Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 2, 1941 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1941
Page 3
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V ?V-'HV ? ^"'^"" ' SOCIETY Daisy Dorothy Heard, Editor Telephone 768 Social Calendar Tuesday, December 2nd _,, w< S- C. S. members of the ^First Methodist church will moot Cnt the church for the final mission study at 4 o'clock. The Paisley. P. T. A. will meet Tuesday afternoon nt 3 o'clock nt the school. The meeting will be held on Tuesday because of the Junior-Senior high P. T.'A. sponsored book review to be given on Wednesday. Wednesday, December 3rd The P. T. A. council will meet at the First Methodist church at 3 o'clock. Mrs. C. A. Evans of Arkaclolphin, who will review the piny, "There Shall Be No Night" by Sherwood, is being sponsored by the Junior- Senior High school P, T. A The public is invited to hear the review which will bo given at the First Methodist church at 3-30 o clock. Broolcwood P. T. A. will not meet Wednesday nfternoon bc- cnuso of the book' review being given at the First Methodist church. RIALTO NOW - WED - THURS Double Feature I story of football's most colorful character! Thursday, December 4tli Hope chapter 328, Order of the Eastern Star, 7:30 o'clock at the Masonic hall. The United Daughter of thc Confederacy will meet at thc homc of Miss /Scnobia Reed with Mrs. C S IJIchnrds, Mrs. Pat Casey', and Miss Mnggic Bell co-hostcssos, 2-30 o clock. The response to the roll cull will be Christmas quotntions and the daughters nrc asked to bring gifts for the Confederate home. Mrs George Newborn, Jr., Mrs. R. L. Broach, and Mrs. Kcllcy Briant will be hostesses to the members of the Cosmopolitan club at the home of thc former at 3 0 clock. Thc Hempslcad county P T A council will meet at the high school Workshop" nt 7:30 o'clock. Fritluy, December 5tli A benefit dance will bo given by thc members of the Girls' Cotillion club at the Barlow, 9 to 1 o clock. The public is invited. Methodist Group Hn s Party At Home of One of tiie Members Members of Circle No. 4 of thc Women's Society for Christian Service of the First Methodist church met ut the home of Mrs. W. G Allison Monday afternoon for their December luncheon mcciling. Mrs. Max Cox was associate hostess with her mother. Vari-colorccl chrysanthemums were used in decorating thc reception room and m the dining room, where luncheon was served, buffet style, holly was mixed with evergreen to form the centerpiece for the table. Mrs. A.-M. Rettig, the past leader of the circle, was the recipient of a mag- nifjcicnt crystal bowl filled with- a bouquet of seasonal blossoms. Games and contests followed a short business session. Members and their guests enjoying the occasion were: Mrs. Edwin Ward Mrs. Don Smith, Mrs. G. W Warmack, Mrs. C. F. Erwin, Mrs. Charles Harrell, Mrs. John Ridgill, Mrs. Johnny McCabe, Mrs. M. M. Smyth, Mrs. Marion Buchanan, Mrs. D. L Bush Mrs. W. W. Johnson, Mrs. J. J. Honey-' cutt, Mrs. R. D. Franklin, Mrs. H. M. Olsen, Mrs. E. M. Morgan, Mrs A. M. Rettig, Mrs. Dolphus Whittcn, "jr., Rev. Kenneth L. Spore, Mrs, J.' M, Houston, Mrs. Dolphus Whitten, Jr., Mrs. Ross Gillcspic, Mrs. Ted Macher, Mrs. Ada Swicegood, Mrs. J. A. Henry, and Miss Elizabeth Hendrix. Final Plans for Dance Made by Dance Club Monday Evening Meeting at the home of Miss Mary Louise Keith Monday evening, mem bers of the Cotillion club completed plans for their pre-Christmas bene 'it dance to be given at the Barlow Friday evening. Music for the danc Last Time TUESDAY Don't Miss . . . Clark Lana GABLE-TURNER FRANK MORGAN Coming Wednesday & Thursday Iff lyrkol! laughable! (pvabfef,,. On* of Brwd- way's all-time musital <tmtJf hit*,. . it's 091 WRYTHINCI With Lionel BARRYMORE JOHN CARROLL-RED SKfLTON VIRGINIA O'PRIEN will be furnished by the Henderson college orchestra. , Miss Louise Hanegan, president o the club, presided at the call meet ing attended by 15 members. It wa announced that members are to se cure tickets for the dance from th secretary at 4 o'clock Tuesday after noon. Members of the club have invitee the public to attend the dance. Wcslcynn Qulfd Members Arc Entcriiilned ot Oitln fatly A Mexican supper was served thi members of the Wesleyan Guild o the First Methodist church Mondaj evening at their regular monthly so cial meeting. Mrs. John Vcsoy presented the in tcrcsting program during the even ing. Mrs. Roy Stephcnson gave the devotional and Miss Beryl Henry let the group in prayer. Little Miss Nanette Williams rendered a vocal selection, accompanied by her aunt, Miss Marie Purklns. Miss Harriet Story