Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 30, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1935
Page 4
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df Man Atww« to PttfHotM 10 Wagon trucks, 11 ttalt la You and n»». isnaa HiiBBiaraffl aa@@ amass raaaa HHii HD3SH HHH MUSKS, ana EHSB awra wn p aa«iaa anaiis H 3S Social insect. 39 Afternoon meals. 40 "To change. 44 To strike. 45 Mends. 48 Genuine. 41 To murmur as a cat 4S Compressed fodder. 49 It belongs to the family 50 There are many domesticated -—. 1 Olv«r. 2 Music drama. 3 Gun. 5 Splrltus asper. 6 Avenue. 7 Neither. S It is the most - of beasts 9 Figure In prayer. IS Pnrt of the 19 Washerwomen 21 Sloth. S3 Because. 25 Pood. 28 Affirmative. 27 Animal akin. 88 dolt device. 29 Irish coal. 30 Devoured. 31 Expensive. 32 Work of skill. 33 Variation. 36 Harem. 38 Ozone. 39 Powder Ingre- dlent. 40 Part of a circle. 41 Meadow. 42 Light brown. 43 Prophet. 44 Color. 45 To perish. 47 Father. 43 Spain. Find It! Rent It! Buy It! in the Hope Star IARKEI PLACE ,.., the more you tell, the . ' quicker you sell. .'1 time, We line, min, 30c „ consecutive insertions, minim- i mum c£ 3 lines in one ad $ times, 6c line, min. 50c • 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c r, 3%c line, min. S2.70 ! 5% wordr, to the line) „.. ads will be accepted jK^, »..>. understanding that the Jbjn.'is payable on presentation of 4 !tiiJtoment, "before the first publication. Y- - Pfaone 768 Home-Building Up 85PerCential935 But Development of Low- Cost Homes Still _ Remains Uncertain I NEW. YORK-(dP)- 1-. A. Downs, president..of. the Illinois Central, system, in a survey of 1935 declared his railroad was well prepared to meet the ' expected 1936 demand for transporta- j tion service as a result of extensive ,! reconditioning in the past year. i "rare nf frcieht handled the -r .it NOTICE i ____ UP— One red sorrel horse mule, one bay horse mule about nine jfears &W. Weight ,s*bouva000 'pounds : bwneV'may plaini mules by pay- for this notice and feed. R. L. of freight handled the first 11 months of 1935 were more than 5 pef' cent over the same period of 1934, j more than 12 per cent over the same i period of 1933 and nearly 11 per cent I over the same period of 1932," he said. Passenger traffic, he stated, was about even with 1934 in the first 10 months of 1935 but nearly 35 per cent higher than the 1933 period, the first Century of Progress exposition year. WANTH) *.". -{WANTED-Good saadle and harness. \jill trade for good mule or horse. them in. Tom Carrel. 27-3tp MAN OR WOMAN I? ' iWanted to supply customers with i famous Watklns Products in Prescott No investment. Business established earnings average 525 weekly, pay starts immediately. Write J. R. Watkms Co., 70-86 W. Iowa Ave., Memphis, Term. Also figured into 1934 travel were reduced fares and traffic resulting from the second exposition in Chricago. "The number of new industries established on the Illinois Central system during 1935 seemed likeiy to reach 200, an increase of 27 per cent over 1934, of 79 per cent over 1933 and of ±yd*ii Ol Iu ^Jv* t^.jiv «»>.