Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 27, 1935 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 27, 1935
Page 5
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ber 27. 1D3& /• 1- n» ili*i*l«Mda^^i^^.jri..» ^S^^JJj;™'!**'** t *'*™'''™*«*'™^^^*M»flgfc«<»»MPI*^^ raditional Enemies? Oh, Rats! rhosa who contend, on the basis of Its baseball team's frantic antics, i}}?!„^ n ? ln .*. ca4 ' ln PP en *» Hwoldyn aro going around citing thii! mtie teto-n-toto as further proof, Cor It was pictured at tbe Brooklyn zoo. Ignor ng tholr reputations as iradilionnl enemies, Tabby aiid lie'' white rat pnl sliare the same cup of milk. THIS. CURIOUS WORLD ? CHARCies NEVER. RODE IN AN AIRPLANE UNTIL HE WAS /^/ATV-TVtO .YEARS OLD, AND HE BECAME A UCENSeo PILOT, IN CHICAGO, AT THE A6E OP f f tf- !i) W3S BY NEA SERVICE INC. THE ONL-V DIFFEfSHNCE BETWEE/-' A MOLECULE OF" GO/MINE AND A MOLECULE OF S772VC/y/V//V-i£- is ONE ATOM OP CARBON, AND FOUR ATOMS OF HYDROGEN/ CACTUS SP/NES MAKE EXCELLENT PHONOGRAPH NEEDLES. r rK IK skirt with tiiionid.-r .strii|i.s and rumi-usliiiK hloii:- ;i . j a deserved ly iKumhir wiih yoniis girls, for it is noi only very becominu- versatile. Use plaid waulni ,„• colton.s which sinu.lutc wool for i; Uj(! skirl or with jatisli-. lawn or silk for the hloiis«. J-alterns arc |U«1 11 to IJ (a-J to 87). BI/.I. 1:1 r.M|ulriiiK 1 7-s yards of 39-|i,,'h ic tor skirt and 1 1-4 yuids for blou.se. To secure a PATTKHX and STEI'-nY-STlOl' SEWING IV UrriONS. till out the ronpou l)elo\v. bi>i,,K al ,ro to MKVTIOV NAME OK THIS NEWSPAl'KH. .»I,.MIU.\ The WINTER PATTERN BOOK, with a complete selection of dress designs, now is ready. It's If, cents when purchased .rately. Or. ,1'you want to order it with the pattern above, send "=' au.additional 10 cents wiih the coupon. f just AY'S PATTERN BUREAU. Ll-13 Sterling J'luce. Brooklyn, N. V. (inclosed is 15 cents in coin for ?aUeru No ....................... e .................... Address of State ......... ;;/>,- '•• - V -i ' ' '' ' '''!"' 6m STAB, HOP& ARKANSAS OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUft WAY \<s> 1^ SAY, MWS CHGPF-.CHO'FF TH' NEW INVENTION IS KEEPING SECRET IT V S TH* GRE&m£>T lt>EA HE'S HAD YET,BUt WHEN WE ASK WHAT IT \£,HE TOLt>& HIS THREE CHINS A*sT GOES INTO TH'COCOON f j** ^ HE: WAVED THE WANtJ' ON ME 1=0ft $100 A^.OU TWENTY YEAKS AGO, TO "PEPflrECT ONE OF- Hte INVENTIONS-^ ~--AND, SINCE. THEN, t DONfTmf ATTENTION TO HIS IDEAS THAN TO .f DJ /^ ^x m |©1"» BV HEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. H 0. u! ADM\T THE fit GOOD £T INVENTING EXCUSES. