Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 29, 1941 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1941
Page 2
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^yK.fe nM.,.lft Mg i ^A..fc^.i. ; ^.^.t.C.i^.>. i . '_"_'A'" i' *.'i, > A- .-L^isJLit ^trs MORE YOU "TtLL THE QUICR6R YOU You can talk to only one man Want Ads talk to Thousands SILL, RENT, BUY OR SWAP Mi Want Ads cash in advance. Not taken over the Phone Thr«e tlmn—)Vi< w«rd, minimum SOc On* m6rtth"-1t« word, mlnimuirf JiJ.70 Hope Star H6i»*, 189*; ttm 1927, CMMlf* «Mt#a JqnuoiVJ*, 192*' »tfKumro > & """ * (C E. Polmer ond Alex H. Washbum) at the Star building, 312-2H South Wolnuf street, Hop*, Afk. *««•, minimum lOe ttm«*-*S« w*W, minimum ?S« Rot«s Art for Continuous lns«f*i<v\« rtnly For Sol* BV BUVtNG USED FURN1- _ * frtjm us! Chairs, Tables, Staves, |l|eds, and many other items all in " condition with reasonable irke:J. Also highest prices paid for furniture. FBANKL1N FUft- CO., South Elm Street. 9-lmc. CORN, 7Sc PER BUSHEL crib. Plow tools, all kinds. Plow . See A. N. Stroud, Washington, 13-lmp DD SADDLE HORSE, 3 YEARS |old. Weight 850 pounds. W. G. Wad- Sutton, Ark. 25-6tp BICYCLE. GOOD CONDIT. ?10 cash. 401 South Walnut, Hope 26-3tp NATIONAL GRAFLEX |Series 11 Bosh & Lomb Tessar* F|£ff-Lens. 160.00 Cash. E. H. Kent, W South Elm Street. Phone 545. For Rent ONE-ROOM FURNISHED APART- rnent. Utilities furnished. No children. Mrs. M. L. Howard. Washington, Ark. 25-3tc BEDROOM, ADJOINING BATH, Gentlemenperferred. Best to call after 6 p. m. 109 North Washington. 2G-3tp ONE ADULT WHEEL CHAIR. MRS. E. J. Baker. Phone 212. 26-3tc LARGE ROOM WITH TWO BEDS. For two, three, or four gentlemen. 523 South Elm. 26-3tp TWO FURNISHED. APARTMENTS. $19 each per month. Two miles from Hope on Spring Hill Road. W. H, Bryant. 2B-3tp 4 ROOM HOUSE. JUST OUTSIDE . city limits. Couple. $30.00 per month. Jkist off old Fulton 67 highway. Mrs. Susie Price. -^PLYMOUTH 4-DOOR SEDAN- Icheap for cash. F. A. Merritt. 1001 |W A est 7th St 28-3tp Real Estate For Sole jpACRES FORMERLY CLAUD Vann acel now owned by H. E. Bemis. Vice ?600. See FLOYD PORTER- 24-6tp ONE MILE EAST OF Sprhig Hill on good groveled road. r u.le off Lewisville Highway 29 land. V& miles from school. Good |house, well of water, fine com- 'ndtinify, good spring, plenty of Iwood. Gas and electricity available. |See L. L. Sandridge, Spring Hill, [[Arkansas. Address Hope, Route 1. 26-6tp BvACRES AND 4 ROOM HOUSE. 10 fmiles out on Washington Highway tat 1 'Cross roads. Write Mrs. F. R. jSrheltzer, Prescott, Ark. 29-3tp 3WICH SHOP. GOOD LOCA- ain on South Main Street. Call at ck Shop for Information. 29-3tp Sewing PLAIN OR FANCY SEWING ICall Mrs. C. C. Hollman, Phone 529J 722, North Main. 28-»« THREE ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment. Light cooking. Apply Friday after 6 p. m., Saturday afternoon and Sunday. 706 West 4th. 28-3tc MODERN UNFURNISHED 6-ROOM house. Phone 364 or 607. Lillie Middlebrooks. 28-3tc Entered as second class matter at IN 'oitofflce af Hope, Arkansas, undef the Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press NEA)—'Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n Subicrlptlor Rate i* AI ways Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per week ISc; Hetflp?lead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and Lafayette counties; $3.50 per year; elJe- wh«re J6.50. Member of Tho Aiiaetattd tttttt The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to Ihe use tor republieation of all news dispatches credited to It or hot otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. National Advertising rtepm«nfotlve— Arkansas Dnlllc;. Inc.; Memphis, Tenn., iterick Building; Chicago, 400 North jAlchigan Avnue; New "York City. 507 6 Iffh Avenue; Detrdlt, Mich., 2842 W. (Vond Blvd.; Oklahbma City, 4M Te'rminal Charges an Tributes, tti.