Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 27, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 27, 1935
Page 6
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to 'Alter an Spring A O'HARA Press Cdrrespondent ftost of the year "' „ sensitive to n* i ng KMrlihrf *n» hoWtftg toa-ket mWkct feegah to ife-Ifi ihWattMfct ttohfl _^ tiw} ^rfcmah«~6f ut* 1 • !]££. ftjsif *£* fiwtt «on th* a* bf UMS- New Deal itt Full Wtehkftjfa fW%«l»that *'*»" I/vIM Ul » VI* ' 0 pjj 0 $ it f oh Percentage Rises From 67.69 to 58.61, in Digest lecidedly less ^ *** uurit y of Uw Ncw Dcftl ev [* ^^,,.0- of the utility fences a father recession in-the latest biirthan were the,returns of The Literary Digest's hi- tion*wide poll'as nearly 1,<X)0,'000, liai- utility 111 teVKitttif., mti* , representative group-'of util- ilies hit dan average gain of more thdn $!&. pet $100 of par value, from the levels of early .January. In general, these liens were decidedly less * . l0 jf<;*] industrial classifications " improved' io'ts from "forty-one"states"are vM- ** w «* slowly bu {consistently, and most cor- l a ( e d in Ihe current issue of the nttg. k,,< ! i««« •"»-» issucs business aft)tm( | ^ higher ranges. e depressfon-era aecumula- ihmtment capital, funds in £ widening stream into llst- tod Into new offerings, final- by.dM>t«ified SEC registia- ; fJH* ftusetimuictog operations of the '* Urnihfent also 'attracted wide at- offerings, which foun<? „, absorption, involved more than (\t billions of dollars, including a part for refunding the ; Liberty loans and maturing issues. first quarter of the year was by uncertain trends in listed ^reflecting" anxieties over the ^situation and a halting pace recovery at that time. * £ i-rlfli the advent/of the broad up- 55%, mm 'in , business Wd trade in the .li ""riijijl j ' in ' i— i. OLD JTCH Still With tJs iptibn No. 2QO.OOU will cure it. •, It kills the parasites in the skitt. 50c ;!-JOHN S. GIBSON ','Drug Company "$he REXALL $tore" • ,:<"•• «; f bone 63 , ? *H|pe,CArk. , _ ' Established 1885 H J ^J J v ?ound tlie higher ran|es lhe lotft , - f ^ lm votes ^^,,4 The MUOn of railroad loftns, partic, I . ._ ,,, ..ion O f 409.527 votes mark- ulaffy those of second grade, reflected period* of marked nervousnes son the pan of holders, The placing, of three important systems In trusteeship was a depressing factor, but as against these develop^ incuts there was a powerful couner- actlon in the final half of the year in the f6rni of a pronounced upturn in rail revenues generally. sho'ws a division of 409,527 votes marked "yes" and 57t,63l voted "no'Mn answer to the question: "Do you now approve tfie acts and policies of the Roosevelt 'Neaw Deal' to datel 1 ' t The percentage of the total ballolirtg against ihe, New Deal is now w.&l Which compares win lost week's- i>er- centage of 57.69 and also with ft yo>te Postoffice Probes (Continued from page one) vestigations in the fiscal year 1935, 121 arrests and got 103 convictions. , The paper on Which a blackmail or extortion note is .written is; examined by experts tp denote its general qualr Ity—as a key-to the personality and general standing of the -sender—and if possible where-it was bought. Handwriting- of typewriting examination comes next, and then an infinite variety of Inquiries, depending on the case. Post-offie&'-ihspectprs' • are—'-career men." -Politics does^ not. enter theik- appointment; they 1 must work 'up through the system arid be familiar with every linfi