Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 7, 1952 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1952
Page 15
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«s;Cterks jr. W, BrnkH>III, K. A, _. WcBpayor, Clerk*: , r ,Dtftch Waller*, Alter* Carl Hickn, J. L, nato Clerk*; W. », 5rfc\ Guard: '£, T, Stone, W Prielnet Irvlrt White, Otm F. D»u|lwrty nuts ClSftai: BerUrti Stewart, L*k« H0M ITAt, HOM, Thurtdoy, Aufluit 7, IfSt Guard: R, W. lUynen. Alternate Guard; Oeo, W. 4<id«cii; W K. Ism. M, H Mont- ten, Pub! McClellan, AM«rniite Clork»; L, 0. ftkfer, C, I'. Drake. Guard: 0, T. Rider, Alternate Oufttd; mill* Kuck«b*o. 8tev«nn«n ftohool Hou*« Precinct |> Ul J, W Poiipll, M«lo Shep- n ,,i Bush Killer Continued trcnn f*M Bonny and Carol Hoffman would > select group of parly chiefs to b« difficult Behold my love for you both ulrong mi death, for <:c»th will not separate or keep us cmmtry Th«dhow hi* »«<? or report did , „ , m! ,l«ned. «orri*ry, Bill Bright, Clerk*: Carljmd, Kiirl C*i«, Cltrh«: Ruby Hunt Hoffman told police he did not g **_. . __ . ™. At* __ uu t^.En«<lu S>a*. u 1 t$* >. u «_ k tP***,t _~— Aid ____ • ... ... <... gather here net w«ck to chart his campaign strategy, told newsmen | he was "drlinhted to hear" of his! endorsement in South Carolina. South Carolina Delegates In a Midget Teams to Compete Thornton Quits at Hot Springs Brown, Stone, Alturnnle! Betty June <8t«nit»> ro*tpr. Alter-, know the »»»»llant and hellevcd' Hwrold Irigrom, Unlel nntc Jud«eii; Juki* Momoit, T. B. Ml,«.i Knhlcr had never *cen hlrn ! Woodnon, W, H, n»t« Clerk*: Cap Townu'ixl Ouard: E.! before W ''" wcl1 - i Pollcer «ald n letter found In tin- MeNab Pr»clnct j killer'* pocket, apparently written .fudge*; Mm. Jennie Haley, Mule; hy him. said In part: battl |{»l«ty, Mr*. lU-ha Krvin, "t Clerk*: Tom U-o, Mr«. Clntuto: »tid dr-cply tint Vnnn, Ouiiid: 7.e\> rto«<>nl>num. 1 "Oh, t/> make Saratoga Precinct j - - -•-•• - —-~ , ^"u^a '!; C L!?""1'VT' t' °« lh< Cox All«rnat«. Judg.-.; Dnvl* We,-,Clerk*! Hubert Hu«fiib8ii,.i. wrlght. Hyllo Dlllnrd. Clork»: Mr». v ,. r sum McOIII Guard' J L cv- Wltltnoy, Outrd; Rucl Mulllnn, | Wyl.e Dillntd, Mr«, Hor«c... Arnold ' m • " Oiinrd: .r. \, Hughe*. Ooodlitt Prnclncl Jiidgp*: Hoy lU'td, Ira Tiffin. A. Alter' Cftfirtwii, Bar* neet ftp»*nt, Ounidi Jim Carman. Oiifniay Pr«elnet JudHcn: Kmocy Thotnp*"". K. »'< Mc,lv»r Cl<?rk*; B, IJ, 'Colnmniir Alter- rtii I ft Jiiduc*: MIIIHIIII 1'nlilck, Chculoy Wnlkpr, Hoy Fryc. Alter- South Feels' Continued from Page One lion. Hr Is not radical like that I In the drive HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. W Eight; "°T SPRINGS Ark., l*-Duv» 1 teams, composed of eight to 10-: Thornton resigned today as assist- year-old., will compete in the State; ant football c o a c h of the Hot Bovs Club Midget Basetrill Tourna-i s P rin B s Trojans to enter privat. Tritmdar, Auguil 1, 1932 MOfl ITAH, MOM, ARKANSAS gal M accepted the national party's tlck- ! et of Stevenson and Sen. John noon I Sparkman of Alabama as that of i the state party. Clubs from Little Rock, El Dora^ viously coached the Walnut Rids* do, Mot Sprin«*. C a m d c n. Ft. 1 u ' am - . No