Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 27, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 27, 1935
Page 4
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53 Line. 57 Male of 58 PertaSnlnr to the nose. 89 On the le«. SO He is • i sensitive to the throne ot Japan. 6t Public storehouse. 62 This is two years ol«h VfiftTICAb 1 Cuckoo. 2 Alt toy. 3 One who ices. 4Hlther. 5 Pieces of furniture. SLeered. 7 Foot levetv S Swayed d lazily. 9 Tide. 10 Arrived. 23 24 Honey gath- eref. 25 Period. 2STo vex* 2!) Consumer. 30 One that cleanses. 31 Pronoun. :U Dower property. 35 Married. 37Totnb of 4 1 saint. 3s To hustle. v '40Italian river.* 42f-Nay. 44 High terrace. 46 Yellowish gray 47 Tree. 48 Pastry. *. 49 Silkworm.. 51 Wood tlemoit. 52 Soft food, £nVlng. 55 Tip. 56 Lock opener. 4.7? P8 4E, 29 49, _L 24 SO 51 52 38 "Si 10 13 5b k e. deSth rate per accident on high.-at night is estimated to be 51 'cent greater than that occurring Si£ f dayligh£ < although there is only j-fithj-tHe traffic. lilt! Find It! Rent It! Buy, It! *•- ' > i * ' ^ .in the Hope Star MARKEI PLACE ^Remember, the more you tell, the 8* '"' * quicker you sell. 1 time. lOc line, min. 30c wejTA «. JF6r\eonse<Mtive insertions, minim- fj^ 'mum of 3 lines in one ad j'M, 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c $• B time's, 5c line, min. 90c 'J 26 times,l3%c line, min, $2.70 pr- (Average S%,,words to the line) , ?>v' * . ' ' " 1 KOTE1—Want ads will be accepted bwth the understanding that the 'fVSi is payable on presentation of Statement, before the first publi- qatibn. S, . Phone 768 • VV4 •" ^••'^^ • »"^" •»» • « «^*> «™^ ^ fc NEAP EAST WANTED S/^-liOST—Square, yellow gold wrist Swafch, '"Betty Auli" engraved on P)»adc.' Reward for return to Hope Star '••'I WANTEDj-Good saddle and^harness /"VFftt "tiade for good mule or horse. ;• Bmg them in. Tom Carrel. -27-3tp TRADE • T FDR 1 TRADir-93 acre farni gooc land, trade for business property anc grocery. Write W. I. Haley, Dennett Ark. 191 &P FOR SALE .<, FOB SALE—Horses and mules, See •"" C, H. Sutton at Button and Hale Ser\' vic« Station, Hope, Ark. 12-26tp JOB SALS—At once, one four and one six room house, furnished or un furnished. Cheap. 621 South Fulton street. 27-3t P Want It Printed RIGHT? We'll have a printing expert call on yoa, and you'U have «w e WMUlCTl, high quality job. Wh rye* y«w needs, w« can wrve toero. Star Publishing COMPANY Tl/TODERN Turkey's greatest hero •"•*• is its president. Kemal Ata- turlf, better known a.s Mustaplia Kemal Pasha. 'Through him, corruption that existed under the rule of the former sultan has greatly diminished, education has been advanced, the Roman alphabet has been 'adopted, women have been given equal rights witli m«n and their veils have been discarded. Thus Mustapha Kemal Pashfc, born of humble parents in Saloniki in 1S79, leader of the Young Turks, defender of Gallipoli, and valiant warrior in behalf of Turkish independence, has changed his owiij name to Kemal Ataturk, the latter, meaning,, "first leader of tne Turks." His portrait appears on the highest value of the recent stamp series issued in connection with the 12th suffragist congress held at Istan-' bul. Underneath his name is the legend, In French, "Liber- J a tor of Turkish ?