in the postal laws. The majority f of them i have been i(i the servicVfifom 10 to 40 years. Every man* after'"p;assing stiff examinations which, include- the subjects of "poise and background, must serve a year ort probation. . " ' We Wish You a Weniior Ocean Trip-aiiidSkipper BHti^h Newspaper Woman Windg Up by M$r* 1 ryingthe Captain > LONDON—(W-The romantic windjammer ftorzogin Ceclte, now boun- 1 for Australia- t6 lake 1 part In the 193$ 6»raln rdce, has ftdded a.kaptenskan to her crew. ','•-! i Th* ki\ptens1tan-1* Pamela Bovurfle, daughter ol.the late Sir Roland and Lady Bourne W London. 1 A y6a\ fttfo Miss Gourno quit a job btf aJBrltteh newspaper to make n trip VoUnd :Cape -Mom on the Herzogin Cecile, one of the most beautiful sailing ships Ifl the, world. She sighed on M a'passenger, but during the long, hard trip helped with the washing and cooking. She also wrote n book. ! And 'just before the vessel started 6f 61.15 per cent for the New Deal.In a poll conducted byThe Literary.Dl- . gest on the same subject to practically^' southward she married Sven Erlkson. the : Captain. No\v she is Sighed.on ^rmanently as kaptensknn Sixth Report Litetat'y Digfest Mew Deal Poll '-.. From Thd Literary Digest to* December 28, 1935 Tolal . State Alabalila . Arizona ._.. Vote . Yfi.S' in Support of Roosevelt's Policies . California Colorado' .....M'.;...'::!"...'. ..... ConncticUt : ..: .'.... Florida' _,.......—.. Georgia ..'...,._ •Idaho - -:...„....-:.:._.:._..._. •.-... 106,811) lt,88S N O Agalast Roosevelt's JPollcles 3,345^32.87% 671--57.99% 3,099-39.42% 6,134-^23.27% As the last days of 1935 and the .first days of the New Year approach we again thank you for , the nice patronage given u^iWs ,; ; year and earnestly solicit a con- ^iinuance throughout 19?& ^ In making your New Year's resolutions one as below will be appreciated. To Trade at the 'M'System Store <£, * and "Receive Quality Groceries for Less Money Watch Our Windows for. Saturday Specials Thank You Indiana .......';...'....;.. '_.:.;..,*— Iowa'.....:,'._.,:„.„..:.'.....'.. Kansas _.. KehiucKy ' _.'.™..T."..U™__...'..... Louisiana ". ..... Maryland ."--• •-._ ; ..'..-...Massachusetts .^;..._.-;.-.....U. Missouri ....._.:...;...i._~.....:.... Michigan . ....,......,.....;.....--. Missi^ippi „.-.... Montana: :. ____ _«.. •NeWaska >........... 113,451 5i,6t3; 37,719 4m M m 1,340-738.26% . 38,875-^427.% . 16,533r-tt.83%' . 16,120-42.74% 3,663-63.05% 6,680-33.85% • • ,8,166-2'0.12% 2S',881— 48.29% 15,Qfi9-31 : ;85% 16,634r-36'.24% -.1,770-^0.85% 9,695-^.39.95% _ Ne'w v Mexico. -.*.....':.. ....... J ........ North Carolina' ....!...., ...... North Dakota .... ..... L~ ...... -'... Ohio l:....!......:..,...;.i....:v ; -"-v pklahoijia .... ........ :...'.'.. J..'...~ ..... (S'regon. :...,_..........-.: ...... .i ..... i. , Rhode 'Island r .._i r .;.....i..~;..,. South Carolina" .-._....— ,.'-». South. Dakota'- ........ ...... .'....'..„Tennessee •..-. i ....^.....-;i.i _;-..."•— Texas ........ -------- :._;...._.. ..... . — Utah i.^4.. ..... ;...._.......:-.— Virginl^ .. ....... _...........:....:-.._ Washington ^....- ...... . ..... '...:.West Virginia. >......_•._ ...... -»'..''. Wiscohii|i ...:™;J..::iU.^--.H.;.- .' \yyoinirik ; ...'.-™..' ..... :/. ..... :...'."-_.'' 2,660^40^9%- 10,424-47.89% ^ 3,023— 7"0.43% , 12,497^-63.48% ' 9,188— 52. ! 48% 3,651— 39.14^ 2,257—3431% 11,633-65.15% 15;717-71.73% 5,277—50.65% 5,692—32.80% 2,162—61.74% 74,576—65.73% 30,668—59.35% 22,9.89-58.17% • 21,599—57.28% «,094— W.22f* 2,147.