successor has been Smith. Clarksville and Pine Bluff j named. loved you completely:'""" « r ", u » whlch *f ^ mi you do not love me ""'"fallc convention to ake ft choice between th " S"»»hcrnor« out of the The first child of a president house i bom jn th( . Wniu , H O USC was Esther i their fathers.' i Cleveland. Her birth took place on In a rap at Gen. Dwlght D. El ;. S(lp , 0 ]H9: ,_ Scvcn ycarg car | icr the Republican nominee, , iC| . motnri . had married Grover art- sending teams to pdrticiapatct AT HLETES FOOT GERM HOW '" th ' 2-day tourney. j TQ R|LL |y |N QN| HQUR 1 If not pleased, your 40c back. This "For two pins," said the wolf, j STRONG fungicide SLOUGHS OFF I'd stop this car and kiss you." Sprlnghlll Precinct Hn«H-ll .'a If I it would take years fdi Kisenhowcr to gain Stevenson's n'oo'm" experience in the administration of ' "Here, take thes/," the fiirl rein the famous the outer skin to expose burled fungi. Kills it on contact. G Greaseless, instant-drying T-4-L o, », n, nuriitsrii. I-IPIKII; i Mix Waller Itdlcllff, Mm. Jlmmlu! Mr*. J. J. 3f«rtrd: Wollon Fulton, Lane, AUornnltt Guard; Murlln CON, Sirdla Preolnet j,?,?^, 1 ,!" nf^f^i t TII/. A! Jt'dHe's: Ous Smith. Eddie Mon-; ot ;, l)( -.illc affairs. JwJgim: Cluvp Miiylon. Wnl(«r; w «,„../„ ' ,*, !; ' J. . J-. ,, ' r " v - KinU.-y Turner. Clerk*: Rolnmi Mo contended world tension may AJJfeOtt, E, H, »ubl»ard. Clerk*: Xlm^. !»,!„, 'AH , VT Mar<;um, Klbert Tarplcy. Allornato, ,,,ntlnue or another 20 to 24 years 1. ,,'"'', A I'!" 11 ;, Ju ' l « PIi: ' Judge.*: Olles Foster. Horace Phil- and said It Is Important to have imicti, Kioinun iKMidiett. Mem- n,,, Khr | ento. Alternate Clrrks: civilian control over "the greatest Nation, Jamcx Anderson, military establlshtTK.'nt ever con- Ah Hamilton. u-mplnled." Croi* Road Precinct Slcvcnxon and his assistants also ... i Judge*: W. C. Thompson, Frank-(imft-rrcd lasf night with Bertram enover Bprlnej* Pruclnot | Gilbert, Pete Allen. Clerks: U. K Cross, director of research for the JUUges: llujih I,a«rTU'r H«tto; G(|odu , u „ n oilbe-rt. Alternate Democratic National Committee. M? M w i ,'> ^' I H l ' M ' kl ' i ! J>"»«c!«: C, E. Boyce, Frank Shear- Srn. Blair Moody (D-Mlch) also Uiy McKcnzIc, C. A. Miller, Alter- ,, r j K Tylcr Alternate Clerks: v,as on the governor's visiting list Hubert CJrlffln, Orvllc Rosenbaum, today. Blue'plied, "my hair will come down anv drug store. Today at John S. anyway." Qibton Drug Co. Wake Up To More Comfort Without Nagging Backache Merging bftckaehr, loss of p«p and encrcy, h*»d«clits «n«l lifeline** m«y be due to «low. down of kidney function. Doctors say good kidney function la wry important to good health. Vf hen some everyday condition, such u «trw» and strnln. cause* this important function lo slow down,many folkssufTci-naft- £ ng hnrknclic-fi.fi miwrahle. Minor blad- , r Irritations due to cold or wrong diet may 4 canseeottlntt up night* or frequent paMaRes. Don't neglect your kidneys If thne condi. tlons bother y<m. Try Donn's Pill»-a mild diuretic. Used sucrcmfully by millions for over 60 years. It's amailng how many tlmea poan s give happy relief from these discom. forta-help the 15 miles