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES IZ- 'DID I AT VO VOU INTO VOUP, 13UMQ6W SUIT ? K1O,SIR] I WAS TOO MUCU OP A eENlTL£MAW~ FELT IT'S TW SUDDEI4 1 IW . . ^ SUlT-AKlO.BlWGO) A PeAWUt'lW VOU' ATGWt/J I'M ,-^\ 1 euy M& ausw&i WI4GfcU>V€ «ouif <a«W85 ? ' ri i^.i^—- p /> Ffifc T. M. RFC. U. 8. PUT, OFF. ©1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. Better Late Than Never "BORN TOO SOOKJ TO "WE _ /^ TWl^6 OR. TU50- By •FOB. TWE. WAsy y\£ WE Kt TWE. s«b OKV^Ct , TWE. COOKWIV ALLEY OOP iT Vi.ViOW> VOO VMKO OUT Plane and Fancy Work t O 1 ? _ r MEA SERVICE. IMC. T. M. REO. U.S.PAT. OTF. LOOKfS AS IF MY IDEA IS A SUCCESS.' LOOKIT O'J OUZ GO/ r By HAMLIN I GOTTA HAKJD IT T'OOP -HE SURE HAD A SWELL IDEA, WHEW WE THUMK HOYKAWOW/ SEE MOW LITTLE TH'PEOPLE LOOK.' I MUS 1 BE WAY UP/ I WONDER HOW I'LL WORK'THIS COMTRAPTIOM, T'COME DOWM ? ; MAYBE JF I STOP IFLAPPIN'TH'ESE : WINGS, I CAM SORTA GLIDE DOWW LIKE A BUZZABD OR. SUMP/W - I'M GETTIM 1 TOO HIGH T5UIT ME -GUESS r'LLTCYT'GLIOE- HERE GOES - WASH TUBES 1.6 C/OU'Rg UMPER ARRESr/;' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Crack Shot . T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. CJ ^j 1935BYNgASERVICE. INC. ,, f 'K" dj ' v :^ v A ( ii, , %M ^4 ,r "-VJis ASP By CRANE \ ,^ jr^i ^O. re: f HCADW sj~^=«i= IH^ -« \ Greased Lightning '' i ^'« " '^*K >S-i J v'5 •»... : »' GEE,FPECK < Tf i LINED SLED IS A HUM DINGER.' MIND IF I TRY IT? ,1 BUT STREAM- / G° AHEAD CARET THAN ?ED LIGHTNIWQJ BE FASTER IT'S THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) YAY..YAY.. I SOMETHING LOOK OUT J TELLS ME i BELOW// \ SHOULDN'T HAVE LET HIM DO IT!.' "^ GOOD NIGHT. HE DOESN'T SEEM TO KNOW HO\V TO STEER By BLOSSER HE'S HEADEP STRAIGHT THAT LrTTLE BOTTOM GROCER/ OF THE HILL, 1 /I HE WENT RIGHT ON CANT 1 THRU THOSE LOOK /THW BOARDS I/ / -AND HE'S STILL GOING !f Snowboiyid \ •* • • —^———. r , . i.^i.iirj-n ^-^^^^j.^.,^ HEY, AINT THIS ' I'M AFRMD WOT,' THING EVER ) I'M GLAP WE ..GONNA STOP BROUGHT PU op poop ALOW<3 if ©i»1t J^ ©i»»Y M^ KBVIOE. incT NONE OF YOUR EXCUSES'?^OH, I \ YOU MEAN 1 GOT THIS OUTFIT PER ] LOVE. \ YOU'D CMRISTIVUXS,AND YOU'RE GOIN' f SHOW ME HOW T'SKATE ' By COWAN TO I LIKE TO 'SKATE// OON\E ALONG /-'. *'*,•? V/.frJ-.'i HEAVENS'I \T^ vt>U AINT QUITE. IDEE IT \ GOT THE IDEE OF WAS AS UASD T'LEARN J SWAYIN' YER BODY AS ALL THIS ' ^ A. WITH EACH GLIDE //*,' •/ NOW, SEE HOW Y VES, T AU- A NMSS POISE AND /IAATTEB OF QU*TE GET THE. EH? WELL,I GOFAIN TWO UOUR$,AND ^A|AR STOCK IN A

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