-36.95% 13,055-66.15% "32.417—79.88% 33,909—56.71%. 32,236—68.15% 29^71-63.76% .- 1,622—26.93% '' 2,563-59.15% 14,570—60.05% 3,398^-77.67% 975—53.90% 5,17,2-35.13% • 3,89.3-^9.41% 56,954—63.87%, 1 11,344— 52^.11%: 1,848—58.67%5,093—77.05%'. 1,269—29.57%,, 6,413—64.04%:. •• 7.-191— 36.52% 15;440-39.52%., 1,885-46.16% ; 8.321-47.52% . 5,677—60.86% 8,65^-58.24%" 4,283-65.49% .1,324-61.50% Reel Dafoe Resembles Rea Dafoe Kansas to Allow Wion^ Return Prosecutor Stewart Will BHng Prisoner Back to Letolsville TOPEKA, Ka*n~^(^-Thc State If Kansas Thursday granted extradition to Arkansas bf Leonard V/llson lo face trial in the $600 robbery of the First National bank at Lcwisville, Ark. Prosecuting Attorney Ned Stewart of LaFayette county, Arknixins, was designated messenger to return WlUion to Arkansas when the prisoner eonv pleles a counterfeiting sentence In the federal penitentiary n't fort LcaVe worth. Wilson was arrested on bank robbery charges a short time after the Lowlsvillc bank was robbed, February 19, 1934. Wlillc nl liberty on $6,000 bond, he pleaded guilty to -ounterfeltlng charge's and was sent to the federal prkioii. lhro<i«h vcwe huge W!B« h«««»l«tn t ttu bnly Ulht be* 6f tvfltofjjtwf htti c«rrl«a In HU fvlbbwf Mtfiihft thd French WcheoJoglJft; covered pftfttltlVd ftlWM V> men prnycd and l«ft many ' votive offerings. Ho hlAO . upon n cavern so vast that house the whole cathedral of No Dame," ar >vt«» For All Kinds of INSURANCE sw , : Roy Anderson and Company , t Totals 409,527-41.-j9% 577,631—58.51% the same voters in the spring of '1934.' f» The magazine points out that In us- | and Haggat-and Zechariah 1 , seeking to • •••• •---•- -j.»- * — :--*: — »•"< Striking indeed Is tlie rescmblnnce of the reel Dr. Dnfoo to the real l)r Dafoe. as they spend a quiet Dour in tlie study of iho famed conn- try physician durl'jg a lull in tbc movie stnrrlnB the Dionuc quintuplets Lir Allan R Dafoo. riglu. Is Bliowing one of his vniuablo old books to Jean Heruholt. toontlllncr from Hollywood, who is cast sus the doctor «u tUe play. . CHUT«:HES CHURCH OF CHR'ST Gilbert Copcland, Minister. The regular church services for next '.orri's dav are the following: Bible -tudy wcrk at 10 o'clock a. m.: preach- 'n<t at 11 a. m., subject. "The Church -f the First Century." Young peoples meeting at 6 o'clock p. m.j preaching •U 7 p. m., subject, "Service." Prayer "neeting on Wednesday evening at 7. We extend to you a hearty welcome. FIRST IVJGETHOD'ST Fred R. Harrison, Pastor Only the morning service will be held at First Methodist church. The preacher for the morning will be Rev. W. C. Davidson, who served ns pnstor •>£ this church four years, 1922 to 1926. Brother Davidson has served some o the best Methodist churches in both the Little Rock and North Arkansas Conferences. For the past two years h; has been Pastor of the First Methodist church at Searcy. At the recent -ession of the North Arkansas Con- crence he retired from the active ministry, nftor nearly -15 years of scr- .•icc, and is now living at. Arkadel- Tlie membership, as well as the general public, is invited to hejir Brother Davidson, and give him a hearty etc: me to the church he served so faithfully and well. 'Ihe church rrh-n' will h" h"W "t 9:45 a. m. and tlie Young People will meet in their bpwortn ueiifeuu acivuo at R.