of kidney tubes and HI-. ten fluth out waste. Get Doan'a Pills today I University Gets Cancer Study Grant WASHINGTON (M—The Oniver- sity ^ Arkansas School of Medicino MEDICINE MAN MAGIC MERRITT, B. C., (UP)— One eyed Harry, a 65-year-old Indian' ... _ . , . .. ,, . medicine man, has done it again. ft Arkansas School of Medicino • has ftcelvcd a federal grant of rhe body of Allan Gould a hotel, PRESCOTT NEWS $12,600 tof urther the study of can- ; «•« ™r. who drowned in Nicola lake ccr control .July 27. Seven days of dragging In announcing that today. The the lakr failed to produce the body. federal Security Agency said Dr. I One-eyed Harry, brought from, Willis E. Brown would be in charge i»»s home at Kanaka Bar gazed I of the project at the Little Rock *<'>' several moments over the lakei school. surface and then pointed to a 1 Four of the 34 grants in 16 states, spot. totalling $523,993, arc in Memphis, ; "Him down there, he said. Tenn. three by the College of Grappling hooks were dropped Medicine of the University of Tenn- i and Gould's body was found in oO cssce and one by Memphis-Shelby feet of water, only a few yards County. The four received a total from the exact spot indicated by of $82,631. thc Indian. ____ Ouiird; !•;, I,. Adcack. AltminJo Otinrd: M. M. Kennedy, Precinct W, l\, June*. Kmloy C. frod' Htnnlcy, W, T. R<iK«m. Clerk* :,W. AHornob) H Alsoti, B,. C. I'Vmliy, Alternate W, II. Jiitliji'n; flnrm;y Powell, H. H, A Soars SILVERTONE RADIO-PHONOGRAPH CONSOLE No Obligation for Drawing THUR, FRI. or SAT. AUG. 7-8-9 Sars Catalog Sales Office - Hope, Ark. FOlKS — B&B is tho place to trade. It Is cool and they food the pork- for you, Yes you will enjoy your B&B Store. IISCO *,y i,«. >« •. < fc,-83c TEA Ltplon's b 29c SUGAR Pure Cane 10 Lbs 95c SALT MORTONS TUNA FISH STAR KIST GREEN LABEL Can -w \ Sifc *tw¥ * W k; * Clifton K«*l, l.<;o C'ollliif, Ouniu: f Arthur Mu«». Allcrnntc Guard; | John Dowiiit. i Rocky Mound Precinct \ Judn<i». .lohnnli? McCorkli?. Ivan' BilKht. llt-nry Pk-ktiid. Clurkf: Kd-' «ur Kulk'r. W, C, Herk. Alle-rniUe«! Jurfyus; Jim Chambers, Harrul HlKHinon. Noi'iimn Taylor. Alli>r-j nntej Clorks; Burl Hum, Cicor«c Mnody. Ouard, K, M. Boyc-tt. i Plney Grove Proclnct Judjioii; otl* Bn;ed, Hiilph Critter l'"ri!d Hlch.inls, Clerk*: Olen Cox HucH FaulUnur. Guunl; W. B. Wll- mill. Ofllrd'i Chapel Precinct JiulHcn, C. H, Samuel, Clyde CtinimliiKd, A. H, Avcry, Clitrk*: Mr», K. V. Avery, Mr», Fannlo Ouiird: No«l Cumin- J. K. MoHlcr. Stevenson, who has called on a DnAnn Precinct JudKt'N: J, C. llnrlui, J, J. Sinn- U«l, W, II. liurkc. Clerko: Munruu Siiniuul, C. U. O'Stecn. Altcnuite Judged: Irvln Whiitlcy, Irvln Llurki; Juiin t.Uiyd. Alti-rntite Cli'i-Ua; Leroy Hniiitirl. t.. 1C. -Siilisbury. Guard John Burko. Pulton Proclnct Jtidu»K: Onvf Dickinson, T. H. Seymour, Kdwiud Cox,, Clerks: Mrs. Oiiirlt'H Howlnnd, Mrs. NOTICE Since the start of the watermelon season, there has been an increasing amount of carelessness by many people in providing themselves with adequate garbage cans. Please remember that the garbage itself may not be dangerous, but it never fails to attract flies which are dangerous. Please help protect