accompanied the group in singing the traditional Christmas carrols, while gifts were brought for the White Christmas. A rcplicn of Santa Clause and his reindeers made a charming centerpiece for the large table in the recreational room, whore the meeting was held Personal Mention Cadet Corporal H. Gene McCune and Cadet Corporal Charles Parr were week-end guests of Cadet McCune's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. McCune. They arc enrolled at Peacock Military Academy, San Antonio, Texas. —O— Miss Mary Sullivan of Little Rock is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Douglas. Mrs. D. M. Finlcy, and son, David Finley, returned to their home in St. Louis Sunday after a visit with relatives in the city. -O- Mrs. Edgar Ncal will leave Tuesday to join her husband, Serganl Neal, at Fort Russell, Marfar, Texas. -O— Mrs. J. M. Houston and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Purvis have returned from New Albany, and other points in Mississippi. —O— Mrs. I. J. Sutlon and children spent he Thanksgiving weekend in Shreveport with relatives. Mrs. Werner C. Strcckcr, Mrs. T. . Rivers, Mrs. Robert Larson and Wrs. Arch Moore arc visilos in At- anta, Texas Tuesday. Barbs Lightning took an Indiana man's hoes off without hurling him. Just a streak of luck! Fall cleaning quite often consists if removing all the trash from the ttic and cellar before putting it lack. German government-has made it a rime to listen to American broad- asts. It's a crime over here to listen o some of them. "Man Arrested for Flirting With 'hone Operator" — news item. He eally got thc wrong number. JjHj^S'irAtl^ipt,.kili|A'M.iAi.'r " ' /: "'*""''" ' ' ''" '""''' ? V '*'* ^ Glorfo's Gown and Hair Go Down weeks weeks g -° wn hlts a new low and her hair oc w. 1 "* Pompadour she sported few back. With Gloria, center, in New Vork are Bruce Cabot and Rita Hayworth of the movies. Mind Your Manners Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. Is a man coming down a receiving line introduced to a woman in the line? 2. Docs a woman guest remove her gloves before being served at a lea? 3. Does a hostess pour at a large tea? 4. Do the women who pour at a large tea usually wear hats? 5. If a guest docs not know cither woman pouring at a tea, may he go up to one of them and ask, "May I have a cup of tea?" What would you say if— You are asked by the woman pouring how you like your tea— (a) Say, "Strong with one lump of sugar, please"? (b) Say, "It doesn't matter"? Answers 1. Yes. The general rules for introducing men and women apply here. 2. Yes. 3. No. She is too busy greeting all her guests. She asks two of her friends to pour. 4. Yes. 5. Certainly. Better "What Would You Do" solution—(a). Safety Belts in Cars Urged Says They Would Reduce Fatalities in Auto Wrecks HOLLYWOOD— (#•)— Three movie stunt drivers proposed that every automobile be equipped with safety belts to reduce traffic fatalities. "Safety belts would reduce the nation's automobile deaths 50 per cent" haid Jimmy Dundee. Gordon Garveth and Billy Jones agreed. Their specialty is turning over their cars. All use the belts. "Drivers and passengers should strap themselves to the seats," suggestd Dundee. "This certainly would prevent a lot of deaths and injuries. "Our business is supposed to involve a lot of danger. Maybe it does —but we're all pretty cautious guys. We know exactly what we're doing and we protect ourselves. "I've been in this stunting business 21 years, I've never had'a serious injury. The closest I ever ' came, I wheeled aroun da corner, slid on the spooth -leather scat, and lost pontrol. 1 got it back again, but I've never jione a stunt since without my safety ?bclt." ••" •-•^ ••-•-•>-* V • -:^. 4*:*..,.- '* The three stunt men, pausing be LADY BY REQUEST By HELEN R. WOODWARD Copyright, 1941. NEA Service Inc. THE STORY t "I cnn'< believe It," IBTI Bill Jnckunn, childhood •TCeethenrt of Mr*. Stephen Curt when Kile, Dlnnn. tell* htm thai her m«rrln«re to the famaun writer find commentator in for »lx month, and S1O.OOO. her part of the Ntrnnge bargain that mived for Stephen a »3,OOO,OOO Inheritance h« would have loHt had lie not married before he wa» 35 Othcn who know of the arrange. , meat are Mr, Tucker, Uluna'a farmer father, vrhoxc admiration for Stephen I. great; Stephen'* •tepmotiier, Elicit Curl, who hope* the couple will come to love each other; Stephch'N uplteful, Hpollcd Iii i er ' £ d ?'