Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 30, 1935 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1935
Page 2
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m ?r\ mVA :M'^ P 4 ^ KV:; J 111 FItoar! t ^ a _j M j^|iujg^g l |l^^g^iaitfitortwa*' B **** ™^^^^v ; 4^^£g4^£ jgjjjjjtm t^gjA A Pen Staff Ink "•'ffiffi Futrell Advocates by ,<&>«., m» by Stat Publishing Co., Inc. The Star building, 212-214 South A > ' V Hope. Arkansas. " "" c. K. PALMEB. Presideitt ALEX. H. WASHBUBN. Editor aftd-PubUaluit matter at the postotttce at Hope, Arkansas "Umier the Act of March 3, l&t. ^ThTnewspaper is an institution-developed by modern civ il- nt the iieuVof the day, to foster commerce and Industry cireUkted advertisements, and to furnish that check upoi Ich no constitution has ever been able to provide. -Col. R 'rcssi The for.'repubiication of all ni itcd in this paper and also ' to it o herein 338 Woodward St. Star Bldg. /^ ^ W J 0fy &> €$ "v, % %, *** «v Jfr r# 5<f» % •u Chantes on Tribute* Etc.: Charges will be made for all tributes, card or memorials, concerning the departed. Cotnmevci spollcy in the news columns to protect their readers spctaking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibiliety jjfce eeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. By DB. MORRIS FlSHBElN , Journal of the American Med- kal Association* and of Hygela, the Health lUagazlno i doing the job as well as it could be i done. It is really an amazing achievement. The bok has a quaint sound to American ears, being full of typical Russian-Communist phraseology but it does tell of tho success of one of the oddest .experiments in practical penology ever attempted. Published by Smith and Haas, (he book sells' for S3. &e **» »a ll\V k .^S *<* '«- *a ^-^ W///A % <3P *«$ IWfte CM*?* [Sfif.^ ^ c^ ;,Ji COU*^' N^10»* ;Ol)S* & -& t™ ^ ^^ (Continued from page on *L remembewd IN?} By Olive Roberts Barton Just how much water each of us' dooald drink dauy to provide the best possible bodily conditions is difficult ( 18 A^aiaimum of six glasses of water I 3 4Hrfaddition to that contained in about the %visdom of saving he voice f^'i^commonlyreeomAendedand that it gave me much satisfaction So often I have advised mothers a* Said to be sufficient to replace the fluids lost from the body during 24 hours. If you are a normal person, you probably should take one or two glasses of water at a meal and a glass between meals, and perhaps also one on arising and one on going to bed. You should remember also that it is •'possible ttf drink too much water as - iWftli as.-to take art insufficient amount. " ' Good: drinking water should be cooL '"But" not ice cold. 'You should, of course, avoid contamination from drinking glasses and drinking cups; Nowadays paper cups 'are' provided freely hi -most 'places arid, where a paper cup is not available, there are usuallyiny drinking: fountains so con, stntcted as to make it possible, to drink without becoming contaminated from the faucet. '„ The best nozzles are' those which 'project a stream of water horizontally, ' sa that the water not taken falls to the outlet in the bowl. With the nozzle &> protected, the mouth of the drinker canm>tcome.hi contafct with it. r -*- When \vSter-'is -fii&cflutely-pure, it -•has no taste and ho odor, but is also 'flat. If air is bubbled throxign such .vhen a young woman came to my home and gave testimony. Said she. "Bobby is four years old. He is a serious, nice little fellow, but I recently he has been up to mischief. One of his pet meannesses was to get out of' bed at six in the morning and stamp around on hard wood stairs or floors until'he had the whole family awake; "His father scolded him and one day trounced him soundly for it. I har- •ranged him and said what I thought, too. Usually I was furious enough to do anything. "Adjustment" Created Crisis "He also>-.took to having tantrums. He would, clench his teeth and scream until I thought I'd go mad. Sometimes he was balky and refused to do the most normal and regular things. We couldrnot -understand this sudden change, until .we found out that the fourth year was the time for adjustment and that such things were to be expected. 1 ''' '•However, we could not let him go on At least not for another year or two when thW say that reason; helps. He was acting artoc'tously. Our dear little Bobby had suddenly become a Today's Heatth Question Q.—I am troubled' with acid mouth. My dentists say my gums are receding and they hurt at times. [s there anything a can do to cure this condition? A.