the health of your family and neighbors by having plenty of fly-proof garbage cans for ALL garbage. Dr. H, Rogers City Health Dept. 303 Cons 89c FRENCH lonio 303 Can PEARS LIBBYS 29c Vn*J «( **»- KOS '57t Peter Pan Peanut Butter "•*• 33c MILK PET ond CARNATION 98c BAMA Full Quart 29c IJSHING POWDER L g 28c jdztN FOODS ingeJuice J$W JWH SHRIMP 12 Qz, Package 53c Green MEAT DEPT. FRYERS HOME GROWN 55c Pound BACON TAIU KORN 49c Pound OLEO $UN VAtLEY Cured Ham Half RE ELECT THOMAS J. (TOM) SILVEY Second Term as State Senator 7th District HEMPSTEAD, NEVADA & PIKE COUNTIES CAPABLE • HONEST • RESPECTED Does not represent any "Special Interest" BACKGROUND: Born und niisod on n furm In Nevada County by Christian parents. J. B. ui\ci Violn Bailey Silvey, \V«* one of four-children. D. O., Baptist Minister. Reward, deceased. «nd Mrs Ruth K, Turner. Home Economic teacher. Married »u the former Bobby Nell Martin, nnd have one child. Fredricn Nell. A BnptUt. Mason. Lcaionnalre thavlnR served as Post Comnuindor, Post Adjulnnt. und Depuriment Exemtivc Committcemnm, member of 40 und Kluht of tho Leitlon, former Kiwonitm, member of Prescott Chamber of Commerce, and Farm Bureau. Families have 167 teaching year» behind them. EDUCATION? , A "„ „ Grnduato of Bodcaw Hi«h School. Worked way through two years Magnolia A & M and two yeur* at the University of Arkansas receiving H S A degree in Vocational Education. EXPERIENCE: Served as Page House of Representatives senior year in lltfih School (Interest in governmental affairs developed from that expcrleneei. A County Agent 4 years. Security l)ivi.sion U, S, Navy over 3 years, nearly 14 years toachinu credit — now a farmer and administrative Assistant of Capital City Business College. Served one term as Senator from Nevada and Columbia Counties, STANDS FOR: • Personally opposed to any increase in taxation. t • Better inforcement of Present tax laws. • More ecanomv in spending state's revenues. • Equitable minimum salary scale for teachers with workable financial structure that will furnish educational opportunities to all. • Increased grants to deserving cases on Welfare rolls — Elimination of ineligible* from rolls. • Protection of Free Enterprise. • Legislation that will help our biggest business — Agriculture, including Forestry. • Elimination of Arkansas' Divorce*Mills • Better equalization of tax burden on Highway users. • Any legislation promoting general Welfare of our great state. OFFERS CONSTITUENTS: Ward U his lumtf — will not beiray any delegation orVonstituenl. Has intestinal fortitude to fluht for thus** ihlnfts that arc ri«ht and no "special Interest" tAs Chiropractic IA-^JS- 1«IUM}> will prevent taking issue on any and alt problems arising. ANSWER TO OPPOSITIONS PROPAGANDA: Opponent has sorvvd two terms a* provided for in the constitution of Arkansas. He is ttkHluu for Third term. 1 am grateful to my neighbors for dis-urovins the reports that 1 will not carry my hon\«,*Bo«e»iwi Box where §7 votes were east July 29th. The fol- lowinu statement was signed by those whose names appear below "We tne eitiMins of Bodc»w community, are boosting oux' neighbor Thomas J. (Tom) Silvey lor re-election to a second term as Slate Senator." NOW in Progress ... Stop by and Save 1st ANNIVERSARY SALE! SPECIAL! FRIDAY, AUG. 8th ONLY! Sale items below available only at Sears Catalog Sales Office, Hope. Remember, it is a one-day-only sale! Girls Eyelet Trimmed Blousette Girls Roll-Collar Blouse Regular 1.24 49c Was $1.79 1.39 White rayon crepe with jewel neckline. Eyelet trimmed. Sizes med. and large. Gold-color metal buttons. Shirred yoke. Washfast White. Sizes 12, 14, 16. 