The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1940
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, "APRIL 24, 1940 BLTTOgyiLLB (ARK.)' COUHrER NEWS TflltpIUPS Indictments In Detroit Have Cleared Situation, Says' Officials Ky HOBEhT JOHNSON united l'r«££ Sim L'orrrsjjoruJeHt UETU01T. April 22,-Tlie Pcd- «ral government, concluding a vevcti n'Oji lis- investigation thai resuhal indictment of in defend,,,,,.,- m, chaises of violating tlic Sherman anil-trusi law, has promised »i»U- .ince to prevent lurther .illeueil i 3J3M SUOHBMOSSI! Ul| U Another 'Small But Mighty' Army -SwedenV-Soon May Face Test !»>'. mid electric co.iliacting m'dux- trirs ol Uio building trades Allen A Dnbey, special'assistant 1 .,,?'• iu . to) '" e y Jfeneral, said ihc invn.stigniioi) bo conducted -ibo uncovered .several Instances of ro- Mrainl or [i-adc practices in formative stages, abandoned, after a,,, inquiry usgnn. He nddcd 1 Inquiry Called Biwfidal • We Have reason lo believe Hint tie mvcstiealioii here 1ms nlrojulv been of substantial benefit to the consuming- public. We intend to see thai this benefit is not last " ,ihe first of three indictments relumed by the special jury convened l ns t Nov. 14 concerned al )<?ged conspiracy in (lie lilc nidus "y ami. reportedly for n, e fi lsl time under u, c anti-trust lav s included all branches of the trade - unions, contractors, and manufacturers. Thirly - five persons, eight national wnmifncUirliif companies two local American Federation of Labor unions, and u, Ie e contra.., tors organizations ,,. cro B censcd of nltempttng to put 00 Detroit area independent contractors out of business by preventing them from receiving ti lc aiul , al) Members of the contractors' a<-so- ciations allegedly received a mo nopoly on purchases, and the unions allegedly picketed a firm selling to non-members of the associations. Trial in September | These defendants are scheduled I to be tried in September The second • in • CM-uljoslovakla, Poland, Finland, Sweden-ovt-]- tlir vi-ni-^ .i,n ,' ' .efllck-nt," making up in 'technical exi lence Towl,I, , '"'""f '' nv< - "«'» ">»l«l ns- "small but crumbled when actlw ,, y confronted by ," " n n„"',„ ', '™ Vl> , " lck "' "> «•»• »'" U. e llrs( (!„-« Swedes, if the n.. SS o-C*rm<in pincers closem o il o,, " u n If ron """ a ' ">»->' '«' '••M>«'ted of. ll.i cavalrymen bring l, o ,-. s es across a deep live kern 11 P' <u,Vr , , '" m '"" nlVL ' 1 *- »"«•• »«'t "Dove, where COOGOO mm (im'luding 1(M ,,«, ,,, C con, fnded S U C n o, r°°.'n '" n' 1 "' SWl '"<"''" "^ "'«' S.eden, .,„«„ „„„ M , te ^ '^J "^ «« Ihceine^ net,^,^ = e, ilert) - or to • The second indictment,' returned than a I charged! , laic December, less Jiioiilh after (he first, hi-oe notional!,- known corpora- lions, 10 Detroit wholesale firms,! and,, 19^ individual with fixin» ! unees in the electrical equipment business.;. General Bleetric' Supply Oompany, Westinghoiue Electric Supply Company, and Ornybnr Kansas Cily Gals Si ill Sweep as Pondergast Boys Lose Again the ,j e defendants. The indictment charged reiidants with employing 11,,-eals o prevent jobbers and manufacturers from charging less (or flee trical supplies than the defendants through their combine. The con' spuacy extended to state and Uni Hy I'AUI, FISHCit, NEA Scivlcc ppcclai Correspondent . KANSAS CITY.-. April 22.