—Saliva is normally alkahne. A constantly acid saliva usually can be charged to the digestive system. A' diet change is advisable and should be arranged by the family physician. Gums normally recede slowly after middle age, but if the recession is rapid and occasioned by soreness and bleeding, pyorrhea may be present. To control pyorrhea, the diet should be regulated to avoid acid reaction: the teeth should be kept in excellent repair. The teeth and gums should be brushed a least three tiroes daily and the den ttet should be visited at least twic yearly for check up and treatmen WILL ROGERS WILCV POST standing warfonts existing on 1st, 1933, for more than one ^A^Ui^r-ja shrunken nearly forty P« cent,This Indebtedness will soon be paid oft The twenty per cent will be available I for appropriations generally «* '"'i next session of the legislature. This will amount to approximately six hundred thousand dollars for the fiscal period. Will this cause u corresponding increase in the cost of govern- "Tstop hero to say that if the cost of Rovernment Is not put back where it was placed in 1933, It should never be increased within the hear future over that fixed by the legislature of 1935, Barring contingencies, this twenty per cent should be carried to n rcsorve account or used U> pay debts whJCJt ore not now against the general revenue of the stnte. This indebtedness is n legacy of mismanagement in years cone by. Under existing law, it la now legally impossible to create a debt ngalnst tho state. •,,*.. The sales tax law wns enacletl for n period of two y«ars to raise money for distressed schools due to the depression and to mtet certain requirements of the Federal Government for relief. , . . The motivating cause of the enactment of the whisky law was to raise money for the distressed. Fight Against Taxes Amendment No. 19 is in effect. n prohibition against raising any of the tuxes that were in being at the date of the general election in November, 1934 The fight from here on will primarily be against levying any new taxes, that is, taxes not in existence in January. 1935. Sections 2 nnd 3 of Amendment No. 19 rend as follows: •'Sec. 2. None of the rates for property, excise, privilege °r personal tuxes, now levied shall be increased by the General, Assembly except after the approval of the qualified electors voting thereon a t !m election, or in case ol emergency, by the vote of three- fourths of the members elected to each house of the general assem- '"Sec. 3. Excepting monies raised or collected for educational purposes, highway purposes, to pay Confederate pensions and the just debts of the state, the general assembly is hereby prohibited from appropriating or expending more than the sum of two and one-hali million dollars for all purposes, for any biennial period;-provided the limit herein fixed may be exceeded by the votes of three-fourths of .the members elected to each house of the general assembly." Keep this amendment in mind thinking of how the taxpayer is give, to protect himself here rfiJIE world knows Dante All* ghlorl, great Italian p6*l. n* Ilio "Christian Homer." creator of tho 1 "Divine Conwly," nml hero <H nn idyllic love affair with Beatrice, his childhood sWMllwart. Hut 1l wns as soldier anil poHtloal leader that Dante first became famous Born In 12GR, In Fl«r?noe, Dante at un early ago fwnirt. Mm«eU |» (lie ponfllPt between tho Guelplia nml tho fllilbelllnes. wlio; divided Italy at the time, and l>ftt,w ; een the Whites and the niaclcs of, Florence. Ills nature placed him on the Mflo ot'lhe Whiten, or the onnohlerl rich, apainst tho more consery.at vo nobility, and led, In 1300. to.Wa .......... .... ., «»«itnr" nf. Florence. The re-. ot ' next y'cttr, however, the mine Into power uml Dante v.u« Cm-cod Into exile. I" voveriy U was at this time that, he Is linked to have written hi* K>;« work, "The Divine Comedy, spent l" e malndei' of Itis life iii Kavemia. and died there in 1321. T) it n l.e- li shown on one "f three slump* !»• \\ sued by Italy in UD21, OH HK> H sixth centennial ot bin dentil. Inc.) 35? y What the water it becomes agreeable. Presence of a definite taste in water means that mineral matter is dissolved in it. Sometimes water which tastes bad does so because of an odor brought about by the action of chemicals, vegetable matter, parasites, or germs which are in the water. This is particularly the case when previously contaminated water is heavily chlorinated. " ,. If you can't stomach the ordinary water of your community, it is always possible to get good bottled water or to arrange for filters which will take away the artificial tastes and odors. nuisance. .. "Then an idea came to me. I said to Robert, my husband, that we would 1 try silence. 