The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on August 20, 1985 · Page 1
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 1

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Tuesday, August 20, 1985
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The Indianapolis Star Chuckle So much ofjfour past is like a movie you saw . . .one that you fell asleep in. Low, 60. Details, Page 37. TUESDAY, AUGUST 20, 1985 "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty" II Cor. 3:17 -sir tV -sir & SC;T25 Cents Partly cloudy and cool Slight chance of showers. High, 75. '86 Indianapolis By ROBIN MILLER STAR ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITOR For better or worse, the American Broadcasting Company is taking on the Indianapolis 500 as it unfolds for the first time beginning in 1986. ABC, which has provided delayed, prime time coverage of Indy since 1971, will debut its live show next May 25 a 4Vi hour production that will be blacked out in Indiana. ' Jim Spence, senior vice president at ABC, and Indianapolis Motor Speedway President Joe Cloutier made a joint announcement Mon- Falwell defends S. African FROM STAR WIRE SERVICES Pretoria, South Africa Moral Majority leader Rev. Jerry Falwell met Monday with President Pieter Botha and emerged with praise for the white-minority government. He vowed to wage a $1 million media campaign in support of Pretoria and blasted Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu. Nine South African churchmen who met with Botha to seek an end to the yearlong racial violence that has claimed some 635 lives said Allies unlikely to place sane-tions on S. Africa, Page 6 Botha refused to listen to their pleas to dismantle the government's apartheid policy of racial segregation. "The president gave us nothing to take away with us," Catholic Bishop Denis Hurley complained. "The two perceptions of the South African community were so different that we hardly communicated at all." At the same time, police in Pretoria said they arrested 94 people in four incidents of racial unrest. Eighty-eight people were arrested for "public violence" in a single incident at Robertson, 750 miles southwest of Johannesburg, police said. They gave no details of the clash. Six people were arrested on similar charges in incidents near Johannesburg and outside the diamond-mining town of Kimberley. No details were released. Rev. Falwell, a television evangelist who has lashed out against liberalism, communism, gay rights, pornography, abortion and sex education in the schools, met with Botha before the president's meeting with the South African clergymen. Afterward, the leader of the Moral Majority said he agreed with Botha that apartheid is more "a social reality" than a government policy. ' Rev. Falwell also said Americans were falsely informed about South Africa and he would spend (1 million on television advertisements to correct the impression. He said he would mount a campaign to See FALWELL Page 6 Index Arts, Leisure 13,14 Bridge 37 Classified Ads 30-36 Comics 12 Crossword 37 Doonesbury ,..,18 Editorials 8 Finance 19-24 Graham 6 Horoscope 37 Jumble 37 Or. Lamb 11 Landers 11 LifeStyle ...10,11 Lighter Side ...38 Movies 13 Obituaries 29 Painting the Town 10 Sports 25-28 Statistics 37 TV-Radio ...14,15 Weather 37 Werner 8 Phone numbers Circulation 633-9211 Main office . 633-1240 Classified Ads 633-1212 Scores after 4:30 p.m 633-1200 Prayer During vacation days, help us, Lord, to recreate right attitudes within us so we can return to our daily routines refreshed in body, mind and spirit, thank You for happy days. Amen. Ragweed pollen count 138 Mold spore count 546 VOLUME 83, No. 76 CARRIER DELIVERED II M PER WK MOTOR DELIVERED II.2S PER WK Copyright 1985 Th Indmnapolit SHr president day afternoon of the three-year contract. "It's always been our desire to present the greatest of all automobile races live to millions of fans and I'm extremely pleased," said Spence. "This is not the first year the subject came up," stated Cloutier, who admitted ABC has been pushing the Speedway for a live telecast for years. "We realized we should let more people see it as it was happening. "Of course if you have a real good thing and everything is going right, there is a hesitance to change things. It's possible we could lose A' : y ........ r- lumMM nmnn m.i,wjm,.iii!i ...,.. i STAFF PHOTOS GREG GRIFFO p 4..fiaii wtST 'Grampa' ' ,; 'tVr a favorite '-flvv !S at the fair rm w'r few iMh fi:H mm J 3 Prime suspect in strangulation of woman dies from gun wound By JOSEPH T. HALLINAN And PATRICIA HAGEN STAR STAFF WRITERS An Indianapolis man who apparently committed suicide would have been arrested within 10 days and charged with murder in the strangulation death of Tammy J. Wilson, police said. Detectives said they were "seven to 10 days away" from arresting Roger D. McQuilling, 28, 8800 block of Robey Drive, Clermont, who allegedly admitted his guilt to a hunting companion only moments before he shot himself in the head with a .22 caliber rifle Sunday afternoon. A Methodist Hospital spokesman DuBois County: Republicans can By PATRICK J. TRAUB STAR POLITICS WRITER The, Indiana Republican Party's effort to build its organization from the