Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 1, 1941 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1941
Page 2
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J v \, -$x '*'-<.5 <v *• * *-*^T'W).n*" i. &THfe MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" Yoii can talk to only on« man Want Ads talk to Thousands , RBNT, BUY OR SWAP Ads cash }n advQr >ce- Not taken over the Phone . ** ttm*»~l« ("Infmum JOc minimum »»« , mlnlmym S0« Oiw month— He word, minimum $2.70 Rates arc for continuous \nsttt ion* only For Sole BY BimNG USKD FURNI- from us! Charts, Tables, Stoves,' and many other items all in condition with reasonable ^ ices. Also highest prices paid for fbsed'JEumiture. FRANKLIN FURCO., South Elm Street 9-lmc. B CORN, 75c PER BUSHEL JM 'crib. Plow tools, all kinds. Plow at. See A. N. Stroud, Washington, rk. 13-lmp SADDLE HORSE, 3 YEARS fofi.' Weight 850 pounds. W. G. Wadie, Button, Ark. .25-6tp C&KLS BICYCLE. GOOD CONDIT- ffth. $10 cash. 401 South Walnut, Hope " ' 26-3tp NATIONAL GRAFLEX II Bosh & Lomb a Tessar F"Lens. $60.00 Cash. E. H. Kent, P19, South Jllm Street. Phone'545. ' , 26-3tp „ 4-DOOR SEDAN— fpneap for cash. F, A. Merritt. 1001 t$Test 7th St 28-3tp ,,. Real Estate For Sole ACRES FORMERLY CLAUD e, now owned by H. E. Bemis. S600. ,See FLOYD PORTER- 24-6tp ONE MILE EAST OF ^—Jl on good groveled road. „_,, : off Lewisville Highway 29 fan'd Vrz miles from school. Good &Rouse, well of water, fine com- pnunity, good spring, plenty of Swood- Gas and electricity available. pSee-L,"Tj. Sandridge, Spring Hill, ^Arkansas. Address Hope, Route 1. 26-6tp |SSJ>ACRES AND 4 ROOM HOUSE. 10 ^roiles out on Washingion 'Highway gat Cross roads. Write Mrs. F. R. |Smeltzer, Prescott, Ark. 29-3tp SHOP. GOOD LOCA- on South Main Street. Call, at Shop for Information. 29-3tp Sewing J, PLAIN OR FANCY SEWING ll Mrs. C, C, Hollman, Phone 529J, T[22 North Main. 28,«h> , .-..... For Sole Misel. 3ISTERED POINTER PUPS from. Muscle Shoals Jake breeding. Also ro half grown setter pups, Bostons d' Cockers. Padgitts Kennels. 20-lmp Trailers For Sole 'MY NEW & USED HOUSE ailers, American Stage Coaches pnd Roy Crafts. Prices from ROO up, terms. See Tfaelma Stevens, in's Trailer Camp, Highway 4 h- H °P e . Phone 22F-2, 6,3<Hp ON DISPLAY — FULL LINE ers* Bros. Trailer Coaches. Call Awhile we have several models to jfselect from. Luck's Tourist Court. • 21-tfc "Furniture For Sole 3EAL FURNITURE STORE HAS |moved jiext door to Saenger Theater £for better prices on furniture see Refrigeration JGERATION SERVICE -, WE T snything Electrical, Wiring, i mo tors. Kelly Refrigeration Service. Main., Phone 144. For Rent ONE-ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment. Utilities furnished. No children. Mrs. M. L. Howard. Washington, Ark. . 25-3tc BEDROOM, ADJOINING BATH, Gentlemen perferred. Best to cnll after 6 p. m. 109 North Washing. ion- 26-3tp ONE ADULT WHEEL CHAIR. MRS E. J. Baker. Phone 212. .. 26-3tc LARGE ROOM WITH TWO BEDS, For two, three, or four gentlemen. 523 South Elm. 26-3tp TWO FURNISHED APARTMENTS- SIS each per month. Two miles from Hope on Spring Hill Road. W. H. Bryant. 26-3tp 4 ROOM HOUSE. JUST OUTSIDE city limits. Couple. 530.00 per .month. .Jhst off old Fulton 67 highway. Mrs. Susie Price. 26-3tp THREE ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment. Light cooking. Apply Friday after 6 p. m., Saturday afternoon and Sunday. 706 West 4th. 28-3tc MODERN UNFURNISHED 6-ROOM house. Phone 364 or 607. Lillie Middlebrooks. . 28-3tc TWO ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment. 4% miles from Shover Springs. Electricity. Mrs. J. B. Beckworth. 