—Here n Kansas Cily (here are 4li2 mea, .11 of whom answer to Iho name r .Joe Doiikcs, walking .the streets I tic vcrsity of Michigan contracts indictment alleged. Slow-Dawn Charged i" the third indlctmenl, naming - 18 persons. 11 electrical contracting firms, m of them i :] Detroit -in A. p. of r,. electricians' union' anil a local electrical contractors' iissociation, contractors were char-ed with milking secret payments "to two union business agents for instructing electricians lo slow down on jobs for contractors not participating in Ihs repined conspiracy' The contractors were accused of .wiling artificial iion - competitive bids for electrical work, and attempts allegedly were made to prevent those not parties to Hie conspiracy from doing electrical contracting in Ihis area. Cordon went into Italian districts Peiidergast had claimed as his own for years, and .when n baby criert, he was seated on the lectern while she asked the Italian people to aid in seeking a return of clean government. Sharing her lead were Mrs. Russell c. Comer, who headed the Charter I'arty women, and others. The women and allied , forces went out ntKl obtained 100,000 sis- I-'irsl Skipper Rewarded The mayor of Hie city of Montreal presents either a silk hat or a silver-muonted walking stick lo the skipper of the first, ship (o reach the port of Montreal when the St. Lawrence river lhaws each year. muttering (o themselves: "Blast the women!" , These are (lie men who kepi ihe i PeiKlcrgnst machine . nmnino n | years by (heir work as precinct, .captains. Slow-running horses | whipped Peiidergast and'laid him jopen to successful federal prose- jciilion for income tax evasion Greed and boodling sent his re? lieutenant.? to prison. The Jo-Doakes remained; lliey still would be running the town, if it «-erc r.ot for Kansas City's" women They got out ilm | marched (Yon! inuse lo house, they IISK | ,|, c t.-lepl,one as only n vvom ,, n mn and they beat Joa Ooakcs. swept nntiiK-s for a recall petition; lliey imirshnled a 5 to 1 nmjorlly on Pcb.-imiy 13 to recall Ihe machine mayor and council by means of mi amcEdmciil lo slice tlieir lerms from four to two years. When election day cmic, they were-on the job even before dawn They had hundreds of nioloj- cars -it thc-ir command (o carry Ihe voters- 5(jG women sat at telephonr.-; »r°it'i" sssSSr^ pi:l,=;= ,, T s^ KJx-siS* a«si£= ^/^Y<(^^^ -, C-T> \ \rx3t\A Lloyd C. Slark's der Governor jurisdiction. So tlie women triumphed. Now Ihose women arc talking O f getting together, bringing out their emblem ithc broom) once more and sweeping ihc remnnnls of Pen-' <lcrgns(isni from, (he clly und coim- ,',. They, chill Jnc Doakes . al) rigljt. Train Severs Fire Hose; Osoeola Society,—Personal .Massoy, Mrs-, l.aney ,,„,,.,-„„„ Huor bii.sket.s of K riicefnl splrea <>'« his mid low bowls of tulljis In >«>-tei shades wen- used In dccora- lum of the Dr. 1,. j), MII.WL-J. lirano ii', x '!"' V Wl "'" Mts - Mn.Wi 1 iiiKl II. S. l.ant-y were litxslrw.s iu iy Rtuvsls lor u brldtio him-ho» in honor of M| ss Ciiilierlnt 1 .'i-ll wliose marriage ui Phillip ni'ks Burks of llMUord, Va., on 1 «V limrtli Is an linpnrtnnt social vi-nt of UK- Sprlnu. (Vnu-rlng the dinhi); table where '"• ii'ii-st ill hnnor WHS st-ated wus uutdciiir wrtldini; .soene in n Jittu-fl Burden, eomplele wllli n i-r-eiilwlncrt arch over n white »«r befoix; W |,lch (he ntendanl.H C'oiippd. Tiny bridesmaids ,.|. 0 ,"" m/I " re .l' lw ''«"'*i fn>' fitch ii".! llc '"''''S' 1 t'umes, Mre. o. E. ""() for nleli«ii' score '\vl'ih 1 ' 1 '! «<-n tolli.