Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 28, 1941 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1941
Page 5
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, - •">; > t? x \j," ' 7."^ "I'wr.-'jX,: vjl •' * 'I 1 - --'v' - '•'."'vYy-.'V ""''• - * Watch Feed of , Work Stock, Prevent Colic •) Treatment, If Given Now, Will Rid Animals of Winter Parasites Treatment of horses nnd mules for internal parasites results in work stock molting more efficient Use of the snme amount of feed and,fewer nt- locks of colic, snys Oliver L. Adams county agent. The treatment should ' . L ndm "''slored by n vetcrnarlftn. ilie treatment, if given now, will ncl the nnimnls of winter troubles from parasites, nn dreinfcstallon will not occur until much ot the heavy work of next season is over. The in,, junous effects of hots; stomach worms and the large intestinal roundworms of horses has long Been recognized. Infestation' by these . parasites causes retarded growth in colts, and Impairs the health of mature work animals. Some of the signs of Infestation in colts arc general unthrifllneSs, '•ought hnir.contend ..paleness of the mouth ,,nd eye membranes, according to information receive from M W Muldrow, Extension Animal husband-' man of (he University, of Arkansas C-ollegc of Agriculture. Older Horses, he says, show signs of infestation by lack of thriftincss, low vitality at work, tire easily,.and are subject to' fiequent ,ll nc ss from colic.. The appetite of nn infested horse Is usually good, because it has to be to nourish thousands of parasites. The bot is the grub of'thu boftlv; the most common one in (his section is the leg botfly, which deposits eggs for the most part, on the hairs of the' iront eg, from where they are taken into the mouth o f the horse, finally reaching the stomach. The eggs spend the winter in bunches attached' to the walls of the stomach It is at this time that they can be destroyed by the use of a dose of carbon disulphide, which also will get rid of certain stomach worms, and the large intestinal roundworms At times roundworms occure in such arge masses in the intestines that they cause obstruction in addition to the parasitic effect, he said. Hear No Evil . BALTIMORE -(/P)_ A man handing out cards reading "I am deaf Please help me," Wi ,. s brought into charged with disorderly con- THAT . YOU NOW TW By J. ft, Williams . V > \ V / WELL, HE'S UJGKV H6 WASN'T OPP THRee DAVS/ HE'D HAV£ TO DIG UP HI& BIRTH CE£T!! IGATE TO Git IN HIS OWN SHOP/ MAN, DOING AMVtHINC;? RUN. ove AND TELL THAT FELLOW INTHE <3RAV SUIT THINGS-TR'bL' BULL 0£ TH* WOODS HAS CPP TWO : PAYS WITH A COLD AN' THAT NEW ©OVER'MENT MAM THINKS HE'S A DUSTER ER / <=,OMETMlN'/>* ^h» i „ iiir-^ J fl; ?W. &K r ; gi^..« COPR, 1M1 IV NEA SERVICE. INC, T. M. XIO. \l. S. PAT. SFF. THE STRAMGER .Headed for Hong Kong Ho might have bunion the charge "'it n policeman dropped a 50-cenl Piece nnd the "deaf" man pounced on it. He paid $25 and costs. ' \e/ieves CHAPPED SKIN Meeting of Auxiliary Executive Board Monday at 3 p. m. Church Bible Study, Wednesday night at 7:30, You are cordially invited to Worship with us. HOPE GOSPEU*TABRRVACLB (Assembly of Cod) North Main and Avenue I) . J. E. llamlll, Pastor Frendi •Q.nBdian volunteers leave their native Quebec for an Onenln des .,nation-Hong-Kong; A lar^e force of these'trooo" has nrrived in Br tain's secondary Far East base, traveling by i^l to a British Columbia cort. then across the Pacific NEWS Of The CHURCHES *e"aefiKhtod ll wiM, ha ff etr> you W1U jrrltatloim. Jars or tubes, 30c MENTHDLATUM Bring us your Sick WATCH Speedy recovery guaranteed. Hepau- service very reasonable. PERKISON'S JEWELRY STORE 218 South Wali.ul Plumbing Repairs Harry W. Shiver Phone 259 AUTOMATIC Water Heaters FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH William R. Hamilton, p i|s | or A special treat has been provided for the members and friends of First Baptist Church in the coming of Rev James A. Ovevton to preach at the Sunday morning service. The Rev Mr. OVerton was for several years' pastor of the Central Baptist Church of North Little Rock and is now living in Arkadelphia. All services are at the rcgul.V hours Sunday School at 9:30 Morning Worship Service at 10-50 Training Union, 6:15. Evening Worship Service at 7-30 with sermon by the pastor on "Life's Loyalty" to be followed by the Ordinance of Baptism. T P!