'Don't scold him for a month,' I urged. 'No matter how bad ( he is. keep silent. He is only playing for more attention because the baby is taking his place, or so he thinks.' Then He Got Worse "Sometimes it was hard. For three days he was worse than ever. We hardly knew 'what to do. He broke his toys, threw things, and at the table need like a little fiend. He was worse, it seemed, when his father was home. But we shut our lips tight and bore it in silence. Not one word. We mud no more attention to him than if he ' had not been there. "I think it was about a week later that Robert said one evening after Bobby was in bed, 'What's wrong with the boy? Is he sick? He is as good as gold.' . 1 " 'He is that way all day long, I informed him. 'I never saw a better child. He's man-clous. Thouphtful and sweet as any little Goody Two-Shoes you ever saw.' "It seemed to be a turning point. Sometimes he is impulsively naughty, but I make a joke of it. He laughs, we both laugh and then he is fine •igain I give him a lot of attention, but of a different kind. I found that the voice can be put to better use than to scold." Next-Year Brings to Us Will Be Pretty Much What We Deserve to Get the pow*r after. The sales tax law was a new tax. -^ P Y there incurable fairly the ancient custom of saying a pious the"revol-SionJn wWch ^very^^. --.--^ woulcl little move than just It springs 't manage will expire within eighteen month from this date. Assuming that th country is recovering and that the de nression will be over by January Is 1937 the present sales tax law shouic not be MKmnc'«*l or nny o«her sales tn law put in its place unless the mono therefrom be used for the purpos hereinafter stated. Neither shouic there be .any new taxes of any ku levied unless the added taxes be su stituted for land taxes. If conditio become normal, if no new tax is added the present tax laws are ample for all necessary purposes if they are enforced. . The sales tax law is not so objectionable to me as it once was. The .,,,. Answer yes or no. This is supposed to be a government the people. It can only become uch in fact by the people deciding ,st what .they want and electing per- ns who will carry out those wishes. At a later date t shall have further o say about our educational .system nd other questions that are vital .to he people of this state. D^icrBuy Brazilian Coffee • DE JANEIRO.-W-Dcnmark pact with Brazil to buy , i vw signed a pact with raz o nJMGnri adidtional $275,000 worth of coffee, the Danish exchange thus created to bo used to liquidate frozen Danish balances here. TOL-E--TEX OH> COMPANY Special-5 Gal. Hi-Grade $1.50 Lube Oil — Phone 370 Dny aild Nl8ht hope inaiuiiiiB» NVll ' B ".v :r.T we S0 mehow didn t manage all KmUS m K caii/i^'v— Qr.rv,^ nf thpm talK cvaniuy "J- enforced. nium bv day after tomorrow, borne 01 u^ - ^. &nA The ^^ tax law is not so objeo the re ^iit°?hi5 £ h i C ilted e ; y some l oWem would settle all \^«^ ^^^ svery valley f» a11 ^ e , , l j": curvenc y inside out, or by• depmt- thc assesso r' s our troubles by tinningtnecuii^j. veVBftlgy8tem . ^ ^^ ^ y0w lflnd ing all labor organizers, 01 oy . n ,, ' t ^ k spe culators hang-1 taxes under present laws you will lose nf etiirenics offhand, or by having an s ^i ,j ack , nnd _ lt is n t now as - lt ha s been L, VVC «l/ n-"»" "•' «j- ll- an imperfect and sinful world, i s; -rr^^^s^,ve. A Book a Day By Bruce Catton govtet Russia is a topsy-turvy land By Alicia Hart a little bit—which, in an impeneci, «m. - :";.~'.;-,««i"WSl thi -»„ «w «-r.^fr,r^i™y»" - M«»~. ^-- ^ ^- might discover that thai, aflu a^ ""•, .^ lntu , inchea . If w» U SBl'^S^.i^^feJ^s^ss^ ~~" ~~~~ iv l tu r If not n small amount it back and forth to make waves, they | ^^^ Iil;i ,. (: ,| ' ir , a ,,h(.-lt'tred won't stay in at all. _ Awhile or,., i:. taking Krfiif. »« f«"- SfiVf .--tore:-, of tiny '"» m ' ul 'h-Idles of tiif.fful i-rK-TKy the yea r. t we Ringlet curbs can he made two ways on metal curlers or around a p-n- | binJa i-l- wide waves and , cil or your finger. The fc.rmer od is easier. Simply buy small _cu ers, wind sections of your hair on them and leave until dry. When you have removed them, comb out your curls and brush the hair upward arovind your finger. Even Hunters Are Tender-Hearted! —.