. n> "'"° «»«N|iIi»eM Illnna; lUclmrU Thorpe, Dlnmi'H former employer, who <ll«iiilNsril her when •he rcNlHtcd hlx udvnnccM; Hvalyn Thorpe, hln beautiful blind wife, ahe love of Stephen for Uvnlyii, whom he and Phil llruce have known Klnce childhood, IN undcr- • tandable to Uliinn. Sue nnd Kvn- lyii hnve become lum friend*. * | * * LUNCHEON WITH EVALYN CHAPTER XIII QN Thursday Diana went to keep her luncheon engagement with Evalyn Thorpe. They lived in a fine old house on Peyton Square which enclosed a lovely park. The big Curt residence in Green street was only five blocks away and Diana walked the distance, reveling in the crisp air and thin winter sunshine. On the morning after her insolent outburst, Adela had come to Diana's room wearing a disarming air of meekness. In quite the most polite tones she had ever used to Diana, she begged her pardon humbly for her behavior of the night before. Diana, genuinely surprised and touched, assured the unhappy girl she had quite forgotten the incident. After Adela left the room, spurred by a sudden generous impulse, Diana ran after her to ask her to attend a matinee with her that afternoon. Perhaps, she thought, if she exerted herself a little more, she and Adela might be friends after all. But in the upper hallway, she stopped short, halted by voices coming up clearly from below. In the stillness of mid-morning Stephen's voice said, "Did you apologize to Diana as I told you to?" Adela laughed unpleasantly. "Of course! I told her I was veddy, veddy sorry for my ugly behavior! That I would be a, good girl in the future. I would'have lied twice as much to keep from having my allowance cut!", Diana turned slowly back to iier room. It was, after all, quite useless to try to make Adela her friend. And in the future ehe would know better than to trust Adela under any circumstances! She was thinking of these .things as she approached Evalyn Piorpe'g bouse. Reinemberujg, too, Richard's words, "Stephe has always bsen madly in lov with my wife!" * * • TT was this remark that closed Diana's lips when she wantei to ask Stephen to tell her more o Evalyn. It had seemed like in truding into the privacy of shrine, a sanctuary. If he real! loved Evalyn, she could not blami him, for she was certainly thi most beautiful person she had ever known; but Stephen's lip remained closed the night Diana had mentioned the blind girl tc him. She dwelt upon his words "There is no one whom I care tt make my wife—literally." Easy to understand, if his heart was in the keeping of Evalyn Thorpe. She wondered a great dea about when and how the estate Stephen was to inherit was being settled, Stephen had told her nothing regarding it. Had the ad- ninistrators accepted the fact of lis marriage as genuine and was she, Diana, serving the purpose 'or which she had been brought nto the Curt household? How much longer was she to stay? She hesitated to ask, believing that Stephen might think her unhappy and restless, might terminate the arrangement sooner than otherwise. And she had no wish for lim to do that. She wondered at her strange contentment—at- ributed it to her enjoyment of he unusual luxury with which he was surrounded. "I'm like a •at," she thought wryjy, "happy when I've got a soft pillow to lie on!" At the Thorpes' Diana was ushered into a charming living oom of no especial design or ar- angement. Evalyn rose from a ow, chintz-covered chair by the Ire and came forward with' out- tretched hands. Her face was agerly alight and Diana was truck anew with her beauty. "You're late. I was afraid you'd orgotten," Evalyn said, clasping Diana's hands warmly. "But you must know 1 couldn't orget," Diana assured her eager- y. "I've been looking forward o this moment ever since you sked me." "You're sweet," Evalyn smiled. I knew you would be. Sit down, fere to spend the day quite lone, and I shall do everything n my power to keep you from eing bored!" As the day wore on, Diana felt lat she could happily spend the est of her life in this woman's ompany. Her conversation was ay, charming and interesting; her usy fingers flew over a knitted weater in a deep, sea blue. And heo Evalyn spoke lovingly, ol Richard Thorpe and his many fine qualities Diana felt a little ashamed that she had despised him so. In spite of everything, Richard began to take on a glow of respectability. Surely she had misjudged him. But she had never pictured him as the kind husband, the loving companion Evalyn painted. tweett scenes on "My Favorite Blonde," pointed out that if motorist? used safety belts, they: Couldn't slide from behind the Wheel. Couldn't be thrown into or through a windshield in a collision. Couldn't be thrown to the pavement through an opened door. "Airplane manufacturers put in safety belts," Dundee concluded. "Why hot automobile