° f l !, blic , is invite( l to all services First Baptist church. of Arkadelphia at the Church. This is sponsored by the P. T. A. at 3-00 n m. ' ' Thursday Choir Rehenrshnl nt 7:30 p, m. FIRST PENTECOSTAL CHURCH West 'Jlh & Ferguson W, P, Graves, Pastor WANTiD CAST IRON SCRAP 75 Cenfc per Hundred Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO. Hope, Arkansas FIRST Second at 1'inc Kenneth L. Spore, 1'aslor Organ Meditation at 9:45 a. m Church School at 10:00 a. m ' Morning Worship at-10:50 a', in. Special music; Anthem 'We Gather Together to Ask the .orcls Blessing", by Edward Kremer; Solo by Miss Harric Story "Hem My Cry, O Lord" by Alfred Wool -- y i, the pastor: " A iving." Vesper Service at 5:30 p. in of Life 0 " by the PaSl °'" " An Youth Fellowship Groups at 6:45 p. Announcements Sunday afternoon at 2:00, (here will be a special organization meeting of the Board of Stewards at the Church Monday W. S. C. S. Circles will meet. Wesley Sub-District Youth Fellowship at Blevins at 7:45 p. ni. Wednesday Book Review by Mrs. Charles Evans Sunday School at 10:00 a. m. Morning Service at 11:00 H. iii Sermon by Pastor. Evening Service at 7:30 p. m. Sermon by pastor. Midweek Service on Wednesday and Friday nights at 7:30 p. m. In these trying days our churches should be full of people. Only Heaven has the solution of our individual and collective difficulties. We earnestly invite all who will come. C5AHKETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST l>. O. Silvey, I'astor Sunday School begins at !):>15. Preaching at 11:00. B. Y. P. T. C. starts at 0:30. Special Song Service before Preaching Hour. Preaching at 8:00. Ladies Auxiliary meets Monday afternoon at.2 o'clock at Mrs. J. W Friths. Prayer Service Wednesday night will be conducted by Mrs. Oscar O'Dell. Come and be in our services. We need you whether you need us or not. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Thos. Brewster, Minister Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. with classes for all age groups. Morning Worship at 10:55 o'clock vvjtli special message on the office and work of the Deacon and our entire membership is urged to attend. Vesper Service at 5 p. m Young Peoples Meeting at 6:15 p Sunday school begins at 9:45 a. m. Morning devotional service and sermon 11:00 a. m. Christ's Ambassadors Union 6:30 p. m. Evangelistic service 7:30 p. m. The pastor will speak in both the morning and evening service Sunday. His subject for the morning meeting will be, "Where Are The Nine?" and in the grout evangelistic service Sunday night he will speak on "You Can't Do That and Gel By." The singing for both services will be under the direction of F.L. Williamson recently added lo the Tabernacle staff of workers. Special: singing and music continue to play an important part in the meetings as the Tabernacle. .. , . ; .v;' If you arc not attending Sunday School and church, services elsewhere regularly, visij, the Tabernacle S.un- 'day, where you will find""'n"'Jargc friendly congregation anxious to have you join them in worship to God. At the Tabernacle you are a stranger only once! Woman Sustains Fall and Fractures Hip Mrs. Clara Steel; 63, of Blairi, Md' but living with the family of Captain 3aker, North Elm street, was admitted to Julia Chester hospital Wednesday night suffering from a fractured hip