—.. :„:.!! Carloadings Jump 5 Per Cent in 1935 government with some minor aid on the part of states and municipalities, helped swell totals, but its major ef- Icct was not expected lo be felt until your land. It is not now as it has been in the past. Land owners have long suffered discrimination. In addition taxes, they must pay levee, and many other improve. While the improvements ipecially benefited the land rebounded to the benefit ot the public generally in improved living conditions, yet the whole burden was cast upon land. At first, the burden of road construction was thrust upon the lands instead of on the people who used them. Sales Tax to Relieve In my judgment, it would be desirable to use the sales tax money, every dollar of it, for the purpose of relieving the homesteads from taxation, ui to an amount of $2,500 in actual value This means that if one's homesteac were worth $2,500 or less he woul pay no tax on his home. If his home stead were worlh more than> V'™ 0 ^ Th well into 1936. Some- folks :,;,y mat fm '•""";••' St,;rr\,;:rr:::fi:x^;-^ Increase 12 Per Cent most of ti.oM.- wo know an.- i' '»t<-»;r>l ; 19fr-$, and 11 Pel' ^ "Ter l "f£? l tK si,7 r-ro "n j Over 1932 .1. _. L ,i,,,t i.T V\l\ thf'ffl ! '— who ihi-m lcnf!'T-hi:;iftf:<l or kid 'bout their v/«i.k».f«» would U- ii.vil- , NBW YORK IB a hffty ii«hl. to Ihc chirr Thi.n tii<-f<: V/«K ihf fi-llow ourid a cardinal dtiid o,, the snow with plumaKir alino-il ;<". n;d as »"• '"•" |,f.-rrii.-:< about it. He didnt but. tin- next time he 'l—America dug ' ubtte from the White Sea to the Baltic, a ones. project Russian leaders have dreamed You need •* er the Great's day-is even Uon^ bu^it bottle of wave-set lo-' diluted wiih you pul ; 1 Many Cases of Sportsmen Carrying Bird-Feed to Winter Fields — - -^^!S-^^»rS:t;; v i c t s _poUtical prisoners ordinary thugs, second-story workers, prostitutes, and bandits. There were gome 30,000 of them, with a scant hundred or so GPU men to guide them; and they went into a desolate Arctic region of bogs and swamps, tangled forests and hills of frozen rock, built their own barracks, made their own equipment, and in less than two years, By LARRY BAUEU Associated Press Writer As winter grips the land and sports- ngan rnsn, toes with a rough towel, then damp-! mt . n s tari to feed game hird,. let us en one side with the lotion. Comb the " hair backward above the line you want the first wave to be. hold this in place with one hand, pull ihe forward below the line, pin in nol forget the "little felleis. where , These sma ii. winged wanderers asi not quarter in their bitter f.ght with , nuw and ice, but every lover of th two wave, built a canal well over WO miles Capitalistic c-nginers jailed for sabotage laid it out; low-browed veterans of scores of prisons did the pick- and-shovel work. One camp had a financial and accounting staff of embezzlers and an office Staff ol men who had been imprisoned for administrative offense And somehow hair . place and go on lo the next wave^ speaking, no more lhan hould be arranged on thc hair below the part three on the other. make your job easier, put only one one one side- and two on the other. If part, two on knows what are u outdoor against. Not all song birds nor all those class b^ctivorous migrate to warme . the- r| t pru.s.sion debris and began t.es to r,ectable hiiil'l homes in 1935. '."anUt.es, to wenl'out 'ti'^mak.: <iuail fo.»d shelters ,t had a box of canary sued in hw ,ockct. There's some K"od >p '•' «»* ike that. . . Many fi.ihorinun »"d KunnerK do riot know lln.- names of lh« birds thai give cheery '<'" (; u< l '" : woods or add color l< but they llk< .streoins ""d Uio winter em just the remain all win L 1 I 11 .L ^. illLli J J i-f — — IV.II""*"* To ttr, while others come down from the far north to stay with us during the cold mouths not b. cov- r-pir'th-m of G PU I VV" 1 which is slanted grain placed where onger and us- trod by snow, v/ill help many of the face look younger beady-eyed little chaps to pull through a hard spell o! weather. straight up and down waves, you put the comb all tna to the . If one ',. a s the Hme :o make an eas- so nuich Somehow that day in the open wouldn't be very peasant without bird life. Cats Menace Conservation When the weary sportsman .stops U rest, several of these "little tellers will Hit right close to investigate tht strange presence in their domain. There is much chirping and intjuisi live turning of heads. Any movemen or sound frightens away all but th bravest. Hunters save thousands of son birds by killing house cuts gone wile A domestic cat becomes a rather low down, mean critter after it deserts th fireside for the woods. Its death is de manded in all game conservation pro grams. Most men who live close to natui or gut their recreation in the open ca A.s a c-.mequence, residential build- 1935 exceeded 1934 by 85 pel Bn i in the first eleven months with jecember expected to make little un- ertWL- in the full year's gam. Home construction far outstripped ther forms of building in the rate of climb. The Associated Press seas. nB |ly adjusted index for this clUs•- icwtion. had improved by late 1935 to he best levels since early 19jM. The- expenditure of public funds, «,»tly WPA projects of the federal UU HIIU lUi/". . All classes of construction, total contracts awarded in the 37 states east of the Rocky mountains, as compiled by the F. W. Dodge Corp., were •> pe> cunt higher in thc first U months of, 1935 than in the same period ot 1J«- Such factors as higher vents, a pent- up demand for homes partially un- dammud by better employment and bu.