-l .™,,| S ijo|i, B to MR, •". w. Rhodes for cotisolntton w "'"'Wi'H's Kilt from (In- host « wus ji .slivi-i- vegctablt. ( || S |i. -»"che,m BIH-SIS we,,- u l( . brld,- ''t-ls mvthcr mid nuiit. Mm <• well and MlM Nell Rhode-,'"d Mrs. Clmvlos U Miss Harwell was nko "west, al in »"" al tin- ntiei-nuon brld«c give, Commands Norse Forces ',"? XS i KI'i Ark (UP)-U'. S - V«.md- , ()l ..... 'c ntintn but ||, B sm ,. it-Is Ix-ln,. "corralled" am jiellli«-r ' l ' ,,..„ - -; nfternoo'n for twclvi 8'ioMs and W ns complimented wllh n inndkerchler shower al ihe oou- diislon of the nnnu-s. Other alfnlrs scheduled Mils week _foi; her Ineludc (he formnl ten at Vhuover Terrace" eom.U-y Home ll°!:.," ni1 ,•}"•»',K 1'. Jacob, ou y afternoon lo which sev- _ Miss Louise, Mercer, Mrs - Armstront:. and Miss Ethel >'ii from Atcinphls. and Mrs. II IVirrish from 'IVronar the . H-r UrWirc to be given by Mf !'l Mrs. rtiutrcw J. PlorU ,v on' nuii-fdiiy nl,.|,t; t| le mo ,.|,| Ilg cor : ce In ihc home of Mis. Paul Gnl- o»ay will) Mrs, o. Hartsln Hanks - lo-hostcss on Prldny from ( C n',;'' ti ;, loce ; cvc , u -i""i.v; u.e umch- «on on Salurdny at ihc home or Mrs. Charles Friend in Memphis. -. Jon, Uwcllc will enlerial,, ha hinchcou In Miss Jinrwell'., U C i n ,', (l '!« ycur. Home iaved Regardless . I Mrs. Muni. Convention W. w. r-rewltt, Mrs. a Hanks, Mrs. Harry Miller '•-, and Miss Louise. Conwuy drove' r-. R Un-era,'e .fu'en'^i * '° ^ . J Congress of ['meiils aiirt uicliers In session (here this week Iss Conway went, to be gu^L of 1'ss Ucmnrls Climi of Dyes, n ml I^iirlfm uf.,:,.i.i nf . , -^J-- ft: > »n» of Jofner, tiolh ol In the university THOMPSONVILLE, Conn (UP) —How (o embarrass n firannn- Vohmlecrs, responding to a fire at the home of Joseph Allegro, laid hose .across railroad tracks they were gradually subduing the names until n soiilhlioin-tl cv- prcss several the hose, leavin- ti, e (ii'snien lioldin B useless nonales In then- hntuts. ' v , The engineer said he didn't, see the warning signals in time. I'. .8.—They saved the house any way. There are morn limn 3.0(10000 miles of roads and hlghwnvs in the United Slides Mrs. le home Icy Entcrl ;iu.« C- I-\ Manley was hostcra Bri rliib b, | u .,. Friday nfleruoon \viih ai table of jucsls In torn- to Miss CiHlierlne Hnr- ynsion 1'iialvc, l wit), ,-cpelllnit Nirr.i In- Is (ic,,. Kilsllim K comiiiniHlcr-ln-chlcf ot oiAvcKlnn ai'tny. Under him «fo only nbout 25,000 rc-j-iilni- troo])s, less tlian 100,000 innde- (Itiiilely (mined reserves. Nor- weslnn rcarinumont was relanl- «! when svnr mulerlala were fiirnislicd to flnlnrul during So- vlel liivnslon. llecent allied und Aiwrlciui purchases Iwlpul spin- war program. , UBs. ts abound |,i this sec |lon 01 southern Arlwmu and arc Ije- ' io be Khlppnl in C i-n- Accurate . Your Prescription Druggbt Fowler Dru& Co. Main ft Hrst PhoBt , 41 I. Hrldnl tallies Kinncs. A wen- usc-d In or hundltrr- " nu,,v-i ^n ininu^oi-. c i efs In corsni-e umyiigcnienl was Sh'eii Miss llnrwell. Mts. n. Fred Taylor, ,!r w as iwnrclotl llii 8 ei-!(. rov lilBhcst'score «-»h « box of (oiletries mid «w- iH-iles colnsf (a Mrs. R, S. Orlhflclil for coiwolnlion. oucsts ptoyt,^ with the club WCI-H Mrs. T l> IV.I;|,L« Mv-s Wel.,v Yo,,,,,-. Ai,.,.' J,;,- "w' Hliortes mid Mrs. C-lnn-nce Crabtree- of Avon Turk, Fla, M,S. E L lalllnfcrro was n leu fiirat. Mis, n. w. Anderson and Mrs. i. .0. IIlBus of Pin-Is, Ten., were jucsts of (iu> former's parents mid «slcr, Mr. mill Mrs. J. T. rjoston "id Airs. Uudlcy U'nch und fnmllv, several days last week. Mrs. U. P. Taylor and Mrs D Fred Taylor, j,-., rtrovi! ,„ Mom J !»