said to have been sustained in a fall it the Saenger theater. Good Explanation OCONTO, Wis, -OT- After explaining how to detect counterfeit money, secret service agent John Voss passed around a spurious ?5 bill at a women's club meeting, A genuine ?5 bill was returned to him. One of the women, comparing bills and becoming confused, kept the wrong one. Voss came to the rescue. Sunday School Lesson Victory Over irate, Cruelty roul Pear Must Be Won Solely )>y Power of Love 1Vx<i John W:M, 35, t Corinthians 13: 1 **ltl By WILLIAM F, OILHOV, I). D, hditof of Advance The new commandment (hat Jesus gave His disciples was that they should love one another; and in giving (ho commandment, He set the standard of what constituted its ful- r llment, for lie admonished the disciples to love one (mother ns He loved them. Could any man have deeper or stronger love for his followmnn than Jesus had for all men? With the leaching of Jesus concerning love and the great example He gave, it would have .been amazing if those who heard Him and those who accepted the fullness of His teaching did not lay profound em- Jhasis upon love and expound ils meaning in detail. Among these was John, whose Epistles are full of the exposition of the lature and philosophy of Christian ovc. n. IS f rom thcso Epistles that out- Bolder, Text Is taken: "Wo love, be- rause He first loved us." The mosl complete and perfect ox- Josilion of the nature, meaning, and ! application of love in- daily life j s pund in the 13th chapter of Paul's irst Epistle to the Corinthians. This, n turn, has inspired great expositions n modern times, the best known of vhich is perhaps the late Henry Drummond's "Love, the Supreme Gift The Greatest Thing in the world." Paul begins by contrasting love wth the things that men might de- ire to possess. Men have coveted uency and power of speech, but Paul says that if he could speak with ie tongues of men and of angels but ad not love, he would be but a nmdlng brass or a clanging cymbal. Vhat a forceful figure that is! Paid came of a race that had great; rophets, and his home life was cn- •ched.with Ihe great prophecies of Israel. But he says that if he had the gift of prophecy and could understand nil mysteries, and even if he had all faith so that he could accomplish won- mg if he did not have love. So, also derful things, yet he would be noth- he might give all his goods to charity and. give his body to be sacrificed, but if he had not love it would profit nothing. It is in such, terms he rc- veals the greatness and power of love Then ho turns to an exposition of love by what it is and what it does H js kind and long-suffering. I n love there is no place for envy, no place for pride or boasting. Love is never self-seeking. It is the mark of the highest and finest discipline in life Love has as its allies righteousness and truth, endurance, faith,-hope—all ARKANSAS* * * ' * I ~ IA * *I1W/A«J tv iiitf MAtto pee,'24, (915, Wo. H/'MetfriHCf of of these are of the very essence love. Love, too, is persistent; it never fails. When prophecies and eloquence nre done, and whether or not there bo knowledge, love will: continue for love is the true goal of all divine purpose and of human endeavor. The things that abide nre 'faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love The greatest task before inen of good will today is the conquest of hale. We must do all in our power to end violence, cruelty and terrorism. But after we defeat the forces and designs of evil, we shnl Istill be far short of a real victory unless we overcome hate with the power of love. : The temperature of outer-space is 45!) degrees below zero, Fahrenheit. 