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cords of thanks, resolutions, .or memorials, cgncernlna the deported, Commcrcldl newspapers hold to this coljcy m the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of spoce- takir* memorlols. The Star disclaims responsibility for th» safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. verines, Fordham Rams,. 2. University of Texas Longhorns, Stanford Indians. 3. Washington, State College Cougars, University of California Golden Bears. 4. Northwestern Wildcats, Pitt- burgh Panthers. 5. Tulane's Green Wave, University of Alabama's Crimson Tide. We, theWomen A Bore'Should Streamline His Conversation vmW tHATS "\ 1-THlNW i UN06RSIANO •SO YOU'RE W<5ft«yiW6 A&AIM? A SOMETIMES WAY Eu Aeieuf WASH, MY e lWOULt>U'T6lVE A.HdOf WHAt' . PfedPLE SAy, C5S5 THlWK. NOME OF 7MEIR D6ATTEP BUSINESS, POPEYE Launched on a Career Thimble Theoter HOUDB1& IS 46R. WAV 1 -/? ADMIRALS HAVE LOT'SA UUB ACCEPT VOUR TO <START WOUK OUJW MAK1 LIKEVOU-IAM UKIMERSTAW INTRODUCE VA "SEkJT /Mr/SELF, I AM OFFER-OJHEM . READV- < BESIDES, HOLD BE6IM? / MIMWIT, KIM I BE OKIE, FOR ME I eECRETARV M&?H.-K> AM V ADMIRAL MAVH IN SPIWACHOVA DONALD DUCK , The Ole Swimming Hole By Walt Disney TWO ROOM FURNISHED APART ment. 4% miles from Shover Springs Electricity.' Mrs. J. B. Beckworth. 28-3tp TWO-STORY HOUSE NEAR OLD Fulton highway. Well water. Pasture. Also bedroom for men. Phone 731. -:.'•- 29-3tc Wonted to Buy STRAIGHT COON DOG. 3 OR 5 years old. Prefer female. Give particulars in answering as to dog and price. Write Box 332, Gladewater, Texas. 26-6tp Salesman Wonted WILL PAY STRAIGHT SALARY S35.00.per week, man or woman with auto sell Eureka Poultry Mixture to Farmers. Eureka Mfg. Co. .East St. Louis, 111. Lost For Sole Miscl. .3ISTERED POINTER PUPS from luscle Shoals Jake breeding. Also wo half grown setter pups. Bostons gdi''Cockers. Padgitts Kennels. 20-lmp '" Troilers For Sole S.'.'MY. NEW & USED HOUSE iTrailers. American Stage Coaches land Roy Crafts. Prices from $200 up, |Easy terms. See Thelma Stevens, In's Trailer Camp, Highway 4 pjorth, Hope, Phone 22F-2. 6-30tp ON DISPLAY — FULL LINE Bros. Trailer Coaches. Call we have several models to from. Luck's Tourist Court. 21-tfc Furniture For Sole 3EAL-FURNITURE STORE HAS |rnoved next door to Saenger Theater 'for better prices on furniture sec 21-30tc Refrigeration ITERATION SERVICE - WE anything Electrical, Wiring, otora. Kelly Refrigeration Service. Main. Phone 144. 10-lm-c BI-FOCAL RIMLESS GLASSES. IN old case. Reward. J. L. Green. ; 29-3tc Legal Notice Notice of Sale—Notice is hereby given that the undersigned mortgagee in a mortgage executed by Carl Huckabee to the United States on the 20 day of September, 1939 and duly filed in the office of the Recorder in and for Hempstead County, Arkansas; the said rl Huckabee having waived all rights of appraisement, sale and redemption under the laws of the State of Arkansas; pursuant to the powers granted under the terms of the aforementioned mortgage, and by the laws of the State of Arkansas, will on the 2 day of December, 1941 at 9 o'clock in the forenoon of said date, at Arthur Huckabee's in the -County of Hempstead, State of Arkansas, offer for sale to the highest and best bidder for cash, the following described property, to-wit: I cow and 1 Ga. Stock. Witness my hand this the 28 day of Nov., 1941 United States of America, By W. M. Sparks County Supervisor. By RUTH MILLETT A man whose work has taken him into nearly every, state in the union and brought him into conversation with all kinds of people says that taking them as they come, nine persons out of ten are conversational bores. He thinks it is a pity, too, since four or five out of those nine needn't be bores. They aren't dumb and their lives aren't so dull they don't have anything to talk about. They just don't know how to make what they have to say interesting to the other fellow. The most common fault that makes a person a conversational bore, he says, is simply talking too much. No matter what a person has to say, if he keeps on saying it long enough, he'll wear out those, who for politeness' sake, have to listen to him. ) Next most common fault among bor- > es is not using any discrimination about what they talk about. Such persons will confide the most trivial details of their lives—what they like for breakfast, how "they, suffer- from colds, etc.