-inc« conditions, and some relaxant the mortgage money mai'Ket u ,i L -,.it«l lo boost home construction to i,n iistimaea.70.000 units in 1935. Yet housing experts estimate that normal year-to-^ear Beware Coughs from cpmmoia colds That Hang On cold or bronchial get relief now with Serious .trouble may be brewing «id , vou cannot afford to take a chance i anything less than ul- 1 is loosened and expelled. Even If other remedlea failed, don't be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creoimilslon and to refund your money If you are not .satisfied with resulte ftcm the very first bottle. Gat Oreomulsioo right now. (Adv.) tion opera Dated on new and would only have to pay taxes on amount in excess of that sum. sales tax money will be ample for purpose, with some to spare, which , may be used, and should be, to reduce | the taxes on land. Personal property s largely escaping taxation. The bulk of personal property In value is com- pcsed of money and intangibles which •e not generally assessed, jf you want the sales tax continued, a new law must be passed at the next sAbn of the legislature. U you want a sales tax law vw*e<l for the purpose of relieving lipmusteads from taxation you should sound out your cunduiates for representative and senator on the If yau don't want any sales are the lion building. In L the normal year-ionyea. tion . if you lion t want ai.y o*»« replacement need for homes law ^4 tor any purpose, you 1 ' "''- hQ uld find out where your candidates land on the question and vote ac- W . ,,. J^.,'4 ittnrtt »Hf* POS disUn guish between the harmful vail- files of hawks and owls and illlU iuiJia^*'*>**- m< - .. nation is some seven to ten mil- dwellings behind in its house .„ 'th? S situation they see the hope of houer things ahead for the industry Such unpredictable factors as ordingly. " and a funds h 1ch re tenefidal. Coopers hawk gr"«t Horned owl, sharp-shinned ™ not be P' tion. lawk and goshawk are of bad rt-pute. Others shou k lied and we believe no species ehoukl ,ersecuted to the point of extmt- The goshawk and the marsh hawk are becoming scarce, like the eagle. Adult persons in many sections of our country cannot remember seeing a bald or golden eagle. We hope these majestic birds survive, because an eagle soaring in the blue is a picture one never forgets. cost.-,, which showed little change m 1935 from the previous year, further thawing of mortgage were admittedly uncertain factors, but did nol appear to dampen the op.n- mism of mcst building trade men. Efforts went forward in 1935, though still on a relatively small scale, to tap he "mass-consumption" housing fteW hrough prefabricated units of very ow cost. To some housing " the most promising l«*«-»n«» of the industry appears to be vclopment of homes costing $5,000. l An increase of 50 per cent over _lh preceding year has been recoroeo passenger arrivals and departures a Lambcrt-St. Louis airport in tne las fiscal year. don't want the cost OlUIUfc'J' *• J . .. . f f government increased over that of 933 yau should say so by your vote. You' should know where your candi- ates stand on these questions before cu vote. You can ask such questions s the following: Questions for r«oP'e Are you in favor of increasing the cost of government over that fixed by he appropriations of the General As sembly out of the general revenue in 1933? Answer yes or no. If you are, then are you opposed to an increase COMMON OLD ITCH Is Still With Us Prescription No. 200,U«0 will cure 1 It kills 'the parasites in the ski 50c JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXAM, Store" Hope, Ark. H3 Established 1885 1 over that of 1935? Answer yes or no. Are you in favor of a sales tux for any purpose? Answer ye* or no. Are you in favor of a sales tax for the purpose, only, of relieving homesteads from taxation UP to $2,500, the remainder to he used to reduce the land tax? Answer yes or no. Art you opposed to any new tax; by new tax Is meant »W to* which was not levied prior to January 1st Rtsplvt — to have us Dry Clean your

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