for ne that Hindus are an unclean," incompetent, and eternally con- j s tentious people. same 1 f and ofi to tell. Dr. OsUorne sprained his arm and^ut couldn't operate, so to Scott. • III ED JV1 i 9* V^I**-«H-»WM ~ - — -. - - _ . v^u >t" ' . a i suspected that deep down in ber ha(1 glanced the other way as he •, ±£? h««rt there was a feeling i n assed. She had felt that if only |»« deciEion. aging od by the Wagner labor disputes bill and the Guffcy coal regulation measure. In the background also is the American Federation of Labor's proposed amendment to the constitution empowering congress to enact legislation protecting tho workers as was provided by NRA. Taken On Ride AMARILLO, Texas-(/P)~When £ of the 28 pupils of the school at Con way said they had never been on train Mrs. John J. Shires, prineipa and Miss Grace Weieman, teache Resolve — to have MS Dry looking at, whether or not you share j Miss Mayo's views about India. They show India in all its aspects; • the magnificent mountains of the nor- 'thein^frontier, hawknosed hill people, .modern, colleges and other institutions -established by the British, workers, fanners, students, priests, temples and 'shrines and stock exchanges—a recollection of views showing your friends and family ai ly to believe your good wishes for them are sincere. Furthermore, if you stick to the idea of looking chderful-not inflicting yoar worries on others with troubles of i their own—your good looks are lessj likely t" become dim during the New j Year ahead. j You'll need to keep on with your creams and lotion.s of course, but you'll need good health, too. And a i Dr. Osborne ,._ _ __.. -well it seems Scott's a sort of wizard in the operating room. That's all there is to the story, I guess." Nancy stopped. Sue was suddenly sorry for Dana who looked frightfully cut up, as though she might faint. It must be pretty bad. at that, to realize you had given up an attractive busbana because he didn't have any raouey, and then have nim dip posing Scott had appeared, proto Dana one niglit and marryiag her the next day. Making the girl unhappy, in the bar- No matter how wealthy he became Scott would certainly never have the fortune Ronnie had. Ronnie was in love with Dana, nil asoects of Indian life . w , »•" -•-*- --.•• — • • - v,ni«h vour 1 Let bio Nancy was sorry for Dana, bull " pered she was glad for Scott. He de-1 couldn't divorce Scott, served something extra Dice after j do ^divorcing if that's what he vt i of the "indudeTiu the book is a 50,000- W«d Sfcetch of Indian hwtory by , Miss Mayo- Being no authority on • such nutters, I of this text's only more i^you Nancy asked cui'iously. "Why. ot course.'' passed. _..- sUe might look into His eyes, she would Know better what to do. She would know then if his love for her was really dead. Scott had been driving a new roadster, gray like the old one i only darker. It was a nice-looking car. And 3cott had been alone. Perhaps he didn't mind being a l °n Q since Paula was still «uuu« -». - -•- Soul oi town. Nancy who always and it Dana were free he'd want 1 knew everything that was nap- her to marry him. Daua must ! pe ning brought the news tuai be free She must get a divorce ; Pau i a waa visiting friends in tue east, and later was to go on a cruise. Paula, no doubt, waa waiting for something definite to happen. Something as definite as a divovce. Then she'd come back. Dana decided dully. "I'll give him the divorce. There's no use waiting any longer. He baa shown in every way that when be i soon. wants. Dana's R^iember tharadequaVe sleep and w ,de gaze met her half sister's, rest M*re«uisite8 No. 1 and No. 2 of! Uow could Nancy doubt that she health and therefore of beauty. If: W!t3 glad for Scott? you persist in sleeping only six hours * - f a night, even though you know good w-w and well that you can't feel tip-top on U seeing, at the ANA sat down and stared, un- sti« ing one soon, - ot it yet. You girls are a queer lot, I must say. You want your cake and want to eat Jt, too. You treat Scott like an old coat you wouldn't wear, ftut thlnlt too much of to give away." stayed away Dana blazed out: "I would 1 all that Dight he was forcing me to leave nim." She would tell her grandmother tonight. The divorce would make four people happy — Scott, Paula, i Graudmother — and Ronnie, ni«ii< \_-iuiiiviJi «>• uu •> • ~ , *un of the youngest presidents in tne ^Charle^ Edwin Mitchell, within two years after he resigned as head of Notional City bank and was acquitted en n charge of income tax evasion, ie- turned to Wall Street. He was elecUd chainnua of Blyth & Company, an w- vestment house founded on the cific coast in 1914. and partr" in important copper and coast underwriting. Television Likely (Coiitinuedfrom pege one) ^rTot metal tubes. They were hailed both us better and worse than glass envelope tubes. However, most man ufacturers put them into general us-e in their new sets. ~\ n nu Broadcasting went merrily along, too, with probably the broadcasts early in the year's outstanding ac< The network believed close 1935 with a total intake °i W 000,000, their best yet by several millions. arranged for a trip to Amarillo. WMHING- 5'i Is/EWPAMC WAihfSER HflSON-HUCKINS L A U N D K Y : C O M P A N Y The gZv^n^eTAas foiled $3.0tt- 120 in WPA funds for use '" i tipn of San Francispo Bay foi nicipal airport. NOTICE On January 1st, 1936, I will be connected With MOORE'S MARKET at 223 South Mam. • have discontinued my meat market in the Uty /larket and Grocery. I solicit your continued patronage at my new loca* ion and thank you for your past favors. HARRY HAWTHORNE . All Accounts Due Me at My Former Location Are Now Payable at Moored Market. UJ.J11U11 1.1, . 1J-1JL..II. U-M IIUJIMIHIIUI I I - ..II.IIH CITY CROCERY will continue under the management of Van Sumner, ,who has taken over the interests ot O. D. Davis. Your grocery business will be appreciated. ,

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