* -»^w. —- — 178 per cent over 1932," he continued. "The new capital invested in these industries during 1935 was expected to reach §13,000,000." FOR SALE TOR SALE—Horses and mules, See C; H, Button at Button and Hale Service Station, Hope, Ark. 12-2btp FOR SALE—At once, one four and •'one six room house, furnished or unfurnished. Cheap. 621 South Fulton street. 27-3tp Fencing Schools Busy BUDAPEST.— (ff)— While other businesses skid downwards, facing schools in the Hungarian capital are j flourishing. Their cKief customers are government officials, parliamentarians and parly loaders who take daily lessons in handling the sabre—the weapon generally chosen to settle differences between political opponents. Hungarian political leaders frequently must defend their points of view on the duelling ground. FOR SALE—Two young Jersey milk cows, fresh. Cheap for quick sale Irving Urrey, Hope Auto Co. 30-ltp Printed RIGHT? Legal MOUSE AtA <aert\N<S» ,\LS Cl Ut 3 ON MY EPOCH-1 INVENTION,! I YV\LL ^>E ABLE :>SE IT "TO YOU / n( ^, v -,,^ s^pucrrv WILL t)UMBFOUND "tOUJ-ANts.lN ^'HO ONE CAN COME.,YOU WILL 5BWE^ ^N « VOU PERSONALLY KNEW THE C»£.N1US WHO J WHO THOUGHT OF THE iy AHERH OUT OUR WAY ^' By WILLIAMS <3O~TO A ; J^t 3 <f" ^ i ^ £ f^\ }\\ *--»-V uuo^ r> d v ?>*- <S f=~. 7&t ^ &-\ mm®\ THE Nfc*T ^AL1^A•BEF„ "HNNDS ACROSS "T«E. T^BLE',' \S -DfcDICATtO TO M-\_ I ^m ^11 I XL/ELL "BE ^, ALL EA-RS 1\ TOhAOPZROW,MMOP,//2-3o^ tr eosu/ VOUR KOTUGP, LSAVGS TW KGV IM A QUGGP. PLACE/ I NOTICGD IN TW BPOOM, AW WCftE IT you FOUND rt/ i'vs UOST MVAPPGTlTe tutu's A wore UP IM A CWAIR, PROMT OF TV-4' DOOR, ^WMERE WE CAM'T G-GT WITHOUT SGE\ f SCAIPT TO OP NOTES 11 THE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Proceed, Jimmy! ,, J5 OY N[ /> SCBVICC. IKC r. M. RCO. U. B JPAT. Off. [ 17- J By MARTIN VOO'O TO <bO. OV\ 1 •\\\_\, 6tT HP\\_V 6000 Our Hero Gets the Blame KING GUZZLE'5 FUOHT ENQS T)»SASTROUSIY/ 70LLOWING A SENSATIONAL TAKEOFF,IN A CONTRAPTION ' MADE UP OF THE BODY AND WINGS OF A PTERODACTYL, THE MONARCH HELD HIS SUBJECTS SPELLBOUND WITH AN AMAZING EXB\B\T1ON OF LOOPS AND GUDES-^ ONLY TO END THE FLIGHT W\TH A SCREAWNG POWER DIVE.ON H\S NOSE — HOYKAWOWl HE'S BUSTED HISSELF ALL OVER WELL-HE'SVFLACE GOT MO OME TBLAME BU HIMSELF/ HE WOUUP DO OUTA THAT THIW& HE'S GOTTA HAVE AIR HAH- HE'S &OWWA BE ALL RI&HT- HE'SCOMIN' AROUMD M' THEM WHERE'D OL'V MADE GUZ GIT THAT COWTRAPTIOW ,, OUT/ 6J1935 BYWiA SERVICE, INC. T. M. RCO..U, S_,_P,V ~ ~~ WASH_TUBBS ^SiaCy A"PEW"MOMTH-S Aa67eL Moyo VVAS -^A PREAMV, LITTLE (iOW TOWM OF 07 PEOPLE. Of All Places! . __ By COWAN THEN OIL WAS DISCOVERED/ COWHAKIPS SUPPEWLy BECAME MILLIO)JAIRE$. PRICES _____ LURE OF EASV MOMEV PR6W 6AMBLERSi LEKS AMP BAPMEKJ BAR^ AMD DAMCE HALLS SPRAKJ6 DP BV THE MUNi- r; EL \AOVO BECAME TdE TCPVVKJ IM AMERICA. A^slD' HERE, W/AS'H AMP EA^V BRIAJ6 TWO :'APTuPEPTMiEl'£g/ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Poor Osise! We'll have a printing expert cal on you. and you'll