-30 n. m. I'hc Pastor, Rev. Fred R. Harrison, is in Mcmpnis. as an aault deie ate to the church wide young people's conference ol the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Sculpture of Bear 20,OOOYears Old French Archeologist Unearths Ti-uly Prehistoric Work of Art ST. GAUDENS, Prance — (&} — A crude statne of a bear, carved by some pre-historlc sculptor 20,000 years ago, has been discovered by Norbert Ctisteret, archcologlst, tn a cnvcrn under the French Pyrenees. To reach the statue, Casteret had to plunge into dark, icy streams, crawl T O L--E-T EX] OIL COMPANY j Spcclnl-3 Onl. HUOrnde tJ.gQ Lube Oil —. T «. Phone 370 Df * M*X&t heoie ut Dry Clean your farmtn.lt, . - - * t thruout ihe CAR GLASS CUT AJTO GHOUND TO V\t ANY CAR BRYAN'S Used Parts 411 South Laurel Street We Prescribe An old greeting, cheerfully administered. Sent to old friends. Happy New Year! It's not new. ,But it's dependable. Like our service. And it's what the doctor ordered to start the New Year right! John P. Cox Drug Co. 1 "".' We Give Eagle Stamps Phone 84 im ing the poll returns as an .indicator.of popular favor * a variation of ,1 -per -tnt either way Indicates the probable shifting of, approximately 400,<XXLy6t- ers of the approximately 40,000,000 who normally vote in a national election; : The twelve states-of the midwest farm .belt, continue to vote heavily more tjian, 3..'to 2, against the; N«tw Deal while" eleven of the thirteen southern and border states register as •strong'support for the New Deal:--Also in the;South, Florida shows Stella- ority-of 50.65 per cent and Oklahoma ?2.U pep cetit against the AdmlrUSil.ra- tion's" polj.cies • •' " i . WeieMySun School; Lessbtf REVIEW Significance of the Exile and the Restoration Golden Text; Psalm 103:17 Tlie International Uniform Sunday School Lesson for December 29. ire 'the people with inspiration and *al. We have religious leaders such s Ezra, more earnest and devoted han'.'cfficient in action, and we have men ,of action -such as _:ehemialv su- reme'in his unselfishness of purpose and .thoroughly efficient in administration and leadership. But wo have ,o face ''the. sad realization that the people themselves failed to make ad- iquate. response. When' Nehemjah came with his efficient ; leadership, things were very mu'cli. at- a .standstill, despite the high !de'ais;'Vhat Ezra'and,his religious associates.,' werfc -, p'rocloiming. Nehemiah managed tip. prganlze.' the people for both military-defense and' constructive building. • .':. ' \ ' : „ The. ineahs and attainments,, as well as the ''wayjs' of failure, are Well exemplified in -.these lessons;, but they leave {he clear, assurance that there can be no ti-ine social building not established upon honesty and unselfish devotion to the commonweal. •wr Quality Meats tsABY ROAST CHUCK Lb Ilic PORK CHOPS or STEAK Lb 22ic CHEESE FULL CREAM Pound MIXED SAUSAGE Seasoned -Lb lie FRESH GROUND MEAT for Pflund PORK ROAST LEAN Pound mo 20c BOLOGNA .SUCBP: Lb 14c HOME MADE CHILI Mexican Style Pound 17ic By WM. E. GILROY, D. D. Editor of Advance The 12 lessons of the quarter, dealin with the later prophets and leaders o Judah, have come with particular ap prcpriateness to a nation and a worl in the grip of depression. A great and prosperous city, the scene of unusual splendor attaining its clomax in the days of Solomon, had gone down through causes ' easily .traceable to ruin and desolation. .The; 'leoplc of .that city and the surrounding Kingdom of Jiidah had been carried in' exile to Babylon.' Here, when it was too late to save their homeland, the exiles had their hearts