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BuUer l»-s. jr. B. Silvey " C, Turner U. Bo«wetl U Rc*s utler Martrn C. K. Martin C, M, Dunn K. O. Benson H. W. Crain OUer May A, R. Cameron Carl L«>wis P. E, Butler Mrs. A. E. Butler H, K. Butler P. F, Whitlen Mrs. H. F. Butler V. C. Brown M. L. Brockiuan Mrs. E. D. Downs A. M. Miller Hailin Tye Elmer W. May Carl Brady W H McMUloii, Mrs J. 11. Silvey Mrs. E. C. Turner Jewell K, Wesson A. H. Boswell. Jr. J. A. Martin Mrs J. M. Butler J. C. Daniels I. J. Daniels J. D. Mav Wm. B >i. Pool E. B Stewart J. W. May J. W. May H. B. Cassidy P. E Me Cargo Ray Martin Alex T. Boswell Doiisald Huckabx-c J. B. Huckabce A. E. Butler Harrvl BuUer H. M,.BuUcr R. E7Story Mrs. V. C. Brown Eart O. Do* i^ E. D. Down$ C. L. Garner Circuit Judge Wesley Howard 9th District of Arkansas THE PRESENT CHANCELLOR SAID: "I have no Intention of running again .. Tills from puse "SS" of transcript of 'Yfiso PSiy", henrlns on motion to dis- •olve ti'iniKirury injunction in the olmn- c*r.v court of Miller Co-, Ark. Judto Steel said: •Tills is not Circuit Court. We don't have a Jury and 1 am sorry that they don't But the court has to do without it. Public opinion has very little to do with running this grist mill. I HAVE NO IN- TBNTION OF RUNNING FOR OFFICE AGAIN. I do what I think right regard|p»s of public opinion. I aoi just as independent as a woodchuck." Before the present Chancery Judge could serte out another six years term, he would be approaching 80 years of age. Another »i\ jeart would give him 28 yean hi office. CHANCELLOR He Is Entitled To It! BECAUSE: JUDGE WESLEY HOWAKD IS EXPERIENCED .. He has ser\ed six .years as Circuit Judge of th« Ninth Judicial District wid 20 years in the prattle* of law. Jl UGE AVESI-EY HOWARD IS QUALIFIED ... '. Ho is a graduate of the University of Arkansas in both the Academic and Law Schools with B. A. and L. U B. degrees. JLIHit: WESLEY HOWARD CAN GIVE ACTIVE, ALERT ATTENTION TQ THE OFFICE ... Ho is 51 years of age, young enough to be active and alert, and old enough to render experienced mature judgment. JUDGE WESLEY HOWARD IS A'GOOD CITIZEN Ho is a married man with a wife and a three year* oltl son and an aged (73 years old) mother). He is interested, in church, school, civic affairs and the welfare of the people. JUDGE WESLEY HOWAKD IS A LAWYER OF WIDE EXPERIENCE, HIGH INTEGRITY AND RECOGNIZED ABILITY, JUDGE WESLEY HOWARD IS SINCERE IN Fl'R» POSE, COURTEOUS IN CONDUCT AKP COURAGEOUS IX ACTION. Lei's give Circuit Judge Wesley Howard a praaw- tiou and give him the same chance as bis opponent, nho smed 6 years as Circuit Judje and then it«ppe4 up to C&aucery Judge. VOTE FOR MOORE BROS. Serving You Since 1896 