have an ceo ZRwgh ',uaHtr job. What, wet your needs, we can serve Star Publishing COMPANY an Jnj|»iresslon" COJDHSSIONEB'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That i in pursuance of the authority and di- ) rections contained in the decretal order of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, made and entered on the 3rd day of October, A. D. 1935 in a certain cause (No. 2961) then pending therein between Mrs. W. R. Anderson complainant, and Bessie Ogdcn. S O Bates and Mrs. S. O. Bates, his wife, Lizzie Bates, B. G. Jett and Jennie Jett. his wife. Rainey Jult, and Susie Jett, his wife, W. A. J(.'tt and Katie Jett. defendants, th<! underMgn- cd. as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public vc-nrlui;; to the highest bidder, fit the front, door or i;ntranc<; of the Unitc.fl States Po.st Office, in the City of Hope, Hemnsteacl County, Arkansas, within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, on Saturday, the 25th day of January, A. D. 1936, the following described real estate, to-wit: j The East Half o f the Southeast! Quarter and the Northwest Quarter of j the Southeast Quarter of Section Nine,, Township Thirteen South, Range Twenty-six West, containing 120 acres, more or less, in Hempstcad County, Arkansas. ' TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of; three months, the purchaser being ru-| quired to execute a bond M required ( by law and the order and decree of i said Court in said cause, wilh itpprov- ! , eel .security, bearing interest at the rate ; of ten per cent per annum from dale j of siile until paid, and a lien being i retained on the premises sold to se-! cure the payment of the purchase _ money. . . i l Given under my hand tins 21st day i of December. A. D. 1935. j DALE JONES. Commissioner in Chancery. J ', Dec. 23-30. I YA SAY 'ER MAKIW 1 HYPROGEW GAS? HOW DO YOU MAKE IT? IT'S VEpf SIMPLE J HYPROGEKI GAS, AS "TtHJ KKIOW, IS LIGHTER THAW AIR, AND POSSESSES EXPLOSIVE PROPENSITIES.'/ TWO CDMPOWEMTS ARE USED IKJ THE PROCESS- HYDROCHLORIC ACID D ZIKIC SHAVINGS ! EACH IMGREDIEMT IS, nrsELF, QUITE HARMLESS, AND WE MIGHT SAY, QUITE USELESS.' THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) &( OOM8ININ<3 THE TWC . PRODUCE WHAT IS KWOWKI ASACHEMICAu PHEWOMEWON THE ACID, ACTING UPON THE 7LNC IS RESPONSIBLE TfliS TRAMSFORMATION frt _ . ,, jf THUS^TWO ENTiPELY y DIFFERENT SUBSTANCES,, j. A CHEMICAL AND A METAL, COMBINE TO PRODUCE WHAT WE CALL AN ELEMENTARY CHEMISTRY EXPERIMENT .' , KIOW IS THAT /' SURE, i UNDERSTAND THAT ALL RIGHT, BUT HOW DO v tOU MAKE: HYDPOGEKI GAS ? that Makes Them Even TU£ RRST RESOLUTION 1 EVER ^AADe.,l BBOKE.AND I'VE QE&I5ETTED ' PERSONALLY, 1'lA T>A6KE UP AY ^Al^)D T'CUT OUT 7UE NEW YEIXRS, BUT 1 DOT BEUEVE 1 COULD STICK IT out .' RESOLtrriONS — I NEVER WW/E SENSE ENOUGK T'STICK To •-" ' -1 \AAS OUST A YOUNG F&J.ER AND I RESOLVED hEVER TV.\ARRY DIDN'T KNOW V.'UW TUE FUTURE HELD PER rAE WHEN I BRO^E 1»35 il NEA SERVICE. .NC, T. It. RtO. U. 5

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