• Women." xiKcoKiti sumueunl Tuo&iYt CUNXUBIYETI | " (Copyright, IJIS. 1 !, N.KA Service, Inc.) OldUberty The party given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dock Thompson Christmas eve night was well attended. Everyone reported a nice-'tim^ Mr. and Mrs. Mack Hicks of Abeliene, Texas, has returned to make their home in this community, Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Bearden called on Mrs. Bearden pf near Columbus Saturday of last week. Mr. and Mrs. F. Q, Middlebrooks of Magnolia are spending the Christmas holidays with Mrs. Edna Hicks. Clyde, Erwin. Pardue and Glenn Winchester called on T. F. Hicks and family Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Neal and family spent Christmas day with relatives of near Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hicks are spending the Christmas holidays with relatives of Locksburg. Lola HieJks spent last Sunday night with Ruby Evans. Bro. McSwain of Mineral Springs delivered a splendid sermon here Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Mack Hicks and Lola Hicks called ojj Mr. and Mrs. Pardue Thursday mgfat of last week. Mr. and Mr$. Frank Shearer ant fcupyly Vfre bus^esis visitors to Hope Monday '^y^Mmfg^^ "" V,-'" r - T !4uV' H*^' \ ' ^ L ' , '*( ' '-5 J^ '- HOPE STAR, mm ARKANSAS .«ii..i.»» l1 im..i«a*MMih! M »«aiir.>r^ J .V.V ',, Vs» OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN WHEN VOU GET \NTH" NO, ,VET, WHACV THE OF KMNE 1 -W/^Nt VOU TO ^AfVAtN t'NN TWE SAME HOOPLE I-M. N\Y WEALTH W\LLBE HELD CaRAxCfc, WITHOUT A SHOW TfcLUKf KBOUT.O* AN AUTO YOU METOH "tOf^TEMt VOUft INST£«C> ALOOFNESS \^hfp:r: KAV 9^ cz. AKirsPCRiEW* EM GUMfvNV f .ft WILL BE HIS " © 1»» BY Nt* SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. MT. OFF. OUf OUR WAY HE PULLED A FAST ONE OM WBI BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES VKHJ KMOvV HOW A PERSON WILL RtBBLE WITH A P&kl<Sftitf OU TH' PHOMS? WELL, 1 FOUMDA PEWCIL AMDA NICE ~ OP PAPER WITH A LOT OP PROBLEMS OM IT, LAID Rl<3Hf HAWOV^ASJD WHILE 1 WAS TALWIMQ,! 3OTTED DOWW' AUD blDM'T Seer tHRU HIS. SCHEME- TILL 1 KlOTlCED HIS HOME vVORk-~GIV/E ME THAT, HOULD DO. AklD i VET/ WITH THAT; CM WHV MOTHERS (5ET Oh! By MARTIN '. \T ALLEY OOP With the Greatesfof E'ase © 1935 BY'NEA SEftvi'cE t iNC.'T.' M. REC. u. s. PAT..OPF. BFHAMLIN THERE HE GOES.' I HOPE HE COMES DOWN ^^ * 0 * " !*^ '- f fs ^A ' '"' _^~~ ^—-~ »-^. ii^^* M • THIS EVER SWELL! The Chase By CRANE ME ow, TOCWEP. weti HAvye TO WORK PAST TO MABTMOSEVAIMTLEAVIM 1 JEAH'SALLPE . . 6UUS AH KIM )\40W OP THE SHERIFF; PIMqSAM./^^^X^ 10 u £j ^CT FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS •THEM LOAP THE C5UMS, LULU BELLE, WE'LL SEARCH THE ROAP TO EL CDRAR2 FIRST. ' I Right Down Nutty's Alley By BLOSSER WELL, MOM, WE DiD IT. 1 I WEVER/ 5°^' SAW SO MANY / NI/OUR HAPPV Fv^vCES ( DAPI7/ AMD IW MY LIFE .' / 1 ARE CERTAINLY ^ PROUD OF WAS WORTH ,,/4"=^ N..P- 0 OV/ I'D LIKE *• ID WRAP MYSELF AROUWD A GOOD Dr^C./\fs.r^o t ^\NU^ v. irT *-• j THEN SLEEP THE! SOME- j CLOCK AROUND. 3 THING *- —r 7 !' JUST A I- MINUTE.,.. I V fc SAMDY CLAUS A^S AFRAID >OU ) HOT DIGGETY... MIGHT BE OVER- ) A STREAM- LOOKED N THE 7 L'lWED SHUFFLE.-HE )> RA^IMG LEFT THESE ^ SLED.'/ THIMGS FOR YOU/ GEE...A MICF30SCOPE, A CHEMISTRY SET AWD A PUKICHIHS BAG I'VE GOT TO RUW OVER AWD TELL NUTTY I GOT THE THE NEWFANGLES (Moro'n Pop) HE'LL (4MOIV HOW ^1 TO MAkE ALL SORTS] OP FAMC/ MIXTURES -L . froia the Little K^fe school ITS ABOUT TIME YOU TUW GOOD-FOR-NOTyiMG DUCKED LAST SHOWED UP • WHERE HAVE YOU BUEN ? WITHOUT DOING THE STACK OF OP W* 1 NMND, DINNER DISHES -SO GET BUSY .'J WHEN HE GETS HERE. Too Much Sound Effects A // //' /<»' ~^^ •'>>/ cS* 7 ^-^ . . X^SK^-X. (lL\iy > b^s>'»* '• ^-V-^. Ci (j) 1935 BY IjlEj, SERVICE. INC. T. M. BEC. U. s. PAT. OFF, f .*»/ By COWAN DON'T PULL THAT "\ /rAAN.'AM WISHES AM OLD CREAKY ONE I COUUp/MISTAH WINOY- ABOUT STAYIN' WITH )\ IT WAS IAE VJWAT WAD A SICK FRIEND ? / VfGO TO OE HOSPITAL / AH WAS FINK1N' 'BOUT WHAT ET*CUSE AW COULD TELL.' \FE ,TG.O ON ^ p/\C2TY, AND SHE DONE. TALKIN' T'N\AM SELF .' ! I

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