Free Delivery • Dial 7 4431 MOORE BROS. FAT HENS !b. YOUNG TENDER FRYERS Ib. / Corn King & Tall Korn BACON !b. c c c SIRLOINS and T-BONES !b. 1 Bottle of Kraft Mustard FREE With 1!b.WE!NERS No. 1 LEAN DRY SALT MEAT CURTIS MIRACLE AID ^ mm DRINK 6pkgs25 KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP m M* DRESSING - / 49 DELICIOUS BROWN & SERVE ^^ mW ROLLS 2doz.2f CHASE &.SANBORN _ NEW VACUUM PACK f% ^ COFFEE Ib. 83 McDougald Family Holds Reunion ' Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Mcbougald of Washington, D. C. who are the guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. McDougald, cntcrtnln-j cd members of the McDmignldj family with a luncheon Sunday ati the Broadway Hotel. Favors were boot whistles. Virginia Ann Hay's assisted Mr. and Mrs. Justlss. c c FRESH COUNTRY EGGS LARGE SIZE Pet Milk 7 cans 8 LB. PAIL WILSON a PURE LARD I GIANT SIZE DUZ&OXYDOL ALL BRANDS PURE CANE GODCHAUX PURE CANE GODCHAUX £*L A SUGAR 10 lb$,93 SHAWNEE'S BEST m mW -^ FLOUR 25 Ibsl J9 ^™ ^^ FLOUR 10lbs. BROOKS DELICIOUS CATSUP 2 bots. FRESH PURPLE HULL PEAS Aunt Jemima Corn MEAL Ibs. 5 10 Ibs 44c 88c 10 Oz Package Curtis 2 Pkgs. Marshmeilows YELLOW ^ mm 46 Oz. Can «| BANANAS2lbs.25 C Orange Juice / YOUR VOTE FOR FRANCIS CHERRY is a vote for HONESTY and DECENCY in state government Cold Facts Cannot Be Denied! Home Folks REALLY DO KNOW YOU BEST"- for instance! * Craighead County A 535 Judge Cherry's Home Count ' Garland County McMejrh's Home County FOR CHERRY VOTEP 2,815 His Opponent Got Only 2,407 McMath's Home Folks Gave Him JOR_§HERRY 2,685 Jefferson County McMoth's "Opening County" 3 Times WESLEY HOWARD for CHANCELLOR Su^eefe |a 9mue^ £*fcwf ^»l«^^» , 4,076 FOR CHERRY VOTED Puloski County 14 353 AdministraHon Headauarter* ' His Opponent Got Only 3723 end Gave McMarh Only 8,944 Juft Figure It Out for Yourself! ' 19 Spite of So-Colled "BLOC VOTES" & "CONTROLLED VOTES" THI VOTERS EVERYWHERE SAY Iff CHIRKY teldM f\ m9 in " NOW Comroitte*. Jet Explodes on Carrier; Eight Die WASHINGTON (UP) —The Nnvy announced toclny thnt n jet plnne exploded nbonrd tho Carrier Boxer off North Korea yesterday, kllllna eight men, Injuring ninny more, and seriously dnmnRlno the 27,000- ton urn ft. Of the. Injured, only two were listed ns bclnjl In serious con- flit ion. Both nre enlisted men. Thu niivy Identified them ns: Mlchncl F. Hnnnlfy, whoso moth.... iv Mrs. Winifred Oleny, lives In Clnrn Fern, Sonja, Lcmindn and I day and Murlhn Guy ninckwcllj Minnil, Fin, Ho was seriously Oscar Cirady, Mr. nnd Mrs. Mont! "H of Pino Bluff, Janet West of i burned. ditlnn with Compound (eg fractures and multiple injuries. Names of Ihn dead—n medical destroyed. The navjf , action was not involved. l£l blast may have resulted Mls« Bemla Entertains In Little Rock Daisies and white asters center- d the table at the luncheon nnd kitchen shower Blttey Bemis of officer and seven enlisted m»n*- cumulation of gnses in ttt" nnd of the other slnjurcd will be 'tall pipe nftcr it Cam* (rt.T published nftcr nest-of-kln have fl!r«M. " teen notltied. The navy said 03; The Boxer, n carrier men trapped by flames jumped sex class, was one 'of ' overboard and wove picked up