28-3tp TWO-STORY HOUSE NEAR OLD Fulton highway. Well water. Pasture. Also bedroom for men. Phone '31. 29-3tc FRONT BEDROOM, INNER-SPRING Mattress. Men only. 601 West Main. Prescott, Arkansas, Phone 451 l-2tp Wonted to Buy STRAIGHT COON DOG. 3 OK 5 years old. Prefer female. Give particulars in answering as to dog •and price. Write Box 332, Gladewater, Texas. 26-6tp Salesman Wonted WILL PAY STRAIGHT SALARY $35.00 per week, man or woman with auto sell Eureka Poultry Mixture to Farmers. Eureka Mfg. Co. East St. Louis, HI, lost BI-FOCAL RIMLESS GLASSES. IN old:case. Reward. J, L. Green. 29-3tc 21 JEWELL HAMILTON, SIZE 16. ; Reward for return to J. W. Perkins, 228 N. Hervey. ' l-3tp Personol MADAM VERA — NOTED MEDIUM and Advisor, Gives definite and reliable advise on all affairs of life, love, marriage, busniess, investments, y/ills, deeds, and changes, Tells you if you will marry the one you love. Give names, dates, facts and figures. Consult me today. Special reading daily 50c. 9 A, M. to 8 P. M. Studio located in Trailer at LUCK'S TOURIST COURT on Highway 67 West, . i-6tp Male Help Wonted IF YOU WANT THE EXCLUSIVE dealership for famous Watkins prpduct? in Hope, have splendid opportunity for right party; car and experience unnecessary, Write J. R. Watkins Co., 70-84 W. Iowa Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 1-ltp There are more than'2,000,000 openings in the human skin, each being the outlet of a sweat gland. ii ii • —^™^HW1 Hope Star Publlshid .V*rv wwjKagoy aft.r noon by , fc Staf Publishing Co. Inc. \ E v pdl jner and Alex H. Woshburn) of the Staf buildlmj 212-2U SeuthAVolnuf street, Hope, Afk. c - onc) mott * 1 ' /MrA> (A fi ) ~ Me ?. ns Associated Press (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n SubJMteHoi. Rate (Always Payable In Advance)^ By city carrier, per week 15e; Hempsteod, Nevada, Howard, Miller and where "150 "' * - S ° P6r yedr; elss- Member of The Associated Press: ThA Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for republicatlon of all news dis- M* 8 * f re ^ ed to !t or not otherwise n»wl ? M- i h L 5 E ape . r and Qlso th « local news published herein. National Advertising Kepreuntatlve— °B nJi 1 ""' I 1 !?"' Memphis, Tenn.. Building; Chicago, 400 North r-«uA Avnue i New York City, 507 " nue ° troif ' Mlen - 28 « W. omQ CI 'V, 414 TeTmlna orgej on Tributes, Ifci: Chords will be I tributes, cards of thanks, •.. jr memorials, concerning the _„-..„„. (.ammercial newspapers hold to f.f 8? ! cy ln j- the ^ news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of spSce- irnorlals. The Star disclaims res- af'.nJrj'V.'r,. S r i. j safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Answer to Cranium Crackers Questions on Page One 1. Manuel Avila Camacho was inaugurated as Mexico's president. 2. Greeks captured Porto Edda, Albania. It's named for Edda Ci- anq. 3. Hungary, Rumania and Slovakia signed with the axis. 4. Hitler conferred with Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov on the axis' "new Europe." 5. President Roosevelt (b) inspected Caribbean bases on his cruise last year. Star Sight Although we apparently can see countless stars, the naked eye is capable of viewing only about five or six thousand, and not all of. these at any one time. Only persons with e - ceptional sight can see stars of- the sixth magnitude. We, theWomen Clipped Budget Is No Killjoy To Wise Hostess By RUTH MILLETT It's true that Mrs. Housewife is going to have to keep a watchful eye on her household allowance this winter, and also that she will have to do some fancy skimping and pinching to make it stretch. But the woman who is really hos-, pitable won't use that as an exuse for skimping