—in the naive belief that because they are fascinated by the smallest details of their existence, others will be too. Spruce Up Your Talk And then there are the people whose lives and whose opinions would be interesting if they would cultivate the habit of finding some connecting link between their experiences and those of the person to whom they are talking—so that they bring out for him what he will understand and appreciate. This man thinks it is a shame for so many potentially interesting people to be bores—just because they don't take the trouble to spruce up their conversation—the way htey do their looks. He thinks it would be an easy thing to do, if whenever anybody found himself bored with another's conversation, he asked himself this question, "Do I ever go on like that?" ///\f /'DOGGONE THE LUCK ! rr , POURING, JUST BECAUSE WE BLONDIE mrr Black Sheep of the Family T" By Chic Young Barbs Answer to Cranium Crackers Questions on Page One 1. University of Michigan Wol- OUR BOARDING HOUSE STARTED FLYING YPOR KITE \AJITH A MILLION:' T5DLU/XR VJlND «**^ NiO^ YOU Ypu N\\Gr4T ^^CR^Ice FOR *lp6o/ X MUSHROOM PR ^ f > TO T0ADSTPOU, 6UT \Mg l LL RISK ) V YOUR BLOMDIE DOfJT VOU COMEUP ALLTHEPUPS CAME IN, BUT ELMER-I'LL THAVETDWAIT - UNTIL HE COMES BACK PAGWOOP/ ITS AFTER MIPWIGHT ANC? ELMERS NOT BACK VET// MOU'LLHAVE TO PO SOMETHING AFNE THING'FOR A MAM INMV POSITION/ UPANPPOVi/N THE ALLEYS AND LOOK THE6ARBAGE CANS FOR HIM Cum. I'J". K'"g P«almt> Synclitiu, lix . World ngmmmfi Bv Edqar Martin Straight From the Shoulder X DOM'T CfvGlE. VOOT V' TO VVE.«« VV VOU'ttt iOPR. 1!m'BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. BEO. U. S. PAT. RED RYDER By Fred Harmon PRETTY oQUAvJ EREiRE'DR BUT fAs HEARD LITTLE. BEAVE.R/ LITTLE D=AS'ER..' ) ' (STOP MB, MR. ALLEY OOP V.T.HamJin The Incurable Optimist WOPPO AND HIS SL.ACK OUARD... NOW WE ARE IN FOR HIGH-O. THERE; YVOPPO THE 9UTCH IS COMIN&/ HOT A SINGLE CROWN GARRISON REMAINS IKI THE / OUR MEKI DISTRlCT/po^HT UKE DEMONS... CAUGHT THE BLK3HTERS FLAT- FOOTeP.' SWELL; TAKE - WQPPO, THE BUTCHER.'X" 1 "^! BEST THE MOST FEARED MAN\FI R ST... AMC> 1 ENGLAND,.. LEADER OP \ TH 1 RESTtL A SAND OP MeRcii_es.s ) BE EASY/ iCENAP-ieS, JOHN'S BEST TROOPS.' . BARON... IS. THIS GUV THAT'S SOT VOU AU. SO MET UP? SIR/ IT'S IP ONLY WE'D HAD MORE TIME TO ORGANISE HERE COME? •TROUBLE MOW,' ,COPtt. 1>41 BY NEA SERVICE. IMC. T, M. REG. U, S._PAT Not in the Script Merrill Blosser FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Be QuiETvLARD/ I WELL,HE'S WANT THEM To _/ IN THERE FOR HEAR US ? r^QNE PURPOSE ANO He BETTER NOT FORGET ' WHICH ROMANCE HE'S TfjyiNG TO B8EAK. UP I I DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU CAME FROM , OR WHAT YOU'RE DOIWG HERE, BUT — FIRST THING You KNOW . YOU'LL. SPQIL EVERYTHING AND QRUB&LE WILL FIND OUT THROW THINGS YOU GET MAO .' DON'T 6.0 OFF Biting the dust is just an old American custom. Pedestrians pick right up where the redskins left off. Now they're selling cigaret butts in France—and despite the high price, business is picking up, Germany reports 1744 English planes and 376 German planes lost in six months—or don't you care for fairy tales. with .,, Major Hoople *5OO OR KOTKlMG f£ . 'COPH"»«1 BY NEA SEBVICE.

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