U. S. svavshlps to flgftl fti Inter by srnnll boats and helicop-j renn war, Tho ' ; Arrangements of mixed garden! Prescott and Bev Balch Rave Sat- flowers in crystal bowls decorated I urday at Batch's for Bev Town- the long table covered with a white) send of Pine Bluff who Is cngag- cloth. i rd to Max Tatman. Guests were Covers were laid for Mr. and' Mrs. James F. Townsend. Mrs. Mrs. Reese McDougald, Anneltej, j Donald A. Tatman, Miss Janis HI ters. , ; as the ship was operating The plnfic exploded In the him- off Wonsnh, North Kofet Har deck, starting a fire among , Boxer's planes have ^ stored planes, 13 of which were at Communist politic fill] Narris. John, Ester Grey, Joe nnd Mont Jr., Mrs. Lonnic Wilson nnd Jackie, Mrs. Harlcy Slsson, Mr. nnd Mrs. Ralph Harris and DC- Watts and Juli borah Kay, Mr, and Mrs. Paul Dei-ryville, Mrs. Tom Bcwis of] Kalph L. Ftnley, box 223. Korn- Prescott, Mrs. Fred Bnlch, Freddie HoRcrs, Ann Tyler, Patsy Harris and Mike, Mr. and Mrs. Hayden Harris and Lucky Jean, Mr. and Mrs. James Harris. Group pictures were made and the, afternoon was spent at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Me- Uougald. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Justlss Honor Son Mr. and Mrs. Mark Justlss en- Clnlr Wood. Mr, nnd Mrs. Dudley Gordon nnd d.-uinil tors, Anna and Ellen, spent the weekend at Laku Haniil- Mr. and Mrs. Hervey and Jim Dcmls were- tho weekend guests of Mrs. C. W. McKclvcy and Mrs. Lillitm VniiKhn in Little Hock. (tit, Mo. Ho Is In a critical con kansas at n week-long Girls' Nn- tton in Washington, I). C., Slic was chosen from delegates to Girls' Slate lit Camp Robinson in Juno. ON YOUR Mr. and Mrs. Saxon Regan spent Snturdny with Mrs. El.no Regan Miss Helen Scott of Little Hock was tho weekend guest of her 'ptu-eiits, M,v, and "Mrs. Hunter Scott. ... ^ W«m Scott lu,s urtaincd with u lawn party on who is a patient in St. Micheal's ''ridny evening for the pleasure Hospital, Texnrknnu. of their son, Bill, who was celebrating his sixth birthday. Games were played and a mov- ng picture shown and were en- oycd by the guests Charlotte Jane Duncan, Carolyn Daniel, Cynthia Arnold, Sunnye Gayle and Vickl Sue Morris, Janie Sue Dutches, Richard, Jimmy and Gail Graham Alec Gordon, Gil Johnson, George Hamilton Christopher, Wally Pitt man, Johnny Langston, Sanfira Ward, Harry and Butch Lightfoot, James Foster, Ruth Hairston, and Gregg Buchanan, Mike Daniel Cyril Stewart, Frcderica Silvey, of Bodcaw. The pink and white birthday cake was served with ice cream. Mr. and Mrs. Krncst M"umison and Larry were the Sunday guests of '-chilivcs in Waterloo. Mr. and Mrs. William Hnys nnd as their guests for thu weekend Mr. and Mrs. George Scott of North Little Rock. son of Okolona' were the weekend- olhcr rcllltlvos guests of Mrs. W. O. Hays nnd Miss Caroline Hays. Mrs. Wylle Bird nnd son, Stevie, have returned to their home In Ft. Cobb, Okln,, after 11 visit with her mother, Mrs. Bob Cox and Miss Loyce Stewart has returned to Little Rock after n visit with her mother. Mrs. Bob Ste- Friends of Mr. nnd Mrs. Roger Smith of Magnolia will be interested to know that their daughter (Judy Smith, is representing Ar THANKS I want to thank all who . 