precinct level up has no better example than in the former Democratic stronghold of DuBois County. Never in the history of the county had its voters supported a Republican candidate for governor until 1984., Last year, the county elected its first Republican county officeholder in more than 20 years. In fact, with a Ronald Reagan victory margin of almost 3.900 votes, Republicans might have swept all the elections in the county if they 500 to be televised live the asset of no longer being the place to be." But the main reason Cloutier went for ABC's pitch now is surely the incredible demand for tickets. The past few races have been sold out seatwise long before the first car turns a wheel at 16th & Georgetown. "Everything except the back-stretch bleachers are already sold for next year," confirmed Cloutier. "Of course we never have a complete sellout because there's lots of acres out there in the infield. "But I don't want ABC to do so good a job that the fans stay home said McQuilling died at 9:15 a.m. Monday. Police obtained a letter written by McQuilling in which he said he had dated Wilson and was distraught over her death. Homicide Detective Michael P. Crooke said he had questioned McQuilling and had considered the former Amtrak employee the prime suspect in the strangulation death of Wilson, 22, 1500 block of South Banner. Street Her body was found July 7 in a ravine near Avon. Police said McQuilling, who had had candidates running. But because of the history of Democratic dominance in the county, Donald L. Hayes, the DuBois County Republican Central Committee chairman, could convince only one person to seek office as a Republican. And she won. "The Democrats did not know what happened to them," Hayes said, "They had to concede that the only way we did as well as we did is that we worked a whole lot harder than they did. "The Democrat candidates who were unopposed were tickled to death they were unopposed. Be- to watch and don't come to the track." Even though ABC has spent the past 20 years televising Indianapolis, the hardcore racing fans have howled at the lack of actual racing coverage. ABC has strayed away from what's happening on the track to go with personality sketches or . features several of which can be described as ill-timed as well as boring. Spence was asked if the live show will include more wheel-to-wheel action? "Yes, we will have more pure racing," he replied. "However, we're now in a position to deal with cau- Among the many salesmen to be found at the Indiana State Fair and there is certainly no shortage of them this year is "Grampa," a kindly old gent in a distinctive old car. Grampa, who is from Stilesville, passes out friendly conversation, timely laughs and coloring books the conversation and laughs are free, the coloring books are not. Partaking of Gram-pa's wit and wisdom (above) is Samantha Leffel, the 4-year-old daughter of Joe Leffel of Carmel. Following his conversation with Samantha, Grampa attracts another admiring crowd as he continues his tour of the fair. Story about other activities at the fair is on Page 17. worked as a diesel mechanic for Amtrak, had been hunting Sunday with a friend when he apparently shot himself. Douglas Edwards, 22, 8805 West 30th Street, told police the two had finished a day's squirrel hunting and had begun walking out of the woods near 8800 West 30th Street about 8 p.m. when McQuilling stopped and said, "I killed Tammy Wilson. Go home and tell everyone I love them and I am going to end it all." McQuilling then placed his .22-caliber rifle against his forehead See SUSPECT Page 6 cause they realized when it was all over they would have all been down the drain if they had had some opposition." Indiana State Republican Central Committee chairman Gordon K. Durnil points to Hayes' efforts as the best example of what can be done to win "unwinnable" elections. In 1984, DuBois County Republicans were ranked the fourth best out of the 92 county organizations by Durnil. Only Republican strongholds Marion. Hamilton and Franklin counties outranked DuBois. Hayes has continued his allegiance to state Republican pro tion periods and it's still our intent to air features and other subject matter during this time." CBS, which covers the Daytona 500 live, and NBC, which brings the Michigan 500 to the nation flag-to-flag, both made it known they were interested in Indianapolis. Cloutier was asked if there was a bidding war? "No, because our previous contract with ABC gave them the right of first refusal," he answered. "We were aware other networks were interested but there was no othpr bidding." Terms of the contract were not disclosed. "We have a mutual agree Reagan eager to confer with Shevardnadze By NORMAN D. SANDLER UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Santa Barbara, Calif. President Reagan and Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze will meet Sept 27 to discuss "the prospects for progress in all areas of U.S.