manufacturers?" Deepest Well At Aulnay-sur-Bois, France, has been sunk what is considered the deepest artesian well in the world. It is 1400 feet deeper than the Eiffel Tower is high. Clubs Columbus Columbus 4-tt club met Monday, December 1, for their 4-H club meeting, The meeting was called to order by President Hazel Griffin. Laura Lee Smith lead the song "America." O. V. Edwards played the piano for the club. Next came the pledge by the entire group. Twenty-two new members joined the club. Barney Chambers, assistant county agent, gave a demonstration on how to control external parasites on poultry, The club adjourned until next meeting, the first Monday in January. COLD! Relieve misery, as most do. Rub the throat, chest and back with time* tested toft IRON WORKERS LOCAL, UNION 591 of Shreveport, La., holds its official meeting at 7:30 o'clock every 1 Thursday night in banquet room of Hotel Barlow, Hope, Ark, H. H. PHILLIPS, 8.A. & P.S.T, CHE shut her thoughts resolutely to rumors she had heard of his "affairs," Office gossip, she told herself, Even the invitation he had given Diana to go to dinner with him had probably been just a kindly gesture which she had been more than ready to misinterpret. Evalyn told her a great deal about Stephen, too, whom she had known since childhood, speaking of him with warm admiration. "There is not a finer mind anywhere than Stephen's," she said. "I hope you appreciate what a treasure you've married. And I'm sure he must love you very much!" Diana felt like a traitor, but Ivalyn attributed her confused reply to the natural reticence of a bride. Diana wondered what Evalyn would think a few short weeks hence when she learned of the divorce that Stephen would arrange. Itjwas late when she rose to go. "I "want you to come here whenever you can," Evalyn said. "I ike you, Diana, and I want you 0 know you are always welcome. Handicapped as I am, I do not get ut much and I shall consider it 1 special privilege to have you "ome!" Diana's eyes blurred. "As if the irivilege weren't all on my side! 'his has been one of the happiest ;ays I have ever known. J thank ou for it." "I'm glad," Evalyn smiled, her oft, sightless brown, eyes shining. All the way home Diana was glow with the warmth of the >lind woman's friendship. What id it matter if Adela were rud« nd unkind, as long as she had Svalyn? Still in this exalted mood, she cached the Curt home. Larkin old her that Stephen had not yet ome in. She ran through some nail lying on a small table in the allway and was about to pass n up to her own room when she card ]pw voices in the drawing oom. More from curiosity than nything else she paused to glance in. Then she stopped short in mazement. For there, closely clasped in ach other's arms, stood Adela Richard Thorpe! Be ew Holiday Dresses You'll thrill at these new holiday dresses that have just arrived. Whether you're a jr. size or a regular 12 to 20 you'll find dresses tuned to the holiday swing of things that will add to the gaiety of your Christmas season. BEAU TROUBLE? Better than batting your lushes at your best boy friend, wear a new Gay Gibson with flower-stem look, and he'll get over his shy! Try a style of Gayla Crepe (acetate and rayon) in Black, Rhapsody Blue, or Bowling Green. Sizes 9 to 17. 10.98 * FOR LA-DE-DA. Here's a Gay Gibson that's quite ooh-look, to make you feel dancy at the drop of a new waistline, and to attract the Men. You'd like that, hmm? Of Evergay Crepe (Tubize rayon) in Black or Brown. Sizes 9 to lit Are important wherever the young crowd gathers. Be a wise gal and get your wardrobe ready for fun. No budget - bugaboo either, cause Gay Gibsons, designed for Jr. figures are also priced for Jr. budgets. 10.98 10.98 f) iL/ on Here's a new Nelly Don we think is "Tops" for holiday busying around. Important shantung rayon . . . softly tailored with waist-hugging silhouette and trim'fly front closing. An "easy in and out" for the pressed for time holiday rushers. 7.98 In Line With Holiday Doings Young, festive, colorful — designed by Nelly Don in club Sheer rayon (Q soapsuds fashion). A dress you can really enjoy wearing because there's never a fear when you wash it yourself. 5.98 Give Eagle Stamps The Leading Department Store Geo. W. Robison & Co. WHAT'S YOUR S. A.* RATING? .'Style Attractiveness. — There is a fashion grandeur plus the fresh winsomeness of extreme youth captured in the adorable lines of this sure-nuff "party" dress, of Gala Crepe (acetate and rayon). Black, Brown, Rhapsody Blue. Sizes ~" 9 to 17. 'L' ^ HOPE NASHVIUJ V « I 1 .1

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