turned through, great religious teachers to the spiriutal values and the ^ocial truths th*t they • had refused, to recognize or follow in heir davs- of prosperity. • Put of the experiences of exile and suffering come Scriptures of the highest nobility and beauty, though touched with the poignant cry of expiation. We have the inspiring p'ipture of the Suffering'Servant, the man^of holy purpose bringing salvation uirough suffering, of the good bear- in« the burdens of the sinful, artd'thc redemption of men through this experience or purification and' devo- .ion. , We have a great prophet like Jeremiah sounding in his Lamentation'*:, in the midst of despair, the ; note pf a great optimism of recovery, of God's willingness to help those who. would put their trust in Him and pf the surc- nesa of salvation, if men .will' turn from their sins and will establish truth in individual and social life. Later we have the ovtrthrow of the dynasty of Babylon itself and the coming to power of rulers favorable lo the remnant of Israel, and with o vision of recolonjzing the fallen Jwu- salem and of building it back into prosperity. ' •:, It is the story of this effort \o te- build that ajplUes so strongly to pur pwn country, -seeking to find a way of security anel solidity and co»structjon out of the ^b%o§ Of social debacle. Tije story is not aJi on* of. inspU-ation/ We' have prophets such as Ezekiol Shook Hands With Lincoln ST. PETERSBURG. Fla.— Maximilian Brueckman is 91 but the time he shook liands with Abraham Lincoln is fresh in his memory. It was in 1864, in Philadelphia. IJIIilllllllllMllllllllliJIItlllllllHIl' 1 "''. =Does Your Roof Leak?= ~One month of rain costs Hope clt-; •jizens more than one year's fires HdamaKe. 5 Wo Can Fix a Good Roof. = . We Can Help an Old One. 2 Sullivan Const. Co. = Tiiiiimiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iniinui The PARADE that never ends WANTED—HEADING BOLTS Whft? Oak—WWsky and Oil grade. Overcup, Post Oak and Red Oak. Round Sweet Gum Blocks. For prices and specifications, See HOPE HEADING COMPANY Ptiwe- ?45 Hope, Ark. .WAUUN UEW PAMP WAiH SERVICE- NEliON-HUCKINf LAUNDP.Y COMPANY Pipe, Valves and Fitting HOW Less 10% Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical Day after clay they pass before you in review—these advertised products which fill the pages of this paper. And, as they pass you, single out one here . . . compare it with this . . . mark that one for future reference .. . here's something you've been waiting for ... there's something to try for breakfast tomorrow i2atatMWi*)u*isF^.T^•'»-.• . „ , i KM D Think of the wealth of information before yo uevery day! Wlwt & new in cereals? What's the mode in printed dress goods? What's the latest wrinkle in kitchen appliances? The answers to these and hundreds of other questions are at your finger-tips —just for turning the pages. How much it means to be able to make up your.mind before you start out to buy! How many steps and minutes you're saved. How well you're able to budget your expenditures—apportion your money before you begin. ... SffnTlTnger need to parade from shop to shop—counter to counter—looking . . . looking;. . . Today you read the advertisements and let the things you want and need march before your eyes for comparison and selection. e • • "* Read the advertisements daily. Keep in step with the progressive parade of merchandise on the printed page. It pays!

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