-Soviet relations" and the November superpower summit the White House said Monday. "The president looks forward to this meeting," White House spokesman Larry Speakes said, "both to review U.S. Soviet relations and to look ahead toward his meeting with General Secretary (Mikhail) Gorbachev." The announcement made as Mr. Reagan vacationed at his mountain-top ranch, came at a time of stepped up preparations for the Nov. 1920 Reagan-Gorbachev meeting, marked by what Speakes last week called "a very sophisticated Soviet public relations" campaign. The Sept. 27 talks will take place at the White House while Shevardnadze, named July 1 to succeed veteran diplomat Andrei Gromyko, is in the United States to attend the . U.N. General Assembly. . "We obviously will be discussing the prospects for all areas of U.S.Soviet relations," Speakes said. He added the U.S. position at the arms control negotiations in Geneva, Switzerland, "will provide a good basis for these discussions." Arms control is one of four subjects on the agenda for the nine hours of formal discussions and two to three hours of additional talks and informal contact planned for the two-day summit in Geneva. A preliminary plan worked out Clermont girl, 15, disappears from fair Police and family continued searching Monday for a 15 year-old girl who disappeared from the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Stephenie K. Dison, 8920 Terrace Avenue, Clermont, was last seen by a friend early Sunday evening when the two made plans to meet at 9:45 p.m. beneath the large clock at the center of the fairgrounds. I.pavino without notify- Stephenie ing friends or family is out of character for the girl, so officials fear foul play could be involved, Indiana State Police Sgt William H. Smith said. . Stephenie, who is familiar with the fairgrounds from trips there in years past went there Sunday with Tammy Stephen, a close friend and neighbor, police said. Tammy met another friend and win if grams, becoming the first county chairman in 1985 to complete the all-important registered voters name list for the Republican computer operation. The county sponsored a fundraiser for U.S. Sen. Dan Quayle, R Ind., a few weeks ago. Hayes "is one of the easiest county chairmen to work with," Durnil said. Perhaps making the ultimate political sacrifice, Hayes "has offered several times to turn over his license branch operation to the state as a pilot project" Durnil said. The usual Republican combina-See DUBOIS Page 7 by ABC ment not to disclose the rights," said Cloutier. Even though 215 ABC affiliates picked up the race last May, the Indy 500 ratings haven't been very good. "There was a need in TV terms to address the recent results of delayed telecasts, which were not what we hoped," acknowledged Spence. "We were not generating the audience level we were before and neither of us were satisfied. "We hope we can build an audience but we're talking about a holt-See ABC Page 7 in recent talks between Shevardnadze and Secretary of State George P. Shultz calls for the first day to be devoted to a general exchange of views. On the second day, the two superpowers have agreed to zero in on three areas of mutual concern: arms control, regional issues and bilateral relations. Mr. Reagan also intends to raise the issue of human rights, officials said, despite a refusal by the Soviets to add that topic to the official agenda. The pre-summit posturing continued Monday as the Soviets proposed an international conference on the militarization of outer space an issue brought to the forefront of the arms control debate by Mr. Reagan's determination to press ahead with research on his "Star Wars" missile defense program. His refusal to even consider curbs on research and development has been one of the principal sticking points in the Geneva arms talks, which began March 12. Also at Santa Barbara Monday, Mr. Reagan's national security adviser, Robert C. McFarlane, said that a fundamental change in U.S.Soviet relations "will not happen in our lifetime" and may be possible only if the Soviet system adopts Western-style values. In a speech outlining U.S. goals for the president's fall summit meeting with Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev, McFarlane said Mr. Reagan "is ready patiently, methodically and with determination to take small steps forward, and that we will respond in proportion to what we see from them." parted company with Stephenie. Before doing so, however, the two girls agreed to meet at the clock. When Stephenie failed to arrive there at the appointed time, the search for the girl began. Her mother, Cathy G. Dison, described her daughter as "very shy" and a "very good student"and said she did not know why the girl would run away. "I. hope that's all it is, I hope someone didn't get her," said Mrs. Dison. She said her daughter had neither run away nor talked about running away. "She doesn't even hardly ever stay away from home," Mrs. Dison said. "It's not like Stephenie." Stephenie, who will be a sophomore at Ben Davis High School in the fall, attended Fulton Junior High School last year. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall, and weighs 120 pounds. She was last seen wearing blue jeans, white tennis shoes and a black T-shirt bearing the words "Tears for Fears," which is the name of a rock group. they'll run STAFF ILLUSTRATION I:-:;:1 inoianapolii duboisco I iiM i II!!! & rA llL.i. ,1111

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