on hospitality. For there i are plenty of ways in which a woman can cut down on the cost of entertaining without sacrificing her graciousness as a hostess. She can substitute informal buffet meals, which she can' manage without having any help, for the more formal dinners that took two in the kitchen to swing. She can get busy and perfect several recipes for low-cost dishes, instead of feeling that no dish is fit for company unless it is known to be expensive. She can cut out the big bridge parties where three or four hostesses invite fifty or sixty women for luncheon and bridge, and which show about as much individual hospitality as a benefit party. She can—and will probably have to—persuade her husband to substitute a before-dinner drink for a series of drinks,'and so feature food instead of liquor at their parties. Cut "Musts" Off Your List She can part with the notion that guests always have to be planned for in advance and entertained elaborately and start extending last minute "Do come home with me for dinner" invitations—which often turn out to be the most appreciated kind. And one thing she can do to cut down on the cost of entertaining that will make social life even more satisfactory than it has been in the past is to cut completely off her list all the people she dreads entertaining. Her hospitality won't suffer from that because there is no real hospitality involved when a hostess groans before and after extending an invitation. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with ... Major Hoople >©LD /M^K ACCEPT THIS CRISP "Sga I'M &s Mkppy A<=. & BlU,, RT5W/1NS VOO MORE- ]§ HOBO WITH ^ NiEW ,- „/////, 100 PeRe^iT FOR, .Jjr CAT^TV PIN / ^**«- \ '2%%% *4O lh4V5 < 5»Tfv\EMT IM ^ VAT=.V / DUCK YOUR MV REVOWNS ' j MIRE SORDID MONEY NEVER CPUUp THAT BU^ZIARD ^( y\ rxr^^-^= HIS R ' WITH HIM- WASH TUSKS FTom'Clarence to Wash By Roy Crone J HfNOW/SWEEf, 0UT SOU WWEt) TO KUP 6A«,Yfe 6-M6M fevefty (Jl6Hf. AMfc t I PftOMl€>Et5 MOT Tb TELL AMWN|,d(5 PfeOPLfe TALfcr.,, AMt> TH6V'f*e HE WA£> J V6S, TELUW PEOPLE 'SUCH TWN&S t<N6W THIS WOULD HAPPEN POPEYE Admirol Popeye and Company! Thimble Theater ADMIRALS ARERESPOMSKlBLE FOR THE LIVES OF THOUSIW6S OF MEN. I DO IVAM WHATIXWHEM VAM! IDOKJ'T/.ISEACH PERTEWD TO ASPINACHOVA BE AMWTHIMVTHE PEOPLE UJILL NOT KNOU) WOU ARE dUST A SAILOR/ SGS, HOMEST EXCUSE THE PUM, BUT. HOD HAVE MAM4 OTHER •* ADMIRABLE" QUALITIES, SO I MEREBV'APPOIMT WOU ' r ADMIRAL POPEWE ^ AS SECRETARY OP THE SPlMACPlOVIAM M " DONALD DUCK Some Like it Hot-Some Like it Cold! IT'S'HEAvT PROSTR/WION BOYS, PENGUINS ARE USEI> TO A COLD CLIMATE! HAT'S WHAT I.SAID! GO BORROW YEAH WELL.WE 6? ON'r BLONDIE Puckering up for Papa! By Chic Young 6OOPMISMT. POP GOOP NIGHT. PEAR — . ( TWEV WANT ME TO KISS THEM GOOP NIGHT AND I WON'T PO IT/ WHV ARE TWE PUPPIES CRVlNfi ? BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES So Far, So Good By Edgar Martin RED RYDER By Fred harman STANTOINS HE <S|RU WHERE IE. SDII BANJO? THROUGH A SECRET General Pop, Chief of Staff ALLEY OOP SO GREAT HAS BEEM THE SUCCESS 6f= Trig REBEU EM&LISHMEM, SIWCE OOP By V. T. Homlitt SURE ITIS_.I'THUMK . SEUVES FACIWG THE FLOWER OF KI ' ^ IT'LL WORk:,TOO. BIT >. MOW RASSLK STI2ATE6V,) ME UP A HORSE. AW HIS MU05 RIGHT IUTO THE ENGLISH <50T A PLAN),' / T M REG. U. 8. PAT. Off. COPB.1MI 8V KEA SERVICE. IMC ^ ^ 1.1 7 n „ . 'I i "'* J I • ' FRECKiESANb HIS FRIENDS The Engagement's Broken HE'S YOUR SON, I GUESS IF I'M GONNA BE YOUR. STEP -FATHER, WELL SHOW YOU DOMT SOUND AS IF YOU •••- NVQTHER WONT £E MARRIED 5 MOTHER ANYONE I CAN'T CK , BOSS / / OKA/. ••*"-•• J LISHT, AND NOW --*-

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