«tc Siiiidnj. (o ) re fmsts f n mil Mrs. T, P. Tnj.| ai . ,„,,, ^ Ur. and Mrs. o. llarrell Jones "id slslcr, Miss I!l|, c l J 0 tic s ac- ompanlcd by Miss Hiiwl AIc- iBhlln, all of lliisloti, 'fo.vas rc- unied (o their homes Monday' fol- owlnu the weekend here us guests f Mr. and Mrs. R, n. Jonc , of his city and of Mrs, Ed Pittnmn nd M.-s. Drucle E. llnrrell' on Carson Lake. Mrs. Itarrell, who Is he Bi-andinothcr of Ur. Jones will elebviite her nlnelietli birthday on The World Bows tc a WELL Man . ».„„ of I id. t » mou . gprl , n N«llonSl Paik hay. ih,i r w«y of t«,tot|a g , UOI , n ,,r.U.[t 0 , u |,. r . r , 0 ^.° ,(„„,.. Mllw|)at M,il:o Ihls your year lot a lioallli viicallon hi Undo Snm'i oldeit Nallonal Park. Tli. Hot.1 M.)..l, 0 hu „, own y.S Qov«nm.nt Jup.rvU.d uatn Iiout6 rlaht iinr? *u , f ° e ' wliei»7u0»tj ma y Mhlb fr ° m !h * Ir room * Tt/ilnecl flilflndanti know ^fou*r Come at atiy n mo t *u *' Como now to p , oUol y " out e ^™- DO AS UNCLE; SAM DOES Jfr^r'. 0 , 1 "-.^ 8 ?^ HOT SPRINGS HATIONAL PARK erature, Addrn* MAJESTIC HOTEL APARTMENTS & BATHS VORTEX PETROLEUM CO. m.VTHKVU.l.f. CIIV MNITS lIKillH'AV Cl NOKTII Any 20e C'ignrcltcs fur ICc U'llh I'lirchasc of S Onl. or- Wore uf AUK. GAS A'J' MO. 1'KICKS KKI-INKRY TO VOUK C,\K Wit-hit- Jlrtw., J)c-a!t'i STONEVILLE 2B l-honc •J'/.l RED TOP GIN away Needs these Services ..%*,/ iJ;".i"> 1 Vrt^V K ~ Urainl:a and flushed with MOBIL RADIATOR FLUSH. /JrHAcero ""r , 3 WHEEI RKAPiur-o t. i D CH . A SSIS — Complete ! u b r i. clcanwl V, K *-ARINGS — Removed, **cation of vital points with GREASE "' Wi ' h MOBtL - MOBILGREASE. 4 ?|} lA ¥«M 1 SSION_Dr.!«difluhcd. 7Drltaed.^iSi*™, A ^ On Wl ' frcsh MOBIL GEAR c..!l ca> ll . 1 i s ;;*?-.? l "™_w">» . /GEAR n M B t " 1 ' 1 '; " OBII jGAS wTfch constant improve- B rcat « Performance qualities for 1940. Snmmerlte Service gives your car quick " way : ',- ' lo "« Illilca 6« "'"1 real pro- against summer operating IVcat j . n aanst summer operating IVcat MAGNOLIA DEALER TH« SIOH or HOK«C n-Sum-Jl k,i.;, 1'vlroleuin Co, • No sparring nround lo find out \vhnt "Is up against. II slops right in anil WINS for you -SAVES MONEY on first cost operating cosl nuil inninlciiniicc. ' Dodge truck engineers know it-Jiiif U li,kcs for belter, move economical performance i" Ihc 114-ton field. And here's (he mull- a (ruck Ilial His \OVK job belter! Tlic clutch, transmission, rear nxlc, brakes ami springs— all ure engineered nnd sired ni;hi; And whether your hauling requires Dodge Stmidm<!-Cab or new Cab-Ovcr- fctiBinB models, yon gel a (rack lhat is l»"It 100% for durable, dependable money-saving operation! And here's more good news:— For F'I'FRV ' ' : ATrutk Tfat Fits YOUR Job! Here's Why! WITH THK LOWKSTI This int-uns lhat regardless of jour job, y m , can have the BEST truck you ever owncd-enjoy Dodge Truck , |JEJ BLYTHEVILLE >ty, long life and economy —and save money in (he bargain! Bring your hauling problems to us. Lot's discuss them. We're both interested in t?,e same thins—rpiliicimj your hauling easts! MOTOR CO. I'hone 8H» DEPEND ON DDDGE '-^g^ TRUCKS pp PRICED WITH THE LOWEST FOR EVERY CAPACITY T^ __ .^^

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