7o Relieve Misery of UQU1UWB1.ETS. SALVE, HOSE DROP] Barbs The best way to induce a youngs- m rf,? t0 ,^ d is lo lct hlm "'ay "13 a little while longer. Tlie front window of your auto is for you to looks out good place for yourself. Recent elections suggest that people suffering fiom loss of memory should run for office. It's a great way to leaj'n 'Honky Tonkjt to Play Here Fast Moving Picl to Open at " SaengerSunday^ "Hotiky Tonk" Is the ttdMJia slam-bahg story of a fast'talktofciW man who Invades a mining booftii"* to fleece its suckers, and oi a " " ful Boston belle who invades 1 man, The Melro-Goldwyni-Mayer tion, which comes to the iairijj Theater Sunday, presents a newf mantle team-combining; for thtftt time Clark Gable, the screen's *«" est romantic two-fisted her0, and,*! Turner, Hollywood's most glaftftfi s * ar ' _^M| Tliis dynamic team Is aidtkT^b' sterling cast of character actorsf'He' eel by Frank Morgan, Claire 1 T ' Albert Dekker, Marjorie Mair Chill Wills. /" f;f| The story gives Miss Tuwierl dramatic opportunity Which >exce her roles in "Ziegfeld Girl" andliu Jckyll and Mr. Hyde." She plays 1 blue-bloode'd Boston girl who> latil at Gable's ""1'b not the ma philosophy, and trickrf« ; ^, sudden,' and surprise -Wedd?nV« she makes him begih the ;<r r * Gable, fresh from hid rote Met in Bombay," '., plays a ^ Rhett Butler, likable enoughVf his unscrupulousheag. He i3 tlieVpoi tical leader of Yellow CreekRtaMJi his Way from one,, scrape to-anoHni and, when words 'won't sails'"* 1 *" 1 his gun to back them up. * A man -Without a self-sta'«e^| itijitive, is about as much in'"de as a -cac without a self-starte"rl| all about your past life. A new- broom always except when sonny is using itt the snow off the front porch, Vlt Maybe it would help It they'd, those "Post No Bills" signs boxes. ALLEN ELECTRICAL SERVIGl J ' ^ "* V "Wt ( "r^m, 1 W ( ril r^' 1 "< 11lis(rial Mo(ors ' APPl'nnces, Repaired '^^ Complete Line Fluorescent Light Eixtures Estimates ' Clieerfully Furnished •Bay or Night Service Licensed and Bonded Electrician — Phone 806 — ••rfis "-Si C ; v Y*^ ••/' i?A >. "S S*st 1 V M STORIES IN STAMPS '<rf' >^v ?wi -V-" fffi ^'& »,.-0, PROP US A CARD For Our Catalogs ^•K^^C*'*"3*L You Look Like a Million — Mr. Smith! You Don't look Bad Yourself M — Mrs. Smith! - - -No, not just family flattery — they really mean it Anyone can "look like a million 1 ' when their clothes have been properly ti e °? e 1-,? nCi P^ ssed - Why not get ready for the holidays ahead by sending all of your cleaning to us. You'll like our work A TRIAl WILL PROVE IT »* HALL BROS. Ill Refugees Find Haven In Dominican Republic A LTHOUGH many international doors are closed to refugees fleeing from dictatorial oppression, the Dominican Republic has imposed the fewest restrictions on those seeking entrance lo the country. Along with the settlement of refugees, who are guaranteed complete religious, political and' economic equality under the nation's laws, has come a comparatively modest capital. It is believed that the sounder credit thus established was instrumental in obtaining a seven-year $3,000,000 loan from the United States Export-Import Bank. About 400 refugee settlers are Operating a model agricultural settlement at Sosua on the north-' ern part of the island. Abouji 2000 Spanish refugees are engaged in similar pursuits in other parts of the republic. The little nation has long struggled to improve its roads and modernize its cities and the past few years have witnessed the gradual reconstruction of its finances. Symbolic of such building is the New York World's Fair commemorative stamp above' issued iu 1939. The stamp pictures fee Trj'r Ion and Ferisphere on the left and the prop.osed Columbus i)|[htho.use; The 42 Ford -< is the Best Looking,, Best Rilling, Best It mining Low Priced- Car ever Built : 1 ' , ' ' Choice ^ ot Stxett or Eight* •'"'. > !»*** ,»«» 8 «* V»? o^*'; v «i* «r yf»V* c C»* ft ,<"-l l» ,ced cd i( V° ut »\* The FORD h FQRD PEALEJ? APVf-BTJgEMENT II

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