'attended the HempsteM'tbun-v- ty Watermelon Festival for the warm welcome expended my wife, Margaret, when she represented me there Wednesday. I- regret that my previously arranged Statewide Talkathon program made it impossible for me to attend in person. I am grateful to all Southwest Arkansas folks who voted for me July 29th. Many more have joined these and are now earnestly working for me. For your continued efforts I shall ever be grateful. Don't forget to vote on August 12th. Sincerely, FRANCIS CHERRY Mr. nnd Mrs. Horncc CoUing- hnm of Little Rock woe the weekend guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Watson Coltlnghiim mid Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Tlppett. Mrs. J. W. Brcazonl of Marshall Texas is spending two weeks with I her daughter, Mrs. Jim Nelson' and family, ARTHRITIS! I have been wonderfully blessed In being restored to active life after being crippled in nearly every joint In my body nnd with muscular soreness from head to fool. I hud Rheumatoid Arthritis nnd other forms of Rheumatism, hands deformed und my ankles wen; set. Limited space prohibits lulling you rriore here but If you will write me I will reply at once nnd tell you how I received this wonderful relief, Mcs.ielaS.Wier •:fr •;"'-» r . "r * ,,-"2803 Arbor Hills Drive , P. O. Box I 3122 Jackson 7, Mississippi VjVi Come in to Sears Order Of f ice and get Your FREE -*— Estimate Blank . . Let Sears Experts do all the '• hard work for You , . . . Sears 14 :^ will even lend you the Tools! ! J This Service is not limited to Plumbing Afso Free Estimating Service on fhe Following . . »^/J Heating (Basement Type Systems-Gas, Oil Floor | Type Furnaces), Conversion Oil Burners • Waier System! StoHer Estimates • Steel Wall Tile Plastic Counter Tops COMB IN TODAY/ tjHHtt/K*ayA*<i4' >HONE 7-3493 Pol. Adv. paid for by Leffel Gentry, Campui«n Director, Cherry for Governor Headquarters, from funds contributed by Hernpstcad County supporters of Judge Francis Cherry. REPHANS ' I f V *l- *-| If y * ; WEEK EN I- SPECIALS Just a few of the many Money Saving Values at Rephan's Visiting Around Arkansas BY JOE MARSH CHILDREN'S DRESSES Just right for now qnd school wear. Pretty styles in print and gingham drossc*. Sixes 5 and 6 only . $1.00 LADIES LEATHER OXFORI All leather upper*. and heel, Sixes 4 to 9. $4.98 values, plain, and loafer styI«|, . » * J f* 1 .^ HOT SPRI National Park-America's Oldest! Follu down at Hot Spriaji jut eeU- brtted their ana bund/adth annivw »ary ai • national park! Not «*»y trtvtlMf or retidenU '» Arluuuat realiie t»i» htetoric l*ct about Hot (*;»(*, It. tradilioA w Fact ii that folkt have b**n enjoy- \»f * ttmp«rat« gU»i of beer lonjer than that. Iff • nation*! tradition, too. T<4»y touri»t« in H«t Spring . And beer • mo4ertte beverage for i f f retnmeot «a a hot tuwfltfr** d»r. llw MEN'S LEATHER WORK OXFORDS Uother ventilated upeert. Rubber solo and h««|«, full leather middle fole and regular $5.50 value*. Cl«w ant prtee. $3.98 BLUE CH, WORK Drew ftp*' interli wnforlwd and ind I 5i»flf 14 », ^ KA TJl^r *!^ ™£^ m *W*f fHOP

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